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  1. Gepard

    AR15 = pistol??

    From what I gather an AR pistol is just an AR with a short barrel and no stock. The gun pictured above should really be designated as a 'Short Barreled Rifle'. There's a bit more into it like is the receiver originally a rifle action or not but I don't know the specifics. The reason people go with AR pistols is to get around the NFA process. edit: Did some digging. Here's a better explanation:
  2. Gepard

    Genuine Gas Masks for Airsoft Face Protection

    @L3wisD I have a loadout. Not that it gets used much nowadays.
  3. Gepard

    Socom Tactical

    There's an existing thread for this:
  4. Gepard

    Gunfire (Poland) / gun-fire.co.uk

    Ah now that's just shitty customers service. Won't be buying from them. Sounds like too much effort to get things right if the unforeseen happens.
  5. Gepard

    Offset iron sights help

    You've got a FTS Magnifier and an Eotech. If you had a scope that couldn't magnify to x1 I could kind of see the point but not in the way that you've configured them. Isn't your magnifier mounted pretty high or is it the angle btw? Looks like 1/3 of it is sticking above the sight!
  6. Gepard

    Realistic/Suitable loadout in your opinion?

    Sometimes I've edited my comments as somebody is typing but as they haven't refreshed the page they don't see the changes. Usually just proof reading tho or clarifying something.
  7. Gepard

    Realistic/Suitable loadout in your opinion?

    Unless it's a milsim where they're pretty anal about matching uniforms just use what you like that's comfortable. In a live fire environment a "realistic" loadout consists of a rifle and body armour. Anything else is dependent on job role and user preference. Don't overthink it. After all it's airsoft not Iraq. Common sense still applies. I wouldn't have guessed you're going for an SAS inspired loadout from your pic. Looks like you're average skirmish gear.
  8. 2 minutes into the Steam Summer sale and servers are already fucked. :lol:

  9. Gepard

    Rainbow Six Seige

    I play now and then. Just never got into it.
  10. Gepard

    BB gun websites - LOL

    Take a shot every time Duck talks about JustBBGuns & Co.
  11. Gepard

    Hi new to airsoft

    Welcome! Have a read through the pinned posts. They provide a lot of answers to FAQs.
  12. Gepard

    Your replies have been merged.

    I was thinking that perhaps if your quote was highlighted the reply beneath it would be easier to see at a first glance. Probably a dumb idea but eh, it's a non-issue for me anyway whatever people decide on.
  13. Gepard

    Your replies have been merged.

    Ah, my bad. Sometimes judging comments with comedic intent is hard over text. Agree with you there mate, it is easier for you to find your comment with the notification. I'm just thinking about others reading the thread. Comments add up and a post can be dragged out several pages due to exactly this. Perhaps there could be a way to implement it where your quote is highlighted in a different colour? Would nail two birds with one stone.
  14. Gepard

    Your replies have been merged.

    How am I wrong exactly? I just don't see how it's better to have 5 separate comments right after another to reply to 5 people when you could format a single comment with the quotes and your reply to each one. It doesn't make following the conversation any harder. You don't have to read the other people's comments (though you should have already if you've been following the conversation) you just need to look for your quoted comment and the reply beneath it. Takes like 2 seconds.