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  1. Gepard

    Holy crap.......

    Just gives me an internal server error. Can you share a screenshot? Oh, I see it now. Holy crap indeed. Wonder what the prices will be?
  2. Gepard

    Reflex sight or 1x Optic recommendations

    Shame you're not a fan of enclosed sights. The T1 would definitely have been my next recommendation after one of those little reflex sights, which I would still say get a replacement for anyway - yours lasted a long time after all for such a small price! Kind of limiting yourself a bit as to what your options are. What gun are you sticking it on? That Ares Amoeba 008 listed in your profile?
  3. Gepard

    Do g&G gr16 mags no work with g&G wild hog???

    I had feeding issues until I filed down the little lip that sticks out near the top of the mag (on the back). Since then I haven't had any issues. Would recommend trying other solutions before modifying it though.
  4. Sadly enough Euro Truck Simulator 2. Got it years ago and never touched it until recently. Ended up liking it so much I bought all the map expansions and a Logitech G29 with the whole H shifter, pedals setup. Never thought lugging a trailer across Europe could be so satisfying but there you have it.
  5. Gepard

    How many of you prefer tan/fde rifles?

    I like a mix of tan and black. If done right it can look really nice.
  6. Time Left: 1 day and 6 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    I'm looking for an AK-47 with real wood furniture in the price range of about £150. Please let me know if there is anything you're looking to shift.


  7. Shouldn't be any issues with customs. Might get some import duties to pay but other than that you should be good.
  8. That's two tone. You don't have to worry about dismantling it. Just ship it as is.
  9. Gepard

    Gun picture thread

    Free Float Rail arrived. Got it mounted and it's disgustingly nice. I hate myself.
  10. Gepard

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Not anything all that special but I bought a big ol' USA flag in multicam. Got a nice Union Jack one on the way too along with a few bits and pieces for the M4.
  11. I keep AFUK and PornHub on two tabs so that I can quickly switch between the two. Much easier to explain.
  12. Honestly their entire advert history screams 'dreamer'.. Attitude stinks too.
  13. Gepard

    Ghillie Suit Critique

    They mentioned Shock and Awesome in their profile and as it's the only one listed I would assume it's that. Looks like your typical woodland skirmish site. But yeah, a pic or two on-site would help. My advice aside from matching the terrain (duh) is to get good ventilation. Mesh fabric under the arms and on the back is a godsend when wearing ghillies.
  14. Gepard

    Re-spraying my gun now I have my UKARA?

    In my experience Krylon is a pretty good product to use. There's plenty of videos online with tutorials on the best methods to paint your gun. You'll want to prep the gun - making sure there's no dust or dirt on it and clear out space for you to paint in with good ventilation. Tape up the important parts and spray some primer on it if you fancy, or just go straight in with paint. Light coats work best at about half a meter. Spray a layer, leave it 10 minutes and come back to rinse and repeat. With Kyrlon the drying time should be pretty quick but once you're done I suggest leaving it a few hours just in case. Nothing worse than finishing your paint job and getting a nice big fingerprint on it! I like black or black/tan guns personally, but go with whatever you like the look of best.
  15. Gepard

    Airsoft carry bags and cases

    Honestly you've got a bigger chance of it getting damaged whilst out on the field mate. I wouldn't worry about transporting it a couple klicks. With that being said you can always pick up a hard case. I use one by Plano, however there are better brands out there.