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  1. Much preferred the Punisher to all the other Marvel series on Netflix. Season 2 was a bit meh for me but I enjoyed the first one immensely.
  2. Take a picture- ideally a few - and categorise into RIFs and gear, spare parts and accessories and create an advert in the Classifieds. Number the items and list them in the description with details, condition and asking price. State if you are including p+p and fees or include it in the price of the item. https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/submit/?_new=1 Bulk will not sell. There is an appraisals section if you are unsure on what you should set the prices at but typically 2/3rds of the cost new will sell depending on condition and you can drop the price as needed. https://airsoft-forums.uk/forum/151-appraisals/ As stated by RDB there are other websites to advertise on. eBay is also pretty good I've found. May have better luck selling the gear at the price you want on there as people always overpay at auction..
  3. Got any movie suggestions for me to watch on a Friday night chaps? 


    I've spent the last half hour scrolling through recent flicks and Reddit's top 250 and just can't decide.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Canen


      The Madeline McCann documentary is out now. Must be worth a watch...😂

    3. StayOnTarget


      L3wisD is in really deep shit with my wife,he recommended Love,Death and Robots and since then I've done fuck all around the house so to get myself out of the shit I've showed her this post pointing out "not my fault its his". While on the Airsoft field I consider myself a man of honour off the field however is a different matter😁

    4. L3wisD


      Hey! Waitaminute! 😂

  4. I see nothing wrong with that. 5 shots is hardly overkill for a moving target.
  5. I've always been a fan of the FNX for some reason. Not sure of any decent brands tho.
  6. I'd say around the £130 mark. Similar listings I see go for £100-150. I picked up both variants of my CM16s at £110 and they each came with a similar package as yours.
  7. Could just be down to the magazine as @Asomodai suggests. I know you've tried a few types but my CM16 didn't like the 140rnd midcap by G&G until I filed down the lip but it fed high caps fine. Is there any excessive wobble when you insert the mags that could be causing the alignment to be off? Bit of tape on the back of the magwell helped solve this problem with my other midcaps.
  8. @Super64 Regardless you're not shifting those at £40 a pop when you can buy them new for half that, which is why I posted it here. Adjust the price is my suggestion.
  9. Chester mate - complete opposite side of the country haha!
  10. I'd snatch this up in a heartbeat if I lived nearby. Hope it goes to a good home!
  11. The WE G19 feels nice to hold and shoot. And yeah, its a glock but eh.. I like em.
  12. This caught my eye. I thought "wow! £40 for all these is a decent price!". Then I read the description..
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