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  1. Item arrived today..no fees added...😁
  2. I bet they're gonna sting the crap out of me,can't get the part on the UK although you can by the tool??No UK spares,Park Tools if anyone knows,bike stuff.
  3. BTW that is a Sir James Saville imoji isn't it...------> 👩‍🦳
  4. On the other hand once UK customs gets involved,a bike tool from the USA btw and the journey started on 30/10/20..
  5. Perhaps they have low stock and are stalling.I got mine in the usual time.Ordered on Sat' 31/10 and was warned that they wouldn't process until 03/11 ( that's new for me??!),but then on the Monday it was all processed and despatched,arrived Thursday 05/11th.
  6. snuff


    That'll explain it....👩‍🦳
  7. snuff


    Cyma pre-radius their Platinum range...
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • As new

    Noveske Shorty 10.5 gen 4 with silver edge gearbox.I bought this during the first lockdown and played with it about 3 times,approx' 5000 bb's.Nice and light metal construction,fires well.Very quiet I was told more than once on the field.Range is good.It has a silver egde 5 funtion gearbox,which I've tested but never used on the field.Semi,auto,3 and 9 shot in various combinations. As new boxed with mag,lipo,generic charger and BB's. Full techy info-->https://wmasg.com/en/articles/view/9548 Price includes fees and postage.


    Windsor, Berkshire - GB

  9. snuff

    Hop Units

    Thanks for the advice,I'll check it out and test it before I mess with it.
  10. snuff

    Hop Units

    Is there much noticable benefit from going standard plastic to cnc hop unit?No issue with the std atm but we MUST fiddle...
  11. snuff

    Hop Units

    Yes M4.Just curious,there seem to be more CNC rotary's available.I may change it out as it's plastic atm.
  12. snuff

    Hop Units

    Can you replace a standard hop unit for a rotary unit?Thanks.
  13. My brother has DMR'd his AEG and now the battery dies really quickly.Prior to this the battery was fine for 1/2 day's play. Is there something else he needs to do or is the battery just not good enough?Thanks.
  14. Agree as above it's your responsibility to indicate death but also remember you may be crossing a "live" field so the odd extra is a thing,no big deal.I usaully just rest my hand on my massive head if it's a long walk and I'm tired.I'll admit it does make me giggle when people complain (scream) about the extra odd shot during a walk.
  15. Seen it but more so in Paintball. There was a player that did it constantly at Absolute in Maidenhead,we got wise to it after a few sessions and made sure evreyone knew to shoot him if he was mincing around.Do see it ocassionaly but once used it is done for the day normaly. The only issue that I can see is the impact on newer players,they would be less inclined to shoot a walker not displaying elimination whereas seasoned players would be happy to check. Cheating or not?I've never really thought about it but I suppose it keeps you on your toes. Armbands not on arms..GGRRR
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