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  1. It's incredible how people have used this exact video in presentations and now the "whirl valve" has assimilated into common knowledge when it is just a gimmick from G&G, the guys that have been historically known to make dog poo poo pistols.
  2. It's defo a bit whiny but tbh no one will really care and I would personally keep it like that (partially because it's a nuprol). In all my years airsoft, the only gearbox that has failed me outright was a nuprol m4 gearbox. The teeth on the gears just exploded. And, other gearboxes did not fit into the gun without modification due to some metal tabs getting in the way. I remember they also have microswitches which also makes it non standard. By far the worst m4 I ever had.
  3. Hm i'm having a weird problem where I cannot access the forum through the browser as it keepa going "IP address cannot be found". But if I go through my email and click to see and inbox message, it loads fine. Any ideas? 

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    2. AK47frizzle


      @ak2m4YOU'RE RIGHT WTF


      Damn I never noticed

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      I'm guessing the owners changed it from .co.uk to .uk last couple of days as it was listed as .co.uk in my favourites.  The old .co.uk is now completely deaded... ahh the joys of domain renewal and change

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      Funnily enough I can’t access the forum through the free BT wi-fi in work but no problem on mobile data . We used to have sky cloud and no problem but BT ? Nope not having it ! 🤬

  4. I have the raider 2.0 and it is really light at just under 2kg without a mag. The firehawk should be good too if you want shorter. I personally can't advocate for augs since I hate the balance of bullpups (I prefer pulling the weight up from the front). Ares and Specna are OK, but G&G have by far the best reputation of them all for low cost and good performance.
  5. Try northwestcerakote. Smaller scale one man band (i think) and I got my cz75 done there and it was pretty good and fast.
  6. Of all the co2 pistols I have owned, I have not really seen a difference between co2 and green gas in terms of materials used and "reinforcements". This only applies for metal pistols. With the CZ series, the co2 will wear away the mag catch, especially the for cz75 and shadow 1. For the shadow 2, I only briefly had it but it others have said the mag catch improved on that version. But ye the cz series will hold up to co2 easily. So no need to worry about it. The ones you should worry about are pistols like glock 17/18/19 etc because the metal is thin where the recoil rod goes through on the slide. That is the only pistol slide that has ever broke on me from using co2. The glock 34 slide with the thicker front fairs a lot better. So all in all, if there's a co2 option for the pistol, it should be fine. Just watch out for thin metal parts like glock 17 slides as pot metal won't hold up to that abuse for long.
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    need gone asap VFC M40A5 Gas Sniper Rifle. Package contains: 3 Mags Hawke vantage 2-7x32 scope Spare custom CNC nozzle 3D printed hop levers Around 250 Geoffs Super Precision 0.48g Upgrades include: 590mm Maple Leaf 6.02 steel barrel Maple Leaf silicone 70 degree Autobot 3D printed hop arm made by myself (3 in total) Looking for £260 + 15 p&p. Has adjustable fps bolt so it can work in all weathers. It is heavy but still a lot of fun to play with and performed very well.


  8. Well, the mag catch will wear off with co2. The metal is still rather soft. Still better than we though. It's still my best performing pistol to date (i've had countless) function wise with gas and snappiness. Accuracy and range wise it's only ok because the stock barrel and hop and not really interchangeable (the tnt one kinda works, but not really any better).
  9. With all the maple leaf stuff and a nice barrel, and at around 1-1.1 joules with 0.25s or higher, 60m should be easy. It's what I regularly try to get with all the aegs I have had. Anything less is not enough for me unless the power output is not quite there. People forget that 50m really isn't that far.
  10. Steel barrel and trades I believe. Not really worth imo. The stock kjw one without trades is even cheaper at around £100 if you can find one. The coating on it is the same on all versions and tbh it isn't that great. I got mine cerakoted in silver and it's much better.
  11. Yes, I occasionally go pistol only in woodland games. Best performing one I had was the kjw 1911 on co2. Was amazingly accurate and worked decent in cold, misty weather.
  12. "Can't promisse any money at start, but we would share agreed percentage on the finished products" I really think you need to rework your business plan before you take someone on board to make stuff for you. If I was a candidate, that kind of phrase would make me run away faster than a speeding bullet. IMO, it's either you pay them upfront for their work or it's nothing. Because, as you said, it's risky and you've not shown that there is market potential for these kinds of products. So if you do happen to take on some talented person on an agreed percentage, and the business flops, that talented individual has worked hard and wasted much of his time for diddly squat. After all, it is your dream, not theirs. For most airsoft/robotics projects, python should be adequate and there are a lot of free learning resources out there.
  13. They're ok, but nothing special. Had one of their M4s before. The recoil is noticeable but it's just a kinda feels like a rubberband being pinged at you. Looking at patrolbase atm, around 350+ for one of those things. I can't really say i'd recommend it. A TM recoil M4 has much nicer externals.

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    Everything you need to be fast af on the field. Includes: FRV Tailoring Coyote Shooters Belt size 30 (not for fatties unfortunately) 2x HSGI LT Pistol TACO 2x HSGI LT AR TACO 5.11 Flex Medium Pouch Warrior Universal Holster 10 extra HSGI clips All spare bits that came with the parts are included. Looking for £200+10 p&p


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