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  1. Nick G

    A Farewell To BBs

    Yup, sorry Bear , you would be toast ! Ray would win every time. Bear would spend half the show rushing around like his hair was on fire and living under a rock, Ray would knock up a full luxury camp with bunk and table then casually trap Bear and truss him up like a turkey !
  2. Nick G

    A Farewell To BBs

    I saw an interview with Bear Grylls a few years ago, when asked if he could chose any one thing to take with him when being stranded in the wild what would it be, he said Ray Mears 😂
  3. Nick G

    How many of you prefer tan/fde rifles?

    Like my AUG in green and black, and my XR5 but that's not a 'real' gun 😁 Thinking about it my L96 is green and black too and the AK is black and wood, so that's just the Ugboot, sorry SCAR and MP5 in all black then !.
  4. Nick G

    Throat protection

    Never used anything, except a shemagh but that is more for warmth and only worn in the winter. Never had an issue .
  5. Nick G

    Airsoft tournaments and competitions

    Ah yes, that well known TM factor
  6. Nick G

    Airsoft tournaments and competitions

    Bloody hell, that's going to sting !
  7. Nick G

    This NUT is STUCK

    Fair enough, just wondered if a grub screw was used to lock the nut into place . Grew up around aircraft and tinkering with cars, where its not at all unusual to secure nuts in place . That does look like galvanic corrosion as someone mentioned before , can you access the nut with a dremal or similar to split it if all else fails ? Plus one for the diesel suggestion , its amazing how well it can work.
  8. Nick G

    This NUT is STUCK

    I realise this is a stupid question, but you have removed the grub screw first haven't you ?
  9. Nick G

    Bolle Tracker 2

    I don't think you can
  10. That's my point, so more than one legislation applies. It's interesting to think how many 'hot' guns are supplied by retailers, you could genuinely quite innocently find yourself in possession of an illegal gun.
  11. Surely the fact that if you take your airgun out and wave it around in public for instance leaves you open to charges and penalties that are the same as 'conventional' firearms means that they are covered by both sets of legislation ? As an aside I have decided to down spring the L96 and aim for a consistent power level bang on the site limit . Thatll give me an interesting exercise without any risk of inadvertently breaking the law. Unless that counts as manufacturing !
  12. Well that has certainly started a debate ! While we are at it, what constitutes manufacturing ? If it is starting with raw materials and ending up with a working RIF that's one thing BUT could teching our guns be considered as manufacturing ? adding upgrade parts that alter the factory spec ? what about taking a generic M4 and turning it into an L119 ? or starting with a bunch of parts and doing the same ?
  13. Because I don't want one. I am just interested in the exercise of seeing how far I can take it from a teching angle. I don't plan to skirmish it so I am assuming it would be classed as an air rifle based on power output.
  14. Sorry to resurrect an old thread here , but it seems to be answering my question. Just to clarify , my L96 which I have built to be pretty much smack on the legal limit of 2.5 joules is now a bit hot for my local site. I can down spring it but am tempted to push and see just how powerful I can make it. My understanding is that as soon as it passes 2.5j it then becomes an air rifle and is subject to the limits set for those 12ftlbs which I think works out at about 16 j. There is no way I will get close to that, I'd never be able to cock the thing for a start ! So am I ok from a legal point of view ?
  15. Nick G

    Lipo charging

    I've seen guys wrenching on the leads, even pulling part of the balance lead off on one occasion. Dropping them, throwing them, using ballooned packs, running them flat, not having a clue of how to dispose of them. And that's before poor quality 'home' wiring and soldering and frayed wires all just begging for a short circuit . Sooner or later someone will puncture one . Trust me the RC boys are way more anal about Lipo safety and if one goes up in a model its usually several hundred meters away not right next to your face like in our Rifs anyone who hasn't seen a lipo go up have a watch of this, its deliberately punctured here but shorts etc will cause the same end result http://r.search.aol.com/_ylt=AwrEzeKsrthbbWEA6XkCCmVH;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWc0dGJtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMQ--/RV=2/RE=1540955949/RO=11/RU=https%3a%2f%2fwww.youtube.com%2fwatch%3fv%3dZiRR3GbbR8k/RK=0/RS=.6bsPBUXniyava9.iVb_ZE0VNDA-