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  1. Aengus

    Airsoft in Summer

    Going to swap my jumper for a t shirt and dye elbow pads and swap the beanie for a headwrap.
  2. Listening to 80s/90s electronic music at midnight. Can't beat it 😍

    1. Gepard


      Oh I don't know.. Listening to 60s Rock and flying the Huey in DCS is up there for me right now! :lol:

  3. Aengus

    Gun picture thread

    cheap? functional? comfy? NO THAT'S NOT AIRSOFT!111!!1!1!
  4. Aengus

    Postage tips

    Make sure its not Stephen Glennie 😂
  5. Aengus

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    YOUR memes are bad.
  6. Looking at these articles complaining about plus size clothing being more expensive than smaller sizes? Where has logic and reason gone? Should 1L of juice cost the same as 2L?? Discrimination? Raaaah /rant

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    2. Albiscuit


      Loz makes good points, its all the media taking it waay out of proportion anyway. Tv this morning was calling it a 'fat tax', although not a bad idea in general, the amount of money obesity and obesity related diseases (diabetes, heart probs etc) cost the NHS is ridiculous.

      *not bashing fatties by the way, just something I read a while ago... Im certainly 'cuddly' 

    3. Aengus


      +1 Ali. Be interesting to see some stats production on the production costs.

    4. Albiscuit


      Like Loz said though, they order so much, and likely own the factories that the production costs are spread around the whole range. Its doubtful they could tell you exact item costs for each item is whatever size as its likely averaged out per unit regardless of size.

      They are not working on a cost per square inch for example, they would buy huge rolls of materials at once.

  7. Aengus

    TM Hicapa


    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Looking for a tm hicapa to start a build. 4.3, 5.1, working non working hit me with what you got.


  8. Aengus

    Posting a gbb.

    Welcome to the future old boi. Also not a millenial
  9. Aengus

    Posting a gbb.

    no not quite. Just seem like a triggered nerd 😘 ly really
  10. Aengus

    Posting a gbb.

    need to chill out my dood
  11. But zeroin is dead mostly so where are we supposed to find them?
  12. Aengus

    barrel extenders (fake silencers)

    oh no *impending 3 foot suppressors*
  13. They think they see it more often than others because of the stereotype so brain things happen then they continue the stereotype. See: confirmation bias
  14. Aengus

    Best CQB gun, a pistol?

    From my experience both are relatively equal. Pistol: Far easier to move around vertically - running around corners and watching people shoot over your head is fun Can peek faster - less weight makes it easier to randomly pop out then back in again More intuitive than a rifle - grab it stand right against a corner and look round, wont have perfect technique but it'll be far better than some rifle players I've seen Rifle: Volume of fire Volume of fire Did I say it? Volume of fire - can suppress better than a pistol due to the sheer amount of bbs you can afford to waste 300rnd hicap vs 50rn extendo Far easier to win a corner and catch your opponent with constant fire or move up Range is a moot point if you have a decent pistol Cost - a competitive aeg setup costs nothing compared to a competitive pistol setup due to mags, gas, lube , gear to carry said mags, random shiny bits you'll want to buy for it. Reread that and it made hardly any sense but oh well
  15. Aengus

    HPA in West Yorkshire

    If you ask in uk airsoft (facebook I know) there's a few of the speedsoft guys from around that area. The kind of shops you should be messaging to ask (even if they don't do it themselves they'll probably know somewhere that does) is: air rifle/hunting/tackle shops, paintball sites/shops, diving shops, highpressureairsoft might be nearby?