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  1. My wife asked me earlier before going to the hairdressers "What cut do you think would make me more attractive?" "A power cut" ....was apparently was the wrong answer. - There's something very mysterious yet intriguing about a woman's G Spot. I just can't put my finger on it.....
  2. Any recommendations for a custom patch supplier?

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    2. Gepard


      +1 for stitchmeup.biz


      Think you had a few problems with BritKit when making the forum patches if I'm not mistaken @proffrink ?


      But yeah, finished product is very nice :)

    3. proffrink


      Yeh but go dig up the thread on that.

    4. Canen


      Thanks guys!

  3. Never played outdoors (I do indoor CQB as a staple) and i'm not sure whether rifles get better results with scopes so I can't offer an opinion on that, but what I can say is that I have a mate who uses a beautiful custom 1911 with tracer and a red dot tactical scope (unsure of what make) and the scope seems completely and utterly surplus to requirements, as he always adjusts his aim to the tracer rather than the dot. Personally I use a Socom with a tracer, and as long as the mags are gassed right and I'm not shaking like Ozzy, a "down the sights and shoot" approach has almost always garnered the desired results.
  4. Welcome from a fellow, Manchester based noob!
  5. Canen


    Cracking idea. Thanks!
  6. Canen


    I just started off with the very same Socom for CQB (two toned as I'm currently going for UKARA). I found it very gas efficient (about 2 - 2.5 mags per charge) and although it is quite big I found it very effective and accurate. My only gripe is that the MK23 mags (of which I have five, probably overdoing it there for CQB) don't allow you to speedload from the side as the gap isn't wide enough to get a .25 BB in. The double stacking can also be a pain when manually reloading and between games you find yourself hyperventilating trying to sort yourself out before the next game.
  7. Canen

    Patrol Base

    Seems a decent enough place with plenty of gear in, and not yet had an issue with an order, but my one (and only) real question mark is the amount of "out of stock" items on the online shop. No idea if this is exclusively a Patrol Base issue or if there is just a rush on at the moment. As a fairly green airsofter I'm also not too sure how prices stack up against other places, yet. How's everyone else's experience been with PB? Are there any other sites out there I should be considering as an alternative / parallel?
  8. Canen

    Oh dear

    Really don't know what people's issues are with this place. I've played the game about two weeks, been registered here about five minutes and already had potentially cash (and frustration) saving advice on my 1911 and been made to feel very welcome. I think the person behind the original Facebook post probably needs to take his head for a wobble.
  9. Yeah, I'd heard about this. I really like the 1911 and just hope when I can actually use the damn thing that it keeps its shit together. I raised an eyebrow when I read about drilling the gun; now you've absolutely convinced me it’s the worst thing to do. I mostly use a MK23 Socom with green gas mags and although its entry level it doesn’t leak and conserves gas well. Just hope I don’t end up disappointed by leakage.
  10. You sexy bastard. Thanks so much, heroshark! That's what I'd read on other forums and a few googles, which I was really loathe to do given the quality of the pistol. I'll chuck some cash at it and let you know how it works for me.
  11. The obvious (and unfortunately common) gamesmanship aside in point 1, I find it odd myself. No problem having a quick chat if I've been involved in a 50/50 with some other poor sod, but in-game I'm far more focused on not getting shot in the dick than I am comparing weapons or swapping life stories. Don't know about your game but in mine we do "hit-medic-hit-kill", so I'm far more pre-occupied with getting a medic than chatting. Instance 2 is, err, original.
  12. I can just imagine how much there is to learn out there. I started on CQB so I'm still on "what the £$%^ is a thread adapter?" level of knowledge! Thanks for the welcome guys.
  13. So, I came into possession of the aforementioned beautiful little sidearm a while ago, and I've been dying to use it but it's current FPS is coming back at around 340, which is 10 above my regular CQB site's cap. I googled to see if I could find a way of lowering the FPS below this cap, but it would appear that the options were somewhat limited and involved surgery on the weapon. Before I give up completely, is there anything else I can do to sort this out? Perhaps a part I can buy or a god I can pray to? Please bear in mind my technical knowledge on airsoft guns is limited, as I am new to the sport, so please talk to me as if you were teaching a two year old....
  14. Hey everyone. Canen here from sunny Manchester, logging on for the first time. Played my first proper game (a CQB game) a couple of weeks ago and got absolutely hooked! Got to meet some great people and learn a bit about the sport, hopefully even more now I'm on here! Look forward to sharing in the fun / knowledge! Cheers! C
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