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  1. Update: Bought the trigger bar, hop wheel and outer barrel. Now the 5ku barrel won't release the inner -.- Edit: nvm I pried it open I guess no threaded barrel for me. Also it was sitting funny inside the slide (recoil guide was sticking out 3/4mm). Anyway, trigger and bar installed, seems to have fixed the issue I was having, only thing left is now the 6 seconds mount and then I'm done.
  2. That is not possible unless you short stroke the piston but not the gears. On all my guns I removed two teeth from the sector (pick up side) and left the racks intact, no PME, no smashed front piston teeth, nothing.
  3. Do NOT use adaptive AB, it's a shit feature. Better set it at 20% and leave it there.
  4. Cheap LPVOs are crap, good LPVOs are stupid expensive. LPVOs are heavy and often lackluster in either 1x performance (in terms of 1x not being a true 1x) or shit tier eyebox when magnification is applied. A more cost effective way would be a micro dot stacked on top of a fixed 4x, half the weight, a quarter of the price and very comparable performance with, often, better glass quality.
  5. Did you buy the AAP one or just a regular glock hammer? This just arrived Deadly Customs holster for the mamba upper, so I can use my pistol again
  6. I generally do just fine with iron sights, though it depends on what situation I'm in: if I'm setting up an ambush, then yeah I do aim down my sights, if I'm the one being ambushed I mostly point and shoot, I still shoulder whatever gun I have but getting a sight picture is at the bottom of my priority list, at least for the first two/three bursts.
  7. Cool, so TM bar it is (much cheaper as well, €8 instead of 18 lol). Do 5ku barrels need any sort of modification to fit? Sorry for the silly questions but apart from the AAP and mk23 (both have rather straightforward parts and installation) I don't have much experience with GBB compatibility.
  8. Got this in the mail today: Not exactly a top notch repair, but so far nobody charged me for anything so I guess it's a win
  9. This looks giga fucking cool mate!
  10. It's BE.. If I launch ArmA without BE active I can play it just fine, but only in SP.
  11. I've been playing ArmA 3 for ages and I absolutely love it ❤️, but nowadays my craptop can't run it anymore (BattlEye piece of shit keeps giving me BSODs). Whenever I can be arsed to buy a new PC, I might give it a go...
  12. You mean the UV Gen IV? In that case no, I have a genuine one and it barely takes EPM clones (pouches are designed around the standard GI mags). Both the Gen V and Gen VI have different inserts for AK mags, but I don't know if there are copies of those.
  13. I say a replica of this is your best bet. Maybe with kydex inserts to increase retention (bungees are ass)
  14. 21h event this weekend. It was supposed to be rather easy, basically no elevation and not too many kilometres to hike, turned out to be hell on earth. 35° temperature, not a single cloud and stupid high humidity levels meant I got a sunstroke and had to stop after about 6 hours and roughly 20 kilometres done. Another teammate had developed huge blisters on his feet so we slowly hiked another 3km back to the safe zone. Teammate was done and I thought I was too so I packed my bag and tried to plan for the remaining of the time (communicate with the rest of my team and see how I could help them). Night comes and the rest of the team gets back to the SZ to resupply, have dinner and head out for the night phase, at this point another teammate had some issues (horrible rash on his head and forearms, we thought it was an allergy but instead it was a chemical, more on that later) so I joined back in his place. Night phase was okay, we split in two and my group (2 people) had to recon two spots, so we headed out into the woods where we had to sneak past a well lit objective because we took a shortcut. The other group (2 people) set off for a couple of sabotage objectives. After our recon sortie we went back to the SZ, slept for 2 hours and, at 5 AM, woke up to assault the last objective, then went back to SZ, had a quick breakfast, packed and went home. Kit considerations: Kit makes or breaks your loadout, in this case I should have done an entirely different thing: Helikon TMR works well on Sunday skirmishes but lacks the comfort for longer, 8 hours + events, next time I'll use the mayflower or smersh; The backpack I used has too thin shoulder straps, so at one point it started digging in my shoulders, also it's weird shaped so despite being 20 litres, it felt like 10; The new Claw Gear pants are fucking brilliant! Very, very comfortable though I might need soft knee inserts; 3 litres of water were *barely* enough before I got sick and had to go back, I need at least one extra litre, at least for summer; Need to bring a sleeping bag and pad with me, leave them in the car and use them to rest, I don't mind sleeping on the ground in summer but I woke up drenched in condensation from my poncho. Overall not a great experience, if the event was done in winter/early spring I would have enjoyed it way, way more. Also, while I was at the SZ, I saw at least three ambulances going in and out, turns out some people had it much, much worse than I did. Picture before we started
  15. Sorry forgot to update. Hammer looks straight, but at this point I will replace that too. Guarder parts any decent? I can source them locally.
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