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  1. you mean these? http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Gas_Pistols_SMGs_Maruzen_Maruzen_PPK_S_New_Black.htm
  2. Gonna try out these jefftron v2 drop in mosfets

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    2. ak2m4


      Ah right yeah I saw them the other day.  As a drop-in solution it's kinda expensive if just buying it to replace what you already have, however if you just want something to fit and go the quality is really good.  So far mines performed really well.  Had one battery it didn't like though and would just not function with it.

    3. AK47frizzle


       I just can't be arsed soldering ahaha

    4. Alicks


      Be aware they can only handle 25rps reliably 

      and if you have it on any setting but semi semi then it will start bursting on semi when pulling the trigger quickly

      this is because the processor cant handle tell the difference between multiple rapid trigger pulls and the microswitch being left open (which is how it works in full auto)

      I found mine very tempermental, and have taken it out now.

      Hope this helps


  3. How so? I regularly visit their shop in Dundee and Sam's always doing great work. Seems to be working a new US order each time.
  4. Time Left: 5 days and 9 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Got an old AEG that you told yourself you were going to fix a long time ago, but can't be arsed doing it and is now collecting dust? I'll happily take them and bring them back to life. Send me the details and i'll see if I want them. Doesn't matter how broken it is, just hit me up; never hurts to ask.


    - GB

  5. Ye, unfortunately, it's still we pot metal which is quite brittle. Reason why I stick to my sru g18c slide now as that thing just doesn't scratch nor break. Might look into their g17 mustang slide. They're actually not that much heavier than a pot metal we slide too. Though, I'm currently looking at the secutor gladius acta non verba stone grey atm. Solely because of the rmr + it's cheaper than a super expensive rmr slide that isn't as strong as the sru slides.
  6. Servicing an APS UAR atm... they really are a piece of shit.

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      eh, they ain't too bad as long as the rube golberg trigger mech is ok. at least it's standard ak parts.

    2. L3wisD


      Well that IS what A.P.S stands for...

    3. AK47frizzle


      Ahahahhhh........... it took 9 hours to perfect shim this thing. Had to mix in some cyma parts. This uar is deadly now.

  7. Time Left: 3 days and 1 hour

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Need one M4 GBB magazine that will fit a WE M4.


  8. Wow. Kid tries to scam by "unauthorized payment" when I have all the evidence in the world. Nice try. 

    1. rocketdogbert
    2. AK47frizzle


      Just one of the things i've sold on prefired a month ago. Out of the blue this morning, he decides to file a paypal dispute with an "unauthorized payment". Unlucky for him, I have: the logs, tracking, and pictures. Responded to the dispute and instantly won within the next hour. My guess is that he tried to play the "oh my account was hacked" card. Sorry bud, but even if you were, that's not how it works. This is why you keep all evidence, no matter who it is

  9. Ye, that's normal with WE mags. You can overfill them and they will spew out tonnes of gas the first few shots. When that does happen, let the mag chill for a bit before firing again and it should be like normal. I think it's due to air already inside the mag when you are filling it. It's hard to drive it out without the gas spewing out first. TM mags solve that issue by driving out the atmospheric pressure inside as you are filling it, as well as the "new" ics gas fill valves. That's why "silent fill" valves are trash. My guess is that nuprol 1.0 has far less pressure, so the difference between the pressure of air and the gas inside the mag is less.
  10. That's mostly normal. However, you can make it smoother. It's a combination of things: the hammer wheel, the recoil rod, and the outer barrel. The hammer wheel gets stuck rolling on the blowback housing. If you polish the contact point with sandpaper, it'll make it run better. Alternatively, a hammer bearing is a more permanent solution. 8mm bearing if you stick with the WE frame. 9mm if you mix it with a TM spec frame. Though, I'd recommend 9mm for reliability. The pot metal recoil rod doesn't like moisture and corrodes very easily. You need to keep that part lubricated or it'll slow your slide travel down. Alternatively, you can buy a steel rod with a 150% spring which is better for longevity. The flat part of the outer barrel contacts the top of the slide, and it can get stuck if the outer barrel doesn't depress fully. Solved by lube mostly. Put a dab on top of the outer barrel and rack the slide back a few times. If you have done all that, it should work like this: I have since gone back to using a TM spec frame. But, you can see that it doesn't get stuck in middle no matter what. I have a 9mm hammer bearing inside and a cowcow stainless steel rod with a 150% guarder spring. 150% is only slightly stronger than the stock WE spring.
  11. Time Left: 5 hours and 45 minutes

    • For sale
    • Used

    2x WE CO2 mags that work as they should. Some signs of use. But, nothing massive. The one on the left has an enlarged SAI baseplate as well as an RA Tech steel cap which screw in smoother than the original cap. £40 posted.


  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Pretty much brand new WE green gas mags for glocks. £33 posted.


  13. KJW are actually legendary for customer service. Actually replied and I got a replacement part for cheap $$$$$$$

  14. Time Left: 5 days and 11 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Reluctantly, up for sale is my incredibly beautiful MDT LSS sniper rifle. I need to fund my other ambitious projects. It is a gas sniper rifle, meaning it takes a lot less effort to cycle the bolt compared to spring. This allows for a much light and faster cycling rate. From skirmishing, the body has some light markings. The bottom of the outer barrel has noticeably more markings from resting it on branches. Upgrades/Accessories: 455mm 6.04 Maple Leaf Crazy Jet barrel 60 degree Maple Leaf yellow bucking 1x Action Army 28rnd CO2 Magazine Real steel MDT ergo flat top grip Replica MFT Battlelink stock Replica Harris bipod Hawke vantage 2-7x32 AO scope M4 buffer tube sling point (customizable, including QD mounts) Original ergo grip supplied Original 500mm barrel supplied This gun has an adjustable FPS through a screw in the bolt. The maximum fps is 480 on 0.2g with the original 500m barrel. Currently, it is around 350 fps on a 0.36g with the Maple Leaf barrel. The hop up adjustment is a straight TDC through the rail, making adjustments on the fly super quick and easy. With the Maple Leaf barrel and bucking, this gun can shoot relatively straight at 80m targets: The maximum range is probably around 85-90m; I have not tested that yet. One a single CO2 cartridge, this gun can shoot 56 rounds (two mags) consistently before the power begins to decline. Realistically, it can shoot 3 or 4. However, I normally change the co2 bulb after two mags worth for maximum performance. I should also mention that a small portion of the outer barrel has been cut on the underside because King Arms used some notoriously strong thread lock which made it genuinely impossible to twist open. This does not affect the aesthetics, however, since it cannot be seen. Postage is not included with the price. It will be an additional £15 through Parcelforce 48. Pickup can be arranged if you can travel to Edinburgh. I'll even throw in a Solognac rifle case for transport if a pickup is arranged.



  15. What battery are you using? A 7.4 lipo should make most guns 8-10 rps like you want. If you are using one and it's not doing that.... then your gun's motor is probably doggo shitto. My M4 has 16:1 gears and an asg ultimate basic motor, and that is doing 22 rps. Your biggest upgrade to rps would probably be the motor first. Though, the first step should be cleaning your gun: factory grease is terrible most of the time. That should up the rps a bit. My M4 also has an m110 spring which is churning out around 348 fps with a 0.2g. I am also running a maple leaf 60 degree macaron bucking. How much pressure is being applied from the hop also affects the fps. Since AEGs don't joule creep much at all, you can afford to turn up the hop and use heavier ammo if the fps goes past 350 with your m110. I just remembered while typing this text, I did actually have to cut my m110 spring by about one coil. This reduced the fps by about 10. You may need to do that. So, a new motor and cutting your m110 spring a bit will most likely solve your issues. Honestly, you should do it yourself. Unless your site does it for free, I really hate techs that overprice simple modifications like £30 for a spring replacement (HINT HINT LANDWARRIOR).
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