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  1. Jedi_Master

    Ghk g5

    You may want to consider including more good quality pictures of your gun to show its condition and detail, plus some pictures of the accessories.
  2. Jedi_Master

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    @Druid799 & @skintrade Yes, you are the bad guys I have moved the advert into the spring gun section.
  3. Jedi_Master

    A Farewell To BBs

    Christ, 2 BBs per mag, that is going to start adding up the expense of playing the game. If you use 15 mags per skirmish day that means losing minimum of 30 BBs. At that rate after only 100 mag changes you will have used up a whole bottle BBs (using 0.25g Blasters is approximately £7). I am now going to look on eBay to see if there are any bags specifically designed to catch BBs, the initial outlay to buy this BB collection bag should soon pay for itself in no time. This begs the question of a conspiracy between the magazine designers and the BB manufacturers. Maybe it is time to check the deep web and see what the hell is going on...
  4. Jedi_Master

    How many of you prefer tan/fde rifles?

    Unlike some other people I was not going to mention it, or feel the need post anything about Wellington boots either
  5. Jedi_Master

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    Great to see a new airsoft site opening. Safe zone looks spacious and dry, always a plus whatever the weather.
  6. No all CAPS titles when posting an advert, please use normal sentence case only.

  7. Jedi_Master

    An interesting view of airsoft

    Old news and merged with previous topic
  8. Jedi_Master

    RDS Battery help

    I have a DL2032 coin battery in my red dot sight. You could try looking at the battery selection in a supermarket and comparing them to the 2030 to see which could be a more appropriate size. The numbers stamped in the battery are a description of its physical dimensions. The last two digits are the thickness of the battery while the first two (or first for batteries that only have three digits) are the diameter. For example 2032 battery size = a 20mm diameter and is 3.2mm thick. So if the 2032 fits but is too tall, then look for the 2025 which is slimmer. Or is too small try 2332, etc.
  9. Jedi_Master

    Airsoft carry bags and cases

    I have one of these NCS VSIM rifle bags (in your price range), it has straps so that you can wear it like a rucksack and plenty of pockets for kit. https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=8543
  10. Jedi_Master

    Semi automatic shotguns?

    TM SGR-12 is semi auto and worth the money. 3 BBs per shot and TM magic inside.
  11. Jedi_Master

    Brand of pistol?

    Based on the serial number I would say it is by KWA (or Umarex/KWA). The safety catch is not missing, non ambidextrous switch on left side only.
  12. Jedi_Master

    First Greek Youtube Channel

    Moderator message Please keep your general (non-review) videos in this topic
  13. Jedi_Master

    looking for a dmr in Essex

    Moved to correct section - GUNS WANTED
  14. Halloween - remember not to go out in fancy dress with your guns

    1. AshOnSnow
    2. Prisce


      But going out in fancy dress with them is fine?😁

  15. The law is the law, as soon as you go over the legal limit it is not an airsoft gun covered by any defence. What you do in the privacy of your house/shed/workshop is up to you but realise that if you test the gun outside and, for example, Mrs Miggin’s cat gets hit by a BB and she complains then you are potentially opening yourself to more trouble than it is worth.