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  1. @Stevo1988cwm, please post this on the classifieds section and not on the general forum. https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/category/10-spring-rifles/
  2. Hi @Ujustgotsarged Sorry you might have been scammed. I'll do my best to help, but I can't always guarantee a good outcome. Can you do me a favour please? In the PM chain, report on of the messages (little flag in the top right) and it lets me in to see it all. And I'll take a look.
  3. How hasn't this sold yet? I'd have been all over this if I wanted a sidearm!
  4. I think in the video they mention some kind of feedback, I was listening with the volume quite low though. They said it hurt quite a bit.
  5. @KombatWombat You'd need written permission from these guys: https://m.facebook.com/TheUKARApolice
  6. They don't look like Glock Magazines? More like M92 mags?
  7. That's a typo presumably? 😂
  8. Apparently a lot of the internals are cross compatible. Futuretech Airsoft has used the gel blaster MOSFETs in airsoft builds before and they cost peanuts in comparison. Also, you can buy iron man style glove things: https://gelsoft.co.uk/gelsoft-claw.html
  9. Payday yesterday = buy airsoft things

    Wasps nest in my garden= lol guess again £72 on pest control

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    2. strykerles


      If you don't tell a wasp to fuck off are you even british??? 😂

    3. Skara


      They're speedsofters in disguise..

    4. Musica


      Maybe I will try speedsoft if I can meet people like this



  10. Definitely looks more like a gaggle of kids are playing their own game in the woods.. 😕 Apart from that, I enjoyed the videos - fun to watch, well edited and none of that "Whaaatzaaup gaiz" nonsense.
  11. It never really gets taken out of the case much, but it still takes good glamour shots 😁
  12. You just wanna prove Stretch wrong 😂
  13. On my Specna keymod rail, I attached a vertical grip and used it as leverage to undo the threads for the first time. It was ok after that. It'll be anti-clockwise as you look down the barrel from the flashhider ends.
  14. I'd wager it needs a really fucking good twist, because there's no grub screws holding it in places. However, can you show us photos of the flash hider end? Seems really convoluted to have to take the rail off.
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