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  1. Druid799

    Bit of a problem here....

    Give them a ring , get the bank involved and then threaten small claims due to breach of contact . see if that gets a response from them ?
  2. Druid799

    SAS lead the way

    I do see where your coming from but I also have to disagree with you as well . perhaps I hadn’t made clear I was only talking about the actual end game of an operation , totally agree about all the investigation work being done by the police , that’s what they do and there dam good at it . But actually ‘kicking down doors’ ? I still think it should be left to the military (as I said this statement backed up by a serving police officer) i also feel your analogy to the IRA is way off the mark , from my experience of Northern Ireland the IRA were thugs and criminals plain and simple , yes there were a few who genuinely wanted a United ireland but most ? They were in it for the money nothing more . Plus you old school IRA had nothing in common with your modern jihadist , believe me none of the provo’s were that much of a true believer that they were willing to give up there life for the cause ! I know I’ve been out a very long time but I do think it’s safe to say when they go in to a suspected terrorist location that could have guns/explosives/bio or chemical threats there NOT worried about an RoE and they will shoot as soon as they see the target (unless the army has dramatically changed) So this is a totally different situation to Alex Blackman’s case , he’d been in continuous ops for mths , had basically been abandoned by the chain of command and was running on auto pilot and had become totally de-humanised by the whole situation he was in when he shot the taliban . So again a totally different situation to a terrorist op in the Uk . Your comment about SF guys jumping back and fourth between The regiment and there old parent unit , must say is a new one on me how long as that been going on ? Again only speaking from my own experience of having contact with SAS medics on training courses and such like but back then once you were badged , you stayed badged there was no RTU’ing unless you screwed up big time and got your self binned from the Regiment .
  3. Druid799

    SAS lead the way

    Was have a long chat with a senior FA officer recently (being an A&E nurse I get to talk to a LOT of policemen as I’m sure you can guess 😉) and he was saying that as far as he’s concerned he was more than happy for the army to take point on terrorist ops , he was of the opinion that when it comes to police officers there’s always going to be that split second “do I or don’t I ?” , all the way through training and daily work normally what ever the situation the police don’t actively aim to taking lives , but a soldier won’t give it a second thought there training its kill shot first deal with any consequences later and that micro second could be the difference between a dead terrorist and a shit load of intel , or a fecking big boom and a shit load of dead policemen and women . I do think he makes a good point to ponder on ?
  4. Druid799

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    You saying about this has made me realise I haven’t clue where mine is ! I was given one in Saudi in ‘91 by a PJ from the 57th rescue sqd , they were based at the same med centre as me . Dam must find it now .
  5. Druid799


    Watch it bub , with comments like this someone mite just test your claim ! 🤮
  6. Druid799

    SAS lead the way

    So would appear yet again the hooligans are up front and leading anti terror operations , when are the Gov going to admit it’s not a police job it’s an army job ? The police are trained for law and order . The army ? There trained to take lives that’s it end off .
  7. Druid799


    AND ???????? You have a problem with one of life’s great conundrums that is savory and sweet at meal time and wether it is acceptable or not ? Do you not realise the detrimental effect this could have on your life if you were to get the decision wrong !😱
  8. Druid799

    New Brand ARCTURUS?!?

    Thanks for posting a few of your findings there most helpful👍 , been ‘toying’ with getting one of there AK’s but due to the price and distinct lack of reviews around was a bit hesitant . PS . a red dot and a foregrip aren’t an ‘upgrade’ There just bolt ons you plank !🤦‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. I really don’t understand why players still try and buy from these asswipes , I almost got screwed over (thank god for credit card cover !) by them a couple of yrs ago back when there wasn’t much bad press about them BUT NOW ? Just do a very small amount or research in to them and you’ll find shit loads of horror stories about there customer service.
  10. The scumbag that is Steven Glennie , hasn’t moved south of the border has he ?
  11. Druid799

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Oh thank f**k for that ! For a horrible moment I thought you’d gone all serious airsofter on us ! !😱😱
  12. Druid799

    Vinatge Custom Gun?

    I’d say keep away from shoot’n’scoot , team mate ordered a Lee Enfield from them AND after waiting 8mths and multiple emails and threats of legal action for it to arrive and it wasn’t even finished ! We had to spend near £60 more to make it how it should have been in the first place .
  13. Druid799

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    If it floats your boat then Crack on my friend BUT I may be ‘politically incorrect’ to use this description these days but I’m old so if anyone is ‘offended’ tuff feces cupcake, but that has to be the gayest thing I have EVER seen associated with Airsoft !😳 you’d need a big orange curly wig and a pair of clown shoes to play with one of those attached to your gun ! 🤦‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 joking aside would think it’ll get very tired very quickly so hope it’s not expensive. 👍
  14. Druid799

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    TAC tree are doing 20% off mecanix gloves till midnight.
  15. Druid799

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Here you go bud , nice quality as well , very happy with it 👍 https://forcesuniformandkit.co.uk/collections/mens-military-jackets/products/british-army-green-windproof-smock