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  1. I agree with Griff. It's not too far from Whitechapel in terms of miles (30/40 or so) but it does have some range to it as well, it's one of the best sites around in my opinion. If you can drive, you could try going further out as I don't think there is too much within 10/15 miles of you unfortunately
  2. The one in Whitechapel has been "relocated" for ages unfortunately. There is bunker51 in Woolwich but I've not heard the best things.
  3. Hi mate, also from London, where abouts are you? take a look at this guide -
  4. Nice one, sounds really good. Im hoping to get out some more over the coming months once my new job role settles down. Id love a night game, still need to do a camping weekend as well. Good review as always
  5. Just don't overprice it and offer half the anus
  6. Robert James

    KWA TK .45

    Yea.. I think the TK45C is more. Although the website I saw it on isn't currently advertising it anymore £40 more from the website I'm talking about infact.
  7. Robert James

    KWA TK .45

    The other one is £450+... Gutted also.
  8. Proairsoftsupplies are closing their store, grab a bargain 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. rocketdogbert


      Hmm, bought some bits on line, had my order cancelled for no given reason, now what I wanted is out of stock.

      I would say I won’t shop there again, but that is a moot point 🤷🏼‍♂️

    3. Chopper92


      When does it officially close ? in the area with work this week and might pop down and have a look

    4. Robert James

      Robert James

      18th I believe

  9. Robert James

    KWA TK .45

    Still can't find these in the UK. JTAC have still not had more in. Can't see anywhere else
  10. Long shot: anyone looking for a full time or part time job in a pub in Monument PM me

  11. You could have had my gopro session with the case
  12. I got bored after 20 minutes and turned it off. Got onto @L3wisD 's recommendation of Love Death and Robots, I dont know what the fuck that is supposed to be. had a bad netflix night last night. Ended up watching Umbrella Academy and fell asleep.
  13. Whitechapel one closed down, and I've not heard the best things about Bunker 51. But each to their own. I usually go to Airsoft Plantation if I can't find anywhere else to go. There are many CQB sites around you just need to find them. I didn't enjoy Red1 Watford. Most of the CQB sites bar Red1, hockley and bunker 51 will probably be more than 1hr drive for you. As they are for me
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