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  1. Me personally I’ve always thought when you come down to it getting tech work done if your not confident doing it your self is like standing on a ledge in the pitch black and all you can do is grab your nuts and jump , your either going to land on something soft and squishy 🥰or your getting something sharp and spiky up your arse when you land ! 😖
  2. Afraid your asking an unanswerable question , your want an opinion on a very personal choice , it’s like “what am best gun ?” One players ‘perfect’ brand of BB is the next players ‘perfect’ example of a pile of shit ! Ultimately your going to need to see if the site your playing at has any restrictions on ammo(bio or non-bio to be used , only use the ammo they sell , etc)and then buy some and give it a go . Obviously your NOT going to buy a bottle of 10,000 bright yellow no name .12’s for £6 from Fleabay , just buy a bottle or bag of a branded name and see how they perform in your guns .
  3. Yea some sites over seas are a lot cheaper BUT once you factor in all the charges that will accompany buying it from the Far East and importing it yourself you end up with around the same price as you’ve got over here .
  4. Don’t disagree just as many cowboys (if not more) in the motor trade , point I was making is that for some unknown reason Airsofters seem a lot more acceptant of shoddy tech work than most others are simply because of the ‘reputation’ of said tech ?
  5. Now the problem with this comment is your applying real world expectations to Airsofting , when you take your car to a ‘reputable’ garage you have an expectation of an appropriate level of work being done AND an expectation of recourse if it isn’t ? Where as with Airsofting there’s a VERY VERY good chance even from supposed ‘reputable’ techs and retailers your going to receive a gun back that appear to have been work on by a monkey with Alzheimer’s , AND when you do try to complain you’ll be told either ; A, “it must have happened transit” B, “you must have done something to it after receiving it back” or C, “how dare you question our tech teams work !” 🤦‍♂️ Just saying 😉
  6. For once nope not the case , it’s what the going price is . From HK it’s the same price in US $’s as it is in UK £’s so by the time you add all the ‘extras’ on there’s a very good chance it could end up costing more to import than buying in the UK ! 😳
  7. Unfortunately yes it is available !😳 Unfortunately no it won’t over the years I’ve seen plenty of 2-tone TM recoils AND even seen in the classified on this very forum an L1A1 with a full wood upgrade kit for sale that was puss green ! 🤢🤮
  8. As titled has landed at last , Dave’s custom have them in limited stock . https://www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk/s-and-t-lee-enfield-no-1-mkiii-smle-spring-rifle-real-wood?search=S%26t lee enfield clip from YouTube , will you listen to the sound of it cycling ? Ooff suits you sir !
  9. Druid799

    New year clearout

    I see collected but was wondering are you willing to post ? cheers Druid .
  10. That types called a ‘Krinkov’ bud 👍
  11. Have to sort of agree and disagree on this , do agree the stupid ‘flappy’ hair triggers can be a pain in the butt at semi only games but I equally find that you have a similar problem when you have sites saying “short bursts” only . Example few yrs ago went to strike force CQB in Gloucester , first visit the rule was semi only and I thoroughly enjoyed it , yes you did have a few of the hair trigger brigade sticking 3,4 or even 5 shots in to you in the time you got 1 or possibly 2 shots off , but not a problem , BUT next time I went a couple of mths later rules had changed , apparently some of the players with bog standard AEG’s where complaining the HPA and high cycle boys had an unfair advantage(Don’t see this but who am I to say ?) SO they then allowing ‘short’ bursts to ‘even’ the gameplay ?????😳 which ment yes if you had a ‘normal’ AEG you’d get 3,4,5 shots off but the others where now getting 10,11,12 shots off in the same space of time ! now I don’t care how big and ‘ard’ you think you are or how much you crow on about “if you can’t take getting hit don’t play !” a 10+rd burst in CQB F…ing hurts and will piss you off if it happens continuously through out the day .
  12. Druid799


    Just used JKArmy for the 1st time (even though been playing and ordering from HK for over 20yrs just never had before) and I have to say I’m very impressed with my dealing with them , ordered 3 short snow wolf Thompson mags for the pulse rifle on the 17th of Dec , notified immediately of recite of the order , notified on the 21st of dispatch , notified by PO was on their system on the 23rd, then in country on the 1st , cleared customs on 3rd , on the way to local depo yesterday and delivered today ! so under a mth from start to finish(including Xmas and new year)nice traceability of the order , so I’m very happy with this my 1st order from them and will definitely use them again with hopefully the same level of success . Plus the order was half the price of buying from the one and only shop I could find short Thompson magazines in for sale in the UK .
  13. As others have said this is the problem in a nutshell . Not saying OP is a “insert derogatory phrase or name” but this outlook on rates of fire is the core of the problem . 25RPS and upwards just isn’t acceptable to a lot of players AND is definitely going to piss some other players off big time .
  14. Very true , UNLESS you’ve got zero choice of game sites unless your willing to travel for hrs and hrs just to get to the next site that you could play at ?
  15. Glad to see retailers taking the moral high ground and sticking to the letter of the law when it comes to selling RIF’s ? 1st scenario , father and son enter an Airsoft shop , child picks up a RIF . ”hello Airsoft retailer” says the father , “id like to buy this gun for my son” “certainly sir” says the Airsoft retailer , “if you could just give me your UKARA number ?” ” UKARA number what’s that ?” says the father , “I don’t think I have one of those” ”oh” says the Airsoft retailer “in that case sir I’m sorry but I can’t sell you that gun without a UKARA number” ”oh that’s a shame” says the father . 2nd scenario , father and son enter an Airsoft shop , child picks up a RIF and then brakes said RIF . ”oh dear Airsoft retailer” says the father , “my son appears to have broken one of your guns and I don’t have a UKARA number to buy a RIF !” “He’s done what !” says the Airsoft retailer in shock “and you don’t have a UKARA number that allows you to buy a RIF ? Not a problem sir , that’ll be £200 please !” sounds about right ? 😳🤫
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