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  1. L3wisD

    Acetech 1000 tracer unit

    If you want it to fit within the front of the gun, your best bet is the AceTech Lighter. I've owned both. Same brightness as my AT1000, but tiny!
  2. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I won't be using it for real gun noises (might have the odd one at some point..). I want to see if I can fuck about with it for some laughable moments. One thing I want to do is record myself shouting "BANG!" in different tones, or like, pretend gun noises "Pew!"/"Dakka!" Etc Laser noises for using the in-built tracer would be fun too.
  3. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I'm a few days early, but I'll be paying for my (beta access) Kytech CSD (Custom sound device) on payday. And with the Owen Wilson "wow" Can't wait to mess around with this in the new year. Especially if I get a pulse rifle with one of these fitted. The iconic pulse rifle sounds! 😎
  4. Same. Plus PayPal finance is a tempting bastard 😂 Doesn't help that @rocketdogbert sends me links to 2nd hand ones! I really want to paint it geartech style, dirt in all the grooves, scratched and worn.
  5. L3wisD

    New to airsoft Hampshire

    There was two sites in eversley. Unfortunately just gunman now after a supposed disagreement between the Gunman and Ambush owners.
  6. Just to save everyone the intrigue: Adult "Toys" (not Airsoft guns) in the shape of alien/monster/mythical creature's todgers. </MyWatchHasEnded.gif>
  7. Same as every year: Snow Wolf M41-a Pulse Rifle. I'm preparing for the disappointment again already...
  8. I love the smell of spammers in the morning!


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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Hmm, fried spam, goes lovely in sandwiches or in bolognese

    3. Jedi_Master


      Fried spam, curried baked beans with peanut butter (satay), fried eggs, fried bread, and mushrooms.  Scrummy :)


    4. Prisce


      Deep fried spam, little vinegar and some Chips. Delicious. 

  9. L3wisD

    Use of pistols in cqb in the winter months

    I used to use black 4.0 in the winter for my old WE Glock. Used to work fine, still be mindful of cool down though. But the power was there at least.
  10. Hi everyone! Sorry for my absence! My boys and wife all have birthdays within days of each other! Mental! I should be back to normal now :)

    1. Prisce


      Wait. You were gone?! 😱


      Know the feeling buddy, some days it feels like I can’t tell the difference between reality and what I’m actually doing. 😏🤦🏻‍♂️


      Roll on Christmas.

  11. L3wisD

    Why has no BB manufacturer done this?

    While not one of the "big" names, 6mm Ammo does sample bags: https://www.6mmammo.co.uk/product-page/sample-bag Says "out of stock", but fire @6mmAmmoQuartermaster a message if you wanted to try a bag without splashing out on a 3000 BB bag.
  12. L3wisD

    System: Advertising

    I'll miss that plump bottomed 40 year old. Never wanted to be a Banister more in my life 😂
  13. L3wisD

    Forum sponsorship deal?

    On it 😎
  14. L3wisD

    A lesser spotted forum member

    Hah! Amazing! In all seriousness, I'd bite off my own thumbs to own this: Sooooooo cool.