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  1. snuff

    Paypal fees

    Fair enough..I've been there like you said..seller adds at the end of the deal don't forget the p/p fees....it wasn't a lot but it was the principal..
  2. snuff

    Paypal fees

    If you mean to enforce paypal's rules surely just don't allow sellers to add "buyers covers fees" or similar.
  3. snuff

    Paypal fees

    I find it easier for myself and my buyers to include all fees and then discount for collection/meet/cash..I have been paid as friend /family myself but I have advised buyers that it isn't wise. When you look at a price and perhaps you are budgeting (lol airsofters budgeting) the extras can mean no deal..
  4. snuff

    Paypal fees

    Would it be possible to enforce Paypal's rules and make the seller foot the fees as most do?
  5. Apart from all that what does it for me is making the buyer pay the paypal fees...no way..some sites will remove your classified for such actions,your offer the service you pay the fees IMHO..I'd skip straight over that personaly,just a thing...
  6. snuff

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    WD40...Wickes are having a clearance on 5L/1G with sprayer @ £15..usually around £25 ( Ebay/Amazon etc)..I use...a LOT...
  7. snuff

    cheaters (rant)

    He's moved to a tower block and has a hi-power telescope...
  8. snuff

    Best smoke colour

    Purple no question,blue is good,orange is ok...but Purple...far better imo....see what I did there?...
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263254757059 Ebay is the king for batteries,the more you buy the cheaper they get....
  10. snuff

    First rifle problems

    I'm sure someone near you could sort out use of a chrono,put up a request in the wanted or general areas.... Can't you send it back if it's not right....
  11. snuff

    Peq box/ICS stock

    1 PEQ box left,stock gone...cheers.
  12. snuff

    RAVEN EU Series G18 [Nuprol] vs WE G-Series G18c?

    That TM is a winner IMHO..aren't Nuprol and WE the same now?
  13. snuff

    Krytac Spring upgrade

    Krytac uk on facebook would be able to help..
  14. snuff


    That is a pity and a poor show on their part,this is where you find the worth of a trader when it goes wrong and they need to step up. Have you enquired elsewhere about the wobbly design?
  15. snuff

    what m4 hop unit/rubber/nub are you using?

    I use a TM hop rubber in my ICS M4 with the std ICS unit.I've tried other "performance" rubbers but I always go back to the TM. With others I've had them rip and even wear too quickly in comparison to the TM.