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  1. Welcome . Regarding ages, it will be site specific so you just need to check before attending. At 12 I would expect them to require adult supervision, not a problem because you will both be playing on site together.
  2. Moderator message Actually, no you cannot. Please (re)read forum rules, specifically Be nice to other forum usersTreat others as you would like to be treated to yourself. There is absolutely no need to be abusive on these forums.
  3. But it is a great starter gun! Having folded stock makes you look tacti-cool
  4. What is PTFO? May need a better title description.
  5. I have both mag types; whilst the ASG one holds gas better, personally I prefer the lips on the TM mags for loading BBs as well as its wider side opening.
  6. Be on the forum a few years and it is amazing what information you can pick up . Even more if you use the search function .
  7. TM MP5K? It is a compact machine pistol. Unfortunately out of stock here: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-tm5k-airsoft-gun-aeg May have stock https://www.combatsouth.co.uk/collections/marui-aegs/products/marui-mp5k-high-cycle Landwarrior has the KWC Mini Uzi http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-rifles-pistols-c38/pistols-c42/kwc-mini-uzi-co2-gbb-p2134
  8. Welcome . Rent when playing your 3 games in no less than 2 months to get site membership (and UKARA), and then buy a RIF. Whilst you are renting, do research on what gun you want to buy. Much better than just rushing out to buy a gun, an IF (two tone) gun, when a bit of a wait means you have more options. Have a read of the pinned (sticky) posts in each section, some good information for new players.
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