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  1. This is a grey area; it is illegal for children (under 18) to buy or be sold an IF or RIF. Although they can be gifted one. You need to be 18+ to get site membership, and UKARA, which is the main defence for buying a RIF. You can temporarily make an IF into a RIF, i.e. camo tape, for a skirmish and then remove it. Personally I would say converting an IF into a RIF, especially if under 18, goes against the sense of the law. What we really need is an actual prosecution to set case law and help codify the legal precedent
  2. Are you talking about paintball players or airsoft players?
  3. Is the 390 fps on 0.20g BB?
  4. Moderator comment @RINGPULL AIRSOFT I have merged your Kydex topic into this one because we like to keep all retailer/store posts in the same place, and not spread all over the forum.
  5. Mrs Burn (mother of timothyburn01 presumably) has joined the list of fraudsters. Be aware of any emails received.
  6. The delete function does work, your post content was removed. However, we do not allow a topic be removed because some members would delete their entire thread to remove evidence when breaching forum rules or when being an idiot.
  7. If he wants an appraisal then definitely in the wrong section and should not be an advert.
  8. This scammer has been active since at least 25 June. That is when the Mods were first made aware, and banned the new member account here.
  9. The search tool has a 3 character minimum length, read through any results and adjust the search term if needed. There are only a few topics, for example:
  10. May help to actually specify the brand and model of the gun you are after. Then you may get recommendations for retailers that sell that particular gun, as opposed to just a retailer which does vinyl covers. I have seen American sellers for magazine camo stickers, not for a gun.
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