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  1. Build one yourself then, won't be cheap by any means but it'll be the length/weight you desire. I wouldn't bother with ANY of the ones you mentioned. This is mine, 6.7" handguard, 7" carbon fibre outer barrel, 185x6.05 barrel. Stupid light, could go lighter with a carbon fibre handguard but I'm fine with the current one. Also the gun was born as a 10.8" M933
  2. We could spend ages talking about nylon. Tell us what RIFs you have and how much crap you intend to carry with you! Kit selection is heavily based on your play style and your supply requirements. I, for example, have different kits for different uses: If I'm playing a "short" event, with not many kilometres involved, I run a chest rig, shooter's belt and small (9L) backpack. When kilometres and play hours increase (8h+) I switch to a battle belt and either a small (9L) or medium (20L) backpack. Pack selection is also based on expected weather/temperatures and event duration. For regular skirmishes anything goes, really. Depending on the RIF I use I may not even wear any nylon, just a small pack with comms, BBs and water.
  3. I am intrigued by that, but never got around to actually buying one...
  4. Had an ssx23 for about 4 years, now I have a TM. Ssx23 is just eye candy, metal slide does nothing but increase weight, outer barrel is most likely off spec (threads are crooked and bbs will muzzle strike whatever suppressor you slap on it), all the "upgrades" need upgrading because they don't really work. Plus the cost of gun + suppressor is almost the same as a TM. Speaking of the suppressor, it's nowhere near as quiet as the TM despite being longer and wider (huh), shortening will only make things worse. The TM, while being overall the most expensive of the bunch, delivers performance as promised. I did the bare minimum of upgrades to mine (hadron tdc, plate, ML hop rubber) and it sends 0.3s to 60+ metres with ease, if I swap to 0.4s they go even further but at that point the travel time is much longer which is not ideal for running targets past 40 metres. In its stock form you can feed it 0.25/0.28g bbs and have solid range/consistency too. Mags can be iffy, that is true, but feed them the right gas (1.0 in summer, 2.0/gg in winter) and they won't leak. TL;DR Go TM, you won't regret it. Just remember that it's a sidearm and while its range and consistency is stupid, it's still a sidearm and should be used as such.
  5. You got lucky, when I broke my ankle (literally ssssssploded) the ambulance took me to the second nearest hospital where the surgeon told me I would have been operated in three days ('twas a Saturday so I was due on Monday). Then I got moved to my town's hospital where the surgeon told me that if I didn't have lunch he would have opened me instantly -.- So I waited until Monday anyway ffs..
  6. TFW you work long hours and you can't sort your guns:


    Out of 4 AEGs, only one is in working order...

  7. 1x Leupold LTO Tracker 2 HD thermal imager for the team; 1x 2002 Land Rover Discovery II Definitely an airsoft purchase
  8. So. Last weekend (Oct. 20th-22nd) we played the National Finals where we positioned 8th (later dropped down to 9th because basic math is hard) out of the 14 participating teams. The location is the largest anti air shelter system in europe, built in the early 1900s under a munitions factory. Tunnels go 30m below the surface and they can house the whole town, entrances are placed in such a way that within 3 minutes of the first air siren everyone could get to safety. The story revolved around stealing the Vatican's secrets and riches, we had 14 objectives divided in two phases (phase one - woodland on Saturday morning and phase two - cqb on Saturday night) which meant we played from 8 a.m. to about 11:40 p.m. Objectives were objectively (lol) hard, out of 14 we fucked up 2 on each phase (objective 3 we messed up big time, objective 6 was rendered impossible by the atrocious sudden weather change), Phase 3 we messed up again and Phase 5 was a nightmare for everyone. In detail, phase 5 was a silly firefight in a doorway where our side had zero cover, meanwhile defenders had barricades where they could get a clear view of the door from every possible angle.. To sum it up: overall it was a good event, we had some proper fun except for the aforementioned objectives, regardless of the scoreboard results we are still among the best teams in the whole country. Kit wise I brought my belt kit (without suspenders) and small 9L backpack. Gun wise I was meant to use my 10" M4 but it locked up (still have to figure out why) so I ended up using the 7" smol pp which was flawless. Surprisingly one single 7.4v 1450mAh 30c battery lasted for the whole event (from 97% it went down to 21%) but I had 3 spares anyway.. During the downpour many people had issues with their Titan FCUs, while my Perun kept going and going and going Yesterday, instead of our usual game at our field, we had a small CQB session at the local fort due to the crappy weather we are all going through. Brought the pistol AAP which performed very well and in all honesty I should have brought the carbine and G17 too! But note to self: next time bring thicker clothes, I have welts all over my torso/arms because I'm a sweaty cunt and played in a light tee only
  9. You can't use an aftermarket adjustable trigger unless you're willing to dremel some material off the holster or you keep the stock adjustment.
  10. I use a Deadly Customs dedicated holster. https://deadlycustoms.co.uk/product/action-army-aap-01-kydex-dc1-series-holster-2/ this is for the stock plastic upper https://deadlycustoms.co.uk/product/action-army-aap-01-kydex-dc1-series-holster-black-mamba-kit-version/ this (the one I have) is for the Black Mamba upper. These don't allow you to use a torch, there are other DC options for that, just look around the website. Quality wise they're awesome, very secure fit (almost too tight) so you won't lose your gun nor your mags in the field.
  11. Someone please help me (with my mental illnesses)...


    I'm buying a Land Rover!

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. JinxDuh


      At least on the 1.5 hour drive back, you'll be able to find out if it runs "properly" or not 😂

    3. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      It was a sad day when the last proper Defender was pushed off the production line and towed home by their new owners.

    4. Jacob Wright

      Jacob Wright

      I owned a TD5, definitely pick one over a V8. Really easy to work on yourself if you're confident with tools, I used to service mine myself!

      Common issues are leaky sunroofs, rear air suspension failing, oil leaking into the wiring looms and the rear quarter chassis corroding away.

  12. Had a fun day yesterday, Got some training in for the upcoming national finals (held in two weeks) and we even got another club to join us. Much sweat was produced due to high temperatures at around 25°, but the physical training we've been doing is paying off, I didn't feel tired at all after navigating through thick vegetation all morning. Kit wise I ran my Templars battle belt, without suspenders. It's heavy (especially loaded with 4 mags and all the utility tools I have), but it doesn't drag my pants down (it's connected 5o my trousers via Velcro, the main reason I picked the PT-4 instead of the PT-1). That, coupled with my TT essential pack makes for a very agile loadout since it give my fat body plenty of range of motion. I do need to buy a couple of 45mm triglides because the Helikon cobra buckle tends to lose its adjustment every once in a while. Guns: used both M4s, longboi has lost some power (0.85J atm) so I will need to open it up and fix it, the shorter one instead gained some power, it was 0.98/0.97J and now it's 1.01/1.02 😕 so I will have to remove the piston head bearing to keep it within my limit. Also 30 RPS is fun, even though on 0.32s it can get expensive.
  13. Ruined a PTS grip yesterday.

    Applied threadlock and it INSTANTLY hardened, for some reason 😕

    1. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      Shit!  What brand?

    2. Skara


      It was a PTS EPG-C.

      Comfy, but not the best for motor alignment.

      Threadlock was loctite green (which is strong, but I've never had it have a boner the moment I put it somewhere).


      Not a big deal, I meant to replace it with a bog standard A2 grip anyway because in terms of motor alignment you just can't beat those.

  14. You could also knock teeth off the sector (pickup side). This will leave the original spring in, at its original length, while improving cycle time and moreover it costs nothing. I take it it's more stuff to do than simply shortening a spring, but in my experience a spring that is too short leads to PME and other issues that could be avoided by operating on a different component.
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