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  1. It's cancelled. Nobody replied to take over. Sorry for not replying, been extremely busy.
  2. Ok - bit of bad news - I have to work on this date now and cannot get out of it. Since i've had to move dates around already and I know a few people changed things around to get this sorted - I need to hand this over to someone else OR it will be cancelled. I'm happy to refund anyone now, or you can wait until a replacement is found to carry on the booking. Its pretty much all done you just need to nail the numbers down and chase people for money. I'll give it a couple days, if nobody taking over ill cancel - i have informed Luke already. DM me if you want a refund, you'll have to give me some sort of idea of whom im looking out for in the account though. Thanks and love. Sorry.
  3. Everyone who has previously shown interest has been PM'd as have people that have said theyre coming. to confirm 1830 - 2300 on the 31st July £25.00 per player, if we can get 25 players minimum Places still available - we are on around 19/20 players at the moment but most havent paid.
  4. For all those involved, I've emailed and asked for the 31st as this was most requested. For all of those that have NOT paid, please start to think about paying as it needs to be paid before we get there, need 26 total players minimum otherwise its more expensive. Pm me with numbers you'll have with you and I'll reply with bank details. Thanks. Any questions post below.
  5. @Alimcd @Steveocee @DrAlexanderTobacco @Spartan09 @Keldon @Barny @Scorch @Albiscuit @Seany.exe @Tackle @Jaylordofwaargh
  6. Ok, so I can get either weekend of 17th OR 31st - so, by ways of voting, please either LIKE this post for the 17th OR HAHA for the 31st Thanks (Y)
  7. Apologies all, been really busy with work. Emailed Zed a few days back, we can book for July which is perfect. Trying to confirm dates. 17th works for me, so please check your diaries. I will see if they have availability for the 17th, once I have confirmation from them, I will let everyone know.
  8. Howdy! Since my last question regarding a silencer (https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/castellan-airsoft-dummy-hexaco-suppressor-long) was a no vote - I need some inspiration for a new silencer. It doesnt have to be a tracer, as over the summer ill be using it outside. But I do have a smaller tracer to go on it for when I go inside so no problem there. I want it to preferably work as a silencer and not a dummy one for looks. Any links or thoughts greatly appreciated, much love
  9. Thanks for your posts everyone. I'm currently sitting an English Language exam - part of it is a presentation on something of my choosing. I choise Airsoft and wanted some opinions from other people than myself so that it wasn't all about what I specifically think. Thanks again!
  10. Hi guys, I've got an exam, I'm doing airsoft as a hobby for my exam... so my question(s) to you - Why did you start airsoft? What do you like about airsoft What don't you like about airsoft (not including KM or non hit taking, something more substantial please) Do you think airsoft has any health benefits I.e keeping you fit etc Anything else you want to add. You do not have to answer each one. Cheers and good health Rob
  11. Anyone half decent with excel? Need to work something out buy cant for the life of me fo it. 

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    2. Hatchet


      Oh yeah, I always have to do all mine in sections of "Does this query work to just get the results". OK, then add a bit and see where it goes wrong. Which it inevitably will because you've missed a comma, or are trying to calculate months in a query (which works different from months outside a query) and so on.


      But, once you get the building blocks it becomes very easy to reorder your whole set of answers by just editing one line.


      I also find I have to make a document with all the little use cases I found (how do I compare two lists for VIPS, how do I find anything that's not been signed into for more than 3 months from today, how do I find the last time a customer contacted us based on their name) and show the working so I've got it for next time.


      Aaanyway, enough of that, back to buggering up this 249 gearbox...

    3. Robert James

      Robert James

      @Adolf Hamster and @Hatchet Thank you, I have now done what I set out to. Got another issue, which im trying to work out now. so maybe ill DM you if I get really stuck 😁

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      just as long as it's not date codes, i hate date codes with a passion :P

  12. I was going to say it sounded like TB wouldnt be run by the guys that currently do. Not that it was ceasing to exist
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