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  1. I've been playing around with the Sonic Mini 8K this week. Providing the model sculpters themselves can keep up - as they have been able to do already - these machines will probably exceed the quality of the GW cast resin minis (but be shy of the injection moulded classics) whilst being about 80-90% as durable. You're not going to see this from many quarters yet though as most are only just moving to 4K from the old 2K machines. Resin is also silly expensive for many.
  2. Spam issue has been addressed with the addition of an extra plugin that claims to help. We'll see I suppose...

    1. proffrink


      Well, that didn't quite work. Back to the drawing board.

  3. Good shout. I've just done that now. Will revisit this thread in a week to see if that's enough or not, then go to a vote.
  4. Yes, here: Feel free to revive that thread and I'll add some more.
  5. I'll put up a poll for this soon and we'll see if it stays or goes. Yeh, it was a checkbox. I think we've all had a chance to experience it by now though.
  6. Merry Christmas all. Hope you all find BFGs under your trees.

    1. Druid799


      Merry crimbo t you too !

    2. RostokMcSpoons


      I cut out the middle(wo)man (Santa/Wife) and bought myself a gun.   

      So there's no 'hope' about it now ...

      I wholeheartedly recommend this approach :D

    3. Paul72


      Merry Christmas 

  7. I would suggest that anyone who digs up these pages first requests that the page be archived (by going to http://web.archive.org/) before posting it here.
  8. Hi, sorry about this and that you have all had to wait for so long. I have just cleared all of the backlog of patch orders today. Not much of an excuse, just busy enough to not check the section in the backend that contains all of the orders and emails not being sent to me when someone has ordered a patch (now fixed). You should all have yours by tomorrow (or the day following at the latest). My apologies also for the lack of responses to your mentions in threads. If you wish to get a hold of me please don't hesitate to use the forum email or PM me. I typically check both of these at least once a week but both do get a fair amount of spam. @Jedi_Master got a message to me earlier last week.
  9. There's a patch coming tomorrow that should resolve this.
  10. Refresh quickly and let me know again?
  11. If you guys spot any issues with this can you put them here? The options for changing the colours have changed slightly. I'd rather not hardcode any edits to any of the template files, but this is what I've had to do in the past and I'll do it again if there's something that can't be changed.
  12. IPS have acknowledged this issue and will be releasing a patch some time soon. Not on our end.
  13. Thanks. I noticed that too. I also remember that we had this same exact issue a few updates ago and I've forgotten the culprit. Could easily be to do with the theme being out of date (something I'm almost done rectifying).
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