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  1. Tempted to speak to them about a private day...
  2. Looks like they have plenty of room and elevation to allow for a HESCO style FOB there, would be interesting to know what sort of development they would be allowed to do?
  3. ah apologies I misinterpreted what you posted clearly but my notion is still fairly valid.
  4. Not sure where you got that from in order to own RS equipment but I can tell you I don't earn anywhere near that and I have a fair amount of RS gear and equipment. My personal way of affording things I like.. budgeting, saving and looking out for bargains on sales pages. Let me give you an example on something... I had been through 3 or 4 pairs of TMC combats because either they tore or the stitching wasn't up to par, decided that id do some research and look for something more robust, purchased a pair of UFPRO's and the things are almost indestructible, I use them for other things other than airsoft (as I like to get my monies worth out of my purchases) and they have survived barbed wire and all sorts. The only reason they don't look as good as they could is because they have faded slightly and have a pull on the stretch material. All the brands you mentioned above I have got massive deals on in the past even on par with the clone counterparts in terms of cost on some occasions. For RS kit eBay is king and you can get some awesome finds if you are prepared to put in the leg work to find what you want. Not sure why people have this insane notion that anyone that turns up to a game decked out in RS must be some millionaire (yes some people are high earners but not all) as A LOT of people I know personally are the same as me and are deal hunters or just get very very lucky!! Agreed, Crye made a good move in doing stuff with Z-shot but the American market is inherently larger than here or anywhere in Europe for that matter and because of the American culture I think that's why it works.
  5. How many people pirate movies or stream that have commented on this thread. Serious question.
  6. The same could be said about viper/TMC etc. ripping off not only Spiritus but also Ferro and the like. Hell look at WAS even they damn near ripped off the Slickster design. I'm all for being inclusive and everyone being able to play but paying into companies that rip off small businesses is bullshit in my opinion and lets face it in the grand scheme of things SS and Ferro are still fairly small companies which you can judge solely on their production abilities if nothing else. It sometimes makes me wonder about the morality of using clone gear which admittedly I do have some of (talking about crye cut clothing) where does the line get drawn? you say about Odin getting ripped off almost as soon as he released the sidewinder but barely even saw anything when viper released their version of the SS mk3 rig other than a IG story from SS themselves but even they admitted they are too small fry to even bother raising a cease and desist.
  7. A 04:00 dawn raid on a sleeping teams compound with more smoke and bangs than I've ever seen used at a game and that all being thrown by no more than 5 guys myself included. Needless to say the guys we raided didn't know what hit them and all the intel and supplies they had gathered as part of their mission for the weekend was collected before they ever knew we were in their base. Couple that with myself and a friend trip wiring a whole building for us to use as overwatch for the majority of the weekend and the enemy team trying for near on three hours to get us out of there made for a very interesting weekend, we also managed to highjack their convoy after killing all the occupants and bring the technicals into our FOB. Needless to say eventually we had to give them back....
  8. Have a look at SEO as well, I hear they have a fairly good rep.
  9. I've not been before but know a few people who go every year, Airsoft certainly is getting bigger there (used to be one small stall from what ive been told and that may have been airsoftworld) as I think they see it as a gateway for people to get into RS shooting in whatever respect that is. Some good brands and stockists are there but not to the extent of places like ShotShow obviously. Tactree & Edgar brothers are certainly ones to look out for as well as Vortex obviously.
  10. That was waaaaaaay to much reading at this time in the morning, surprised its even still going to be completely honest. I'd have thought people would have all requested money back by now.
  11. When did you last go mate? last few times I've been weve been out all morning with nothing more than 10 mins between games and then at a push we had (not including the walk back to the safezone) 45 mins for lunch.
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