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  1. They are equivalent. These shorter ones obviously have the advantage of keeping the whole thing "compact"
  2. Don't remind me when I bought mine some 2 years ago M81 wasn't available yet Fucking Helikon really



    (Nice clickbait huh?)


    for real tho.

    A mate of mine has an Amoeba CCR for sale, externally it's OK but internally it's utter shit, all grindy and runs at sub 20 RPS on a beefy 11.1...

    I have a Honey Badger, internally it's great but I want a super short rifle with a folding stock.


    Would it be worth to swap bodies?

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    2. Skara


      He was asking €70 for it, although from what he told me he's keeping it to build a custom gun.



      Anyway, I need an M4 platform that is as compact and lightweight as possible, I wanted to achieve it without buying a new gun (or spending as little as possible because it's going to be thrown left and right, so no fancy stuff).

      I wanted to keep my HB's gearbox because it runs smooth, has good air seal and with the barrel/hop combination I have it gives me the right energy output (0.9J), paired with a new motor (SHS HT) I can get a snappity snap trigger response, decent ROF on stock gears and 11.1.


      At this point, without diving into endless alignment problems by swapping receivers, I reckon I could create my own CCR style gun by buying the Amoeba folding stock (€31) and having a small homemade peq box to house the battery on top of the receiver, I use irons anyway so rail space is not an issue. Will keep it rear wired (by drilling a hole through the stock mounting plate) so when I get bored I can install the original stock without taking everything apart.


      I've considered a PDW, but the polymer one to save weight. From what I've seen it's a waste of money and the metal ones are just too heavy for what I have in mind.

      I might even get the drill out and shave weight off the entire thing by randomly drilling shit out.


      Doesn't have to be pretty, it needs to be practical.




      This is its current form (bar the grip, which I have swapped with a thinner but slightly longer one)

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      I'd lose that pink femme fatale rear sight


      What you are after is a tough one...

      You basically want a M4 pistol type PDW with folding stock perhaps

      But do you wanna fuck about with a working HB


      Just chuck something together

      Bit of a conundrum


      You are correct about one thing though...

      It doesn't have to be pretty - that FF sight...


      JEEEEEEZ I guess you got it free

      (Don't tell me you bought it)


      I'd be tempted to buy a cheap CM.517, rip the stock off, chop the front down and run with that. Pick up a folding M4 stock if you see one going cheap at some point maybe


      But I'd try to keep the HB as it is without girly sights n stuff

      Or sell it and buy/build something specifically what you desire to your custom bespoke spec


      Hmmm, yeah I'd consider a cheap donor gun, slap on a very cheap 4 inch outer ris barrel or something


      Or look out for a boneyard FireHawk and slap a folding stock on that maybe


      Or a CM.517 and chop it up to bits

    4. Skara




      Scrapped the idea.

  4. His shooting tests are hilarious though
  5. Thanks for calling me a cheater btw, tonight I'll curl up in a corner holding my drum magged arp9 crying all night as I said, I just keep the trigger pulled until he/she either raises a hand or starts moaning about the pain. Yes it's a bad thing to do, but it's effective, after all this time I've come to the conclusion that a) it's not worth ruining your day (getting mad at someone) b) some people learn only when they get hurt (physically-pain- or economically-shit broken by endless streams of bbs-) It's a very Mustang-esque line of thought, now that I t
  6. I don't get why people leave games early Just use the fun switch and make 'em bleed
  7. @Sitting Duck I used the red/black AlphaWire 16AWG Pete sells on his site. I was amazed when I saw the chrono results, it did run a little bit too fast for my expectations when I dry fired the thing after reassemby, but fuck me that thing is FAST now. I have to be honest though, I didn't do the shimming entirely by myself, my team's tech helped me a lot with that.
  8. Another SHS High Torque motor and SHS 13:1 gears from @ak2m4 Motor will go on the honey badger, the gears will go on the ARP-9
  9. Judging by their design, not much, especially at the gun end.
  10. @L3wisDwant some abortion pills in Abu Dhabi? :D

  11. Young (teens/early 20s) refs aren't a good idea. I mean, as long as they deal with same age or younger players everything is fine, but once they have to deal with cocky older people it all goes to shit.
  12. Not if you short stroke. Although I'd recommend to either check my "wat am bset gnu" thread or actually create a dedicated one, TL;DR 13:1, SHS HT and a 7.4 on my specna are giving me 27.5 RPS, on an Ares it takes a little more effort as there are magnets to glue onto gears lol let's try to keep this one tidy-ish
  13. I'm buying another SHS high torque specifically for that gun. Maybe you should too
  14. Another great day! The specna M4 performed flawlessly, sending 0.28s way over there and took full advantage of it throughout the games, at some point a few of the younger players questioned the legality of the gun. Opted to leave the AAP at home and only take the mk23, should have left that one too as I used it once. But anyway. We invited a club we really enjoy playing with, bunch of players who play well but don't take airsoft too seriously, 14 people on the field in total. Games went well, got some long range kills and in the last game I
  15. This. If my club's president didn't care about such issues, or about hit calling or anything, I wouldn't be playing there for the rest of my life.
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