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  1. Gepard

    red dot and magnifier for sale

    3-9X scope is £10 new on amazon. Magnifier goes for about £15 RDS is about £15 as well
  2. Gepard


  3. Gepard

    Aspiring airsofter from Cheshire.

    45 minutes isn't too bad. Lot of players drive much further than that for a game! You should absolutely make the trip for one of their Socials though, especially the Summer Social. Spring Social is in April I think.
  4. Gepard

    Aspiring airsofter from Cheshire.

    Welcome! I live in Chester and I'd recommend either Outpost or Alpha 55 for good sites to play at.
  5. Gepard

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    One of those RVG style grips. Took me a few minutes to understand how I mount it!
  6. How about this chap? Wants £400 for a two tone CA M249. Comes with two batteries, a charger and the bloke is kind enough to chuck an unjamming rod into the mix as well!
  7. Ah yeah that's shit. Few sellers on here replied in the same way to my questions or cherry picked and I just gave up inquiring in the end. Funnily enough those listings are still uncompleted. Lack of communication grinds my gears as both a buyer and seller.
  8. Gepard

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Bought a pair of Emerson G3 Combat Pants for £30. I've also got a pair of unused unbranded G3s as well that'll need to go. Will pop it up in the Classifieds over the weekend.
  9. Gepard

    @Sitting Duck.

    Oh God. Imagine it. 4 months worth of Duck's essay length posts all combined into one big book of Airsoft knowledge. Might as well close the forum at that point.
  10. Gepard

    My Aussie SOTG Load Out

    ¡ɹɐǝƃ ɟo ʇol ɐ s,ʇɐɥ┴ ¿sɔᴉd ʎuɐ ǝʌɐɥ noʎ op
  11. Gepard

    Spacer for 3x magnifier?

    Ooh, gee. I don't know. Wouldn't it just be easier to buy a new mount instead of a specific part? Couple variants here: 1 2 Is it a real steel magnifier or a clone? If it's RS it might be worth contacting the manufacturer or store for a replacement part.
  12. Gepard

    Spacer for 3x magnifier?

    Couldn't you get a 20mm rail riser and use that? This spacer came with one of my RDS. Is that what you're after (a small version)?
  13. Gepard

    Staffordshire/ Shropshire newbie!

    I'm usually there by myself. Definitely recommend Alpha 55 for one of their Social days. Next one is in April but they also do skirmishes every weekend. There's a night game on the 26th if that's something that interests you.
  14. Gepard

    Staffordshire/ Shropshire newbie!

    Welcome! I live in Chester so not that far from you. Outpost and Alpha 55 are my locals. Good sites with good owners!