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  1. You can see the spring is still in the packaging in the pic .
  2. “the gun and a lot of the accessories are out of stock absolutely everywhere and the included lipo batteries” no their not pretty much all the ‘known’ shops have them in stock to some degree or another , and he’s still asking too much for the bundle .
  3. The only reason to have pineapple on pizza is to piss off the Italians , end off . WHAT !!!!! 😱how by all that’s holy and magnificent can you not like pizza ? You’ve got doughy bread , cheese and tomato gloop and then what ever other fripperies you wish to add AND it’s just as good cold the next day ! 🤤
  4. AND both those other shops will happily F*** you off if they can , the first of the two is good as long as there’s no problems with your goods but the minute there’s even a hint of one it’s “sorry pal your on your own !” And the 2nd I once many moons ago bought a pistol from them and when it arrived it was blatantly obvious it was either a display model or a return due to the scuff marks and scratches on it when I contacted them they basically said “ you live on the other side of the country , tuff luck !” . Yes i do BUT unfortunately for them I also used to live in Bournemouth so at the time I frequently traveled down to catch up with friends so not two weeks later I ‘popped in’ to the shop and asked for the shit stain I’d been dealing with by name , you should have seen how fast the colour drained from his face when he found out who the very pissed off looking rugby playing Welshman asking for him was ! 🤣 needless to say the pistol WAS replaced and a few ‘trinkets’ were thrown in as an appeasement .😉 My take is as they are the ‘biggest’ names in the game there’s a pretty good chance Nigel Noob is going to them when he starts out as he’s not up on who’s who in the world of airsoft retail so they have a steady stream of wide eyed victims to pray upon ? Edit , Christ on his cross has anyone else got connections to B’mouth ! 😱 I used to live in Christchurch just around the corner from the ‘Bell’ 👍
  5. All ofthe ones you listed are more than acceptable just comes down to what you want to pay , if you get either the Double eagle or the combat machine you could sort yourself for mags , batteries , scopes , slings and ammo for less than the price of the Ronin on its own BUT equally as my son has one I can definitely say it feels totally bomb proof and worth the money .👍
  6. I’ve got a couple of pairs and over the yrs I’ve seen some call them “cheap’n’cheerful” but me personally I think that’s an unfair description as for the money compared to a lot of the Chinese ‘knock off’ sets I think there far superior and more than adequate for the job .
  7. Must be a lanky thing , my mate is a long streak of p**s with the arms of a gibbon and he very successfully runs a drop leg as well , where as I being a short arse don’t ! 🤬
  8. Rates of fire ok yes you could but how do you mitigate adrenaline ? Normally I do see you as one of the voices of reason but this occasion I do feel your rather digging your heals in for what ever reason as your now trying control the uncontrollable ’freak’ accidents of the game ?
  9. I’d have to disagree after almost loosing my eyes sight due to a blast of full auto to the face at almost point blank range from a gun that had been set to literally 1-2 fps below the 350 limit and was running at a ridiculous high rate(as confirmed by the head marshal so was site legal)that shattered my prescription inserts in to my eyes and only reason I didn’t do permanent damage is due to me being an A&E nurse and being able to STOP myself from reacting as you automatically would do in this situation . I once had to help treat a player who had a a 3inch gash in his cheek that exposed his teeth after he and another player ran in to each other in a corridor and the other chap had a spiky flash hider on his gun which ripped the first guys face open . BUT neither incidents resulted in bans ‘just in case’ it happened again ? You do reach a point where you have to use common sense with an item that ‘could’ cause injury it’s like the master Mike situation a while back in the right hands not a problem , but in the wrong hands the potential for serious injury far outweighed the positive so lots of sites banned them . With the Mike you had a one off reasonably cheap purchase that’s it , with TAG rounds it’s a very expensive starting purchase and as equally expensive to keep using them so you will have the more mature players buying them than the irresponsible ones if only for the fiscal side if nothing else ? ‘But it could happen’ isn’t really a valid reason in my opinion to not allow them .
  10. Err pre-assessment is the WHOLE point of my comment ? when he is using them he asses the area he’s aiming at to minimize the risk factor and is as safety conscious as possible as apposed to just firing them off in all directions with no consideration to other players safety . ok then by the logic of your argument you could say any engagement that doesn’t replicate combat on a Napoleonic battle field where you have two apposing forces stood in an open field firing directly at each other shouldn’t be allowed due to the risk of an unexpected player suddenly appearing in front of you as you fire and the ‘possibility’ you could injure them ?
  11. AND ???? The problem is what ? 🤔 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍
  12. Problem with TAG rounds is there a brilliant bit of kit UNTIL the human factor gets involved , I’ve only used them once or twice as I’m too much of a tight arse and won’t spend that much on something that goes bang only once so not a problem for me but then you have my mate who’s a fair bit more financially stable than me and absolutely loves them and will use them at every opportunity he has but because he’s ex-forces and was a small arms instructor he can be trusted with them , the way he can sling them down range AND how accurately he can is at times positively scary ! BUT he has the previous training and good sense how to use them properly and safely so he’s no danger , and that’s the giant difference between him and most other players using them , he understands the dangers and can asses wether they can be used safely or not , and if he thinks not then he won’t fire where as a lot will say “f**k it I’ve spent all this money on them I’m using them !” simple as that .
  13. We’ve all seen it on YouTube Steven Crowder sets up a table and debates people on confrontational subjects . So my choice is something I believe is Smegma from the devils foreskin and should be outlawed by the Geneva convention on biological weapons. Change my mind .
  14. Yup definitely were , god I think sometimes I was buying stuff just for the sake of it ! I’d want a particular pouch/magazine/bolt on , see other things and think “F*** it ! I’m already ordering my stuff why not ?” 🤦‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣
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