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  1. proffrink

    Do black broken airsoft guns need a licence?

    1J is also what a lot of American YouTubers quote as being the UK limit because they're a bit dense, so I can forgive OP if he got into it through watching videos (which many do/have).
  2. proffrink

    Mystery box from extremeairsoft

    Buy what you want. Don't gamble like this as it's just how these shops shift old stock that nobody else wants.
  3. proffrink

    Patches are now available(ish)

    Send me a pic of it and then sure, ye.
  4. proffrink

    Classifieds- Permission?

    Could you both provide a link to the applicable listings? Thanks
  5. proffrink

    The I wants

    Yeh, ones that can go anywhere near 3000psi are seriously big money. Even that ShoeBox thing is nearly a grand I believe and takes an hour to fill a bottle.
  6. proffrink

    More specific sections

    Would like some more opinions on this if anyone has any. I know this has come up before and the question of ending up with dead sub-forums and an overly-complicated forum structure were the two big issues. Of course there is the point that Facebook groups are able to be niche. Ultimately the 'teams & sites' section could be made to hold this as they can have their own forums added to them. I'm just not convinced that we get the volume of new threads necessary for adding additional sub-forums.
  7. proffrink

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    You are never going to be able to get recoil like you can with HPA given current battery technology. That's the real limiting factor and the reason why I use HPA.
  8. proffrink

    HPA Advice

    This thread helps a bit but I'm a lazy sod and still haven't updated it fully: Your checklist will include: A drop in engine of some sort (Polarstar, Valken, Mancraft, Wolverine, Redline are just a few brands that make them) A shot tank (the small one that you carry) - these are identical to paintball tanks A high pressure line A regulator (different to the regulator that will come with your tank, and sits ontop) Some little bits and bobs like spare tank o-rings, TechT GunSav lubricant, a tournament lock etc. As for what's good and what isn't, there's a lot on that right now but practically all the mainline branded drop-in kits are excellent (with arguably minor gains to be had from more expensive stuff). I would just start with something along the lines of a Wolverine or Polarstar entry-level offering, a cheap tank regulator, the cheapest paintball tank you can get from a reputable paintball or airsoft retailer and any line you prefer. HPA is very different now to even 5 years ago and there's far less guess work. If http://www.highpressureairsoft.co.uk/ are still considered a good retailer, I'd take a look through what they stock as it's all very reasonable. Expect to pay ~£400 if you're just starting. Second hand is a good way to go for regulators (if you can find one), lines and even tanks (assuming they're in their testing date) if you want to save some cash. I would probably buy the engine new though as there are a lot of idiots out there who can find ways to fuck up installing them even though it's really easy these days. Your biggest problem will be building the AEG itself. You still need a gearbox shell for the engine to sit in, and of course buying your hop unit, inner, rail blah blah will probably take up more of your time than the actual HPA stuff.
  9. proffrink

    Use of pistols in cqb in the winter months

    Actually the BS is that Maruis are meant to run on duster/134A, but this hasn't been true for a decade since TM have known that their international market is easily as big as the domestic Japanese one. Still certainly problem with things like the G18C front post and the older G17 hammers, but again these have been resolved by TM themselves or quite easy to fix oneself.
  10. proffrink

    Glock tritium front sights

    First two and last images are renders. Other isn't. Also I bought white tubes and set them inside white Sugru (the hole was around 3mm vs. the 1.5 of the tube) so that I can see them very clearly in normal light conditions. I would not recommend having just the tube as it won't be bright enough for most situations.
  11. proffrink

    Glock tritium front sights

    Long time ago but I'll see what I can do. Edit https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tritium-Lamp-Vial-Tube-Capsule-Trigalight-6mm-x-1-5-mm-Glow-in-the-Dark/131195842787?hash=item1e8be1b0e3:m:mPMDbYkmzE0oELMk1jKzk5g:rk:2:pf:0
  12. proffrink

    Glock tritium front sights

    Looks nice. I made my own too by drilling out some stock TM Glock sights and then inserting some tritium tubes off eBay (around 8 quid each I believe). Assume you're thinking of using similar tubes here too? I would also conceal the end pointing away from the shooter. You don't want to show up as a glowing dot in the dark at some urban sites.
  13. proffrink

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    Best solenoid HPA I'd be happy to accept that on, but I think the DG owners would like a word about it being the best HPA system outright.
  14. AF-UK ones were done through BritKit and I'm impressed with the quality. Their turnaround was a bit slow but there were allegedly mitigating circumstances. On a smaller order I'm sure you'd have less issues. Not sure what their minimum order is, but I know they've done sets of team patches in the past so might not be a problem. Postage also a factor (they're in the US), but patches are quite small and light so wouldn't add too much. When I did the costings for our patches they were comparable to many UK suppliers. Problem with the contoured PVC patches like ours is you do have to pay a form charge upfront. I'm not sure if they do the 2D/layered PVC patches that don't require this.
  15. proffrink

    SRU G18C Slide swap for Guarder 7075 Aluminium G18C Slide

    AFAIK, this won't fit your WE frame. TM are ~1mm wider and Guarder slides are made to TM spec.