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  1. AK47frizzle

    SRU Slide WE G18C CO2

    Time Left: 6 days and 13 hours

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    I'm simply just not a glock man; ugly ass bricks despite how they perform. This here is my WE G-FORCE G18C with some upgrades: SRU SR18 7075 aluminium grey slide SRU Glock threaded outer barrel (can split in the middle for easy install) Guarder 150% recoil spring Guarder enhanced seer torsion spring RA TECH steel cap for CO2 mag Notices: It comes with a standard WE glock barrel and hop up chamber. For an extra £25, I can include a maple leaf chamber + autobot hop + I key + 6.04 crazy jet barrel set. It comes with a single 25rnd CO2 magazine which clocks in at around 340-350 with the standard WE hop up chamber and around 300-310 with a maple leaf crazy jet barrel installed. One CO2 bulb can easily last 3 reloads even in winter weather. During warmer weather, it can last just over 5 full magazines with reasonable spacing between your shots. Full auto DOES NOT PROPERLY WORK with CO2, simply because it is too violent for it to cycle properly. Semi auto however, is perfectly fine. I say "properly" because it does work, but only under certain conditions: if you press the trigger very lightly until the point of actuation with full auto on, the gun will fire in 2-3 shot bursts. OR, until the CO2 is almost empty (last 20 shots or so) where the pressure of the CO2 is low enough for full auto to cycle until it is empty. OR, to solve all these problems, just use a green gas mag. Unless you can collect in Dundee, postage will be £15.


  2. Whelp, lost faith in Airsoft-club. Ordered an m4 stock like two months ago, didn't come. Paypal disputed, no reply. Escalated, still no reply and today I finally got refund automatically from Paypal's judgement due to them being afk 😕

    1. Druid799


      Well bugger ! exactly same situation with me back in the summer over a G&P M14 heat shield . Had thought at the time “just a glitch” but apparently not nd over the yrs bought a fair bit from them .

    2. AK47frizzle


      ye same, they were my goto for parts but not anymore

  3. AK47frizzle

    Bit of a problem here....

    So a while ago, I purchased a second hand King Arms MDT LSS off Leicestershireairsoft. It's a great gun and I love it. But, something still bugs me: They advertised 3x mags: https://gyazo.com/f4b41c6165606313525a128dcce014cc However, it came with 2 hpa tapped mags which is not what was advertised. I've called them and the bloke on the phone told me that he'd check the ad and if he confirms that it was not as advertised, he'd send 3 gas mags to me. This was 7 weeks ago. I've emailed them numerous times asking what is happening with the gas mags, but i've never had a reply. I want to dispute them at this point but i'm not sure how: the transaction with done using "worldpay" and god dammit, I can't find a way to dispute with their garbage system. So i'm sitting here now wondering what to do. I could call my bank (Santander) and see what they could do but that's all the solutions I can think of atm. I was wondering if people could advise me with this before I try the bank call.
  4. AK47frizzle

    WE Big Bird M&P slide problem

    I had this problem with my g18c: it was the valve reset knocker at the side of the trigger box. The spring under it was a little mangled, so it was obstructing the movement of it which led to the slide being stuck in the middle due to the friction against it. Might be different on the m&p but i'd recommend checking that part out.
  5. AK47frizzle

    Airsoft Youtubers

    RIP Khanseb's channel.
  6. What's a good lower face mask that doesn't hinder aiming?

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    2. AK47frizzle


      I did see but unfortunately I dont want to want a fabric around my head to support it

    3. Druid799


      You can get those cloth/mesh ones for half the price on Fleabay , all I ever use unless I’ve got my skid lid on with a solid face piece .👍

    4. heroshark



      I did see but unfortunately I dont want to want a fabric around my head to support it"


      If that's reference to my gear I do many setups which don't require a snood. like below. I also do it with a strap and other attachment setups with varying styles and coverages bespoke to your needs.



  7. AK47frizzle

    What gearboxes will fit in an Ares AM-014?

    it should just be a standard v2
  8. There is an SR-2 Veresk going to be released! But, it's NPO:(

  9. Got my kwc makarov and it's pretty fucking cool :) We'll see how long it lasts.

    1. AK47frizzle


      Well, the gun is solid but the mags are trash af. Out of 4 capsules, only 2 properly worked and the other 2 didn't pierce properly. Gonna try sort that out. Or maybe it's the cartridge quality of the co2 i'm using (milbro).

  10. AK47frizzle

    Silverback SRS Sport

    Fack I might "need" one myself
  11. Supposed i'll keep the my Novekse and pimp it up some more, but i'm defo getting rid of the glock 100%, that brick is just beyond ugly despite the reliability.

  12. Small in-house 15m LSS sniper rifle test with 0.2g. I'd say satisfactory :D Can't wait to see what it does with .45s. 20181202_142854.thumb.jpg.3e2935ff33c3aaff699bbc77191c41c3.jpg

  13. AK47frizzle

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    ........................ KWC Makarov
  14. How good is this grouping? Seems doggoshit. Gun was resting on a chair.20181130_222139.thumb.jpg.44c71b095fe7e6a41c2034061002c8f3.jpg

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    2. PT247


      that is pretty poop for just 10m if stable

    3. Asomodai


      I dunno. Assuming its a GBB pistol rested on a chair leg, i'd say it was OK considering. Most people would put the pistol in a vice instead to gain a better idea. 

    4. jcheeseright


      At 10m that's pretty turd.  You should be looking at more like a 50p size group at that distance for a well set up gun. 

  15. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Trying my luck to see if anyone wants to trade their Guarder G18c slide for my SRU G18c which is in good condition. Just want a change in aesthetics. The SRU slide is valued higher.