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  1. Aengus

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Few from the milsim op
  2. Aengus

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    what is it with you an electrical things
  3. Aengus

    "6mm Ammo" supplies any good?

    One of the sites in Scotland told me not to use blasters and to use them because blasters are "dangerous" 😂
  4. *Doesn’t react to double tap* *shoot a steady rhythm (not spam maybe 4 rps) until hand goes up* “Oi one would have been enough” ffs got to love airsoft lol

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      think he means the hypocrisy of not taking your hits then complaining about getting over-shot.


      my motto is i'm happy to give you just one, as long as thats all it takes.

    3. Duff


      Excuse me... Adolf knows what I'm talking about. 

    4. Aengus


      aha yeh. It's only those people that complain about being shot three times as well 😂

  5. Aengus

    Airsoft Argument

    "Getting physical". First off lol. Second off no. It's just stupid this is a game where we shoot each other with toy guns not simulate war. If I played at a site and there was a twat trying to disarm everyone either I or him would be leaving. I play the game to shoot people not wrestle in close quarters with sad middle aged men.
  6. Speed HPA trigger has a built in adjustment for over travel so you can never fully compress the switch if it's correctly adjusted. http://www.highpressureairsoft.co.uk/store/p70/Speed_Airsoft_Tuneable_Trigger.html
  7. Aengus

    Gun picture thread

    You'll enjoy it! Two 48/3000 last me a day and a half and I'm very trigger happy (semi only though). If you're going for a tank that big though it's worth investing in a carbon one as it'll start to get heavy.
  8. Aengus

    What is it about facebook?

    You just turn up and pay your £35. It’s all on the website. You only need to book if you’re hiring. Went today and it was a good site (worth the 3 and a half hour drive lol).
  9. Aengus

    What is it about facebook?

    You don’t 👍
  10. Ah so naive, yet to encounter the oh so common I didn't feel it plate carrier twat 😂
  11. LARP. Take away from gameplay imo would rather have them banned unless they were necessary due to health issues etc.
  12. Once you get it make sure it's aligned right (plenty of vids on it) then set your dwell etc (once again plenty vids) and pew away!
  13. I wouldn't go for wolverine. I have the spartan. -Semi rof is limited -full auto switch has broken Not integral just annoying. If you want p* now is the time as prices are(possibly have) going(gone) up.
  14. Aengus

    Saying hi in Edinburgh