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  1. He’s an ex-us marine so obviously he’s an expert on absolutely everything thats militarily based ! seen a couple of his vids , he may know what he’s talking about ref; US operations but when it comes to other countries ? he talks utter bollox ! He’ll be commenting on a clip of XYZ and he contradicts what the commentators or the text is saying in the bloody clip ! Utter tool .
  2. The shottie is a Cyma cm355L , cracking good shotguns .👍
  3. Is it actually he can’t be arsed to put it back together or is it more like “I’ve taken it apart AND now I haven’t a fecking clue how to put it back together !” 🤔 seen it happen SO MANY times ! if I’m buying TM recoil 2nd hand the nano second I see ‘upgrade’ I turn and walk off in the opposite direction ! Don’t care who’s upgraded it , anything bar a deans connector fitted as far as I’m concerned the guns bollox’ed and will implode sometime in the future where as a stock one is just like the energizer bunny 🐰. 👍
  4. I think you ACTUALLY ment to say was “Guns don’t kill people , rappers do , I seen it in a documentary on BBC2” ? What I’d like to know is if the kid was ‘innocently’ sat on the sofa doing nothing nefarious with the pistol , then how did a passer by see him ? the picture of him and his mum I was taken outside there house (was stated in a different article) you look at the houses the window sill is ruffly adult head hight and the houses look to be about 6ft back from the pavement . So that says to me unless the witness was clocking over 7ft tall how could they have possibly seen t
  5. Greetings , is there a set reason for no postage ? 👍
  6. Didn’t know S&T where working on one ! I’d only seen the atrocious Redwolf one and the up coming G&G gas one . Have had a couple of S&T guns and they’ve all been cracking good .👍
  7. Did hear that about the first ones as well , but have also since read the ‘MK2’ is much much better .
  8. I’m with the hamster on this one , don’t like the sights (more of a fan of X times magnification type scopes) but yea really like it with the G36 rail and the under rail . 👍
  9. I’m afraid to say bud those aren’t AK12 mags , the 1196-04-B are just bog standard AK74 mags E&L don’t make AK12 mags it’s only Arcturus/LCT and D-Day that do .
  10. No probs bud hate to see you stuck with it just because it was a wee bit over priced . PS new price I’d say is bang on ! 👍
  11. Agree I’ve used 762 for a couple of yrs now with no problems at all , BUT never had any returns either . I’ve noticed from personal experience you and your mates may use a particular online retailer for yrs and just assume it’s a well known seller , you then mention it to another long time player and they turn around and say they’ve never heard of it ! Happens all the time .👍 Goes to show the all encompassing power of social media can do some good some times , still lots of people who just don’t get how effective negative feedback can be in the right place . On-line Business are shi
  12. For anyone who’s played at Black ops Bristol just letting you know Dave the head marshal has suddenly past away . dont know what to say really gutted isn’t even close to how I’m feeling about the news . rest in peace you little Forrest troll the sports a bit less appealing without you .
  13. JFYI , as an impartial who’s been around 2nd hand sales a very long time I really think you’ll need to drop you price bud , even though you say it’s only been used twice you can get them brand new for 185 with a full guarantee Where as yours if it blows up first use ?
  14. Aahhh yes the pleasures of WE pistols , one shoots like a laser (my one) AND the next is as accurate as flicking the BB’s in the air to see if they hit anything (yours unfortunately😭) gotta love there QC !😳 I did think of MK3 slabs but I preferred the wood look . Can get top quality surplus ones for £22 all in .
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