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  1. Fucking bang on. Ran flawlessly throughout the day. Very pleased with it, just need to test if it can lift 0.32s.
  2. PTS grips might look cool but they are a fucking design disaster..

    Holy shit.

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    2. Skara



      I'll redo the wiring on the 933 -.- but if the motor sits at a fucked angle I'm returning both grips and try the beaver tailed ones (They appear to be regular grips, but with fancy textures)

    3. Skara


      Asked for a return on one of the grips.

      Can anyone confirm that the regular EPG (the one with the beaver tail) is exactly the same as a regular grip?


      From what I have seen, the motor plate is 1:1 with an A2, so I expect the wire routing to be the same.

    4. Speedbird_666


      I think they have the same geometry as the old PTS MOE grips (back when the still had the Magpul License). They had to change the texturing to distance the design from Magpul's when the license was pulled.


      The old grips were a PITA because of the base plate - didn't play nice with many motors (you didn't have enough height adjustment to back the motor out far enough). Hopefully that's been sorted on the newer design.

  3. If I run my smersh I have all the mags on my left and counter balance with a bag of BBs on the right pouches. I typically don't do the fancy hand switching "weak side" shooting anymore, so I have virtually no need to keep mags on my right side. When I run my chest rigs I do have 1/2 mags on the right and they are the first ones to be "used" when the game's over or when I have plenty of time to reload, I like to keep my belt mag and the 1st on the left for "emergency" reloads as they are naturally the quickest and easiest ones to access in a pinch. Either way
  4. Magwells seem to be an issue for people running HPA taps or drum mags, most people just don't use them. If it's a small amount of material that needs to be removed, I'd say go ahead and dremel the crap out of it (magwell, wouldn't touch the adapter).
  5. One EPG-C in FDE for my 933 One EPG-C in black for my other Specna Emperion as always being top notch
  6. Finger, this is piston. Piston, this is finger *now kiss* Pretty much what happened, the crime scene was the rear cutout section of the box.
  7. This. Can't stress enough the importance of testing kit on the field. I honestly like it, pretty minimalist (almost speedsoft-y which is always good) I'd just swap the black pouches with something either green or multicam (but that's me hating on black kit). give it a run as soon as you're allowed to play and make changes accordingly
  8. I give up. Shimmed for the SHS motor and A2 grip, put the gun back together and installed the zci motor by mistake. Fucking bang on (the adjustment screw is just a smidge from rotating freely). What the fuck. Aight, imma keep it this way, in the meantime I managed to get my ring finger caught by the piston while testing (don't ask how, because I legit have no clue) so now the gearbox is lubricated with blood This gun is cursed, it's probably going to kill me in my sleep someday..
  9. Is it me or Odin M12s are absolutely impossible to find??

    1. Lozart


      Zshot that were manufacturing them seem to have gone dark, maybe drop Odin Innovations a message and see if they know what's happening?

  10. A nice reminder that I should actually program mine as of now I only use it for AB/battery protection
  11. Nevermind, there was some crap stuck in a bearing I've officially reverted back to the stock KA gearbox, whenever my PTS grips arrive I'll test the ZCI motor in my specnas and use the SHS HT in this one with the stock grip. I might even get a game day with the thing before retiring
  12. I think it's the bevel... Can I swap it with a different one or will it fuck the ratio?
  13. So, smol update. Since I have bought them PTS (genuine ones, not clones since they were just as expensive lol) grips I transferred one of the stock specna A2s on this gearbox.. ZCI motor still sits too high, SHS motor sits fine, can be adjusted, but the box is grindy as fuck (most likely because the bevel is super high, or because the gears are fucked or something is wrong with this new box). At this point I will proceed in this order: 1) reshim (spur first) to accept a SHS HT and use the zci in one of the specnas, probably the 933; 2) revert back to the stock K
  14. Fixed power all day!! Switched from a VisionKing short dot to a cheapy 4x40 on my VSR and it's a world of difference
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