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  1. Misfeeds are usually due to hop up chamber alignment or a nozzle issue with the gearbox. The whining noise is generally caused by gear grinding from poor motor height or shimming.
  2. AK47frizzle

    SRC CO2 MP5

    Looks cool want a mp5k version And there are other gas versions available too
  3. Dude, I dreamt that I had a bullpup kriss vector and vividly remember gangsta firing it sideways wtf

  4. AK47frizzle

    WE gbb pistol prices in UK

    Yes, I did. Can't be arsed with waiting and customs + easier to return and get support.
  5. Full black glock or two tone with grey slide?

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    2. AK47frizzle


      cuz i may invest in one of these: https://www.evike.com/products/74238/

    3. AshOnSnow


      Once you go black, you don't go back.

    4. Jedi_Master


      Do not listen to Roger, tan is the path to Hell.  Grey is good though.

  6. AK47frizzle

    Custom Novekse M4

    Time Left: 1 day and 14 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Alright, HOLL UP son! It's a biggie price tag, I know. But, allow me to justify before you slam me with your dreamers talk: I've decided to sell this as i'm really not an M4 fan. Even though this works and performs like a dream, it just doesn't have that "oomph" for me sadly. I'll probably regret it but i'm too curious to not do it. Plus, I want to build my next crazy project. This is not your average M4 and purposefully built to vary from the norm. It has been skirmished a few times and is quite the head turner due to the way it sounds and looks. It also has been maintained very well, though a few scratches on the receiver are apparent which is to be expected. This gun is simply perfect for both cqb and outdoors. What this package will come with: Gun 5x 180rnd Socom Gear L5 magazines 1x 7.4v 1300 mAH nunchuck style battery Not risking it Red dot sight w/ riser External parts: Madbull Noveske Gen 3 receiver set (distinctive flared magwell) Madbull Noveske 7.25 Inch free float rail Madbull Noveske 7 Inch stainless steel outer barrel G&P stubby grip G&P T1 style red dot Dboys buffer tube Dboys EMOD stock 2x Imitation RSA sling mounts 2x Imitation MBUS 2 sights Special forces suppressor Magpul PTS MOE grip Ambidextrous M4 mag release Dytac BCM Gunfighter charging handle Internal parts: ASG Ultimate M4 gearbox (AOE'd, shimmed and air sealed to perfection, 343-347 fps on 0.20g, 20-25 RPS depending on battery) ASG Ultimate Basic Motor Gate PicoAAB Mosfet Laylax pinion gear Prowin M4 hop up chamber (o-ring seal on internal barrel) Maple leaf 50 degree bucking Maple leaf curved hop up nub 6.03mm Madbull Steel Bull 363mm barrel Parts alone costed around £900, so this was not a cheap build at all and is pretty much one step below the highest tier of AEGs. Some potential issues: This gun is effectively hitting around 40m with a 60m max range which may not sound optimal. I highly suspect it is the Madbull barrel as I have changed hop combinations a few times and with the process of elimination, the barrel is most likely the perpetrator for the "average" range with a maple leaf. So I would recommend a barrel upgrade if you want to push that range and accuracy further. As seen in the pictures, there are some scratches around the receiver, most notability the body pin on the ejection port side. There is no body pin for the gearbox because I found it completely unnecessary and a pain to punch out which resulted in a bit of scratches on that area. The sides of the stock are held together by a twisty tie because I lost the original screw. Nothing major as it isn't that visible, plus, the best way to put in a battery is to remove the stuck and shove it in the stock. There are some black marks on the "silver" Noveske outer barrel due to colliding with the rail a few times upon assembly. Nothing major but it's there and could potentially be cleaned up. On each of mags, there is some wear on the area where the mag clips onto the receiver. This is nothing that affects performance or is something that majorly affects the aesthetics but is there because it naturally carved to fit inside the magwell of the body and onto the mag release. They all feed flawlessly otherwise. That's all the problems that I can think of at the moment so that you know what you're buying. Here are some videos of test firing with a 1300 mAH 7.4v battery @ 3.8v per cell: Dry fire: With BBs: Payment will be via Paypal. We can arrange a meeting to collect if you live in Dundee or are willing to drive there. Otherwise, it will be another £25 for delivery to cover some of the cost of postage and the delivery box. Delivery will be 1st class tracked and signed. I will not be sending the battery as I do not want to risk it getting seized.


  7. FUCKING BRILLIANT:20181009_110435.thumb.jpg.151cb249df9189c03cd19450fce9715d.jpg

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    2. rocketdogbert


      G17 or 18? CO2 or Green Gas?


      Not that it matters, did you buy it new?

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      i'd say green gas going by the mag in the photo, and i'm making the presumption that the op wasn't stupid enough to put something like co2 in a green gas mag.

    4. AK47frizzle


      Na, I give. It is partially my fault for using co2 mags even though it was only at 310 fps. It is a mixture of it being a lemon slide + me using co2 which apparently, invalidates their policy.


      There is still something to said about milspec customer service though, because whilst they aren't wrong, they've taken a reach douchey way about it claiming that it is their first time hearing about slides breaking and not dealing with it just because it is not a "known issue".


      Can't win this, just time to move on. I wouldn't be able to return it anyway because I was retarded enough to pass the gas mag on. Ah well. Guess i'll be looking at new slides.

  8. AK47frizzle

    An interesting view of airsoft

    I simply don't understand the appeal of being pretend soldiers at all. That's why I just have plain outdoor wear and a vest to hold my necessities. I care much more about the technicalities of the pew pew power.
  9. Where do you go to check your or other people's Ukara validity?

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    2. L3wisD


      Frank at Fire-Support is my go-to for this.

      Always happy to help.

    3. AK47frizzle


      Do you just call them directly?

    4. L3wisD


      Pretty much.


      Ring Fire-Support, tell them you're selling a RIF 2nd hand and you'd like to verify the other guys UKARA.

      He'll ask for the UKARA, their name and postcode (so be sure to get this first) and then let you know if it's valid.

  10. So... not really a review but: they don't work well with co2 at all. Why? Well, let me break it down. The rocket valve. A spring-less design that in theory allows for quicker resets and higher outputs to increase efficiency in cold weather or just in general. Why does it not work with co2? Well... uh... it doesn't actuate. I suspect the pressure is behind the valve is so high that it just cannot be struck with a normal trigger. Even if i did mod it with a strong trigger, i'm not sure if it would be a good idea to release so much co2 pressure in one go. So, that's a bummer. Secondly, the antifreeze bulb. This lil shit kinda works but also underwhelming at the same time that in end, might as well use the stock bulb for better results. Why? With co2 and the antifreeze, at 13 degrees celsius, it brings the initial fps higher than the stock plastic bulb. But, it greatly reduces the lowest fps possible before running out of gas, the cooldown effect is somehow more prominent and the amount of shots it can take with a single co2 capsule is lower. Allow me to explain: @13 degrees C w/ co2 and the antifreeze bulb, the first shot was 350 fps with 0.2g. Within the next few shots, they hovered around 330 and by the 25th shot, it was around 308. That's not great but not too bad either. However, the problem with the bulb arises with repeated mag use with the same cartridge. The fps doesn't recover at all: it continues to drop and drop all the way down to 191 fps on the 73rd shot until all the co2 exhaled from cooldown. Bear in mind, this was all in semi auto with spaced shots and a considerable pause in between reloading. When I say it doesn't recover, I mean, it never does as in: the fps always goes down and the next value will never be above the previous one. Compared to the antifreeze, @13 degrees C, the stock plastic bulb begins at 320 fps on a fresh co2 capsule. The first mag hovers around 310 before finishing at 290 by the 25th shot. But the thing is, the velocity can hover around or be greater than the previous value for a while as in: the third shot can be say, 310 fps, then the next can be 312, 314 and so on. Which means the stock bulb can hold its consistency much better than the antifreeze with co2. Onto the second mag, the fps recovers and again, hovers at around 310 before a bigger decrease to 272 fps. Third mag as follows to which i began spamming semi faster: 312, 313, 303, 309, 309, 306, tout, tout, tout, 271, 262 and held around there. This carries on until the 5th mag where the first shot began at 255 and dies around the 13th shot at 228 fps. So, with the antifreeze, it goes from 350 to 191 fps in 73 shots @13 degrees C. With the stock plastic, it goes from 320 to 228 in 113 shots at the same temp. At a higher temperature, the stock bulb with co2 can go through 5 full mags on semi on a single co2 cartridge as I have tested before. But, without evidence so take my word for it In conclusion, don't bother with AMG stuff if you intend to use co2, as it hinders more than potentially increase the performance (if the rocket valve worked). I would like to test the amg stuff on green gas and compare to co2 but I just sold my only green gas mag HA. Which means that won't happen anytime soon. Although, I personally, I think it would hold greater consistency than co2 at a higher temp but be worse off at a lower one like 13 degrees C. This was all tested in the space of a few hours in the morning, and yes, 13 degrees C is fucking cold for an indoor house.
  11. The glock hop up is genuinely one of the worst designs ever 

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    2. AK47frizzle


      I have it, but it's still bad. Inconsistency in pressure makes it lop sided

    3. PT247


      really? My WE G17 shoots for miles and miles with fantastic consistency. What bucking/barrel you running?

      are you using the I key?

    4. AK47frizzle


      Yes all maple leaf and it still isn't straight at all. I might get some pliers to pull the arm out a bit 

  12. AK47frizzle

    Fitness / Phys. & Supplements ?

    Teddyboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Just make batch meals and go gym ya chubby coont
  13. K, so WE co2 mags do just a little over 4 25rnd mags on one co2 cartridge with the lowest fps being 321. I can imagine it only being better with the upgrades i'm about to do to it.

    1. AK47frizzle


      Ok, new maple leaf barrel, hop and bucking and it shoots 320-300 fps consistently now from 360 avg wtf

  14. AK47frizzle

    WE 25rnd Glock Magazine Green Gas

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • New

    Came with the pistol but I have no intention of using green gas ever, so just gonna quickly pass it on to someone who wants it. Not a single BB or a smidgen of gas has been through this mag, so it is as fresh as it can be. Note, it has an enlarged base plate which means it will stick out the sides at the bottom. Delivery will cost £3 unless you are in Dundee in which we can arrange a meeting.


  15. AK47frizzle

    HUGE Dilemma here...

    Damn, was hard and had to contemplate for a while. The final decision is: without sadly. Flair is great and all but there were 2 determining factors: Mag needs to be slapped in hard for it to lock with the magwell which means when I was testing it, the mag actually fell out a few times which would be embarrassing on the field. If theoretically, at one point, some film production crew comes along and asks me to make a scene with the pistol, the flaired magwell would look dumb as no real glock has that kind of silver flair sadly. Sadly magwell fans, it has to go