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  1. It’s different (but not bad different just , different) , reminds me of James Barr’s suppressor ! 😱
  2. No I think it’s safe to say he IS just mental ! 🤪
  3. Chrono at my home site , angle foregrip AND a C-clamp on a sniper ! 😳 did make me chuckle ! 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂
  4. Listen to this knob’er he’s spot on for once !😱 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Brand new out of the box what to do ? Just point and shoot ! 😁 Now first thought will be “ha ha thanks for the input , twat !🤬” but for once I’m actually being serious (yes I know that’s a fecking surprise!) as it’s new it’ll need a good few bbs through it before it ‘beds in’ as in everything needs to settle in it and THEN you should start thinking of zero’ing it and what not , for now I’d recommend just set the hop by the fall of the bbs at a ‘general’ range and as the next couple of gameday’s go by just keep re-setting as you see the range creeping further and further out till your happy you’ve arrived at its optimum range THEN think about setting zero .👍
  6. Fastex buckles are plain with no script so it’s NOT Blackhawk or some other equally quality brand so very very good chance it’s a Far East knock off , 30quid ? 😳
  7. Now you said ‘want’ and not ‘need’ and I do applaud you for that , what your doing is spot on , you’ve bought a second hand one so perfect opportunity to start ‘tweeking’ It . I genuinely couldn’t care less what people do to there kit it’s your gun , your money spend it how you want ! It Just makes me laugh when you see a post with a pic of a brand new TM recoil AND a pile of supposed ‘up-grade’ parts next to it ! WTF ! 😳 Taking the price (which me personally I think isn’t that exorbitant for what your getting) out of the equation I still think (as do a LOT of other players) your getting one of the best AEG’s on the market so why start pissing about with it straight of the bat ! ????? If you want too then do it but please don’t insult us by saying it needed it to ‘improve’ it .🤦‍♂️ 😂😂😂😂😂
  8. All valid points I suppose but as my totally stock 10 (possibly 11)yr old Socom with all the original trigger contacts/wires/connectors and what ever that’s still working absolutely fine in it so rather negates the reason for ‘needing one’ that so many players use . And I still stand by what I’ve always said about the the faster trigger response argument being bull , it’s your observational skills that matter not how quickly the trigger responds that matters , if you don’t see or hear the other player before they see you then they will get you first no matter how many nano seconds quicker your trigger responds . Which brings me back to my original question of why stick one in what’s i assume is a new gun , as no matter WHO fits it it’ll never be as reliable as it is fresh out of the box .
  9. If your going to use it as a sidearm then it’ll need to be fairly static would you agree ? wether some sort of holster/drop leg or weapon strap holding it in place (wouldn’t have thought you’ll just have it swinging around on a sling ?) then pretty sure I can guarantee once the shits’n’giggles of it wears off You won’t be using it as a sidearm , with a mag that sticks out that much it’s going to keep catching on everything and you’ll either run it as a primary OR leave it in the safezone ! 😉
  10. It is indeed ! I bought some genuine Crye MC black cordura to make a PC and there is bog all noticeable difference between the patterns .
  11. If the player has been identified then I’d say ban them anyway , as A there’s no excuse for doing such a unbelievably stupid thing and B it’ll send the message that needs to be sent , you endanger our sport (and some people’s livelihoods) and we don’t want you any were near us .
  12. I’m usually a 38 so I ordered that size (was thinking UK company should be ok) and I’d say there probably spot on for uk sizes .
  13. I’ve just picked up a set of kombat BTP Black my self , got a baseball hat , ubacs and combats , all from fleabay as well . Have to say for the price it’s not bad quality at all , the ubacs is nice as the body is a Tshirt sort of material .👍
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