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  1. clumpyedge

    Large Events in the UK

    Have a look at combat airsoft Thetford, they do skirmish days or themed days and they open up the site to accommodate the game scenario much like you are talking about and they have an excellent marshaling team and player base (I don't work for them but I have enjoyed every single game I've played there on either big or small fields) Having been a promoter at my local venue for a number of years taking a punt on bigger bands and getting bums in seats as they say certainly does make you bum pucker when booking starts or doors open for the event. that's where IMO starting small is always the best course of action build up your customer base and show what you can do and that should in theory draw in the numbers and the collateral to book larger events. I say this but there have been one or two airsoft organizers that have got this very wrong and having being told the bookings were in the stages of almost being sold out I turned up to one event (after an hour or so drive) to be told the game had cancelled because people failed to show. I paid to sit in a building majority of a weekend on overwatch and didn't fire my gun once but I guess like I think your'e saying you need to have the players with the right mind set for that type of game. I've said it numerous times before airsoft isn't just about shooting guns for some people/games sometimes its about immersing yourself in a story or a role and playing that role to the best of your ability (not just at milsims) which again in my opinion adds a whole other side to the game which for the vast majority is outside the remit of turn up, shoot, go home.
  2. The indoor CQB section is surprisingly good for finding little places to hide
  3. clumpyedge

    Large Events in the UK

    Is NAE the only one? Yes unless you count AI500 (a lot less players) or Stirling England vs. Scotland (milsim, again with a lot less players) If so, why? Because large events like NAE for playing are absolute shit With on 175 acres of play space, have no other locations been tried in past events? No, as @Druid799 said they have the infrastructure to pull it off (in the loosest of terms) plus everyone knows events like NAE are pretty much just an excuse for players to go somewhere and socialize/get off their face for the weekend as you cant call what happens there a game. Guessing you missed this as well - https://airsoft-forums.uk/topic/44203-north-v-south-airsoft-festival-2019/
  4. clumpyedge


    Necro-ing this as I have modded my S Thunder Launcher to auto open from pressing the chamber release... Drilled a small hole where I've put the arrow in the picture and installed a spring from a washing line peg which has enough push to open the chamber but not enough to miss-align the chamber from the firing pin. 5504CB70-9E66-4EB8-8859-548D74840F4F.MP4
  5. Its an old WWII listening post/radar sight of sorts not a barracks, if you noticed on the side of the hill looking back in the direction of the road you drove in on you would have seen a white lion (I think) which is actually Whipsenade zoo. If you also noticed a lot of birds in the air that generally means they are flying the American Bald Eagle from just above where the mural is situated.
  6. clumpyedge


    Time Left: 1 day and 10 hours

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    Any brand bar Tokyo marui, seems I can’t find s&t or iron airsoft anywhere


  7. clumpyedge

    What's your favorite bit of "non-combat" kit?

    In a slightly different way of answering - one thing I think should be in everyone's kit is a small toolkit of sorts/multitool. The amount of people I hear at game days that have an issue arise and aren't equipped to sort the small issues amazes me. If you have something on your kit that needs a tool, pack it. Obviously your not going to want to bring stuff to do a whole strip down of your gun but I'm talking maybe a multihead screwdriver (there's a few decent ones on the market that don't break the bank), Alum keys for whatever size you know your kit needs and maybe a pair of snips. I constantly get asked while working if I have this that and the other and while I always have a kit on me I don't always like lending stuff out as I've had things come back to me in shit condition or not come back at all (maybe slightly my fault for not chasing them for it back) So my favorite non-airsoft stuff is the things that allow me to play and keep playing.
  8. clumpyedge

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Hahaha! In all honesty it did cross my mind but as you say better to always be safe than sorry I might hit you up again if you still have things come pay day
  9. I've also thought of doing similar with things like speed loaders, mags etc Mark up certainly winds me up as well, I've ordered straight from HK or wherever and paid customs for still less that UK stockists are selling for by a long shot. I understand people need to make a profit and do so, so we can have the ease of access to materials but some of the mark up's within the UK airsoft retail market are insane.
  10. I understand what your saying and I specifically didn't name names or slam anyone directly (I leave that to shop/people reviews) as only they can say why they do and don't so things but as the consumer we have every right to question why things we have paid for arn't being supplied in due course. To either give no information or one word answers isn't acceptable when you are providing a service its also not acceptable to take money for work that you cant complete without giving time frames giving the closest "guesstimate" isn't a hard thing to do and like I and others have said a quick message to say "apologies for this/that and the other" isn't difficult. All which could be sorted with comms saying - this is the issue, this is why it's like that, here's what I'm doing to sort it... please bare with me. The above could be copy and pasted to probably a vast majority of inquires I would have thought specially around teching and waiting for parts for builds.
  11. clumpyedge

    Head Camera

    My go to used to be contour as they were less clunky been on a helmet at the front. Not sure if Contour even exist now and in all honesty I'm way to lazy too look much like OP seems to lazy too read.
  12. I completely get that you cant buy materials until you have money to do so but when some retailers are asking £1300+ for a gun with upgrades and have sold a fair amount at that cost plus shipping and labour I do wonder why they cant stock the items they know are popular. I work in pharmaceuticals/clinical trials so rule number one is having more stock than you need so you can complete orders when they are needed and have more to account for any instances or upscaled orders. Some retailers seem to only be ordering in parts for builds currently paid for which seems mental due to people wanting to buy stock at an individual item level. I get that working with the parts we need involves sometimes waiting long periods of time because of the market were buying from but dont offer them for sale if you CANNOT even give an estimate of when they will be available.
  13. Ive actually stopped using some places just because they don't offer customer service. I recently inquired about something through a well known TM seller and the replies I got to my questions were all one word answers to questions that could have sorted my question in one hit rather than multiple "no" "yes" responses. In what i still consider a niche market (that being airsoft) customer service goes a long way. Obviously fan boys will always stand behind their favorite retailers etc but I think for me and I may be wrong in my opinion and I'm open to criticism but if I've paid you money for something and you advertise work hours of say 9-5 you should have the time to reply to me as a paying customer even if its just to say "sorry we've got a lot on and I'm working as quick as I can to still meet the expectations of the work you've paid for" that goes for one man operations and small to big companies!
  14. I think in the exception of people like Tac when you are given clear instruction you wont get any news until the job is done that's fine but when you see certain people/companies spending time that could be otherwise spent within working hours working on the items you have paid for that's when you start to wonder why you went to them in the first place. it takes all of a few minutes to spend the time setting up auto mails or even mailing yourself to layout timelines of what is going on and how long it'll take and certainly if there is a delay too those timelines. as you say crystal clear instructions of timelines is in my mind the best way to work as a one man operation but some seem to be falling foul not doing such a simple thing?
  15. But then you get the likes of certain techs/shops that are also small operations that don't have the staff/time to reply to mails or messages and demand you phone them....