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  1. Robert James

    CQB Help

    I loved the sound of my firehawk. Each to their own though
  2. Robert James

    CQB Help

    Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate... To suffering. Lots of suffering from the loud hawk.
  3. Robert James

    Flying with Rifs... but wait

    I see. Strange.
  4. Robert James

    CQB Help

    Get a Firehawk. Takes standard mags, sounds great and shits other players up.
  5. Robert James

    Airsoft Events Uk Directory

    It does have December games in there so I would assume yes, however it probably draws information off of the sites website etc.
  6. Robert James

    Flying with Rifs... but wait

    I didnt think you could own one if you were below 18? However you could try asking @SeniorSpaz87 I think he imported/exported some
  7. Trust me we had everything ready and then my mate called me at 3 am saying his sister was back in hospital due to her cancer again. So I said let's not go etc. I'd definitely want to try there, maybe I'll wait until the summer months. If they get a milsim going there is go to that, still yet to try a milsim
  8. Another great review. Considering the travel, would you go back out of interest? Again, I missed today but your review makes me want to try it however it is a long trip to play woodlands
  9. I didn’t think they done pvc just this new thing they have? regardless stitch me up are very good. If not, Ballistic Designs so PVC. However with pvc a lot of places will ask you pay for a few more than you need due to having to make a mould etc
  10. I voted for weaponscrate
  11. Robert James

    Please help me choose a gun

    Go to the shop, take a look at both and see what feels comfortable to you. AEGS will always be so similar. Krytac are a decent company with some good guns and im sure the Trident is a good option. However, G&G are reliable and most people will have/have had a G&G in their airsoft time. It's about what feels comfortable for you. If youre into CQB do you want a overly long gun? Probably not, but it doesnt make too much difference. Do you want to flex your muscles and get a metal gun which I cant carry because im weak? Maybe. Get what you need and what makes you happy.
  12. Robert James

    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I also have it on PC. I m probably about 60% through at the moment, although I cant kill the predator!
  13. Robert James

    Forum sponsorship deal?

    @L3wisD might be able to help? Or @CarloBear
  14. Robert James


    I took my paperwork into my shop and said register me in front of you.
  15. Robert James

    Please spoon feed me !

    I see what youre saying but I feel like most people want someone to say, yes this is right or no this is wrong, compared to doing the finding for them. Unless they have tried and tried but cant find it anywhere so they ask for help. i.e - Where can i find a 3d printed model of a foregrip that fits an MLOK or a specific gun. I understand your point, I just think some of it is laziness some of it is just not knowing