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  1. I won my Marui USP from Airsoft Competitions months ago, back when the odds were a little easier! (100 tickets for a pistol instead of the 200/300 now). Each person can buy a maximum of 15 tickets per draw and for that USP I bought 10 tickets at £1.99 each. I could easily lose £20 so wasn't that bad, but on the flip side I had £130 saved for a USP anyway so the remaining £110 was spent on extra magazines etc. Was very handy for me 😁
  2. Well well well.. if that's true then he's messaged me this afternoon passing himself off as a clueless newbie: This is like Sherlock and Moriarty levels of rivalry! 😅
  3. I'll see what I can do. Must admit I've not heard of that technique before. Also, please keep your wits about you - Apparently Stephen Glennie is back to his old tricks YET AGAIN on Z1, under another new screen name of Airsoft4U. Don't so swaps with any Northern Ireland post code if you can help it! Apologies to any genuine northern Ireland Airsofters, but Glennie has fucked it for the lot of you.
  4. Graham from Airsoft Nation banned him already and has contacted those who might have PM'd the dude. Teamwork 😎
  5. And fucking hell mate, write your own description instead of plagerising mine!
  6. Time Left: 8 hours and 7 minutes

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    Fed up of not having a tracer in CQB. Anyone got any they aren't using they'll let me have for a bargain price?


  7. https://www.vipertacticalshop.co.uk/viper-tactical-elite-jacket-titanium.html?variation_id=2294 Order a size up to though dude. The reviews mentioned it's a tight sizing and they were right. I ordered a XXL and it fits like an XL. Great jacket actually. I'll get some photos later.
  8. I'm at Z-Mart this evening. Any other AFUKers there?

    1. AlphaBear


      I had to read that back twice! That should be a patch!

  9. I wouldn't edit the review completely. Maybe add an additional point at the end saying you were contacted after this review was written and they gave a full refund. Just because they refunded eventually, doesn't excuse them from trying to avoid it in the first place. Shame really as I've used W762 a few times now and not had a problem - but then I've never had to return anything yet. Ah feck, too late. They've successfully paid you off. Even worse is the two very positive reviews that both come in quick succes
  10. Ordered a few things that are turning up today: InvaderGear UBACS in Wolf Grey (Actually already arrived. Great quality but fuck me is it tight. Should've gone XXL) Viper Titanium Elite Jacket (Reduced to £19.99 from £54.99!) Grey Fast Mag holders x2 Viper Titanium Scrote Pouch to protect the beer belly Velcro Panels for the back of the Carrier GREY!
  11. If anyone orders an InvaderGear UBACS, order a size UP. Extra Large my arse 😅

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    2. EvilMonkee


      Fixed this for you:


      'My extra large arse'.


      You seem to have had the words in the wrong order. 😜

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Extra Large my arse ???

      exactly how LARGE are we talking here

      We'll use this as a yardstick...


      DO THESEJEANS MAKE MY ASS LOOK BIG More at Kinky Thoughts | Meme on ME.ME


      and yeah - that is getting on for 3ft across I reckon

    4. Shamal


      My wife asked me other day "does my bum look big in this?"

      "Yes" I replied "but to be fair it is a small bathroom"!

      She didnt observe minimum engagement distance.redness is just about gone now. I did call my hit though. YEOWW FUCK!!




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    I've got my Specna Arms SA-E12 in Black & Tan for sale. Comes with original box and two Specna Arms 125rnd "S-Mag" mid caps. This was my backup rifle, and it's been taken to Chrono plenty of times but never actually used in a game*. Despite this, the gun is in "used" condition. This is because it was the "spare" I've removed the dust cover catch in order to use it on a different gun. The Stock is also not the original, the original tan stock was taken to be sold with a different gun - this is a black crane stock from my Specna One series. The other negative thing to point out is that this gun fell victim to my first attempt at colour filling. It has waxy red reside on the left hand side of the reciever (Don't use crayons! - paint pens are the way to do it!) Presumably can be cleaned up easily, I just can't be arsed. Not sure if exact power, but it has a ZCI M100 spring so should be around 320-330. It always passed the 350fps Chrono check at Gunman anyway... 🤷🏻‍♂️ Being a Specna Edge series gun, it has a Gate X-ASR mosfet wired to deans as standard and a quick change spring out the back of the receiver. £100 collected from RG7 or £110 posted by ParcelForce 48. *Actually made the effort and used this gun last night at Z-Mart. Used it for the whole night. It performed very well! Could do with a tighter barrel to improve the accuracy, but it was perfectly usable! Got plenty of kills with it.


  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    You know what this is, we both know they're not in stock anywhere. Grab it before someone else does. A bit of an impulse purchase this, but I've decided I can't put the time and money into customising this as it needs. (The owners Facebook group is a gold mine of inspiration by the way). I had the hop set for .28s, and it shoots nicely and really far. It has fired less than 30 shots, with only a short "blap" on full auto. (My recommendation is to keep it on semi!) Only really looking to make back what I paid for it. £70 collected from RG7. £79 Posted with ParcelForce 48. Due to wanting to avoid getting scammed, I'll only sell this to exisiting and trusted forum members or people I've traded with previously.


    Theale, Berkshire - GB

  14. Having a bit of a kit clear out today. Keep your eye on the classifieds :)

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    2. Albiscuit


      Disappointed you didnt message me about it, you saw I was after one too :( 

    3. L3wisD


      @Albiscuit - Mate I'm sorry :( 

      It didn't cross my mind - but yeah I should have remembered you wanted one :( 

    4. Albiscuit


      No worries. Will get one eventually. Still trying to sort out this bloody hicappa which has never worked

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