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  1. Look around your local safe zone at the people playing and tell me that again
  2. Don’t go for low weight high reps if you just want to be fit and healthy. You’ll enjoy it more (and therefore more likely to stick it) of you lift heavy because you’ll see your progress hitting new pr’s and gaining visible muscle mass as you go! Found 6-8 reps is my sweet spot between lifting heavy and doing more than 3 reps. If you don’t want to be a circle work on getting your shoulders and lats wider 👍
  3. Strong back and core I’d say. Core is always the answer.
  4. Never really bothered with whole meal rice, would you recommend? Add in a lunch before lunch and a protein shake during the day then one after a session when you’re on the bulk. Got me to 76kg (a healthy overweight bmi 😂, 96th percentile considering my age and height) and the most lean I’ve been. Not weighed myself in a while so could be verging on 80kg nowadays.
  5. Should play on a soft grassy field, with soft cover (inflatable maybe) , small area with lots of marshalls to watch it, rof and joule limits harshly enforced, no pyro. oh wait
  6. Stretch before, water + electrolytes and you should be good for the day. Salty foods in the lead up help with cramp too.
  7. Got to get super pumped up so you can play this uber aggressive competitive sport duhhh @Tackle will tell you 😂
  8. Was it the bald one? Please say it's the bald one @Rogerborg
  9. Why can other people say the things i think better than I can??? 😂. Dead on.
  10. What I consider has more to do with context than an actual action. At an airsoft site I'd consider laying hands on anyone in an aggressive manor an assault (albeit minor), more a demonstration of your inability to control your anger than actual assault, as that is not expected or a normal part of the game never mind for the crowd airsoft attracts. You think Steve from the office who's only sport he's ever played is badminton expects or can deal with someone grabbing him in an aggressive way? or 13 year old James that only leaves his house once a week to play airsoft, wheezing as he goes, could? tl;dr this is not a rough sport, not the rules, not the setup and especially not the people, you can reasonably expect some push and shove, maybe a fist, in rugby. Not bloody airsoft hence the lower boundary for what I'd consider an "assault".
  11. People that randomly twitch their finger have far more of a place on an airsoft site than people who assault people for shooting them on an airsoft site.. But hey that's just me I guess. Contact sport player or not. Getting shot a few times in an ouchie place up close isn't quite as bad as a no arms tackle above the neck (something where I would deem your response justified) and in truth you really should've been kicked off for laying hands on another player.
  12. *laughs in 0 fun allowed efficient setup*
  13. Fuck that. I’d rather take a combat machine out then my setup 😂. Too expensive too risk it I’ll stay inside thank you
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