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  1. Just got back from a tournament..

    Not hard at all, although we failed one objective (time ran out)...

    Just another casual 1st place ;)

  2. So, apparently those level 5 certified techneeeeechans are cold calling Italian numbers as well..


    Too bad they gained access to my VM and got all their crap deleted xD

  3. Skara

    Custom setups

    Well, as others said, it's a bad idea. Weaving a pouch onto a PC isn't rocket science, and where to put that pouch comes down to personal preference.. Also the "trend" is moving away from molle towards fixed pouches rigs (much lighter and slicker than molle stuff).. But maybe we're all wrong and you'll make a lot of money 😂 Edit: making loadouts based on movies/pictures/books won't work either, I know a few people who have spent a lot of time and resources to gather all the correct pieces, according to them spending that time and money is 50% of their fun.
  4. Skara

    Sling for Krytac LVOA S

    1 point slings are good for cqb because you can literally drop your primary to switch to a pistol. But the rifle now is hanging and dangling so it may become annoying.. 2 point slings are great for outdoor games, they keep the gun where you put it, not as quick as a 1 point sling to transition to your secondary.. I'd get a 2 point sling, just because you can convert it to a single point, while you can't convert a 1 point to a 2 point.. MS3 replicas are decent, had mine for more than 2 years and it's still in great shape
  5. Skara

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    They don't make an a-tacs iX one tho.. Well, time to get a RG or MC tropic one 😂
  6. Skara

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    How's the clone? I kinda want one to go with my Helikon rig and I don't want to dish out €200 on the real one..
  7. Skara

    Gun picture thread

    Tournament gun. It's an Ares Amoeba AM 013, the honey badger.. Internally I've changed the crappy soft metal stock bushings to steel ones, plugged a hole in the cylinder to match the barrel and changed the spring, now it runs just under 1J which is the limit for Italy. Externally: added camo tape for improved grip, added DD replica irons, added Aim-o t1 replica and a nice Decathlon watch to keep track of time. It runs on a 11.1v 25c LiPo, plus I have a 7.4v spare one. Will probably upgrade the hop to a flat nub + prommy purple just like my other gun. Shoots pretty accurate, it is a bit front heavy because the rail is a big ass monolithic chunk of metal and the rear end is mostly polymer.. Will probably switch to a lighter keymod rail, replacing the stock built-in suppressor to a thinner one that actually fits the rail.
  8. Skara

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Those pants with built-in kneepads are hot af, probably because there's so much synthetic material (around the knees and on your butt).. For summer I'm gonna run much lighter (pics tomorrow hopefully, otherwise you'll need to wait for Sunday afternoon after I get back from the tournament)
  9. Skara

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Because we need to complete stuff within a certain time limit (15 to 20 minutes usually).. If we do it faster we get some bonus points
  10. Skara

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just grabbed a 11.1 Lipo and a watch to put on my tournament gun
  11. Skara

    What does airsoft cost?

    And I thought Italian airsoft was expensive 😂 €70 for insurance (lasts 1 year). €15 for a bag of biovals every 2 weeks (+1 bag per tournament) not even €5 for gas (LPG swift ftw). I'd say around €50(£40 roughly) per month, playing every Sunday, excluding tournaments..
  12. Skara

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Ordered an a-tacs fg "tactical" t-shirt, because f*ck playing tournaments in long sleeved BDUs. Also quite cheap at €13. Should arrive tomorrow.
  13. So, went to our field for a day of training, we were only 7 so we focused on things like vip escort and room clearing..

    When we got back to our cars, a group of people showed up.

    Quite usual since the hills nearby are quite nice for hunters, trekkers and families having a day in the woods, the place is only 30 kilometres from the town and on a sunny day it's ideal for those who don't like crowded beaches..

    They got closer to us, as most people do to ask questions about airsoft and stuff..

    Then a ugly af woman, who's probably been taking heroin or some other crap for most of her life asked us:

    So you like war huh?

    Our answer: no madam, the equipment and guns are only toys, we're here to have fun together and enjoy being in the woods.

    She replied: lies, you're a bunch of warmongers, you like to kill people, you're fascists! (All of that while screaming with all her energy)..

    At this point I wasn't considering her too much, but that sentence caught my attention..

    I, being as calm as a Zen master during meditation, replied to her:

    If we like war and violence and, as you stated, are warmongers, why are you the only one being aggressive and yelling and threatening us?

    She got so triggered she called the police, the police came, they had a look at our guns to see if they were within the limits (using our chrono btw) and then searched the woman and arrested her because she had drugs with her and she was living without a permit on a private land with her caravan..


    All of this while the rest of the group stood without saying a single word.



    Karma, you fucking hippie twat.

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    2. Duff


      Yeah it's a toy that's why you need a valid legal defense to own it.


      It's not a toy.


      To show up in my living room I'd have to open the door to you and that isn't happening.


      Point is she isn't a hippy. Don't be mean to hippies.

    3. Skara


      I'm in Italy, there's no defense here xD

    4. Duff


      Yeah well you still need to not label people judged purely on their lifestyle choices, no matter what it may be. That's a dick move. 

  14. Skara

    Need advice on Jpc’s

    I have the emerson one, to be fair it's a bit meh, nothing really impressive about it. Mine came with plastic dummy plates which I swapped for some foam ones and now it's way more comfortable to wear.. Idk about the other repros, but TMC seems to be the best one out there..
  15. Skara

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I need to see a doctor, I haven't bought anything airsoft related recently and I don't feel the need to.... Am I going to die?