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  1. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Oh so jealous! Every thing bar the evo , don’t know what it is about them just can’t stand them ! Thats life for you , one mans gold is another man’s pile of poop !
  2. Gun picture thread

    This is the one I bought off fleabay, mount was £7’ish i think . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-4x20-Rifle-scope-Shockproof-lluminated-glass-reticle-tactical-scope-mounts/162120772372?hash=item25bf26ab14:g:-XcAAOSw7GRZEuVT PS I can’t see for shit at distance my self either , so yes it is VERY useful!
  3. Gun picture thread

    I’d recommend a short dot , in my humble opinion they look like sex on a gun! this is mine , TM Recoil 15inch barrel , La Rue RIS , 4x20 short dot and an offset doctor because they look cool !
  4. taiwangun.com

    Use them prity much exclusively now , for an international seller I’m more than happy with a 1 wk turnaround , bought something from Ehobbyasia a couple of mths ago and it took 5wks to come and there not exactly some guy working out of his flat ? As long as your order is over £50 then me personally I think the P&P cost is cancelled out by the savings on the kit ? So yup I’m a big fan aswell !
  5. Goggles!

    This IS my very last comment on the subject as I really am banging my head against a brick wall ! ‘a bit of something In your eye walking down the street’ how the hell can you compare that to a B.B. traveling at 330fps shattering on your goggles and the residue of that impact carrying on in too your eye ? You complain about ‘snowflakes , some people are too soft’ but get upset I called you nasty name ? Well there ya go !
  6. Goggles!

    Im sorry if you think this is a personal attack but I haven’t insulted or called you personally names , I simply stated from a medical point of view ANYONE not just you who can be so cavalier about there eye site is quite frankly acting like a bit of a dick . You really don’t get the point I’m making , when skin heals it leaves scars you can see (matter of fact I’ve got half a dozen bleeders from yesterday that I know will leave some of those funky little round scars airsofters gather !) but with eye injuries the scars they leave will affect your vision if it’s in the wrong place . The two screen grabs I’ve put up , the one is of a person who is still having vision problems 8yrs after his injury occurred and the other tells of the problems you could well have even from just fragments in the eye let alone penetrating the eye . So as far as I’m concerned this is one ‘what if’ that yes you should take very seriously .
  7. Goggles!

    Yes there is a lot of ‘snowflakes when it comes to getting hurt in airsoft But FFS this is your sight we’re talking about ! If a B.B. can break the skin/take out teeth then what’s it going to do to your soft squishy eye ? I’m sorry your acting like a right mong if you give it the big “what ever !” About eye safety No studies have been done on airsoft specific ocular injury’s but did dig these up in work ; If someone don’t care crack on then but me ? Won’t catch me using mesh goggles .
  8. Goggles!

    WoW ! that is all I can say
  9. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Had one of these little feckers turn up on Saturday, absolutely awsome bit of kit ! Cant get over how good the quality is for such a low price , matter of fact I’m getting a couple more in different colours after payday ! http://www.taiwangun.com/en/plate-carriers/simple-plate-carrier-with-dummy-soft-armor-inserts-olive-8fields?from=listing&campaign-id=14
  10. Goggles!

    Fill ya boots then matey , and gimme a call when you need them , I know a bloke that'll do you a cracking deal on an eye patch and a parrot !
  11. Goggles!

    Sorry mate but have you had any training in ophalmology ? I have and yes your statement is still a dangerous one . You said it was your eye so you knew how much of an issue it was , very true it is your eye , BUT ever heard of people having life threatening illnesses and not knowing about it till it was too late ? scaring to eyes does not go away once you’ve scratched an eye it’s there for ever the severity of how much it’ll compromise you vision depends on where in the eye it is and how long it’s there . You said it penetrated your eye , that’s extreme trauma you run the risk of infection as well from the shard so yes I still stand by my statement .
  12. Goggles!

    “Won't do much harm if it does. I had a chunk of bb penetrate my outer eye and other than being a bit itchy no biggie. Didn't stop me playing and took 5 minutes to get out at the hospital next day. “ As some one who works in an A&E dept and frequently deals with eye trauma I’ve got say thats an incredibly dangerous and uninformed comment mate . Actually it IS a very big ‘biggie’ as you put it , ANY trauma of any sort to the eye can cause devastating and unresolvable damage to your sight . Never ever underestimate injury to your eyes , always act as if it’s the worst case , it’s easy to de-escalate the treatment once we know it’s not a major problem , if ayou don’t , then if it is a bad one it’s too late to escalate treatment a couple of days later .
  13. Goggles!

    One site I played at would only allow Oakley glasses with metal frames but none of the plastics for this very reason . I also just don’t trust mesh to protect my eyes sufficently to use them , BBs are manufactured from plastic , they can have manufacturing faults , wether it’s voids or air bubbles I’ve seen way too many cheap ones shatter on impact and ‘high end’ ones as well to trust mesh with my long term vision .
  14. metal shotty or plastic shotty...

    Would appear then that 2xneon orange arm bands have the same effect !
  15. Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    Fair enuff bud , can’t argue with that , can only speak from personal experience , my boy wanted a half face mask (one of the ones with the mesh centre and cloth up the sides) OT were the only ones that had the colour he wanted so I bought it for him and when it arrived I genuinely couldn’t see or feel any diffrence with the half the price fleabay ones I’d bought in the past . To me that just show’s there all the same it’s just the non existent quality control that’s the true problem and when you do pay a ‘premium’ price your just paying for better QC !