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  1. Please don't make a thread to advertise your gun.

    We have a very comprehensive classifieds section for that very purpose



    1. Steveocee
    2. Rogerborg





  2. There are lots of pretend Airsoft Celebrities, but only one true celebrity. Stretch McChicken of Super Mega Tactical Airsoft News
  3. If you're referring to Stretch's Custard Cannon, it is a wonderful video. Stretch 😍
  4. The pink part of your wanted advert is oddly specific... There was this one a few weeks back - maybe give the guy a message. Might still be available:
  5. Hopefully me and my crew get a free game day for naming the place @MrWilson 😎
  6. This is your safest bet. It's not worth the risk if you buy anything particularly expensive and it gets destroyed. I doubt they'd keep it for you until the ukara came in...
  7. That's a great name right there. Doesn't need to be anything else. Sound cool
  8. I absolutely love these. Coolest Beretta's going
  9. Time Left: 1 day and 32 minutes

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    My friend has upgraded from this to a posh Warrior RPC. He's asked me to sell this on for him. I can't find a tag to find what brand/model this is but it's very sturdily made. Has laser cut molle, and has the dummy plates inside for rigidity. (If anyone knows what brand/model this is and I've massively over/under priced this, please just let me know) EDIT: I've discovered this is a OneTigris "Nightmare" Laser cut carrier: https://www.amazon.co.uk/OneTigris-Laser-cut-Light-Weight-Tactical-Multicam/dp/B01N4GGSAA/ref=mp_s_a_1_11?dchild=1&keywords=plate+carrier+airsoft&qid=1582032808&sprefix=plate&sr=8-11 As well as it's normal 3 mag pouch, there's a condor Triple mag pouch on the front too. These usually sell for £35 new on their own. Not sure on size, but I'm a good 15st and my belly looks ridiculous in this thing. Not one for us tubbies 😂 Asking for £35 collected £40 posted.


    , Theale

  10. Time Left: 1 day and 28 minutes

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    Brand new in packaging, usually sell for around £35 new from the shops. Good quality pouches and in everyone's favourite camo pattern (just not mine) £19 collected £23 posted


    , Theale

  11. Got UKARA? Import a brand new one from Rainbow8. £135 roughly before shipping/customs. https://www.rainbow8.com/products/tokyo-marui-spas-12-pump-action-shotgun?_pos=1&_sid=ac9e04ba7&_ss=r Might be worth considering? No folding stock though
  12. I've reached out to Proff to see if there's anything we can do to help as moderators, but we've not heard from him yet. I don't like seeing you all go without patches. Patches are awesome 🥰
  13. Your parts bin must be amazing @heroshark That reminds me, I owe you a reply about Hex-Meshing my JT mask. I'll get back to you on that today - just picking out a new mask.
  14. Great price for this. Should sell no problems. Would've had it myself if I didn't want to be castrated by the wife! Hah! 😁
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