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    TM recoil 416D,Socom(L119A1),Sopmod ,AK74su,G36K,TM KSG gas shotgun,G&G L85afv,249 para,sig226
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  1. Druid799

    M14 Socom, TM or G&G

    I feel your pain bud , glad I’ve got three ! 👍😇
  2. Druid799

    Kel-Tec BB guns

    Amazing what you can find with google ! 😱 😂😂😂😂😂 PS the PMR30 is mental !
  3. Druid799


    Have a look on YouTube there’s a shit load on there for up-grading it (me personally I think your better off watching vids than asking advice on a forum , video V written word ?) where I got most of my knowledge from .
  4. Druid799

    Gun picture thread

    He got it from the same bloke as Bruce Willis’s M4 in tears of the sun ! 😂
  5. Druid799

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    What he ACTUALLY means is he’s a geriatric old barstuard who can’t move very fast any more (much like my self😖) so he has to be a sneaky mofo !🤣🤣 🤣 PS I’m about the same , 400-700 a day
  6. Druid799

    New cqb gun recommendations

    Hop and inner I get but how is trigger response going to help with range ? Bit confused by that one .
  7. Druid799

    AEP Lipo Batteries?

    Wouldn’t have thought you could charge it ‘insitu’ with the adapter , no balancing ? im the same as mr Borg I ripped the old batt connector out and stuck a mini jst in it so I can run it on mini batts from hobby king that cost like £3 each if that !
  8. A while ago I created an all mighty shit storm on a Murcan gun forum by saying it’s a crock of shit shooting style and quoted an article from a military web site that has a LOT of real SF guys on it that pooped it ! 😈 (personally don’t care what style people us) i love Murcan’s there just SO easy to wind up ! 😂😂😂😂
  9. Mate when you come down to it , basically EVERY THING in airsoft is just for looks bar the guts of your gun . We don’t NEED all the tac gear/camo/different types of guns , we could just use a single basic B.B. slinger that bares no resemblance to any commercially produced fire arm (like most paint ball guns) but we want something that looks like the ‘superdooperM4AKof doom’ that we’ve always wanted to use but unfortunately as there’s no collapse of society or zombie apocalypse AND you can’t buy them over here Airsoft’s the nearest we’ll get ! 😉 Ooohh err misses ! 😱 What are you insinuating? 😇
  10. Druid799

    Tactical Chav !

    OR it could even be a load of urban bollox as well ! 😂😂
  11. You left out a whole line from this comment , in between ‘clamping’ and ‘tier’ it should also say “all the wanna be” ! just thought I’d point it out 😇😈
  12. Druid799

    AEP Lipo Batteries?

    If you only use a charge cable it’ll only charge and your cells will be un-balanced (would think it’ll shorten there life) all other would balance them ?
  13. Druid799

    £13 DIY fan goggles

    Got any photos of it finished ?
  14. Druid799

    Tactical Chav !

    Yes folks that time has finally arrived ! Now you CAN go all ‘Uber leet speshal farces’ and STILL dress like a chav ! Emerson have brought out tactical joggers ! And there available in all those must have patterns as well ! 🤦‍♂️ 😂😂😂
  15. Druid799

    AEP Lipo Batteries?

    No that’s not what you need that’s for charging Nimh batteries , it clips in to it to charge . You push the batt in to the block to charge it . i ‘think’ you go in to the settings and change them to charge via the balance portion with the B6 .