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  1. Jedi_Master

    Nuprol delta pioneer defender

    <insert> witty / funny / sarcastic comment
  2. Jedi_Master

    SAS in action in Nairobi

    To say that African troops are any good is an understatement. Only exception would be the South African army.
  3. Jedi_Master


    Welcome .
  4. Jedi_Master

    Couple of questions from dorset

    Welcome . As said above, no you can only be gifted a RIF because it is illegal for under 18s to buy or be sold any airsoft gun (Two-tone or realistic).
  5. Jedi_Master

    New to this! Help needed :)

    Welcome . Have a read of all the pinned (sticky) topics in each section, it start here:
  6. Jedi_Master

    Aspiring airsofter from Cheshire.

    Welcome . Remember that airsoft is so that paint ballers can have heroes
  7. Jedi_Master

    Do black broken airsoft guns need a licence?

    Taking black (RIF) guns out in public will make your film realistic, especially when armed response officers turn up to arrest those involved following phone call(s) from concerned members of the public.
  8. Jedi_Master

    Hello from the US!

    Welcome .
  9. Jedi_Master

    Last game that pleasantly surprised you? (Or not)

    Assassin's Creedy Odyssey. I have been of a fan of these games (on PC) for years. The level of detail and graphics in Odyssey is amazing, and it has a great storyline and numerous quests.
  10. Jedi_Master

    Staffordshire/ Shropshire newbie!

    Welcome .
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    Welcome .
  12. Jedi_Master

    Hello There!

    Welcome .
  13. Jedi_Master

    Hey all!

    Welcome .
  14. Jedi_Master

    UKARA Number

    If blue is not to your taste then you could always buy orange or green guns? Get a valid defence (and be over 18) and then purchase your own RIF. Would not expect any member of the forum will help you circumvent the law.