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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Ares Striker Knee Capper in excellent condition with 2 mags, 2 suppressors, and some upgrades: CSPB stainless steel piston Maple Leaf 310mm Crazy Jet Maple Leaf 60 degree MR bucking Action Army Striker hop unit Stalker Panthera cnc nub Guarder SP150 spring Additionally, I have made a 3D printer suppressor for it, out of Polymax PLA, which is shorter and significantly lighter than the stock one supplied with it. There is an issue: around 1 in 4 shots hook strongly to the left, so it's a hop/barrel issue that I can't be bothered fixing due to other commitments. Other than that, it shoots around 2.15-2.2J with 0.45g and goes damn far when it works. Weighs only 2.1kg with mag and 3D suppressor. Will also come with all the original parts that were taken out for the upgrades. I should also note that it is essentially an AS03 model that has a one-piece cylinder. However, it has a teardrop cut in it to reduce the fps. This has been patched with clear tape and hasn't been an issue since. £200 collected around Edinburgh or £215 posted.


    - GB

  2. It could be an SRC like duck said. My initial guess was the KWA 2GX M4 but the two tone of the stock is different. Could also be a G&G cm16 carbine but we won't know unless there's a picture of the other side. If there's no brand marking on the other side either, then... open it up I guess and check what the gearbox says.
  3. With good quality material, yes. Though most 3d printed airsoft stuff i've seen by ebay sellers and similar use cheapo shitto.
  4. Seems i worded what badly. What I meant was: I buy from TG, but only if i'm confident that it's what I need and cannot find elsewhere in the UK. Returning internationally is just a pain in the arse in general.
  5. When I returned to TG for the one time (arcturus AK), I bought a UPS label online and arranged a pickup. It was like £30... I've made myself a rule to never buy from taiwangun unless i'm adamant I will not return it if it goes wrong. So ye, i only use it for parts and some pistols.
  6. Because it's not that wide range. Even though you move the bevel and motor up and down, they have only one optimal position where they mesh the best, and most people want to achieve that before anything else because it's the most important drive. No other gear mesh has more impact than the bevel and motor. So it makes sense to get the most important one first because everything else is easy after that. Obviously, it may not work all the time, and that's why you'd adjust it to compromise. But in general, pinion to bevel meshing is the critical one you want to get right for efficiency and longev
  7. I should probs have updated... It's going really well atm. Just waiting for a few others to have a go and write down their final thoughts before I move onto the next phase. It currently looks like this atm after some developing: Still need to work out: grip (fits into v3 gearbox now, just need to work out a good shape) stock (old stock in the photo doesn't work well with new body design, still working that out) top rail (idk where to place atm) selector (old AK style isn't going to cut it, need new idea) And no, those are no
  8. You could go cz sp01 or shadow 2. Asg make mounts for them.
  9. It's just young competitive people playing airsoft in the most competitive way... And no, there isn't a link to cheating; there are just as many salty adults as there are children. Young people aren't that good at teamwork, so my take is that they equip themselves to be as efficient as possible to make up for that.
  10. Personally, I hate white lithium grease. Silicone is ok. But, I use this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Synthetic-Grease-Syncolon-Purpose-Lubricant/dp/B000XBH9HI Or "syncolube" if you've heard that name before. It was recommended for 3d printer but I've found it works great for airsoft too.
  11. Most aegs can shoot 60-70m with a maple leaf hop on 350 fps, costing like... £8?
  12. Damn, looks kinda cool. Made by wingun so should be really nice as they have good track records for revolvers. If it used the tm system with an internal magazine of 24rnds or something, I'd consider getting one.
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