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  1. UPS Also holding my Gunfire package hostage for the last week: Especially annoying because on the 25th of Feb, this little bar had the delivery date down as Wednesday the 3rd. And then changed to, DELAY - Thursday 4th. Not so bad thought I... Then changed to: HELD IN WAREHOUSE - UPS is holding the cargo at a secure facility pending instructions and agreement (but still down for Thursday the 4th). And then it changed again to it's current description: Nice 🥴
  2. If someone PMs you about an advert you've listed here and it sounds very generic "My uncle has some guns for sale - email [email protected] for more info"  It's probably a scam. Please report them to the moderators for DESTRUCTION! :D 

    1. L3wisD


      Thanks for the report after this, the scammer you pointed out actually had made TWO accounts - they've both been blasted by the Virtual 40Mike

  3. L3wisD

    E&C M733

    Don't know if you're specifically after 2nd hand, but Bullseye and Weekend Warrior both have them in stock: https://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/ec-ec-329-m733-airsoft-rifle-aeg-metal-body-black-42422-p.asp
  4. That looks very nice indeed! How much, where from etc? 😁 (Or dibs on yours when you sell it next week!😅)
  5. Umm guys... I think we've gotten their attention 😬
  6. Couple of things from @ak2m4 MFT Battlelink style stock: 2" and 5" Barrel Extensions: And a cool new supressor... like the texturing on this:
  7. Not that we discriminate round here, but there isn't a lot of trust in newish members from Northern Ireland I'm afraid. You can blame Mr. Glennie for that unfortunately.
  8. Yep exactly But... Did you get any email from an actual insurance underwriter? If for example a police officer asks to see your defence to check it's validity, without confirmation from insurance underwriters, it's the equivalent to saying you paid £20 for some bloke at the site to vouch for you.
  9. For anyone looking at this, I think it's a good buy. This is a Gen1 VX Plate carrier - now discontinued and getting very hard to find. They had to change the design to not be such a copy of the original.
  10. Nearly! They're tiny! The'yre also not very good 😅 I had the MP5 about 20 years ago originally, they take about 80-100 bbs in through the top of the gun, like a hopper.. Fires about the same distance as a springer pistol and only does full auto. But they're funny as hell. Wanted another for ages now for the lols, but the Marui ones are hard to come usually unless you import from Rainbow 8 etc. Didn't want the shitty orange ones they sell at Justbb. The mini Uzi is the coolest of the lot I think
  11. Also, in order to look like a top quality CQB player. Here's a ProTip: Have a standalone torch. Weapon mounted lights can put you at a disadvantage for a few reasons. Mostly because it gives the other team something to aim at, thinking there's a human next to it, where's a standalone torch could be held well away from the body, and at an odd angle to keep you safe from hits. Plus you can stack up on the door and hold the torch in the top corner, blinding the other team and covering your team mates who can safely pop out and shoot past the glare.
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