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  1. This was reenabled a while ago after the last thread but do let me know if it fails sitewide again. Just to remind: There's a limit on how many emails the forum sends out each day - on particularly busy days we hit that cap and it stops. It's using Google SMTP to deliver emails. Tried AWS for emails and eventually got flagged and served emails directly (never got further than spam folders if at all). If the site has to send more than a few thousand emails a day it will stop before resuming the next. The biggest issue here is lots of people who've not visited in a while
  2. @Stodgy Do you have a screenshot of this? I can't replicate it on my end using media queries, but I'd like to see what you mean.
  3. We are on the waiting list for IPB's new 'app' thingy. I'm waiting to hear back. As we're a naughty 'gun' forum I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get into their beta.
  4. Looking into this tonight. Seems inconsistent. At first I thought it was the 'patch owners' group overriding the standard members permissions (as we had before) but this doesn't seem to be the case. Will post back once I find something.
  5. Delete some images I'm afraid. Sorry but we simply can't store and serve such a large number of images. I did some farily brutal passes on on our old photos and really got their sizes down quite a bit as they were really tanking page load times in certain threads, but I'd also like to properly implement a 'click to reveal images' button on mobile too.
  6. That was some lazy commenting out in IPB's editor. Sorry about that.
  7. Fixed. One week. Also done. Noticed this morning - IPS has a media resource management system that should have done this in the way I have it set up, but I didn't verify until the late hours of last night. Sorry about that.
  8. The page load times is concerning, but I haven't noticed a difference in testing. I'll report back later today after I've done some proper metrics.
  9. Based on the feedback so far: Not enough by half. I'll run a poll when it's done and see if I can get a real feel on how annoying it is.
  10. If this is the case and there are margins showing on mobile that can be tapped I will fix that. It shouldn't be happening. Shouldn't be the case - the background is ~350kb. I'll check.
  11. They've provided an English one. I was just too slow to upload it.
  12. The hotspot areas should only be in the margins. I have excluded them from the sides of the forums. I was pretty concerned about this being the case on mobile, so there should be no margins there at all. Is this not the case? Agreed on the central portion. Honestly wasn't expecting something so verbose right in the middle of the screen. If it were done again I think I'd have this area excluded entirely.
  13. There shouldn't be two banners in the header though (fixed) and there's now a slight white overlay on the light theme (dark on the dark) to assist with reading stuff. They've bought out the background for a week. Mostly a test at this point.
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