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  1. Welcome, just wait until you get your UKARA , then prepare to shed lots of £'s 😁
  2. No, not the folks on here, we've all seen em at games though
  3. Oh there are always a few !
  4. What makes airsoft a joke ? people who take it far too seriously ! Dudes we are playing dress up and shooting each other with our toy guns, relax !
  5. WE Sig 226 E2 Arrived today to compliment my L119, got a game on Sunday so will give it a run out 😁
  6. How confident are you in your abilities to strip and rebuild an aeg ? and be completely honest with yourself here, If it's your only gun are you happy to risk having it out of commission for some time if something goes wrong ? If you are confident then a tight bore barrel and a decent hop rubber are a good place to start, if you aren't then I would leave it alone and game it stock for a while. That will give you a chance to see how it performs and decide exactly what you want from it, how high a rate of fire do you want from it ? never understood the desire for insane rates of fire myself , but each to their own, is accuracy more important ? you may even decide to convert it to a DMR (Scar H makes a great DMR)
  7. I run several WE pistols and have never had any issues with any of them, they all get gamed regularly, they all get run on red gas all year, they have all been dropped a time or two and they all keep performing. My G18 and 1911 MEU have the maple leaf hop set up and crazy jet and preform fantastically well. Get the 18 C !
  8. Been a shitty day so indulged in retail therapy and ordered a WE 226 to go with my L119
  9. Specs quote 310 fps plus or minus 10 % Your 291 is well within that 10 % Springs vary , an M100 based on a multiplier of 3.3 to convert from M/s to fps should give you 330. However I have an M95 spring in my L119 build and its in the 340's. How well the gun is sealed will affect your output, air leaks in the piston or hop will drop the figure. TBH 291 is an ok figure, get your hop set up well and you will be getting plenty of range. That said its quite easy to change the spring in one of those so if you do want to push it up it doesn't involve stripping the gun so you could try an M100 to see where you end up.
  10. M3 it is , all tapped now. It was just an issue of the thread not being fully cut, I've got stacks of grub screws, I tent to use the same sizes in the RC modelling. Thanks guys
  11. No, that's what I'm not sure about. Could be an M1.5 If all else fails I'll pop into my local fastenings place tomorrow with the sight and grub screw. It's the sort of place that keeps just about every bolt known to man and will sell you just 1 if that's all you need, they will probably be able to tell what it is.
  12. Guys, does anyone happen to know what thread the securing grub screw on the bottom of an M4 front sight is ? Just got a Warlord one for my L119 and the hole isn't threaded all the way through so I cant tighten it. I have messaged Warlord to ask but still waiting on an answer. Easy enough to run a tap through it once I know what to get. Anyone happen to know ? Thanks in advance
  13. JG MP5, a couple of weeks ago. My second as iv'e got the SD version as well, the new one is the standard version with the fixed stock. Cost me all of £72 and as usual is a ridiculously good gun for stupid money. Took it out yesterday and ran it all afternoon and never once felt under gunned . Decent range and accuracy on .25's and the battery space in the stock takes the 4400 mah battery that I use in my XR5. Adjustable spring tension too, got it set at 305 fps on the .25's and it will go further. Fantastic little guns right out of the box, reliable and capable and cheep enough not to worry about.
  14. I guess it depends on how 'pristine ' you want to keep it. My WE pistols, G18 and two 1911's all get regular use in polymer holsters and all have a little wear on the finish , generally on slide edges. I prefer them to look like they get used so am quite happy to let them wear naturally from use. The finish seems reasonably robust TBH but if you don't want any wear to show then a coat or two for a flat varnish should help.
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