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  1. Thanks mate!! It did indeed, and the build is beyond great, not an issue with it and the condition itself is amazing, I am thinking of doing a video review on YouTube as none exist that I know of Not as much as I thought, the seller was one of if not the best I have dealt with, reasonable and I am very thankful to him for contacting me and making a deal with me
  2. Never thought I would get hold of one, with around only 20 being made, but luck was on my side with this one, a Nato Works SCP-90 the only AR70 variant on the airsoft market at the moment
  3. Sounds like a plan mate! As for chicom I used to have one so from memory both are great, but with this one the poppers on the pouches make them easier to open and access magazines etc. more so than the chicom anyway, but the chicom also felt lighter than this as the metal on a chicom are 0 compared to this and was easier to adjust
  4. After a short wait it arrived! Not bad for the price I paid, the material is great quality and fits AK magazines perfectly, the only two negatives is the leather used has started to crumble already, but I can always replace it with some real leather so wont be a major problem, the only other thing is the amount of eyelets on the shoulder straps, not enough to be able to have the chest rig itself higher up on your chest, but again can easily be fixed, if anyone has some good weathering techniques to get this rig looking a bit darker and not so bright! It would be very much appreciated! 👌🏻 if anyone wants to get themselves a repro style East German chest rig, contact me and I will send you the details of the seller 👍🏻
  5. I changed the price so you can all calm down now 😂😂
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • As new

    My old much loved gas Tokyo Marui shotgun, only selling as need the funds, has only been used to shot targets in the garden, not been fired for a while, it is two toned but being the wood type it should be easy to get off, will ship at an added cost of £15, contact me if interested



    • Wanted
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    Looking for a Zastava M70 by LCT, may be open to swap my Nuprol Delta Enforcer Alpha that has never been skirmished


  8. Thanks for the info mate, very much appreciated :)
  9. That's good to know! Glad you had luck man, it was an order of 500 or more but I was able to order a sample, it was £50 in all
  10. Just ordered this off of Alibaba, my first purchase from the website, a repro of course but with some weathering will fit my Contra loadout perfectly, just depends on what it is like when it arrives 🤔
  11. Thankfully this one if 1 found another of 500......don't really fancy starting an airsoft colombian group 😂
  12. That is true! I have found a perfect looking vest but it is on Alibaba, anyone purchased from them before?
  13. Will do mate!! If I do get it, might not recieve it for a while as from China 😳
  14. Thanks man! Very much aporeciated! 👍🏻 looks like might be the best bet! Thanks again matey
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