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  1. We've had 2 out of 2 do it and both new.
  2. I used my Cyma Platinum M4 today and my m8 said has it cracked,to my suprise it had.He asked because his had done the same only worse.Mines been back to TG due to a firing issue so I don't really want to send it back.Fires nice but not what you'd expect.Looks like it may be a common issue.I've not dropped mine or bashed it against anything.I'll just have to see if it worsens.
  3. Would be interesting to see what the journey entails now.UPS tracking is great.
  4. I was just thinking of household juice that you could use for the odd removal.
  5. Surgical spirit,in everyones medicine cabinet...I think.
  6. With a 240min recording life,that's good.Most never achieve their target in reality,be good if this does.Not a fan of integral batteies either.Still rate Runcams as "starter" cameras.
  7. I don't recall seeing any being added to builds and I've never bought an AEG with one included,either new or used.Someone with more knowledge can propably tell us why.
  8. Same as above,management is the key.We swap batteries over during the lunch break,none of us has cooked a battery yet.Various sized 7.4's.
  9. Silly question here but do people cripple lipos?.I tried one of those alarms when I started using lipos was a PITA and would alarm at sustained auto fire due to the draw.
  10. There is a lot of discussion over taxes,fees,etc,etc on FB. I just opted for a practice order and discovered that their delivery (UPS) price to us is reduced although minimum spend is £140
  11. No not yet,lockdown poncing around.Feels pretty solid though.Bits rarely fall off,they just get broken off normaly.P.S I ordered mine from Hong of Kong via Ebay..we're in no rush and a lot cheaper..☺️
  12. Had the same issue,there are offerings on Ebay,I opted for a QD sling mount and a set of rails.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ASG-Airsoft-Keymod-Key-Rail-Set-3-Piece-Metal-Black-18511-Scope-Mount-Torch/133525582902?epid=1669852297&hash=item1f16beb436:g:2bwAAOSwO~1fTLIY
  13. I've viewed a few vids on YT after posting the above.If you're sniping you may need a specific camera or one wiith specific settings that differ from a "normal" use camera.With a normal you run around and get a FPV hence mounting on the head.With a sniper you could better mount it on the gun and set the lens to view farther.I know you can get various "gun cams" with different power lenses but I never looked into them as I wanted the close action to be in focus.GL.
  14. I mount mine on my head.When It was mounted on my gun I got too much Floor.TBH I doubt it,you need to zoom it for that I'd guess.
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