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  1. proffrink

    Throat protection

    As others have suggestsed - neck gaitor. Fleece one. Will get hot though. Thinber ones won't provitmuch protection.
  2. proffrink

    Research into throwable surveillance robot

    Use a fake email and name them. It's the data he really wants - I imagine the rest is just a requirement of whoever has set the course work. Also the bit about voiding the question on price is really just the way Google Forms works. I guess just put a 0 so he can exclude it later on? I'll fill it out for ye, but I'm not using my real name and email.
  3. Someone should probably let him know that there's an appraisals sub-forum now. I might put that in the header for new sellers.
  4. Not using real pics of the item they actually own is against the rules as it's as good as no pictures at all. Report it and mods will give them 24 hours to update it plus will add a notice to the header of it so people know it's fishy.
  5. proffrink

    Is the TM Glock only a problem because.......?

    Epoxy not for the slide but the void in the frame itself just to the rear of that front screw post. It'll be obvious - just fill er up (don't overfill or it'll mess with the rest of the stuff). As usual this thread needs posting: http://www.airsoftcanada.com/showthread.php?t=140496
  6. proffrink

    Is the TM Glock only a problem because.......?

    Yep, sorry! Brain fart.
  7. proffrink

    Is the TM Glock only a problem because.......?

    They're reasonably well known for the front post in the frame shattering at anything between 5000 to 1000 cycles. The fix for this is a new Guarder frame (with a brass insert on that front post). Just be prepared to do that if it breaks or - at the very least - I would advise putting epoxy into the void around the front post to sure it up and make it last a while longer. This takes about 5 minutes to do. Other than that the only issue I can think of is light striking. Some people install a 150% hammer* spring to help with this, but this makes the above problem happen more likely to happen.
  8. proffrink

    Mancraft Regulator to HPA bottle

    Two posts to decipher what we already know about the Mancraft design from the OP? Appreciate the effort but we knew this OP, buy an M4 grub screw as you thought and inform Mancraft so they can pay for it (or apologise profusely).
  9. proffrink

    Mancraft Regulator to HPA bottle

    Use a grub screw. It should have had one pre-installed but I guess they missed it. Easy enough to get off eBay. Not sure of the exact diameter but length wise 10mm should be enough.
  10. proffrink

    Tracer help.. scorpion carbine bet

    I thought that was the entire point of airsoft FB groups?
  11. proffrink

    Technical help in the northeast

    Moved to Recommend a Tech
  12. proffrink

    Gun sale removed?

    Made that my personal recommendation in the other thread too
  13. proffrink

    Gun sale removed?

    Ok so Google Authenticator is now available to all members who're feeling a bit vulnerable for whatever reason: https://airsoft-forums.uk/settings/account-security/ iOS https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/google-authenticator/id388497605 Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.authenticator2&hl=en_us
  14. proffrink

    New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    Big 'maybe' to both of the above for the reasons outlined previously in this thread: Making it more arduous to post classifieds on here might be associated with a slight increase in browsing experience for forum-users, but I'm sceptical that it won't have an adverse effect on the volume of adverts that we actually get. We already have the most strict advertising requirements of any place I know of in the UK and they're moderated quite closely to ensure those problems are enforced. Just not something I'm able to quantify with any accuracy, but I'd be happy to have my arm twisted into doing something if there's agreement on these changes. @Jedi_Master?
  15. proffrink

    Gun sale removed?

    Like you I wouldn't be too bothered if my account didn't have admin access and the like, but this would be more for the peace of mind of some. Staff have been required to use 2FA for some time to access their accounts and we do use sessions to not make that a huge pain.