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  1. It is Double Eagle springer so not a good brand and more of a toy than airsoft gun. You may want to up your budget and get an ASG version.
  2. Thank you for the spam reports

  3. Scammer Warning: If a member does not have an advert here, and wants to sell via private email be careful.

  4. Beware of anyone trying to sell guns without an advert in the Classifieds.  Or wanting to reach out via their gmail account



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    2. strykerles


      was one a springfield?


    3. Taiga


      Nope, both my wanted listings are MP5's. The guys name was Dannywill, just copy pasted the same message and changed parts to match my listing. Knew it was the scam as soon as the second one came through

    4. strykerles


      same guy as me, thing was the rifle he offered me was one that I purchased from here a few months ago 😂

  5. Beware of anyone trying to sell guns without an advert in the Classifieds.

  6. Thank you for the spam reports.

  7. Please do not use members' status updates for sales. Use their advert and ask a question or PM them.

  8. Welcome . No problem asking for a lift; if you do not ask then you do not get.
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