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  1. Fair enough, Personally I never really do anything to fancy so I'm happy just paying for that. If I were doing anything with stencils etc id go with Kyrlon as I find the cap is less prone to dotting like the Halfords one is.
  2. Make sure you have a real good think about what you have on your kit now and what you can get rid of. Plate weights are combined on the website so when you look at it its not a weight per plate.
  3. Shame it doesn't have a burst as standard, does it have a bolt lock feature?
  4. Tried the halfords stuff?
  5. Remember when everyone lost their shit over the barrett .50's and soon after they were up for sale on the forums because no-one wanted to lug that piece of crap around all day. Saying that (and I assume that the brand is silverback) silverback do run pretty damn well out of the box from what I've seen.
  6. Halfords also do a brand of flat matt camo paints
  7. I might be biased but I love them, I have three variations of the weights as I use a set for running as well (people run in their spare time?!) for me I like the fact they fill the plate bag properly and also means that the plate carrier doesnt bounce around like I see others do when they start running. It makes you think about anything extra you think you need but don't really and it makes you actually set your plate carrier up properly in the way it sits on your body... nothing worse than a saggy plate carrier. Another purchase late last night, having it changed up to a 10.5" outer barrel and will be building to replicate a couple of my favorite films (although substituting an aimpoint for the vortex strikefire) I don't know if Marui ever made a fixed upper or even if its possible but I'm fine with a detachable carry handle as it can always morph into something further down the line.
  8. I'd settle for a reach around but whatever floats your boat
  9. His was very engineered, you can get the same results using a 45 degree lens out of an element scope and then have get the same results from a 3d printed cage but actually installing it in his old scope was fucking incredible. It is but there's something about caferacing's videos that put majority of airsoft snipers today to shame. maybe its the fact hes not just after kills for his videos and actually shows patients and skill with his shots. Makes for a more enjoyable watch than the monotonous "sniper kills airosft player with MOAB firing sniper rifle from 1000000000000000000000000000 feet away" clickbait shit. KM also uses one
  10. Best airsoft videos of all time have to come from Caferacing in my opinion the best and most original video mounted shooter in airsoft. Some of the things this guy came up with were insane and I'm surprised more people didn't follow suit in the way he changed camera mounts etc. Hit markers while good only mean something if you can actually see the BB in flight and landing on target, there's no point having a video full of hit markers if I can't see the BB hitting. Some videos are so full of hit markers I'd rather be watching videos of the yanks shouting bang bang at each other.
  11. Didnt look at the price just knew they were on there... that does seem excessive, wonder if they come as upgraded or some waffle along those lines
  12. Daves custom airsoft has a few of the AEG's listed above.
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