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  1. you what? Are you removing the whole trigger every time? You can simply slide the spring guide stopper down! Also, it could be that you haven't seated the spring guide correctly during reassembly, take it all apart and re-seat it.
  2. I also have a T11, I replaced the piston and spring but the spring guide is still the stock AA plastic one. What is that spacer block behind the spring guide? I don't remember having one (albeit I haven't taken it apart in a while, so I might have it and never noticed)
  3. Sorry for disappearing, lately I've been struggling to find the time to do anything but basic survival functions and working like a mule. Had a look at tactical kit and I now remember why I don't have an Ammo Hub yet, fucking €50+ postage! (thanks again, Brexit) It'd be much cheaper for me to book a flight to the UK, buy it from TK and fly back home! So with that out of the way, I started browsing for alternatives, and I came across this. The description states that it takes inserts, I sent them a mail asking what type of inserts it takes, and for more detailed pictures and measurements of the internal compartment. Should it take Spiritus inserts, and should it fit 3x 5.45 AK mags, I think I have found the base rig! Now let's pretend for a moment that all of the above is true, I would then be looking at actual inserts: For MP5/Glock mags I can use a regular Spritus/Viper SMG insert (which I already own). It's okay for extracting mags but not exactly ideal to reindex (it's just elastic so it tends to close itself when empty). I've seen Kydex inserts made by TMC that should fit (it's 200mm wide apparently, just shy of 8 silly units of measure); For AK mags, the issue lies in the locking lips, they tend to snag on everything they come in contact with, and it's the main reason why I looked at TACOs in the first place, the plastic liner keeps the tabs from snagging and make extraction/reindexing very quick and convenient. There are a couple of US made inserts that fit the bill, namely the Hugo Industries and Enamel Pie inserts, but I don't think they can ship to EU and even if they can, I'm gonna get buttfucked by customs. So I'm looking at EU made products, or even a homemade bodged solution.
  4. As per title, I'm looking for two chest rigs, this because I have just sold my TMR. Nothing wrong with the rig, it's very good and I will always recommend it to people, it's just that I've shifted my priorities and want to explore different options. Now, the thing is, I need two to accommodate different platforms (AK and MP5/Glock mags), to be used in conjunction with my FRV belt so I was thinking: - For the AK rig, to buy a molle panel of some sort (probably 6x3 or 8x3) and use 3 Taco style pouches (I like Templar's Gear pouches a lot). A bit old school. - MP5/PDW/PCC rig I was considering a placard style rig like a spiritus mk5 or a First Spear A1 ammo hub from our friend @TheFull9, with a kydex insert of some sort. not the most economical of routes, but it'll get me three chest rigs in total, which should cover all my needs. + I need to buy pouches for the hsgi belt anyway. Suggestions? Am I doing it right?
  5. I use WE/AW mags with red AW routers, they are definitely more efficient than AAs. Sometimes I couldn't get a full mag worth of gas with AA mags.
  6. The hop shouldn't twist, it's locked to the outer barrel via two screws, and the outer barrel is locked into the upper via another two screws. Remove the upper (there is a big black button on the back of the gun, right below the bolt, push it forward and lift the back of the upper) and check for damage on the trigger parts (specifically the hammer, it's rather weak and it's, in most cases, the first thing that breaks). Also try with a different magazine because AA mags are subpar.
  7. Or switch to a shorter but tighter barrel, a 247mm one will sit flush with the 14mm CCW threads while keeping the power up.
  8. It's manufactured by Invader Gear, and by my experience with them, it should withstand some abuse. The US woodland set I bought 6 years ago hasn't faded yet.
  9. Trying this out tomorrow:


    If I like it, I'll buy it from my teammate.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Steveocee


      Needs a Supreme patch.

    3. Skara


      I'm probably gonna give it back and buy a HSGI micro grip pad, so I can turn my FRV belt into a suregrip sort of thing.


      Nonetheless it's a great belt!

    4. Jake_RFT1695


      @Skara Let us know how the FRV x HSGI MicroGrip combination works if you decide to go for it. I've been looking at doing the same for my setup. 


      Cheers, Jake

  10. Last Sunday's game was a bit crap. A few questionable "misses" from really close and in general I wasn't enjoying it. Also decided to get rid of the Helikon TMR, not a bad rig by any means, it's just that my priorities have shifted and it doesn't fit the bill anymore. In the meantime I borrowed an HSGI SureGrip belt from a friend to try out, I've been thinking about building a belt kit for a while especially for those 8h+ games where mobility and weight saving is key.
  11. Can't go wrong with an Airtech Studios universal adapter, I use it on my MP5 and AK midcaps, works a treat
  12. That lever doesn't push the remaining BBs up into the unit, it's just there to prevent BBs from falling. Whenever I'm done playing I always release those BBs, turn the gun upside down to fire the one in the chamber.
  13. If the unit is particularly bad, yes, but by the way forces are applied, it should be very, very hard for a rotary unit to unwind itself.
  14. And because a rotary hop can't unwind itself with use like a traditional 3 gears hop does.
  15. Not necessarily, some gearboxes now come with microswitches without any sort of electronics, which is a bad move because microswitches are way more fragile than regular switches. A too long nozzle will prevent the gun from feeding, not firing in FA. And the opposite will lead to air leaks and power drops. Anyway, @Picklerick90what do you mean by full auto? Multiple, distinct gearbox cycles or simply that it fires more than one BB at the time? Is it possible to have a clear, detailed video of the issue?
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