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  1. I'm liking the new forum interface.

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    2. proffrink


      How about now though


      Edit: Nope.

    3. proffrink
    4. proffrink


      Ok, it was Discord doing it.

  2. Why do people on eBay bid up items in the first few days? Was looking at a cheap Red dot sight and it's now £3 less than brand new.. with 4 days to go on the listing. Just watch the item and put your max in at the end. Get it cheaper? Boggles the mind. 

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    2. rocketdogbert


      Shill bidders

    3. Jedi_Master


      Dumb eBay auto bid.  Used to have to enter each bid individually, so they would go up steadily or not. Then they introduced auto bidding where the system will keep adding another until it runs out.  So if two people place their max bid, the system just bids to one increment above the lowest one.


    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      I prefer the Buy It Now listings

      or where people are a bit desperate to sell items...


      Apparently, "do whatever the f*** you want" doesn't mean what I ...

  3. Prefired down for anyone else?

    "Forbidden, you don't have permission, etc"

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    2. AK47frizzle


      Honestly, I just stopped using it. Pretty trashy slow website.

    3. Rogerborg


      The https certificate for www.prefired.com expired on 02/08/2019


      Like with an expired passport though, it still proves that it's them.




      Chrome is happy to connect.


      Firefox does a GET www.prefired.com, which returns a 200 success status, but the response body contains 403 forbidden.  Then the GET favicon.ico is 403.


      Absolute clownshoes.


      tl;dr version - use Chrome, it's sloppy and accommodating.

    4. Musica


      I wouldn't put your payment info in to any site who can't show a valid cert.  

  4. Long shot but anybody here have experience with computers? 


    Upgraded PC today but it won't load Windows as It's AMD > Ryzen. Will need to format my SSD and reinstall windows on it.


    Problem is when I try and boot from either the windows installation disc or a bootable USB it completes 'loading files' and black screens. My keyboard lights shut down too.


    Not sure what to do at this point. 

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    2. Musica


      it might not be the GPU but that is where I would start.


      remount it all and if no luck you need to either test another gpu in that system or your gpu in another system.


    3. Gepard


      Don't want to jinx myself but ive made progress with the PC..


      It no longer black screens at all in any menu. I can get to the Windows installation part but my keyboard and mouse shut down. From what I gather this is a USB 3 - Windows 7 issue.


      I'm downloading Windows 10 on a bootable USB and am going to see if this changes things. You can still use Win7 keys to activate Win10 right?

    4. Musica


      you can install windows 10 without a key you can skip that part. I'd try your key but it might not work

  5. Something up with Prefired? Website has been slow for weeks now and often doesn't load at all. 

    1. AK47frizzle


      Loads fine for me but defo a bit than usual. Using chrome.

  6. Ah, the joys of ordering from China..


    Bought a replica 551 Eotech at the end of last year. Just under a month later it arrives and it's missing the battery contacts. Tell the supplier who say no worries, they'll send a replacement.


    2 months later.. nothing. Contact them again. They say they'll send another parcel. It arrived today, 7 months after initial purchase and I shit you not the contacts for this are missing too. 



    1. Akuma121


      Looks like it's chargeback time

    2. Jedi_Master


      Reasons why I never buy from a china seller if I can help it. Difficult to do though.

    3. Druid799


      I try to stick with non functioning items if I can (suppressors , flash hiders , etc) for these very reasons . 

  7. Has PatrolBase ever responded to an email inquiry? I've never got a reply the few times I've contacted them..

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    2. Yukarin


      Yep, call em.

    3. djben9


      i found calling best, sent a few emails in 2015 and haven't had a reply! :lol:

    4. Stevo4345


      I got a pretty quick response from Dayle, customer services, last week. Contacted them through the website messaging system about battery compatibility and chargers. Later asked him to check my order and he replied swiftly, no complaints so far.


  8. The LED on my CompM4 replica isn't lighting up when the dial is turned. Cleaned the contacts and tried with a fresh AA and nothing. 


    So I'm guessing it's an electrical problem. Does anybody know if it's fixable or do I have an expensive paperweight right now? 

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    2. Gepard


      I don't own one unfortunately, but I think I remember how to use it :lol:

    3. Prisce


      Firstly, you’ll need one of them, a cheap one will do, only really need it for continuity and possibly voltage measurement. 


      Youll have to see if power is getting to the LED, if it is, the LED is dead and a new one needs soldering in. If it isn’t, you need to go through each component till you find where the power gets too. 


      It may sound difficult, but it really isn’t, just take your time, methodically go from the battery to furthest point and work your way in at both ends till you find where the issue is.

    4. Gepard


      Cheers, I'll put on on order 

  9. Up all night putting the gearbox back together and assembling the AK. Watched a lot of videos and learned a lot this night!


    I'm probably going to replace the stripped gear with SHS 13:1 and correct the AOE but will I need anything else for the gun to run smoothly?



    1. AK47frizzle


      ahaha I did this when I was 14. Get lots of shims. Lots. Of all sizes. A lot of the quietness and smoothness comes from shimming. A good piston seal is great too but not mandatory. My m4 is genuinely quieter than some of the sniper rifles on the field ahaha.

    2. johnnyj


      What make is the gearbox ? , most v3 box's are bomb proof . look at your switch and trolley while your in the box as they can wear out or burn out with none fet'ed guns. 

  10. Stripped one of the screws holding the motor to the gearbox. Any decent ways of getting the bugger out?

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    2. Asomodai


      I have some 14:1 ZCI Advanced gears from AK2M4 in my Cyma P90. Nice and solid, very cleanly made. So much so I bought a 16:1 set to go in the G36 ;)

    3. Prisce


      The rocket ones from ak2m4 are well worth purchasing, got some in my high RoF(well by standard measures) and they are solid and working really well.

    4. ImTriggerHappy


      Siegetek or lonex if your a peasant

  11. Love how I can fly direct to Brussels and get a return flight to London for £50 meanwhile a train from Chester-London would cost me more than double that. 


    Or take a coach for a tenner each way? How come rail is so expensive? :lol:




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    2. Rogerborg


      If this is a non-rhetorical question, then the answer is a State monopoly + cartel deals + private profit + socialised losses.  It's quite literally the worst of all possible worlds.

    3. Albiscuit


      Privatisation is a bitch!!

    4. SgtTalbert


      What I always enjoy about these statements (whether its a slow day in the news or a forum post) is the fact they have gone off to find something 'cheaper' that you wouldn't expect to be cheaper. Now me? I either go, fcuk thats expensive and still pay it or I don't. I don't then tend to go hunting for things that should be more expensive than a train fare and then aren't. Having said all that, train travel is a rip off.

  12. Got any movie suggestions for me to watch on a Friday night chaps? 


    I've spent the last half hour scrolling through recent flicks and Reddit's top 250 and just can't decide.

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    2. Canen


      The Madeline McCann documentary is out now. Must be worth a watch...😂

    3. StayOnTarget


      L3wisD is in really deep shit with my wife,he recommended Love,Death and Robots and since then I've done fuck all around the house so to get myself out of the shit I've showed her this post pointing out "not my fault its his". While on the Airsoft field I consider myself a man of honour off the field however is a different matter😁

    4. L3wisD


      Hey! Waitaminute! 😂

  13. Is it half term already? :lol:

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    2. Jedi_Master


      Have to love those school holidays :) 

    3. Druid799


      Only just started in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 


    4. sonofsammo


      Last week and the week ahead, depending where you are in the country.

  14. What is with people sitting on an item you've bought and paid for over a week ago and getting all pissy when you open a dispute via PayPal against them when you discover they haven't even bothered to send it yet? 


    Like fair enough of you're busy but come on. You can make time or at least give me the courtesy of telling me it will be delayed or something..


    Am I the only dude who ships stuff within a day at the most of payment being receieved? 

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    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      My last 2 sales have been sent next day by my father who works close to the post office. Otherwise I tell them and update them and send a receipt photo when it's sent. Checking tracking etc and texting them once it's delivered to make sure they are happy.. I guess that's my job role taking over slightly but still. 11 days is a pisstake 

    3. Druid799


      If it’s going to be late for ‘unforeseen’ reasons then yea don’t think any one would have a problem with a delay (eg the good mr Prisce’s attack of 💀) as long as you kept them updated with valid reasons (soz bro i’z got a wicked killstreak on Mario cart !) does NOT qualify as one ! 

    4. clumpyedge


      @Robert James I do exactly the same with regards to tracking and pictures and a text/message to say its been delivered and can they confirm it arrived in good condition etc! joys of ten years in logistics!

  15. Well I've bit the bullet and bought an LCT AKM. Been after one for a while and at £170 I can't really beat that price! 



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    2. EvilMonkee


      Yeh I was tempted and I already have one! £170 is a bargain price as 1.  RRP is £250 and 2.  They are usually sold out.  And everyone needs a good AK.  Plus they are just standard v3 boxes so if you feel the need to tinker with it, its easy to do.

    3. Gepard


      Nope, still got it! Although I feel it will be up on the Classifieds fairly soon.


      Any idea on what a used ICS L85 is worth nowadays? 

    4. EvilMonkee


      Depends on condition etc but rough guess around 2/3 RRP price

  16. Very tempted by an LCT AKM. Might have to sell my ICS L85 to bankroll it though.. :(

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    2. Gepard


      Please help me convince myself to blow away £170 on yet another toy gun. :lol:

    3. Sniper780


      You don't have AK so there all the reason you need and if you wait you run the risk of someone buying at that price and then your hunt starts all over again. 


      Obviously if can afford to spend the money and not cause your self some financial worry then have at it.


    4. Mr.BeansOnToast


      I have been the same, tempted to sell my G&G M1 Garand to get a better rifle for my loadout, just seen you got yourself one 😂 go for it man! Nice buy! 

  17. First bit of snow I've seen all year!


    Didn't get so much as a snowflake all December. 

    1. MisterG


      Got a bit in W. London, second time this winter.

    2. Druid799


      Head down to your nearest university , you won’t have a problem finding any there , matter of fact you’ll probably be arse deep in snowflakes ! 🤦‍♂️

  18. Why do Dye i5s cost £150? Not sure I understand what makes them so special over the i4s (which you can get for 1/3 of the cost).

    1. Jedi_Master


      Latest technology, and like iPhones, new ones cost more for doing pretty much the same thing as previous version

    2. Druid799


      And don’t forget it has a higher number so it MUST be better ! 😱

  19. How much does a second hand TM AK sell for nowadays? Thinking of buying one but can't price check. 

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    2. Druid799


      @StayOnTarget I have one of these ,

      http://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-077-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=20 and hand on heart it’s one of the best feeling and performing AEGs I’ve ever owned , and that’s saying somthing as I’m coming up to 19yrs playing ,

      oh feck I really am as old as the grumpy old git in the mirror! 🤦‍♂️

    3. StayOnTarget


      Thank you for your honesty its the CYMA thats next on the list then. as for the age thing I'm no spring chicken but it wont stop me running around with the young uns on the day but by god I pay for it later mind you I've found a few glasses of rum is remarkable pain killer

    4. Gepard


      CYMA products are fine. I'm not choosing TM for it's better quality internals or anything, I just want a nice looking/feeling AK.


      As I'd have to swap out the faux wood furniture on the TM it would probably run me a bit more than I'd be willing to spend to be honest. 


      I'm patiently waiting for one to pop up in our Classifieds. It will happen one day - or at least that's what I tell myself. :lol:


      Almost had one a couple months ago but the seller flaked on me. TM AK with wood furniture plus 8 mags for £150. Would still buy it if he got back in touch with me!

  20. Amazon have a couple of free vouchers at the moment.


    One is a £5 voucher if you download their app and another is a £4 voucher which you get by adding 3 items to your wishlist. 


    Unsure if you can apply both to checkout but figured it's worth a shout. 






  21. Quick update to my dispute against @LTPinney


    I won, basically. PayPal reviewed my dispute and refunded me the full amount about 40 minutes ago. 


    Nice wake up to my first present of the day! Have a great Christmas everyone! :)





    1. MisterG


      Glad you got it sorted.


      Happy Christmas.





  22. Buyers beware! I bought a UMP off of user @LTPinney on the 14th November but have received no parcel nor an update since November 27th.


    Why the warning? Because @Dan1712 also bought from him and never received anything! 


    Started a dispute against him and the guy has responded but not got in touch with me.


    Do not send him any money!


    Tried to create a profile on ZeroIn but honestly the entire website is just not very intuitive. I can't post, reply to existing topics or even view my own profile.


    Would someone be so kind as to let the folks on there know not to buy from him? He's got an advert up at the moment (posted 4 days ago) for a GBB L85 in their classifieds. 

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    2. MrFCastle


      I'm not saying you did pull out? Lol

      All I'm saying is chaps,things happen, things get lost. 


      Why he hasn't responded I can't answer that question. 


      He's a decent guy. From my experience with him this morning. 

      @LTPinney you should reply to this post and message these chaps and just explain stuff.


    3. Gepard


      Oh I see what you've put on ZeroIn. "Nonsense claims" is it? Charming..


      I'm glad you had a pleasant transaction with the guy but neither me nor Dan did. 


      He promised Dan tracking numbers and 48hr postage and then never sent them. He failed to respond to any of my messages asking for an update.


      I don't mind late or missing parcels. I care about clear and consistent communication. Neither of which was provided. It's January now and we bought our items back in November and still have yet to receive our parcels or an update from the seller. What do you expect our feedback to be when the dude won't even respond to our PM's? He can drive almost 400 miles from Dorset to Birmingham and back again but not get in touch about a listing he sold which hadn't turned up in over a month? 


      Going off on the information I had at the time this is the warning I put out about my experience with this seller. 


      I'd have been much happier with a new UMP believe me. I paid and didn't receieve a product, disputed it after a month and then left appropriate feedback.  

    4. MrFCastle


      Fair enough chap, but I don't appreciate your tone.

      Which I'm guessing is because your behind a keyboard!


      I just simply wanted to put it out there that I've had a decent experience with him. 


      I dont know all the ins and the outs of what went on with you guys. 

      With regards to. Messages and timings 

      So I won't profess on it I can only go of what he told me and didn't seem too farfetched. 



      Feel free to pm me to discuss further if you wish. 

      Instead of flaming this up. 



  23. Just had someone on eBay try and commit fraud against me.. Fun times.  

    1. proffrink


      eBay are thankfully rather good about that.

    2. Gepard


      Sure are. Even as the seller all I had to do was phone them and explain what was happened. Lady was very understanding and closed the dispute, released the funds and forwarded the transaction to their frauds department for review. Pretty dumb scam - I have his full name and address. Lives about 20 miles away. Might send him a glitter bomb for Christmas.

  24. Looks like TaiwanGun has a got a bit of a sale going on at the moment called "Black Novemeber" - Very tempted to grab an AK.

    1. djben9


      yeah ive passed the newsletter i get to a  friend who has just got his special number and will now look to getting various items from there, mainly gear than AEGs

  25. There's going to be a sale on AliExpress on the 11th. Good time to knock a few quid off your orders.

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    2. Gepard


      To be fair every item I've ever ordered from China has arrived within the set timeframe. Even little Epackets come with tracking now so I can check up on the parcel every few days. 

    3. Druid799


      Both me and wolf have had a similar experience of ordering , being able to track on Aliexpress but not being able to find any hint of it with any other tracking service once it’s not turned up and still says ‘in transit’ on there site ! 😳

    4. Lozart


      Try 17Track. That'll give you all the updates at least until it hits the UK. If it then goes to Parcel Force you'll get their updates too.

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