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  1. Go along, get chatting to folk and have fun !
  2. At the moment they are limiting to 30 players which makes for nice tactical play. In terms of teams, it's often one barn against the other but you can request to be on the same side if there is someone you know. Safe zone is sub devided at the moment to keep everyone spaced apart for covid.
  3. Do a full day, you'll be having too much fun to want to do a half !. Not sure what their rentals are these days ,but they are reliable and get the job done. I'm actually booked in myself for 2nd May , more than happy to show you around etc if you book for that one.
  4. Certainly is ! and it's my usual 'go to' I actually inherited the green mtp from a mate . But at least mtp can be made to work somewhere Lol, mtp doesn't actually work anywhere 🤣
  5. I'll try and get some ....... if I can spot it 🤣
  6. I've got a set of mtp thats been dyed green, actually now works in woods !
  7. Hi and Welcome from a North Devonian ! There ar a few sites in the area , consider a trip to Survival near Torrington. Friendly bunch of players. Nick
  8. Likewise, upgraded my membership earlier. Nick
  9. I use red mainly because i like the little bit of extra kick , and it hasn't caused me any issues so far. Tend to run my pistols on it too. Obviously it's better in colder weather anyway. I've got the L85, G36C and my L119 which is based on a WE M4. The Stanags suffer more with cooldown than the G36 ones . I find keeping a hand warmer in the mag pouches helps in cold weather . The 'double' Stanag is quite nice, more rounds and a much bigger gas reserve, however they make the L85 a bit awkward due to the bulpup design. The hop in the L85 and M4 platform is a bit of a faff to adjust but is
  10. Love my WE L85. bought it as an unknown at an airsoft jumble and restored it. It's fun to run and very easy to work on. I have 3 WE GBBRs which all get gamed from time to time, they run on red gas all year round. The 30 round mags require a different game style, but I enjoy playing sneaky and using single shot . Part's will no doubt wear although I havn't as yet replaced any failed parts on any of them. They require more looking after than an AEG but I enjoy that aspect of them TBH. Get one, you'll love it ! Nick
  11. Everything I've seen suggests the CO2 mags are very prone to leaking. I tend to run red gas in mine all year. Might try black at some point. Nick
  12. Would there even be space in a 1911 mag for ejecting shells and gas ? possibly if the mag only held 5 or 6 shells I guess
  13. Bizarely given that I'm not a huge 1911 fan I've ended up with 4 of them, although a couple of those are ones I've built up from parts. The big issue with them is the mag size, they only hold half as many BBs as a Glock type and much less gas and because the mags are slim they suffer cooldown if used rapidly. TM ones are better because they are full polymer so the lighter slide helps. I've just got a John Wick combat master as a boneyard gun which I sorted and that's quite fun . It's basically a Hi Capa so a grown up 1911. Hi capas are popular and there are loads of upgrades avail
  14. Has some metal inners, trigger group etc, but frame and slide are polymer, but yes it's a GBB. Cant say for sure about your raven mag in it, I know they work ok in a WE so I would imagine they will fit, but my Army Armament 1911 will not take WE mags, so may not fit. Only thing would be to try and see. Like I said earlier I've no direct experience of that version but a mate has one and is impressed with it. Green gas should be fine and .20 BBs will work although heavier would be better for skirmishing.
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