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  1. That is one factor. But they are not all away truthful about the actually manufacture of the products they sell selling, noticeably selling cheap Chinese clones but claiming they are real steel parts and charging real steel prices.
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    28/05/20 Update: Had some interest but unfortunately, most of the messages follow the vein of " What's the best price you can do" and What the lowest I will take" it would save time if you just say the price you're looking to pay. However, a point to be aware of Real Sword (RS) has not done a re-run of these SVD for years and due to the ongoing political situation in Hong Kong, I doubt it will happen for who knows how long if at all. So I believe RS second-hand prices are mostly only going to increase, I am certainly considering it, so if you want the best airsoft AEG SVD in my opinion and you don't want to be caught like a deer in headlights, paying more I recommend you act fast. Selling one of my extremely rare and prized pieces in my Real Sword collection to raise funds for other projects more pictures below. This SVD/Type85 has simply been a collector's piece that seen no skirmishing just for display and target plink when showing it off so is in very good condition wired to corally connectors for an easier installation of battery. The RS SVD/type 85 is basically a real Chinese manufacture type 85 which is a direct copy of the Soviet-designed Dragunov just with airsoft internal the very pinnacle of Airsoft AEG SVDs. It has the added bonus of being able to use it for both Soviet-Russian or Chinese PLA impression and loadout, in particular, the Sino-Vietnamese War. This SVD/type 85 for sale is the no longer produced generation 1. The main feature of this rifle that sets it apart from the gen2 counterpart is: this RS SVD/type 85 gen1 has the same deep black gloss military finish (see pictures) that you will find on the real steel Soviet and Chinese weapons of this type were as the gen2 RS SVD/type85 has the phosphate finish which is a dull grey. In the pictures below, the SVD with a sling and black pso scope is the one for sale, the SVD with the grey finish pso scope is not for sale. The gen 2 SVD/type85 also have a gearbox unlocking switch but this rifle has had this part installed as well, so this SVD/Type85 is pretty much nigh on indestructible external and internal but if some internal part was to break this package includes a host of rare spare parts. No swap or trades but open to negotiations. Would prefer collection or meet up due to the number of extras don’t fit very well in the original box so I do not wish to risk damage but if the buyer is willing to accept the risk postage can be discussed. Any questions or need more pictures please pm me. This package comes with: • E&L pso 4x24 scope in a black metallic finish, with carrying case and spare illumination reticule light bulbs and tools. • One real sword spare gear set and piston in the original box very rare no longer produced and originally came with the first series of rifles imported into the UK • One unopened complete gearbox with the motor which is extremely rare like hen’s teeth. • Authenticity certificate. • Quality control certificate. • User manual. • Disassembly poster. • Original Box. • one carry case • 4 steel svd mid-caps that have been refinished to match the rifle.


  3. To be honest I would be very sceptical to the point of not trusting Dave's Custom Airsoft they have practice some very dodgy selling practises in the past.
  4. While I am a big advocate of Real Sword I personally don't currently think they are better then E&L or LCT. Granted they are really the only airsoft manufacture who can make the claim that their Airsoft AEGs ,are made to the same specs, materials and finish, as the real steel weapon they replicate and the quality of the products they produce is one of the highest for airsoft AK variants (just look at the AK magazines full steel with a blued finish ) combined with solid no frill internal make them fairly reliable and dependable. Also for me personally I have had excellent after market support from them, one of the reason I still buy from them. That being said they are extremely expensive for what you get, the cheapest place to buy RS currently in the UK is land warrior for £445.99 they use to be £350. The internals are dated no QC gear box, except on the type 97 &97b. The wood furniture used is the same Chinese chiu wood on the real Type 56, which is prone to cracks and splits made even worse buy the fact they hollow out the stock on the 56 to accommodate another battery space so it even more likely to splits, the under folder can also brake at the locking button, and replacement external are expensive to buy. (Although the 56-2 folding stock is one of if not the strongest airsoft AK folding mechanism currently.) Compared to E&L gen 2 AKs which are full steel but no where near real steel spec, standard V3 gearbox, with QC spring feature, laminated wood furniture on those models that have it and currently very economical priced £283.20 for the most expensive model they have from Gunfire, I would say that very hard to beat that. But the discussion on which is the best airsoft AK will go on Ad nauseam, however I see more LCT, E&l and Cyma AKs then Real Sword at skirmishes.
  5. Currently I would say E&l gen 2 from gunfire lot of bang for you buck compared to the current offerings and prices of lct. https://gunfire.com/en/menu/rifles-17200.html?filter_traits[6471]=&filter_traits[6485]=&filter_traits[6466]=&filter_traits[33]=&filter_traits[20]=&filter_traits[34]=&filter_traits[19]=&filter_traits[21]=&filter_producer=1383559869&filter_new=&filter_promotion=&filter_instock=y
  6. Depends on what your after, but for AK parts there places like Cold war collectables, Zib militaria, ComBloc market on reddit just to name a few for AK/Comblock weapon parts. There also milweb they list a lot of UK dealers of deacts who deal in surplus parts as well: https://www.milweb.net/dealers.php?catID=16
  7. I have only swap 3 airsoft guns and they have all been face to face, two swap on, skirmish days which is Ideal but dose not always happen. But I personally would never swap/trade via postage as one party could send an empty box and you would not known until its too late, Or the item is not in the condition as described or shown in pictures but if it been post not a great deal you can do. Down side to face to face is organising where to meet, fuel cost , your personal safety and if the other party backs out last minute and does not tell you.
  8. Currently for AKs I would say the E&L gen2 series from gunfire, are very good value for money , full steel and wood or polymer dependant on variant and solid internal QC gearbox and prowin style hop unit . https://gunfire.com/en/menu/airsoft-replicas-366.html?filter_traits[6471]=&filter_traits[6485]=&filter_traits[6466]=&filter_traits[33]=&filter_traits[20]=&filter_traits[34]=&filter_traits[19]=&filter_traits[21]=&filter_producer=1383559869&filter_new=&filter_promotion=&filter_instock=y
  9. There are a number of Russian Facebook sellers such as Tssn trash can, who might have gear in your price range, try joining Northern pack Facebook group that where a number of them sell their kit.
  10. I believable bo manufacture were also involved, in the MTO phantom magnetic blow back AEG controversy.
  11. To right, I am glad I stocked up on them when they were available. There is a individual who converted real steel Chinese flat back 30rd to airsoft mid caps if you are looking for some. I bought 3 to try out as an alternative to RS and they are very good. I think they are a member on this forum not sure if they still do conversions thought.
  12. Difficult to say really as it a custom weapon built to your taste. The going price I would say currently for Real Sword Type 56 series of AEGs in standardised configuration is about £350 to about £380 dependant on condition, more if you have RS 150rd mid cap mags, the original box, tools, extras and authenticity certificate or the Type 56 as that is the more popular variant . If you want to sell your creation possibly try listing it at the upper end of the price scale, but personally it would be difficult to find a buyer who wants this type of AEG it in this configuration.
  13. My knowledge on airsoft versions of WW2 weapons is limited, is it the AGM or SRC mp40 you run? I have heard about performance issues on the G&G Kar98k but I do like the externals on them and the SE version is fun to play about with but absolutely unless for skirmishing.
  14. Very interesting all the loadouts look fairly practical for skirmishing, which is a nice plus.
  15. Very cool loadouts is it all repo kit or a mix of genuine and repo items?
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