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    G and G 30th anniversary g26.ares amoeba 013.we smg8 mp7 gbb. Sig p226. M9 and mk 23 tm.Specna arms
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    Black swat loadout. Viper multicam.south African vests. Mostly viper gear cause it's great gear
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    Green ops liphook.portsdown hill tunnels(ucap)
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    Drones,drink,driving and (hic) duns..sorry guns!
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    Mainly reading in garden about airsoft with a gun in one hand and drinky poos in other lol.

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  1. Haha that's true. I used to use the darts in it as well. 🥴
  2. When I was a nipper I had a .177 gat gun which I used to load by putting barrel on floor and leaning on it with my impressive 4 stone wet weight because I was to weak to do it any other way. Anyway during a bored, idle period of thinking what to shoot,I put barrel in mouth to aid thought process as one does while caressing trigger. You have to understand,at this point, that I was only seven or eight so not too wise to the world of consequences. Anywhoo caressing finger carresed harder and Wallop!! My god I saw stars and my head shot back to the point of nearly breaking my neck. I choked,my eyes blurred and filled with the tears of fear cause I couldn't tell me mam because that would have earned me another wallop! I'm so glad I hadn't loaded it though. But I often think that's why I never became a homosexual. Anything hard in my mouth makes me choke! Lol. Lesson learned though and I soon healed lol Regards
  3. Developers buying up any land they can get a hold of I guess. Directive from gov to build more houses.
  4. I was going to say same thing 👍 About the tapping with fine punch I meqn
  5. Hi @Thealebear As already said,ground zero is a very big site. For club game days not all of the site is open though. Camouflage airsoft is possibly quite near you.(Hurn airport) Have a look on 'play airsoft' all the details about airsoft venues are listed along with opening times and game days and lots of other details. Regards
  6. Haha heavens forbid no. I accidentally caught a glimpse of me own bod recently and now I'm traumatised! Lol Regards
  7. Haha yeah you probably still got the marks on your legs where your nappies were! 👶 🤭 Regards
  8. Hello @ShootingBlanks👋 Come in and sit a while. Plenty to get your airsoft juices flowing within these well thumbed hallowed pages. One tip I can impart for what it's worth....don't try western style twirling with your we m9 especially on concrete!😥 Have fun 👍 Regards
  9. Hi chicken pie.👋(cool that rymes)* Welcome to the playground. Glad to hear you are having fun and enjoying it. That's a good start 👌 I started late in life but I find it has opened up hidden reserves of energy and helps to keep my joints working. Just take it steady and at your own pace. Let the younger contingent take care of the 'Atttaaack!!! Tally ho and go go go' approach lol. My approach is " yeah OK,I'll finish this fag and wander up." Lol Best way to deal with 'where did that shot come from ' is to hold gun,engage full auto,pin trigger and swing from left to right and back again. 😀 Enjoy👍 Regards *Yes it's spelt wrong. Should be rhyimez
  10. Thanks for vid. Yes I had trouble aiming down sights when I tried a lower mesh. It does seem like it could be a winner although he wasn't really sweating More of a gentle perspiration really.Me on the other hand,well I can win hands down against a garden sprinkler!! Lol 😉 Regards
  11. Just curious really. A lot of people say about Warq helmets and how effective they are but why are they and how do they work? 🤔 Regards
  12. Is it possible that the motor may have connections round wrong way and running backwards?
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