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  1. The search tool has a 3 character minimum length, try a search term and see any results. For example, "courier" brings up this topic:
  2. No, although they could do that. There are scammers out there, not all airsoft related. It is better to let a member PM first before giving out your contact details. Otherwise any public Tom, Dick or Harriet could call the seller trying to buy IF/RIF without being old enough or having a defence. Not that a few members will not also try that but at least you can report any suspicious PM to the Mods.
  3. Forum rules - No CAPS titles
  4. email and phone number removed. Anyone in public domain can see them. Use PM and then give the member your details, it is safer.
  5. The chinaman making the cloned items will not care about patents or copyrights. The customer will get an inferior product. A good enough reason not to buy any Noritsch products.
  6. Sorry for your loss, and to hear that you are having a bad time. Members do use the forum as theropy. P.S. for the love fo the gods, please add some punctuation
  7. @x-Megan-x You would also be better introducing yourself to the forum to say hello and give some background, rather than just trying to start up a group with no information on where you are, what your group offers members, etc. Link to New Arrivals: https://airsoft-forums.uk/forum/11-new-players-amp-arrivals/
  8. @Beardedviking94 This topic is for showing actual pictures of our guns. If you want to discuss a gun you would like to buy, post a new topic in Guns, Gear & Loadouts.
  9. Jedi_Master

    tm Mk23

    You could place an advert in the Wanted section of the Classifieds. Would get more members seeing it.
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