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  1. Can you confirm if this is still happening for you or not? I was fiddling with various things throughout the early to mid afternoon and it may have affected PMs during this time.
  2. I'm sad. I put real information in that thread
  3. I agree that the longer you wait, the less likely you are to make a poor purchase when you start.
  4. Most dark modes use black and white, not dark blue and white. I might try both. By the way, the light theme will always stay default (if that was the worry).
  5. Likewise I think a few of the buttons are still showing in a light grey/white, which needs fixing. I'll do another pass on it this weekend and then we'll announce it. If anyone else has some feedback for me please let me know
  6. How are we getting on with this? Has anyone noticed any issues with the template or is this good to go out of 'testing'?
  7. This is fixed. I have rolled back any edits that I made to the Classifieds too (though most of these are minor and indistinguishable). I will slowly add these back over the coming days, so don't be alarmed if the Classifieds look a tiny bit different in places for a short while.
  8. The issue isn't notifications on the site or PMs specifically, it's that certain people aren't getting emails. Please see my response to one of the aforementioned status updates as it links to the same thread where this is discussed in more detail. https://airsoft-forums.uk/profile/23439-armouredpiglet/?status=12246&type=status
  9. For future discussion of this topic, please use this thread: Just to keep it all in once place. Thank you. Locked
  10. Known. Trying to sort, but am having to liase between IPB and the creator of the framework for the Classifieds to find out what the root cause is.
  11. Nothing I can do about emails currently - we are still being flagged for spam until people pitch in and help de-list us from BT/Yahoo addresses and/or BT/Yahoo pull their finger out. The only option other than this is to ban the use of BT and Yahoo email addresses so that we aren't blackballed from every email service that we use (we've already been through two these past 12 months). Please, if you have an @btinternet or @yahoo email address, do the forums a solid and mark it 'not spam' while I wait for their absent postmaster department to get back to us on what can be done about this. Until then we are using PHP Mail and sending them directly (which has a high rejection rate given how many we send out each day).
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't ZeroIn also have a zero post requirement for their classifieds section?
  13. I can log in as you without your password but I will want your permission first. PM me to let me know if you can as I make a record of these things.
  14. I missed your post I think, sorry. Let me check this now. Edit: @rocketdogbert Could you please provide me with the links you're using for the pages that work and don't work. The full URLs aren't disclosed in your screenshots.
  15. I have reduced the limit significantly but also made it so that advertisements don't affect your upload count. However, this issue seems separate to that as it's affecting sonofsammo even below the limit. I just want to know if this is happening for anyone else really.
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