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  1. Agreed, ill email luke next week and move to e/o March
  2. I dont think we will find out until the end of this lockdown. I would imagine, tiers will come back into action again and Newbury could go into tier 2, whereas everywhere else could be tier 4 who knows.
  3. Yes but it may move to March or April
  4. Lets see what they say mid feb. If we climb out of Lockdown and hopefully go into low tiers, ill push it back to March or April. If not, then i'll refund everyone.
  5. Well, lockdown 3.0 is on its way. I'll leave it to you all to decide if we wait and see what comes halfway through February or cancel it and try again later in the year If anyone wants to have a refund, more than welcome just message me.
  6. Currently, waiting on a few confirmations, we are on 18. (This doesnt include Skullchewer) Still waiting on some people to come back to me etc. Dm me. Please all DM me to book your spaces. Whilst they are still available, I want to get this sorted ASAP so im not holding peoples money and then having to cancel or something. **This is all obviously virus permitting**
  7. I think i might struggle but i think about taking it away etc. or some airsoft events The new rules from Dec 2020 I mean
  8. The new drone rules if it weighs a certain amount and all the different bits. With drones being classified as a1 etc. I have a friend who bought the £9 pilot license and basically said as long as he doesn't fly stupid he thinks he will be fine. I tend to agree.
  9. Nice photo. How are you "reacting" to the new rules
  10. Not sure. Upload to YouTube on private?
  11. You should post a few on here. Would be great to see some other photographs to give some ideas etc
  12. Any photos? I got the mavic air 2. Haven't taken it above 120m yet. Still need to register it as well but keep forgetting
  13. Just got a drone for Xmas - Thanks Dad. Anyone else use Drones on here?
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