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    Scar, MP5, XR5 , Glock 18 , WWII spec 1911, L96, AKSU, L119 A1, plus many others !
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  1. Nick G

    VFC M249 Thread

    That's a handy video. well spotted
  2. I aim to play at least once a month, but often manage twice a month through the spring / summer. Makes up for the winter when I may skip a game because of work or because cold, wet , muddy conditions aren't as much fun as they used to be 🤣
  3. I would imagine the tax bit relates to the fact they are going to ask you to pay duty and vat on it. Unless the retailer is registered to collect UK taxes on behalf of HMRC The fact the adress differs from your UKARA might not help either tbh, especially as it's a business address . Do the courier have a contact number you can phone ?
  4. Is it a TM ? if so I would imagine that mws mags would fit giving you more capacity.
  5. Bit of a mixed day yesterday. Organised one of my themed game days, cold war romp set in East Germany. All ended up a bit one sided as one team was definitly working better . The weather was truly vile but 70 odd still turned out . One or two frayed tempers later in the day, a combination I think of frustration from one team and the weather. A couple of lessons learned for when I do another. Organising and marshalling games gives you a very different perspective on our hobby , makes you realise how thankless the marshall's job often is. Herding cats is so much easier than trying to organise your average bunch of airsofters !😂
  6. Sounds like the hammer spring if it's alowing the hammer to bounce.
  7. Mine runs a maple leaf crazy jet barrel and M/L rubber. Cant remember off the top of my head if I also fitted an I key to it. Performs very well.
  8. Yep I'm sure. As above , did you have a magwell fitted ? was it definitly a 17/18 mag ? G19 mags are shorter .
  9. All WE G17 / G18 mags will fit . I have no experience of the polymer mags they are doing now, they should fit I just prefer metal mags.
  10. Nick G

    VFC M249 Thread

    120 is probably the sweet spot tbh, although I dont have any issues getting 160 in with the supplied loader. But putting less stress on the spring can't be a bad thing.
  11. Nick G

    VFC M249 Thread

    Like the mix with the tracers, very cool ! Oddly I find the loader ok to use, but wouldn't want to try to reload with it in a game . An adapter for a more compact loader would be good.
  12. Nick G

    VFC M249 Thread

    Just had a play in the garden with .30's. Looks like they are indeed the way to go. Still some adjustment left in the hop too.
  13. Nick G

    VFC M249 Thread

    What weight BB's are we all using ? Did a bit of experimenting with the hop yesterday in a mate's orchard. Hop fully on sent .25's heading for the moon , so plenty of ability to handle heavier BB's. I'm thinking of switching to .28's next game as a compromise between weight and cost. The .30's that I generally run in all my GBBR's and pistols will start getting expensive in the 249 although I could be tempted to try 'em .
  14. I've succesfully done the same with a drill in the past, bit dug into the remaining bit and spen it straight out. Well sorted Mate, all part of the GBBR fun !
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