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    Whatevers comfy for the day.....with big pockets helps
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  1. funny as i had a ebay link for that one then went to amazon assuming he's after a FAST helmet....?
  2. @Zerofuxx Can you edit your post so the link directs please, its been left blank i could guess but i don't think you mean these Helmets........
  3. i remember either hearing that or reading it as well....just cannot locate it .yet!.....sure someone will
  4. bit of a trek for me but cant rule it out!!.....although thats also earmarked for houses, well was in 2017
  5. shame, one of the better CQB sites out there, why i liked it.... where to go now....?
  6. Sounds like you need to pull the cheek bits forward...? my mask is from 2015 so they may have changed them slightly. Goggles on, mask pulled up and adjusted so sits over/ in front of goggle... hard to explain, if any gap it will involve a shot from directly above but my eyes are sealed from goggles, and that’s more important if if I get time I’ll try on and get a better method
  7. ive a similar mask, got it back in 2015, it takes a bit of shaping to fit with my goggles but ive not had any issues with my ESS or Revision sets (V12s, turbo fans, locusts and bullet ants) and do this most games my brother tends to pull his tight to his face and bend so in front of his nupol mesh goggles....mine kind works so its also just in front of the goggle / nose bridge
  8. the last game we'll all have non site compliant pyros!!!....that are a little louder! haha
  9. nice! take it they will allow you on your game site with that ??, some i play at its a no no!! can only just get away with multi tools of course you do , ive been looking at ICS versions.....just holding off as they may re-release the ones out of stock im hoping....
  10. some Pencott items off Military 1st, always been tempted and with 15% off i thought i may as well...... now need to put in loft with other stuff and not use for several months!
  11. on another note, as posted elsewhere, supposed to be this summer close down (urban assault) so only a few more game dates planned.........may get extended again like before!
  12. Urban is supposed to be closing next month ............... so they told me but been hearing that for a while, seems more definite this time though hence no game dates released....
  13. https://www.military1st.co.uk/
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