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    G and G 30th anniversary g26.ares amoeba 013.we smg8 mp7 gbb. Sig p226. M9 and mk 23 tm.Specna arms
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    Black swat loadout. Viper multicam.south African vests. Mostly viper gear cause it's great gear
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    Green ops liphook.portsdown hill tunnels(ucap)
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    Drones,drink,driving and (hic) duns..sorry guns!
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    Mainly reading in garden about airsoft with a gun in one hand and drinky poos in other lol.

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  1. Yeah our little group will be thereπŸ‘ Team Diamond Dogs. I think this will be our sixth year. Would have been seven had it not been for covid. Are you playing under a team name? We are sticking with Bravo again πŸ™‚ How bout you? Yeah it's a great atmosphere and plenty to buy lol but I gotta keep both hands in pockets unless fighting. Wife said! ☹ Regards
  2. Electric car conversion advice. If you would like an electric car, I converted my old petrol car, using the motor from my tumble dryer. It works a treat and is very fast and efficient. However, the only thing I discovered is that it won’t go if the door hasn’t shut properly.πŸ˜‰
  3. Hi and welcome to the parade.πŸ‘‹ Don't think of it as an ordeal but more of an awakening into a whole new world of pain and poverty.....πŸ€” OK ordeal it is lol If you need guidance and enlightenment then you could go check out @GAMBLEhe has a utube gig. Very informative.πŸ‘ Regards
  4. My wife said to me last night that she had a bag of used clothes to give to the charity shop and can I take them up there for her. I said just throw them in bin it's easier. She said there were thousands of poor starving people in the world that would benefit from having them. Stupidly I said that anyone who can get into your clothes certainly ain't starving!! And that's why I can't make this Sundays game and why I'll possibly be walking with a limp! πŸ€• Regards
  5. That's very true. I know the gas gets out out my trousers pretty damb quick!😳
  6. That's not very nice. Laughing at people. ☹
  7. 40k? Wow you must have a bloody big tabletop. πŸ€” Regards
  8. Hi @remusI would be interested to see some pics cause I haven't a clue what it's all about lol. πŸ‘
  9. Haha. Fifty percent correct for me then. (I'm no vegetarian) lol
  10. Haha. πŸ˜„ I think i would have been a stegosaurus. That is the very horny one isn't it? Lol
  11. Hi @AngelusKarl77 Welcome to the airsoft asylum πŸ‘‹ Plenty to look at in here some of it may even help you! Lol. Any queries just ask. The place is rife with them! 🀭 Played at the Grange a couple of times. great venue. I think we have lost it now though? Have fun looking around and don't get lost cause you may not be found for months lol Check out the dude called GAMBLE, he has a funky tube channel. Worth a watch πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ Regards
  12. Yeah but was that you or her?? πŸ™‚
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