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  1. Air seal issues are likely to be hop unit or piston. Gearbox should not be airtight at the back. Probably a daft question but you did try it with .20 BBs not heavier ones ( Ive done that before !) Nick
  2. Also you get answers from people who actually know what they are doing rather than ' my mate's brothers , bosses dog walker reckons' Nick
  3. On their website it says that the store is closed due to covid but they are operating on line Nick
  4. If you want to build accurate replicas start with the blank recievers and then look for parts to fit. I've used E&C boxes in both my 119's but Tomtac boxes do fit in cyma receivers too . I do have a Krytac Nautilus box that I had considdered using in the A2 for the ambi controls but although it did fit somehow I wasn't happy with it. Or barrel length It's an absolute sod, since my A1 gas build i'm now looking at my AEG's and thinking 'that stock tube needs correcting' 🤣
  5. Also check the thread direction, G&P have been known to use clockwise threads rather than CCW, you might be trying to tighten it !
  6. If all else fails, you could get a real ambi selector and get your existing one drilled , tapped and slotted to fit it.
  7. Glueing a selector on the other side will also make it impossible to take it out. Can you post a pic of the selector ( out of the gun) so we can see the shape of the 'inners'
  8. My A1 is based on a G&P receiver, BUT, the trades are actually C8 not L119 and G&P do tend to go their own way with certain parts. Thread for the barrel nut for instance is different to most others. My A2 build is bassed around a blank Cyma receiver that I then got engraved and machined . Internally they are very similar, I used E&C gear boxes , however the A2 build was actually easier because of fitment of parts. Also depending on how accurate you want to get there is machine work needed on the upper for an A1 which the G&P will still need doing. My gas A1 has all the correc
  9. Nope, used a generic barrel extension , just worked out what length it neede to be and ordered of ebay. the 'long' handguard was likewise a used ebay purchase. I suspect it may be a JG one but wont swear to it . Intended for an AEG I think, but fits fine.
  10. Interesting topic, and i think we all agree just dont pretend be what you are not is the way to go. For my part I only wear British kit. Usually DPM and yes it has the British flag on it of, which I am fiercly proud. Insignia wise though it's just the team patch and UNIT badges for a bit of DR Who fun ! I do wear a set of wings on my sleve from time to time , but I got my licence years ago with the cadetts so I've earned those. I've got mates who have served, some who are serving and some who served and never came back, and would feel that I was disrespecting them if I wore any 'real' unit in
  11. I've got the JG AUG and it's awesome. Great gun and so easy to work on. I also have a GBB G36c, it's the WE version which I think the AA is a clone of. It's also a fantastic gun I love GBBRs and now have 3 , L85 the G36 and my new built L119 A1 . They do take more looking after than an AEG and obviously the limited ammo count requires a different play style, but I do enjoy fielding them. For first gun however, I'd get the AUG. On the subject of turning a 36c into a regular 36, barrel extension and handguard will get you pretty close, I run mine like that sometimes when I want a long
  12. Both my AEG L119s are scratch builds, I actually had very few compatability issues (but there were some) , however I refuse to work out how much each build cost me !
  13. I generally use Geoffs too, never once had an issue with them.
  14. Nick G

    Account Deletion

    🤣🤣 Just thinking of that very line !
  15. How about a system where you have a UKARA card, registered sites have a scanner where you swipe your card when you play. This automatically updates the UKARA system that you have played. Bit like these national gym chains have , then regardless of where you play it counts. I'd happily pay an anual sub to maintain my UKARA ,£25 or £30 a year which could go to fund the scanners etc. My local site doesnt have a membership set up , doesnt charge to process or renew your UKARA .
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