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  1. proffrink

    Patches are now available(ish)

    Paid up the duty and will be delivered tomorrow. Will attempt to have them dispatched tomorrow too (depends when PF turn up). First class for the preorders so you're not waiting an extra day than is necessary. Appreciate all the patience.
  2. proffrink

    Selling my pyro

    What Rogerborg is saying though is that the primer itself (i.e. not the whole blank but the firing cap) is enough to be bad. If you wanted to enough removing a primer from a blank to use in live ammo wouldn't be a problem, I assume. And of course there's the point that .209 primers are sold by the hundreds with no problem at all
  3. proffrink

    Zeroin, Dead & Gone?

    We're working on achieving this ourselves.
  4. proffrink

    Selling my pyro

    That's actually pretty interesting. I believe in this case we're 100% talking about fireworks/pyrotechnics rather than blank firers, but it's somewhat amusing that blanks are fine but primers are not? I mean surely one could extract the primers from a blank if they were that bothered, or do blank firers use a different/less violent primer? I'd have thought not.
  5. proffrink

    Selling my pyro

    The expectation being that a retailer will take precautions to properly package and label explosive material that a private seller won't. I know when I've ordered bulk pyro it only ever comes via TNT and with big warning labels all over it. Don't think Parcelforce will even touch retailer stuff, but I could be wrong (most retailers seem to opt for TNT (heh) or FedEx and it costs a pretty penny too). I think the surcharge I've typically paid is about a tenner ontop of whatever I've already paid for postage. To OP: Might be best to deliver them in person or sell them at a site.
  6. proffrink

    Selling my pyro

    And this is why we have to just issue warnings instead of trying to ask nicely in threads I guess *shrugs*. Conduct your sales/purchasing via the classifieds or - failing that - just send a PM. Don't bump threads with off-topic content - simple.
  7. proffrink

    Selling my pyro

    This isn't the section for selling, so it would be considered off-topic, but no one would see you sending a PM. Same reason sales shouldn't happen in the appraisals.
  8. proffrink

    Selling my pyro

    Yeh, don't do sales in these sorts of threads please all you'll get a warning for off-topic posting. Perhaps send a PM in the future?
  9. proffrink

    Slow selling recently?

    I monitor the analytics closely (the Google Analytics overview is posted up every month for supporters), and traffic isn't a problem (compared to the previous forum-based system at least). This was one of the key things I was looking at when it was still being trailed, and any significant drop-off in numbers was going to be unacceptable in any case. I know you've said about this before, but I have checked extensively to be sure that the numbers are comparable and growing (at least slightly - site-wide we grow maybe 2-3% a month on average). Classifieds are the primary way we get new members and visitor numbers for listings is taken very seriously. I suppose one could argue that traffic means nothing if they can't find what they want, but I have no bounce rates of rival sites to compare this to.
  10. proffrink

    Patches are now available(ish)

    Update: They're in customs right now.
  11. proffrink


    See other thread and maybe post there as it's covered almost exactly what you're saying anyway
  12. proffrink


    Moved to Forum Feedback. Fits better there. I'm assuming this is about the classifieds on AF-UK. If you're talking about how you tell whether a gun is second hand vs. new, then let me know and I'll move this again. It will say 'sold' if a seller has marked it as such, but 'uncompleted' simply means they haven't 'bumped' the post in a week. It might be available, they might not be interested in selling it or they might have forgotten to mark it as 'sold'. 'Uncompleted' basically just means the seller hasn't interacted with the advert at all in the last 7 days so we have no idea which of these conditions it is. Have put a lot of thought into how to make this less misleading, but all the other options seem to make it even more ambiguous.
  13. proffrink

    Daytona gun questions

    Don't use 13ci on a DG. Less than useless and many have tried. You won't find many people not using 4500ci tanks within the DG community.
  14. proffrink

    UKAPU Membership now free - go and sign up!

    That's great. Thanks
  15. proffrink

    UKAPU Membership now free - go and sign up!

    You're welcome to post a copy here if you'd prefer. Are we talking records from when there was the first spike around ~2016? If so I'd happily shoot you an email if that means being able to share them on here. We are talking 2+ years here though. I don't think it's at all unreasonable to be asking for a yearly accounting, but clearly you think it might be despite this being a promise that was made very unambiguously.