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  1. @MrWilson I was telling a friend about this site, they said they would probably come as they dont really enjoy airsoft too much anymore, anyway, they came up with a game idea for you, not sure if it's already been suggested Terrorists vs police (names are obviously changeable) The terrorists have a hostage on the top floor which cannot be killed as it's too easy. The terrorists then set themselves up on each floor, you could have as many or as little as you want on each floor, the police in this instance then go through, floor by floor clearing them out, once the terrorists are shot out, they are dead (one life). This is done all the way to the top, where the hostage is then taken by the police and they then have to go down all the floors and get the hostage to where they spawn on floor 1. Once terrorists of room 1 are taken out, they can reset at any position in floor 1 once the police are in floor 3 to avoid any confusion from respawning police. (Respawns for police are on a changing basis, I.e if the police are on floor 4, respawn is floor 3, if they are on floor 3, respawn is floor 2, this means they never find out where the next set are deploying as the terrorists respawn after the police are 2 floors above them, hopefully explained this well enough) the terrorists cannot move up and down on floors once they have been shot out. This means not everyone will deploy over the top floor in first phase, meaning it's a bit more intense per floor. Perhaps depending on numbers you could say minimum of X per floor. The police have infinite respawn in the 1st phase, but only one once the hostage is taken by them, in this phase, the terrorists of that floor, have infinite until that floor is taken in phase 2. The hostage cannot be killed but cant walk alone or fire a gun. The person "holding" the hostage or guiding through the floors can only use a pistol or shotgun. Winner is determined by how fast they complete the two phases (if they can). So there is a swap after so the terrorists become police and vice versa.
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    RunCam 2 35mm FPV Camera. Condition is Used.Comes with charging cable, rail mount, transfer wire, battery.There is no screwdriver Price is NOT including postage, which is £2.90Used once


  3. Understood. Well, hopefully itll be open. If not its completely understandable.
  4. Discuss


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Skara


      The fuck did I just watch?


      OH, right.


    3. hitmanNo2


      Grade A bellend.

    4. sonofsammo


      What a colossal cuntard.
      2:25, he shoots someone wit their hand up and then continues to spam the trigger.
      He's lucky he's not been hospitalised.
      And the comments section? Fucking hell it's depressing. 

  5. Good news he will post at buyers expense as well. So about £165 all in. Mad, bargain.
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale is my replica x300v torch. Brilliant lighting, with a constant light or strobe if you need it. Requires CR123A batteries.


  7. Any chance you'll be open 1st march? At all? Before I book us in somewhere
  8. Anyone have any interest in buying this, before I make a proper ad and/or ebay it


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    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      No box. Just the mount

    3. L3wisD


      How much you got in mind Rob?

    4. Robert James

      Robert James

      Around £95 o.n.o I think. Only used once. 

  9. JD Airsoft will have multi shot trmr bases in stock from tomorrow 

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    2. sonofsammo


      Well bloody hell! They can't have got many in - I looked at 0905 and they were out of stock lol

    3. hitmanNo2


      Also,  JD Airsoft have confirmed no more TRMR grenades.  Officially discontinued.

    4. sonofsammo


      I just went back to confirm I wasn't hallucinating - and they were in stock - hurrah!
      Have ordered one 😄 


  10. I might need a bit more notice, I think I'm busy every weekend this month. And @Albiscuit of course, if I have room in the car you can jump in. Shouldn't be an issue though at all
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