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    Scar, MP5, XR5 , Glock 18 , WWII spec 1911, L96, AKSU, L119 A1, plus many others !
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  1. I do my own (and a few for mates) gas guns are generally pretty easy to work on. Honestly your best bet it to watch some videos and get stuck in. Learning to tech your own is worthwhile and satisfying.
  2. Something like that I think , got to admire WE it's certainly destinctive !
  3. Supplied speed loader , first thing I saw when I opened the box ! 😂
  4. WE G3 GBBR 😁 Comes with a tactical dildo too 🤣
  5. I've got 2 WE M4 based builds , which is fundamaentally the same platform. I've had no failures with either despite a huge number of rounds through them. As a general rule I replace the barrel with a Maple leaf crazy jet and the rubber with a M/L 50 degree one. The rubber is more important than the barrel tbh. You'll need an NPAS or restrictor disk to get the power level down to site limits, I've got both and am happy with them both, mine hated the adjustable power nozzle thats available . On one of them I've got RAtec parts in the trigger nbox, but that's just 'cos I had them (they'd been sat in the draw for well over a year ) rather than because I had any issues. The boly lock can sometimes be tempremental, although I've never had any issues with mine. Basically I'd just replace the rubber and fit an Omega nub, maybe do the barrel if you want, then just use it until something breaks. Mine happily run Nuprol Red all year round unless the weather gets very hot like this summer then I switch to green. For games I run 5 mags and a speedloader, i can easily get two BB loads from one gas fill so that gives me about 300 rounds which easily last me an hour game.
  6. I took firearms to be armed police , in which case a G36 works. Or you could go for an MP5 . I've goy 2 JG ones and they are so much better than they have any right to be at the price they are. Mine get used in a woodland site and I never feel outgunned, also ideal for CQB.
  7. Nick G

    WE gbbRifles

    My L119 absolutly hated the mpa nozzle, had all sorts of feeding issues with it. Reverted to stock nozzle and NPAS
  8. I did some running yesterday, took out a sniper by just running at him firing (semi auto not hozing) once I was inside his MED he was toast 🤣 Then in the next game I scored a bang kill with my 249 by spinting around some cover to take out a lad who had us pinned down, spotted his mate a bit further away and lit him up . Some of my Old Git mates aren't talking to me now 'cos of the running thing 😭😂
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183302489432?var=690599753398 Here you go, they list up to .45
  10. I believe they are the same mags. The RIF's are pretty much idenicle apart from slide design
  11. Same as I paid for mine from them. Got a very snarky reply when I posted on Dave's custom facebook page that the price of his current batch was quite a bit more than I had just paid !
  12. Got one of these. Seems to work well, should be a bit of fun on Sunday !
  13. What RIF and what brand is it ? that might help with diagnosing the issue
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