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  1. Save for a HPA kit or buy a short dot for the upcoming tournament?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Skara


      There's one. Even though paintball is illegal here lmao.


      Will ring them tomorrow.

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Didnt see the location, is it really illegal in italy? 

    4. Skara


      Yes, markers are too powerful (>1J) and the ammunition type (anything that contains liquids or gases) is strictly forbidden.


      But we're in Italy and nobody cares.

  2. I use various sights but I found irons to be the most reliable ones. There is not much that can go wrong with them. As far as aiming, depends on the situation. If I have time to properly aim, I do so, otherwise the first couple of shots are hip fired, just to give me enough time to get behind the sight or look for cover. The only exception is my striker, it does shoot like a laser and hits the same spot 9/10 times so I can afford to aim at stupid spots like fingers, ears and elbows and actually hit.
  3. Was going to write a loooong list. But I regret reading the thread title.
  4. Use them for a couple of days before playing, nothing hard, just go for a small walk or to work with them. The material is stiff and needs to form around your feet, wearing them on a long hike or whatever without giving them "a try" will result in sore feet and disappointment. That's what breaking in means.
  5. We only play on Sunday, although during summer we have some games on Friday evening/night at a local fort for shits and giggles
  6. Rain loadout Lightweight, simple, effective. Impressed by the DPM Gore-Tex jacket, didn't think a €40 jacket could be so good and comfortable.
  7. Went to Decathlon for a pair of OD trousers and noticed they made a really lightweight OD/RG ubacs for €15.

    I'll buy it next week as I'll be going to another store to see what they have in stock :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Skara


      Yeah I use some of their kit for hiking, as it is good quality for the price.

      Mostly tees and trousers, I have a couple of small backpacks and stuff like towels. Been using them for years and I'm still impressed by the material resistance!


      I'll report back when I get my hands on them.

    3. Burny


      Bought the majority of this last season's hunting gear from Decathlon, brilliant stuff and stupid cheap.

    4. Skara


      Now that I think about it, I'll pick up a pair of waterproof trousers as well.

  8. Not that I know of. From the pictures it seems that you have to file down a couple of parts. A 5 minute job really. Or you could just wait until the AS02 wheel makes its way to the European retailers (if it hasn't already)
  9. G&G does black .20s and .25s if you need them for chrono only.
  10. Agree with the others, play a couple of games to see what play style fits you the most and report back. Just one tip (for all the new players that may be reading this thread): don't bother with plate carriers, especially if you're not particularly fit (just like the fat fuck I am). They'll be a pain to fit and they'll look horribad, other than being bulky as hell.
  11. You may not feel it but you can see it. It happened to me a couple of times, I got hit, didn't feel it because reasons but I saw the bb bouncing off my arm, and called it. Can't do that with black bbs. Personally I never run black/green/grey bbs, just because I can adjust if there's wind or anything like a branch deviating my shots. I know some teams here that only run black/green bbs because they don't want to hear arguments about hit calling. And guess what? They rarely call hits even with white bbs being thrown at them. BB tracking is extremely important on sniper rifles as you only fire 1 bb per action cycle, and unless the target is looking straight at you he's never going to notice that single bb slowly making its way towards him.
  12. Finally a fun day!

    11 people, 6 attackers and 5 defenders to spice things up, good team movements and tactics.

    Had a big laugh the whole morning although one guy complained about me not calling a hit during the last game, but I honestly didn't feel it (he probably missed as I played with only a tee and belt, no pack or anything), game was over anyway as it would have been a trade but I apologized nonetheless.


    If only all game days were like this.

    1. Druid799


      Had one of those last wk , site normally has anything between 60-80 players but there were only 35 on the day , plenty of space to move around the site and the gameplay was so much more better than normal , makes you realise how good it can be ? 👍

  13. I believe good trigger discipline and at least 2 working brain cells would make losing an eye while posing for a picture pretty much impossible.
  14. Get a short outer and a 300mm inner. Cylinder volume solved without buying a NEMO kit.
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