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  1. Where as I find decent comms can make or break a game. My regret is when i first got into airsoft just spending spending spending spending without doing research or looking into things and also buying things just on someone else’s recommendation, just because it works for them doesn’t mean it’ll work for you! Case in point the slings/optics/gloves and all other shit stuff I bought when starting out and listening to plebs on YouTube.
  2. All I’m going on is what I was told so yeah probably a bit of Chinese whispers but I was at that last game and told there catagorically won’t be another there. I don’t know names or groups but that’s the genera gist of it much like we can’t use stanta because whoever is in charge of its use and training there got fucked off with the state two Airsoft groups supposedly left it. Landmarc approved it, someone else higher up apparently didn’t supposedly.
  3. The fact the base commander won’t let Airsofters on for the foreseeable future is one thing not to like! Last game played there was a legion game when someone from the military facilities group fucked up by letting them use it and the base commander found out and banned any future events Possibly you from another life but with more teen angst and facial hair. He got put on the permanent naughty step for being a stroppy cunt.
  4. Not battle or war but maybe you could play cast away? 😉 I jest, your not Duff
  5. or just stick your leg out as they run past.
  6. Try being a marshal, you get all sorts telling you this that and the other at times that really arnt relevant to the game or anything for that matter!!
  7. clumpyedge

    TM M&P9

    Cheers bud I had thought about the same sort of price so I’ll go with that
  8. clumpyedge

    TM M&P9

    Make/brand: TM M&P 9 Any accessories included: 4 gas tight mags Pictures: Will upload later but all mags have had silent fill o-rings and also sealed with plumbers sealant to stop the obligatory TM mag leak on pistols (not that this adds any monetary value). Safety has been removed, cant find the actual part but can be replaced from varying sources. Not really sure what I should be asking for this hence appraisal.
  9. Having only skim read the info on MPA, is the FPS limit quite low?
  10. Na just stocking up got a few wild camps planned for the year some is for that. Got plenty of private game days booked so far this year which is going to be nice, April got The Gaol to ourselves for the weekend and then got I think two more booked elsewhere afterwards.
  11. Bloody hell they say the older generation come out with some great one liners....
  12. Oil paint markers Adventure tech reversible jacket Various magpul weapon furniture Mk4 pyro for training grenades 6 1kg bags of .28 G&G's PSBP Chem lights Remote controlled det's x2 Tarp's Air duster cans Systema brushes Systema replacement feed lips MAG replacement hard magazine springs
  13. You can "just change the spring" (its easy as hell to do) but I found that things started to wear and need changing a lot quicker and i got a lot more lock ups. G&G PSBP, Geoffs or Longbow and you are golden mate.
  14. Have you got the basket point of paying, might be there on the final screen? If not send them a message stating that your UKARA needs to be clear/visible on the package when shipped in a format like - NAMEXXXXX UKARAXXXXXX (which is how my stuff came from gun fire) their English is very good so drop them a message on Facebook. Could you not just order it from the UK, there are a few retailers close to that price anyway or maybe go second hand?
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