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  1. Thanks guys. I sold the mav because I like my rigs to sit high on my chest and if I set it high, it was way too tight, if I set it where it wants to be (mid chest) it felt shit and prevented me from using a belt. I guess my torso is too short for it to work well. I'll have to be wearing the thing for hours (8 at least), so no bandoleers as they definitely do not distribute the weight equally on each shoulder. Someone somewhere else suggested a Mayflower uw gen 4, but it doesn't seem to take ak mags (which really isn't a big deal, I'll be using M4s mostly but I like m
  2. Hive mind, I choose you! I just sold both my Tactical Tailor Mav and mini Mav. The first I didn't like how it fit, the latter because it was redundant with my Helikon TMR. So now I am left with the aforementioned TMR and a smersh, in theory I am covered on all fronts (low profile and lightweight - carrying the kitchen sink), but we all know it's very rarely a matter of *need* Anyway, I want a new chest rig to complement the tmr, I want more room for utility stuff for those longer games, space for 3/4 ak/m4 mags (I own 5 high caps and 5 midcaps for each gun),
  3. I only played KoTH on the lowest settings possible that would give me 30 fps inside a populated town.. Unfortunately I now lack the time and will to spend a night playing after working 8 to 10 hours on pc.. Also ArmA was supposed to run on potatoes and it ran flawlessly on my laptop until last year, when it decided to commit sudoku and give me BSODs for days.
  4. I will, once I get ArmA 3 to run again on my craptop -.- (Not gonna do milsims or anything, I just happen to have ALL the things, just missing that one)
  5. Guess how I found out Anyway, what adolf just said ^^
  6. Such an underrated statement! I guess the srs needs a wee bit of time to get used to due to the awkward bolt pull. It seems that the most efficient way is to have your palm facing up rather than cosplaying a t-rex (which is something a lot of people do). Make sure to buy-make-steal a bolt cover to avoid getting shit into the hop chamber. Now though, buy a mk23
  7. Yup, although it did slightly chew up the plastic thread on my king arms pdw receiver 😕 will get a pic of the thing installed tomorrow, overall for €23 posted I can't complain, the m-lok slots appear to be proper m-lok spec and the inner diametre is the same as my noveske sound hog (fits really snug, which is a plus for me as it locks the barrel in nice and tight). the two small anti rotation tabs fit nice around the upper (the reason why I bought it in the first place)
  8. Hi and welcome, £450 is a hefty budget! Is it for the gun only? Or does it include things like eyepro/rig/boots/clothes? You already have one gun, maybe it's worth spending a portion of that budget to make sure it runs smooth, take it to a decent tech to sort any air leak, shimming or any issue it may present. Invest in a couple of magazines (everyone's favourite are midcaps, but they are not necessary, high capacity magazines are super convenient and the infamous battle rattle is a myth). Then play a few skirmishes to get the hang of the game. After th
  9. Got my 7" "motorcycle sleeve" from Aliexpress. It's a fucking brick, the barrel nut must be lead lined uranium or something 😮
  10. Just to make sure I got the prices right: Tactical Tailor split front MAV with Harness: €75 new for the rig, another 70 for the harness, condition is brand spanking new, they never left my room, assembled once but I don't like how it sits. Put them for sale at €100 + postage Perun ETU Upgrade kit + Airtech short stroke trigger converter Perun mosfet is discontinued in favour of the new ETU++, functions are essentially the same. it was €55 brand new, I used it for a while (rewired to deans because fuck tamiya), airtech trigger thi
  11. Does the nozzle scrape the stock hop chamber too?
  12. https://www.skirmshop.nl/en/aap-01-tdc-prowler-hop-plate.html It appears that skirmshop developed a TDC for the aap. Doesn't seem like a bad design, I just hope they didn't steal it from Hadron.
  13. We need a brave individual to test if the button is there on Internet Explorer... (Don't worry, we'll wait)
  14. Saw your post on ASF. I wouldn't trust Silicone Sword, every time I read one of his posts I get a terminal disease. He suggested to build the gun from scratch, which could make sense if it wasn't airsoft we're talking about: tolerance issues for days and lots of fitment to be done. Plenty of guns to choose from, my recommendation would be the Action Army T-11, out of all the possible choices imo it's the one that gives you the most bang for your buck since it already comes with some decent parts like a not so bad 90° trigger, a decent cylinder/cylinder head, a bull
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