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  1. Or they are just repeating crap they have also learnt from other varying sources and not found out for themselves.... Serving people would obviously get bad knees from the weight, were talking airsoft here where people are hard pushed to wear the gear they own for any longer than 6 or so hours (even milsims I would say the same as people slope off for food, drink etc). Me personally, I have a set and I also have quite bad sciatic pain (again this is me personally) since getting a set and running them in my plate carrier its helped with the issues as my PC actually sits where its supposed to and is more evenly balanced after having a long hard look at where and how I had set up the externals, pouches etc. Yes, training plates aren't for everyone but as @BibbsOnTour mentioned they come in varying weights from 1.6kg upwards (and judging by majority of airsofters who carry way to much unnecessary shit anyway people can hardly talk about carrying to much weight). People actually thinking about their kit and setting things up right would barley notice any difference. hell I had a guy this weekend adamant he was taking three guns out to each game, two of which... guess what... stayed by the spawn the whole time. This ^ Instead of bashing the people that do have them or want to run them in whatever weight they choose why not be productive and ask questions about them and what benefits they have found from using them, again yes armed forces wear plates. They also do a lot of other things that airsofters don't do, like tab for insane amounts of hours in blistering heat not only carrying plates but ammo, weapons systems (that are a lot heavier than airsoft guns in most instances), water, radios, food, med kits.... the list is pretty long, so while I appreciate the weight of plates is adding weight to you i would hazard a pretty fucking big guess its not just the plates that would account for knee issues within the military... happy to be proven wrong if plates are the sole reason for bad knees.
  2. When its hot I cant stand eating things like chocolate hence I go for the sugar supplements from the water mixtures. I tend to suffer a fair amount from fatigue if I don't and cramping so I guess it works for me. I know a few people that also do the same and swear by it but I will take what you have said on board as a seasoned professional in your field 😗
  3. Only thing I dont like about the SiS stuff is the taste, I'm still looking for something that is palatable as most things are either way to over powered or just have a hint of taste... then you just have the stuff that is god awful.
  4. Think I'm just doing the camping with a few mates. Definitely wont be playing.
  5. That's exactly what I use or I use the sachet powders designed for running etc
  6. What a lot of people don't realize is they not only need to drink a lot but also replace things such as salts back into their system at the same time.
  7. Ive been to one that did similar, good idea. The game I played there wasn't an option for not taking on water but if you didn't then well I'd suggest its natural selection. Same as any hobby really. If you don't look after yourself then no-one else will.
  8. So I'll be playing airsoft in Sweden in September with a pretty well known Instagram person... should be fun!!

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    2. djben9


      have fun!!, lets hope the RyanAir strikes dont affect you by then..... should be over but you know, with summer hols coming up, they all bloody do it!

    3. clumpyedge


      Luckily were going outside of the summer holidays so should be quiet by that time but only just. Think we fly out 6th September.

    4. ak2m4


      Kim Kardashian? :-)  Not heard of him before but have fun out there

  9. Will find out from him when he opens it up and report back.
  10. So news in from my mate, Using google earth for rough distances out the box on .28's hes getting about 45-50m from it. I think hes planning on changing the barrel and hop rubber/nub but not in the immediate future.
  11. So my friend has just bought one and awaiting delivery from Powair6. They offer two versions the 330 fps for CQB and a 380 FPS I'm assuming they offer as an "other skirmish type" gun. Will wait for him to say how it performs but we are both expecting that changing the hop rubber/nub will be straight off the bat but other than that should be pretty formidable and a contender against the gas versions.
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Dynatex timed grenade - 12g and .209 adapter (sold) Police impact grenade - 12g and .209 adapter £50 each all in


  13. clumpyedge

    WW2 uniforms


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    Two uniforms for sale both were bought as gifts but have sat in the cupboard since and not been worn. First is I believe a 101st jump uniform from soldier of fortune sized medium with 34" w trousers Second (which I believe is original) is all medium with 34" waist trousers. Ike jacket, wool shirt and trousers. £200 for the lot


  14. Anyone know of any WW2 specific Airsoft pages or groups? 

    1. EvilMonkee




      Probably the leading group UK wise - there are some USA based ones too.

    2. clumpyedge


      Cheers mate, I'll have a look

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