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  1. I think I will go with the 9A91. I message Sam and the sr2m will take a substantial amount of work and money for it to have a semi auto feature. Shame. 9A91 it is unless another beauty pops up :)))))
  2. Time Left: 4 days and 9 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Good condition rail with outer barrel. Barrel nut included. Price includes postage.


  3. Time Left: 4 days and 9 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Good condition mlok rail with matching length outer barrel. Barrel nut and wedgelock are included. Price includes postage.


  4. Hm I've eliminated the SR3M. I feel like that will feel generic and boring after a while. I also feel the same for that vssm even though it probably is the ideal pick. So, 9A91 and SR2M left. 9A91 has this rail too: https://www.kula-tac.com/product-page/tactical-rail-handguard-9a-91-npo-aeg So, big plus with a potential peq box. Gonna do some research on aep gearboxes.
  5. So, i'm very much in the mood for something of high external quality and unique. I've narrowed down to these four: https://www.kula-tac.com/product-page/sr-2m-veresk-npo-aeg https://www.kula-tac.com/product-page/sr-3m-karden-npo-aeg https://www.kula-tac.com/product-page/9a91-without-suppressor-npo-aeg https://39bullets.com/airsoft-rifles/vss-m-bastard-npo-aeg So... justifications? 1. 9A91. The choice I am leaning towards currently. Compact, light, side rail, standard v3 gearbox. Man, it has everything going for it. Only concern is battery space in that handguard.... 2. SR2M veresk. Looks great. Even smaller and compact than 9A91. But, at the cost of having an AEP with full auto only........... I can visit sam from kingdom of airsoft to get cool stuff done on the aep gearbox, but the full auto only worries me. 3. SR3M Karden. LCT version disappointed me. This one seems much higher quality in externals and finish, and also much lighter. Solid fall back choice. But... 600 euros... and sling is also on the wrong side for me. So, gonna have to do something about that. 4. VSS-M "Bastard". All the features I have ever wanted on an as val. This would be a slightly more practical option compared to the SR3M because it actually has a sling mount. Haaaaaaaaaaard choices. Ignoring performances, which would be the best aesthetic and practical version to you?
  6. Hmmm, ye. Arcturus really isn't that great. I think i'll invest in something from kulatac. Need something with great externals.

  7. Ahh, did all that stuff before. A lot more things go wrong than right compared to a 1911/hicapa. Almost everything has to be steel otherwise it fails. The APS co2 mags do work the best. But, they are the biggest pains in my fucking arsehole to refill mid-game.
  8. Ye, you need to really hammer it hard. It's a pain in the ass. I hate the gun in general :>>
  9. AK47frizzle

    SA58 OSW

    Time Left: 2 days and 5 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Any chance of these laying around? ASG, Classic Army, or a custom one?


  10. I don't think it's made by nuprol; probably just distributed by them. I mean, nuprol have WE under their belt too. The glocks seem we compatible, rather than tm with the concave gaskets. Hm, hard to say. I think they'll be decent tbh. MIght even try one out because they look guuci as fuck.
  11. Arcturus AK06. Took a punt with the 20% off on taiwangun. I'll be gutting it out and replacing most of the innards. Mostly in it just for the body design ahaha.
  12. Damn this maxx hop chamber is next level. Other than that, stuDYINGGGGG

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    2. AK47frizzle


      Solder kits are like £10-20 on amazon ahah. Great investment.

    3. Lozart


      Great units, aren't they?

    4. AK47frizzle


      Tbh, the best part about it is the c clip which has an extrusion to slot into the underside of the barrel. If only other hop chambers had that.

  13. They are a lot more simple than you think; it's just a moving bolt that hits a few reset buttons each trigger pull. It's just mechanically demanding due to forces exerted. But ye, pretty much every cheap gas blowback pistol works the same way. GBBRs are just larger scale gas pistol internals.
  14. literally just something like this: https://wolfarmouries.co.uk/ace-1-arms-rmr-red-dot-sight-with-mounting-screws-airsoft.html One nozzle has a smaller diameter than the other, which means the larger one outputs more fps.
  15. https://shop.jkarmy.com/guns-modify-hidden-semi-auto-selector-for-tm-model-18c-rmr-cut-kit-set.html There are probably some other diy stuff but i've forgotten
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