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  1. You can mod it, of course, but I don't think it's worth the hassle, there are more suitable rigs out there (starting with the competition multigun rig) for 7.62 mags.
  2. I'm using an AW one, it's working fairly well and it's €10 cheaper than them WEs. I'll buy a couple more whenever I have some spare cash
  3. Maybe the newer ones have wider side pouches, mine is from the first batch ever made and it's pretty tight for anything that's not an M4 mag.
  4. It only takes 5.56 mags, or 5.45 ak ones if you flip them bullets (bbs really) up. I would go for a haley rig if I were you, it's more versatile than the TMR (or the multigun rig) as it takes 4 mags instead of 2/3. And you can still use it with 5.56 mags due to the mp2 inserts. wut? They look like steyr 5.56 mags
  5. Then the OG manufacturer is Eagle with their Operator's Belt.
  6. The drum mag is inviting, but the weight is definitely not I still need to pull the plug on two more AW extendos but I don't use the smg enough to justify them.
  7. I was supposed to play tonight, but thank God we didn't have enough people Anyway, we managed to play two night games, last Friday and Wednesday, pretty challenging as seeing stuff is impossible and using a torch is a death sentence. night games in the woods are 99% reliant on noise, so gameplay was a bit stagnant, but fun nonetheless. Note to self: mk23 as a primary next time and LAM upgrades.
  8. I kinda want to replace the whole set with cowcow parts but they're overly expensive to import. I might eventually just replace the hammer. Thing is, the AA hammer is just as expensive -.-
  9. Will he make me a speedsoft HPA TM recoil?
  10. You could also try spur first, you know, there's not only ONE way to do things
  11. I almost got my (old) radio nicked a couple of years ago. Had it in its pouch, unbuckled, so at one point it fell out on the main path. After the game, a teammate found it and asked who the owner was, this woman from another club claimed it was hers (legit Karen levels of yelling), luckily though it had "17" written on it, which was done by the previous owner and I got it back. Quite hilarious as this woman was very upset and kept arguing it was hers, but nobody saw her with a radio that day. Some people are just disgusting.
  12. They're colloquially called "Shooter's Belts" All based on either the Eagle or Ronin belts. In the UK you have two top notch manufacturers, FRV and TacBelts. You could go with Emerson/FMA clones, but from what I've seen over here, they're just as expensive as FRVs but with the obvious lack of quality.
  13. 'nother update: This is the current state of my AAPs. You can see the TTI triggers on both, TTI selector on the DMR and standard AA charging handle on the pistol. Detail of the pistol (the sticker is from the latest tournament to indicate it chronoed at sub 1J) Closer look at the DMR (the missing screw on the grip stripped itself to all fuck on installation) Detail of the TTI selector
  14. Pretty solid, I expected it to flex a lot but surprisingly it doesn't. TTI triggers and selectors are solid as well, the finish is nice although the red ones have a slightly different shade than AA's red accessories. The selector was supposed to be stiff, it is definitely positive but not hard at all to operate. If you buy the TTI selector it comes with a short stroke buffer and stiffer nozzle spring, so you only "need" the main recoil recoil one.
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