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  1. It'll be the nuprol charger that is the problem. Get a decent balance charger for your Lipo's Imax are decent , but be aware that there are lots of fakes around, I use an Overlander charger for all my Lipo's ( airsoft and RC) which works very well.
  2. Looks good ! I tend to play sneaky so single shot and burst works for me, and when I want to hose I take the Minimi out with a box mag 😁 Here's mine
  3. I've got that version, love it, great gun , mine has decent range out of the box. Fitted a burst control dodad between the battery and the lead so I have 4 round burst on auto which is fun. The mags look very cool but are a tight fit in a stanag pouch. And the battery compartment in the handguard is HUGE ! mine swallows a 4400 mah Lipo .
  4. Hi and welcome, have a read of some of the guides on here then get yourself to a few games and enjoy !. I would suggest you run rentals to start with until you get your UKARA and decide what style of play you enjoy. However think about getting yourself some decent eye pro and face pro and boots straight away. Above all have fun.
  5. WE M4 CQBR which is going to be the base for a gas L119 A1 build to go with my A1 and A2 AEG's . I've got a couple of other WE GBBR's so am familiar with the good and not so good bits and the mags are compatible with the ones I have for the L85 that I got as a completely unknown quantity from an airsoft jumble and rebuilt.
  6. How much do you want to spend ? Fire Support have got some at £99 including the buffer tube.
  7. when you pull the trigger with a BB loaded, can you hear and feel the hammer click ? the same as you would if you had an un gassed mag in there ? Also what exactly did you do when you serviced it ?
  8. So when you rack the slide it loads a BB but doesn't fire when you pull the trigger ? what does it actually do ? does the trigger 'click' does it release gas ? Did it work correctly before the service ? Paint wear on the barrel isn't uncommon to be fair.
  9. I'll second the NPAS, my G36C has one. It runs very hot without one fitted, and I tend to use red gas most of the time without any issues. Maple leaf hop rubber and nub are well worth fitting too.
  10. 416 more or less complete. Ebay receiver has had trades added. Bought a sheet of waterslide decals off the internet, they seem ok if a bit bright. I had to play with the spacing a bit since the receiver already had the 5.56 markings. Decals over coated with several coats of Halfords camo varnish. Trades are noy 100 % accurate by any means , but do the job plenty well enough. I'll tone them down a bit with some washes some time. Complete front end, stock and pistol grip donated by a mate who was having a clear out . Some parts from my own spares draw and a Tomtac gearbox and Bob's your uncle !
  11. A mate recently had a clear out of spares and gave me some bits, couple of 1911's that had been cannibalised for parts and a 416 front. Raided my spares and found a receiver on ebay, 416 mocked up
  12. Ok I can see that could be confusing and not worded as well as I should. What I meant was that covid has brought China more into the public eye and made me think about the amount of stuff we buy that is made there ! I blame it on the fact that was the third time I had written the damn post out, broadband kept going down ! probably a bloody Chinese router 🤣
  13. Could you cut a disk of polycarbonate to actually sit in the front of the sight ? think there is a recess, being lazy and not going and looking at mine , that would absorb any BB strikes and be replaceable..
  14. The thread was never about the spread of corona, I started it as I am just trying to reduce the 'made in china' element of my life as far as possible. That is driven by not liking how much power china wields these days and the worlds dependence on them. I'm not remotely concerned about goods from china still having active virus on them. That said , China will of course take advantage of the effect the virus is having on the west.
  15. Not for me it isn't , simply feel China is becoming too powerful at the expense of the rest of the world. Others may feel differently. Interesting where this thread has gone.
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