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  1. Druid799


    Only down side to a glock ? THEY LOOK ALL THE BLOODY SAME AND ARE BORING AS HELL !
  2. Druid799

    Steyr Aug A1 build questions and advice

    What I was thinking 👍
  3. Druid799

    Chronoed my rifles yesterday with .20 bbs.

    To be honest I prefer playing at sites that enforce this practice , you know it’s as close as you can get to a level playing field (bar everyone having to chrono with there hop dialed completely off) at the start of the day . One would hope they do use quality BBs for chrono .
  4. Druid799

    Steyr Aug A1 build questions and advice

    Thought I’d post this here , just seen new AUG mags on TG , looking nice only question will they work or be a pile of poop ? http://www.taiwangun.com/en/aeg-mid-cap/80-round-aug-rifle-magazine-dark-earth-battleaxe?from=listing&campaign-id=15
  5. Druid799

    Why is everything always out of stock

    Don’t know if it’s the same anymore but years ago was talking to a friend at spectre in Hereford who was starting to sell Airsoft kit , he was buying his stuff from a ‘middle man’ in HK and basically what happened was he’d fax his order (yes fax , shows how long ago it was !) and when the guy in HK had enough orders he’d fill a shipping container to send to an agent in the UK .
  6. Druid799

    Why is everything always out of stock

    As it’s currently Chinese New Year then i wouldn’t have thought it’ll have any any effect now but in a couple of wks time as the stuff in the shops now would have been shipped wks ago to the uk .
  7. Druid799

    Why is everything always out of stock

    Even zero the biggest retailer in the country , you look at there site and half the stuff listed is out of stock and firesupport ain’t much better either ! 😡
  8. Druid799

    Is making a Royal Marine Loadout Right?

    Think that was the big problem all you ever saw was CQB and it getting used in the most stupid and dangerous of ways but then you had absolutely no film of it being used outdoors where by all accounts ((as you’ve just proved) it’s pretty ‘meh !’ But there ya go , you put out shitty advertising your product is going to go no where fast ! 🤦‍♂️
  9. Druid799

    Is making a Royal Marine Loadout Right?

    No it’s the grenade it’s self , the 40mike he’s referring too , it fires it’s entire load of BBs in a matter of seconds in a straight line and on its release the manufacturers advertising made it look like one of the most dangerous stupid things ever released for Airsoft , if used correctly for what it’s supposedly intended for it’s ok BUT we all know more than a fair few would abuse its use so most sites have banned them
  10. Druid799

    Why is everything always out of stock

    About the best (of the worst) I find is bullseye country sports there always going out of stock with kit (must have a very small inventory of stored kit) but there ‘notify when back in stock’ is excellent , I’ve had a fair bit off them through this service . Just wish they’d keep there fecking catalogue of stock up to date instead !🤦‍♂️
  11. Druid799

    Could this show airsoft in a bad light?

    They do when they hate a person so much they even hate the ground he stepped on ! 🤣🤣
  12. Druid799

    Why is everything always out of stock

    Would think it’s due to there only being a couple of wholesale companies involved in Airsoft in the uk and it must be insanely expensive to buy and ship from abroad with the pound being so crap that if the retailer does import the gear them selves then they probably wait until it’s basically a container full to make it financially viable ?
  13. Druid799

    What attachments fit on what rail?

    Keymod won’t fit , M-Lok won’t fit , but as Dentonboy said if it’s got 20mm , RIS or RAS in the description it will fit .
  14. Are you using the uk tactical items as examples or is it the only place you’ve looked ? Just there’s a shitload more retailers out there that’ll do similar kit for a lot less !
  15. Druid799

    WE MRE’s

    And if we ever meet up grandad is going to shove his walking stick in to your right ear and keep pushing until it sticks out of your left ear then climb on your back and ride you like a fecking motorbike! 😳 ya cheeky shit ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣