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  1. There is usually at least one of us in my regular group (The Old Gits) with biscuits, sometimes it's donuts , be rude not to share 🤣. I find a small flask covers my tea needs for a game . All these youngsters running around like their hair is on fire with all their 'operator' kit strapped to their plate carrier when all you actually need is a pouch large enough to take the flask and a double stanag pouch for biccies . That and a couple of hicaps and you're golden 😁 Old Gittery is more a state of mind than anything else so all ages welcome........just don't let anyone see you run !
  2. We need a 2 teir respawn, all the youngsters can run back to the respawn ( often up a bloody hill at our local site ) and the 'mature' respawn where you bimble back 50 paces, sit on a stump and have a cuppa , and maybe a nice biscuit, before heading back into the fray
  3. I tend to default to Geoffs bio's , I like their .4 's in my L96 and tend to use their .25's across my AEG's . Quality seems decent and I get consistant performance from them.
  4. Double Bell KAR98 . I'll never skirmish it 'cos I'd spend more time looking for the brass than actually shooting it 😂 However for garden use it's very cool the whole shell loading and ejection thing is very satisfying and the real wood is pretty decent for the money.
  5. in that picture it looks like the rail is tight against the receiver at the top, if so you wont get the fit lower down any tighter without modding the top section
  6. That picture doesn't help much, we need to see the front of the nozzle / tappet plate to see if the nozzle is sitting correctly. The groove at the rear of the nozzle should slot over the plate. and as Keithlag posted your anti reversal latch is sitting incorectly.
  7. Lol, there is a reason we play as the 'Old Gits' 🤣 TBH I suspect that breaking his back coming off his police bike on the way to a shout may have something to do with it , however his 15 year old lad usually plays , so we tend to use him as a the speedy atack dog while we toddle up in support 😁. Actually I usually end up sneaking around through gullys and undergrowth to get behind the enemy and cause mayhem, but them I'm only 52 !
  8. The mate who started Airsofting the same time i did is 60 now and playing regularly. Generally snipes 'cos he doesn't 'do running' 🤣
  9. Amazing how often these idiots fall to 'friendly fire ' 😁
  10. Where abouts in the South West are you ? To echo what others have said , run it past your Doc first to see what their thought and recomendations are and if that's OK then try a playing style to suit. Beauty of the sport is that you can play as fast or as slow as you want. Enjoy !
  11. If they came out they will go back in. Make sure everything is lined up correctly and that you are putting the pins back in from the correct side and the correct way around ( some are wider at one end ) If all else fails take it apart again and start from scratch.
  12. Nick G


    I've got a couple of JG MP5s and they are stupidly good for the money. Most recent one even has an adjustable spring guide which is handy.
  13. I had one of the Cyma's apart recently for a spring change, really impressed TBH, gearbox internals were pretty decent and the reciever felt very robust
  14. My local site is just running days with a max number of 30, and running game days pretty much every week at the moment. Have to plan games accordingly to account for the lower numbers but seems to work OK
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