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  1. Those are standard flip up sights. You could just get a pair of G&G ones, I have them on my main M4. If not, get some Magpul MBUS ones.
  2. Your question seems unclear to me. Are you looking for a red dot of some sort that looks good on the 416 or are you looking for a pair of H&K style iron sights?
  3. I can already hear the REEEEEEEEs from a thousand kilometres away 😂
  4. Teammates always ask me to try my ssx and if it's worth. The answer is always: Yes you can try it, no it's not worth it. I'm still thinking of a decent response to KM that doesn't involve insults.
  5. Why would you tear apart your gun without knowing how to put it back together. Just why.
  6. https://m.facebook.com/comment/replies/?ctoken=2446193202169699_2448540315268321&ft_ent_identifier=2446193202169699&gfid=AQBgh0oclC-dGibU&notif_t=group_comment&notif_id=1574166562644283&ref=m_notif Dis dude has some serious issues. His fanboy is just plain retarded.
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Skara


      Posted screenshots into the blog thread 

    3. Robert James

      Robert James

      I don't understand..  guess I'm missing what you're talking about 

    4. Skara



      This thread, I posted the screenshots from that FB link in there if you want to take a look.


      The FB post hasn't been removed though, but it's in a private group you many not be a member of (sniper ops), this would explain why you can't see it.

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Low profile, kinda like it actually like a tactical laptop bag

    2. SgtTalbert


      I wish Helikon would follow suit and make one in their 'adaptive green' so it would match my chest rig from them

    3. Skara


      or an A-Tacs iX one so I can match my TMR ☹️


      Sent Emperion a message, asked if they could show me the pack rigged to a tmr to check if the buckles are compatible.

      I tried strapping my Condor hydration bag to it but for some reason the buckles aren't compatible.

      Condor male buckles fit too tight while the helikon ones don't lock.


      If they are kind enough to answer and they actually fit, i'll order one in either grey or OD and give it a paintjob to match the iX palette

  7. I'd give them a week from the first message/call/mail, so next Thursday in your case. That's plenty of time for them to read and get back to you (even if it's to say feck off wanka).
  8. Perun ETU upgrade test tomorrow :)


    May even write a "first impressions" review.

  9. Found my old ICS inner barrel.

    185mm long, not sure about the diameter but I suspect a 6.08/6.05, has a nice grey finish, made of aluminium (or aluminum?).


    It's just 5 centimetres longer than my ARP inner (128mm, shit finish).


    Shall I go for a swap?

    1. Asomodai


      ICS stock barrels are actually fairly good and definitely an upgrade on the ARP. It is Aluminium but very nicely made considering. 5CM will make a fair amount difference, you might want to check your FPS on full auto as the cylinder might not be matched. 

    2. Skara


      Swapped barrels, it falls just short of my sound hog.


      (Terribad pic, I know)


      If this setup ends up working well, I will get a 5.5cm barrel extension machined next week so the whole inner is covered and I can use a madbull gemtech can.

      It looks good with the trademarks and, in a minimal way, muffles the muzzle sound.


      Believe it or not but at range it actually worked on my old ICS.


      Also yeah, I'll have to check the fps and correct the cylinder volume ratio/cut down the spring.

  10. Nice view from my new office :P


    1. EDcase


      That looks terrible....


      There's no cover and you're vulnerable from left, right and behind!



    2. Rogerborg


      Is your office a pill box?

    3. Skara
  11. I have that shim in my Arp9, I used to have it in my 009 back when I had an aftermarket hop chamber and now I have to use one in my AS02. I'm trying to lift 0.30s with a 50° decepticon rubber and the Omega tensioner, while people easily lift 0.45+g BBs with the same setup.
  12. Small question regarding hop ups. Is it normal that I have to make a shim on every freaking hop chamber I have on my RIFs, otherwise they wouldn't apply enough pressure? Here's a quick terribad drawing, the shim is the blue part between the arm and the tensioner
  13. The worst airsoft gun in the world is the one you spend time, money and sanity onto and still disappoints you. Just like my Amoeba AM009. I have spent so much money and time on it to make it work well I could have just bought a MTW for the same amount. And I should have. Because right now it's basically my honey badger with a slightly longer handguard and a different stock.
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