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  1. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Sounds about right. Thanks for coming here and providing some more info. To clarify for anyone wondering: Just a seller on Alibaba/AliExpress rather than Alibaba themselves. Akin to an eBay store or Amazon 3rd party seller.
  2. Protech Airsoft - avoid like the plague.

    Link to the thread?
  3. Armed Police - Yes or No

    I also lived abroad for ~5 years and shot a few things. It was fun but I don't miss it hugely. I think we were around the same place @AshOnSnow and hopefully you'll agree that there are certainly far more positives in coming back than staying there for too long Guns are mechanically super interesting, but people make mistakes (even well trained ones). I don't believe due process can be had (no matter how well intentioned an office might be) in a split second decision to draw a gun and that's why I prefer that our police have to call them in. Frankly our crime rates are still extremely low by most metrics, and whilst I appreciate that a binary decision like 'arm the police' is something tangible that everyone can have a clear-cut opinion on, the real debate is to be made in that grey area of litigation, reformation of offenders, sentencing guidelines, jurisdictional bias etc. These things don't usually get their own forum threads because they're dull and require an nuanced essay just to get your opinion out on.
  4. That's a bold claim. I'd wait to see if this is true.
  5. Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    TM Glocks are ~1mm wider than real steel. WE etc. aren't. You will need to sand the inside of the holster if you want to get it to fit.
  6. New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    Should be, yes. I'm going to tweak it a bit over the weekend.
  7. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Done. Best of luck getting your money back. Hopefully the courts can help.
  8. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    PM'd you @PrinskipperSkipple - for anyone interested (as there's been a few of you now) these are my personal dealings with him in the past and will speak to his character more than this specific situation. Offering it up as I've just had a strangely coincidental series of run-ins with him for going on 10 years now.
  9. New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    You've had to deal with this mess for a while, Jedi. What're you thinking? I know we hastily did the current ones so any tweaks? I'll look into this. Are you able to drop me a screenshot here or in a PM? Well it means 'sold', but it also means 'found' or 'bought' (in the case of swaps or 'looking for gun' listings). In theory we could have one for each, but I feel that's unnecessary extra verbiage for a small amount of information. However, we could change the colour to grey or something for 'completed' listings so it's more obvious. We could also discuss the wording of 'completed' too so it's more obvious? Maybe 'closed'?
  10. New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    Personally I'd like to avoid too many categories. ZeroIn - if you ask me - has too many categories (certainly for the volume of listings we get here), and is akin to what you're saying.
  11. New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    Certainly are HPA tapped shotties about. My concern is more for intuitiveness and keeping the categories formatted as similarly as possible. There is also the TM AA12 for AEGs, but the few and far between-ness for shotguns, sniper rifles, LMGs, UGLs etc. would be why I'd advocate for an 'other'.
  12. C02 GBB Lubrication methods

    What about stripping an airsoft gun makes you cry?
  13. C02 GBB Lubrication methods

    Pure silicone if you're not sure what else. Believe the Halfords stuff is fine, but I've found more viscous silicone drops to last longer on the gun and also are a lot cheaper. Edit: As above: Aerosol tends to get places you don't want it too (like the bucking).
  14. Bells’n’whistles a custom does not make .

    I just don't like putting 'custom' in the title because I strongly believe that the sort of person who would buy something that's actually 'custom' (and knows what they're looking at) is going to read what you've put in/on it irrespective of whether that title is there. Adding 'custom' does nothing to add to this and - as you say - is completely pointless when putting a light on is as 'custom' as a £90 barrel, and those who know enough to be willing to drop much more money on a gun because it has bells and whistles are not going to be swayed one way or the other because of a word in the title.