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  1. Anyone decent at graphic design?

    1. L3wisD


      What are you after?

    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      Some overlays for twitch, banner for twitch and youtube.


      Not to be done on paint with a rubber chicken in the mix 😏

  2. I hope you're joking. Otherwise you can join the other tard in the forum recently and the others on facebook.
  3. Please just delete this thread. Fuck him off and let him go back to facebook and be retarded with the rest of the clug nuggets on there
  4. From their facebook "The decision to run a game at Ground Zero Airsoft was taken after reading guidelines to businesses published on the 15th May, and was misinterpreted as there was no mention that there was still a limit imposed on the number of people that should meet together in public or private areas to participate in them. We were going to split the site into 4 large areas, and run teams of 15 people fighting against each other so we could effectively socially distance the players from each other, along with operational changes to stop groups having to cluster together for any reason. However, after reading the document aimed at people rather than businesses it is quite clear that it is not appropriate to run a game at the moment until the government lift this ban. Since the post this morning, I have been unable to speak to the owner, but he has just called me now and as soon as I informed him of our mistake he immediately told me to cancel the game. I was unable to update the Facebook community about what was happening until talking to him as it would probably have just deteriorated into name calling and negative comments with some of the people using rather toxic language to try and get their point across and the post would have got lost in the mire. I understand that people feel strongly about this, but the same result would have been achieved by being polite. I would like to thank anyone who pointed the documents out to us in a professional manner and we can only apologise for the confusion and distress that we may have caused." Absolute chodes.
  5. Just an absolute moron, hes now telling me I must be fun at parties as it was a light hearted joke... lockdown has successfully claimed another mind.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/KEC8l6V
  7. I agree, wont go there now. Ever. I'm currently discussing with someone on the thread, their view is that its safer to go to airsoft with 100+ people, than to go to a supermarket where you spend max an hour and have to go to buy food. Bizarre.
  8. Just been reading this, insane that people are defending it because "you can be 2m away from someone to shoot them". Give me strength.
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    For sale is my CM16. Fires perfectly well. Can fit a tracer to the end/silencer (can sell tracer if needs be) On last check it was about 320fps, this is due to playing at the mall and other places that have a low fps limit It does not have the fitted motor, I can include that but I dont think it's as good as the one I have in there Prommy seal Nothing else changed. Unfortunately, no iron sights, no ORIGINAL mag, no original box. Price includes postage - fees to be paid for if using g&s on paypal. **EDIT - Happy to swap for a G&G ARP9 plus some cash on my end.**



  10. plantation comes highly recommended
  11. Normally at Airsoft Plantation, but inside still trying to find somewhere to call home
  12. Ah I spoke to you on the day! I asked if your name was Craig.
  13. 1) wrap it in camo tape if you want, I had a two tone rifle, I waited until I had a valid defense before I sprayed it. 2) Edge have a good range of glasses/Goggles. If you dont want to fog up, get dye i3/or above which is more than your budget is currently. Edge are glasses and not full sealed but are good products however if you can spend £60-70 they do have sealed ones. I'd recommend sealed until you feel more confident. I'd stay away from mesh, but that's your choice. Also, get revision wipes from Ebay. About £5 for 10+ or so. They are really good, apply every round (re use the same wipe) and itll eliminate fogging, unless you're really unlucky
  14. ? @AsmiCPS is called Alan?
  15. I was there on the same sunday I believe. Is your name Alex? I did, its £35 per head, best to have at least 15. They will provide Marshall's if wanted, or if not they just open it up for you basically. I think it's perfect for a private game. This site is 330fps, but as above, it's easy to get around as there are no markings etc on guns. We actually left early after one of the games. Basically everybody shooting at anything that moves from one direction.
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