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  1. Orga 6.23 in a hpa/co2/gbb good or a fallacy?

    1. proffrink


      In my experience somewhat of a fallacy - surface finish matters more than bore diameter and I believe that for next to the same money a PDI 6.05 will serve you better, but I know of people who use them to great success.

    2. AK47frizzle


      haha found this 


    3. proffrink


      Don't tell anyone that my opinion has changed :( Mine worked really well but up against the PDI stuff I own I've begun to see they're about the same and one is brass (and one is steel); one doesn't have a long pedigree and the other does, so that would be my reason to putting the PDI above it in the long-run. Also on Daytona Gun they (Orga wide bores) make a lot of sense in the MGs to be less prone to jamming and to reduce muzzle energy without hampering cycling, so with that specific set of circumstances I'd probably recommend one. I still use an Orga wide bore and Prometheus in that MG for those very reasons.


      So in short: Is wider diameter any better? No. Will they perform just as well as any of the other top tier brands? Yes.


      I've used heavier weights in a 6.05 with flat hops and R-hops to great effect. I believe the notion at the time was that the BB bouncing less on the walls (due to being cushioned mre by air in a wider bore barrel) would produce a more consistent stream of BBs when using anything above .25s, but I've not seen this. I don't think there's much of a consensus on the matter though as you're looking at a small subset of people who bother using .30s, .32s etc. and flat hop/R-hop and use a wide bore

  2. uhhh.... so i tore one of the limbs off the lipo battery itself... is it done for? I can see some solder on the end of it so many it can be fixed but I don't have access to those tools atm.

    1. Iceni


      Personally I wouldn't.

      It can be done, but I personally don't think the risk (eyes, face, hands) outweighs £15 for another.

      I'd chuck it in a pan in the garden, with the lid on, and take it to the tip at the first opportunity.

    2. Druid799


      Agree with him self , for the sake of £10-15 not worth risking your self doing the repair AND the extra risk after when charging it or the risk to your gun from a potentially knackered battery ? 

  3. Been searching for one where did you find it?

    1. AK47frizzle


      Skirmshop, they may have one left.

    2. EvilMonkee
  4. Got my maple leaf 50 degree and nub which works great. Though I had to use a plastic hop up chamber because the madbull 3 in 1 won't accept it...

  5. Is there a huge difference between 0.4s and 0.45s in sniping?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AshOnSnow


      If you use 0.4s, you may as well just stick to .20s in your pistol, there'll be no difference in range or accuracy.


      If you use 0.43s or higher, the quantum toricelli effect comes into play and you will find your BBs will be like slicing through the air on rails for upwards of 150m. That's how the youtubers get those super long shots - with 0.43 and higher BBs.

    3. Prisce


      Where’s your sarcasm emoji gone Ash?

    4. AshOnSnow


      I texted Flt Lt. Obvious first and he confirmed such characters were not necessary for the post in question.

  6. AK47frizzle

    Battery chargers - what are you using and why?

    Good ol' b6.
  7. AK47frizzle

    Hate it with a passion.

    Hi capas.
  8. Gosh, I love looking at boneyard stuff; you never know what hidden treasure you might find.

  9. I personally use Airsoft-club as my goto for parts. Would highly recommend, so have a look there.
  10. AK47frizzle

    Need Help to choose a gun

    With that budget, you can defo afford tm high cycles which are a lot of fun and practical too. Can choose from m4, aug, mp5k or ak spetsnaz. Check yt vids of them, pretty cool stuff.
  11. AK47frizzle

    Would Airsoft be bigger in the UK without ukara?

    Na, it is just advertised wayyyyyyy better than airsoft. Another big selling point to casuals is the kill confirmation that paintball naturally possesses. Whereas, in airsoft, you have to use this perplexing, baffling term called "honesty". Paintball is pushed very hard into the public with stalls everywhere asking you to sign up. Even in my high school and university had peeps who were assertive into giving you their leaflet as if their lives depended on it.
  12. AK47frizzle

    Would Airsoft be bigger in the UK without ukara?

    Do you want chavs running around parks with black guns?
  13. AK47frizzle

    One-hand/compact shotgun

    SMG? MP5K? Easily one handed. And no, a shotgun pistol doesn't quite exist yet although I wish a raging judge did.
  14. AK47frizzle

    WE G18C Upgrade Advice

    As much as I love exotic pistols like the WE Desert Eagle, I do not think it would be a great choice despite how much I want it. So, with that being said, I decided to go for the WE G18c just because it has fun mode and can keep up with co2. Yes, I will be using co2 as the scottish weather isn't favourable. I do think I will use fun mode a lot, therefore I will need to invest in quite a few upgrades to which I need advice for. Here are the upgrades I think I will need so far: CO2: https://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/we-g-series-co2-magazine.html AMG bulb for reduced cooldown and efficiency: https://www.specshop.pl/product-eng-15466-AMG-Antifreeze-Cylinder-Bulb-for-WE-G17-18-19-34-AW-G-02.html AMG valve for reduced cooldown and efficiency: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/amg-high-output-valve-for-we-glk-series Maple leaf for range and accuracy: https://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/gas-blowback-parts/we-pistol-parts/Maple-Leaf-Glock-Hop-Unit-And-Inner-Barrel-Set.html Optional that I want: http://boomarms.com/shop/item.cfm?id=ACE-RD-RMRBB-FG&curr_code=HKD I am wondering what other internal upgrades I will need to retain durability with co2. I am also wondering what aesthetic changes there are to make it look more spicy, maybe like a bronze/silver colour slide taht can also house a red dot on it, or some other snazzy externals. I did a bit of research on fps with co2 and apparently it's more or less the same and adding the valve may boost it but i'm not sure by how much.
  15. Can an npas take 5 fps off a gbb? Say from 355 to 350? Yes, some guns are a real bitch.

    1. GemsHD


      Yes, what GBB is it?

    2. AK47frizzle


      WE desert eagle which can fit an npas in it. It fires at 355-356 fps apparently as i've seen in multiple videos so I was wondering if an npas is precise enough to reduce about that much to 350 which is most site limits for pistols.

    3. GemsHD


      If it fits the NPAS then yes... but if it'sd firing that close to the limit I'd suggest swapping to a lower powered gas, it would bring it well within the limits, especially when it's hot!