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  1. Moved to Off Topic, this not directly airsoft related.
  2. Jedi_Master

    Desert DPM Smock field jackets trousers XL

    Does not look like Gulf War 1 (Op Gramby / Op Desert Storm) kit - 1991 These are a thinner material and have the front rank slide holder and Union flag on the sleeve, so more likely Gulf War 2 (Op Telic) - 2003 and onwards
  3. Jedi_Master

    48 year old from bucks newbie

    Welcome . There are plenty of mature older airsofters here to relate to and share experiences with. The best place to start is with the pinned (sticky) posts in each section, and if you have not yet read the guides start here: The forum has lots of knowledge and advice as well, the search tool has a minimum 3 character length, if you make the effort to look and do some reading of previous topics.
  4. Jedi_Master

    Sense of humour failure

    Could be worse
  5. Jedi_Master

    Hi everyone

    Welcome . You should find some very useful information on the forum. The search tool has a 3 character minimum length, and then just read through the results (or try a different search term). P.S. that has to be one of the best profile pictures to date.
  6. Welcome . Never too late to start the hobby, and the sooner you give it a go the sooner you realise how much fun it can be.
  7. Hoping the Croats beat the cheese eating surrender monkeys

    1. Jedi_Master


      Oh well, that did not happen.  Another 4 years to wait until England get their next chance to repeat 1966 glory.

  8. Jedi_Master

    New Moderators 2018

  9. Jedi_Master

    New Moderators 2018

    me will tha grammer wheeld
  10. Jedi_Master

    New Moderators 2018

    There is only one strong enough to wield the Ban Hammer...
  11. Jedi_Master

    New Moderators 2018

    Thank you to all those who put forward their names as candidates to become Moderators, it is good to see that forum members are willing to volunteer to help keep it functioning. The two new Moderators selected are @djben9 and @L3wisD. I hope that you give them your support as they learn the dark arts of forum moderation. Jedi
  12. Jedi_Master

    Packs in game?

    I use a cloth bag for carrying extra BBs, two if I am using different weights of BB, and have found them very useful. They fit into ammo or utility pouches, or cargo / jacket pockets depending on what I am wearing. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airsoft-Ammo-BB-Bags-/182896065884
  13. Jedi_Master

    P90 need repair

    Moved to Advice & Technical Help section. You will get more help by explaining what is wrong with the motor, etc. Or if you are looking for a technician. Alternately if you are trying to sell a gun, then please use the Classifieds.
  14. Thank you for the spam reports. Another spammer blocked.

  15. Jedi_Master

    do you train?

    And where are the status posts, commenting on random shit all day? That is me... aspiring 7 year old artist