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  1. Skara

    Gun picture thread

    Ye, if people used semi auto more I could stand having 30rd mags and refill gas every now and then.. The way airsoft is played here unfortunately doesn't allow that. Even midcaps are rare af, I'm probably the only dude in the whole town that uses them. I'm the one that tries all the quirky stuff only to realize it's not viable in pasta country, until the next quirky thing appears and empties my wallet.. Nonetheless, that TM is a cool looking gun and I expect its performance to be the usual TM bullsh*t, reaching 25kms at 0.5j
  2. Skara

    Gun picture thread

    Nah, it's just that everyone just goes full auto and has at least a 30bb/s RoF.. It's even worse in tournaments btw, everyone and their mother runs drum mags..
  3. Skara

    Gun picture thread

    That barrel tho 😍 Man, if GBBRs weren't so out of place for our "standards" I'd totally buy one!
  4. Difficult choice here.


    Buy the short striker from my town's shop for €250, or buy it from another "local" shop for €200 + €5 shipping?


    The 250 guy is a friend (also plays in my team and isn't doing too well as far as shekels go) but at the moment I don't want to spend so much on the gun alone..

    With the €200 option I may get a spare mag and a couple of upgrades for roughly the same price 😕



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    2. Albiscuit


      Be honest and tell him, at the end of the day business is business.. 

      He may be able to match the price, or help you in the future. 

      But if hes a business man he would understand!!


      If you buy it and he sees it in the future he will know you didnt buy from him, so better to be upfront about it now to save any awkwardness.

    3. Skara


      Talked to him earlier as I bought a bag of bbs from him.


      Apparently he's forced to buy this kind of items from abroad and he has to pay a lot for them in the first place..


      On the other hand I don't have the resources to afford paying more.


      I'll tell him I found a better deal, maybe I'll embellish it (saying I found an used one + spare mag + upgrades)..


      This guy has a few things i'm probably going to buy anyway, I guess he won't take it personally if I don't buy the gun from him :)

    4. PT247


      If my mate's business wasn't going so well and I had spare cash to buy toys that he sold, I'd be helping my mate out and spend a little bit more knowing I wasn't helping a faceless entity, but actually helping my mate's business grow and him succeed.

  5. Skara

    Reflex sight or 1x Optic recommendations

    Most people don't know how to use stuff.. I often see people putting magnifiers IN FRONT of dots, or EOTechs basically slammed into their eyes, the complaining about their optics not being accurate 😕 Btw, the SRS is f*cking hideous lol, but hey, if it works That UTG dot resembles a handicapped t1 with huge dials 😕 don't really like it
  6. Skara

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    Well, in that kind of vegetation with a decent ghillie and being completely immobile, it's quite hard to be spotted.. He keeps cool though, and I'll give him that. I'd probably jump out and scare the s*it out of my mates for the laughs or actually be nervous and do some mistake giving away my position..
  7. Skara

    Reflex sight or 1x Optic recommendations

    I gave up on cheap sights, i bought a C-More replica for around €20 some time ago, it lasted 3 game days, then the lens randomly popped out from the gun's recoil (and ffs i have Amoebas, not GBBS 🤣) oh, btw, i got the t1 for free from a guy who didn't like it and bought an Aim-O EXPS for his TM 416
  8. Skara

    Reflex sight or 1x Optic recommendations

    Never been a fan of those sights, they've always felt extremely cheap (as in quality of materials and construction) You should try the T1 style sights, they're enclosed, yes, but they don't limit your vision.. i mean, you are supposed to aim with both eyes open, your brain will pretend the sight's body isn't there. I personally use this https://hobbyking.com/en_us/aim-o-t1-micro-red-dot-sight-with-qd-high-mount-silver.html?___store=en_us in FDE. Best replica dot i've had so far, dot is crisp and doesn't lose zero.. Your best bet would be to go to a shop and try them out on your gun..
  9. Skara

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    Well, if he did that to me his next video would have been "wheelchair invisible ghillie sniper"
  10. Skara

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    Wow, they went through a real shitstorm.. I always have a knife (proper full tang 4" fixed blade knife, I hate folders) on me when I play, for utility purposes, I never thought of using it for "knife kills" and will never do.. Using (real) folding blades for gameplay purposes is just retarded, for some reason the blade unfolds and you actually stab the opponent -> easy charge for assault or attempted homicide (is that the right name?), other than sending the poor soul to the hospital.. Can't comment on TAG rounds, never seen one in action but my local shop has a few for sale, they're extremely light and my guess is that they don't really hurt if hit by one.. About KM, only recently started watching his vids (out of boredom, most of my favorite YT airsoft channels switched to other stuff or quit airsoft).. Feels like he's a good shot, although some clips are rather sketchy.. That face shot is dumb, why tf would you hurt someone just because he's cheating (was he?) when you can call a ref and let him sort the situation out...
  11. Skara

    Starting DMR

    Might be, but better safe than sorry, God only gave us 2 eyes and, unlike kidneys, we need both of them and technology can't replace then yet as for the AEG specs, a full v2 cylinder probably won't have enough air volume to cope with a 450mm inner barrel.. stick to a 300/363mm barrel with a full cylinder and use that sweet joule creep to push heavy BBs.. 3-9x optics imo are overkill for the distances airsoft has. 4x is more than enough for 90% of the engagements.. I'd get a nice 4x or 6x tops, the most important thing is that the lens absorbs as much light as possible and the vision is crystal clear.. Have a look at short dots, they look cool and work as both close and long range sights!
  12. Skara

    Starting DMR

    It's not about BBs going through from the top or bottom, it's about BBs smashing through the "glass" or breaking the frame! Bolle glasses are usually fine but check your site if they allow "unrated" eyepro..
  13. Skara

    Grey man tactical

    Rip apart an old molle vest and glue it to a sheet of plastic. Even cheaper and you'll have multicam in your car as well 😂
  14. Skara

    Gun picture thread

    My 2 gats in their (almost) final form. My AM013 (black one) got a new front end, with a custom made outer barrel, a new suppressor and a new rail (10" Ares Keymod). I also got a pair of G&G flip up Irons and a Castellan red handstop. Shoots at 95 m/s with .20s, pumping out 0.92J My AM009 (tan beast :3) got a whole internals revamp, should be way more durable now 97 m/s dead on now, clocking at 0.95J 12" Keymod rail, MFT replica stock, Aim-O T1 replica and DD replica irons, same good old prommy purple flat hop with custom nub (hasn't changed much in a while) Both within my Country limit (0.99J) so i can play tournaments with both guns. Thinking of getting the black one a grey or green paintjob
  15. Skara

    Been fun while it lasted..

    I guess that's gonna enhance the immersion.. And honestly how milsims should be played