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  1. Moderator Message @airsoft angel had already asked for his account to be de-activated, otherwise Moderator action would be required in line with forum rules, specifically: • Be nice to other forum users Treat others as you would like to be treated to yourself. There is absolutely no need to be abusive on these forums. If you are then your posts / topics will be edited or deleted, you may be given a warning, you may get your account suspended, and persistent offenders will be banned. Threatening PMs will not be tolerated. Therefore, I have restricted him from making any more posts.
  2. When I think of good looking externals, it is always Umarex / VFC. Not the cheapest gun to purchase but then they do not look cheap like other brands can. For a wall hangar, I do not care whether it actually works (just that it is not built in china).
  3. @GearTech No idea what a 'bonus ball' is but best to create a topic in the Off Topic section, Off-Topic Discussion.
  4. New members - please read Classifieds rules and create adverts in the Classifieds

  5. Do not go into the deep dark woods... unless you have a torch.
  6. The days when you just had a torch on your gun
  7. With real firearms, the targets scream and die when hit. Pistols are meant for close range, confined spaces, and back-up so anyone over 25m is less relevant. And other weapons shoot from much greater ranges than an airsoft toy. And just imagine if someone was wearing balistic glasses when facing a BB gun 😕
  8. @remus This is the place for off-topic discussions. No need to have a special section or move it higher up the list of airsoft related subjects. If members want to talk about mental issues they can post in this topic.
  9. Welcome . ”Airsoft, so paintballers can have heroes”
  10. Have a (re)read of the Forum rules and Classifieds rules. If you want to sell anything, then make an advert in the Classifieds.
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