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    CYMA M14
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    British Infantry (Afghan MTP & Iraq DDPM)
    UKSF (Muticam)
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  1. Gepard

    New in Doncaster

  2. Gepard

    Cheap red dot

    They're all just rebrands of the same product. Doesn't matter who you buy from.
  3. Gepard

    Cheap red dot

    £22? I picked up this very sight for £3.99 on eBay last year - new!
  4. Gepard

    Custom paint work

    Oof, love that borderlands one! You know one day I'm gonna have to get my glock painted up in the 'Wraiths' skin from CSGO by you.
  5. Welcome! Hope you have a good time!
  6. Gepard

    Ban Hammer - member permanently banned

    Duff's always been chill towards me but I have noticed there's been a few occasions where the conversation have got a bit too heated. If he's been warned multiple times to take it down a notch then that's on him. Surprised it's the first perma ban though. This forum has been active for years!
  7. Gepard

    Recommendations on AEG's.

    If you like bullpup rifles such as the AUG consider the ICS L85. Shoots very accurately and is pretty weighty in the rear.
  8. You can't even get a decent AEG at 50 quid let alone a sniper.
  9. Gepard

    New Member checking in!

  10. Gepard

    NEW Just saying hello

  11. Gepard

    Where to find holster for a Hi-Capa (HX1102)

    A Warrior Universal Holster should work.
  12. Gepard

    Hate it with a passion.

    Pistol M4s turn me right off. Just why..? Honestly looks like a nerf gun.
  13. Gepard

    Got the cash. Advice on first TM pistol please.

    1911 hi capa is good. I'm also a fan of TM glocks.
  14. Oh sweet, we can upload profile banners now. 

    1. Jedi_Master


      Yes, now you can really impress or scare the forum members with your profile.

    2. AK47frizzle


      I think i'm doing a good job already