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  1. Thanks guys, its for the New ICS CES MP5
  2. Anyone fitted one of these mounts to an MP5? https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/product/mp5-g3-airsoft-rifle-low-profile-scope-mount/ wondered how good they were
  3. mission accomplished, was delivered while she was still out
  4. you can pick up some nice ICS M4s from Firesupport I have a EBB version, few years old now... but still runs well https://www.fire-support.co.uk/search.php?cat=149&manufacturer=&stock=1&search=m4&submit.x=18&submit.y=17 worth looking into
  5. cheers, i hear they work ok in the new ICS one, some need a little mod. Cant yet get them from Europe doe to the places not shipping to UK yet forgot to add....i like paypal pay in 3 .... managed to restrict myself! arriving now Tuesday
  6. Had planned a pick up to also look at batteries for the ICS CES MP5 while at FS….. then daughter gets told her class bubble has to self isolate….. so can’t leave her alone….. atleast I can get UPS before wife sees…. I hope
  7. Just bought the TM Mk23 plus 2 mags..... now need to plan pick up or secret delivery!
  8. curious, looking to finally get the TM Mk23 ,wonder if there was ever a decent aftermarket LAM unit produced as i assume the original is not that good?!!?

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    2. Jedi_Master


      Not that I know of.  I purchased a rail from Fire Support that fits a small tac light under the barrel. Much better lumen than the LAM and fits into the Viper adjustable holster easier. I use a DTD holster as it is much better and secures the Mk23. 

    3. djben9


      cheers guys....!

      now need to plan the order and delivery to coincide with wife out of the house!:lol:

    4. Jedi_Master


      Yes, you can only "win" so many airsoft prizes before the Home General gets suspicious

  9. Lego bricks.....a great way to make a battery size (give or take a few mm) so you know what will fit in the ICS torch grip...! :lol:

  10. Have been looking at the sub £1000 versions of Night vision optics as not for airsoft...!, curious to know how good they are made by yukon and pulsar etc. Most places are OOS so not to worried as can wait for re-stock etc. are they ok if out in a dark place walking the dog might consider for a night game but yet to be allowed out!!
  11. be careful with FMA ones, ive seen video's on you tube on the lens not withstanding shots well, on another note, i have both Revision and ESS fan goggles and they still fog a little with me, i just move away and lift up a little to let in some air. Best solution ive found so far is Fogtech wipes
  12. ive had a few emails to say various sites will re-open, under strict guidance etc, around April. Concern i have, you can only meet so many people, yet grassroots football returns, i have 18+ teams to sort out and parents will be the issue here with some just thinking its fine to mingle....happened last time!, just dont care about rules!
  13. anyone any ideas on Battery type that would fit an ICS Mp5 

    Torch grip as thats what's fitted


    have 2 in mind but just thought id ask! :)

  14. Not sure why but the 'The Essential Guide to Airsoft Gear' book
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