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    G and G 30th anniversary g26.ares amoeba 013.we smg8 mp7 gbb. Sig p226. M9 and mk 23 tm.Specna arms
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    Black swat loadout. Viper multicam.south African vests. Mostly viper gear cause it's great gear
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    Green ops liphook. Combat.south wickham(now closed)portsdown hill tunnels(ucap) Portsmouth Victorian prison(ucap). The Grange Birmingham.
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    Drones,drink,driving and (hic) duns..sorry guns!
    Airsoft obs.
    Mainly reading in garden about airsoft with a gun in one hand and drinky poos in other lol.

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  1. Hi @toooldforthis +1 on @Adolf Hamster's comments.You certainly are not too old to get into it. I got a good few years on you but still play. Like @Adolf Hamster says park up and pick 'em off. Get that golden oldie out of storage and join the fray lol😉👍 Regards
  2. Just had a gander at camouflage airsoft. Love their choreographed,staged pictures. Very well behaved lol. Poor old Billy no mates sat at table all on his own☹ Dont know bout anyone else but I've got over half the at risk problems! Fuck! I'm out.... Looks good though. I will give it a go when the vid has healed up. 👍 Regards
  3. Thanks for heads up on that👍 I live near Portsmouth but work and have family in Bournemouth.Also Alton is quite close to me.Yeah happy days.😀 Regards
  4. Hi all.🖐 Just putting this out there to canvas reactions. Has anyone been sent a parking charge notice by national car parks saying the car park charge has not been paid and that you owe them £100 or £60 if paid within 14 days. It happened to me just before xmas.I appealed and sent proof from my bank as I paid by card. They emailed me yesterday saying 'in light of evidence supplied,this notice is now cancelled' Like hell it is! I've emailed them asking for a full explanation as to why I was falsely accused and threatened with debt collection if fine was not paid.
  5. Had mot on work bus today. Expected big spend. Whoopee! 2 advisories! Result... this could work in my favour....."yes hun its gonna cost couple hundred or so bummer I know" plan is get home make a 'list' of parts needed for van(wink,wink). She wont suspect a thing! Rubs hands and whistles all way home. Walks into kitchen with suitably long face only to be met with wife's even longer face! "The washing machine has packed up. Its gonna cost at least couple of hundred or so!" Fuck and Bollocks! Oh well 😫😫 Regards
  6. Howdy @benno996.welcome to the farm where all sorts of weird and wonderful beasts roam free,well not too free at moment ☹. Bet you are looking forward to when you can enjoy the game.I am. Check out @GAMBLEon t'tube.😉 Regards
  7. Look out @GAMBLE.competition. lol 👍🙂
  8. Hi fella and welcome to the airsoft funfair.🎠🎪 Enjoy looking around but dont break anything lol. I'm wondering when any of us will be getting into airsof at moment.Sad times but will get better. Anyway have fun and enjoy ride 🎠 👍🙂 Regards
  9. I spy wiv my little eye......Fuck it's getting bad!.....red car blue car.☹

  10. Ban him for tampering wiv da mail/post. Grrr. 😀
  11. Haha. I guess it's the fact that she is talking about it in a very bubbly way. Most morticians are maybe seen but not heard. Regards
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