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  1. If it's an EFCS model then no, as the gearbox has a hole around the trigger to house the proprietary Ares trigger board.
  2. So, my birthday is coming on Monday and I'm thinking about a new purchase.

    So far the choices are:

    -Mancraft kit for the striker

    -HPA kit for my main m4 (Ares am 009)


    I was also considering a sidearm.


    Any suggestions?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Asomodai


      Why go with a sidearm when you can go for a primary side arm? KSC Auto 9. 

    3. StayOnTarget


      And so it begins 😁

    4. Druid799


      “Hi my name is Skara and I’m an addict , I’d like to spread the responsibility for it through out the community!” 🤦‍♂️


  3. Nothing beats a decent belt. Even without suspenders. Add a small backpack if you want to carry stuff like water and spare eyepro or bits and bobs with you. As for camos pick something that blends in in your field, doesn't have to be fancy unless you're going for a specific look. I currently run just a belt and a small pack for hydration, no extra mags, just a 1500/2300bb drum depending on the gun. For tournaments I just switch the pack for a larger one if needed. When I play with midcaps I swap the belt for a Helikon TMR or a TT Mini Mav, they're really low profile and light, I don't like having too much unnecessary stuff on me. You can check my kits in the loadout thread. Remember though, there are only TWO things that you must NOT cheap out on: Eyepro and boots. First for obvious reasons, you only got one pair of eyes and they're quite rare to find spares for, and the second will make your experience much better, because going home with sore feet every time isn't exactly fun lol.
  4. He's getting extremely lucky though, all the orders my friends made from San Marino always turned out to be turds 🤣 Also feels good to see something different than the usual AR
  5. > southern Europe is under a pretty harsh heatwave with super high temperatures coupled with shrek's swamp levels of humidity

    > there is a tournament on Sunday, in one of the hottest places in my region, fully exposed to the sun from every angle and terrain is quite rough since we're playing on top of a mountain that has no trees, only shrubs.

    > organization has changed the position of a couple of objectives "because they were too close to each other", effectively chancing the whole tournament.

    > 25kms under the sun and 7 objectives, to be completed within 8 hours

    > of course there are no water fountains or streams or anything to collect water from.


    What in the actual fuck is wrong with these people?

    1. StayOnTarget


      I'm predicting a Laurence of Arabia loadout on the horizon 🖖 

    2. Druid799


      That is fecking ridiculous ! There’s no way on the face of this earth your NOT going to have some serious if not life threatening de-hydration situations there ! Who ever is organising it AND still allowing it to go on should be kicked off this one and permanently banned from ever organising another event of any kind .

      Period . 

    3. Skara


      It's gonna be fun.


      Last tournament the organizing team removed a couple of objectives because they weren't the safest thing considering the weather.


      If they're smart, they'll go back to the original plot and maybe bring some extra water bottles for the participants.

      If not, we'll take out sweet revenge when it'll be our turn to organize 😈

  6. It's not Italy. It's San Marino, the place where all the Italians buy from because stuff is much cheaper than proper Italian retailers, but then they get fucked because customer support is non existent. SM shops have more legal claims than anyone else on the planet combined, yet nobody can touch them. A mate had a really bad experience with one of those shops, he bought a TM g3 and received a damaged JG one in a TM box. We sent the retailer a picture of the box and called him. He literally told us to fuck off. Either way, this was 10 years ago. Oh, warranty doesn't seem to apply for them, once it's in your hands you're on your own.
  7. Good luck with emailing San Marino shops.
  8. Sniping time tomorrow :D

    Also raging time as our field sucks for sniping.

    1. Steveocee


      Good luck with the weather like this. I’ve had to abort this weekend due to wind speeds.

    2. Skara


      Wind isn't an issue apart from a couple of spots that are really exposed.


      Had a nice warm day (Actually a tad too warm for my taste) and once again I reminded myself why nobody runs a sniper rifle on our field xD too much vegetation, longest engagement I had was 20 metres, luckily I had my arp with me.

  9. I'd get the 02. Solves some problems of the 01 design (cylinder volume to barrel ratio, 90° sears and the pin is kept in place by a screw rather than friction). Cylinder is trash, upgrade to a steel one with welded pins. Some small upgrades are removing the stupid safety sear, the cocking indicator (neat feature for a stock gun but it's not well designed) and the already mentioned hop adjustment wheel. Other than that, it's a solid gun for the price. Mine shoots like a laser with the stock hop/barrel combo.
  10. Italian by any chance? I'd get it from France/Poland, it'll be much cheaper.
  11. Very intriguing, I expect a detailed review soon!!
  12. I'd wait until there's a few around already. Spares will be hard to grab at the beginning, due to the extremely limited amount of idiots people buying it as soon as it comes out. On a side note, anyone here waiting for a proper HPA 1:1 replica?
  13. General wear, especially near the fin (the end that hits the sector gear) or cracks where the plate meets the nozzle.
  14. Check the tappet plate, they seem to be bad on Amoebas, had to replace mine in both the 013 and the 009 with Modify ones.
  15. I'm referring to the ARP 9 mags, since sawyer expressed his disgust for the drum something I'd like to see here is a bb cap rule for tournaments (but due to how they're done here, it's gonna be super hard if not impossible). p.s. I had some stuff going on irl, you know, finding a job and all that. I'll try to be more present anyway
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