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  1. They are both One series guns, they'll be identical inside. You've got it right though, the 'M' designation simply stands for 'Magpul' - and has a Magpul CTR style stock as standard. You'll see this in other models in the range too. For example: SA-A03 MK18: But then if you see an SA-A03-M: Same gun but with Magpul style parts for a cooler, more trendy look. Interestingly the M version has the lovely bronze rail too, instead of tan.
  2. Yep. This. @Spartan09 - I wouldn't feed my enemies those BBs. Return them or bin them. You'll have nothing but trouble with them.
  3. L3wisD

    Patrol Base

    Hello mate, I've merged your topic with the existing one. There's lots of existing posts about Patrolbase, so hopefully this helps. Cheers, Lewis
  4. Been waiting for these to come back into stock at Gunfire - got the email notification this afternoon and ordered it straight away: The Viper Sound Tech 310 x 55 silencer / goob silencer. Mines going to go over the outer Barrel for a PhatBoi look 😎 Edit: and guinea pigs 🥰
  5. I've merged your two topics into one - you may notice some doubling up of replies.
  6. I can explore the cost of shipping it stateside... I'll come back to you
  7. On tonight's episode of: "Airsoft D.I.WHY?!" I was well bored and curious today, so decided there was enough real-estate on the reciever of my Sniper rifle to fit a rail segment between the real mag, and the dummy mag. (Actually pushed the Plastic in there... 😕 ) Went well, need to file off the keymod "bumps" on the underside of the rail so it fits flush to the body. The angled grips makes it much comfort to operate now too. If I stick with the Angled Foregrip on there, I'll have to file off a few mm on the backend so the dummy mag can fit back in - but this isn't essential. This isn't an issue with a vertical grip obviously, but it feels uncomfortable compared to the AFG.
  8. I'll sell you my PDR-C bruv 😎
  9. Only just spotted this thread! As an avid Dark Mode user on most things, I certainly approve! Would like a nice slate grey for the reply box though.
  10. Just to follow this up further. I've just to fire my new H20 into anything other than my duvet 😂 I'm looking forward to seeing what it can do in a game once it's safe to do so
  11. Ah yeah, so the older style (marine logo) is the gearbox-out-to-change-the-spring. But the 2nd one has the buffer tube spring change. Just to echo what AK2M4 has said, One series Specna arms guns are generally regarded to be the best of the range by some. The Edge, while it has more features and benefits on paper, doesn't seem to match the build, fit and finish of the One series. The edge range has recently seen a few problems with QC. Not so much with the bearings anymore (that was apparently limited to the first batch) but namely rough burrs and gearbox insides that cause problems elsewhere in the gun. Though Luke from Negative Airsoft has reported that newer serial number guns are seemingly coming through better now... Just to be transparent - I have my pick of the Specna arms litter so to speak, and my old beaten up SA-B12 One series is usually the gun I take out the case first. It is a tank.
  12. Can you link me to the guns you're looking at? They should be the same gun. Specna's first line of guns (SA-A05, SA-B12 Etc etc) were softly rebranded as the "One" series after the introduction of the core series in order to make it easier for buyers to tell the two lines apart. The only difference there might be is if you have the Enter & Convert gearbox (lift gearbox out to change spring), or the SAEC gearbox (spring change through the back of the reciever/buffer tube)
  13. When you see Mack's in the "popular now" section of the front page...
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