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  1. I think you've mistyped the price 😄 If you haven't - DIBS!
  2. I'm liking the new forum interface.

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    2. proffrink


      How about now though


      Edit: Nope.

    3. proffrink
    4. proffrink


      Ok, it was Discord doing it.

  3. I've had a MODI JPC for a few years. Still going strong. No rips or tears.
  4. I use one of those cheapo reflex sights. Reminds me of Metro 2033.
  5. Obviously the national guard were just jealous of his gucci airsoft gear.
  6. Why do people on eBay bid up items in the first few days? Was looking at a cheap Red dot sight and it's now £3 less than brand new.. with 4 days to go on the listing. Just watch the item and put your max in at the end. Get it cheaper? Boggles the mind. 

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    2. rocketdogbert


      Shill bidders

    3. Jedi_Master


      Dumb eBay auto bid.  Used to have to enter each bid individually, so they would go up steadily or not. Then they introduced auto bidding where the system will keep adding another until it runs out.  So if two people place their max bid, the system just bids to one increment above the lowest one.


    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      I prefer the Buy It Now listings

      or where people are a bit desperate to sell items...


      Apparently, "do whatever the f*** you want" doesn't mean what I ...

  7. I'm a fan of the Aimpoint CompM4 style. But if it's small and cool looking, T1 or T2 would be my first choice. Or just get one of those reflex sights pictured on the MP5 above for £8.
  8. Have a dig around the forum. Check out the pinned posts. As for sites, I don't think that many are operating at the moment (at least in my area), but you could just Google 'Airsoft sites near Luton' or use https://airsoftranch.com/uk-airsoft-map/ to see what your area has to offer.
  9. Bought one of those mini RMR sights a couple weeks back. Looks pretty good on the Glock and ACOG.
  10. Been awhile since this thread got updated. Here's a CM16 in the Spanish TV series 'Money Heist'.
  11. Seems a little steep considering I bought mine for £20.
  12. If anyone fancies playing Reach sometime let me know. I'm sure I'll be on a lot now that the game is out.
  13. This. Unless you're going the full monty and are trying to replicate an infantry loadout I'd just stay clear of it. The mk4 is really not comfortable for airsoft and the reason I very rarely take it out beyond milsim days - even then I prefer something else.
  14. I don't run it any more, but here's my setup. Just exchange the Mk6 for a Mk7 and add on a battle belt and that's pretty much how I have it setup today. Sorry for low res - couldn't find a higher one. Plenty of images online if you need reference pictures. I just placed things where they felt comfortable.
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