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  1. Mate that's tame for me... Plus shows the gravity of the rare specimen he managed to acquire.
  2. I'd drag my balls over sandpaper covered in broken glass smothered in salt and vinegar just to drink the rain water that touched that thing of beauty, congrats on the unicorn
  3. By the way (after my post in jest) you can find majority of deals listed in this section of the forum (BARGAIN THREAD) but IIRC we usually have a dedicated Black Friday/Cyber Monday thread closer to the time.
  4. Here is the best place for finding all the Airsoft black Friday deals LINK You're welcome 👍
  5. Time Left: 3 days and 11 hours

    • For sale
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    For sale is a real steel multi-functional glock weapon light w/visible laser, this has been used but in full working order (few scuffs here and there - cant provide more photos if needed) with two spare batteries and two batteries already in the unit itself and the branded case. Fits WE G17 so should fit other bands of the same model.


  6. Considering other pyro is thrown while burning at a ridiculously high temperature tag rounds should be the least of people worries IMO - Saw a lit mk5 land in someones hood at the weekend for example.
  7. Still stuck on finding a mounting plate and RMR for my TM glock 19... links appreciated.

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    2. hitmanNo2


      It is a bit much but you do get the BBU too.  Still, Nova do seem to have bumped up their prices.

    3. clumpyedge


      Think ill stick with looking for the right mounting plate RMR set up

    4. Sawyer


      I'd kill for an MOS slide for my 19, so I can retain proper iron sights, whilst mounting an RMR direct to the slide. I'm really not a fan of these mounts that overhang the slide, push the ironsights back right to the rear of the slide, or have a foresight mounted on them.

  8. Sniping across a map with one though is a bit much 😂 I'm enjoying it, completed the single player the day it came out on realism or whatever the hardest difficulty was and was surprised how easy it was compared to past games. Working my way slowly through the achievements and multiplayer. I must say I'm a massive fan of the M91 and Scar (although I hate Scar's ergonomically) the MP5 is a right beast. Glad the had actual input from retired seals for the single player not sure how much Lucas Botkin (T-Rex Arms) had a hand in what parts of the game but never the less its certainly becoming my favorite game of this year...so far (on xbox)
  9. I had intended on going to this game but ended up very very hungover instead. Glad it was a good day though!
  10. Only ones I use now are Wiley X, they offer a wide range of glasses types from full seal to shooter glasses and more. Hell of a lot less gap (for my facial type) than the revision sawfly's that I keep with me just as a spare.
  11. bb straight to the tip of my finger from an upgraded sniper rifle (around 450 fps) while chronoing the guy wanting to use it.... held the chrono up and before I even got to say fire he had fired and smashed the tip of my pinky finger, needless to say there were a few choice words coming out of my mouth and no sensation in the tip of my finger for the majority of the day.
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