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  1. Holy shit mate, use some dots and commas for God's sake! Also, nobody gives a shit if you have the best reputation on another forum, once you buy something it loses 35% of its value, instantly. And unless you upgrade it with thousands £ worth of parts, asking £5 less than retail price (of what's essentially the same gun you bought) means being a dreamer. Hence your appearance in this thread. And for the future, do some research before putting a price on stuff.
  2. Just some additional information. The frame appears to be polymer, AA said it'll be released around March/April 2020..
  3. Just send it back and ask for a replacement.
  4. Got paid.

    Looking at airsoft retailer website 


    1. strykerles


      do it, you know you want to..............

    2. Skara


      Luckily the stuff I was looking at is out of stock (TM GBBs).

      I hope AA releases the AAP01 soon so I can decide which one to buy.

    3. AK47frizzle


      holy shit i just the aap01 vids on facebook. that is defo going to be my staple side arm 1000000%

  5. From my experience: people tend to call hits because of pain. Seeing the BB impacting helps only when there's someone right next to them (to call them out), otherwise if they're alone they just shrug it off. They do look cool but IMO for practical purposes tracers don't offer much apart from a somewhat viable aid for marshals to call people out Although a LMG filled with tracers in a night game would look absolutely dank
  6. So.

    Today's episode of Skara's office adventures.


    Client unexpectedly shows up, a woman in her late 40s but looks like mid 60s, dumb as fuck with a lower IQ than a shattered brick.

    She took some pictures of a room in her building that we needed, but being dumb as hell she can't send them via mail, asked me if I could download them manually via USB


    Plugged her phone on my pc and browsed for the right folder.

    Obviously it takes some time because there are about 70 million pictures.

    Meanwhile said folder is absolutely crammed with really unsettling half nude pics of her, that unfortunately I cannot unsee now.


    So, the folder is loaded, I'm about to download those 3 pictures she took but suddenly she grabs the phone and unplugs it, telling me that she'll get her husband to send them via mail and left.


    I am now left here, severely brain damaged, waiting for that fucking mail.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. hitmanNo2


      Ah.  Fair enough.  I worked in a small surveyors office too.  Boss was very old school.  I don't think he even had a PC and got his secretary to type all his shit for him.  No firewall blocking airsoft stuff on my PC heh. It was great.

    3. EvilMonkee


      No way in hell I would let anyone plug anything into my PC, even if they are dumb as shit....or appear to be.....all sorts you can pull off a work PC.

    4. Steveocee


      Still waiting to see these semi-nudes that @Skara ninja copied for us.

  7. I'd apply the same pricing as any airsoft related item, 65% of its RRP (or what you paid when you got it), but given it's a rather "unique" set of stuff I'd ask for 70/75% depending on how much it's been used.
  8. Just be careful, removing the pneumatic blowback will increase the energy output, you may want a cylinder with a larger port or nick a coil or two off the spring.
  9. I reckon scoring the spring guide could help the heat shrink sticking more firmly.
  10. I am fucking done with my country's 75th world class postal service. I am sure Zambia has a better one. Anyway, I just got dis, a really nice straight pull bolt handle from our mighty @Samurai, for my glorious Striker. Now I have no more excuses to not use it. Just look at it, freaking gorgeous ❤️
  11. I mean, mine is fucking flawless now. But QC is so hit and miss that you'll want to kill yourself if you happen to get a lemon.
  12. I have one and I wouldn't pay for the full £200 something regular price tag ever again, let alone fucking £700 for what's essentially a piece of shit with some wonky proprietary parts.
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