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  1. Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    It may be an individual thing, a mate has his fog up now and then but (touch wood) mine never have . I know someone who has modified the foam a bit too which works for him.
  2. Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    I wear Bolle tracker eye pro and am very pleased with it, taken a couple of direct hits which just shows how important eye pro is. I like the fact they have the foam edging so they are sealed. Got hit right on the top edge of my mesh lower face guard yesterday and the BB could have got behind normal 'glasses' types. Had no issues with fogging up personally. Mesh lower mask does what it needs to and keeps my teeth intact !
  3. What do you look for in BBs?

    Only buy Bio's and would even if the site I play at didn't require them. Bag or bottle doesn't matter , I keep a small funnel in with my kit and fill using that either into a speed loader or straight in to hi caps. Tend to use .25s
  4. Hi and welcome. There is a site in Newton Abbot that holds regular skirmishes there was one yesterday. Some of the Plymouth guys come along to our North Devon site from time to time too. Enjoy and have fun !
  5. Paranoid?

    Awesome track from THE GREATEST BAND EVER \m/
  6. Hi All

    I suspect that Rogerborg was being a bit sarcastic, Isn't it practically impossible to have to much Kit ? My wife often asks how many guitars I actually need.....to which the answer is always 'just one more' !
  7. Best Bang for Your Buck Multicam Clothing

    Get all of mine from surplus suppliers, generally ebay , it's cheep , and its designed to do the job. when it gets past it I can just replace it with more of the same .
  8. How many members?

    My experience is that the facebook groups are very active but that forums are a much more reliable source of knowledgeable help, insight and discussion. I am on several groups and forums, usually car related, and honestly some of the 'advice' on the facebook groups is complete tosh. Yes there are people on there who really know their stuff and they will be along and answer and advise, but not until loads of others have posted all sorts of 'advice' On forums you may wait a bit for a reply , but, if it's advice you need, the replies will be sensible ! I am a Noob to airsoft , although have several mates who have played for years, so will tend to lurk around the forum, using the search function lots ! As with any forum I am on, if I have something useful or helpful to contribute I will post, hopefully as my experience and knowledge grows I will be able to contribute more. This seems a genuinely friendly and enthusiastic forum to me.