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    ICS CXP-UK1 and UK1R, UK1R SR EBB, M4 EBB, G33 F
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    Whatevers comfy for the day.....with big pockets helps
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  1. djben9

    New Forum Layout

    Cheers P, i know they like to force stuff at times so you get support...its the same with autodesk!
  2. djben9


    ive noticed today, they appear in colour on my phone but B/W on the laptop.... also a reply i did on my phone using them appears B/W here....
  3. djben9

    New Forum Layout

    although weirdly, on the laptop they are black and white... if i read this post on lappy, the emojis are B/W if i read on iphone they are colour.... im off to the pub.........
  4. djben9

    New Forum Layout

    Seems my emojis on iPhone now appear on here easier..... @Jedi_MasterStill lots but atleast they are colour 😂😂😂
  5. djben9

    New Forum Layout

    Seems ok on my phone....both using data and WiFi
  6. djben9

    New Forum Layout

    ill check phone on WIFI and 4G in a bit
  7. djben9

    New Forum Layout

    shame they cant let you add two ''likes' instead of the boring black & white emojis!
  8. djben9

    New Forum Layout

    they are a bit 🚾 😂😂😂😂 - like colour!
  9. djben9

    New patches and branding poll

    probably as it definitely only let me select one!
  10. djben9

    New patches and branding poll

    P, can you change vote to two colours?, i like both sub Tan and Black/grey! and would quite happily buy both ignore...laptop failed!!! now voted
  11. djben9

    New Forum Layout

    haha, i know.....i'll stick to the basics for now!
  12. djben9

    New Forum Layout

    yeah i saw that on Ps profile about 5 mins ago!! have you seen the emojis as well....quite a few!
  13. djben9

    cheaters (rant)

    and that sometimes gives you an advantage on your return! can be amusing when you see the same person pass you several times with a smile on their face!
  14. djben9

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    may not be of much use but anything here helpful?? https://www.fire-support.co.uk/category/we-gun-manuals/
  15. djben9

    New and want to get into airsoft/team

    welcome, dont stress about teams, to many think its the way but its not when starting out , I dont, i go on my own and just mix in on the day as its so easy to. Occasionally i go with my brother, yet to this year, but we hardly see each other and only communicate on radios for lunch!. Other game si meet up with forum members but again we'll hardly see each other! Pop to Combat Airsoft, its probably minutes from you and do a rental game there, go there 3 times in 3 months (game 1 > 56 days >. game 3) and you'll have your name on the UKARA database....See the UKARA posts first!!....ive only had 1 coffee today! Can you get to Tuddenham easy as well, im hoping to be there on the 6th May?,