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  1. Do you think someone that spends on £400 would ever admit it's not that great? I certainly wouldn't 😂
  2. Better off getting a newer g&g model with the mosfet. Far better performance for a little more and they look nicer. No point buying an outdated model, unless you mean the 2.0.
  3. Arp556. Will have money left over for gear accessories and all that type of tat everyone new inherently wants. If you’ve got a shop nearby take him there and have a chat, look at and feel lots of different stuff.
  4. You don’t cheek weld as such it’s more having the stock in your shoulder. You want to be able to pivot the gun in your shoulder which is easier when it’s “in” instead of a standard stock where you have to raise the gun so it’s more “on” your shoulder. Same as a real gun where you want a secure platform but you still want the top edge to be eye level. Apologies if that doesn’t make sense 😂. Never really seen what I’d consider a risky release. You have been around for a lot longer than me though. Only thing that comes to mind is the asg shadow pistol competition type thing which seems to have flopped considering I’ve never seen one outside of a shop.
  5. Aengus


    Just go for it. There’s never been a conviction related to these laws, that I know of, so you’re 99.9% fine. If you get caught in public waving it around they’d be the least of your worries anyway. For legal reasons this is a joke 😇
  6. Just a double trigger (one pull = one shot but you can shoot vfast with two fingers) until more info comes out
  7. Don’t think it’ll even be allowed in speedqb (closest thing to competitive speedsofts governing body) since double triggers aren’t allowed 😂.
  8. Think the bit above has space for a battery or something can't really know without seeing one. Having your stock a bit lower than usual helps with aiming along the barrel when you're wearing a mask (same effect as a riser on an optic but just lowering the stock). You want the top of your rail to be as close to your eye level as possible so you can expose less when peeking and get away with no sights or a low profile one. No company wants to spend the time and money on "r&d" to have their gun potentially flop since the "market" has never really been tested with something like this. Much safer to go for an adaptation like this, who knows if it's successful we might see something designed purely for airsoft.
  9. So you're saying you don't explain it as paintball without the paint? How even 😂.
  10. And a version with a switch to turn the fps up to 500 and rps to 70 for the real speedsofters 😤😤
  11. Sure this will make most of you very happy 😂. *laughs in speedsoft*
  12. If you’re playing indoors you can really skimp on loadout. Trackies trainers and a t shirt, maybe a hoody for the winter, gun, 1 hicap, eyepro and you’re set. Outdoors you can do the same but go for some boots 👍. Don’t need any of this tactical pish just dress like a junky and enjoy yourself!
  13. The hope is that with legalisation comes regulation and is therefore safer, also taxed so some of the costs from drug use are paid for. That’s the theory at least.
  14. The general population really is anti everything though 😂.
  15. Even more disappointingly sometimes the Marshall’s don’t even bother changing the current zip ties to their own (colour of the day) so could have some of my own in my bag to use after I’ve had a fiddle if I were a more nefarious character 😧.
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