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  1. Not to mention fake jugs I mean when Lola Ferrari croaked that must been a cremation/coffin to remember (let alone lift) still a struggle to shut the lid I expect
  2. fine no problem & about the same on a std gun if you want a bit of snap upgrade to dean connectors if you can solder or get a m8 to do it (cut ONE WIRE at a time or you will get a shock for sure - watch vids on this) capacity, burst C rating can effect ROF but in general a 7.4v comes off charge at 8.4v full capacity (cells are 3.7v but charged to max 4.2v, often say 8.35v-ish in total) so little difference - the 8.4v nimah might come off full charge at say a smidge over like 9v but is old stuff and doesn't pack same zest as LiPo does
  3. good points there fuck me - prommy buckings are quite bad too must be the Leslie Ash of bucking lips... think there is lesson here that applies to airsoft too just don't go too fucking nutz get some work/upgrades done
  4. shove a bit of grease/oil in the rails of blue selector plate so that it glides back n forth smoothly not tons of it but a bit here n there these boxes are slapped together by 5 year olds bone dry no smoothing of burrs n shit, rough cast edges etc... so things like selector plates n stuff glide like a frozen wobbly shopping cart going over speed bumps in a gravel track - pretty fucking shit slapped together by kids doing piece work: get it in & whack it out sorta stuff for 50 cents (that'll be alright, in will run/wear itself in) no wonde
  5. WAIT WAIT WAIT a second... Double feeding so order new bushings ??? First things first - gearbox = pisspot zinc alloy bushings = steel (sorta) which material do you think has worn loose ??? (I suspect new bushings may still be a little loose plus different bushings/bearings will throw shimming out and all of this is likely to be unrelated to feed issues really) Poundland - £1 purchase of 2-part expoxy glue bushings in by a LIGHT smear around edges of box - refit & allow to set Double feed or misfeeding ??? w
  6. PLOT TWIST... Biden now identifies as a female and so is the FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT Kamala will not become the first female President wrecked by their own TERF logic bollox world has gone completely nutz in other subjects - people just create content for clicks
  7. I think that is Biden's new Health Secretary some bloke calling himself/herself/ ergh IT cals itself " RACHEL " Levine
  8. more newer 11.1v LiPo's ??? Then you can use the new 11.1v to charge the older/flat 11.1v's (yes I'm being sarcastic) Think look to buy 1 or 2 newer LiPo's that should last a little longer and not the Titans either - yeah you could use 18650's but really the high end 18650's aren't ultra cheap and still not quite punchy as LiPo's or a 4 cell mofo to charge a B6 charger might work... https://hobbyking.com/en_us/rhino-1800mah-4s-50c-lipo-battery-pack-w-xt60.html?queryID=&objectID=80875&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products
  9. "POSITIVE VIBES ONLY ???" OK - that team didn't lose or got its arse handed to them NOPE - they came SECOND (in a two team game FFS) in fact my motto - poke shit at yourself before anybody else does if you have hurty feelings, or too fragile stay in your safe space/safe zone
  10. if you are going to use it a lot say for CQB... then try to check for entended mag option...
  11. Think Mustang is British Skara is Italian - perhaps so sceptical if he is Kicking Mustang maybe Rocky Balboa the Italian Stallion... AAADRRIIIAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN
  12. Sound advice given already Congrats on promotion Well done on getting bonus & recognition & sounds like you got a level headed missus too as been mentioned, one thing we've all found out, shiney shit means nowt if you can't get out & play with it/show it off etc... this lockdown has demonstrated just how materialistic crap is in our life at times so no need to let that dosh burn a hole in ya pocket - just yet ya got guns that work, you got a job with a promotion and you gotta a woman who understands/accepts
  13. 'ere here is an odd thing for you to try... in your browser bar, type in yourself than me post a link you think is embedded www . antifa . com (removes spaces, but type it yourself) type in antifa.com and see where it takes you
  14. if he ever has a cardiac arrest they would need to hook him to National Grid as he has zapped himself soooo much a reg defibrillator would do fuck all to him unlike this guy...
  15. I'd like to say I have nearly mastered soldering mostly from studying this electronic legend... taught me everything I know (next to fuck all)
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