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  1. Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    Bolle Trackers were my first pair of glasses. They worked great, but I did have fogging issues. Less so after I removed the foam.
  2. Goggles!

    When you play at a site they will chrono your weapon before allowing you to play. I think checking the quality of eyepro should be required too. An overpowered rifle is just as dangerous as weak eyepro. I don't mean shooting them every time you go out, but having a look at them to see if they're adequate. Usually you can tell just by looking at the rating on the plastic. None of my sites do this, but it's worth a mention right? I do mention the possible dangers of using mesh to players who wear them and some have listened and switched them out. Others just ignored me and continued to use them. I definitely don't feel comfortable playing with people who use mesh as eye pro knowing what a BB can do to them.
  3. Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    Pretty much what Duff said. I've tested all of my eyepro, including my ESS ICE - which is rated beyond what airsoft requires. Why? Because if I've got a product that doesn't work I'd rather find out before I go onto the field. I didn't need to - they all worked fine. But I know it for certain as I've done it myself. Besides, I've got spare lenses if it marks them. If only I took the same precaution with my teeth..
  4. I agree with Prisce. For 2 days I wouldnt spend £200 - especially as their first time as hosts. It sounds like a cool idea though. I have a few questions.. What are some of the things that the company will spend thousands on? Are you at liberty to tell us which company this is? Are there going to be vehicles? What size is the playing area? The people organising this - have they had any prior experience in managing something of this scale? I understand that they're ex-forces, but I'm more interested in the logistics behind all this. Again, interested but would like some more details on what the event will include before I'd put my name down on anything.
  5. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    A black smersh vest with pouches on the sides would look great with that uniform I think. Slap on a balaclava and a K6-3 helmet and you'll have a nice russian loadout to play in. Bit pricey tho.. Maybe a Mk6 with a visor would work as a substitute? This chap seems happy enough with his! There's also the ssh 68.
  6. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    Might be my monitor. Definitely looks like a pale brown with a slight ting of green. It's weird. The pintrest page links to eBay. In some of the additional photos they look more green, in others tan.
  7. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    Depends on the manufacturer but yeah, they're more or less the same colour. They'll all blend pretty well together I reckon. You can always ask for a second opinion before you buy anything.
  8. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    Tan and black mate. Looks really nice to me. Definitely the one I'd buy.
  9. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    Looks like there's a few variants with different camo patterns/colours. As far as I can tell there's tan, black and olive. Tan is a safe bet for chest rigs/plate carriers/belts. Goes with pretty much everything. It is a bit of fashion content for a lot of players to be fair. "Oooh, does this match with that.. oh no, can't possibly wear that - Green doesn't go with the tan you see!"
  10. Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    Point blank range tests are the best. If you still have them try again at half a meter and see if they still hold up. I'd be very dubious on anything at that price - especially from a China - and wouldnt wear them without extensive testing. What's your current eyepro?
  11. New player in liverpool

    Welcome! Glad you had a good time. Have a read through the pinned posts. They contain lots of useful information for new players. Additionally if you have any questions have a search beforehand as these can usually be answered by reading through existing threads.
  12. The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    Now that is a lot of multicam. Christ.
  13. DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    As he'll no doubt read this thread he'll know what to look for. We'll have to be creative..
  14. The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    The pants are in MTP and the vest is some knockoff crap. I just put it there so you could see the difference if that's something you care about.