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  1. Why not actually phone some retailers rather than email , a ringing phone will get much quicker attention than the 100's of emails every retailer gets every day.
  2. I tend to find that most manufacturers fit hop rubbers that are too hard for the UK climate and power levels. Worth fitting a decent rubber, I happen to get good results with Rocket reds but everyone has their favourite
  3. Realised I had only posted my L119 A1 in 'short' form. I usually run it in long 16" guise , so here it is along side my current A2 build, also in 'long' form. The A1 carries C8 trades , but I recon there must be the odd one in British hands that ended up with a replacement receiver so I am happy enough with that. The A2 has full Colt Canada L119 A2 trades along with the extra cuts on the top rail.
  4. A mate has a coupe of Specnas which his kids use regularly. They get used hard and abused and both have been solid and totally dependable so far.
  5. Assume the 190 fps is on .20's ?
  6. Might be worth seeing if you can get the slide as a spare part, Milspec solutions may be able to help, then you only need to buy the base gun not end up buying 2. I suspect getting the engraving done may cost more than a slide.
  7. I've got 2 WE 1911's both have maple leaf 50 hop rubbers, I key , hop wheel and crazy jet barrels (as all my pistols do) and I cant fault them. My MEU is my sniper side arm using the same .36 bb's that I snipe with and lifts them easily and will happily go heavier. I play pistol and shot gun games whenever I can and am never out gunned. What look are you going for ? the Drug lord slide on a non engraved silver lower would be very 'Supernatural'
  8. Pretty much any MP5 will have been used by SAS, if you want an inexpensive one that works well , take a look at the JG ones. I've got 2 ,SD6 and standard fixed stock, both are excellent and get used in the woods most game days. Effective , light weight and cheep enough not to worry about.
  9. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/guarder-steel-slide-stop-for-marui-meu-and-hicapa-black One of theses ?
  10. Yep, the end of the arm should slot into the groove. Try 'persuading it' to pop into the groove before you bin the unit
  11. Usually on rotary hops there is a groove in the wheel that the end of the hop arm fits into. As the wheel rotates the groove moves the arm. Your arm may have popped out of the groove. Worth a look.
  12. Check the outlet valve on the mag, may need a strip and a lube. Could be sticking a bit and allowing venting. Had the same thing with a GBBR mag a while back.
  13. Lol, felt very God like ! But I swear the next person who asked ' what's respawn ?' during a game , after you made it very clear in the brief and asked for any questions , was in danger of a serious dose of sarcasm 😂
  14. Organised and ran my first game day today, my god marshals deserve a medal ! Organising airsofters is worse than herding cats . Think I am more knackered than if I had actually played the games 😂
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