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  1. The colours on all these links have now changed because it was causing problems in the text entry areas (such as composing a topic or reply). The style for these areas is inherited from the same colours set for any link on the website that isn't explicitly a menu item or something really important. So now the two different shades of blue will be present on the dark theme too (identical to the light). Hopefully this the secondary effect of making read topics more obvious.
  2. If you want your feedback back, send me a PM and I'll migrate it for you.
  3. Staff list is under Forums -> Staff: https://airsoft-forums.uk/staff/
  4. I found normal pick n' pluck was great when treated with a couple of layers of spray viny afterwards.
  5. Ok to be clear, in your initial post were you talking about emails or notifications in under the bell icon?
  6. Moved to Forum Feedback Probably not right now I'm afraid. I will see how easy it is to do, however.
  7. Use https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/ Would recommend a far cheaper setup than that which Jedi has posted. You will never use most of the features of a board that costs more than 150 quid. Spending a lot of money on a good motherboard isn't really worth it unless you have some specific additional needs in mind for connectivity or running many expansion cards etc. If you're using a single graphics card (which you really should be if you don't have more than a single 4K monitor) then almost any Z490 type motherboard is fine. MSI are my go-to pick but it won't really matter which you buy. Don't get a MicroATX as you will pay a slight premium for it being smaller and probably loose some connectivity too. Plain old ATX is the best value. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/products/motherboard/#c=143 My recommendation would be the MSI MPG Z490 GAMING PLUS because it's from a reputable brand and is the cheapest. I am assuming that you don't need WiFi built in. For RAM: All of these boards will support ridiculous RAM clock speeds. I'm just going to pick you something with a decent response time and from a good brand. Anything over 3000mHz is fine. Realistically you will never notice the latency or clock speed on RAM for general/gaming applications anyway. My recommendation would be two of these sticks: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/QBrYcf/kingston-hyperx-fury-16-gb-2-x-8-gb-ddr4-3200-memory-hx432c16fb3k216 You don't need more than 32gb for general or gaming purposes. If you do a lot of design work maybe consider 64gb. On the note of LEDs: Just completely ignore LEDs and order what has the best specs. LEDs or not. Better value usually means not having to deal with needless lights though, even from brands like MSI, Gigabyte, Asus etc. who will certainly offer RGB on their worse value boards and RAM. Also you can now buy a properly soundproofed case
  8. Strange indeed. I was fiddling with this setting the other day along with the emails (ironically to reduce the number of emails we send) so I'll check it out. Sorry that this is happening. Edit Changed some more things but I couldn't see anything obvious. The notification options are somewhat ambiguously worded in the back-end but almost all of them are set to never send emails (as was the aim of my original edits a few days ago) so this still strikes me as weird.
  9. Are you able to do so here? https://airsoft-forums.uk/notifications/options/
  10. MP7 mag taps are simple really - just look up TM mag taps and buy a few. Use a pneumatic thread sealant and replace the normal fill valves with them. Totally non-destructive modification.
  11. @proffrink I think the messages are still broken


  12. I'll continue to reduce it on the advice of the moderation team. This was actually proposed by them a little while ago so you have them to thank and me to scorn for being too busy to action it properly.
  13. I actually don't know how that works, so the proof will have to be in the tasting.
  14. Max adverts now at 14 per week down from 10 per day.
  15. Can you confirm if this is still happening for you or not? I was fiddling with various things throughout the early to mid afternoon and it may have affected PMs during this time.
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