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  1. proffrink

    Ultra Air Gas

    There's a thread for this that might help
  2. proffrink

    Mods please help. Scammer hacked my messages

    Moved to forum feedback and locked. I'll PM you to try and resolve this as we of course won't discuss details of your account access publicly.
  3. proffrink

    Joule Creep

    I'm not going to bring up the tired, off-topic story of HPA again but it looks like you've posed my argument for me anyway in the second half of your post
  4. proffrink

    Joule Creep

    Again I think the issue of Joule creep isn't that it's there but more that people don't know it's there because everyone is using ft/s as a measurement. If people knew then - like you and your hop dial - they'd be more cautious when checking at home. In its current state people literally switch to their bottle of .2g BBs when they cronograph because they don't understand that their crono at home has a Joules and weight setting that can be used to make sure your'e not creeping. Heyho.
  5. proffrink

    Joule Creep

    Well precisely. I think they'd have to just spot check the odd BB with some scales. Also removes the issue of people having to come along with empty mags to be filled up. The unfortunate truth to all of that is that ultimately someone can just say 'oh yeh I'm using .25s today' and then walk back and pick up a bag of .32s. In the end it'll probably all be for nowt, but it's finding that balance as there will always be a gap that has to be filled by honestly. My main issue is with people unconsciously doing this (particularly GBBR and HPA users) as if they just knew most of them would remedy it at home I'm sure.
  6. proffrink

    Joule Creep

    The important topic here (if we can cut through pages of people struggling to understand what Joule creep actually is) is whether or not - or even how - a site puts a stop on this. Trigger has the right idea. You need three things to be able to stop Joule creep: The most basic thing (and something sites already sort of do) is to start listing their limits in Joules (yes, some put '350ft/s for a .2g BB' - which is the same as muzzle energy - but is confusing for many in the context of the other two points) and talking about limits in Joules at the cronograph as well. Enough of this ft/s shit. Cronograph on the weight/heaviest weight that a player intends to use that day and, importantly; Weigh the BB they're using to make sure they're telling the truth The biggest issue is the final point, and something that truthfully I don't see many sites being able to do reliably. I'd go for a spot check (just randomly pick people) but this isn't 100% effective and can piss people off if they keep getting picked. Even if you're picking every 5th player, that allows people to maliciously slip by by picking their place in the queue carefully. That's the reason why I don't see this happening anywhere. My primary concern is people thinking HPA is running hot when in reality a lot of the creep and are left unchecked, but that's secondary I suppose. This actually doesn't tell you why Joule creep happens - only explains what the result is, but I digress. We've had so many threads on this that perhaps those who still don't understand the basic physics can go and fish one of those out using the search. Joule creep can easily be explained by just understanding that a gun firing heavier ammo has a higher muzzle energy than one firing lighter ammo (even if the gun is completely stock in both cases). Remember that, and you understand Joule creep. To what extent it happens is academic (AEGs tend to be better with creep whilst GBBRs and sniper rifles are the worst offenders).
  7. proffrink

    Joule Creep

    They crono on ft/s with .2g BBs thought ask your site marshall and even they won't be silly enough to suggest that any ammo is fine, surely. .2g at 350ft/s is a stand-in for a measurement in Joules that makes it easier for people to understand, but presenting lots in Joules - whilst being a good idea - still leaves the bigger question of Joule creep open. Then again if one's at a site that lets snipers feed through .4g BBs at 500ft/s then those marshalls have a bigger problem to solve. I'm just not sure if I've heard of a site that doesn't imply/explicitly outline their limits on a .2g BB. I would be extremely surprised if they say 'oh any weight is fine' if you were to ask them. Again I should stress that measuring Joules is a part of administering a solution to Joule creep (if this is what you're talking about), but not all of it (and will alone do nothing to help) but have a flick through this thread as there are some explain this and examples.
  8. proffrink

    Joule Creep

    Does read like it's missed the point of Joule creep unfortunately. Switching to Joules is just the second step in removing it form the game and is an essentially pointless change by itself.
  9. As of 11/07/18 the new feedback system will replace the old, thread-based feedback (the subforum you're in right now). You have 3 months from this date to apply here to have your feedback score migrated. This will be added to any existing score that you already have. Please post with a link to your feedback thread(s) and a member of staff will edit your post to let you know once it's been moved.
  10. proffrink

    New Feedback System: Yay or Nay?

    Yes: 13 votes 1 vote dropped due to low community reputation Total: 12 ~66.6% No: 6 0 votes dropped due to low community reputation Total: 6 ~33.3% New feedback will replace the old. To apply to have your feedback migrated please post here:
  11. proffrink

    Airsoft tantrums

    I'd like to think that I'm usually relatively understanding. Remember when you've stubbed your toe and someone's asked you a question 2 seconds after? It's like that unfounded rage when you hit someone with a stinger. Usually if they're still looking stroppy after 5 seconds that's the indication that they're a sore loser, however.
  12. proffrink

    Barrel not lined up properly? Need help ASAP!

    If you want quicker assistance pictures usually help.
  13. proffrink


    Merged into other Tiger111HK threads.
  14. proffrink

    New Feedback System: Yay or Nay?

    I am going to extend this poll into Wednesday due to a low number of respondents. Think this is mostly down to the announcement bar I scheduled not actually showing up before the weekend like it should have.
  15. proffrink

    Joule Creep

    It is super simple though if you have the above chart I posted. As @sonofsammo says: You just convert what the site limit is into Joules (which is what the government uses anyway to measure how 'safe' a gun is). Remember a train going at 15mph has a lot more energy than a car going at 100mph. So 500ft/s on a .20g BB is 2.32J. Therefore 2.32J is now your site limit for sniping. What ft/s that is on your particular ammo is in the chart below. Joule creep only kicks in when someone cronos with a lower weight and then uses a heavier BB for their games. This is down to - as a simplification - a slower (i.e. heavier) BB in the barrel attaining more energy from the same amount of air/green gas during its journey down the barrel than if you were using a .20g BB that will leave the barrel sooner and be on its way with marginally less energy. This is more pronounced the bigger the difference between the two weights, so it's a particular problem for DMRs, bolt actions and - unfortunately - HPA users who will typically splash out on .32g BBs. This is unfortunately why I take the option of doing this myself. The increases are significant and sites don't care - doesn't mean I want to shoot hot guns though. Especially what with being careful with HPA. GBBRs are also very bad for Joule creep.