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  1. PM me a screenie if possible. I'm not quite clear on where this is showing up.
  2. http://impulse101.jp/en/ Will order them in if you're desperate. https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/ Will do the same but usually take longer. Might have some in stock though.
  3. That's certainly the way I intend to do it currently.
  4. I never disagreed with that. See this thread: Basically the editor converts your typing into HTML and clearly they wanted to sanitise HTML in people's profile fields too. Every time you hit return when filling these fields in it parses it as a <br />. Instead of having it remove the linebreaks from before their 'security patch' sanitised them they made it display the HTML markup instead. I probably won't be fixing this as it's not something I would want to touch, so people will need to rewrite their profile fields. I could possibly erase all records of <br /> from the database but I'd have to look into this. However, this is more of an incentive for me to clean up the profile fields when I eventually can be arsed to do so. Still not happy with any solutions so far. Could write something to collapse it but again struggling to be bothered to do so recently as reasonably busy. So again to be clear: If you want to fix this for yourselves simply rewriting your profile fields should do the tick. I'll keep you posted.
  5. <br /> Is just a line break by the way.
  6. Linebreak thing will never fix. You'll have to redo your stuff. It's a new IPB security measure to stop people executing HTML and stuff in their profile fields. Not going to work on the dropdown for a while.
  7. He got a ban for the second account. We have very few issues with businesses posting in the wrong section. I was referring to the reply in that screenshot that said "...you registered on the forum and started advertising without paying them or even asking for their permission..." - we don't have an issue with this in the right section, so I wanted that to be clear as the guy on FB has the wrong end of the stick. His ban was for having two accounts and using one to imitate a customer, not for posting about his business initially Indeed we've just refined our rules on retailers posting here as we don't want to discourage customer to business interactions. However, if you're blatantly abusing this to get exposure we'll warn and/or ban you (as happened here). You're right though. I'd imagine none of you would put up with his return and you're welcome to post your dissatisfaction as we've always allowed. In his own thread - should he post one - if you wish as well.
  8. Again it's not about the advertising but about creating two accounts to artificially bump a thread. Advertising in the wrong place will get you a warning on your first offence (and it was in the right subforum anyway).
  9. In the name of transparency, the thread Lewis is referencing has been unhidden for the next two weeks: Below is the IP logs for the two users posting in that thread. I have blacked out one subnet so that they cannot be identified, but hopefully you guys can piece this together for yourselves in the same way we did. Hats off to Lewis for smelling something fishy enough for us to go and check deeper though. Perhaps it's easier to get away with on FB, so he'll find a home there.
  10. Brace for spam, I just approved 3 pages of members who've been waiting since last year and were in the spam filter. Some look legitimate but many might not be.

    1. proffrink


      Usually they're just sat to fester for a bit but it's getting a bit silly. Let's see if those Swiss or Philippine accounts are spammers or not :)

  11. Important stuff in bold. All of this is due to come into effect during the week. This latest set of changes is meant to address the many questions that I (and some of the moderation team) get around what kind of usage retailers and businesses can get from these forums. Although our current rules are pretty much fine in my eyes, they do leave a lot of grey-ness around just where, how often and in what way retailers are allowed to create accounts, threads and reply to posts about themselves. Typically we've addressed retailers on a case-by-case basis. Some are good at this and make inroads into resolving issues that their customers have by way of a post reply to a thread about themselves, a couple just post pictures and a few simply lurk the forums to see what you're all saying about them. In every case, however, the guiding principle for this forum stays the same: it's important that regular users are getting something out of these interactions, and in exchange we allow some level of soft advertising through stock updates and public customer support. However, there are times where this oversteps the mark (typically by accident but sometimes not) and these instances are dealt with swiftly. Just this week L3wis managed to identify a retailer posing as a customer in order to draw attention to their business - this is the kind of thing we deal with swiftly, but we do also issue warnings to retailers who are getting a bit spam-y. In any case, this is not ideal for businesses because our current rules are so vague, and it's possible that this could be resulting in less of those productive retailer-to-user interactions from happening as well as leaving a little too much discretion with the moderators as to what's okay to post and what isn't. With that in mind; A clearer definition of the rules around retailers using the forums are going to be implemented Retailers will be allowed to post promotional material within their own thread in the Places to Buy subforum only Retailers should not post promotional material more frequently than once a week in these threads. This includes: Restocking and new product alerts Sales/promotions Photography of products or services that are watermarked in any way Retailers are encouraged to provide assistance and support to users via the forum and can do so directly within these threads as frequently as they wish Retailers will be encouraged to interact with users outside of this sub-forum, but - again - may only post explicitly promotional materials in Places to Buy The hope with the above is that keeping all promotional retailer materials in one place will allow individuals to filter it out if they don't like to see it. I will put up a small guide on creating your own 'activity feed' in the next couple of days. Businesses that post images must also comply with this rule change The same rules will apply to them if they post imagery that includes watermarks. We have a couple of them already, and they will be expected to comply with the 'no more than once a week' rule inside the Places to Buy subforum. Should their images be completely devoid of any promotional material (logos, URLs etc.) they are welcome to post them wherever they like just as though they were a normal user of this forum. As with any rule change we will be lenient for some time on people who get it wrong, so don't worry about us being too anal over the changes immediately. As usual you will receive a couple of warnings before anything happens to your account anyway and we will help lost retailers post in the right section as we always have. Our view on this has always been that these forums are for the players first but we also understand that many players do like to know that their purchasing feedback is being read. We hope this goes some way to showing retailers that there is a place here for you if you're not taking the piss.
  12. Rubbish. It's because they add other materials to add weight. Guarder have been straight about this since the early 2000s and they've been making their .4s for donkeys years.
  13. The classifieds section edits that I made before are all back. Please let me know if I've messed anything up.
  14. proffrink

    Apex Legends

    Buy a prebuilt. They're not so bad these days.
  15. Fyi, a Camelbak is a brand name of hydration pouch. Basically it's just a water bottle but it sits flat. It's one of these:
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