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  1. I did the PayPal split with my Helikon order 👍
  2. i often thought about these, but in 5yrs, ive never had a torch hit so personally i didnt worry, did though add a beam filter, a clear one but cant remember now which one, to a torch my brother borrowed off me, diffused the light more
  3. not much really, Helikon Wombat bag for work....holds laptop (my excuse!), new pair of gloves and a polo shirt.....again Helikon! holding off any 'gear' until i can get back out and use what i have still...!
  4. i know, i nearly did the same but held back as will wait until new year with the next shipment, no real rush for me yet plus you can then tell me all about it and its good / bad points!! 👍
  5. i believe it was pre-order?. i had the same email im gonna hold off now until new year, they would have been out around 12months as well......not like i can play anywhere!
  6. its what i do with most of my gear by Helikon!! got the pics yet,...? looks very similar to the helkon gunfighter one i have....3x the cost!!
  7. good to see a mask in use in the pics......
  8. agree here, i use the soft shell spray (goOutdoors had some deals on it) for the helikon 'gunfighter' jacket that they recommend and its no good on the shoulder seams, well ive had little luck. Water doesnt pour in but i only wear in light rain / showers, anything heavier and i know i'll get wet.... any recommendations for a good 'waterproof' jacket thats not over £100+
  9. much changed since your first post in 2015! i joined then as well, July that year do you still play on the xbox!
  10. forgot how much stuff i have in the loft that has batteries in (123, AA, AAs etc)....now all removed from items after over a year since last used!:lol::unsure:

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Rogerborg


      It's on the top shelf in the bedroom cupboard next to the costumes and the riding crop and that's a bit too much information for a Wednesday.

    3. djben9


      and there was me thinking you would all know i meant torches and PEQ boxes, tracer units....:rolleyes: :lol:

    4. Shamal


      Deactivate full auto on that thing for christ sake or it'll kill ya or at the very least you will be wrecked(tum)




  11. i picked up some of the above when i saw the pic.....actually thought it was a site i played at at first!v i was just being sarcastic with the nose covering! maybe they will post the answer, i'll keep an eye out and reply
  12. i dont know the answer, i just saw it on UKT twitter post! im leaning towards real.....because he doesn't have his nose covered....
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