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  1. He's about an hour from you, but @rocketdogbert might be able to help?
  2. Nicola at Stitch Me Up will make you one-off patches https://www.facebook.com/stitchmeup.biz/ Or http://www.stitchmeup.biz/ She's made all my Ghostbuster patches and all our groups patches. She's lovely, well priced and has a great turnaround.
  3. I think I've still got your phone number.. let me fire off a test text
  4. That would imply that there's 3-4 other people who'd share a car with him... 🤔
  5. Aye, you're right there actually @ImTriggerHappy.. could've sworn it said something about next month, but I must have skim read it in my excitement and got my wires crossed. Apologies all!
  6. The Zed Adventures gang has been bought by Luke and Ben the two guys who used to run the mall. New Zed CQB site opening next Month according to the Facebook page.
  7. I mean, toy guns are just giant Airfix or Games Workshop models really. Use the same paints and techniques as you would to paint The Memphis Belle or A Chaos Khorne Bezerker.
  8. The scar bullpup... Ohhh yes! 😎
  9. @Tackle what's the latest on this? I wanna see this monster 😂
  10. Can't actually seen to open that. HEIC isn't as popular as PNG or JPG, proven that my phone doesn't recognize it as a file extension! Someone on PC could probably confirm it works though.
  11. I always imagine him to be like Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinnie 😂
  12. See, I told you that Roger was the man for this thread
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