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  1. Sounds good, my existing non tight bore is 270mm for the 10" version, I plan to put together a barrel/hop unit as a drop in for when I run the 16" version. That will be about 440mm. Your build looks like it's going to be great, I do love a G36
  2. Just fitted one of these in my L119 build. I am getting 330 fps at the moment on a standard barrel that I had knocking about from my AUG and that I shortened to use for the basic build. I expect that to go up a bit when I fit a tight bore. Perfectly happy with the 330 TBH
  3. Our local site went over to chrono on power using your own ammo, ok that relies on people being honest when declaring weight but the whole game is 'honour' based . Cant see any reason why it should be a problem doing it that way. My L96 is absolutely bang on the limit if you take the 500 fps on .20's route but I regularly use .43's in it, I haven't gamed it since I chronod it at home and wont until I get round to re springing it
  4. Under 18's, no problem. Some of the best sports I've played against have been kids and some of the biggest arseholes are plenty old enough to know better. Themed games, never played one but wouldn't mind giving it a go. It's great to mix things up a bit and I prefer not to take it all too seriously so milsim is a no no for me.
  5. Now you've done it, there will be titans going pop all over the place !
  6. And I'll happily take the reliable 'analogue' version ! 😁
  7. There by replacing nice reliable , fixable mechanical bits with electronics that when they fail, and they will, have to be binned and replaced in their entirety
  8. If the battery in the Tissot has gone, get it removed . I'm a jeweller and I see so many batteries that have been left and have leaked causing all sorts of damage to the movement.
  9. Yet more parts for my L119 build ! this was supposed to be a project over a few months you understand 😁 Still it's been a stressful couple of weeks and tinkering with the build in the garage has been good therapy........that's my excuse and I am sticking to it !
  10. My WE G18c with Maple Leaf hop and crazy jet is an awesome performer. I run it on red gas all year round and have had no issues with it.
  11. Got the full Maple leaf set up in my G18 but 'just' a hop rubber ,I key and adjuster wheel in the original unit in my 1911. Both have crazy jet barrels, and the results are amazing.
  12. Geoffs bios are great, no issues with them at all. Interestingly I wouldn't use anything non bio
  13. I've got black Geoffs BBs in a 0.20 work fine in all my guns. Wouldn't game black ones , you just cant see them , but fine for testing and chrono
  14. All of mine live in a locked metal cabinet in the garage, partly for security but mainly just to keep safe and out of the way. Batteries are stored in there too in an ammo box.
  15. Result ! Now you can really enjoy your MP5 😁
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