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  1. If you're looking at getting a GHK AK you may want to consider getting a gbb compatible hpa drum mag by Kinetic Action, LLC. I have one it very good and you get 2000rd (autowinding) on tap and you get the benefits of air eg more consistent fps wise, very resistant to cool down when firing on full auto. Downside you have a line and a tank.
  2. Serika Arms company do a grip mod for RS type 97 that gives the appearance similar to of the QBZ-95 might be of interest to you. https://www.facebook.com/SerikaArms/?__tn__=%2CdkCH-R-R&eid=ARCGQNgGUsZSD1ShnuuVZs7lw1N_-AuUVtrLfd4uDZhtu3P60dV2F3seGdZwia-BTl-XjN9-whqMs_yH&hc_ref=ART37NtwH_aQwmIzz174x-Mo3ga9x6nromZcNDtPfTFHSTmEpSSsomOYXvBDKQVNWJM&fref=nf&hc_location=group
  3. Well if the OP could get enough people then Real Sword offer discounts for direct group purchases currently US members of the Far East tactical FB are doing a group order. But in all seriousness, I personly favour the Type 97.
  4. If you can then I would get both.
  5. Sniper780

    Lct rpk

    Are you sure this is an LCT RPK 74s it looks a lot like a cyma RPK 74s? When you compare the pictures below lct top pic and cyma bottom pics. I only ask because of the wood on an lct RPK74s is very distinctive, with its laminate wood style and the pistol grip should be wood as well. Also, the battery compartment on the lct is located under the dust cover, not the folding stock as shown in your pictures which is where the cyma one is located. Lct RPK74s image source: http://www.lctairsoft.com/webe/html/products/show.aspx?id=3011&kid=10,56,57 Cyma rpk74s Image source: https://www.aa-store.at/cyma-rpk74-aeg
  6. The three Raptor PKP I have seen internally were all A&K pkm internals nothing special just an alternative choice to LCT PKP.
  7. They are just an A&K PKM with their own PKP front conversion kit.
  8. The A&K PKM is good but some point I have from my experience: Externally the Bi-pod is a serious weak point mine broke two months after buying so I had it swapped for a real one and the carry/barrel change handle is not trustworthy when the PKM is fully loaded. Internally the stock hop unit and rubber are not very good I was only getting 35 meters on .25g, changed to the bull gear CNC hop-up and g&g green hop rubber dramatically better 50 meters. Poor ergonomics when the magazine is inserted and firing from the shoulder with no place for bi-pod can be solved with the propriety foregrip. Good points bog-standard a&k 249 gearboxes with quick change spring so easy to work on and spares and repairs are plentiful will accept Real steel parts with minim fettling, 5000 rd box mag and massive battery space.
  9. If your going for a recon kit a good camo, in my opinion, would be the Russian reversible partizan m camo suit it camo colours are the darker side and you get both summer and autumn camo in one suit, I use it and I find very effective at the sites I play at. https://grey-shop.ru/Camouflage/Russian-Sniper-Suits/Partizan-M For chest rigs, it mainly comes down to personal use and preference, if definitely want a chest rig that can fit AK Magazine in both the 7.62x39 and 5.45x39 style as well as m4/stanag style mags I would go for the Russian SSO Lazutchik or the somewhat low drag chest rig SSO Jaeger. These are tough and durable rigs they can hold 3 magazines per pouch, you can then added a Tactical Belt I use RS-31 because its very adjustable, and you can remove the attachment/ buckle points, which makes threading pouch easier. Then thread it through the bottom belt loops on either rig and add the additional pouches you want. Here is one possible place to buy https://grey-shop.ru/Vest/Russian-Vests Downside current SSO chest rigs seem to come in a weird olive drab colour. Another option would be a Smersh AK Webbing or old soviet webbing (very cheap) this would allow you to keep the majority of your camo showing and they hold AK and m4/stanag mags.
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    Hello I have for sale one of the best and most realistic airsoft AEG AKs on the market nothing comes close in my opinion in laymen's terms it's a Real gun just demilled and converted for airsoft use. The gun is an RS type 56-2 in very good condition it comes with 3 Real sword 150rd magazine which have a nice patina to them. Please note Drum mag and GP-30 grenade launcher are not included and not for sale!! The internal are excellent this type 56-2 shoots Blasters .25's 65 meters with ease and will no doubt go even further once the hop is bedded in and hop unit is set to the shooters preference. The other parts of this package includes : original box, authentication paperwork, quality control certificate, disassembly poster, 53-page instruction manual and the type 56-2 supplementary instruction manual. This type 56-2 was part of refurb project that is now complete and taking up space so looking to make some room. The gun is all steel with a blued finish the exact same as the real steel the only polymer parts on this gun are the pistol grip, front handguards and the rear m4 syle stock. It is wire to corally connectors Important notice the gun differs from its original configuration: First is the rear side folding has been modded not by me but the original owner it a real steel CAA stock it is more comfortable, Update I have installed a real steel Norinco type 56 top receiver cover bought from America. The mods do not affect the gun in any way this is just for transparency so the buyer knows what to expect (see pictures). Price includes Paypal fees and postage open to offers. Any questions or just need more pictures just PM me


  11. That is a very interesting price I can only imagine that may have been the RS-T3 reinforce type gearbox with aluminium upgrade parts, they don't make them any more. Thanks for the input will have to do some more thinking, and your right might be to big a package to sell all together.
  12. Wow really that interesting, when you say near RIF price, are you referring to second-hand prices or brand new from shop prices?
  13. Thanks, I think I have got a rough idea for a price if I do sell, from everyone opinions on here and research, no doubt if it not right it will be on the dreamer of the week thread.
  14. Took some improved pictures of both my RS SVDs with scopes attached the and also, pictures of the type 85 chest rig on what it can accommodate as well as spare parts kits.
  15. Thanks for the info.
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