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    Scar, MP5, XR5 , Glock 18 , WWII spec 1911, L96
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    Assorted British army surplus
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    Survival Airsoft in Torrington
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    North Devon
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    Cars, Guitars and Airsoft !

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  1. Nick G

    NEW Just saying hello

    Hi and welcome
  2. Nick G


    In what context ?
  3. Nick G

    Broken MB01 bolt screw

    Are you able to remove the remains of the screw ? if so your best bet may be to pop in to your local 'fasteners and fixings' supplier who should be able to sort you out with a suitable replacement. Otherwise if you can work out from the removed piece what thread the bolt is , a search on ebay should turn up something .
  4. Nick G

    New to airsoft

    The 'team' patch a few of us wear 😂
  5. Nick G

    New to airsoft

    38 ! where are all these darn young'uns coming from ? Hi and welcome, its a great way to spend all your money , sorry, spend your free time 😁
  6. Nick G

    pew pew airsoft community

    Yep, that would do it !
  7. Nick G

    pew pew airsoft community

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1894885433922640/ Looks like they are re starting it
  8. Nick G

    pew pew airsoft community

    So it has, could be many reasons I guess. Have people been posting RIFs for sale with details and a price ? I know facebook is twitchy about that.
  9. Nick G

    Competitive Airsoft

    Personally I would enjoy a 'Targets' game against the clock, you know , where you have to clear a building or a street in which targets pop up. Points for hitting the bad guys and points off for hitting civilians. Limit it to semi only, maybe just pistols and shotties. It could be played singly or as a team .That would be fun and competitive , normal speedsoft not for me, it just doesn't appeal .Good luck whatever direction you take it.
  10. Nick G

    What are you listening to?

    It's a great version of the song . Been watching this version of a Diamond Head classic
  11. Nick G

    AEG or GBBR, that old chestnut!

    Don't discount the MP5, my JG one is stupidly accurate , routinely chronos at 340+ , is light to run around with and being 'plastic' they cost next to nothing. I've found its' become my go to gun because it never lets me down.
  12. Nick G

    New to the forum - Bristol

    Hi and Welcome
  13. Nick G

    Cheapo beginners kit!

    +1 for hydration, defiantly get knee pads, they are a must. Very happy with my Bolle trackers, the very first hit I took was right in the eye pro ! Kit looks great, sometimes a mix of camo types works better than a 'unified' look
  14. Nick G

    Gun picture thread

    Lol, BUT Most importantly it doesn't look like an M4 😁