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    Old school DPM jungle,US BDU;Norwegian M98 ,Danish M84,US BHD,merc,AOR1/2,MC tropic
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  1. Any idea what sort of size it is(Small/Med/Large) ? cheers .
  2. Do enjoy a film inspired gun build , so after picking up an ICS Hera arms of here (thanks @snuff) went for a ‘the tomorrow war’esq build .
  3. What up grades has it had done ?
  4. Sorry but if you put it on your ankle then your trying to hide it , which in my book = cheating . Unless your playing on a tennis court 75% of the time it’s going to be concealed by the general plant life on site when your moving around , and unless your chosen shooting style is that of rifleman Plunkett shooting General Colbert during the retreat to Corunna then your legs will DEFINITELY be out of sight when your shooting from under cover .
  5. As the wise man above said ditch that lense ASAP and get some glasses that are actually impact rated ! Or if you do want to stick with a visor type set up get a motorbike helmet visor and cut it to shape to fit the mask , you can pick up a bog standard shoei one from a bike shop for around the £20 mark , you know that’s impact rated .👍
  6. BUT can equally be said ‘a bird in the hand is worth a load of shit on the wrist’ 😳😉
  7. You snooze you loose ! He’s the fine chap I bought the pink abomination off so soon as I saw it for sale I knew it’d be golden so jumped on it like a tramp on a dropped kebab .😉
  8. WoW and I thought I was the grumpy my fellow man hating one ? 😉 😂😂 I do see where your coming from , I’ve always gone with my best mate and others have come and gone as well , we go just to try and decompress a bit as we both Have very high stress jobs . We make a point too keep away from the ‘ninja warriors , Gods of war and the crotch goblins with their “my bbgunzuk gun am bestest !” or trying(and failing)to regale me with their exploits of daring do that day but I do enjoy a beer or two and a general chat with the players I can see are on the same wavelength as us . I always head for the back of the ‘quiet’ field my self , far too old for all that noise ! 😱 but no we’re not going this year , I think 3000 too many plus I’m still a bit cautious around very large gatherings due to the Covid risk .
  9. Believed to be an S&T Tavor bought off @VonGrimm on these very forums , all dressed up and ready to dance ! 😉
  10. From these very forums a no frills 2nd hand Tavor . AND what it looks like now is in the gun picture thread 👍
  11. Wear what ever pattern you want just pay attention to where you are (don’t just stop in the wide open for instance)keep still when you don’t need to be moving around and only move when you ACTUALLY need too be moving and I guarantee you’ll be like the ‘Predator’ to 90% of the players on the field , totally invisible ! In any cover movement is your enemy and even the smallest of movements will give you away no matter how good you think your camo is , as is SO aptly demonstrated by pretty much every ‘sniper’ you’ll see in a full on Wookiee suit on game days , just because your wearing a guille suit does not mean you've discovered Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility ! if you go charging around the site you will be seen ! 🤦‍♂️
  12. Nah wouldn’t want to airsoft their , all the locals would turn up with real guns ! 😳
  13. There’s no such thing as free , EVERYTHING in life has a price ! 😈
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