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    TM HK416D, TM M4 Sopmod, TM SGR-12, TM Mk23 Socom, Armorer Works M712 DL-44
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    British DPM 'Cold War warrior', Grey urban kit
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    UCAP Bunker, The Mall. Also played at: UCAP GreenOps, UCAP Sandpit, Longmoor, Tuddenham, Copthorne
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  1. You may want to add some better quality pictures, buyers like to see detail.
  2. Thank you for all the Spammer reports.  If you think a post is spam then report it, and add word Spam to text.

  3. Removed your mobile number because the forum is open to public viewing. Using PM at least guarantees the peron is a member here.
  4. Moved to Wanted section of Classifieds
  5. Advert moved to Wanted section of Classifieds
  6. @Frank Castle Please (re)read forum rules, no duplicate topics. Posts merged.
  7. For a two tone gun the accepted bright colours are: - Bright red - Bright orange - Bright blue - Bright yellow - Bright green - Bright pink - Bright purple https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-violent-crime-reduction-act-2006-commencement-no-3-order-2007-firearms-measures No, camoflague or white/snow design is not an option.
  8. Thanks for all the reports of spammers.  

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