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  1. Higher capacity, so more shots before a recharge. Always go for the highest capacity that will fit.
  2. Now with the deactivated rounds fitted. Box mag on the way !
  3. I do like the term UKARA Purgatory ! it so accurately describes those weeks of drooling over the airsoft gun porn but knowing that it is out of reach 😂
  4. You may need to book in advance to make sure they have rental kit for you. Have a chat with them once you get there about weather you need to 'join' the site. Most seem to just start to recognise you 😂
  5. Hi and welcome, best way to start is to go along to a local site , rent the kit and play a few games to see if you enjoy it. Going on your own isn't a problem, airsofters are a friendly bunch , so you'll soon get chatting and bear in mind most games will be red team against blue team so you will be on a 'team'. If you have fun , play the minimum of 3 games in not less than 2 months and get your UKARA, then say good by to your spare cash ! It's worth getting yourself some decent eye and face pro so its yours rather than rented and some decent boots.
  6. the bolt guide probably came off when the receiver got bent . Only pics I've got I'm afraid but if you look at them carefully with your parts in front of you, you should be able to see how they go. You'll need to sort that bend out first, or just shop around for a new upper receiver that you can swap the front end over on to.
  7. you might be able to re attach it with a decent epoxy type glue, I suspect it was fitted onto small pegs that have broken away. Is the upper receiver actually misshapen below the ejection port or is the photo ? Here you go, this is how it should sit
  8. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Airsoft-Shooting-Aluminum-Handguard-System/dp/B06Y2XJ9N3/ref=sr_1_40?dchild=1&keywords=airsoft+m4+rail&qid=1581880703&sr=8-40 That should do it https://www.amazon.co.uk/Airsoft-Shooting-Aluminum-Handguard-System/dp/B06Y2XJ9N3/ref=sr_1_40?dchild=1&keywords=airsoft+m4+rail&qid=1581880703&sr=8-40 And I used this one for my L119 A1 build
  9. The mock bolt should be attached to the upper, the part at the top of it in your picture with the small spring should be attached below the ejection port. Have a look at the receiver there may be some broken or lost fastenings. In fact you can see them if you blow the picture up, the two silver 'dots' below the ejection port. The section of receiver there actually looks bent in the picture too.
  10. Better pics to follow, but Cybergun version of the S&T M249 para
  11. Damn I missed that one ! HUGE discworld fan 😁
  12. Well it's arrived ......... but they sent it to my home address so it ended up with a neighbour . Not actually a problem but not as requested. On the plus side they have sent me the Cybergun version , same gun but with trades.
  13. Well I've had an email with a shipping number so should have it tomorrow fingers crossed ........note to self take battery and BBs to work tomorrow ! I've had to chase them all the way though, so wouldn't use them again.
  14. I think it was his own reply that caused the issue, as I read it he agreed with the sentiment of shooting certain teachers
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