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  1. Not to mention that pretty much every courier (including Royal Mail) charges a service fee for prepaying your VAT and passing it through their network to get it to you as quickly as possible. On something like that I believe it's around £13.
  2. From what I recall from my times fucking with Marui glocks, check you've not lost the tiny spring that goes in the selector itself. If the spring is crimped that can cause a lot of issues, and this happened to me a few times on reassembly. Basically take it apart and put it back together again is worth a go most of the time anyway.
  3. Send me a PM with a screenshot of your problem if possible and I'll check for you. Thanks!
  4. The issue with this is that those retailers have to be registered with HMRC. Many can't be arsed so have simply said no to UK buyers. Maybe this will change in the long term but more likely there will be small places that will just decide the relatively tiny market of the UK isn't worth the paperwork. I hope that the law changes because this level of friction will be enough that only large businesses (with structures in place to bother with another set of foreign paper work) will bother with direct to consumer UK trade. If you think that's a good thing then you're beyond help.
  5. This is called populism and it historically rarely ends well. Distilling down political aims and social values to the point that you can condense them into the perspectives of a single person. When you start missing the nuance you're in for a bad time. There's at least one person in this very thread who looks to have spent a little bit too much time on the internet last year.
  6. Because despite all their outrage at Facebook's content policies and general social statements, it's far too robust for many not to build their online lives around. There are people on there out of necessity but there are a lot more who are in denial about Facebook's value to them. If you're ostensibly "only on there to keep in touch with auntie dorris" then why are you active in 30 different hobbiest groups? It goes without saying that they are very welcome here and many of our best posters also post on FB groups, but don't expect a sudden surge of people opting out of Facebook an
  7. Liberalism in the American sense I assume you mean then, because in the classical sense liberalism is almost entirely about the right to self-determination. It's not a dirty word unless you don't really know what it means.
  8. All I'll say is that you should all be looking into the trigger more than anything else. As much as I liked the v1 and as easy as it was to install, it had one of the worst triggers I've put in a DMR. It's not that bad vs. the whole pack (and was of course more responsive than most AEGs) but it was a bit spongy.
  9. Important stuff in bold. Message and content allowances for new accounts Following a large recent spam wave (where numerous bot accounts circumvented our captcha and anti-flood restrictions by posting as legitimate sign-ups), steps need to be taken to limit the amount of spam that a single account can conduct before being found and closed down. Currently there are few restrictions on how many messages you can send as a new member. As a new member, you can have up to 250 total conversations with 8 total recipients in each. Meaning that - with the right script - you
  10. Daytona if you have the money. They are much more user friendly these days too.
  11. So you're saying that the dialogue box is annoying?
  12. Can you show me please? That sounds shitty.
  13. Many notifications have been disabled because a lot of emails were being sent by the site that people were just marking 'spam' (because they couldn't be arsed to turn them of), which resulted in us getting blacklisted in a bunch of places. I'm afraid that the questions and status update notifications may have been a casualty of this change. Is the problem with them appearing on the site/in your feed (i.e. at the top right) or were you specifically looking to get an email?
  14. For anyone in the future looking to have their account deleted: PM me and I'll do it within 30 days.
  15. Quite literally the opposite too for most use cases. Urgh.
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