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  1. occasionally use tracers at UA as well as some of the dark corridors it helps.......eventually when a Marshall stands there and watches them bounce of non hit takes!
  2. Do all these people who drink ‘energy drinks’ like monster, redbull etc also wear black / dark clothing. Married to a science teacher she told me off the other day when I was gonna wear a black ubacs for half day game!!... google it as I can’t explain it while on phone, to much to type
  3. djben9

    TM Glock 18 - Problems, please help

    sorry slight hijack here @Markuz is this similar to the issue you were having Saturday with your G18 or was it just gas in the mag leaking in the end?
  4. djben9

    petition on knife law changes

    well thats me in danger if this goes further, i go to surveys with pencils in the equipment bag.....in fact the 'clicky' ones are more dangerous as they have metal point hang on i should be fine as i wear a tactical yellow vest
  5. djben9

    Hi all

    Welcome, Not that far really from Tudders or Urban I need to try 'the village' though
  6. TG ones are good, 1st weekend of month, filmsims are the 2nd ish week, end of month always skirmish, which are just as fun hoping i can make the next TG or filmsim on a sunday, i'll post up i the other topic
  7. enjoy, i think its a Gunman Filmsim isnt it this weekend? would love to but family stuff
  8. djben9

    Loadouts - what and why?

    i just like ATACS AU, so wear it with a block colour ubacs (black or coyote) occasionally tbh, most games i'll prob only have camo type combats on and plain colour tops so i look like im floating across the terrain as my bottom half blends in!
  9. nothing springs to mind, have a look at the bottom of my sig https://sites.google.com/view/airsofteventsuk/skirmish-calendar
  10. All sites i play at, this happens, only site where dry firing is apparent occasionally , is Urban Assault. Its not supposed to but people do as they just dont listen to safety briefing but talk through it or dont read the rules on the email
  11. Yeah did a half day as did most it seemed, we were defo the stronger team today, got some nice ‘kills’ nice to meet you finally, even parked next to me
  12. ill roast what ever colour i wear....its only a ubacs so should be ok.....for half day
  13. providing all fit and healthy we will be there, kids ill so hoping it wont spread! If there will have Atacs AU trousers and black top on and AFUK patches on sleeves.....sweating !!!
  14. yeah WAS ones are foam, my CPCs have them as does my DCS, mainly used for 'packing/shipping' i was told to keep the product flat I just remove them as to most of us there not needed in game as helps with over heating! going back a bit to OP, ive also got the 901 chest rigs with back panel, holds 4 mags, i put spare two in a pouch and carry BBs in the other and some snacky food!.....does the job With the DCS, it holds 3 mags although ive some spare pouches on side, but also 4 grenade ones, radio pouch and utility one, just good to take stuff with you instead of taking rucksack.... just gotta attach pistol holster now!