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  1. Welcome . Have a read of all the pinned (sticky) topics in each section, i.e.:
  2. As per forum rules, all sale adverts must have a realistic price. You could have posted in the Appraisals section to get some ideas on valuation.
  3. Unless you have adjusted your sights to zero them, it may take a while to figure out where you are shooting, i.e. sight picture aiming at centre of mass but BBs going right by a few feet and missing the target. Depends what you play, for CQB it is often a case of snap shooting at close range and not actually aiming per se. Players' eyepro will effect their sight picture as well. Others just spam the trigger sending BBs in general direction, relying on sheer volume of BBs (and luck) to hit. Outdoors I have a scope to allow me to spot targets, the magnification making it easier to see them.
  4. The forum search tool has a 3 character minimum length. I tried a quick search on the term "srxl" and did not find anything about DMR conversion. Maybe it is not the type of gun to do that with? Using the search term "cm16" will bring up lots of results, may take some time to read through them (something I am not going to do).
  5. Parlay, is more of a guideline...
  6. Recommend hiring a gun for your three games to obtain site membership (and UKARA), and then simply buying a non-two tone gun. Probably best to wait for the pistol and buy one later, instead using the money to get a better M4, unless budget is not an issue. If you do buy a two-tone gun, you can use camo tape as a temporary cover whilst skirmishing. As suggested above, have a read of the UK Law section. The search tool has a 3 character minimum length. Have a read of the pinned (sticky) topics in each section, lots of useful information for new players
  7. I wear a helmet, which allows me to hear the hits to my head Having tripped over backwards and smacked my head off a wall before landing on the floor, I am happy to wear a helmet in CQB for those odds occasions it is useful.
  8. I believe that only Umarex / VFC have the H&K licence to use real trademarks, and TM do not thus have to remove them for the UK market. Nice to have trademarks but if it does not, it is still a TM gun. Using the search tool, has a 3 character minimum length, on word "trademark" brings up this old topic:
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