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  1. Should've gone for the prommy. At least I've had bad experiences with G&G greens, they don't fit every hop chamber/barrel..
  2. to lower the sound signature, on mine it's a really strong twang even if I only run a guarder SP100 (gives me 0.99J with .2s to stay within the limit). Will also do the heat shrink and beer can mods to reduce the spring vibration.
  3. Caferacing was dank. His "latest" scope cam is dope af, the one that uses a gopro and a 45° lens, so that the camera looks directly through the optic..
  4. The only one I've seen that uses a decent method of showing a kill is swampsniper, solely because his "hit markers" are small circles placed where the BB actually hit the person. He also uses slow motion a lot, which helps with tracking the BB.. Another idea is what CamMan's been doing lately with the reticle flashing when hitting someone. BF style hit markers are lame, too big, too chaotic, 9 times out of 10 in random places..
  5. Imagine opening a pack of Mars or whatever is the most popular snack in the UK during a game.
  6. One day I'll show up at a game with a cardboard box, I swear. 😂
  7. BuT mErShAlS uNfeR REEEEEEEEE how was it like to finally have the power?
  8. + shipping to Italy and 10 days delivery hoping the package doesn't get lost. Also they are out of stock was looking for a more homemade solution, I guess for now neoprene will have to do.
  9. Anyone using any dampening material on piston/cylinder head? Would neoprene be a valid alternative to the extremely expensive sorbothane? Need to reduce the noise AND reduce the cylinder volume (mainly to reduce the noise).
  10. Good day of airsoft, although I'm not really happy with a plastic holster on my hip.

    Need to craft an armpit holster or move my dtd on a chest rig somehow.

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Left shoulder is pretty handy if you can fit it there

    2. Skara


      I'm gonna try to place the holster at my 4/5 o'clock on the belt for now and see what happens, should be out of the way if I need to rest on one side to take a shot, meanwhile I'll be looking for an alternative, more definitive solution 

  11. I suggest some genuine A-tacs FG for woodland, or even the newer FG-X for more dense areas. Being an "organic" pattern it doesn't have any sharp edge like other patterns do and blends in really well with your surroundings. Repros may be too bright, more suited to dry, bare earth rather than proper foliage, but they still work reasonably well..
  12. Of course, Novritsch stuff is perfect and whoever complains about it is just a crybaby. /s Since we're here, who makes a good aftermarket mk23 barrel with a straight thread? Just in case Nov's support tells me to get better eyes
  13. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.helikon-tex.com/en_eur/tb-psm-cd-possum-waist-pack-cordura.html&ved=2ahUKEwjy8cHKj9DkAhUEUlAKHSRTC-4QFjAHegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw2X4VIJ19p6fiFGsuZwuJoJ In A-tacs iX, not for airsoft though. Will arrive on Tuesday
  14. Small update. Samurai's suppressor has been mounted and, with great disappointment, the barrel thread is off to the right and slightly pointing upwards. Bbs hit the bottom left part of the suppressor hole. Will check again with the genuine TM can, but I suspect it's not gonna change anything. Will send CS a message anyway and see if I can bodge something up for Sunday's game.
  15. Bore size only matters when adjusting fps to your limits. I have noticed no difference between a 6.08 and the 6.03s I'm running in all my guns. Wide bores are good for overvolumed guns like hpa, gbb and bolt action replicas, because (apparently) the excess air/gas creates a cushion between the bb and the inner barrel walls that keeps it centered. It also reduces joule creep as some of that gas doesn't actually push the bb
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