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  1. No, the power output should remain fixed regardless of weight of BB and in a perfect world it would. However once you start getting into sniper weights you do see measured power output 'creeping' up. It may be that heavier BB's just make better use of the set up, spring power, barrel to bolt volume ratio, barrel length in GBB etc . Joule creep is a convenient term to describe something that most airsofters don't understand. Lets face it we have all had the ' I'm going to use heavier BB's to bring the fps down' discussion with someone who's gun is shooting hot. An interesting experiment with a sniper is to fire a selection of weights and measure the output, you tend to see the joules peak then drop off significantly which demonstrates what weight gets the most from the particular set up.
  2. Valken ASL , polymer M4 based jobbie. actually it's officially for my birthday next week. Cheep polymer AEG which will go out in the rain and generally be abused........it also has ambi fire selectors which 'may' find their way onto ma L119 A2 build !
  3. I think you are missing the point slightly, yes a heavier BB at the same velocity will have more Joules than a light one. However in reality , velocity is different. My sniper will fire a .20 at pretty much bang on 500 fps, the .36's that I use in it obviously have a lower velocity because everything in the gun is the same no stronger springs etc. BUT the .36's don't fly that much slower so the energy that they carry starts to 'creep' up , on .2's my 500 fps springer is fireing at 2.3 Joules however on .36 it chronos at 2.4 joules that's Joule creep, anything heavier and I am over the site limit of 2.5 Joules
  4. I think that was something at Exeter uni, that one did get everyone a bit excited Not that clamping down is a bad thing, even sensible airsofters need reminding occasionally . Something as simple as arriving with guns not in a bag when the car park can be seen from the road, it happens. Personally I've made a point of telling all my neighbours about airsoft and shown them the guns, that way they know they may spot me in the back garden setting something up and not be concerned.
  5. It's interesting the regional take on these things. we had a similar thing in Barnstaple a few weeks ago, some idiot walking around waving a gun about. Now we have one of the biggest ARU's in the country apparently 'cos of all the shotguns in the area, and sure enough they turned up together with the police chopper and had a 'word' with the idiot in question. They impounded the 'gun' obviously. I happened to be speaking to a friend who works at the local station a day or two later and asked about it, the response was 'Meh' The cops weren't overly bothered and it didn't even make the local press , there may have been something on the on line version. No idea if it was an airsoft gun , an air pistol or a water pistol. Fortunately we have a very good rapport with the local police, there have been several zombie events in local towns where airsofters have turned out to act as guards, all kitted up and armed to the teeth, the police were duly notified in advance and were very supportive .
  6. Bought it for hunting rabbits ? there is a hare at our local site, he is huge ! if anyone was daft enough to shoot him he would just take the gun away and feed it to them ! We don't need this kind of publicity , it does seem that the Scots are very anti airsoft though.
  7. Our site Chrono's at the start of the day, and has during the last year gone over to chrono on joules using game weight BB's . Aimed mostly at keeping the snipers under limit allowing for joule creep I prefer it as a system . Obviously it requires that players are honest about the weight they are using, although if the marshal has any doubts he will ask you to fire some site supplied .2's to cross check. Can the system be cheated ? yes it can, but it's hard to think of something that can't that isn't prohibitively time consuming. Random checking does help though.
  8. I've got the WE sig 226, very happy with it. I've 'Maple leafed ' it although that is by no means essential. I tend to run it on .3s although it will happily handle heavier. Only down side is gas capacity in the mag, double stack mag and one fill of gas tends to give me about 1.5 mags worth. I just take 3 mags with me so not a big deal. I also have the WE 1911 MEU and again it's great. Maple leaf inners cos I like them, I run it as secondary when I snipe so use .36 BB's same as I use in the sniper to save arsing about with different weights and it lifts them easily. Get a good 2 mags worth out of 1 gas fill.
  9. As everyone says, check your compression and seals. I run an M95 spring in one of mine and it chronos at about 300 on .25's ( our site Chrono's on Joules using game weight BB's) which is about 335 ish on .2's Springs do vary, some are stronger than others at a given rating , but I would expect you to see comfortably over 300 fps
  10. might be worth checking that the hop unit is sitting against the gearbox properly. It sounds like you have got an air leak. Is the hop set correctly ? having no hop on can cause a low fps, is the nozzle ok ? no signs of damage from removing the box ?
  11. Nick G


    Got 2 WE GBBR's , L85 which was bought for £30 as a project gun and a G36. Love them both, the noise and the kick are so much fun. Limited ammo just makes you play tactically, I treat them as DMRs .
  12. Just run a hotter gas in the winter. I run all me WE's on Nuprol red all year, never had any issues and they run perfectly well in winter.
  13. Chap at our local site uses these with his G36 mounted launcher, sensible guy he sets himself a MED of 30 meters I've been on the receiving end and it certainly makes an impact. Used like this it's more of a shock weapon and great for clearing buildings from outside . Every now and then you hear the Angry Duck of Doom, usually followed moments later by HOLY SHIT ! 😂
  14. If you don't fancy taking your gun bag on the train get yourself a guitar case or gig bag. I regularly carry a couple of guns in a gig bag , even in town, with no issues at all . Hard case might be better for a train just to protect against knocks.
  15. I shall be taking 2 GBBR's out on Sunday, G36 and L85 . Both are a scream to run for a game, I treat them like a DMR and don't ever feel out gunned. Couple of mags and a speed loader and it's all good. I quite happily tech my AEG's and am currently doing my second scratch build (L119 A2) but gas rifles are so nice to work on , same as gas pistols, mine get regular maintenance and are no less reliable than my AEG's . Both of mine are WE , the L85 was picked up at an airsoft jumble as a non functioning gun and rebuilt. No aeg can compare with the 'feel' of firing a gas rifle and managing cool down is no great issue (hand warmers, appropriate gas ) get one, you won't regret it.
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