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  1. PC here too. Besides I've heard DayZ is ridiculously broken right now on console. Duping, bugs, lag and you're like two or three patches behind us. Try the DayZ Reddit. Plenty of people looking for a group on there.
  2. Ah, the joys of ordering from China..


    Bought a replica 551 Eotech at the end of last year. Just under a month later it arrives and it's missing the battery contacts. Tell the supplier who say no worries, they'll send a replacement.


    2 months later.. nothing. Contact them again. They say they'll send another parcel. It arrived today, 7 months after initial purchase and I shit you not the contacts for this are missing too. 



    1. Akuma121


      Looks like it's chargeback time

    2. Jedi_Master


      Reasons why I never buy from a china seller if I can help it. Difficult to do though.

    3. Druid799


      I try to stick with non functioning items if I can (suppressors , flash hiders , etc) for these very reasons . 

  3. Depends how much room there is inside. On my airframe I've got half a dozen thick pads like these: LINK and they're pretty comfy.
  4. 1-6x scopes seem to be all the range nowadays. Probably due to the popularity of the John Wick series.
  5. TMC Airframe, but they slide just fine into a cheapo Fast helmet I have too. Again, it's just applying enough force.
  6. You need to apply a fair bit of force to get these replicas to slide in. I find it easier coming in from the front side of the helmet.
  7. You constantly use profanity at work but draw the line on a forum because 'think of the children'? lmao.. Airsoft is a sport based around shooting people with realistic guns. Violence = okay. Swearing = not okay. If they go to school, play games, even just browse the web they see profanity. It's not exactly in excess here and hardly a problem that needs addressing. To be fair you bring up a good point. It's a rule that's not really enforced, so lets just get rid of it. Draw the line on hate speech, racism, etc..
  8. You can't buy an Imitation Firearm (IF) or Real Imitation Firearm (RIF) as you're under 18. RIFs require a defense to purchase in addition to being over 18 years old. Say you got a parent to buy you an IF which, by the way, you couldn't give them the money for it - it would have to be a gift - nobody is going to care that you sprayed your gun. Nobody is even going to know. That being said it is considered manufacturing a RIF which is illegal and I'd never advocate committing an offense. Just use the two tone. Do yourself a favour and read through the pinned posts. They contain lots of useful information for newer players getting into the sport.
  9. I wouldn't trust it 100% but it's better than nothing. It's not exactly designed for Airsoft in mind. As for brands have a look into SISU. If you're worried about losing a tooth it's best just to use mesh lowers, despite whatever reasons you have for not wanting to. I can't stand the things, personally. I just keep my big mouth shut and that's worked so far. I'm sure I'll change my tune when I'm missing half my front row.
  10. I bought one of those 3-9x40 scopes on Amazon for under a tenner not long ago. Works nicely, good eye relief.. Had a look for the seller but it seems they're no longer selling it. I'm sure a quick search could reveal something of similar pricing. After all they're just rebrands of the same product. CVLife, Excelvan, SMK, etc.. eBay often have good branded scopes going dirt cheap second hand so it could be worth having a look there too. Hawke, Bushnell, Vortex, etc..
  11. Yeah, I bought a similar package for much less than that.. Gun, magazine, eotech replica, gun case, battery and charger for £110.
  12. You know the worst part is I went back to change that before I posted and it still autocorrected..
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