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  1. Sorry to "necro" but never really got round to adding anyone I'd like to arrange a game of either 3v3 4v4 or 5v5 my squad Vs your squad AND Do an AFUK team, I won't be around as much anymore due to my new job but when I get a few hours I tend to be playing this game, either badly or very badly.
  2. What part of London are you from
  3. Join my team, they're absolutely useless and we haven't been out together in a team in about 10 months.
  4. I'd be happy with that. I don't think I've been out in about 4 months so I'm still waiting for Zed News 😛
  5. Nah, I don't really like the way Seth is so wouldn't want to be near him too long.
  6. I know, I was trying to reference the time when there was a long convo about using the word completed or something for a sale option and someone kept bringing it up with the proff... I didn't deliver I'm sorry
  7. Should it not say This thread is completed? I find it rolls off the tongue more.... The above is something I'm waiting to hear rather than my actual opinion... 10 points for a correct guess
  8. The Gaol do midweeks but that's travel time unfortunately
  9. Where is @ImTriggerHappy when you need him Also, the Vengeance one im not going to its BattleSim Ill look into the cargo ship though
  10. I agree with Griff. It's not too far from Whitechapel in terms of miles (30/40 or so) but it does have some range to it as well, it's one of the best sites around in my opinion. If you can drive, you could try going further out as I don't think there is too much within 10/15 miles of you unfortunately
  11. The one in Whitechapel has been "relocated" for ages unfortunately. There is bunker51 in Woolwich but I've not heard the best things.
  12. Hi mate, also from London, where abouts are you? take a look at this guide -
  13. Nice one, sounds really good. Im hoping to get out some more over the coming months once my new job role settles down. Id love a night game, still need to do a camping weekend as well. Good review as always
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