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  1. I wish that was true BUT I’m afraid that’ll be a nope , apparently it really is gong to be issued to all members as a general utility knife in this form ! 🤦‍♂️
  2. @dante666 FYI it’s up for sale zeroin as only the gun left now all the extras are sold .
  3. Yea I would hold for someone I trust (so your shitouta luck ya fecker ! 😉) just as long as there not taking the urine with there offer BUT if it’s Unknown’s and there low balling or taking there time coming back with an acceptable offer Then I’ll tell them there’s others offering and I’m going to accept the highest offer .
  4. Very true but to be fair to the seller he wasn’t best impressed when I told him what the other guy had pulled , his reply was “I’ve set the price who ever’s nearest to it get it” , basically what I’ve always said and done . If I’m selling something it’s not first contact that gets it it’s the nearest to what I want for said shiny shiny things I sell too !
  5. Phase plasma rifle in the 40watt range ? we can hope .
  6. Well just when you think all the shits’n’giggles are coming to an end as general bonespurs leaves the White House something else pops up TO make you laugh one of those WTF ! Laughs . Gentlemen (and the one or two ladies on here) I present to you the KA-BAR SPACE-BAR ! 😳 i shit you not this is real ! it’s one of the last Military things the trump administration authorized , a combat/utility knife for SPACE FORCE ! (They earned the exclamation mark just for existing) Now one would think you wouldn’t want sharp pointy tarey things near your space suit ? But hay it’s the trumpa lumpa’s S
  7. Everything goes straight up the attic (my man cave) and to keep her out and protect my ‘investment’ from prying eyes i’ve got an old picture frame that I periodically load up with spiderwebs and lay it across the hatchway when I come down from it , she hasn’t been up there basically since I started playing 20yrs ago ! 😈🤣🤣🤣
  8. That’s vaguely bearable but the other with a fibre fore blade and the micro Red dot ? Sorry but that’s just a fucking abortion .
  9. I’ve just made lots of REALLY stupid decisions !🤦‍♂️
  10. Back in the days of 58 webbing your Left ammo pouch was for magazines and the Right was for Mars bars ! Start of an exercise you’d go in to the NAFFI and ask for one or two mars bars AND the creature behind the counter would hand over one or two BOXES ! Lived on the bloody things ! 🤣🤣
  11. Part of me just died ! 😢
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