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  1. How about go back to your home site have a look around at what the other players are using , have a chat with them and then make your own mind up about what you want to buy ? time and time again new players go on to all of the Airsoft groups out there and ask “what am bestest gun?!”😲 and “tell me where to buy am bestest gun ?!” 🤦‍♂️ You are not going to find your answer on here (or any other forum) one mans perfect gun is another’s pile of shit ! And it’s the same with kit one player will tell you “xyz is the best Camo ever !” And the next guy will say “no it’s not ! It useless!” Your asking for a personal opinion on a subjective topic so you will NEVER get the right answer for you from someone else 😳 Here’s my point exactly , this chaps opinion is totally opposite to mine , I really like 8Fields kit (been using it for a couple of yrs now no problems at all) as to viper and bulldog ? Viper I would piss on if it was on fire and bulldog I think is grossly over priced Chinese knock off kit . polar opposite to each other but who’s right ? So put on your big boy trousers and make up your own mind , savvy ? And remember when asking for someone’s ‘opinion’ on anything , “an opinion is like an arsehole , everyone has one and there frequently full of shit !”
  2. Yellow glasses will help a bit over clear or tinted .
  3. Fecking speed S’ofter ! Unless your weighed down with 20kgs of pointless kit then you ain’t no airsofter to me !😳 Have to admit any of the 5.11 bags are my Achilles heal’s , I love them . Yes there heavy even before you put anything in them but f**k me they DO feel totally bombproof and you just know it won’t let you down. So I good sir concur money well spent ! 👍
  4. So basically it’s a larger bolt action MK23 ? 😳
  5. What bag is it ? Looks a nice bit of kit .
  6. If you do a forum search you’ll find a LOT of info on the Jing Gong and the snow wolf AUGs .
  7. I swear to Christ if I ever see you again I’m going to beat you to death with a frozen cucumber (so I can eat the murder weapon after I’ve finished😉) Bartsuard ! 🤬
  8. Yup totally agree bud , it’s like BMW running a festival but not bringing any cars ! 😳 Z1 are an Airsoft retailer FFS ! Really can’t get my head round there reasoning for not brining there inventory to the site as before , they said “oh you can still buy on-line and we’ll deliver the same day !” Thats no fecking use you don’t impulse buy a gun online as easily as you do when its sat there in front of you screaming “buy me you lazy cockwomble !” ! 🤦‍♂️
  9. Sorry left the LiFe bit out of the 9.9v description !🤦‍♂️ Been running LiPo/LiFe batteries for years now never really had any problems till this yr , just been looking at my batteries and the newer ones do look different to my older ones so I’m now wondering are CS using cheaper batteries and that’s the problem ?
  10. Just been charging batteries for the NAE and yet another component shop 9.9v batt has died on me so that’s 3 in under a year ? And this one is barely 3mths old ! Not impressed at all . i use an turnegy accucell 6 , error message cell number error comes up , and as I bought it from hobby king im confident it’s not a cheap knock off .
  11. You’ll have to go real not Airsoft if you want a L handed polymer holster (I had to) have a look on American EBay where I get mine from for a lot less than most uk retailers .
  12. I did post a complaint about no shop this yr on zeroin and they gave it some bollox about the guys putting it together have enough work already ! AND ? As you say there’s loads of impulse buying (I’m as guilty as the next !) and i went in the shop just before it closed on Sunday and it looked like a a Viking horde had been through it ! There was practically nothing left so you can’t say it’s not financially viable can you ?
  13. Just had an email asking for players booked on to the others to switch teams as delta and bravo haven’t enough players ! Tuff shit cup cake , sucks to be you ! Bwahahaha !🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  14. As long as it is the actual ICS adapter (there are several different makes on the market) then it’ll fit fine , I had one on my ICS .
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