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  1. Fantastic day at Airsoft Plantation.. @Prisce you're a top bloke. Easily the best outdoor site ive been to.


    1. Prisce


      Was great seeing and playing with you again good sir. Hope to get over to the mall and to The Gaol with you fellas soon!

    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      Oh and Prisce is a speedsofting bitch

  2. Robert James

    Wanting to Mod my G&G Wild Hog

    Great information you've provided us with. Fantastic.
  3. Robert James

    Dogtag holmbush

    How was this? Nobody really posted anything about it since
  4. I've only owned a few so nothing spectacular but I really miss my Firehawk. Especially more so when I see it every time I go Airsoft as I sold it to my friend. Bloody great fun that gun...
  5. I thought it banned anything that had a sale/link to a sellable item in the description or if you told people where to buy them in the video..
  6. Best place to buy KWA guns in UK? Ive found one I like but the stores I've looked at, I've never heard of before...

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    2. rocketdogbert


      with Rainbow8 you might get hit for tax, but it should only be import duty (4%) and a handling fee, as TOYS are VAT exempt 😉

      No idea if that makes it worthwhile to you, but they ship fast.

      I got a package from them last week, declared value £205, paid £16 to HMRC and another £16 ParcelForce for a handling fee

    3. Robert James

      Robert James

      Ok... Question now is... TK45 or Ronin 6

    4. Duff


      Looks like an M4 with an MP7 stock and a teeny weener barrel....

  7. Bailiffs will take 6-8 weeks, after the month has surpassed that he has to pay
  8. Robert James

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    Edit: that's pretty much for 2 guns, plus mags and 3 batteries. I think that's an ok price
  9. Robert James

    X-site RIP

    So is it going to be Airsoft still or only paintball
  10. Robert James

    What AEG to get as your 2nd gun?

    Yes mate we are coming. I put the clear guarder in so mine should be ok plus the new motor... The other one... Hopefully should be ok.... Hopefully. See you there?
  11. Robert James

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Instantly thought of tachanka our lord and saviour from R6S
  12. Robert James

    What AEG to get as your 2nd gun?

    My first gun was a cm 16 r8-l, then I bought the SRXL (from g&g) because I found it was the next level up in my small arsenal. Plus I couldn't ask santa for a £400/500 gun... But I love it Speaking of guarder clear bucking... I bought one today as the shop I went into had run out of purple prommy job bucking and the guy said he much prefers the guarder ones. And it was only £5.99 @Jez_Armstrong so hopefully now my gun will actually out range my pistol cos it has the nubby thing in. Lol Edit: go to a shop and see what you find comfortable. I nearly bought a Glock before I put my hands on one and thought it felt uncomfortable in my hands.. ask around at your next skirmish if something looks nice, ask what it is. Or if you meet @Prisce just ask to see his collection, he basically has a small arsenal Sweden would be proud of
  13. Robert James

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    I know, I wasn't trying to defend his price I was just saying.
  14. Robert James

    X-site RIP

    To be fair, id heard of it - saw the http://www.xsiteairsoft.co.uk/ website and Nope'd straight out of it. Didn't think it still ran, no information really on the site at all
  15. Robert James

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    I nearly added this but I think people just think if I have a gun I've used once or twice it's still worth loads... Saying that I saw one for sale with 3 mags for £285... Tempting Edit: he says it has a warranty