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    @Airsoft Anonymous Ltd actually have a service where you can request a little cardboard certificate that congratulates you on your "Prize". Brilliant
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    Trolling me or have no grasp of sarcasm? This site is perfectly welcoming, join, converse, it's fine. Don't expect to join, list items for sale overpriced and everyone thank you for it. We look out for each other, people who get their threads mentioned either take the dose of reality and price realistically or have a fanny fit. Maybe if you'd gotten involved in a few conversations and got a feel for the community you'd have realised the worth of what you were selling and then not have tried to make yourself out the victim here.
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    Gun picture thread

    Been dipping a toe into DIY teching, tried spraying for the first time. G&G SOC M14 tiger stripe attempt #1. I'll install the longer barrel group once I get the gearbox sorted out, using the short SOC barrel assembly here to see how the stock looks with everything installed.
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    Gun picture thread

    Finally got all the bullpups together for the first time. Most are as fully upgraded as can be. The Tavor, PDR-C and the Ares Soc-AR are next to be upgraded.
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    Gun picture thread

    A few from the collection.
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    Adolf Hamster

    CYMA AKS74u

    is the only answer to the question of wether or not you should put an m4 stock on your ak...... tbh i like the triangle folding stock, if you get some foam and tape it round the stock it's nice, comfortable, and simple. if you're gonna do anything i'd say go zenitco style, the legit stuff costs more than the gun but there are clones out there.
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    What have you made?

    A couple of Vickers I made for a EH show a few years back
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    Gun picture thread

    My current Real sword collection just need the type 56-2 Russian handguard variant to be complete set than embark on something new.
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    Oh dear what have I done. But still one of the prettiest guns I have laid eyes upon (Ares DSR1)
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    Gun picture thread

    Finally picked up a TM MK46 Mod 0. Bit of fettling done prior to picking this up today. Added a few external bits I picked up over the past few months: Zenitco Klesch 2 Dual IR / LED Zenitco Perst 4 PEQ Zenitco brightness adjustment pads FMA Gas pedal G&G rechargeable tracer unit Pulsar LRF Trail XP50 Standard Marui foregrip Thing is an absolute beast, will be running bare bones during the day / full up for night action
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    Just arrived, PVS14 Dual Dovetail Bridge from Nighttec (as the chinese repro wasn't good):
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    lockdown and load

    Airsoft projects have had to be put on hold for me as I'm becoming a dad in 2 weeks. Help a guy out and share all your projects to help with the withdrawal symptoms 😂
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    Rule 1 of airsoft: Every gun was £40-50 second hand / was won in a raffle Rule 2 of airsoft: No receipts
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    What have you made?

    Another denix conversion to mad bull shells. The darker one is a KTW which has a fake wood body and the other is the denix.
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    Article on what is airsoft?

    OVERVIEW Airsoft is a hobby where you can play hide and seek but when you find them you have the added bonus of shooting them with a bb gun. WHO CAN PLAY Literally anybody from young kids for who dressing up and playing soldiers is a normal part of childhood to fat sweaty guys called Geoff who have strange little daydreams about if they were a real super special forces commando elite death dealing uber soldier. You also get some generally more normal and balanced individuals who just play to have a laugh (mainly at Geoff) IS AIRSOFT LIKE PAINTBALL Airsoft is paintballs younger brother (yes I assumed gender) so is very much like paintball just less messy and way more pretentious. The weapons both fire spherical highly inaccurate projectiles but paintballers use the terms markers and airsofters use the term rif. This makes airsofters feel superior and claim realism as if real guns only shoot 50mtrs and have whinly little gearboxes and motors powered by batteries. DOES IT HURT That depends on how you play. If you play it like a game and don't feel the need to wear several layers of your finest camo larp outfit then sometimes it can sting a bit. If that is a problem though you can become a geardo but then you have to practice standing there looking bemused saying "I didn't feel it mate and I always call it" Or you can become a crye wearing geardo where it never hurts because they never get hit.......apparently.
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    I think that's more of an argument against mag flashes than mesh, tbh. Hope your mate makes a quick recovery. And a tidy nurse.
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    late 80s Tokyo Marui lineup

    Recently got these with a couple of old toys I picked up. Though it would be nice to share.
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    When your girlfriend treats you to the S&T E11 Storm Trooper Airsoft Replica 😍😍
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    I've made a handy flow chart for How to upgrade your Airsoft Glock. Featuring our own Glock Doctor, @rocketdogbert Hopefully this is useful to everyone
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    Gun picture thread

    Now, I hate bullpups, horrible fucking things but this photo. Well, it makes my willy tingle...in a good way.
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    Gun picture thread

    Added a G&P metal fore grip and rail section as its getting a little heavy so the foregrip really helps with that. Really wanted to stick the Troy version on but shipping woes. Awaiting new surefire and some other bits. Not much left now of the original WE M4, just the buffer tube, mag release and inner barrel / hop, thats about it I think. Mostly Angry gun inside. Optics and laser are RS, some other little RS parts dotted around.
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    Couple of goodies courtesy of Zentico from the Motherland As per the guidance on here, ordered via eBay from Zentico, delivered to the door within 10 days & no Import Duties etc. Klesch 2 visible light & IR Flood Perst 4 IR Pointer & Red dot Brightness is crazy compared to the DBal, very much looking forward to hanging out my window tonight when it's pitch black
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    just gonna put this out there, but 40 is really too high to bother pushing an aeg to, you're going to lose a lot of the longevity for not really that much gain. all you're going to end up doing is pissing off the target if you hit them, or wasting ammo if you don't. this is especially the case if this is your only gun- seriously don't fuck with it too much. if you want to mess around with this sort of thing then make sure you've got a reliable backup lying around for when it inevitably rips something apart, the walk of shame from a site after you've blown up your pew is not a fun experience.
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    Gun picture thread

    Following on from the Real Sword goodies. Mine are getting an outing tomorrow at Imperium Airsoft in Kent.
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    I hate to say it, but it was very very serious well before tonight’s announcement. The latest measures were principally a reaction to people failing to take the previous warnings seriously and doing exactly the sort of thing common sense says they shouldn’t do (like going to the beach, or getting together at a skirmish). At the point they closed the schools (always a last resort, because of the knock on effect it has on parents who are in the emergency services etc.) people really should have taken notice. One of the factors in the rapid spread of the disease in Italy was people continued to socialise at restaurants so spread the virus, this is why the govt closed them at the same time they closed the schools.
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    Sotac L4G24 mount arrived today (also an FMA PVS15 came with the mount too):
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    It took its sweet time arriving from China, but it is nice
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    Misheard Phrases.

    Rest bite instead of respite....gahhhhhghhgggggg
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    Misheard Phrases.

    Mongs saying "pacific" instead of "specific"
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    My dream setup is finally almost complete!!
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    I wouldnt call a post in this thread "advertising" per se.....
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    What have you made?

    Wow, lovely stuff. Props, or with shootable internals? I guess I'll re-shill my Imperial Guard kit since @Musica bumped the Load Out page 30 seconds after I posted it there. The helmet is just a MICH that needs some work. The armour and gun shell (around a G36 with an M4 magwell and short VN style mag) are EVA foam which turns out to be great for LARP airsoft use. Cheap, easy to work with, light, and takes all the sting out of hits while still giving a distinctive noise and feel that has allayed my initial concerns about accidental God Mode. What's interesting is just how much of the initial pattern I had to remove in order to make it usable. Big sections around the arms and neck, and that large side gap isn't accidental, it's to give sufficient movement between the front and back to stop the thing riding up when I bend and twist and shout. You'll see cosplayers with more complete armour including solid side plates, but they're mostly just posing in it, not moving and aiming.
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    Sadly that's in the wanted section! E: Also, by the OP of this thread lol
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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Great photo of myself with the T97B, Airframe, Laser cut MBSS vest and the french camo. Note I am covered in Burdock balls! Credit goes to @ImperiumBattleGrounds and @Atdarzairsoft
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    I've just read the last few page and I'm in stitches.... I have to admit of all the Airsoft boards I've ever been a member of this one is by far well pucker!!
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    Don't let the door smack you in the ass on the way out. You don't come to our board as a new member and start quoting us the Riot Act. F*ck Off
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    Sorry dude, but we’re family, and that’s the way it goes
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    We’re not very welcoming to people who want to rip others off and lie to them. 👋🏻
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    You've upgraded a dozen to higher than what our limits state we can use? Responsible.
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    I don't know about anyone else, but I don't wear my speedloader on me. It stays in my bag. It could be neon yellow for all I care as long as it does it's job.
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    Gun picture thread

    APS Salient Arms MK1 shell ejector that I just finished repairing for a mate. After waiting literally months for APS and then Zeroone to get a replacement hammer, I bought a real steel one from Brownells. Bolt needed repairing as well
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    Haley Strategic D3 Chest Rig, with D3 expansion/drop down pouch & D3 Flat Pack in lovely multicam black, with 4x MP2 inserts! Bought a while back but forgot to show. The pack is especially cool, can go from really low profile to a normal sized backpack in seconds! Love having the rig and pack together, very convenient. Definitely my favourite bit of gear. Unfortunately it will be getting sold as I am selling up!
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    Gun picture thread

    I am just missing the MP5SD and the Delta
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    Gun picture thread

    Added a surefire X300v + pressure switch, Nice compact and bright enough, has strobe as well. Its a pistol light but I think serves on a rifle just perfect with the tail switch added. Pretty much done, covers all scenarios that I will use it in. I usually run it fully loaded with max attachments, sometimes just the eotech. Getting rid of the front and rear flip sights was strangely satisfying.
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    Sitting Duck

    Why do techs not like gate titans

    Opinions are like arseholes - everybody has one etc.... Ask say 10 people to tweak the same gun and you will likely get a number of variations of what stuff is kept/replaced (and what with) depending on the Tech's personal preference and what the spec of gun is in their opinion/arsehole eg: Gear ratio, Motor, rewire/keep loom, mosfet or no mosfet plus which one blah x 3 What parts & manufacturer used & where Hop/rubber/barrel upgrade possible or absolute must Various tweaks/tricks/methods AoE, shimming methods, to be a tart or not to be a tart etc... If people saw some of the stuff I might do, they might think WTF !!!! But that don't mean I'm correct & they are wrong - or vice versa etc... Just we might do things slightly differently according to own personal choice/preference etc... Why do people buy £500 guns & others £100 or £200 guns for that matter (Some people like Waitrose, some go to Sainburys & others go to Aldi) Titan or Warfet - can understand some the reasoning for a Warfet instead of Titan But full Warfet is like £75 or base unit is £50 still over the ASR £23 I could say I like to keep it minimal, but efficient than a cost issue I could argue but then I would end up wasting more time and perhaps money (time=money) piss balling about on some stuff others would not feel the need to fuck about with (So in honesty, me saying it is a money/time fitting issue kinda falls flat) Me personally I can't see me buying either Titan or Warfet as I personally ain't fussed about bells/whistles/features too much But if others have them and love them - good on them, their gun, their choice, their money (I still can't master the Virgin V+ box though) End of the day - whatever upgrades you do, whatever glitter you sprinkle on a turd of a gun it is usually the player not the gun( or its whistles) that wins the game Some stuff is like the "Madbull effect", where often people (many newcomers), really think they need all these MUST HAVE upgrades on their "BEST GUN EVVVVVAAAAAA" wishlist, gonna be sick owning the field crap (c'mon, be honest most of us have been there) UPGRADES COMPLETED "How does it shoot ???" they asked Dunno - can't fucking lift the fucker
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    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    Better to be rude and honest than being nice while lying or not stating things as they are. I don't expect anyone to like me and honestly it's the internet, I couldn't give less fucks about it. You are about to start playing and I don't want you to buy something that's basically unreliable as hell (because of quality control) and that could potentially put you off the sport. Price difference isn't even that much so why not going for the better option right away? What's the point of risking to get a lemon (consequently dumping a shitload of cash to make it work) when you can save/spend a bit more and buy something that is REALLY plug & play? Basing my reasoning on you not having a high budget, the more cost effective solution would be what me and everybody else who replied to your question recommend: TM. More cost effective because you don't have to spend money on upgrades (TM mk23s are completely fine in their stock form, they've been for the last decade or so, upgrades are just QOL) or replacing bent/broken/off-spec parts right off the box. By buying a SSX you'll have to deal with: Outer barrel being misaligned, meaning shots will hit the inside of the suppressor going everywhere but where you aim. (This is the issue I had with mine) Suppressor comes at a stupid €50 extra. Unacceptable in my opinion. Feed lips requiring DIY mods to properly feed. TDC cover being wobbly as hell making shots inconsistent, thus rendering the whole thing pretty much useless. Gas Routers being meh, inconsistent energy output + never ending sticky trigger issues. The alu slide, despite looking cool, is completely useless on a NBB pistol, plus it's off spec by a mile. Many people reported damaged hop rubbers from the box. Can you fix all this stuff? I doubt you can, I also doubt giving money to a tech to fix them for you would be a good idea, at the end of the day you'll still spend more than a TM.
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    Oh Macks. How I love you. It's only ever gonna go one of two ways... Why? Because either people read this thread first, or they don't. And I can guess what happened here 🤣
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    Carrying a second Primary Weapon

    Have you posted this picture EVERYWHERE but the F/S pages?? 😂
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