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  1. Anyone tried the new Cyma AEPs with the mosfet and lipo?

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    2. Steveocee




      It looks to be anything in the AEP range with an "S" after it.

      Not so sure about it being a built in battery though, if it ever swells or dies then it's RIF dead, removable of course you can swap it out.

    3. Skara



      They surely look interesting, I agree on the built in battery being a bit of a bitch in case of failure, but I think a small connector of some sort would solve the issue.

      Also, it's €60 and change.


      I now want one to meme around...

    4. Rogerborg


      Eh, snippy-snip and some mini-Deans takes care of the battery concerns.


      I will say that using a 7.4V 300mAh 35C/70C battery in my CYMA AEP (even with a JST connector and no MOSFET) made the trigger response a lot snappier.  So, yes, provisionally approved.


      At the end of the day though, you've still got a bulky ~200fps pistol without that GBB grin factor.

  2. AFUK Has made the top 5 list of nominees for "Best Airsoft Community/forum" !




    Please consider dropping a vote for AFUK!



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    2. clumpyedge


      Forums/blogs should be done on site hits/stats but then I suppose they could just make that up and submit their info. Special player awards shouldn't even be a thing, personally I don't see what many if any of them offer the sport other than providing lap luster reviews they are paid to provide or a high repetitive posed post content on Instagram. So many more people actually give something back to the community (without being paid to do so) and never seem to get mentions.... funny that.

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Some of those categories are a bit odd, like no option for the mighty fusion engine for "best hpa".


      But at least thats another vote in for here.

    4. RobHedley


      Well, I have added another vote for this fantastic forum!


  3. How old is it @snuff?
  4. L3wisD

    Kwa pdr c

    Ok - I'll delete the other advert. In future, could you possibly edit the advert instead please? Cheers, -Lewis
  5. L3wisD

    Kwa pdr c

    @Kylelamb6 - is this a different gun to the PDR-C you advertised the other day?
  6. I don't mind the look of the gun. But not with all that extra shit on it. Lose the red dot, tracer, drum mag and stock and that's a pretty funky looking piece!
  7. I don't think it's Glennie. We've had a surge of spammers in the last few days unfortunately, so I think it's more likely one of those. @hondafireblade1 - please could you do me a favour and press the 'report' button on a message they've sent you. It's the little flag icon in the corner. I can deal with it then.
  8. Just spotted this on Firesupport - £49 https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/gp-m203-upper-handguard-long-versionblack Find yourself a cheap 2nd hand launcher and you're laughing.
  9. @rocketdogbert - you might be able to help this chap out from your bits box?
  10. This one comes with a free gun! 😁 (Very aware this doesn't have the fixed carry handle A2 receiver though) https://gunfire.com/en/products/sa-g02-one-tm-carbine-replica-black-1152201942.html In all seriousness, if you already have the M16 base gun, buy one of these, whack a standard A1/A2 handguard on it and then sell the gun? Probably work out cheaper than buying the launcher on its own. •Buy the gun for £235ish. •Take grenade launcher off •Replace handguard •Sell gun for £160 •Grenade Launcher with heat shield now costs £75.
  11. Finally have a UKARA after about 4 years since my last one!


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    2. EDcase


      Save yourself. Destroy all your cards 😁

    3. Nick G

      Nick G

      Hello UKARA, goodbye money ! 😂😂

    4. rocketdogbert


      Oh boy, you are in sooooooo much trouble

  12. Dave's Custom Airsoft had some last I checked.
  13. L3wisD

    HPA or Gbbr

    Then you should consider a Tippmann M4. They have a newer Ver.2 out now that improves on some of the teething problems of the Ver.1 My Tippmann was an absolute monster, and I loved it. Regret selling it if I'm honest. Kicks really hard into the shoulder, and you can increase that recoil through various (easy to do) mods. Doesn't need a regulator on the tank because the gun self-regulates on the inside. And the noise of it firing, oh my word - I used to love tearing up The Mall with that thing! And it takes standard AEG Mags, Barrels and Hop Up Rubbers to make upgrading easy. Definitely worth considering, especially as it's perhaps the most affordable HPA set up. You can get the Gun, Tank and Line for just under £500 if you look around - even less for 2nd hand. Also, for what it's worth - I used to get my Tank re-filled at a local Scuba Diving shop. think it was £4.00 a fill which was OK with me really. The downside was that I had to buy a HPA Fill adapter for them to screw onto their air tank.
  14. I'm not sure the silencer is big enough on there, Crom...
  15. I'm absolutely astounded this hasn't sold yet. If it's still about next month, I might come sniffing
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