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  1. clumpyedge

    The last AFUK Mall event

    For your benefit or our own ?
  2. clumpyedge

    Selling my pyro

    Yes agreed it is, but funny like you say the get shipped from loads of airsoft shops and other shops without any form of DG classification or age restriction. Pretty sure once a primer is in a casing you cant get it out but having said that if I've been doing home loads for my friends .410 if i mess one up I don't tend to try getting a primer out i just fuck it off and move onto the next one.
  3. clumpyedge

    Hate it with a passion.

    Nothing especially wrong with it but.... If everyone on site wants to chrono every gun they have with them the time it takes, takes away from starting games on time etc etc. Every gun we chrono gets a coloured cable tie so if a gun comes out in the field (which we check before entering the playing area) without a tie you'd be asked to go back and get a gun that does have a tie, or to get it chrono'd Generally I just think its a bit selfish to bring anything more than two guns up to the chrono as if there are 90 other people that need to check their weapons then like I've said it also takes time away from them guess it just goes back to player ethics more than anything for me. I've never taken more than two guns to a site and I struggle to understand why people turn up with anything more than three!
  4. clumpyedge

    Any World War One?

    In that case check out skunkworks
  5. Also have a look at legion airsoft
  6. clumpyedge

    Selling my pyro

    ^^^^ this! While some couriers can delivery fireworks/primers/blanks etc they would have had a dangerous goods form completed (or i would hope they would) this would most likely cover them for limited or excepted quantities (if I remember correctly from my dangerous goods training) for ADR. When you order from Fire support for example you have to add on the cost of the postage for dangerous goods as I assume they use a specialist courier (although Ive had pyro delivered from a few stores of which used DPD) I would say your best bet is going collection/delivery to your local site is the easiest way as mentioned above otherwise the cost of posting would more than likely outweigh the cost of the goods. Most blank firers will just use your normal blanks used in many of our BFG's alas if they are used in any form of fully automatic blank firer they are prone to jamming especially the larger calibre blank's
  7. clumpyedge

    Any World War One?

    Care to divulge the bad egg? I know of one guy that builds a few custom guns who off the top of my head may have done an SMLE but i may be wrong, I know he's done a few guns that you wouldn't ever see normally manufactured.
  8. clumpyedge

    Airsoft Questionnaire

    You may struggle to call it anything other than what it is...and it is speedsoft, even if that does take its form from paintball. If you call it what it is (its speedsoft, its called that everywhere else and by trying to brand it as something else might not do many favours in the long run) then you will get the clientele that want to do that sort of thing and not people thinking its something else based on the name. A fair few people have already fallen foul of advertising games as one thing but on the day it being completely different and taking a lot of flack after the fact.
  9. clumpyedge

    Hate it with a passion.

    Again, not a gun per say but.... When a player turns up at Chrono with an armory worth of weapons even after being told that they should only be chrono'ing what they intend to use that day... "oh but I'm going to use all of these so you have to Chrono them"
  10. clumpyedge

    Shotgun Certificate

    I shoot very occasionally these days but when I do its usually on behalf of my friend whos a game keeper for a fairly large estate. Generally if I do get it its clays and targets these days but have done my fair share of pest control for the local farmers who rent off the estate.
  11. clumpyedge

    Large head goggles

    (general question here) How was these rated? is there any form of QC test? Ive always been intrigued by mesh goggles as I think of them much like a motorbike helmet (in that you get shot of it takes a bump/dropped), surely after one hit to them they should either be chucked or have the mesh replaced as a hit to them would surely alter the stability of the metal (micro splits etc)?
  12. clumpyedge

    Opinions/help on a sniping setup

    If you want some more help looking at the VSR range and upgrades etc head over to Eagle6 webpage and youtube channel. They are the masters of all things TM, likewise if you want even more technical help I'd suggest having a look at either the specific threads on here that already exist or getting in touch with longbow bb (jason ferguson).
  13. clumpyedge

    Airsoft Questionnaire

    Read through the questions then saw the last ones about a tournament and made me not want to fill it out.... generally I find that with surveys if you read the last couple of questions that says all you need to know about what the person wants to find out. Tournaments in Airsoft unless its something like 3 gun or practical shooting in my honest opinion is pointless... too many people prepared to cheat to take the kudos of winning.
  14. clumpyedge

    Opinions/help on a sniping setup

    100% this... Ive seen people outplay a whole team just by taking on what I guess some would call the "sniper ethos" If you want to go full sniper, go for it... but I can highly suspect you'll be in the classifieds section in 6 months, Most people don't even bother venturing into the sniping world until they've had a fair bit more experience (especially learning to upgrade your own stuff) your wallet will thank you in the long run if you do a hell of a lot more research into what you want and how you want to play.
  15. clumpyedge

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    Some have said they haven't had to touch theirs for years others have sent off for either repair or service maybe once or twice a year (depending on issue) agreed mate its always going to personal circumstances and what you like/want. Not for everyone but can say the same about anything these days.