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    TM HK416D, TM M4 Sopmod, TM SGR-12, TM Mk23 Socom, Armorer Works M712 DL-44
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    British DPM 'Cold War warrior', Grey urban kit
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    UCAP Bunker, The Mall. Also played at: UCAP GreenOps, UCAP Sandpit, Longmoor, Tuddenham, Copthorne
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  1. Hey, I have embraced the 21st Century and moved onto those white BBs instead of the yellow 0.12g ones
  2. Which is why all sites should load an empty magazine (belonging to the player) with the site's own 0.2g BBs at chrono.
  3. That is why you need both a wife and a mistress. Because when your wife thinks that you are with your mistress, and your mistress thinks that you are with your wife... you are free to go airsofting uninterrupted.
  4. (re)read the forum rules, this is bordering (pun intended) on breaking them: • Illegal/Banned Subjects You cannot discuss anything that will help someone break the law in his or her locale. This means talking about: How to evade paying tax on imported goods How to get restricted items past customs How to get restricted items if you are under-age Any other illegal activities
  5. Have a (re)read of the Classifieds rules, and then create an advert in the Classifieds. Select whether Parts or Gear. Simple. Parts & Gear - Airsoft Forums UK (airsoft-forums.uk)
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