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  1. Sitting Duck

    Taiwangun Co

    I would think so coz that way your details you regged with will, be used at checkout by default eg: your name addy ukara and any other info
  2. here is an exploded diagram manual of it courtesy of fire support - cheers guys https://www.fire-support.co.uk/controlpanel/shoppics/file/CA-CAKA1(1).pdf so you should have the screws underneath to mount a rail: now you "might" need to file a tiny bit off off the top left of the mount it can on some models just slightly catch/foul but it might be OK The other types of rail mount might need a bit more careful work/modding or dust cover with rail is a bit more and not always easy/cheap to source others have drill & tapped a rail onto existing dust cover but for ease of simplicity many might just use the bolt on rail (if the screws are underneath - which they seem to be)
  3. Sitting Duck

    New Moderators 2018

    Isn't that e-card misspelt ??? Surely it is arrogant not not arrogent ??? first dibs for grammar nazi mod - nah bollox my posts are app or ling yup it should be gist not jist often it don't matter $hit, but sometimes we should check how we spell/pronounce stuff.......
  4. Sitting Duck

    G&G CM16 R8-l possible upgrades

    Get a zci barrel, maple bucking and another hop unit slap the stuff together, if you screw up or tear the bucking in the process you still got old stock unit to use in meantime Once you have experimented and gained some experience messing with hops/barrels you may find the old hop, maple/G&G (if not torn) & zci combo could work out very well but in case you f*ck it up, buy the 3 new bits and mess about if owt goes pear shape you got old unit to fall back and still play peew peew with
  5. Sitting Duck

    G&G CM16 R8-l possible upgrades

    ^^^^ THIS IS GOOD ADVICE ^^^^ Leave trigger switch alone ETU option is crap imho what batteries are you using, how old is it what motor is in there the std grey 18k or blue powerful 25k you could tweak the gun up to 18~20 rps then you get better cycling and less chance of the trigger's dead zone (releasing trigger too early at say 12~13rps and Cut Off Lever is up and trigger locked) But really - if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it on the gearbox/trigger stuff look into hop/bucking/barrel for better results but wait until stuff needs it internally is my advice
  6. Sitting Duck

    do you train?

    No need to train - I was born $hit at playing airsoft If anything I think I have steadily become $hittier over time my lack of field awareness makes me really f*cking careless soz - used a line from Sheila's Wheels parody - but still funny... Really though - OK test your gun, tweak ya hop experiment with some other crap perhaps like maybe practice a bit of peeking left shooting with left hand if you want to empty mag or moving & shooting at targets but keep this toy gun stuff real perhaps But really - end of day just play more Plinking in your garden is NOTHING like a game day them targets don't shoot back (though them targets don't shout HIT - just like that little [email protected] doesn't you already shot 5 five times) Unless you got an evil friend round - you won't get shot in the back by you own team on game day I'm a natural - a natural f*cking idiot as they refer to Tyrone in Snatch " Course I am... " when I get shot to $hit, my excuse is always.....
  7. Sitting Duck

    paypal claim against me, trouble buyer.

    Agree keep it civil - just expressing my thoughts & feelings to a claim against me Of course I kept it civil between me & the scammer - ergh I mean claimant But using calm dialogue request some pics of damaged item in question is wise Otherwise he could send you a pile of bricks or a JBBG Bulldog B500A1 well I have sent the gun - it ain't my gun ffs..... your word against his and guess who paypal will side with It could be a genuine case - stuff happens or he could of whacked a mofo 11.1v gone nutz and shredded the piston/gearbox (thinking ooh f*ck I've really f*cked it now & I want a refund) or he could be trying it on I'm not judging anybody - honest but if the person is legit he won't be insulted or fear taking some pics, describing the fault and politely inform him you will check the gun on arrival - say little else you don't need to tell him you are gonna video it arriving/unboxing if he is a scammer he will soon start to think carefully
  8. Sitting Duck

    paypal claim against me, trouble buyer.

    Used to do console modding... and I was f*cking good at it - I rarely blow my trumpet but I was ultra thorogh, even cutting the Internal heatsinks & redoing PS3's to run ultra ultra cool on 3.55 fw fix up PS3 slims, reflash to an ultra cool console had a nice little hobby going I enjoyed doing etc... Until some c*nt tried to try it on started paypal claim then contacted me - wtf ??? kept changing his story what was wrong with it - LOADS OF TIMES (c*nt) Ebay/Paypal did f*ck all, so had to fight it all myself I had placed 3 stickers on there all seq and knew what they were said ok send me pic of the stickers still intact with a recent newspaper in pic (proof of date) Then when you send it back, I can video it and confirm the same console I sent you arrives back He closed the claim within hours - c*nt x 1,000 This REALLY got to me, suffice that was it, never sold another after that wouldn't go through all the time & effort to then have a snidey sneaky c*nt try to scam me (ended up scrapping a load I was in the process of refurbishing - rather bin it than be scammed) Hardly ever sold anything from that moment onwards I wish you well, you gotta fight and defend your case all on your own PayPal are [email protected], they takes their cut and side with buyer so you are on your own and at disadvantage Get everything in writing what exactly is the fault Make sure he puts in writing the make/model of gun make him take a picture of the gun to ensure you receive back that exact same item hopefully he isn't gonna send you a busted same gun/PS3 he got hold of like in my case As Rogerborg said video it arriving and ensure you get back the gun in his pic you sent him GET HIM TO PHOTO THE FAULTY GUN IN QUESTION - a number of good pics If he wants a refund then it is reasonable request to ask for visual proof of item in question A genuine person would oblige without question to demonstrate/show the faulty item/make/model It could be a genuine case of a gun malfunctioning or damaged in transit but tbh I have less & less faith in some other people's integrity over the years too many out there trying it on - which on big corporations might not be too bad but when these chancers try to scam joe public - that really makes me ultra pi$$ed Very very best of luck sir
  9. Sitting Duck

    Thought it sounded a bit rough...

    It is a terrible - no $hit to be exact... A $hit bit of motor winding on the armature Normally, the copper enamel wire is wound tightly & precisely well inside the 3 x slots or " V " sections on armature Normally all the wire would sit about 2mm or so below the outer edge never to be seen One V looks nice & neat another is a bit less precisely wound - think it started to go a bit out of control and the last winding - ahh f*ck it, it is home time - it's chicken (chow mien) tonight - I'm off Or something like that, think it was the person's last motor winding of their shift - nah f*ck it, that'll be alright Bit of a pi$$er coz I got spare long motor/arms but not so the short type Got a couple of fast BD M160 & SHS HS motors but they really are quick and really ramp up the amps stuff runs warm even perfectly shimmed etc... and battery drains very quickly (probably dump the 12~14 tpa arms & redo these fast motors with sensible 20~22 tpa arms instead) Don't want to use an ultra fast neodym or buy another motor if I can help it Just a bummer the armature is [email protected], could have got by with moody brushes, dodgy can/magnets or something but the arm is bollox'd so it has sort of pi$$ed on my firework of ultra cheapo tweaked build The idea was to use nigh on all stock parts where ever possible, just re-do the box epoxy the loose bushings, clean up box, minor sand rough burrs, radius box, silicone AoE mod I replaced the stock plastic cyma piston with the metal rack cyma one reluctantly had to use a shs tappet coz o-ring nozzle I'm using was way too loose in cyma tappet Replaced the cheapo alloy COL with SHS steel COL, so shouldn't get semi issues a year later etc.... OK spend £10, then OK maybe £15 if I diy rewire & 3034 mosfet, OK £20 with new tappet plate etc.... Ohhhh ffs don't wanna chuck in a £25 or so new motor now.... Idea was the high 27/28 tpa would pull hardly any amps, run 11.1v to get 20rps or so on a £7 block 11.1v should be pulling below 10 amps so all stayed cool & battery lasted etc..... Think I might have a short motor in another gun I might nick - but still a pi$$er I hadn't expected
  10. Soz might be posted in wrong section... could be electric or whatever but it is a general rant tbh coz I'm both pi$$ed n shocked at crappy QC Not a great fan of cyma gears(runs a bit rough) & their lame 27/28tpa motors.... well one motor seemed to have a lot of play - and spaced a bit iffy within field/magnets (just loads of play and seemed if it was spaced too high) sounded a bit rough spinning it over by hand too so took it apart to see if I could just sort out the way too much excess and position in field better... WTF ???? soz it's out of focus, pic doesn't do it justice or injustice to be exact f*ck me the winding was well [email protected] the previous winding was sloppy and likely added to the windings not laying flat the last winding was scraping on the ferrite magnets and what not, probably blow over time well that is not going back in and I'll be f*cked it I can ar$ed to rewind (probably buy a cheap neodym motor instead but was messing with a virtually zilch cost service/tweak AK) you get what pay for I guess think this is the new guy in charge of cyma motors... Reason was the pinion & bevel never mesh great on cyma's shs pinions don't mesh much better - still a bit off 90 degree meshing angle Ahhh a BD 160 pinion meshes good, could swap them over as both D type Wanted to tweak it a bit but keep it nigh on stock, maybe mosfet & run on 11.1v to get a bit of snap at 20rps aprox stock can't go nutz above 25rps on full stroke AK really, so no point splashing loads of money or new motor/gears etc.... keep it ultra cheap n cheerful - get to say 13rps on 7.4v with lame motor maybe or 20~22 on 11.1v is my thoughts.... OK lets sort out that play now I got the pinion off to swap over... WTF - hence me posting cyma craftmanship (bit unfair coz these crap motors are banged out by highly trained engineers I know elsewhere in Chinese sweatshops) but still a bit pi$$ed my cheapo plans have to be re-evaluated now due to [email protected] windings
  11. Sitting Duck

    G&G GC4 G26 what you think as a first rifle.

    no offense but that price is bollox They were about 2 years ago doing the G16 & G26 as 30th editions for £150 but yeah you do not want the blowback clickety clackety followed by risk of crackety gearbox just a regular G&G starter - there are loads of threads knocking about the G26 - I think the G16 was better looking imho both are front wired, the front handguard is ok not too wobbly personally think I prefer rear wired to work on weight/balance nothing special - G&G combat machines £150 price range not £200 (that is a metal receiver price) the integral plastic front flip sight - "could" bust if ya drop ya gun with it raised is my gut feeling personally preferred the G16 30th over the G26 30th but that is just my own personal take get CM18, Raider 2.0 (not Raider 2.0e), CM15 KR-CQB, maybe FireHawk perhaps etc.... Lots of nice G&G's in the £150 bracket - better than paying £200+ for a G26
  12. Sitting Duck

    JG080 S-550

    is Airsoft-Peak still working ??? They had a sister/same company trading as TinyWind but that ceased about 18 months ago Last time I check Airsoft-Peak had next to f*ck all in stock about 3 months ago what was there was going cheap, but I couldn't log in or get my pass reset either so I presumed at the time it was winding up like TinyWind so I'd be wary of buying stuff from them is my gut feeling If you got a recent JG G36 then there is the allen/hex key which can increase fps a smidge not much but could help a touch if there is a hole for long hex key....
  13. Sitting Duck

    Lipo charging help

    Amazon leads are often ar$e about face polarity cheapo china converters Part of reason is coz on small tamiya RED is Round connector & BLACK is Square BUT on Large taimya (ye olde guns and RC stuff), BLACK is Round & RED is Square so the two tamiya type connectors have different polarity/pinouts then add in cheapo fleabay/Amazon/China plugs and you end up with a 50/50 lottery very often the fleabay ones are wrong polarity for airsoft peew peew grab a pin/needle, push it down the unplugged converter, releasing the connectors then swap them over to correct polarity - simples - 5 min job if that if you had bought the converter from a reputable place like component shop it would have been correct once you get the hang of soldering you will probably go deans on most guns then make up your own leads/converters if need be from old bits of wiring loom
  14. Sitting Duck

    Pew pew envy

    You can laugh last/loudest when his ETU plays up - quite likely fine clothes do not make a gentleman nice gun does not guarantee good/great player (ok it helps perhaps but not guaranteed) Think I have admired a player's skill and attitude/sportmanship etc.... way - no much much more than what f*cking toy gun they are using good luck to both of you - enjoy your toy guns no what they are is what I say
  15. Sitting Duck

    Taiwangun won’t accept postcode

    make sure phone number has no gaps (should get a green tick on it I think happened) County is fine re-regged another account/email no problem: My Road Name - with house number at the end (first line) POSTCODE (caps & no space), Surrey (My County (second line)) Great Britain (well yeah third line) selected from pull down menu phonenumber (landline btw & no gaps at all) but yeah now sitting at TWG with Duck Jnr's name up top corner (no that isn't his real name - wtf names their kid Duck Jnr - wife said no anyway to silly names)