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  1. Goggles!

    google / youtube , i think it was the SO one, it took a bit of cutting from memory
  2. Goggles!

    have you had the lens shot at or has it taken a hit?, i have a pair of FMA goggles, fan at top, but the lenses are a lot thinner than my Revision ones and reviews i had seen online showed they were marked after a hit and were not recommended by the guy i think you could cut a smith optics lens to fit, cant remember now tbh which rand as it was last year! curious as i gave them to my brother and could get them back to try out next game, he has yet to use them as he prefers his mesh....
  3. New member from Cambridge

    yep, im from Cambridge, well 6miles away! play at tudders, hoping to be there at the team green even on 6th may
  4. hoping to get there on the 6th May
  5. ESS V12 Advancer

    second the above usually coat mine with a so called anti-fog spray or wipe like Abbey or fogtech foam removed, like on 95% of my goggles now, cant say its 100% effective, limits my fog but can get drizzle but still gets you through the day :0
  6. Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Ok decided I could do with a black version of IMI type holster, what other brands are ideal and don’t require modding as I can’t be arsed to do it again!!!..... still not got this one sorted yet.....kids may just get a Glk 21 version as apparently bigger and the TM G17 fits ......
  7. Goggles!

    Have a search on the forum, loads on fogging, goggles etc i have revision locust fan goggles, one with foam still and one without, neither fog but the do have ‘drizzle’ in places and times. I also have the thermal lens and same issues what may not work well for me may be perfect for you and vice verse, there is no right or wrong answer a few members have the ESS goggles with no foam and have similar results
  8. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Cheers, may take another look
  9. New player, based in Suffolk. Hi!

    Defo come and play at Tudders!!!
  10. Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    When you say approx 1mm..... I’ve been sanding and it still doesn’t fit. More sanding it seems Mmmmmm..... might WE it.....
  11. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    They the ones off eBay from China??
  12. New player, based in Suffolk. Hi!

    Here you go player meet topics
  13. Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Cheers P, I went to look for some sand paper after posting as seem to remember reading something similar somewhere keep me busy ‘while working from home tomorrow’ give it a week and I’ll have a WE g17 in the ‘what have you bought thread’
  14. Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    IMI holster arrived for my TM G17 from UKT but I cannot slide it in ..... on a serious note any ideas??! i know someone will lower the tone!