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  1. Krylon works pretty well. So does the £4 can of flat brown I bought from my local hardware store. Prep work is arguably more important than what type of paint you use. As for helmet pads.. depends how much room you've got to fill. I use these on my TMC Airframe: LINK Maybe something like this would work better on FAST Helmets. Might want to see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. 1: LINK 2: LINK
  2. Another North West player! We'll soon take over this forum, mark my words.. Check out Alpha55 and Outpost. Two of my locals with great owners and interesting maps/modes.
  3. Long shot but anybody here have experience with computers? 


    Upgraded PC today but it won't load Windows as It's AMD > Ryzen. Will need to format my SSD and reinstall windows on it.


    Problem is when I try and boot from either the windows installation disc or a bootable USB it completes 'loading files' and black screens. My keyboard lights shut down too.


    Not sure what to do at this point. 

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    2. Musica


      it might not be the GPU but that is where I would start.


      remount it all and if no luck you need to either test another gpu in that system or your gpu in another system.


    3. Gepard


      Don't want to jinx myself but ive made progress with the PC..


      It no longer black screens at all in any menu. I can get to the Windows installation part but my keyboard and mouse shut down. From what I gather this is a USB 3 - Windows 7 issue.


      I'm downloading Windows 10 on a bootable USB and am going to see if this changes things. You can still use Win7 keys to activate Win10 right?

    4. Musica


      you can install windows 10 without a key you can skip that part. I'd try your key but it might not work

  4. Was playing back MW3 recently and, during the first mission, the M4 you use has this oversized charging handle latch. I thought it looked pretty cool so I went out and bought one!
  5. Not a dreamer but could you have take a darker picture? You're asking for £300 but can't be arsed to go outside and get some natural light. It could be the best gun in the world but nobody would know because they can't see the bloody thing.
  6. Mobo crapped out on me so I bit the bullet and ordered a Ryzen 5 2600, MSI Mortar and 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM. Figured it was about time I upgrade anyway.
  7. No. Get a refund, save up and buy yourself a WE or Tokyo Marui instead if you intend on skirmishing with it. If you're a new player I highly recommend reading the pinned posts in each section of the forum. They provide lots of useful information and answer a lot of FAQs
  8. Thoughts on this? I've been after a UBR Stock for a while but could never justify the price tag.
  9. Alpha 55 did a milsim styled game back in March. Not sure if there's plans to do another any time soon though. Worth giving them a message on Facebook.
  10. Did you add an extra 0 onto the price tag by mistake?
  11. Is it me or does his £500 uniform look like some cheap Chinese multicam repro?
  12. Seen these on eBay for a few weeks. Will definitely be buying one now!
  13. £20 Chinese clone going for over £100. At least they're generous enough to offer free postage!
  14. Gepard

    Squad PC

    Latest patch improved performance quite a bit for me. Used to be lucky to hold 30fps but now I'm up in the high 90s. Good, solid game - though not for everyone. Like Arma it's sort of a niche genre and whether you have a good time or not is entirely dependant on your team. If you get a shit SL then it can ruin your first impressions and make you want to refund before seeing what makes Squad so great.
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