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  1. Check the outlet valve on the mag, may need a strip and a lube. Could be sticking a bit and allowing venting. Had the same thing with a GBBR mag a while back.
  2. Lol, felt very God like ! But I swear the next person who asked ' what's respawn ?' during a game , after you made it very clear in the brief and asked for any questions , was in danger of a serious dose of sarcasm 😂
  3. Organised and ran my first game day today, my god marshals deserve a medal ! Organising airsofters is worse than herding cats . Think I am more knackered than if I had actually played the games 😂
  4. MTP, one cammo, doesn't quite work anywhere ! Flektarn for woodland
  5. I play at Survival in Torrington . Woodland site with regular use of additional site next door with mix of woodland and open areas. Great for a fun day out as no one takes it or themselves too seriously ! Games are usually every 3 weeks.
  6. It's got to be loosing air from somewhere , what bucking did you fit ? have you tried a compression test of the piston in the cylinder ? could be the piston o ring or the cylinder head o ring (s) at fault. Did the fps drop happen immediately after you had worked on the gun ? something may not have gone back together properly.
  7. Are you changing the outer barrel ? But no, you shouldn't need to change any internal parts. Even if you change the inner you wont need to change anything else, however it is generally worthwhile changing the hop rubber if you've got the thing in pieces .
  8. Oh look Novs done a how to fix it video ! https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fvimeo.com%2F355044346%2F447e815711%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR07LDOYwVKZQKkkmJihunOzt9O9Jc6TnzYI6Tl5Z3_PCQVeSWMIx2gUikc&h=AT2TvtRHEWqG0Ir5X136Bd4p6k9Bn8I8F6ICmNzIFecaC5kcA_z9FFkcw9kX5MqDGKfRJ9zsROBhferRkMmiMkSRParMEqYktD85qsJnLz0839W4J8NaGJhqBhBaFVHGihgW1Q Not just how you pull the trigger then
  9. I've got a mate who has just got one of these, he also has the ASG version which we have upgraded a bit. He is very pleased with it, likes the feel over the ASG because of the extra weight however the double feed issue was so much worse than the ASG out of the box, even using the 'approved' trigger pull, however a bit of time spent filing the feed lips has cured the problem completely as it did on the ASG . The ASG has had the silencer modded to act as a silencer rather than as a barrel extension by cross drilling the barrel extension and fitting foam into the silencer. Having shot both, Performance wise there is nothing in it, both have great range an accuracy, and both are amazingly quiet. I would agree that the Nov feels less toy like because of the extra weight but the modded ASG is every bit as good and with the cost of the upgrade parts ( hop rubber, I key and TDC ) owes him less than £100
  10. I seem to have defaulted to using Tomtac barrels lately, got several fitted now and pleased with them all.
  11. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/classic-army-caug-a2-airsoft-gun-aeg-sale Fire Support are showing 1 in stock
  12. I do this, works a treat and never had any issues even when the pouches are fully loaded.
  13. Ah fair enough. Fire Support had a G&P A1 in stock recently, don't know if they still have. They all look the same to me 😁
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jing-Gong-M733-Metal-AEG-Airsoft-Toy-Body-Black/113805744069?epid=18030979571&hash=item1a7f59d7c5:g:B3QAAOSwx2Bcmj-b How about this ?
  15. Nick G

    AEG hop up

    Start with a new hop rubber and nub, no need to replace the hop unit unless it is damaged. A decent rubber will help with range. I currently like the SHS Red Rocket ones but everyone has their favourite
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