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  1. I removed all the comments in the advert, that was not the place for the discussion whereas here is. Moderator Comment All members, please (re)read the forum rules, and remember: • No ArguingDon't argue, if you feel offended by the comments of another user or believe a post is offensive, report it to the moderators, and they or I will be deal with it. Starting a fight may result in sanctions for all those involved. Our first decision is our final one!• Be nice to other forum usersTreat others as you would like to be treated to yourself. There is absolutely no nee
  2. Moderator Comment If members want to discuss the gun, then take it to Macks Airsoft Dreamers topic.
  3. I would not support having eBay listings here. This forum is free to use. There are no fees paid by the members for posting their Classified adverts. However, forum members must follow our forum and Classifieds rules.
  4. Realistic Imitation Firearm, so the impression of whether it looks real or not is with the person viewing it. Whilst it does not look realistic to most airsofters, I expect that plenty of the public would be concerned if they saw it.
  5. Moderator Message If selling a gun, please create an advert in the Classifieds section https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/ And have a read of the forum Classifieds rules
  6. Hi, I’m Rob!!! Looking to get into airsoft and just looking for some advice/ help on how to get started, also to maybe get involved with a team of people who play regular etc.

    many thanks :) 

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