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  1. Excited to let you all meet the new Specna Arms Edge 2.0 H-Series!



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    2. ak2m4


      I saw that picture as well but I'm not 100% sure if that's the one that comes with 2.0 or that's just a promo pic.  Looks like chrome plating to me similar to Lonex, only seen 1 Chinese company selling similar but the quality wasn't as nice as the Lonex so I didn't get any.  Surely if it did come with a new gearbox shell they would advertise it as one of the cool new features?

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      They just chucked a little bro Titan/ASTER into their EDGE/Orion boxes - previously with X-ASR & call it EDGE 2.0 I would say


      Being that the basic ASR or X-ASR is like say £20

      & ASTER is £60 - or £40 more


      Then look at the price of X-ASR guns compared to some of the ASTER ones

      that is a tempting offer for a whistley gun on its own


      then look at other EDGE 2.0 guns....




      and for just a fraction more you get a sexier 416 type too

      I reckon this might sell out soon at that price as it offers quite a bit fancy bang for your buck

    4. ak2m4


      I would have thought they would be upgrading the gears as well.  Those stock chinese metal injection molded ones don't take too kindly to a beast of a 22TPA motor. 


  2. Actually looks like it's being sold by MPA Hockley, which I think are closed at the moment. Could be them selling new stock given their shop is closed? @rocketdogbert might know them.
  3. @Tackle was interested in one after your post in "just bought" wasn't he?
  4. Been photoshopping for years now, just never in a professional capacity. Would love to though - just the odd beer-money gig here and there. Interested in how you did this effect - looks a lot more effective than the usual Poster Edges / Threshold / Oil Painting technique.
  5. Given the "off-Season" at the moment, it's about time I changed the lenses in my JT mask. Old lens is very obviously pock marked, and the inner lens has cracked around the bridge of the nose area. So nothing exciting, but a new JT Spectra Thermal lens £30-something after postage. *Shrug*
  6. How much for the Alcohol Gel in that big tub?
  7. Oh that's a good point - I haven't been scalping bog roll! I promise! We buy ours from Costco in the massive packs and we only bought some back in January before it all kicked off. Just very lucky timing!
  8. Just for a bit of fun, and to distract from the misery, I thought we could play a fun game. Visit: https://howmuchtoiletpaper.com/ This will take your current stock of bog roll into account with your average toilet habits and tells you how long until you're using the toilet brush after poos. Who will last the longest and be crowned the AFUK Andrex Marathon Champion?! Here's mine: (I don't personally use the bog ten times a day, but family of four.. y'know how it is 😂)
  9. Use the classifieds wanted Section for this please. Not the general forum. https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/category/17-guns-wanted/
  10. My friend Matt is a Marshal at the Tunnels. He's an EAG veteran, Rubber Chicken connoisseur and top lad to boot. @Hillarbubs - I summon thee! If you've any questions about the Tunnels, or enquiries, he can help
  11. I've made a handy flow chart for How to upgrade your Airsoft Glock. Featuring our own Glock Doctor, @rocketdogbert Hopefully this is useful to everyone
  12. I heard on the grapevine you've got a bit of a love affair going on with all things specna I'm actually on the Specna Brand Ambassador team now 😎 Me and Angelo Di Vito look after the UK, and there's loads of us over Europe now. If you need any info or sneak snippets of news about anything Specna, just let me know 😁
  13. Sounds like you've covered a lot of bases with all the parts. Are we sure it's definitely an SP100 and not an incorrectly bagged SP90? @ak2m4 - was it guarder springs that came in incorrectly rated recently?
  14. @Airsoft Anonymous Ltd actually have a service where you can request a little cardboard certificate that congratulates you on your "Prize". Brilliant
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