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    Re-kitting up

    Tokyo Marui Tokyo Maru Tokyo Mar Tokyo Ma Tokyo M Tokyo Toky Tok To T Tr Tru Trus Trust Trust M Trust Me Trust Me M Trust Me M8 Trust Me M8!
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    If its anything like his rifle and pistol, first numbers will be good then quality control will drop quicker than Bill Clinton trousers for an intern.
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    Well I've bit the bullet and bought an LCT AKM. Been after one for a while and at £170 I can't really beat that price!
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    Getting the hump .

    The problem is Airsoft is dominated by the youth. And the youth are whining, pathetic, self obsessed cry babies who take offence at everything. (As you’ll now undoubtedly see😂)
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    Be careful emoji

    As a Moderator, I like to use the Father Ted emoji to give a subtle hint to be careful not to trigger some duffer or get triggered by one. [or for those who do not appreciate the glory of TM fairy dust]
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    Be careful emoji

    It has no meaning beyond what people project on to it. Which is why this entire thread is comedy gold.
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    Gun picture thread

    Quite happy with how my M4 looks right now.
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    Gun picture thread

    Finally got round to painting my CM.076A £176 from Taiwangun tried to make it as garish as possible the red dot is off ebay £13.99 free postage(a fucking steal) and the sound amplifier is from Airsoftworld £19.99 (really good,heavy though) inspired by russian Spetsnaz going to skirmish it in a few weeks tested it out in my garden seems to love 0.25 BBs,we'll see🖖 Oh god just found this,mate what are you doing I was so happy I thought I was content but now all I can think about is doing a homage loadout to the mighty 6-4,god damn it!!! 🖖
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    @Sitting Duck.

    Nope fuck all. Sent him a text but all quiet on the Duck front. Missus probably found out how much he wasted on shitty G&G guns and did him in.
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    This is a shame you've decided to take the Dignitas route on this thread.. We don't delete threads at the users request I'm afraid. I will lock it though as I think this thread has run its course. For what it's worth though, I'll add some serious criticism, as you don't seem to like the joke comments: For someone who has their own photography/film production company and a diploma in this field, the video was a lacking several things that one would expect with someone of your qualifications / services. The lighting was generally awful, I would have thought you'd have lit the scene from the front, rather than the downlighters in the rear. The composition is non-existant and doesn't encourage me to engage in the video, with the to-and fro between the rear of the scene and the camera being exhausting to watch. And the general lack of charisma is striking. I know there's been a lot of flak fired your way in this thread, but it's predominantly said in jest. Please do stick around, once you get used to the guys here it's a good place to reside. I liken it to when you go to a new Airsoft site and the seasoned regulars give you plenty of stick. It's not said with any gravity and by the end of the day, you're included in their number. Cheers, Lewis
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    Because heavy balls are 'blue balls'...
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    Gun picture thread

    Only racists think all M4s are the same
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    Gun picture thread

    TM Recce - Angry Gun MK16 13.5" RIS, DyTac 16" barrel
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    Gun picture thread

    Made some pearlescent grips for my Colt Junior.
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    Getting the hump .

    So by the sounds of it the lad who posted the ‘£700 kit’ thread threw his toys out of the pram and requested it be deleted , but was informed (and rightfully so) threads aren’t deleted at the posters request but they would be locked . Now I know he did get a right old roasting BUT if you post up somthing that’s not very good/makes you look like a bit of a plonker/bellend/or just an out and out arrogant dick then it’s gona happen isn’t it ? there’s also been one or two “take it easy on him” or “well some have been very hard on him” comments posted but again you posted the “look how much I’ve spent!” And the cringe worthy video so as far as I’m concerned you’ve posted your self as fair game in my book . Now I know I can be sarcastic as f**k (who me ? Never ! 😳) but I like to think it’s never personal , unless of course the target really does deserve it , I’d also agree it’s all been in the realms of banter and friendly pisstaking but still he did get the hump over it and some thought it had gone ‘too far’ but again I’ve always been a great believer in the old ’sticks and stones’ adage yes it may piss you off at the time but ultimately it will have zero effect on you so “suck it up buttercup” Fits this ? Am I THAT out of touch with the world these days that I’m wrong about this ?
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    De-Railed discussions / Rants etc

    You know we’re taking the piss. With a load of half truths thrown in. And some personal opinions. And what ever else to make us feel better about ourselves. Its in situations like these I like to remind my self of a phrase. “Religion(veganism or what ever else someone’s trying to force you into) is like a Dick. Perfectly fine in its own area, but don’t whip it out In public and try ramming it down someone’s throat. People dont like that.” Words to live by if I do say so myself!
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    What the Police are taught...

    Thought this might be handy. Both these pictures are taken from the police student handbook. It appears that that some of what they are taught is different to what we have interpreted. (Mainly gifting of a RIF, recipient must be at least 17....)
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    Playing in sub zero

    This. Stuff them in your glove and carry on. These little disposable fabric-feeling ones are spot on. Last an entire days play and then you bin them. Get them from Sainsburys, Halfords, Boots - everywhere I think.
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    Getting the hump .

    You can thank me later...
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    Woman in need of apparel advice!

    And so it begins....
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    @L3wisD shoots like a Stormtrooper anyway so might as well sound like one!! Albiscuit was banned for this post -Lewis
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    So I bought one of these , And after a few hrs with scissors and sewing machine I now have one of these a molle dump pouch . And with the use of these buckles I can turn it back in to a drop leg dump pouch .👍
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    The "Post Your Pet" Thread

    The ole Lady is Comet. The ball of fluff cuddling it’s christmas present is Shaddow.
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    The "Post Your Pet" Thread

    My Staffie, Tizzy & the little shit is Amber...
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