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  1. Anyone played here.....?




    brother sent me the link....

    not on Facebook so not looked at dates or if it still operates!! :lol:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. djben9


      Yeah I don’t use FB so had to copy/paste link as well, hyperlink would have been easier....

    3. Albiscuit


      Totally, I dont use it either but logging in on a work PC uses the work FB ;) 


      Site looks interesting and I would like to go, but its too far from me!

    4. djben9


      i may go with my brother, i prefer the urban/CQB stuff.....will keep you posted


  2. Well a few hours after posting I can’t bloody make it now, U10s football party aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggghh!!!!
  3. Looking to get here, December 2nd! keep posted as all depends on wifes work.... @Markuz @AndyDynamic @Game Cam @Albiscuit @Prisce
  4. djben9

    New FMA La5 PEQ

    For my amount of games and use of it, i'll stick with the current versions....wife would kill me if i got something in that price range....again!
  5. djben9

    Removing/moving pictures/quotes/thread links

    ive never had issues on my Iphone, sometimes the various PC's i use remember what may have been typed in a response or PM that i may not have sent If i accidentally press quote on my iphone, i just delete it as if on the laptop...so below quote and backspace.... i guess if you select quote by accident, can you exit the 'browser', clear apps, like on iphone and come back in to reply?...
  6. djben9

    Night Games

    played a few early dusk to night games ,can be fun, best two ive had i arranged with work colleagues last one, was about 10 of us, one team two of the guys had 'real' nods, single scope, mounted to fast helmet.....we had a set from the CODMW set!.....we won.....they for some reason couldnt see us running in and out of the building stealing the 'gold'
  7. I have said lens in my DL fan googles, it works, not perfect, still have similar issues to normal lens or when i use the V12s....i just stick to a single lens google, fan on, no foam and some antifog.... like we always say, it may work for a few but wont for the next several
  8. djben9

    Patches are now available(ish)

    enquire maybe the wrong wording....?, basically just asked about it ....
  9. djben9

    Patches are now available(ish)

    was walking around London yesterday with the kids and had a firearms guy enquire about the one on my jacket while kids chatted to the other one.....little explanation etc etc.........im probably on a watch list now
  10. djben9

    Loadout Visualiser?

    or just 'photoshop**' you face on a few google images....job done! ** other good software available
  11. djben9

    scammer on free ads

    out of curiosity, does contacting the police etc. get any where with situations like this? or is it just a slap on the wrist / forgotten about so relies on the Airsoft community to keep it active
  12. djben9

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    As Jedi said, depends how you play, where you play and how many players there are as targets could be minimal.....i can do an entire day and use about 500ish....80rd midcaps, but i tend to use single shot all the time and only shoot what i can see..... Always have two speed loaders and a bottle of bbs on me though....just incase!
  13. djben9

    IMI and Nuprol holsters

    if only i knew that a few months back when i sanded mine down as the TM G17 wouldnt fit!!
  14. djben9

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    need a new torch..... https://www.torchdirect.co.uk/
  15. djben9

    Seal Team on Sky one

    i didnt know.... just online at the moment?