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  1. I'm up to be adopted btw, so I can find HPA kits in cupboards too
  2. TM needs to man up and release a recoil MP5.
  3. Does anyone know a good source of information on russian kits?
    Looking at recon/scout units in particular.

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    2. Skara


      The idea is to build a kit that would be easily recognizable as somewhat Russian, but without falling in the realms of impressions.


      Was thinking a suit + smersh (or similar) and that's it.

    3. hitmanNo2


      Things can get a bit specific, but it's good content https://www.youtube.com/user/bbsflyin

    4. Skara


      Leaning towards a simple smersh + *insert pattern here* suit atm

  4. Skara

    Tm Mp7 GBB

    Mind sharing how much he offered? I mean, just in case you want to be part of macks..
  5. You tricked me into buying an ak. You won't trick me again. But damn the smersh (of all the russian rigs) seems really well thought.... I'll check grey shop tomorrow
  6. They're called dreamers, my friend. Also most people can't tech for shit and commit war crimes inside gearboxes. Adolf made a good point with test firing it before buying. Quite difficult to do when the seller lives on the other side of the country tho 😕
  7. RUSSIAN KIT TO GO WITH IT. I'm starting to think I made a terrible mistake
  8. Few and expensive for sure. By expensive I don't mean the base price of the gun, but the overall cost of the base + upgrades. I'm not a hoarder and I hate having unused stuff, so I'd rather pimp the fuck out of my current guns than buying loads of new ones. Unless I'm looking at a specific look (say a MK18 or a Val). I don't get people who have 5+ ARs that are basically copycats of each other or endless streams of glocks popping out of their drawers. I mean, you only have 2 hands, you can't possibily field 6 pistols at the same time or........can you?
  9. dis just came in box 'o bits including a SHS M90 for the Striker Box came damaged, content is safe though LOOK. AT. THAT.
  10. Skara

    Tm Mp7 GBB

    I'd say €30 shipped to my door £400 maybe? due to the amount of RS parts and 6x working mags?
  11. Uhu.

    GLS courier just dropped a long, thin package with a bulge on it :D

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      In an e&l? Im surprised as ive run the 7.62 and 5.45 variants in a couple of e&l's

    3. Skara


      Yup, they don't engage at the front. :(

      no biggie, a couple of beers and a file should fix the issue :)

      Btw, the ROF and response is stupid on a 7.4, cycles faster than my old amoeba with a 11.1


      Also, know of any decent brand for flash mags? I don't like the metal 7.62 Lonex ones, although I wonder if I can shove the internals into a 74 shell.

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      The base e&l rof is pretty high, they seem to be built for reasonable speed at a very high fps.


      I know a mate of mine had his piston go from pme almost immediately as it was just too fast on a 1j spring and 11.1v.


      Cant advise on flashmags, i use midcaps exclusively.

  12. Yup. My M4 now has a 130mm inner and is just as quiet as a KORD.
  13. Haven't watched the video. What barrel length are you running? Because short barrels are noticeably louder due to the system being (most likely) overvolumed. As Adolf said, try loading the gun, bbs muffle the sound a little bit (it's also safer for the gearbox as dry firing for long periods can lead to your shell/piston head to crack)
  14. Nov's SSG is not good value. It is on paper, but the amount of QC issues it has makes it shit. Not worth gambling €300 on something that may be a turd and a customer service that tells you metal filings in your cylinder are completely normal. Being a Striker user myself, I wouldn't recommend it. While it is really easy to work with and it's almost perfect for my needs, it comes standard with an utter shit brass cylinder which needs to be replaced right off the bat. It's quite limited on upgrades too and some are really expensive (EdGi NEMO looking at you, and no, the Ares clone is shit) I may suggest the Action Army T-10/T-11, it's more expensive than VSR clones (roughly on par with TM) but comes with a nice 90° trigger and piston. it's at least €100 saved on a new trigger box. Plus it looks dank as fuck. As far as barrel lenght, stay on the 300mm mark, makes the whole package shorter (easier to maneuvre through dense vegetation) and can be used in conjunction with the full cylinder volume to Joule Creep heavy weights (something the Striker can't do unless you HPA it or drop €400 on a nemo)
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