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  1. So I've had a rough morning at work, couple of rather unnecessarily heated arguments with two different clients who wanted shit done instantly, for basically free. Right after telling the second one to fuck off (literally), the postman knocked on my door and gave me this: One absolutely destroyed box. Fortunately the content was intact
  2. ^ dis. Sort the compression, good barrel (doesn't have to be fancy nor expensive, it needs to be STRAIGHT and have a good internal finish) and good hop. Tight bore vs wide bore is an eternal debate, I'd keep it to 6.05/6.08 internal diametre so that you have a good compromise between efficiency and reduced chances of the bb bouncing inside. Assuming you're talking about your VSR and if you haven't already, get a TDC. It vastly improves hop consistency, applying direct pressure on the tensioner, rather than having leverages that can flex. The flexing is minimal but
  3. Now that S4 is being filmed, thoughts on season 3? I found it rather odd compared to S1 and 2. Can't explain it, but some episodes weren't really catching my attention.
  4. No clue, I don't have much faith in expensive barrels. As long as it's straight and the inner finish isn't shit, pick whatever is cheapest. Been pleasantly surprised by a humble €25 AA 6.03x300 in my striker, I thought it was going to be crap but it's actually pretty good!
  5. "Sniper R96 Well camouflaged, used three times, 2 magazines + hop adjustment key (which I suspect is just a simple allen key) and 3-9 scope, bipod. PM for info, €200 + postage" (nobody told him that the whole package is like 150 new and comes with a warranty) Yes. Wow.
  6. 'nother one from Telegram. "SELLING! ARP-9 €120 posted! There are no internals apart from the hop chamber and barrel. As you can tell from the picture, the gun is NEW!" 'tis one "Selling CM16 G&G + metal bipod, grip, sling, suppressor, 11.1 battery, charger and hard case...the gun is new, bought in september, used for plinking, not a single game, not a single scratch...€250 posted" Cause it makes no sense to buy TWO new CM16s when you can buy ONE 2nd hand for the same price Holy shit, these 2 alone made my day
  7. Mhm, anyone knows where I can find a Tactical Tailor harness?

    Importing it from the U.S. Will most likely double the price :(

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    2. Skara


      Yup that's the one.

      Idk honestly, the fight light series seems to be the exact same as the regular older MAV models, but they lack the buckles at the front.


      Now I just need to find the courage to click "buy"

    3. Chev Chelios

      Chev Chelios

      If you are not bothered about clones the harness that comes with this is a direct clone https://www.flecktarn.co.uk/odtmb2nx.html

    4. Skara


      No clones anymore :D


      It's just not worth it imo, if I'm selling stuff then genuine kit will retain most of its value, whereas clones usually sell for chips.

  8. Having the rail sitting so high above the stock I'd just get a RMR style one. Problem is, most RMRs are a waste of money. Maybe a T1 with the low mount so you don't end up cosplaying a giraffe when aiming.
  9. Try with a fully charged battery (and get some LiPos ffs, they're cheap now , it's not the early '2000s anymore) With that out of the way, have you tried spinning the gears with the gearbox fully tightened before dropping everything else in? It is a common mistake with "newbs" where the shimming seems perfect but then ends up being super tight with the two half shells screwed together, don't worry, we've all been there. Plenty of guides online on how to shim. Since you're running NiMhs I'd say the weak battery + weak motor (assuming it's a bog standard CM16) is wha
  10. This. The guns suck, some accessories can be decent. SSX23 mags, here in Italy, are the only viable option, TMs are too damn expensive (between 35 and 45 euros a piece) and STTIs are about the same price as Nov's, but permanently out of stock. €25 (on discount) isn't a bad price compared to the average useless airsoft suppressor. I've spent more and received wank items.
  11. I know, shouldn't give him money, but thinking about it, the suppressor is well thought. Plus I need it for a small project I'm working on
  12. Self shaming here now. Bought a Novritsch MK23 suppressor and the top rail for my ssx.. Also my MP5 drum arrived.
  13. From one of the Telegram groups I'm selling my shit in, "Selling CM16 Raider 2.0 G&G, disassembled but working, every single piece has its screws right next to it, all the parts are present and working, if anyone knows how you can rebuild it, I say again it's like new (as in condition). There's also a LiPo battery, a battery charger and G&G bios included. Selling for €140 + postage, final price, no offers" (don't bother doing your own translation as there are some grammar errors that Google will most likely not recognize) Brand spanking new, ASS
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