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  1. Don't worry, you can still obtain a verified AF-UK™ Patch Owner® icon by purchasing one or more Official AF-UK Patch™ for the low price of £6.00!
  2. They mean close to absolutely nothing and they are simply a reflection of your post count. Except staff, who get a title so you know they are staff.
  3. Outstanding move.
  4. A true competitor to The Crimson Permanent Assurance
  5. Oh I see. That wording still keeps me up at night, but I still don't know how to improve it English has failed us.
  6. Nah, people do actually bump old threads with cause. Otherwise we'd just auto-lock them
  7. Blink tag has been dead for a long time. It's time to move on
  8. You're right. I'm hoping they just read the bit in bold at least
  9. I finally did it. After 90 days threads will show the following warning when going to post: Any thoughts on the wording?
  10. Was lazy, didn't do it. Maybe this week.
  11. Can do this. Will implement over the weekend if I'm not being too lazy.
  12. For all those interested, this is the post in which swearing was made 'ok' again:
  13. That shouldn't be there. I will amend it now. Sorry. Bad language is allowed. If you get racist or homophobic you'll get a ban pretty much immediately.
  14. It's pretty much because we don't take laziness and single sentence replies or purely anecdotal '+1s' that you see pasted on the more generic FB pages that many have migrated to. It's not everyone's cup of tea but I've always found forums to be a far better source of information that any social media, and the interactions are just as good a lot of the time. If you just want a laugh though FB sometimes beats them out.
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