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  1. We all know you gummers can’t move 😂
  2. Nothing wrong with a good old neon emo rave
  3. Neon socks is the style stripy ones is my alteration 😎😎 Also everyone knows you need at least a 40rps dsg to speedsoft (can’t overshoot and mag dump with 20 smh 🤦‍♂️) so good luck with your cyma 😤
  4. Ahem, the point I was making . A small group that’s twice as good as your average will still make fuck all difference at a well set up site.
  5. They're not changing it to suit the minority as such. More just remove the opportunity for random players to have such a drastic effect. So basically what Musica is saying. If a group of 5 out of 60 can turn up and make such a drastic impact that it ruins everyone elses day the site has to have done something wrong whether it be poor site design, simple one man objectives or unbalanced teams. In a well set up site 1/12th of the players tryharding should make little difference. Your site did a good job imo. Also Richard is a guy that loiters on facebook shitposting and riling up people like you ;), Also a pretty decent tech.
  6. Comes down to site managers and marshalls to manage it through game changes and site design at the end of the day. If they can't or wont change their plan for who turns up on the day it must be a poorly ran site and you should be complaining at them rather than the ones that are just playing the game. Also; Was this man called Richard sounds very Richard?
  7. The one with the worst opposing players 👍
  8. glorified tinder bios be like:
  9. Truly inspirational. Punched my drywall x
  10. As in for me to say or the depot to say? Every time I’ve booked I’ve used an email at sign in wether it’s my own, parents or even a mates no questions have ever been asked.
  11. “Non-transferable” [unless you have the mental capacity to remember someone else’s email to say at the desk]
  12. If you see a guy in tan with an mp5 holding a grenade shoot him regardless of team. He seems to think he's playing some kind of free for all? Something about 50 virgins or the likes
  13. “Drops” makes it look like you’d do that on purpose. Louie spence has a straighter throw x
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