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  1. Nick G

    what type of gas should I ues

    Depends on the gun. TM pistols usually have plastic slides and are best run on 'green' gas and should be fine even in colder weather. Red gas can be too strong and cause damage on plastic slides. I run me WE guns , 2 pistols with metal slides and 2 rifles , on 'red' all year round . Its stronger than green and suffers less at low temps. It gives a nice kick though and moves the heavier slides with no problems. Black is stronger again but ive never needed to use it , maybe in a Scottish winter ? I use Nuprol gasses , but people tend to have their favourites. You can also use propane , which is what green gas is, and I do on occasion if I am using the guns a lot in a day as it works out a bit cheaper in the long run. More knowledgeable folk than me can tell you more about propane use if you decide to try it.
  2. Nick G

    Battery Charger help

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Overlander-RC6-VSR-80w-7A-Output-AC-DC-LiPo-Li-Ion-LiFe-NiMh-PB-Charger-3129/271795822931?epid=2179272750&hash=item3f484b2153:g:Tv0AAOSwJs1ZwUZ6:rk:3:pf:0 I use one of these, got it when my B6 packed up. Works well and personally I prefer it to the B6.
  3. Nick G

    Good reliable gas gun

    I've got a couple of WE pistols, Glock 18 and 1911, and would happily recommend either. I went WE rather that TM because I wanted metal slides rather than plastic. I run them on red gas all year round with no issues at all.
  4. Nick G

    Aspiring airsofter from Cheshire.

    Hi and welcome. If your mates don't fancy the drive go on your own. Loads of people turn up at sites solo , just introduce yourself play sensibly and call your hits you will soon find yourself part of a group. Airsofters are generally a friendly bunch , start asking folk about their guns and you'll make some friends for life ! Above all , go along and have fun.
  5. Nick G

    Low Cap Only Games

    I would love to try some limited ammo games. 30 round mags on the gas L85 and G36 do put you at a disadvantage against the spray and pray boys. I still run them and enjoy the extra challenge of it but it would be fun to try a game where everyone is limited to mid caps or maybe 1 hi cap
  6. Nick G

    Bare Da, butt

    Hi and welcome from sunny North Devon
  7. Does it look weird ? all M4's look the same to me ! 😁
  8. Nick G

    SWAS Airsoft

    Speedy service thanks, 3 cans of Nuprol red arrived today and at a very good price.
  9. Nick G

    ICS L85A2 parts advice

    So not a fan of the madbull then ?
  10. Nick G

    Bolt mp5 brss recoil

    I ran the WE L85 GBBR on Sunday for a couple of games, performed flawlessly , ran it on red gas but TBH I think it would have been quite happy on green. Different gun I know but even on a chilly day a GBBR can perform really well.
  11. Nick G

    CO2 Releasing from head of magazine!!!!

    It could be a bad valve then. But I would still strip it back out and clean it again. They don't have to stick much for a problem to occur. Give it a good dousing in silicone oil and work the valve for a few minutes then mop up the excess. How do the o rings look ? are they crushed or cut at all ?
  12. Nick G

    CO2 Releasing from head of magazine!!!!

    Where is it escaping from ? gas escaping from the outlet on top of the mag is usually an issue with the release valve. Pop it out and clean it carefully, check the O rings and lube the valve usually fixes it. If the problem is gas escaping from the top of the CO2 bulb then I am afraid I cant help as I don't use CO2 mags.
  13. Nick G

    Reliable GBB pistols these days?

    Its the latest one, Gen 4 ? and yes it has full auto........empties a full mag very quickly !
  14. Nick G

    Reliable GBB pistols these days?

    My 2 WE gbb's run fine all year round. G18 and WW2 spec 1911. Run them on Nuprol red all year round . Both reliable and decent performance. I may well drop a maple leaf hop unit and barrel into the G18 next year as it gets by far the most use.
  15. Nick G

    Bolt mp5 brss recoil

    How about the WE MP5 GBB ?