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  1. Fat and multicam with mesh? The depot has a decent system with numbers but once again you have to be close enough to actually read the number.
  2. Aengus

    Airsoft World

    But I'm cosplaying as a chav robbing the local postie!
  3. *Necessary flash mag best of both worlds(ish) comment* Should only have to do it once or twice so there's no need to suspiciously walk into a corner.
  4. If you've got the throw you go gal
  5. No no, it's not poor aim its "suppresion" 😂.
  6. If you've been drinking or eating coffee or energy drinks or general, shite, the mixture of adrenaline wearing off, tiredness setting in and your come down from whatever addictive drink/food you've had will give you this feeling 😂. Generally I over expect but after the first game reality hits me that I'm not as good as I think and I enjoy myself.
  7. Just use paypal. It's another layer of buyer protection and guess where the money comes from? Those mastercards and visas.
  8. It's more like tig. But a bad game of tig, the one where half of the class hides.
  9. I'm that person 😧. My full auto rof is ridiculously high simply because it never gets used, only when emptying a mag or just pratting about. It's like owning a fast car; do you need it? No, is it nice to have the abilty to use it if you ever want? Yes, is it bloody fun when you do? Yes.
  10. Play off angles. Speedsoft relies upon assumption to be quick. Not ever corner is methodically checked.
  11. Anyone watching/watched, the shit show that is BattleArena?

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    2. Druid799


      Sorry was on about ‘battlearena’ never heard of it , but do see what your saying about in that screen grab cheating shits ! 😡

    3. Aengus


      Some weird competitive format in Finland vying to be a global airsoft tournament. Decent idea (steal the gold then escape) but seemed to fall apart in practise watching today.

    4. EvilMonkee


      Saw a bit of it.  Biggest issue I saw was the commentators....

  12. II'll just stick to the whips and chains for now 😂.
  13. I've always been told don't kock it until you try it. The mention of a penis is slightly worrying but hey
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