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  1. clumpyedge

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Get yourself a bottle of nikwax visor clear (used for motor bike helmets)
  2. clumpyedge

    AwA site?

    Roads been fixed again by our friendly farmer Does make things interesting as we try to cater to new players and "seasoned" players to allow everyone to feel like they have gained something from the day and enjoyed it I wont be there then as I'm on holiday but you'll usually catch me marshalling there I work there
  3. clumpyedge

    Facebook Pages For Regular Photo Albums

    Have a look at the Legion Airsoft page (milsim/skirmish/battlesim etc etc etc) organizers, they have some pretty decent photographers attend events and have a plethora of photos online on their facebook and instagram.
  4. clumpyedge

    What you vaping?

    Mr Malts - Flurry (apparently its oreo milkshake but just tastes like biscuits) I smoked for 15 odd years and vaping has made a significant difference to my general health although I know they haven't fully investigated how much better it is for you compared to smoking if at all, personally i feel my health has improved.
  5. clumpyedge

    THE TM MWS thread

    Cheers dude. There goes my next lot of shares sales
  6. clumpyedge

    THE TM MWS thread

    Might be a stupid question but how does an npas work? If I set it for 340fps say and the day gets hotter and hotter will it not go above 340 as that’s the limit I’ve set? whats the general consensus on upgrades and gas to use? I know TM are supposed to be 144a/green gas but I’ve always run red gas without any issues on all my pistols and the mp7 I had
  7. clumpyedge

    THE TM MWS thread

    To be honest it’s the realism that is drawing me towards the mws. I’ve used recoils and loved them, I currently run a systema but I’m looking for a new challenge
  8. clumpyedge

    THE TM MWS thread

    Thanks for the replies, currently considering options between going back to recoils or an MWS
  9. clumpyedge

    THE TM MWS thread

    Whats gas consumption like? never really been into gas guns. Had things like the MP7 and went through masses and masses of gas even on small CQB games.
  10. clumpyedge

    firearms ban after prison

    Agreed. If you are convicted of a sexual act that should mean you shouldn't be able to take part in activities that also include persons that are deemed vulnerable to that person regardless of the type of sexual conviction.
  11. clumpyedge

    firearms ban after prison

    Would actually depend.. for instance MOD sites that the majority of milsim providers use (not sure if its MOD or the game providers that dictate this) that games are over for 18's only (although i know of at least one provider that skirted this as the games were only 8 hour games), so you could still play with someone with a conviction on these sites but a game site where under 18's can play I would assume (hopefully) that it would be restricted for them to play as the sites allow players under the age of consent (12 upwards in some cases)
  12. clumpyedge

    firearms ban after prison

    Interesting, thanks for the clarification. Would an employer not still be under a duty of care to perform those checks to show they are covering their bases should anything arise at a later date?
  13. clumpyedge

    firearms ban after prison

    I think the continuing discussion is a valid one to be having off the back of OP's post, safe guarding players after all should be a priority to the running of a site.
  14. clumpyedge

    firearms ban after prison

    Was it both him and his mrs that walted or just the mrs?