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  1. Sniper780

    Customs code

    Yes, it all cleared, this happened September-October. Basically, it was held by customs for 3 and a half weeks and when I contacted Parcel Force they just kept saying it was, Border Force problem and Border Force kept saying it was Parcel Force. Then Border force sent me a postal seizure letter saying I have to provide evidence of a valid defense/reason for me to own the item, and must send evidence of a defense to support my claim that the item being detained will be used for a legal and permitted activity and that the evidence to support my claim must be sent via post. However, they did not include the C160 form that is required to support your case, phoned them a number of times got no answer so sent them an email explaining that it was for airsoft the UKARA scheme and my UKARA number. 3 days later got a reply and they said that they checked my UKARA number on the Database and that it was valid and then it released immediately.
  2. Sniper780

    Customs code

    To be honest it was Customs/ Border Force fault for thinking I was trying to import a real firearm and not seeing the big A4 piece of paper attached to the outside of the box with the massive letters giving them my UKARA number.
  3. Sniper780

    Customs code

    HMRC Customs General Enquiry Form, took three days for them to reply and tell me its not their problem.
  4. Sniper780

    Customs code

    What postage option did you select, when you ordered? I bought a fair bit from Grey shop and I have never been asked to provide a tax code nor has it ever been delivered by DHL, it always comes through the Russian postal service, then when it arrives in the UK it normally handed over to customs, then transferred over to Parcel Force. The other option is the 1-2 days fast shipping of by UPS which is guaranteed to result in you paying customs as the UPS delivery persons turns up at your door and demand customs payment in cash or they will not give you your parcel. You could always give DHL a ring ask them to clarify what they mean or you could try HMRC Imports and exports: general enquiries https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs/contact/customs-international-trade-and-excise-enquiries I spoke to them and sent them a Customs General Enquiry Form when my AEG got sized by customs although they were not much help in my case. Or email Grey shop Sergey normally pretty good. Is your parcel in the still in Russia or is it in the UK? If it still in Russia and you have bought a lot of genuine Russian military equipment then, there is currently a very high possibility that it will get confiscated and sent to a government warehouse, and returned to the Russian armed forces or best case scenario it gets returned to Grey shop. The Russian customs is cracking down on military kit even if it surplus it's happened to a number people on the Northern Pack community facebook page.
  5. Sniper780

    LF Russian based airsoft team

    You might want to join the Facebook group Northern Pact community page( if you are not all ready part of it) they are airsofter who run Russian/Eastern Europe gear and equipment so you may have a more dedicated audience there .
  6. Sniper780

    AK sling - where to buy?

    It's highly likely that the designer may have just had pictures to help the R&D and just miss it even the Bear Paw version of the svu is missing the rear sling point.
  7. Sniper780

    AK sling - where to buy?

    The SVU is a Dragunov variant, not an AK the real steel SVU has a rear sling point. the APS version which I am assuming is the one you are talking, about does not seem to have one but you could try this style/type of sling https://www.spectergear.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=018 it does need a sling mounting point you can attach it to the receiver.
  8. Sniper780

    AK sling - where to buy?

    All airsoft AKs that are in the traditional style i.e wood &steel come with a front sling mount and rear sling mount. There are some differences. The most common are with current Russian/some former Soviet satellite state, style aks mainly on the AKM, AK74 series, mount the front sling point on the left side lower handguard retain piece and the rear sling if it a full solid stock the attachment point, located under and to the rear of the stock, AKM and AK74. If it has a side folder skeletonized tringle or full solid side folder stock the rear mounting point changes to the right-hand side and moved further forward the front sling attachment stays the same as the above. The under folders style stock, original Type 3 AK47 and Chinese type 56-1 mount the front sling point on the barrel just before the angled part of the gas tube and then the rear sling point is attached to the left-hand side of the receiver and to the rear. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list or examples
  9. Sniper780

    One RIF to rule them all...

    Real sword type 56 series of AEGs one of best and currently the only, airsoft AK/AK variant that can claim to be the most realistic and dimensionally accurate to the real steel Type 56 because they redesigned the gearbox to fit real steel receivers. Externally it full steel everything that is steel on a real Type 56 AK is steel on the AEG even the small parts such as bolt cover latch and the trigger just to name a few, which some manufacturers are quite happy to leave as cast alloy even on their advertised as 'all steel' guns and completed by being finished with a deep blued finish not painted a horrid matt black , and real wood ( unless you have a type 56-2 and variants then its polymer instead of wood) Combined with some of the best if not the best internal for an AEG AK out of the box no real need to do any internal work and I found it to keep up with any other airsoft weapons I have encountered. Its an AEG so it works pretty much all year-round along with no gimmicks in my opinions like electric blowback (ebb) or pneumatic blow or simulated last round bolt hold open just to name a few. It simple and rugged just like a real one, just look at these vids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SeTyfqfruQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxsnfFB-lo0 To be honest, in my opinion, all the current airsoft replicas made by Real Sword are at the top of there respective categories.
  10. Sniper780

    TAG Grenades; Shells or Launcher?

    Another option you may want to consider, is the ICS 6 shot GLM M203 then load it up with TAG Reaper MK2 , the reapers rounds explode so you do not have to be very accurate with it, just fire near the target/targets even if said target/targets are hiding behind certain types of cover. You could even add a magnified optic to the ICS GLM 203 as it has ris rail on the top so you can help pick out targets at a distance and the ICS GLM 203 is somewhat, semi-auto so you can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger and you got 6 shot so if you miss no big deal as you can walk you fire on to the target. I have been on the receiving end of this set at my local site it was very effective in the attack and defend type games. Here a video of TAG people doing the same thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwlfawI6Zl0 The downside would be the initial cost of buying everything such as multiple shells cases so you don't have to spend your time refilling the separate shell cases mid game and also the upkeep, as well for the ammo depending on how to offer you use the setup, alongside gas consumption and maintenance.
  11. Sniper780

    Please spoon feed me !

    A counterpoint to your view would be you can get people who are biased on this forum or any other forum, not just airsoft, I mean I personally favor and promote (when appropriate ) the Real Sword airsoft brand and some would say I am biased, but ever RS AEG I have bought and used has been excellent in my opinion and has fulfilled the requirements that I set out and wanted. Other have not had the same experience a common example I have found is the RS type 56 series of AEG does not lend itself well to a modernization/ tactical set up because of the real steel dimensions so every airsoft made ak rail or user ergonomic addition such as enhanced fire control level, will in most cases, require considerable modification to fit, even real steel zenitco rails require noticeable changes. Another point is there is no side mounted scope on the type 56 series so you can not easily install optics, so people have found their requirement met using other airsoft brands/products Cyma, LCT, E&L, TM, G&G, SRC, Dboys and VFC so they hold the view if you want the option to modernize or make your AK tactical they would not recommend Real Sword. There a topic on this forum "Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKMs" and the post to said topic you will find different opinions, some seem to follow or back up what others have said but it all people personal opinions. In my opinion, it really comes down to the individual who is seeking the information and how much trust they put in someone else first-hand experience and how much value that experience/opinion holds to the individual reading the information. On this forum, you have a rough guide on the validity of someone opinion thanks to the member reputation but it that may be utterly worthless if people do not recognize it as a valid measure. So if someone buys a product due to a recommendation from this forum and it does not fulfill their need or expectation and then complains or ask lots of basic question, that can be solved by either reading the instructions that come with the product or by doing a google search it their own problem. I am all for asking for help and sharing experiences/ opinions but there are some very basic questions that get asked that the enquirer could figure out on their own but I am guilty of spoon feeding information to basic questions so maybe I myself will have to change.
  12. Sniper780

    AK sling - where to buy?

    rusmilitary is good for some parts like the band new wood kits, but the price of some of those slings is criminal. I see but, I find it interesting that you cannot find a website that you trust to buy an AK sling, I mean there are loads of AK slings on eBay, UK military surplus websites ( like the one I link before) heck even Patrol Base sell a Chinese style SKS sling made by 8 fields tactical. With regards to quality well surplus, you can get anything from good condition to awful but you generally won't know from the internet, until you buy as most surplus shops will not take individual photos of the slings that they buy in bulk. Obviously, if you buy a new production or a more modern tactical sling then you generally get what you pay for. All the sling I have bought for my AKs have come from eBay a bulk buys from China 31 military surplus type 56 sling for £25 that included postage and one from epicmilitaria all good quality.
  13. Sniper780

    AK sling - where to buy?

    They are very expensive for what they actually are £12-95 for a bog standard canvas sling for a weapon that is produced in the hundreds of thousands if not millions you can get one here https://www.epicmilitaria.com/original-ak-47-sling.html for £7 posted
  14. Sniper780

    AK sling - where to buy?

    If your looking for the old Soviet-style just google "soviet ak sling" you will get a plethora of sites that sell surplus and new/fake sling and they are cheap if you are looking for more tactical slings for AKs try Grey shop bit more expensive but they worth the money. If you go for the Soviet-style just be aware that the metal attachment point will scratch and scuff the metal and wood they also rattle, so you can use some electrical tape and cover the metal attachment on the sling. to soften the noise and provide some protect the metal and wood. There are also the slings for the Chinese Type 56 AK, not the one for the Type 56 carbine/sks but both will fit, they use leather so they are a lot quieter but you will have to modify the front leather portion of the strap as it will not fit through the front sling attachment point on a Soviet/Russian Style AK.
  15. Sniper780

    Sniper or Designated Marksman?

    Although it, not a DMR or Sniper why not buy an ICS GLM M203 then load it up with TAG Reaper MK2 explosive projectile rounds, which can do about 65m when fire direct as you would with your standard AEG and even further if fired at an angled. But the best part is the TAG reapers rounds explode so you do not have to be very accurate with it, just fire near the target/targets even if said target/targets are hiding behind certain types of cover and boom no more Chinese laundry. You could even add a magnified optic to the GLM 203 as it has ris rail on the top and then you can claim to be a sharpshooter another point to note is the ICS GLM 203 is somewhat, semi-auto so you can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. That, in my opinion, would provide more use to the team as a whole than just your bog standard bolt action rifle with high powered magnified optic or semi-auto DMR and you get the range advantage you looking for, but with the ability in some cases to wipe out whole squads in a single salvo. I have been on the receiving end of this type of set up and it was awe-inspiring, terrifying and devastating https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwlfawI6Zl0 Caveats to this idea are: The cost not only the initial cost of buying everything but the upkeep as well. Some sites do not allow TAG products to be used. People complain of it being unfair ( pay to win was the phrase used)