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  1. ... and any other medicine that has had adverse side effects otherwise not presentable from study phase (but I see your point)
  2. Even though Thalidomide wasn't/isn't a vaccine...
  3. The Billet (Ambush Adventures run by Charlie James - nice little CQB site made up of joined up barracks (hence the name the billet) and was superbly run, even with Charlies safety briefs) The Depot (Ambush Adventures run by Charlie James - was just an amazing site and had plenty of space so people didn't bunch up on stairwells) The Sandpit (UCAP, was the best site down south non-MOD Stirling did a few games there with ribs for insertions across the lake)
  4. FYI - JCI comms sell pretty much the same thing, you can also get an AUX in made so you can listen to music etc.
  5. If you have the paper to put down just go with Clawgear or UFPro IMO.
  6. I have a handful of times, its still taking the persons word for it what they are using unless that person with the chrono also carries a speedloader loaded with .2's
  7. Either Nikwax or melt Fjallraven wax into it, will need to reapply if you wash it and also note that using the wax will diminish the materials breathability. from experience and not google
  8. G&P MK46 Two threaded Glock 19 outer barrels 3D printed mount More Tag rounds Troy Industries two point sling
  9. This ^^^ Used to do this to the old TM MK23 mags before even fielding them as they were so unreliable.
  10. Both would taste better if shes decked out in Crye though...
  11. Ares M320 TM Glock 19 Magazine x 2 CowCow 140% hammer sping CowCow SS guide rod set CowCow Magwell Windowonezero M81 Woobie Hoodie FFI Tiger Stripe Set Tag Pro Shell 10 Reaper Rounds
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