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  1. snuff


    Time Left: 5 days and 15 hours

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    Still looking for a Vintorez,any condition as I plan to set it up as a sniper.. Be honest ,I don't want to spend too much as I doubt if I'd ever get my money back and would get stuck with it,seems they ain't too popular..thanks.


  2. snuff

    Wycombe Airsoft 11/08

    Pictures from yesterday https://www.facebook.com/skirmishwycombeairsoft/?ref=br_tf
  3. snuff

    Wycombe Airsoft 11/08

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but it seems silly to open a new thread,just a quick review: The site was well run from start to finish, with a good introduction with a comprehensive but not OTT safety brief. Marshalling was top notch with any issues dealt with promptly(newbies lifting masks...😨). The games were mixed and ranged from attack/defend to fallback and others. Food was top notch,they have proper kitchen facilities including a breakfast menu. Only 28 players including 6 rentals..it seems everyone enjoyed themselves,they have massive plans for improvements as some of the structures were in need of attention although the terrain needs no help it is varied and differing for a smallish site. The low numbers may be due to confusion that the site had shut down,anyway for £25 incl' dinner it's well worth it IMO.
  4. snuff


    Not being facetious but is a licence for those similar to a dog licence nowdays considering the circumstances of our limited usage? As I said I didn't realise about the power restrictions,I thought the concerns were only over frequencies..
  5. snuff


    http://blog.radiotronics.co.uk/2015/11/pmr446-frequencies/ PMR frequencies. https://baofengradio.us/baofeng-888-black.html Look at the spec sold as PMR but PC programmable.
  6. snuff


    No licence is required,they are sold as PMR's and that is how you receive them,if someone decides to adapt or programme them otherwise then that is where issues may arise.We are talking about simple use within the bounds of PMR use. Someone always plays devils advocate when someone asks a question like this and muddies the water,we are talking about the correct use they are designed for.Anything can be used incorrectly if the owner decide to do so,personaly if I wanted to use other bands I would get a better model..at least one with a display.
  7. snuff


    Don't worry about the Mall it's going=problem solved...😊
  8. snuff


    The question is really what are the benefits of getting the 5R over the 888's?Surely for airsoft the non-licence PMR 888's would suffice and keep you away from issues..I have both by the way,but I put the 5R back in the box considering they were overkill for airsoft.As below: If you use a two-way radio system that does not operate on one of the pre-programmed, licence-free frequencies (within the band 446.0 - 446.1 MHz) approved by Ofcom, you'll need a licence. All business radio licences are regulated and issued by Ofcom. @MisterG here for more info;---https://www.radiotrader.co.uk/news/do-i-need-a-licence-for-a-two-way-radio.htm
  9. snuff


    Aren't all the frequencies the same?Known as PMR446 radios - License Free utilising 400-470 Mhz so they should/could all cross communicate.I think they just get better the more you pay.I have those radios,they work fine and IMO good value for the money.
  10. snuff

    UKARA charges by sites

    Absolute only charge £5 for initial registration which includes a quality i.d card,renewal is free.
  11. snuff

    Best inner barrels

    Should we be discussing barrel material?I've had better results from brass over stainless.I've tried Prometheus,Madbull,Tomtac..amongst others,always sized at 6.03.
  12. Due to the rain washing out the game on 29th(^^) a new date has been rescheduled,it is 11/08 a Saturday with 20 confirmed bookings already.The few that did turn up were able to test guns and take some pictures.I'am not affiliated with the site in any way but it used to be my local and it needs re-establishing.
  13. snuff

    = Equal Airsoft

  14. snuff

    = Equal Airsoft

    Really...why do we have this in every walk of life,we don't not care about colour,creed,gender,etc... Wow your gay..let me tell you this WE accept you,bullying is not yours or anybody elses to claim to be a sole victim of,it can happen in all walks of life,work,private and recreational.It cares not about you it cares about the abilty to demoralise it's victim,it can manifest phsyical or mental. I'm happy playing airsoft and hope the people I play with are happy too,sorry but it looks like a money making umberella using pc to promote it...
  15. snuff


    Never had any extra charges although they have dropped free delivery.Just to add they are very professional and they put a lot of UK traders in the shade,they allowing tracking to your door,something UK retailers struggle with or even care about.Spring swapping up or down,correcting fps and adding extras have always been free labour wise.Pity there are few UK traders who care as much about their "customers"...£££££££££😉