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  1. Welcome . As long as there are no behavioural issues (anger management when being hit by BBs) then it should be all good. Airsoft is generally a friendly community and inclusive. Take your hits, and be sportsman like regardless of anyone else. Have fun.
  2. Cheating cunt. If his pistol is out of the holster he is fair target. Dead man walking has hand raised (or red flag) and weapons out of hands/holstered.
  3. Unless a seller can be bothered to take quality photographs (note the plural) of the their gun, with close up detail then I just ignore them. Someone who cannot be bothered to make the effort to show their gun is also likely to be haphazard in their packing and posting of an item. And make your damn bed, 30 seconds effort to have a plain and simple background without stains and pubes!
  4. Please take all sales talk to PM. DO NOT disclose personal/private details (i.e. email address) on a public forum. That is just asking for scammers and criminals to use the data.
  5. Welcome . Sorry to hear of the theft. You can make a Wanted advert in the Classifieds with what you are after. https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/
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