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  1. I would advise taking a photo of the gun out of the box and showing the condition of the other side as well.
  2. I have one of those metal BB tins for my pre-used BBs. See this topic
  3. It is TM, after all, so probably worth it. I could of course be slightly bias because I nearly spent £550 for that same silencer with attached gun .
  4. That would cost more than many players pay for their gun. The software app would need to have accurate mapping of each airsoft site with correct scaling, not just generic Google map mode.
  5. I thought that it would be cheaper than paintball, I could not afford full medieval armour for LARPing, and Games Workshop was closed on Sundays... Also I overheard a couple of lads talking about "all the pussy at airsoft"; later realised that I had mis-heard them and it was "all those pussies at airsoft"
  6. Please post actual photos of the item you are selling. Using a stock image is not acceptable.
  7. Trading standards and UKARA police need a tip off to stop such shoddy workmanship
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