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  1. Cant see the Forum, all im getting is

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    1. Duff






      IM BLIIIIIIND!!!!!!

  2. clumpyedge

    Airsoft Argument

    That's usually the case for me, ill tell them there is no bang rule and try and get the first shot off. other occasions however Ill concede to them getting the drop on me if they are close enough for me not to actually be able to do anything about it. on occasion its happen to be that we've taken a 50/50 fist bumped and both walked off having a laugh over it. I've never had a bad experience doing what I've mentioned, maybe I'm lucky and just played against people that are a good sport.
  3. clumpyedge

    Joule Creep

    This is specifically why I use either cylinders or guns tuned to way less than majority of site limits, technically then I'm covering my arse by doing so am I right in saying that?
  4. clumpyedge

    Joule Creep

    You say that but I've had people chrono at 520 for exmaple on a .20 when using FPS as the measuring scale (before i knew about jule creep) and they went off and said "im going to change the spring" what we actually caught them doing was just using a heavier weight but telling us it was a .20, anyone that comes to the chrono and shoots over the limit we actually check to see what they are doing when they go back to their bench (not openly but we do watch)
  5. clumpyedge

    Joule Creep

    Edited with more info: Apologies, i may have worded that slightly off... what i meant is that it explains the issues i was having. Again though, if the site doesn't have a readily available supply of ALL ammo weights to test peoples guns you are still going on their say so which to me is the biggest safety concern. Not sure how asking a player if you can weigh their BB's will go down and again would be a time constraint on players that already struggle to get to a site on time. How would you go about calibrating the scales to the satisfaction of a player (yes I've had people been that finnicky) its already bad enough when you get a shirty player that is over the limit by our chrono having a pop saying "well it chrono'd fine at home/shop/tech, you need t calibrate your chrono" people inherently get shirty all because they think getting to a site limit means that that is how their gun will perform best not relying on hop rather than FPS. The amount of times I've had the argument that the FPS inst a target, its a limit and that FPS doesn't in fact mean your gun will shoot further.
  6. clumpyedge

    Airsoft Argument

    Agreed, even if there is a bang rule 99% of the time I'd still try and shoot them.
  7. clumpyedge

    Joule Creep

    This is by far the best explanation I've read so far while trying to understand jule creep. My only issue is that if someone runs a gun that "chrono's at 350fps on a .2, for a total of 1.13j, so lets assume the site limit is 350fps on a .2 and this measurement is fine to "pass" the chronograph" could you then say well if you "did" put .40's through its a hot gun so you cant use it? Again everything seems to be on trust, sites are trusting people to keep to their word on what weight bb they will be using to stay in limits, can you imagine a site doing three chrono tests a day on everyone just to try and catch people out that may or may not have put heavier ammo weight in their guns? We do spot checks but you cant get round everyone.
  8. clumpyedge

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    MWS brass nub Mayflower chest rig
  9. Same time frame for me bar the site I work at but I try not to mix business and pleasure so don’t tend to play the site I work.
  10. Yeah that's bullshit, We do as Jedi stated. For the most part its testing to see if a problem player is playing correctly but we have to be fair and do it to a few people to make sure you don't get accused of singling people out, most take it on the chin and don't have any issues with it as they can play on as Jedi also said but others (even though its mentioned in the brief that it can and will happen) get on their high horse and get ratty. Ive had it happen to me on a few occasions, so long as the marshal actually approaches you and is not doing it to you at a critical time of the game then I don't see an issue with it.
  11. We as marshals always try to educate at our site but unfortunately you always have people that either dont listen or think they know best. Having done real steel shooting in various forms I would dream of acting the way some people do with their rifs, I know they are vastly different in what they produce power wise but there is still the real risk of injury or life changing accidents. I agree with you that having a marshal around can stop accidents happening and majority of places do have someone wondering around but again its almost expected in some cases that more experienced players would help out if they see something that is untoward same goes for anyone in general really, they don't have to stop the action if they don't feel comfortable but (and I'm speaking for our safe zone) the area is small enough to find a marshal or management on my site. I think you've been unlucky in where you have played if you cant find a member of staff, having played sites as big as places as combat airsoft in Thetford I've still managed to find a marshal or DS that i could raise an issue with.
  12. clumpyedge

    Airsoft Argument

    after a second of seeing it I didn't think it was metal, still knowing its not in the UK I'm not sure it has to comply with our bend rules.
  13. clumpyedge

    Airsoft Argument

  14. clumpyedge

    Airsoft Argument

    I think the last thing I'd want to see getting into the sport is how many people cheat and how they cheat, but then maybe that's just me. also the person filming is only showing you what they want you to see not always the whole story....
  15. So long as it mitigates the risk of breaking an ankle etc then fair enough.