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  1. After a good 40sec using the forum search facility I found this ! 😉 “Tank Reg navy blue Overalls S6 Res (need to make the lenses safe for airsoft) Res hood off an NBC suit Bristol BA Leather Hip holster for Hi Power (sig will do) Leather Drop leg MP5 mag pouch "Pigskin" ops waistcoat (CRW Airsoft do one) MP5A3”
  2. Just came across this on zeromong , “yes folks it’s that old classic beloved by spamers the world over , “it’s not working but ‘it’s an easy fix’ “ if it’s an easy pissing fix why the feck haven’t you fixed it then !?!? AND the oh so casual way he mentions the minor fault , don’t know about you lot but I wouldn’t class a gun that CAN’T FIRE as a ‘minor’ fault !😳and he’s still asking 150 notes for a bolloxed gun ! 🤦‍♂️ https://forums.zeroin.co.uk/forum/classifieds/rifles-smg-s-for-sale/electric-rifles-smg-s/3243370-snow-wolf-m3-submachine-gun-grease-gun
  3. Oh FFS ! not another one from crab airways ! 🤦‍♂️ It’s bad enough my Airsoft opo is a rock ape !
  4. Nah mines a chinese knock off of a FAST helmet , think I only paid £20 or something like that for it , and as it is a cheapo one it’s fairly light so perfect for the job .
  5. Had noticed this my self as well , AND you’ve got Patrolbase in bed with TG so me thinks due to zero kit coming in to the country and from that zero getting to the market place and both TG and GF no longer exporting to the UK they saw it as a way to circumvent the clusterfuck that is import duties at the present time ?
  6. Greetings there’s a few of us geriatric old squaddies on here (I’m ex-scab lifter) you’ll soon spot the rest , they’ll be the REALLY grumpy feckers ! Like Tackle for starters ! 😇
  7. Oh thank you ! thank you ! Your just SOOOOOOO kind ! 🤦‍♂️ 😂😂 They are indeed I had the last one from Bullseye .
  8. He’s asking £231 with P&P for my new Cyma XM177 , I paid £186 with P&P from bullseye country sports , asking £45 more ? Yea right jog pal !
  9. I use a FAST helmet and I’ve removed a couple of pads and moved the others around so it’s only got 5 pads in it (one at the top and the others at 12/3/6 and nine o’clock) so it’s got LOTS of ventilation in it , still get a bit sweaty but we’re not talking full on ‘Betty Swalocks’ so all’s good in da hood ! 😉
  10. I do already have a CA one that I’ve had for yrs but that’s painted up in a BHD/Blood diamond ‘scheme’ so not usable for all scenarios , so I just HAD to have another ! 😇
  11. I’m in too my Pencott GZ as well , I’m currently running Mordor tactical sniper oversuit , boonie or baseball cap , Blackhawk! Light gray knee pads and I’ve got an opscore helmet cover . Rig wise I either run an OG Blackhawk! S.T.R.I.K.E. Plate carrier with GZ pouches on it , or I also have an NI style chest rig in GZ plus a fully loaded belt set up of holster x 1 , fastex mag pouches x 6 , pistol mag pouch x 1 and grenade pouches x 2 plus a dump pouch on my left thigh . Unfortunately haven’t any pics of it but think people can guess what it looks like ? 😁
  12. Unfortunately no , I’ve had that one for a good few years , and I thought the gun was screaming for for it ! Naff off ya shitspeckledmuppetfart ! I am NO Dulux fetishist ! 🤬 🤣🤣🤣 my all time fav AR platform as well , hence I bought it ! 😁
  13. With all the shit been going on in my life past 8mths I’ve definitely developed a “fuck it , if it makes you happy do it !” Attitude(I used to be quite take my time lets see how things go , but after loosing my oldest friend and having a bit of a near call my self I’ve realized you can’t count on tomorrow even happening let alone plans coming to fruition) SO t’other night whilst wandering aimlessly through Tinter’Web I came across a Cyma mosfet edition XM177 on Bullseye , now always had a bit of a crush on that particular AR so I bought it , and when I got in this afternoon it was sat there waiting for me ! 👍 Oh so much a happy chappy ! 😍
  14. And I can happily say the guys who run warhead are really nice friendly bunch , I know Ben and he’s a cracking bloke .
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