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  1. Skara


    The barrel nut has become loose, just tighten it up by hand and you should be good to go.
  2. Skara

    Cheaper tactical gear

    Pentagon is like Helikon-Tex, they make good stuff at a reasonable price they have a line of interesting jackets and a kind of copy of the Haley flatpack which is really nice. MFH is you average low cost brand, ok for casual use, definitely not good when put through their paces..
  3. Leave them at my place, I'll send them over following the thread as me moving to UK may be a possibility in the future
  4. Slam the mask as close as possible to your mouth, for some reason it helps. Dual pane goggles are a bit hit and miss, for some they work, for me they don't. I had to cut venting slits in my valken sierra goggles to improve ventilation, now it takes a couple of hours for them to fog up, opposed to just 30 seconds in their standard conditions. And even then I use them as a backup to my glasses.. I also gave up on "full" lower face mesh masks, I found my own solution with a square piece of mesh sewn into a lycra neck tube and, as I said earlier, the mesh sits right on my mouth with no space in between. Prevents fogging, lets me aim down sights without too much hassle and, most important thing, saves my teeth.
  5. Skara

    Good skirmish AEG

    Yes, I know I'll get that with a couple of mags, bucking, hop chamber and a 14mm adaptor but that's for another thread The one you linked is a pull bolt you're good to go
  6. Skara

    Good skirmish AEG

    I have a striker too and I'm slowly upgrading it as I find flaws latest one I found (as I'm typing) is the hop regulation grub screw is crap and unscrews with every shot, so it needs to be replaced with something better. the gun isn't bad per se, of course it's a "low cost" bolt action and, as 99% of the low cost guns, it needs upgrades and replacements The SRS comes in 3 different lengths and two bolt versions. Length is up to you, as for the bolt I recommend the PULL bolt, as the push one is kinda weird to use..
  7. Skara

    Face Prtotection

    Made this from an old mask I had. Sewn a pocket in a neck tube and now I can aim down the lowest of sights while keeping my teeth safe. Win-win 😎 Also no straps going around my head.
  8. Skara

    Magazines for my Ares AR 016.

    No idea mate. I have 3 high caps and none of them feeds my 2 Amoebas without extensive fiddling. G&G midcaps, G&G drum and Lonex flash mags all feed flawlessly -.-
  9. Skara

    Magazines for my Ares AR 016.

    Not really, as the standard Ares Amoeba high caps don't feed Amoeba guns 😂
  10. Skara

    Good skirmish AEG

    SRS > SSG all day long. A stock SRS outperforms a SSG, and with upgrades they're on different galaxies.. LMGs don't make much sense to me unless you play a lot of milsims. Stay away from A&Ks, since you have the budget get a krytac lmg if you really want it.. TM 416s (and recoil shock series) only need a connector to use standard batteries, it takes literally 3 minutes to mod it and not even £5 worth of material. For mags you just buy the adapter but you lose the bolt lock feature.
  11. Skara

    Gun picture thread

    Tournament honey badger in its final form
  12. Skara

    Good skirmish AEG

    You can always buy something like this, not as heavy as a LMG but still 2300 bbs at your disposal without reloading
  13. Skara

    Good skirmish AEG

  14. Skara

    Good skirmish AEG

    With a Titan? Any standard V2 gearbox (basically any M4 bar Ares EFCS ones) will accept it. The TM HC M4 takes standard m4 mags and you can make it run on 7.4v LiPos. If you want to use 11.1s I recommend buying a cheaper gun, as you'll be gutting it anyway and there is no reason to take apart a TM and replace the internals.
  15. Skara

    Good skirmish AEG

    You don't need a LMG, you can spray and pray with a regular M4 TM is still viable, if you want RoF have a look at the High Cycle TM series. A mate has a HC M4 and it is fast, with a 7.4 LiPo it shoots faster than my ARP with 11.1s. with £650 you can get the gun, a Titan electronic trigger and a nice drum mag, and still have some spare cash for strippers and cocaine Also keep in mind that TMs have some magic in them, low fps but outrange a lot of guns, gearboxes seem flimsy but they're so well made they'll last for ages. Or get a wolverine MTW and have fun spraying people at 60rps