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    Scar, MP5, XR5 , Glock 18 and WWII spec 1911
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    Assorted British army surplus
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    Survival Airsoft in Torrington
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  1. Nick G

    Music while playing?

    Or Ride of the Valkeries ! Wouldn't bother me if someone was playing music, makes em easier to find and sneak up on 😀 Actually could be quite cool though in the right situation.
  2. Nick G

    Best airsoft guns for amputee

    Lots of great ideas being suggested here, I love that airsofters are so keen to help each other out. I would agree with the comments about an MP5, light weight and short enough to use one handed and the mag release is a bonus. To the OP try and get to a retailer if you can and handle some guns to see what is comfortable and works for you. Failing that get along to a local airsoft game day, I am sure that if you contact them in advance they could arrange to have some for you to try .
  3. Nick G

    48 year old from bucks newbie

    Welcome ,
  4. This is so true, I finally got to try airsoft at the beginning of this year and I am 50 in a few days , there may be a 'birthday gun' in the offing !
  5. Hi and Welcome, can't help with local sites for you although someone will recommend some . Go along , run a rental gun for a few games and have fun. Generally airsofters are a friendly bunch so you will be made welcome . Possibly think about investing in your own eye and face protection so you can get what suits you. If the bug bites you will be spending all your cash on new toys before you know it 😀
  6. Nick G

    do you train?

    Mainly in game TBH although a mate does have an orchard so we do use that occasionally when sighting in or trying a new toy.
  7. Nick G

    Loadouts - what and why?

    I like to think I am Sarge, mainly because I get to quote 'glory boys and full on fucking fuckwits ! ' 😁
  8. Nick G

    Loadouts - what and why?

    This is why I tend to use the DPM most rather than current MTP, its a bit more 'cold war' or as my mates refer to it my Dog soldiers kit 😁To be fair I find the flektarn is about the most effective in the woodland we play in, but then I guess that and woodland DPM were developed at a time when fighting in European forests was expected.
  9. Nick G

    Loadouts - what and why?

    Mine is mainly British surplus DPM and MTP which I find I wear less than the DPM, also the odd bit of flecktarn. Its hard wearing and cheap and doing the job it was designed for. I happen to believe we have the best fighting forces in the world so find the preoccupation with American kit puzzling (unless you are American of course ) so I wont wear American kit and I don't do M4s 😁
  10. Nick G

    Cars not guns

    I wouldn't want to part with any of them. The Porsche feels so solid but is a bit agricultural and I have done loads to it over the years. The Z is great in nice weather, there is nothing like driving top down on a sunny day, the TT however is probably the one I would keep if I could only have one. It's a truly classic shape, the interior is amazing and it goes plenty well enough for our congested roads and eats up the miles. That said its having a few suspension tweaks and will be having a custom remap next year . All the hairdresser jokes don't bother me in the least, a quick blast in the TT on a twisty back road usually shuts em up, same for the 'not a proper Porsche' comments . Even had some bloke in a cayenne tell me that in a car park.....really, you're driving a toureg in bad drag with drug dealer tints on your windows and mines not a proper Porsche Lol. Had a couple of MG's to and a Caterham that I built from a kit, that was lots of fun !
  11. My JG MP5, ridiculously accurate for an inexpensive gun , just love using it.
  12. Nick G

    Gun picture thread

    Looks the right way round to me, magnification selector and red dot control at the 'eye'end
  13. Nick G

    Cars not guns

    The current stable. Had the 924 for about 21 years, the Z3 for 15 and the TT for 4.
  14. Nick G

    Airsoft Argument

    No bang rule?, just shoot em ! not on full auto , but a double tap seems in order.
  15. Nick G

    TM Glock 17 Gen3 or WE Glock 17 Gen4

    I've got the WE G18 gen 4 which is the same basic gun and have to say I am very happy with it. It's been totally reliable, I tend to run on Red gas which gives a nice snap with the metal slide. I may be stressing some parts but for the amount of use the gun gets I am not concerned . Used it in a couple of long pistol games last evening and had a blast. The mags fill well without the blowback that TM ones seem to be known for and gas consumption , at least on red, seems pretty good, I probably get 2 full mags from one refill. I went for the WE because I wanted the metal slide and their pistols seem to be a decent quality now. Ive since bought their WW2 spec 1911 for an SOE based idea. No experience of the TM Glock but I would imagine it's a quality item, as I said I wanted the metal slide though for authenticity.