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  1. just the N4.... i'll get my coat
  2. not sure whether it was me, lack of coffee or distracted but.... there was no link to it on you main page once i had gone to 'home'? (at time of posting...) nice big banner would be good....? Also, Team Green Airsoft are at the same location as Gunman tuddenham, just different days
  3. see above! most places are out of stock it seems or you'll find ski goggles! UKT told me they couldnt get any in....ebay has 'clone' versions...... but beware!
  4. And they use sensible sizes, AA, not the typical bloody CR123 type ones!
  5. my Revisions have a thermal lens, its the one i sent back to Ian and still haven't heard back from....the seal came apart in the rain, must have been a dodgy set, i do have another but tbh ive not really seen much difference, maybe i need to play more in the cooler climates? but like i said you may have better luck
  6. You may find smiths hard to get hold of as I’m sure when I spoke to UKT a while back they were still on back order/ being discontinued?.... never found out if true?? ive got both the ESS and Revision ones, both work well. They are not completely 100% effective but they do the job, Revisions have a lower profile I’ve been using Abbey anti fog which is ok but occasionally there is moisture buildup so reapply at a break (forgot to clean lense last time). Will be going back to fog tech again end of the day you may have better luck than someone else, we are all different, some people wear glasses and don’t fog, i seem to fog in them really quickly! have a look around the forum and the search function for other fogging advice Ian had some.... still waiting for my lens to be returned....sure he can order if available.... https://www.tactical-kit.co.uk/smith-optics-elite-outside-the-wire-turbo-fan-otw-goggles-13212-p.asp
  7. What did I miss! you don’t need to kill it at the gym every day etc just watch what you eat and do regular exercise i m 6’2, if I was my recommend’ 13 stone’ id look ill!! im happy at 15, give or take a few depending on day but I keep active and go to the gym twice a week doing different routines, don’t judge by weight but how your clothes fit and how you feel, that’s what the wife always says.... and women are always right !!
  8. Looking at places that allow 10yr olds, in controlled games, curious to know the FPS they set, think there is one MK way?
  9. cool, so he'll be the one who runs off first to attack.....!!
  10. welcome, enjoy the place and i hope he enjoys it, mine is 'keen' but he is 10 so a few years to go.....still nerf for now!
  11. in the words of the Jedi Master 'Welcome ' take a look around, plenty of info and guides to get you through
  12. djben9

    Seal Team on Sky one

    that happened to me, wasn't the end of the world
  13. Remember, Halloween is not long ahead, please dont take you RIFS out....we have seen stupid questions asked on here in recent years!:lol::lol:.......:rolleyes:


    image from...



  14. google was hit and miss but as above, Patrolbase came up in stock
  15. is that the one they call 'A310 – Rainsheild Coat'? ive got a Helikon windrunner, just for the walk from station to office and back but not great for heavy downpour!
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