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  1. Just got my maple leaf hop unit and CZ barrel for my TM glock 19 for a supposed drop in unit it doesn't fit with the original spring guide or CC spring guide which fit with the original TM hop unit. Any ideas @rocketdogbert

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    2. Cr0-Magnon


      I have 2 x Gen.3 19's (hop units are the same for both G19 Gen.3&4), in one everything is stock apart from a 50 degree Flamingo rubber (best you can buy IMO). The other has everything Guarder apart from...the 50 degree Flamingo. Both hop BB's far and true, the only real difference is I could probably (but don't) use slightly heavier with the Guarder (I guess due to the stronger hop arm).


      Hope that helps and good luck getting it sorted!


      Edit: I will add that looks like a G19 Gen.3 recoil spring. Do you have a picture of the frame? (although again, doesn't change my previous advice)

    3. rocketdogbert


      Also, the old ML hop unit you have is designed for WE Glocks, not TM. It fits (sort of) old style TM Glocks but performs worse than the OEM unit

    4. clumpyedge


      Thanks both. Ive taken the purchase on the chin as ill be keeping the barrel and the hop rubber.

  2. Agreed. I only provided links to the ebay seller as I have prior purchases from him (assume he sources from similar places) but is UK based so turn around is usually pretty rapid.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194948897128?hash=item2d63dc1968:g:0GAAAOSwUQRgdGPV https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194114261702?hash=item2d321c92c6:g:wFQAAOSw9AtgBAi1
  4. Was going to say you would melt in Gortex but then saw you're based in Edinburgh 😂
  5. From what I gather, sites are also banning if they are of the same company or they are on friendly terms with another site (I do know for a fact that a small number of sites speak to each other about various issues, and why not they are all in the same business and working together does have its advantages in some aspects). Not really all that different from my time working in pubs, if one local banned someone chances are the rest would ban you based on the behavior in previous pubs even before you've set foot through the door. I guess the onus then lays with that site in particular who are well within their rights to refuse service to any potential customer on whatever grounds they see fit.
  6. Money yes, but there is still a massive amount of narcissism mixed in for good measure. That and a combination of what @Rogerborg mentioned as well.
  7. Same happened at Copehill down last time I was there (a good few years ago now) everyone was specifically told that certain area's of the site were not to be filmed, all camera footage had to be provided back to event organiser for vetting and any footage that included before mentioned areas would be scrapped. Everyone was fine with this and the majority just said "you know what I wont bother filming anything" One lad decided to not hand in his memory cards (all of which would have been properly identified and handed back in due course) got quite the rude awakening when he uploaded those videos to YouTube. The MOD also got a lot of "evidence" for goings on at Stanta which led to some of the shitstorm that flew airsofts way when the MOD saw it (not all of that was video but also the state the site was left in). Me personally - I don't have any issues with people filming whatever they want (providing its within the limits of the site - MOD rules etc) however when it comes to editing videos to make people out to be something they're not that's when I have an issue. Its quite easy to put hit markers over videos where you cant quite make out (because of various factors) if someone has been hit or not and then calling that person a cheater is bullshit. Secondly mocking some poor person by absolutely pulverizing them all for the internet kudos and laughs (AIRSOFT PRO ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS KID WITH BRIGHT GREEN GUN) is also bullshit and in my opinion and not only shows people the wrong way to play (and then encouraging others to play that way) but also shows absolute lack of moral compass and all for what, being famous on the webs for playing airsoft? The whole Trump-esk whinging I see online when people get called out for shit behavior touting "woke/cancel culture" is also a load of horse shit, don't act like a dick and you wont get called out for being a dick. Its as simple as that.
  8. I do this but for another reason - my play style is more on the sneaky sneaky side of things so I tape up on the areas where metal hits metal so its dampens the sound if I am moving about. All my toys get treated as the majority of my RS stuff, its there to do a job. As long as I clean it and look after it and performance doesn't suffer I don't get too precious about it.
  9. Changing to 30rnd mags IMO from 120+ is more about you as a player, if you feel that 700+ is more than enough and you are finishing games with plenty of ammo left then challenge yourself to switch up your play style. I quite often flit between what capacity I have on a given day and especially depending on event. Its especially handy if an event stipulates an ammo restriction that you can quite quickly change your mags to that capacity. If you are just getting a feel for it, like others have said - take a speed loader into the field with you and gauge how that game has played and how you have used your ammo (odin's are extremely helpful in these circumstances) you may find that if your local skirmish tends to do a lot of attack and defend games and you are in an Alamo situation 9 times out of 10 then maybe 30rnd mags wont work for you.
  10. NB lower face protection https://nb-tactical.com/products/ghost-mask-fortis
  11. Recce/Recon squad at a small(ish) battesim - Date unknown
  12. ....and the rest depending which county/force you are having to deal with you could be looking at 2 years before you even get a home visit and even then you may not be granted a cert. I consider myself lucky mine was done and dusted in 5 months. Also a lot of GP's are starting to refuse to provide medical background checks (which is part of the license grant (I paid for mine to be provided privately). Selling shotguns in the UK has become simpler now than it used to be now that the police have moved to an online format. Now its as simple as updating your ticket and informing the police via a website of any sold/bought shotgun (can speak for FAC). Guntrader (while having a data breach mid lockdowns) is still pretty functional in terms of sales, I actually bought a new Mossberg last year and bar the seller taking a while to sort out transfer to my local RFD it was all pretty simple but still more loops to jump through than in the US where you can literally sell via craigslist - not sure if you can still sell firearms on eBay in the US though?
  13. As I say could have just been unlucky but it was enough to put me off buying anymore of their stuff when other repro brands at the time were doing RS repro stuff to a better standard or was cheap enough (even compared to the WAS equivalent) that when and if it did fall apart fixing it wasnt so much of an annoyance. I had one WAS plate carrier that literally just disintegrated in terms of stitching.
  14. Experience - when I first started playing everyone was a WAS fanboy. I used a fair bit of their kit and it just doesn't cut the mustard (literally some bits the stitching fell apart in a matter of weeks - lemon, possibly) compared to other brands and "knock off's" for instance anything made by TMC is a fairly good trade off between repro and RS, same with Crye combat clothing - JK army do a pretty good job (all personal opinion obviously)
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