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    Scar, MP5, XR5 , Glock 18 , WWII spec 1911, L96, AKSU, L119 A1, plus many others !
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    Assorted British army surplus
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    Survival Airsoft in Torrington
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    North Devon
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    Cars, Guitars and Airsoft !

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  1. Nick G

    WE f226 valve

    pretty much any WE inlet valve should work , I tend to get mine from KY airsoft and buy a few at a time.
  2. I'm seeing about 0.8 j on mine with .30's (about 300 fps in old money) It's incrdibly consistant so I'm happy that it's pretty well sealed . Happily ranges out with aeg's and very accurate too by airsoft standards. So PB's 395 is optamistic unless mine , which came from PB, is a Japanese market one . Might have a restricter fitted or a weaker spring, I'll have a look when I open it up but not bothering to do that untill something breaks.
  3. Can't remember what mine chrono'd at last time. I'll try and check it later.
  4. From memory £60 which I felt was reasonable for the amount and quality of work.
  5. Yep they can be swapped over, put the ring one on a mates to get it closer to his old service weapon.
  6. I paid £299 for mine from Patrol base with mags at about £30 a go I deliberatly waited as I wasn't prepared to pay the £450 figures being asked by a couple of sites.
  7. Absolute hoot using it like that. I run .30's in mine and am very impressed with the performance out of the box . 2 or 3 mags and a speed loader and you're good to go !
  8. Most of the internals are vsr based. It's worth joining the S&T SMLE owners group on facebook. There are one or two on there that have pushed the power levels up. Most of us seem to use it as a combat rifle without having to worry about MED which is alot of fun.
  9. Here you go, stop yer whinging 🤣 😁
  10. I'll get round to it eventually, the AK one does work well though 😁
  11. Our local site dmr and sniper have the same 30m med. That said dmr power limit is 1.9j so you can mix it with the snipers. Tested my GBBR L119 A2 'long' dmr build this evening at 1.76j on .40's , that'll do 😁
  12. And decent pic with the bayonet fitted . Father in laws old bayonet. They don't like it up 'em !
  13. Real steel stock cap fitted to the 303. Brass would be nice , but think this unissued steel one is an improvement on the bling S&T one.
  14. DO IT !! Mine is the Umarex version so a bit bigger than the TM, great gun , absolute hoot to use 🤣
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