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  1. Today was....okay I guess. Had to lend my M4 to one of the kids because his motor committed sudoku so I ended up using the pdw, we also had three new people. Games were a bit slow and it seems that most people forgot how to play (direct assaults instead of flanking, communications and team play in general), but overall it was a nice day. Next Sunday hopefully my sniper kit will be somewhat ready.
  2. oh it's you sneaky rich!! Been finding this IG profile with cool pics, so gave it a follow will sub! Also please make headshot chiitaah videos
  3. And the E&L curse just hit me too.


    Didn't touch the rifle for a while, now it's rusted to all fuck -.-


    Oh well, time to make it look battle worn -.-

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Just some wd (or your preferred gun oil brand) and a rub-down with a rag.


      Tends to clean up nice most of the time.

    2. Skara


      Yep, I needed to take it apart anyway since the mosfet keeps shutting down due to overheating.


      I'll give it a good clean tomorrow

  4. Update: I just asked for a refund, $60 postage is stupid high AND I can incur in further costs should the parcel be stopped by customs and I definitely do NOT want to pay over €100 per stock. If they don't answer I'll open a PayPal claim.
  5. And I got stung with $60 postage -.- considering both stocks are $75 -.- Fuck it, it's super expensive but there is no other way to get them.
  6. Fucking found'em! Just ordered two King Arms PDW Stocks for my M4s, one in black and one in FDE
  7. Yesterday we decided to switch things up a little bit: We set up a tournament-like day, so each game had an objective to accomplish (on top of eliminating the defenders), time was set at 10 minutes per game which made things incredibly difficult, so hard that out of 9 games played in this "mode", we only managed to secure the objective once Nonetheless it was a super fun day, hit calling wasn't the best but it's the usual suspects so we already know how to deal with them (aim for da face, KM style) and the kids enjoyed it so much As far as kit goes, I ran my standard "oh shit I forgot to pack the bag" kit, which is my pentagon flatpack clone + rigged 1 point sling, King Arms PDW with drum mag, random camo I found (this time a-tacs fg bottoms and m81 top), many light, much wow.
  8. Armorer works? They're WEs with fancy red gas routers, I have one 50 rounder which works really really well
  9. Hello and welcome to the club. As far as holsters go, you should definitely crack out the Dremel, but shave off the holster instead! This because the Warrior holster seems to have this design defect where the plastic core presses against the mag release on a few handgun models (hi capas mostly). This way you'll have a more versatile holster and keep the mag release as it is.
  10. Lucky, I spent my Airsoft day riding my BMX at the local skatepark, because the forecast said it was gonna pour and all my teammates chickened out, instead we got a surprisingly warm sunny day -.-
  11. Whatever feels comfortable, really. Gore-Tex lined boots are great for keeping (cold) water off your feet but you'll need to take care of them (just clean them with a soft brush when all the dirt dries). Also read the first line, over and over again. A pair of expensive boots that doesn't fit comfortably will be just as bad as a cheap pair of boots that doesn't fit comfortably. I personally run Crispi Stealth Plus GTX boots. My last pair (similar to these) lasted me 8 years of abuse.
  12. Well the energy output suggests it's a hop up issue. As you guessed, it's most likely the hop arm being wobbly/loose, or it could be the tensioner being way too soft. The harder the tensioner (and stiffer the arm), the more repeatable the backspin.
  13. Today was a very short (rainy) day. Played three games then a lightning struck a hill literally 300m from us, we decided to fuck off right after Nonetheless those three games were super fun
  14. Just got back from a tournament. Haven't had more than 15 hours of sleep combined last week, so I was ultra exhausted, nonetheless it was a really fun event and I think we got a nice first place (results are expected today, will confirm/deny later). Oh, it never stopped raining, I was soaked until like 30 minutes ago. EDIT: results are out, we ended up being 4th out of 12 teams, between us and the first place there are less than 200 points of difference, which is next to nothing, between us and the 5th place there are about 1500 points, which is almost two complete objectives.
  15. Yo. I'm not dead! I've just taken a small break from online airsofting I'll be back to fully operational in a very short time (on vacation in Lourdes atm).
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