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  1. Just going to leave this here just in case! agree on the costs though keep us posted!!
  2. Clone Eotech as above, but they are only toys..... the Green Laser PEQ boxes that sit in the loft.....not sure why i ended up with 3.....prob lots of other stuff.....tbh i dont think ive used the nuprol cleaning set yet Radios are good, i only use mine with my brother at the moment so its usually 'where are you'.....i turn and wave or shoot him and say over here....or when we breaking for lunch
  3. image.png.0f81a2b85cd54704fb28642ad6e17e77.png




    :lol: :lol::lol:

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      BANG and the spam is gone, in literally under 30 minutes, well-done @L3wisD although leave it a little longer next time I want to buy the cheap untracked, fake cash for less 😂

    3. djben9


      we get notifications but he usually beats me to it by around 5mins as he is already on here!! :lol:

      some of us have to work :rolleyes::lol:

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  4. 10% OFF PENTAGON BRAND CATEGORY! USE CODE PENTAGON Ends 24 March 2019. Excludes Sale items. https://www.military1st.co.uk/
  5. what they said as i was replying at the same time ^^^^^^ then another reply! remember though your firing a little bit of plastic that can change direction due to how your AEG is set up and a slight breeze. People spend hours doing this, some 5mins. My 'sights', all clones give me a rough location the BB should go but can guarantee it wont unless its a still day! @EvilMonkee will agree here, its his favourite subject! haha
  6. cant you follow up or find out if this has been 'auctioned' by PP?
  7. @L3wisD always 5mins ahead! :lol::lol::lol:

    1. L3wisD


      Too slow! These spammers are outta here before they can blink 😎😁

  8. I’m still using fogtech wipes on my RDL fan goggles, basic lens at moment, all foam removed, mainly my issue is sweat more than fog these days, always nice to play with a gentle breeze! same with my ESSv12s and bullet ants, no foam and fogtech sometimes use Abbey AF but not always as good I find everyone is different so will experience differing results as are posted all over this forum 😀 dont give up though!!
  9. sundays as it avoids family arguments, but occasional Saturdays at UA throughout out the year, .....atleast one........ to keep UKARA updated
  10. pair khaki sfu next trousers and a new fleece from Military1st... weather getting warmer now .....................................
  11. Those are maternity trousers tbh, no idea, i currently don't own a pair (of jeans that is )
  12. Helikon do a nice pair of combat jeans....infact a few companies now do variations in the jean type material, have a look over on Military1st as for colour, ive got a pair of Helikon SFU trousers in coyote and a soft shell in coyote and the colours sadly dont match, jacket is more of a mustard colour which was a little annoying! and merged the two topics
  13. https://www.military1st.co.uk/ If only i had waited one more day......
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