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    ICS CXP-UK1, UK1R, UK1R SR EBB, M4 EBB, G33 F, ASG M15 SIR, TM GLK 17 v3
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    Whatevers comfy for the day.....with big pockets helps
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  1. just in time for the summer!! @ Military1st
  2. i used to drink / eat the H5 stuff, got 'told off' by some as its designed for 'pro athletes' in mind and not me who was only playing volleyball twice a week or 5 a side....this was a few years ago so the ingredients may have changed just stick to water now, and sometimes not enough!
  3. xbox when allowed!
  4. not sure, yet to try but still hoping to soon @Markuz & @AndyDynamic have
  5. yeah my brother had booked the sat as TG now do private bookings sats, skirmish sundays, with the over night between
  6. yep, but playing with an umbrella attached to your head doesnt count! tbh, sneaking around the buildings in the rain wasn't that bad, noise of the drops hitting the derelict structure and barrels reminded me of a scene in saving private Ryan
  7. further a field depending where your based! haha... SWAS is nearer to me then Gunman / Team Green, UKARA site Picked up a friend who plays herts way (AWA i think) on sat from Cambridge station, he loved the Team green private day we had booked @Markuz i'll let you know if he does another as its good fun, even the rain didnt 'dampen 'the game play ,you should still get to a GMA or TG game though
  8. any one know any sites near Palmers Green'. A guy at work mentioned he wanted to have a go at Airsoft but i live in Cambs, so dont know any sites near to where he lives he could visit?...well i had a google and got 'https://www.reforgerairsoft.com/'

    1. Prisce


      Depends how far he wants to Travel. AWA Herts isn’t that far as the crow flies.

    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      Could try tech brigade in cuffley

  9. yeah i agree there, should be contactable as they mention to contact them
  10. @Spuggy1ukhave you PM'd @Hef Legend as he mentioned above?
  11. Interesting to see whats changed tomorrow....i have been there i dont think since May 18!
  12. my favourite camo....although Pencott is closing in! ATACS SALE LINK @ M1st
  13. Dont worry, i'll keep this here for all to see......
  14. at the old Urban Assault, there was a portaloo, one for around 160+ players and staff!, if that had been a restaurant/cafe there are laws.....!!! Tuddenham is improving all the time, its in the middle of 'no where' farmers do frequent along the tracks but the site had been broken into a few months back. They now have two portaloos that are cleaned on a regular basis, only to be used if you sit are the rules, otherwise round the back in the bushes! They have a building that is kitted out every game day as well as now to portacabins you can sleep in if staying over night.... remember last time you were the @Prisce, they weren't there!
  15. THE THREAD YOU ARE ABOUT TO REPLY IN IS OVER 3 MONTHS OLD, ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO RESURRECT IT?. HAVE A THINK AND COME BACK IN 10mins...... tbh i don't have an issue with general topics as its saves new topics being created and keeps the info. in one place,
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