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  1. djben9

    Holster compatibility

    not the Glk17, its just a fraction on the fatter side! I got an IMI holster for it and spent hours sanding the bloody thing as it wouldn't go in!....it now fits....snuggly! Not sure if other makes of holster are similar and need work?....only got IMi as it was cheaper than other clones at the time. I think the GLK22 holster would have fitted no problem? Good to know Em, i was looking at a Sig the other day but still liking the MK23
  2. djben9

    Patches are now available(ish)

    well at least its not favouritism!... mine just arrived through the post
  3. djben9

    Patches are now available(ish)

    thats cool, some have arrived it seems for some members, all down to RM/PF now to do their job!
  4. djben9

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    ive been sent a delivery notification, just need to see if postman decides to do his job today!
  5. djben9

    Patches are now available(ish)

    shipping email received
  6. will check, but find Sundays are easier for me as no football commitments etc
  7. djben9


    Enjoyed that while waiting for IT to install software
  8. djben9


    thanks or that, tbh, its can still be like that at times and s frustrating, hence i dont go as much as id like plus other commitments on Saturdays between Sep and May keep me away!
  9. djben9


    yeah i called them up to ask when it had expired, they are one of the holders i believe of the info. You could say' im looking to get x and y, but ive not had my no. sent by email yet, can you check to see if its active?..... then say thanks, i'll keep browsing the website and let you know.... name and postcode is what they normally ask for when i checked to see when it ran out
  10. djben9

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    4 more of these as cant be 'assed' to swap them around gear, plus a small utility pouch for belt to keep items in when going low pro i have a pair as ive mentioned before, with fan on the top, but im just wary of the lens thickness compared to my Revision fan goggles. Have you tested an lens yet? (i cant remember now), or have they been shot in games at as the videos on youtube and Airsoftpeak didn't fill me with confidence but as you have them, you could give a more honest one tbh my fan googles react the same, use various antifog stuff (rev wipes, Abbey spray, Fogtech) and i get very little fogging, even with fan off but some 'moisture' to the sides and on the frame
  11. djben9


    in what sense?..... can post here i you want as i play there a few (3 or 4) times a year as do others so good to hear others opinions https://airsoft-forums.uk/forum/64-free-fire-zone-amp-urban-assault/
  12. djben9


    might be best to call a shop and see if they can pick you up on the system?, ive not had any emails about mine being renewed since November last year! Just give firesupport a call and they can tell you, i often check with them
  13. all seems clear on the western front tonight..... :)

    1. ImTriggerHappy


      Makes a change from all the duff days there have been recently

    2. Jedi_Master
    3. djben9


      meant to say 'quiet'!!...not sure why i said 'clear' :lol::lol:

  14. djben9

    Patches are now available(ish)

    thanks for the update P i'll clear my arms on my fleece!