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  1. A3 front on the WE L85, really liking the difference it makes to the look and the feel of the gun. Also like the fact that being green it keeps the classic L85 colour scheme.
  2. I've got an XR5 , it's a hoot.Shoots well , has a mahoosive battery compartment and will take normal M4 mags although the correct ones look way cooler.
  3. Another alternative is that the bolt is snagging on something that wont let it go fully forward. Checking the position of the nozzle in the bolt with it out of the gun will help identify if that is the case too. If the nozzle sits correctly fully home in the bolt then the issue is inside the gun (make sure the hammer resets properly) if the nozzle does not sit completely back in the bolt then the issue is in the bolt.
  4. If the nozzle is sitting correctly but the bolt is to far back then that suggests the issue is inside the bolt. With the bolt out of the gun does the nozzle protrude further than it did ? can you push it into the bolt slightly and if so does it pop back out ? If so strip the bolt again and check that nothing behind the nozzle is out of place . Assuming the bolt is similar to the WE one the nozzle should be all the way back into the bolt and will not push in further.
  5. Sounds like the bolt isn't going fully home. As above, debris preventing the nozzle locating correctly ? I've even seen debris behind the loading nozzle inside the bolt .
  6. Ordered an A3 front rail for the WE L85 GBBR at the weekend (black friday deal) then tripped over an A2 front rail on ebay. Rather suspect it may be a genuine one. Needs an adaptor to fit but I've taken a punt and ordered the madbull one from Fire support. Also needs a different gas block but the A3 one should work. Been watching Bluestone 42 again so couldn't resist this one !
  7. I'm 53 , have a team mate who is over 60 and I know there are quite a few 'senior' folk on here. We all just play our own style of games at our own pace and leave all the running about like their hair is on fire to the cannon fodder , sorry, youngsters while we have a cuppa nd a nice biscuit before providing support 😁
  8. Did you email him or use messenger ? email is better option, does sometimes take a while to respond though. Think he charges the same for the buffer tubes. I need to get the ones for my AEG's done when I next send him some bits.
  9. The engraving, upper machining, barrel shortening and buffer tube mod were all done by LC's engineering. Jim does an awesome job as long as you are happy to wait, think the list is about 6 months long at the mo.
  10. Couple of better pictures of the L119 A2 GBBR build for my mate as a tribute to his son. still a couple of details to sort such as the fire selector when i can find a proper one ! and a final pic with my L119 A1 GBBR
  11. once that pin is completle out the front should just pull forward. It might be a bit stuck by the paint , worth warming the join a bit if you've got a hot air gun.
  12. I think OP is planning to fit one. Not a single mosfet in any of my aeg's just more bloody tech to go wrong !
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