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  1. Memes, pictures with words. In my day they were called comics 🤣


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Prisce


      He hasn’t evolved much since then, has he?

    3. ImTriggerHappy
    4. Jedi_Master


      finger painting is art too :)


  2. Jedi_Master

    Chill the f#ck out, use more memes etc.

    Great topic.
  3. Jedi_Master

    New Forum Layout

    Too much choice.
  4. Jedi_Master

    New Forum Layout

    FFS. What is wrong with just emoticons? Although a sarcasm, snowflake, and man-up one would help. Animals & nature, and food & drink need to go.
  5. Jedi_Master

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    @Duff just create your own shitpost topic and stop spamming this topic. This is supposed to be about overpriced or unrealistic sales NOT a stream pointless non-banter.
  6. If this/these item(s) sold through this forum, could those involved in the sale/purchase please leave feedback for each other. https://airsoft-forums.uk/index.php/forum/23-feedback/ This is a general message which helps us speed up forum moderation. Thank you.
  7. Jedi_Master

    Hook me up with Comms!

    Do not think so. The law remains the same for PMR and non-PMR radios. Maybe some newer models or updates, and no doubt more china made ones flooding the market.
  8. Jedi_Master

    Painting an IF

    Good idea. Putting camouflaged tape over a two-tone at a skirmish is permissible due to being a temporary modification purely for the game. After the skirmish the tape is removed. Sniper tape is a cheap way to cover the gun for a game day and is then easy to remove afterwards.
  9. Jedi_Master

    Hook me up with Comms!

    I recommend a search, you can find all sorts of useful information.
  10. Jedi_Master

    Joule Creep

    A quick search on term "creep" may help as well:
  11. Jedi_Master

    how to carry two primary weapons

    A sling to carry two primaries
  12. Jedi_Master

    help required

    This is not General Discussion, moved to Advice & Technical Help. A proper title would also help, see forum rules.
  13. Classifieds rules - Airsoft Guns only