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  1. Thanks for sharing @L3wisD, where did you park on the day in the end? I've got myself and 3 others going 3rd October, considering leaving them with the gear whilst I find a cheap place to park?
  2. agree with what you're saying, in most parts. Ive got no issue with people saying they think I'm wrong etc, however your comment about dead from the neck down, whilst it probably wasn't directed at me, no need for it. Plus someone else asking if my comment was genuine earlier. I give a different opinion on something and get laughed at or being told it doesn't feel the same unless youre dead from the neck down, isn't the nicest, nor was it needed. But, I've said my opinion, now I see no reason to carry on commenting on this specific thread. Freefrag, if that's not what you were get
  3. No you are right, a gun doesn't feel the same. But the guy is talking, so sound maybe mixed with the talking plus being in a forest, perhaps he thought he had stood on a branch? Whilst adrenaline is pumping around your body, your hearing will be slightly less, plus the fact that he is wearing a mask that will also cover up sound. If im in a forest, i hear a crack, id assume its a branch. Also, as stated above, this is a forum where opinions can be shared. Nobody can be 100% sure he did or didn't do this purposefully. So, as I said, this is my opinion, stop trying to change it.
  4. oh absolutely, if I couldn't find them, I'd pick up the gun take to a marshall and explain. However, my point is that maybe he thinks he is standing on the root of the tree, or a branch or something. I dont personally look at every thing I put my foot on in airsoft, when I'm running or walking towards another player. Especially if I think I can see someone or something. The only time I tend to look at what I'm walking on is when I'm trying to be stealthy or when I'm doing CQB because you tend to stand on a grenade at some point, but it feels different on the foot compared to a tree
  5. Yes. So, because he laughs and places his feet on the gun, admittedly in a strange way, he is guilty? You can see his eyes can you? You can hear what he is laughing at? I wonder if he is putting his feet like that to peer round the tree with his gun up? I'm not saying he is definitely innocent because nobody other than him knows, but, I personally can see an accident. Whenever I place my gun down, its leaning against a wall, not on the floor tucked on a root of tree which is of similar colour. After watching it again now, for the however many times, it sou
  6. Am I the only one that doesn't think this is on purpose? If you look at the mask, he doesn't appear to look down at the surroundings, the m14 is green/olive colour, blending in with the tree/ground. Perhaps he thought it was part of the tree he was standing on.
  7. I read it on here, http://www.kennetshopping.co.uk/kennet/facilities/parking.html Maybe its wrong who knows
  8. Kennet shopping centre. Multistorey, not far from it at all. Free on a Sunday
  9. 4th October for me hopefully No charge on Sundays for parking
  10. I got excited thinking it would be a big area. It seems its just a shop. I know Debenham had big shops in shopping centres but its going to be different. Nope. Lewis maybe
  11. Thanks for the tag, although, I'm not getting notifications pop up. If I hadn't have had a lurk I wouldn't have seen this Exciting. And @Albiscuit if you're talking about MrWilson s place, he put up something on fb recently
  12. Because its Notting Hill weekend. They are trying to stop unofficial music events from happening, spreaing virus' etc. Im sure itll be fine by next weekend or the one after.
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