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  1. True, playing hardcore milsim would mean that you load every BB into your low-cap magazine by hand . It certainly adds a whole new realism and dimension to the game.
  2. Moderator Comment Question on gas merged with this topic.
  3. For your information (and others reading this), the forum does have a handy Appraisals section where you can ask for pricing guidance prior to making an advert. https://airsoft-forums.uk/forum/151-appraisals/
  4. Classifieds Rules - sales and swaps of Airsoft guns only.  No 4.5mm (.177) airguns.

  5. Moderator Message @Joe95 I have removed your advert, due to the pistol not being an airsoft gun. Please (re)read forum Classifieds rules.
  6. I cannot see your home, or any other, number on your profile. If you include a phone number on your advert when you create it, then that is visible if a member clicks on the Contact Advertiser button. Therefore, likely it is operator error and you included your home number in the advert and not the mobile one.
  7. As if by magic https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/item/8834-rare-scp-90-ar70/ One in Classifieds
  8. @Airsoft123 This is the appraisals section, the OP is after members' opinions on the gun's value before making an sales advert.
  9. @Matt1213 this is an old topic. Create a new one for your specific issue in this Advice & Technical Help section.
  10. Moderator Message Duplicate topics have been merged, as per forum rules, as there is no need for multiple topics about this subject.
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