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  1. Update: Didn’t piss off sandy. DID piss off Johno. Had to pussy foot around for the second half of the day 😅.
  2. Aengus

    Gun picture thread

    New slr rail 😍. Got a prommy barrel and red shark bucking on the way so hopefully it'll shoot straight too.
  3. Yeh you wont catch me without gloves. I've had a few pyro blow up under my arse and it's never fun. Glad to see you enjoyed it though mate. What were numbers like?
  4. Told you so I should be up in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Get stuck in an you’ll have a great night guaranteed 👍.
  6. It’s a good little site. Pretty fast paced, good players, and a decent site layout.
  7. Ayye me +2 will be there. Have to try not to piss off Sandy too much with two of us having dyes and hpa 👀.
  8. *Anyone but rogerborg You at the depot on the 20th btw?
  9. Aengus

    Dytac Precision Tightbores 6.01

    What are the buckings like? Needing something hardish for open bolt hpa, looking at madbull red shark for an aeg barrel.
  10. Aengus

    Dytac Precision Tightbores 6.01

    For my sbr build. Looking at 140-160mm. Need an aeg cut one. Thought crazy jets are vsr cuts only?
  11. Anyone have any experience with the dytac tightbores? Needing a barrel for a new build and it looks like a good option but I can't find any experiences with them.
  12. Aengus

    HFC Glock Drum Mag HPA Tap

    Should be a standard size thread. Would you not be as well getting a tapp drum?
  13. Includes rails which is what I'm after 🤷‍♂️. I do agree though. Also refuses to work so even less of an offer 😂.
  14. Anyone managed to get the jkarmy 15% christmas code working? Wont do it for me (JKXMAS18)
  15. Aengus

    Wolverine engine/ hi capa efficiency?

    Wolverine inferno (gen 2 at least) is equally or more efficient than the f1. No idea about the pistol. A 48ci tank lasts three quarters of a day with my firehawk (120psi, pretty high dwell). Think you can approximate x by doing reg pressure * dwell but no idea?