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  1. Sniper780

    E&L gen 2 AKS 74UN ONO

    Time Left: 2 days and 18 hours

    • For sale or swap
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    Back up for sale as the previous buyer encountered some personal problems. Lightly used Gen 2 AKS 74UN in my possession it has simply been used for display only. Features of the Gen 2 E&L AK series are standard v3 gearbox with quick-change gearbox spring, Prowin style hop unit which gives better air seal due to it being connected directly to the gearbox and magazine well insert which eliminates the problem of over-insertion of a magazine which was a problem on the E&L Gen 1s and 1.5s Included in this advert is: E&L gen 2 AKS 74UN, 5 lct 500rd black polymer 5.45X 39mm style magazines ( I do have more which can be included for extra) oil can, Soviet sling and original box. Price is: £250 including PayPal fees Any questions or if you need more pictures please do not hesitate to ask.


  2. Sniper780

    Secondary Ideas

    What about, Real sword Type 97b is the secondary I use with my SVD, and sometimes my PKM feeds from stanag style magazine, and it's different (but expensive).
  3. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    Hopefully, that course of action will bear some fruit and it should hopefully be easier talking about the AK face to face with someone and the rifle in your hand.
  4. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    Are there no players at your local site that have the AKs / Manufactures you are interested in and will let you have look at one and possibly test it?
  5. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    No problem let us know how it goes with Real Sword and good luck with whatever AK/variant you chose and let us known what AK you do choose it will be interesting to know what you went for in the end.
  6. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    Showy is part of the Marketing Department so she does not normally deal with private sale to individuals, she may have past your request on but if they did not get back to you she may have forgotten, if your still interested in RS aeg/products send them another email, this is the email that I have got the best results with [email protected] and if Helen gets back you then you should be OK she normally very good takes some time with Correspondance but that's down to the different time zones GMT-HKST.
  7. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    That interesting my friend has just order a type 97 for a PLA loadout was it a Helen Lin who emailed you back or a lady called Showy? I have ordered from Histro, but, not an aeg but internal parts for my AK and 8 RS magazine when they had them in stock they were pretty good on par with shops like Land Warrior and Patrol Base, in my opinion, postage can be expensive if you don't meet their threshold for free shipping. The RS SVD they have in stock is the version that does not come with the scope which makes it slightly cheaper.
  8. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    I have bought from Hristo before pretty reliable although postage can sometimes be expensive.
  9. Sniper780

    is there anywhere to get custom guns made?

    You might want to try this chap he has made custom guns in the past https://www.skunkairsoftworks.co.uk/home-1.html might be worth sending an email.
  10. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    I see apologies I read your comment and took it as you could not find a single RS product anywhere you are correct RS SVD are hard to find especially if you want the very accurate Soviet/Russian weapon finish found mainly on the RS gen 1 SVD and when you do find them they are very expensive here is a link to a RS SVD but it does not come with the scope https://hristo.hr/en/airsoft/3456/dragunov-svd/real-sword-svd-aeg-airsoft-rifle This chap is selling his RS SVD on prefired https://www.prefired.com/ads/svd-real-sword-dragunov/ but I personally would not pay the asking price considering it does not come with the original paperwork or the scope bag and maintenance kit and from the picture it appears that there are no rubber eye relief for the scope as well. You can also order direct from RS.
  11. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    No harm, no foul I have added a note to the listed link about Begadi (useful to known) but the list of links was more in reply to Wo1f comment and I quote "There is not a single place I’ve found that has one in stock." just to show that there are places that still sell RS products even if they don't all sell to the UK or that stock level are not as you mentioned as accurate as the website portray. I will endeavor in the future to be more accurate when presenting my evidence. Apologies to the op for taking the topic slightly off course.
  12. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    I personally don't think I reacted strongly I apologize if you interpreted it as such but it a genuine query always looking for more info regarding RS and since you put in a public post I thought you may have some info. Here a list of link of places that has the type 56 and its variants in stock you may have to scroll or move to a different page but they are there: https://www.anareus.eu/kategorie.php?kat_id=419&vyrobce=150 ( personal bought from them very good) https://www.airsoftworld.net/catalogsearch/result/?q=real+sword+type+56 (personal bought from them ) https://www.evike.com/brands/525/ http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/Airsoft-Guns-Real-Sword-Airsoft-Guns/c3_370/index.html (personal bought from them ) http://www.bunnyworkshop.com.hk/airsoft/index.php?route=product/search&search=real sword (personal bought from them ) https://www.begadi.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?p=3&q=real+sword ( does not ship AEGs to the UK ) https://www.airsoftglobal.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=21_421 (personal bought from them) https://www.octagonairsoft.com/product-page/real-sword-type-56-aeg Also, ehobby Asia had them on sale most are out of stock now, you can also buy directly from Real Sword which I have done and do. Your google-fu needs some work. Edit the above links are a representation of a possible website that claims to stock RS products I have personally used the one marked and have had no issue but your mileage may vary.
  13. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    How do you know Real Sword have stopped manufacturing AEG? This rumor has been circulated before but was quashed on the official Real Sword FB, but has recently been resurrected and espoused by some people, do you possibly have a link to an official statement released by RS themselves or an RS stockist, please?
  14. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    For one Real Sword AK from ehobby it cost me $320.99 that included their fast shipping ( which is the only option you have at the checkout) there going through customs at the moment so will let you known how much that will cost me when I get the info. I have never experienced the quick rusting on my e&l AKs even when using them in wet weather and then I just dry them off with a rag can I ask when you bought your E&L AK?
  15. Sniper780

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    I would go for the Real sword first Type 56 series is your best bet if you want the most accurate AK in an AEG format. They designed the gearbox to fit into real AK receivers so it 1:1 not like all the other airsoft AKs you listed as they are bigger than real AKs because of the v3 gearbox. Real sword type 56 external are seconded to none full steel and real wood. The steel has a beautiful deep blued finish even the magazine is and Real steel ak mag converted to airsoft which also has blued finish, internal are rock solid you do not have to do any work on it internally and they disassemble very similarly to Real steel AK minus a few parts. Overall my favorite airsoft AK brand. But it must be noted they are the Chinese designed and produced AK variant, not the Russian and they are expensive here in the UK. However ehobby aisa have the RS type 56-1 on sale I have just bought one from them and a type 56-2 https://shop.ehobbyasia.com/catalog/product/view/id/9625/s/real-sword-rs-type-56-1-aeg/ so if you want RS quality but LCT price tag get one asap. I would not bother with the G&G and cyma economical options you listed as they do not fit your criteria for "something with decent range, as near to indestructible as possible, that feels as close to the real thing as possible and that's fun to use/shoot" and I have already posted my views on E&L and LCT on the previous page of this thread. But just to throw a spanner into the works your criteria for "something with decent range, as near to indestructible as possible, that feels as close to the real thing as possible and that's fun to use/shoot" what about gbb AK particularly the GHK AK?