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    No i think it’s helped , I’m a great believer in the principle of the UKARA , I just hate the way it was created so a few big retailers could control the market and then circumvent it by selling the abomination that is the two-tone ! But I digress , if your buying somthing that potentially can inflict life changing injuries or could get you killed by armed police due to miss use then I’m all for a control system in place . As other will say “if you want somthing , you’ll work for it “ put your games in and apply for your registration . PS The UKARA system is simply a register of players who belong to third party insured sites , it’s not a pissing licence ! 🤦‍♂️
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    Testing BBs

    I have done my first tests of the BBs, some I purchased and some were donated by others.I have created a table showing the results to date. the table measures roundness, polish and how the BBs shatter. Most BBs split in half and are reasonably safe some like the Nuprols have a tendency to splinter hence their table position. The List of BBs I have tested to date, 10 is good 1 is worst. G&G PSBP 0.20 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.96 roundness 10 polish 10 =29 Shatters 9 G&G PSBP 0.25 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.96 roundness 10 polish 10 =29 Shatters 9 Geoffs 0.40 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.98 roundness 9.9 polish 9.9 =28.8 High resistance to shattering 9 Swiss Arms 0.20 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.95 roundness 9.95 polish 10 =28.45 Shatters 8.5 Blaster Devils 0.36 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.96 roundness 9.95 polish 9.9 =27.85 Shatters 8 Ambush 0.20 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.95 roundness 9.8 polish 9.8 =27.6 Shatters 8 ASG Blaster 0.25 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.96 roundness 9.9 polish 9.9 =26.8 Shatters 7 6 AMMO 0.20 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.94 roundness 9.0 polish 9.5 =26.5 Shatters 8 ASG Blaster 0.20 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.95 roundness 8.8 polish 9.8 =25.6 Shatters 7 Specna Arms 0.25 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.98 roundness 9.0 polish 9.5 =25.5 Shatters 7 Specna Arms 0.20 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.97 roundness 9.0 polish 9.4 =25.4 Shatters 7 Blaster Green 0.20 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.96 roundness 8.5 polish 8.8 =25.3 Shatters 8 Blaster devils 0.28 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.96 roundness 9.1 polish 9.1 =25.2 Shatters 7 Blaster Devils 0.30 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.96 roundness 9.1 polish 9.1 =25.2 Shatters 7 Soft shot 0.25 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.96 roundness 8.8 polish 8.5 =24.3 Shatters 7 Soft Shot 0.20 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.95 roundness 8.4 polish 8.5 =23.9 Shatters 7 RZR BIO 0.28 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.97 roundness 9.6 polish 9.6 =20.2 Shatters easy 1 Nuprol RZR 0.25 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.96 roundness 9.5 polish 9.6 =20.1 Shatters easy 1 Nuprol RZR 0.20 5.95 + - 0.01 actual 5.95 roundness 9.4 polish 9.6 =20.0 Shatters easy 1 I would like to test other makes and weights of BB to cover all the BBs available but will need people to donate them. A minimum of 10 BBs will be required with weight, manufacturer brand name and date of purchase. Some BBs seem to vary batch to batch so this is an ongoing survey. I am at Absolute airsoft once a month or you can pm me for an address. Feedback is welcome.
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    Weapon 762 vs spirtitus

    Literally too many wrong assumptions in one thread. I'm not going to attempt to address every single one. I have been in facebook messenger contact with Dean Wolfenstein who is one of the very top blokes in Spiritus (if not a co-founder), he runs all of their social media himself, takes all the pictures, makes all the posts etc etc; ex US army infantry, many deployments done in shit 99% of people here can't imagine (me included) and as far as product design he's a big contributor to the resounding success of Spiritus as a business in the US market (mil, LE, hunters, competitors etc). I founded 'the spiritus symptoms' on facebook which you can look up and was the only group about the brand last I checked; it isn't big by any means, but Dean became my co-admin shortly after I founded it, making it essentially the 'official' group for the brand. I was also talked through their line up of gear at SHOT 18 by Zane Vogel, who is definitely a co-founder and essentially the head honcho - none of that makes me special it's just facts. I don't say any of this to 'name drop' either or anything like that, they give me precisely zero free shit and I'm certainly not close friends with them, I just have some minor association, they know me just about well enough to recognise me in person. However because of that I do have an understanding ofwhat they're actually saying, whereas a lot of folks in here are labouring under very incorrect assumptions. I watched the live stream where this issue was raised, I actually sign-posted Dean to EBA since he was curious as to which sites were selling the TMC knock-off of their Mk3 Chassis. I didn't make any comment on my opinions either way, just provided some information to a friend which he would've found eventually on his own anyway. My personal stance is that it is a very small number of people in the venn diagram sector who would've bought the original product but were dissuaded from doing so on account of the existence of the clone. However I also absolutely empathise with people who have come up with a highly innovative product and then had it reverse engineered and 100% cloned by exploitative types in China. People treat the issue like it's black and white but personally I don't believe that to be the case, there is lots of grey in the middle. Oh also the Spiritus setup doesn't cost $300, you're looking at between 160 and 200 USD for a setup (in America, where almost all their customers are) which is still not a cheap chest rig for most people, sure. But it is truly top quality and the 300 figure is (roughly) 30-45% wrong, which I would call an error margin large enough to be noteworthy at the least. 'They should have patents' well how one earth do you know they don't? As if patents stop the likes of TMC. 'This should be done through lawyers' well how exactly do you reckon you have information contrary to the fact that legal rumblings aren't being made right now, or won't be made in the near future? Please lay down your empirical, peer-reviewed data that evidences any of your claims. Anyone who thinks the comments like Stolen Valour etc were anything but hyperbolic comedy, I implore you to send your sarcasm detectors off for calibration, because they are categorically long overdue a service. None of the comments along those lines are intended to be taken the way you are taking them, that much I can guarantee. I get why these things can come across how they do because we are ALL guilty of forgetting that we are not known/understood by most people who see what we put out there online, but again significant misunderstandings have certainly happened with regard that issue. Anybody who has sacrificed relationships, family connections, risked huge sums of money, worked 80 hours a week for months/years on end to create a thriving business with hugely successful products from a start of nothing, but still feels Spiritus is in the wrong in terms of being disgruntled by the fact they're getting ripped off, I 1000% applaud your absolute integrity of conviction. That is a hugely impressive and balls'y thing you're doing. Though imho if you don't fit that category, you could maybe do with piping down on the issue. Then again I think the best thing about America is the 1st amendment to the constitution and if you want to just spout regardless of logic, you crack the hell on. I'm behind you all the way in that respect.
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    Are those Ukranian boots?
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    Gun Purchase in Europe

    Summer holidays have started then 🤣
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    Gun picture thread

    Saw this on Reddit.. gorgeous! MWS btw.
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    Testing BBs

    Made it into a table in a spreadsheet, tweaked the names of some of the ones I gave you as I probably didn't label the bags well enough.
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    From the most magnificent @dodgyknees1975 A practically new TM MWS with a stack of mags. I am a happy boy today 👍🏻😎
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    = Equal Airsoft

    Really...why do we have this in every walk of life,we don't not care about colour,creed,gender,etc... Wow your gay..let me tell you this WE accept you,bullying is not yours or anybody elses to claim to be a sole victim of,it can happen in all walks of life,work,private and recreational.It cares not about you it cares about the abilty to demoralise it's victim,it can manifest phsyical or mental. I'm happy playing airsoft and hope the people I play with are happy too,sorry but it looks like a money making umberella using pc to promote it...
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    Good luck Jason and enjoy. It may be a hurdle to the sport but that is far preferable to the chaos which would ensue if anyone could buy a RIF. After all, its not so difficult to play the three games and get registered with UKARA.
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    = Equal Airsoft

    Mate, if somebody is being a twat then I'll tell them to fuck off and get on with my day. If it's an issue with racism or whatever then tell an admin and get the guy banned. We don't need fanfare for what should be common sense.
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    = Equal Airsoft

    I agree with @Duff, and I am so disinterested I'm not even gonna bother looking for it on Facebook. Edit: from the picture I am assuming skinny white dudes with tatts who don't like colour matching camo are feeling under represented in Airsoft...
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    Gun picture thread

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    Popular Nuprol products?

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    Spent a few hours on the air rifle range this evening with the G3. Scope is set, Was happily plinking logs and the bigger targets on that range... All the PCP airgunners looking at me like an idiot for having a gun that made them have kittens. I may have walked past them all with the gun in a bag, dropped the mags on the table, thrown in a mid cap quick, and slapped the cocking lever. Before leaving it on the table for a minute or two.... Mostly people were just looking down the table expecting all hell to break loose any second. I then shot it, and they realised it was airsoft lol. Gun is shooing past the 65 meter mark and well into the 70's. Just needs a few K's bb's passing through it to get the rubber where I want it. Not a single misfeed. And I may of put a deposit on a PCP air rifle.
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    The best laid plans

    Thanks a lot lads. I always get loads of encouragement and good advice from members on this excellent forum. If i am able to get round the Mill at Wigan even at a slow walking pace I will be there. I'll have to adapt my style of play to my reduced circumstances, but with time I might even change some of my weaknesses to advantages. I've already noticed that some players younger and fitter than me reduce their own effectiveness due to fear of getting hit. I have never had a problem taking my hits. I'm no masochist, but a little bit of pain is all part of the enjoyment. , and helps us hone our skills. I will take comfort from the fact I am now part bionic man.😁
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    = Equal Airsoft

    It stands for Social Justice Warrior , there the kind of people who take on the cause of ‘the victims of social injustice’ wether they need it or not or even if there’s actually a problem or not , and yes they are predominantly middle class ‘do gooders’ ! As I said I do not agree in any way shape or form with intolerance or violence to others wether due to there sexual orientation , race or there physical condition . BUT I do vehemently object to people trying to regulate or control someone’s right to be an arsehole . I’m 51 and I’ve lived life , I’ve some real life long friends who are gay and a few disabled and believe me over the yrs they’ve had to deal with REAL abuse not just ‘nasty words’ but physical violence and threats and believe me they can give as good if not better than the antagonist ! They didn’t rely on society legislating the problem away , no they relied on them selves and there friends and we faced it head on together . The frase snowflakes is bandied about all the time but there are a few occasions where it’s actually an appropriate analogy to many campaigners and campaigns running today . What is a snowflake ? It’s a delicate thing that just falls apart and dissolves at the slightest touch ? Sorry but there is a lot of this in society people are just getting so delicate that the slightest perceived wrong sends them in to a spiraling outburst of howling and whaling and “oh poor me ! Where’s my safe space !” As I said in my previous post through my job I’ve seen and tried to help the victims of this kind of violence , so yes I have seen the evil man can do to each other ‘in the flesh’ but I’m most definitely of the opinion it’s NOT present in the Airsoft (not the circles I move in any way and that covers well over a third of the country) as lordable as your intentions are I truly believe you campaigning to stamp out a problem that simply doesn’t exist in Airsoft , yes there are snide remarks or sarcastic comments and the like but there words nothing more , words only hurt if you let them . Someone calls you a fagot ? Simple turn around and say “don’t worry with your face your perfectly safe sweet cheeks !” They call you a cripple ? Then you simply reply “very true but one day they’ll cure it , but you ? You’ll still be a thick twat !” Both these retorts were ones I witnessed my friends using and both occasions the antagonists slinked off red faced and embarrassed at the laughter from everyone present . if you really do feel you must try and help stamp out this problem then I do think you need to look elsewhere as it’s not here , or playing devils advocate is that the reason you are trying to start a campaign in a community where it’s not needed so no resistance to it ? Who know but your self in the end . and I’ll leave the last word to the god that is Steven Fry .
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    As I’m new to Airsoft (first game next weekend) I’m happy to rent my rifle to see if I enjoy it,and if so play some more then get my UKARA membership. It hasn’t put me of to get into the sport😀
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    UKARA is the a solution, not the problem. What you should be asking yourself is why do players have a problem with two tone. It seems like you know what's what so it's kinda odd question? If people could just buy RIFs, they'd be common and with common comes crime/fear etc and a general banning - and then there would be no RIFs and it would be difficulty for IFs (imitation firearms) aka two-tones, to stay legal.
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    What do you consider 2nd hand

    if you are not buying directly from a retailer with the protections that entails it's 2nd hand and worth 2nd hand prices.
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    The bits to make this. I wanted a triple mk5 flash bang holder that was easy to access etc. Couldn't find what i wanted to figured i would make it myself. 3 pvc tube, 3 tube caps, 3 old warhammer bases, some scappa tape, a few rubber tap washers, some velcro and a strap along with the belt mount from an old pistol mag holder. Yeah its rough n ready. But the idea is wear it with the lids at the bottom, rip the velcro, flash bang drops out. Can probably use some double sided tape to stick strikers to the top end of the tubes too.
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    Weapon 762 vs spirtitus

    So I bought a real one (I'm not getting into the I can afford real steel/I cant afford real steel argument as its been done to death) because I want to support an independent company that as I do with the majority of things I buy when and if I can. The problem I have with this and if I word it right I think people will see the point spiritus are making. Lets say you're at work, you have this amazing idea that will no doubt benefit you and maybe get you a promotion of some sort and ultimately more money/better life/better position etc etc. some douche of a guy comes along and steals your idea presents it as his own and then gets all the praise and rewards you should have been getting...how would you feel? Yes I'm well aware the airsoft brands etc that run primarily in china don't give a shit for trademarks and other such legalities, I mean look at TM for example after the first run of the new recoils they had to stop running the trades (although I think now they have started doing them again) I don't think this should be seen as spiritus being childish (regardless of their posts on social media) I think this should be seen more as a relativity small company not wanting an airsoft brand ripping off their idea and essentially stopping some of their market. I'm not sure how this will go down and I'd hate if this came across as elitist but (cue the I'm not racist but comparisons) as someone that enjoys spending my hard earned cash (I work long hours and sacrifice a fair amount of my personal time to be able to get overtime etc) on stuff I like and that is the genuine it kind of erks me a little that I saved for a few months to be able to get the kit I run now and TMC have decided to rip off spiritus and make it "more affordable" to me that now makes the hard work I put in saving for the real deal absolutely pointless. I know most will probably say tough shit, that's life and yes you're right that is life but there comes a time when morals and decorum come into things and unfortunately I see a lack of in not just companies doing this type of thing but also more and more in airsoft as whole at the moment. You can make the cost vs need argument all you like even in the world outside of airsoft, who is anyone to argue what someone else spends their money on. So in my circle of friends some people get a mortgage, some people rent. The people that rent, it could be argued could have spent more time saving in order to buy a place but its their choice not to do so.
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    = Equal Airsoft

    I wasn't singling you (or anyone who fits that description) out. I was simply describing the only human on that picture. I thought that was pretty obvious, but maybe not 🙄 I've been playing Airsoft for just over a year now. I play with pretty much every minority there is, and have never seen a problem. Lots of friendly banter, that may well be construed by newcomers as offensive, but all parties know each others lines, and rarely cross them. If they do, they apologise pretty quickly. Yes that doesn't mean there is not a problem, but as I belong to at least one of "minority groups" that play Airsoft I'd say that's pretty good going for any sport. Personally, my experience of campaiging equality groups has always been the same. They say they are out for equality, but in fact, when you really look at it, they are wanting special treatment for their group.
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    Hey guys! In case you were sitting on the fence about trying 6mm ammo I got in touch and asked him if he'd be kind enough to make us our own little discount code. He very kindly has: At least it's a bit cheaper to try them out and make your own opinion of them now. If you're reading this Mr. 6mm Ammo - please feel free to join the forum and make a thread in the "Places to buy" section.
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    VFC Avalon for CQB?

    See.. this one grates on me. To upgrade means to improve on the standard version. The gun out the box isn't pre-upgraded it's just how it is as standard. This isn't a dig at you, by the way, but more the manufacturers and distributors using spiel like that. Saying it's "pre-upgraded" and saying it comes with "tightbore barrel as standard" is meaningless. I could make a tightbore barrel out of tinfoil, doesn't mean it's going to be any good.
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