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  1. https://www.orpazdefense.com/eng/index.php/style/lowrider/orpaz-gkr-thumb-holster-low-rider-56 How about something like this? I have never heard of Orpaz, but they seem in line with IMI as far as prices (and the roto system) go. Shall I give it a go? I like the idea behind the WAS UPH but I reckon it's gonna sit a little bit too high on the hip for me to comfortably draw.
  2. Mate, there is no need to post 5 threads you can do it all in one Anyway, no it's not going to break. But, if you have access to different gases (say duster and green gas) you should use the lowest pressure one (134a/duster/nuprol 1.0) during summer, green gas/np 2.0 in autumn/winter/spring.
  3. It's lockdown for everyone but me. I'm still working I wish I could craft my ghillies but I cannot source the materials I need and I can't go to my field. I guess I'll keep looking for the last pieces of kit I'm still missing (a holster, Source bladder, rifle retention thingy, other bits and bobs), a bit of teching and fiddling with possible sniper rigs. Stuff I should have done ages ago but never had the time to. And getting back to piloting shit in ArmA 3, recently fixed my head tracking device too.
  4. Are you guys using anything in particular? I'm not really a fan of Serpas (or any index finger release holster)..
  5. https://atrg.blog/2019/05/02/sidearms-a-case-for-and-against/
  6. The most basic one will do the job in preventing early damage to the contacts, although you'll have to do some soldering. Basically it uses the trigger blades as a simple signal input, most of the current goes directly from the battery to the motor (passing through the fet of course). Or you could swap the standard mechanical blades with a microswitch and wire it to your electronics of choice. Take all this with a grain of salt as I'm pretty bad at electric/electronic stuff. If you don't want to solder then you're stuck with complete sets like Titans/Asters, Leviathans and Perun Opticals.
  7. Actually, if you have the ETU trigger still inside the gearbox, Perun makes an upgrade kit for roughly €50, it replaces the mosfet so you don't have to open the box and gives functions like binary trigger (which I absolutely love), tuneable precocking, AB, tuneable burst fire (1-5 burst) on both semi/auto switches, plus a number of QOL settings like battery savers and such..
  8. Can't agree enough on this!!!! Although Luke explains pretty well why he doesn't like it (unless it's a super high budget build)
  9. Not enough demand to justify mass production most likely. If I were to copy something I'd copy something that sells, not some niche product. Plus manufacturing something intricate means pumping up the price at the point in which it's not worth buying the copy but going straight for the original.
  10. Skara

    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    Don't bother. It's just not worth it..
  11. Skara

    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    Why do I even bother... Scared of running green gas because "omg plestic slaid omg"? Run it on duster gas or nuprol 1.0 then.
  12. Skara

    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    Better to be rude and honest than being nice while lying or not stating things as they are. I don't expect anyone to like me and honestly it's the internet, I couldn't give less fucks about it. You are about to start playing and I don't want you to buy something that's basically unreliable as hell (because of quality control) and that could potentially put you off the sport. Price difference isn't even that much so why not going for the better option right away? What's the point of risking to get a lemon (consequently dumping a shitload of cash to make it work) when you can save/spend a bit more and buy something that is REALLY plug & play? Basing my reasoning on you not having a high budget, the more cost effective solution would be what me and everybody else who replied to your question recommend: TM. More cost effective because you don't have to spend money on upgrades (TM mk23s are completely fine in their stock form, they've been for the last decade or so, upgrades are just QOL) or replacing bent/broken/off-spec parts right off the box. By buying a SSX you'll have to deal with: Outer barrel being misaligned, meaning shots will hit the inside of the suppressor going everywhere but where you aim. (This is the issue I had with mine) Suppressor comes at a stupid €50 extra. Unacceptable in my opinion. Feed lips requiring DIY mods to properly feed. TDC cover being wobbly as hell making shots inconsistent, thus rendering the whole thing pretty much useless. Gas Routers being meh, inconsistent energy output + never ending sticky trigger issues. The alu slide, despite looking cool, is completely useless on a NBB pistol, plus it's off spec by a mile. Many people reported damaged hop rubbers from the box. Can you fix all this stuff? I doubt you can, I also doubt giving money to a tech to fix them for you would be a good idea, at the end of the day you'll still spend more than a TM.
  13. Skara

    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    Go on, buy both but then don't you fucking dare coming back here crying because your "LAST AIRSOFTGUN YOU'LL EVER NEED" guns don't perform as advertised.
  14. Skara

    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    they are ADVERTISED as good out of the box. Truth is, they're light years from being good in 99% of the cases.. Speaking from personal experience by the way. I just don't get why you are being so fucking stubborn, do you have a hard on for Novy boi perhaps?
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