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  1. Quite literally the opposite too for most use cases. Urgh.
  2. I know for me that at one time buying and building was more fun than actually playing, so maybe that's the same for him. I wouldn't trust anyone to have done it correctly though.
  3. It's a joke by the way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It's_Over_9000!
  4. I thought you could still just buy them direct? https://samoon.com.tw/gbb/g-ak
  5. I know a lot of the notification stuff was changed with the update. I might make an announcement about this actually.
  6. Are you certain that https://airsoft-forums.uk/notifications/options/ has been set up correctly?
  7. Which kind of notifications do you mean?
  8. I have some suspicions as to why this is happening. Thanks, I'll update. Edit I've changed something. Tell me if that's any good @rocketdogbert
  9. @rocketdogbertCan you just re-confirm that this is ok for you? I messed with some other stuff this morning too that may have reverted the fix.
  10. Dark theme should be available again. Give it a try and let me know what you think (I'm sure it has some creases to be ironed out).
  11. You have just described the magic.
  12. Good spot from your first post too. Thank you.
  13. I don't know why it's asking you guys to sign up to our non-existent newsletter. Must be something that's reset when the update happened. I'll get that removed too. Edit Give it a try now.
  14. It has no positive impact and that's why it exists (all of the others increase your reputation score).
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