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    Gun picture thread

    Had the TM pistol already, decided I wanted something to go with it a while back.
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    At long last you can get a UKARA ‘Licence’ ! Just go to Socom Tactical’s site and they’ll sell you one for a real bargain price oh joy of joys ! 😍
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    Gun picture thread

    Got the day off today so decided to do an updated “family” photo
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    Gun picture thread

    So here is a gun picked up today from a fellow forum user @BigBlackGlock not the first time we've done dealings, but I am extremely happy with this one. Thanks again buddy. Tried a little something different with the last image.
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    New wood grips, mag bumpers and nineball inlet valves for this daft thing. Maybe I should get @GearTech to give it a cool paint job?
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    Please spoon feed me !

    I'm sure this thread has been done before. Did you use the search? It has a three character minimum, I hear.
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    Site Name: Ace Combat Telephone number: 01303814803 Website Address: https://acecombat.co.uk/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AcecombatA/ Site Address: Brenchley, Tonbridge TN12 7DG My battle buddy and I popped along to Ace Combat on Today. This is one of the oldest airsoft sites still in existence at around about 12 years old. Previous online and in person reviews have been very positive. It is a Medium sized woodland/open field site. a fair few cover positions but not many buildings. One or two natural pathways. Medium to long engagement distances. Very little in the way of water features beyond puddles. Some fairly large hard to see holes in the undergrowth (due to autumnal leaves). One or two fairly large open field sections for sniping. Good: Opportunistic field of play: Due to the layout of the woodland areas, it is fairly easy to get around the enemy and shoot down the flanks in surprise. Lots of layered cover. Game Modes: Detailed though somewhat complicated game modes were available. Multi point bases and capture the flag modes. One particular mode was a big miss, but the rest was pretty good. Marshalling: Were pretty hands off on the field and chilled. Player marshals were quite useful. Pyro: Whilst the pyro that players were allowed to use were limited (No TAG rounds). The site uses some pretty powerful pyro in the middle of scenarios which can create genuine atmosphere and fear. Strict Chrono: Everybody had a number on their armbands which was linked to the chrono sheet/weapons used. This is a fairly good way of keeping track of what weapons players were using on the field and if there was a problem, they could see if it was chronoed or not. They were very strict on Chrono and didn't allow any exceptions. DMR limit is high at 450 FPS as it should be. Average: N/A: Quite polarising. Bad: Food: Poor selection available. Either Bacon rolls for lunch or egg for vegetarians. As someone who does not eat pork and hates egg, it was a bit of a let down with no alternative apart from a small selection of chocolate and crisps. Safe Zone: One of the smallest safe zones we have been to, it is essentially a small cutting at the side of a dirt track, some undercover space but we had to go out of site behind the shipping container and setup on the mud which was pretty much the only space available, If it had been raining we would have been completely soaked. This was a pretty terrible experience. Shop: Quite frankly, one of the worst shops we have seen on a site. No weapons for sale, there was a boneyard section which had things that were beyond useful. There was a fairly good selection of gas and bb's. Very few mags and eyepro variety's. Parking: Parking was limited with players have to park in front of others essentially blocking them in. Everyone got a space, but whether you would call it a space is pushing the limits of the imagination. Safety brief/mission briefs: We felt that both were a bit too long. The safety brief did to its credit cover everything, but I have seen them delivered better elsewhere. Mission briefs were also long winded. Players fidgeted quite a bit after a while. Bang Rule: Not a huge fan of this. Never seen it in use at all the sites we have reviewed. Didn't really work very well. No range: The range was closed outside of Chrono. You were not allowed onto the field to test your weapons if it was during a break or lunch. Toilets: Two portacabins close to the safe zone. Not the best. Conclusion: For £26 we think you can go to better sites in Kent. The playing area was OK, but nothing special. The clientele was neither good nor bad, some decent players, the rental kids needed a bit of guidance and tended to lose heart quite easily. What lets the site down is the things going on out of the playing area. The safe zone was a very poor experience and put a damper on the day. The turnout was pretty big at around 80-100 many of which appeared to be regulars, which is good for a site in the middle of nowhere, but we don't quite see what they seem to be seeing. Unfortunately we aren't fans. Bullpup Watch: Two, a Cyma F2000 and a P90 (Though again, its not a real bullpup!) I brought three guns and for a first, none of them were bullpups. Figures that one of them was too hot for the site and the other ones hop up failed straight away. Note: Photo attached is of the battlebuddy with his new Cyma G36 I got him for his birthday . I somehow managed to tear apart his gearbox the night before to downgrade and rebuild in time for the day. (I am dead proud!)
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    SE Tour Review: Ace Combat (Kent)

    Instead of making an arsey remark, why not explain why you feel his review is incorrect ? or are you the site "owner" ?
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    G&G ARP9 Sling loop question

    Bungee slings are made using tendons from Satan's slimy serpent-cock. There are no circumstances where you want to: 1) Be pulling against the tension of the bungee while shooting. 2) Have your gun bouncing on the bungee when slung. Other opinions are available, but they're wrong.
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    Bought but not bought. Ares AS02 in FDE. Gave the shop a deposit as my roommate hasn't paid the rent yet (as always).. Will collect it in a week or two, hopefully
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    Please spoon feed me !

    I know it’s a fact of modern life that a lot of people appear to be getting thicker and incapable of solving even the simplest of problems or finding stuff for them selves but FFS ! practically every second post on any Facebook group/forum/internet site or what ever you go on these days is a request by who ever to have someone spoon feed them the answer ! Now don’t get me wrong if your genuinely looking for help and advice then fair to say most will help as much as they can , for example your wanting to drop a large amount of beer tokens on an obscure or out of the ordinary gun or you need a part for a build/repair and you just aren’t finding it then I will do my damnedest to help you . Problem is most of the requests these days aren’t , there all “Can anyone tell me if the latest clitoris gun from Wang Dong Airsoft is any good ?” AND near 45% of the players on there home site use them and the net has literally thousands of reviews of them or the other classic “hi can anyone tell me the cheapest place to buy a 1point bungee sling ?” NO I won’t ! Do some research you lazy muppet ! We did !
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    Minimum age in airsoft

    In general, I'm in favour of treating people the way that they act. Some children can be surprisingly responsible. Some adults can act out like hyperactive infants, or simply be not right in the head (and sadly I've seen one such at airsoft) . However, in the event of one of those kids inflicting or suffering injuries, I'd hate to think of the legal wrangle that would ensue. I doubt that their insurers would be much impressed if a claim were made against the site. Worse might be the bad press. It would only take one Daily Rant campaign against "GUN obsessed THUGS endangering KIDS with FULLY automatic PELLET GUNS" to pop us on the State's radar.
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    Black Friday Deals: Post them!

    Neat, they have loads of folding blades that we can use for knife kills.
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    Best Airsoft photoshop ever !

    Needs something more...
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    My aim with this guide is to help other people either starting a Vietnam era loadout or help with a already existing loadout, I myself don't claim to be a expert in the war, so please give me some leeway if my facts are not 100% but I would like to share what I have learnt whilst making my loadout. I will try to help you decide what clothing, gear and weapons to choose for you loadout. US Army or USMC. You could in theory have a loadout for less that £60 without a gun. Whilst Tiger Stripe (which I'll cover in a future guide on ARVN and US Special forces) and ERDL are more expensive than the standard olive drab uniforms you can find in the UK (with ERDL being the more expensive of the two) A pair of olive drab top and trousers should be less than £50 in most cases some even cheaper. Tiger stripe can be slightly more expensive depending on what type you've chosen but generally your looking at £50 for a set and ERDL coming in at £60 or higher. The tricky part is often getting the webbing right, whilst there are a wide range of different webbing used in the conflict I'm going to talk mainly about M56 or M1967 webbing, which is very hard to find in the UK with some kits often going for the more widely accessible ALICE LC2 system which was implemented after the US had already left the conflict, a ALICE LC2 set should cost around £25 for the suspenders, the pistol belt, two ammo pouches and a canteen cover + canteen. Now whilst this is slightly anarchistic, I myself would go for a LC2 webbing with the steel buckle as opposed to the plastic buckle (pictured above) as this is a bit of a giveaway and generally the steel buckle is better looking, it can save the user a great deal of money. For those looking for a M56 or M1967 webbing set it can be trickier to find but it isn't impossible to locate, for instance I myself found a bargain and got a complete set of M56 webbing for slightly less than £50. But generally both types of webbing can cost upwards of £60 to even £100, some even more. Boots can often be purchased for around £30, typically these would be the Jungle boots that were black and green. A very loose example of a impression could be. US ARMY GRUNT Olive Drab Uniform M56 or 67 webbing, with a assortment of pouches. M1 helmet with cover or your choice of headgear Jungle Boots Weapons M16 M14 XM21 M60 M79 M3A1 Grease Gun XM177E1 or E2 12 Gauge Shotguns, M37 or others M1911A1 USMC GRUNT ERDL or Olive Drab Uniform M56 or 67 webbing, with a assortment of pouches. M1 helmet with cover or your choice of headgear Jungle Boots Weapons M16 M14 M40A1 Model 70 M60 M79 M3A1 Grease Gun 12 Gauge Shotguns, M37 or others M1911A1 Like I said I'm not a certified historian but I thought I'd make a start and hopefully give some ideas or help to someone looking to start a Vietnam loadout or improve a existing one. I aim to put some more details on here and then I'll update this thread with a couple of posts when I find the time for a couple of more factions such as US special forces and the ARVN, as well as a guide on what weapons to buy and how to generally run your kit as these. If you have any requests or anything like that don't hesitate to post them. PrivatePyle Out
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    Nah, I'm holding out for the People's Front of Airsoft Awards.
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    Gun picture thread

    Same concept mate, love what you've done 😁 I went the whole hog with the SRU kit and run it with my magpul mid caps. Custom length tightbore and prowin hop up only at this stage, based on a G&G Firehawk so rof is pretty high. Need to get it skirmished though 🙄
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    Hellooo. So of course.. As I know now. And many others will already know here - You cant really leave airsoft! You just sell all your gear like a silly billy and then realise you can't stop thinking about going for a day of Skirmish. Well I'm back. Bye bye ICS M4 some 8 years back. Hello E&L AK47-N, which I have acquired from someone I know. As well as a transparent two toned pistol, until I get my Ukara. Any others from the Bristol sort of neck of the woods here? I look forward to being back out in the fresh air ok Sundays. It smells, it smells like victory.
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    A mate and I wanted a project gun to work on, so I bought an 'unknown' L85 from the airsoft jumble at our site on sunday. It had been stripped out and converted to use as a laser training weapon for cadets. There are no internals I was told, that's ok I thought , excuse to buy and tech a gearbox and suitable hop unit etc. So haggled and got it for £30 including the dummy mag, which is machined from a solid aluminium billet ! Any way got it home and opened it up to take a look, and its full of wiring for the laser conversion , but wait a minute that's a whacking great bolt, and there is an inner barrel and that looks like most of a trigger box, Its only a bloomin WE GBB version, the cost of the few internals that are actually missing is going to be less than if it was an AEG, the mags on the other hand are a bit pricey . All the parts are ordered , soooo looking foreword to getting it on the range !
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    Adolf Hamster

    Forum sponsorship deal?

    don't worry, you get used to it.....
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    Minimum age in airsoft

    I must be weird but its the only game where you get to shoot the family and get away with it.
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    Hao Industries Geissele rail came today, absolutely amazed at the quality of it. Fitment wise, took a fair amount of lube (wahey) and elbow grease due to the tight tolerances but eventually went on and fits perfectly flush with the receiver. The GK Airsoft KAC QD silencer was another recent purchase from PowAir6, had planned to fit an AceTech AT2000 inside the can, but it isn't quite wide enough. So back to the drawing board on that one. Thinking about getting the Predator and having it painted.
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    Convert to DMR?

    TL;DR - lock it to semi and you can go up to 2.5J, without locking to semi, you can go up to 1.3J. The only legal guidance regarding limits that I have found is this: https://www.ukapu.org.uk/articles/ukapu-news/changes-to-airsoft-power-limit-enforcement/ Capable of automatic? Must be under 1.3J - otherwise it becomes a section 5 firearm, which means jail time without a licence. Single shot? Under 2.5J and you're golden. Over 2.5J and it's no longer an airsoft gun, but an air rifle and so can't be used on airsoft sites to shoot at other people. Seems reasonable. 😄
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    L1A1 ARES from Patrol Base

    I'd oil it rather than varnish it. Oil has some advantages in a working gun. The finish doesn't chip, It can be restored with a quick rub down. It gives a decent water protection. A layer of wax over an oiled finish can make it a gloss finish if you want.
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    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    After 10 years of playing I'd like to see: 1. Better quality RIF's. Stronger, higher quality materials used, i.e. nylon-fibre instead of cheap plastic (e.g. Tokyo Marui) and stronger metals for gearbox parts, (e.g. Scorpion Evo) all better designed to perform well. Airsoft manufacturers are capable of doing so much better with their quality control, but breakages are just accepted as part of the hobby. I know of no other sector where customers are okay with their expensive purchases breaking regularly. It just seems to be expected, which annoys me, considering the costs involved. 2. Better customer service support and spare parts availability from manufacturers/retailers. If shops can buy whole RIF's by the bucket load from Chinese manufacturers, why can't they also source sufficient spare parts from those same factories? 3. AIPSC to flourish, to add another dimension to airsoft shooting, so it's not just Sunday skirmishing. Improving people's abilities to shoot can't be a bad thing. 4. Better quality sites, rather than a patch of dense woodland with some pallets and an old shed. The abandoned sites that the French have to play with look tremendous. 5. As already stated many times, better teamwork and discipline. A well-organised close-knit group of 5-10 players can drastically influence the dynamics of play against superior numbers. The amount of players who do not know how to fire and move (I've had no training either) is phenomenal. They stop too far back from the action, are focused in only one direction, lobbing shot after shot with no hope of reaching anyone and forget to look behind them, or leave a back stop to protect their rear, or even communicate with each other. E.g. thinking someone is guarding the stairwell behind you, when they've got bored after 2 minutes of no action and decided to leave it wide open. 6. The return of being able to easily sell and buy RIF's, i.e. before Facebook shut it all down and posting them was easier. Before I buy a RIF now, I think, "How am I going to sell this on, if I don't like it?" 7. Shooting ranges in gun shops, so that you can actually get hands-on and shoot the product to see how it performs, before spending hundreds and finding out that it's not actually worth the money. 8. I suppose what we all wish for is improved range and accuracy. I'm not sure exactly how that could be noticeably achieved, but perhaps my first point could help with better performing internals, along with increasing FPS limits up to US standards for outdoor play. (Let's not start the whole "FPS doesn't equal range thing again please"). 9. I've only played CQB now for the last few years, as I got bored of woodland play, with everybody firing hi-cap after hi-cap at each other from 50-60 metres away. I'd like something to get me back into, so I'd like to see a better squad setup, i.e. designated support gunner with higher FPS, (say 400), marksman (higher FPS 400-500), medic, grenadier etc. While I think it would be a bit more difficult to start off, if everybody got behind the idea, it might make for a more enjoyable, immersive experience overall. The sites would have to limit the number of each category to avoid everybody turning up with M249's though. This is more prevalent in the US, as per JetDesertFox's Milsim West videos, but I can see the merit of it. When a lot of players got a WWII loadout at my local WWII themed site, it made everything much more fun, but over time, the player base changed, as it always does and less people made the effort to look the part, which in turn changed the dynamic of the site and reduced the enjoyment/immersion for me. I'm not meaning full-on milsim, but something a bit more organised, i.e. right tool for the job, rather than everyone running around blasting hi-caps at anything that moves. (Yes I have tried a Stirling milsim event).
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