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  1. Skara

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    Understandable.. Who shows up to a game with a m249 and doesn't keep his finger on the trigger from the first game until it's time to leave?
  2. Skara

    Cars not guns

    How can you even spend money on a Punto? They're popular here in Italy only because they're cheap af, you can find them for less than €500... It's a shit car.
  3. Ghetto acog completed!


    The mount is a tad too long for the optic, as you can see the front spacer is offset..

    Also I couldn't mount the dot on the rear rail , but it doesn't bother me..





  4. Skara

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    A railed optic mount and a cheap ass replica of the sightmark micro dot. Everything should be delivered within wednesday so I can finally build my ghetto acog monstrosity 😂
  5. Skara

    Gun picture thread

    Aight what brand is it (if it even has one) and how much did you dish out for it?
  6. Skara

    Gun picture thread

    Nice looking vector you have there! Quick question, what's that rmr? Is it the real deal or a repro?
  7. Partners in business doesn't mean they can't sell stuff that's not allowed at the field
  8. Lmao. Who's the idiot who came up with that? I'm quite sure it'll get banned from a lot of countries because: -150bbs in the face aren't pleasant -150bbs in the face at close range are less pleasant -I already see all the speedsofters ditching their HPA rigs to buy a m32 and 18 grenades (someone has to do that only for scientific purposes) I hope they never get imported here in Italy or I'd be happy to have a trip to the jail.. Oh, and another video to confirm that Novritsch is a retard.
  9. Skara

    Invader Gear worth buying ?

    Well Helikon is on a whole new level compared to invader gear.. But considering IG makes airsoft repros the quality is good. P.s. I'd buy every Helikon product they make, luckily my wallet doesn't allow me to 😂
  10. Skara

    Invader Gear worth buying ?

    I have a complete M81 combat set from invader gear, along with a few pouches and a battle belt. They're good quality for the price! The pants get extremely hot though, not recommended for summer games
  11. Skara

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I do the same every time I order some cool stuff
  12. Skara

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Matching camo does indeed look nicer, but that doesn't mean it's more effective! We started to run mixed camo as well for tournaments, from full a-tacs fg to green (od or rg) bottoms and a-tacs fg top, works wonders in summer when there's a lot of vegetation..
  13. Skara

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    I'd swap the top with a mc tropic one just to make the PC stand out more. But that's me, I'm quite sure there's a good reason for you to have mixed top/bottoms!
  14. Skara

    Keymod rails wont fit my Keymod gun....

    Dremel the nubs off then. Looks like the rails have 3 screws, 2 at the extremities and one in the middle, that's plenty of anchor points..
  15. Skara

    Keymod rails wont fit my Keymod gun....

    3 options: Handguard is off spec Rails are off spec You're a scrub and messed something up I tend to say it's the third one those nubs are supposed to go into the "keyholes" to further secure the rail. place the rail onto the handguard about half a hole away from the actual holes and slide it in..