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  1. You can get a tenner off it right now in the Epic Store's sale: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/
  2. If it's like most L96 clones it'll be inside the magazine well. You will need to remove the magazine to get to it.
  3. Finally all packed and in the post box as of tonight. Should have them by Saturday.
  4. Hide it and never tell a soul just like me.
  5. Only for the ones that have been delayed I'm afraid.
  6. Sorry, will do this week. The process of me sending these out is pretty horribly informal right now. I'll make sure all the delays get an extra patch or two to make up for the delay. If you'd prefer a refund please don't hesitate to contact me immediately.
  7. I last used them about 4 years ago. Before that I'd used them on a handful of occasions and got everything that I ordered. Apart from being slow they did give me a runaround about something that was out of stock after I'd ordered it, but this is unfortunately par for the course if you're looking for something that's unavailable elsewhere. They're a legitimate company but I would email to ask them if the item you're looking for is actually in stock first.
  8. Thanks guys. Will assume this is fixed then. Open a new thread if not. Locked.
  9. Can someone try this now and get back to me?
  10. Let me take a look. Didn't realise this was an issue - sorry!
  11. Does sound like a lemon. TM have built this reputation over two decades but I imagine some do slip through the cracks of QC.
  12. Moved to the Appraisals section.
  13. That link won't work by the way. It's only visible to you. Either take a screenshot or just link the product(s) directly
  14. Started drinking quite early yesterday I see, OP
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