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  1. Looks like a g36 handguard ?
  2. Other than smelling shit that should be fine
  3. Straight propane should be ok it mainly what GG is if anything GG probably has more umph
  4. You'll get very good at taking them apart and fixing them in no time if you use it alot 😏😂
  5. Wow had it a while then. I got mine last year and if im honest it's barley the same gun i bought back then thanks to @rocketdogbert and his persuasive ways 😂😂
  6. All you need to do is remove the thread protector then make a shim of some sort for the barrel (piece of coke can or something) then do up the grub screw and jobs a gooden 👌
  7. This silencer? 😏😏
  8. What it means is you can used Normal inner barrels that fit other gbbs like the crazy.jet inner barrel etc
  9. Both in my mind it converts it to a normal style trigger pull on a pivot. And it's styled like a later generation vector trigger The 3d printed hop lets you use standard gbbr barrels and hops but at the downside of having the hop fixed
  10. Other than the 3d printed nozzle it's the 3d printed hop and a crazy jet barrel and a ml hop rubber. There's also a 3d printed trigger you can get that is way nicer than the standard
  11. Your correct it is 3d printed but it's also carbon fibre reinforced 😊 @rocketdogbert has tested it thoroughly and had no problems as far as I know
  12. This is what you'll need if the nozzle is broken/jammed https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183845742111
  13. It may be possible with a different mount plate. You got a picture?
  14. Show off with probably the only black TM FNX out there 😂
  15. Apologies have been away h past few days so I missed this Are you trying to mount an actual RMR or a dr style sight? If your trying to use an RMR then its quite easy, I started with the Glock mount that came with my sight and ground off the rectangle part that mounts it to the Glock, I then cut the plate down to the sight was just at the front of the sight cut out on the fnx already. Lastly drilled two holes to line up with the threads already in the bbu and countersunk them and that's it all done. id say all in took about half an hours work and looks awesome. Excuse the self vector promotion its the only pic I have on the pc of the fnx
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