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  1. You know the worst part is I went back to change that before I posted and it still autocorrected..
  2. Bit of backyard pLinking to get in the mood for tomorrow! (gun is empty, hence the lack of eyepro )
  3. Has PatrolBase ever responded to an email inquiry? I've never got a reply the few times I've contacted them..

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. UKCYukarin


      Yep, call em.

    3. djben9


      i found calling best, sent a few emails in 2015 and haven't had a reply! :lol:

    4. Stevo4345


      I got a pretty quick response from Dayle, customer services, last week. Contacted them through the website messaging system about battery compatibility and chargers. Later asked him to check my order and he replied swiftly, no complaints so far.


  4. Perfectly fine as your first gun.
  5. I run a CompM4 replica on my M4 for the most part. Also own a T1, 551, x4 ACOG and a reflex (which is the cheapest and clearest x1 of the lot). I've tried vertical and angled foregrips but I think I prefer it without if I'm honest. Sometimes run a torch but the sites I play at don't have many buildings for it to become useful. +1 to the velcro as suggested above Just go out with it and find out what you need as you play. Less weight = better when it's 4 hours in and your arms ache because your gun weighs x3 as much because of all the attachments!
  6. Stuff like this can be picked up for about £3-5 including postage.
  7. The LED on my CompM4 replica isn't lighting up when the dial is turned. Cleaned the contacts and tried with a fresh AA and nothing. 


    So I'm guessing it's an electrical problem. Does anybody know if it's fixable or do I have an expensive paperweight right now? 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Gepard


      I don't own one unfortunately, but I think I remember how to use it :lol:

    3. Prisce


      Firstly, you’ll need one of them, a cheap one will do, only really need it for continuity and possibly voltage measurement. 


      Youll have to see if power is getting to the LED, if it is, the LED is dead and a new one needs soldering in. If it isn’t, you need to go through each component till you find where the power gets too. 


      It may sound difficult, but it really isn’t, just take your time, methodically go from the battery to furthest point and work your way in at both ends till you find where the issue is.

    4. Gepard


      Cheers, I'll put on on order 

  8. 1.5mm is the size of the allen key used to remove it. I don't know if that means the grub screw itself is 1.5mm tho?
  9. He mentioned already having another gun on order so I assumed he already bought the gear.
  10. For that budget have a look at the TM 416 Devgru. Everybody I've spoken to that owns one swears by it.
  11. I tried to enjoy it but just couldn't. It's shot well at times but there's a lot of scenes where it just leaves me thinking "What the fuck are you doing?". Acting or writing, a lot of the dialogue just sounds bad. The ending speaks for itself. Just terrible. I don't think it's peaks are worth slogging through all the garbage to get to. To each their own. Glad you liked it.
  12. My LCT AKM is easily the best gun I own. It looks great and feels great too.
  13. Up all night putting the gearbox back together and assembling the AK. Watched a lot of videos and learned a lot this night!


    I'm probably going to replace the stripped gear with SHS 13:1 and correct the AOE but will I need anything else for the gun to run smoothly?



    1. AK47frizzle


      ahaha I did this when I was 14. Get lots of shims. Lots. Of all sizes. A lot of the quietness and smoothness comes from shimming. A good piston seal is great too but not mandatory. My m4 is genuinely quieter than some of the sniper rifles on the field ahaha.

    2. johnnyj


      What make is the gearbox ? , most v3 box's are bomb proof . look at your switch and trolley while your in the box as they can wear out or burn out with none fet'ed guns. 

  14. Stripped one of the screws holding the motor to the gearbox. Any decent ways of getting the bugger out?

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    2. Asomodai


      I have some 14:1 ZCI Advanced gears from AK2M4 in my Cyma P90. Nice and solid, very cleanly made. So much so I bought a 16:1 set to go in the G36 ;)

    3. Prisce


      The rocket ones from ak2m4 are well worth purchasing, got some in my high RoF(well by standard measures) and they are solid and working really well.

    4. ImTriggerHappy


      Siegetek or lonex if your a peasant

  15. Thanks guys. That magwell spacer was a tough son of a bitch. Took me an hour to figure out how to remove it even with a video.
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