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  1. hmmmmm semi auto and 10 per shot. I can see that getting banned. I actually think what will get it banned is the use of m4 mags. If was pump action and 10 per shot, it would appeal more and get less... flak Design is extraordinarily ugly though.
  2. The cyma version is more popular and probably has more information about it
  3. https://jdairsoft.net/kwc-airsoft-blackwater-bw1911-r2-16rd-co2-blowback-pistol-magazine Lots of places have them in stock. A very common pistol.
  4. Most g&p stuff is pretty nice. I've had a madbull noveske gen 3 receiver for 4 years now and it's still in excellent shape after so many skirmishes. Also have the madbull noveske rail for 8 years now and barely has any marks somehow.
  5. Mostly stock barrel you get on pistols are pretty terrible quality. I've had so many we glock barrels break on me. I bought a steel gunsmodify one and that was the end of the breaks.
  6. rip my local site, gonna have to search for another that doesn't require a car
  7. An sr2 actually exists and it's made by NPO. Was tempted to buy one in the past but it was only in full auto... tbh, not really much point in using an aep gearbox since the pistols with them are pretty much as compact as things get, albiet with low power.
  8. All plastics are polymers ahah, it's just typical marketing where they go "UBER REINFORCED POLYMER" that makes you think it's a specific material.
  9. Some wild cards you could look at are the KWA 2GX G36c and the SRC gen 3 G36c if they are still around. Not sure about their compatibilities but those two were pretty popular choices back in the days, especially the src.
  10. In my vast testing, a we g18c with a co2 can last 5 full mags, not in the cold though. Similarly, an emg sai blu with g18c internals and a WE g35 slide netted 133 shots (close to 5 mags): Idk why but the we g18c system is pretty efficient, even though there are more parts and is heavier than the g17 system. Weird stuff. Most co2 pistols can get 100+ shots on a single cartridge (kjw 1911, kjw cz pistols, even kwc pistols) TM HK45 can get 100+ shots in a max gas charge. WE CT25 is also surprisingly very efficient (50+
  11. Ye i'm mostly catching up with people to get their final reviews of the first test. The model the 2nd test is almost done, just need to refine the selector and allow compatibility with mp5 hi caps: https://gyazo.com/8b80fc4a99738cec16102413aa3fdb7f On the side, i'm working on a modern tec 9 to fit on an m4 (was originally an actual tec9 upper for an m4 as a commissioned piece but i'm decking it out more): https://gyazo.com/565d9a13529844461da1224237ad09ff
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Ares Striker Knee Capper in excellent condition with 2 mags, 2 suppressors, and some upgrades: CSPB stainless steel piston Maple Leaf 310mm Crazy Jet Maple Leaf 60 degree MR bucking Action Army Striker hop unit Stalker Panthera cnc nub Guarder SP150 spring Additionally, I have made a 3D printer suppressor for it, out of Polymax PLA, which is shorter and significantly lighter than the stock one supplied with it. There is an issue: around 1 in 4 shots hook strongly to the left, so it's a hop/barrel issue that I can't be bothered fixing due to other commitments. Other than that, it shoots around 2.15-2.2J with 0.45g and goes damn far when it works. Weighs only 2.1kg with mag and 3D suppressor. Will also come with all the original parts that were taken out for the upgrades. I should also note that it is essentially an AS03 model that has a one-piece cylinder. However, it has a teardrop cut in it to reduce the fps. This has been patched with clear tape and hasn't been an issue since. £200 collected around Edinburgh or £215 posted.


    - GB

  13. It could be an SRC like duck said. My initial guess was the KWA 2GX M4 but the two tone of the stock is different. Could also be a G&G cm16 carbine but we won't know unless there's a picture of the other side. If there's no brand marking on the other side either, then... open it up I guess and check what the gearbox says.
  14. With good quality material, yes. Though most 3d printed airsoft stuff i've seen by ebay sellers and similar use cheapo shitto.
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