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    Take a quiet moment to think .

    Fair to say everyone on here loves airsofting , for me it’s all about the fun/laughs and generally dumb shit we all get up too in this community on a game day as much as any other reason for it . Now like several others on here I served in the forces and I for one don’t see any problem between these two worlds that I’m connected too but every now and again I do get an odd moment (normally when something bad has happened involving the forces or it’s a particular memorial date) where I think “should I be doing this ?” But then I do usually say too my self “get a grip you twat ! Your having fun your not hurting anyone and not pretending it’s real !” And all’s well again . this evening I had one of those “should I?” Moments when this popped up on a mates timeline , but a gain I took a moment and thought about this , gave my self my ‘mental slap’ and all’s good again 👍 so really all this rambling crap has been to say every now and again just take a moment and think about the sacrifices of the past made by so many young men and women just like you . if we do that it was worth it , if we don’t ? You decide .
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    I don’t think he should even be still on the forum , I’m a old fashioned when it comes to stuff like this , no second chances when you try to rip off your fellow airsofters like he has . Say’la’vie .
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    You see these kind of adverts all the time you know the ones “For sale custom M4 ! Real magpul iron sights/foregrip/sling plate , custom paint job , upgraded spring !” umm no it’s not , bolting bits on your gun , changing the spring and spraying it with some paint does NOT A custom gun make . In my book if it’s a gun that anyone can re-create just by going on the internet for ten minutes dropping some dosh and then waiting for the postman to deliver said bits’n’bobs then sorry but that is most definitely NOT a custom gun ! Now the guy who gets hold of real wood furniture and grafts it on to his G3 or does the same to his Thomson with real WW2 pistol grip and stock now THATS a custom gun , or the guy who spends most of the winter in his garage creating something that just doesn’t exist that most definitely is a custom gun ! Or even the guy who’s spent a couple of hrs modifying a certain rail system to fit to a gun it’s not meant too , to me as he’s needed to put a fair bit of effort in to the task and 90% won’t again that warrants the title custom . Then you’ll usually find they’ve hiked the price as well because it’s a custom gun and they claim to have used ‘real parts’ don’t make me laugh ! A lot of the Chinese knockoffs are that good I defy even the hardest core stitch counter to be able to tell fake from real so that’s that one out the window ! Please jump in guys and girls and put forward your thoughts on the subject .
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    Overshooting kids this weekend

    That picture is the is everything I hate in airsoft.
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    Game Cam

    Gun picture thread

    New GBB Thompson has turned up.... AND ITS AWESOME!
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    Gun picture thread

    First Ukara purchase
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    Adolf Hamster

    An interesting view of airsoft

    what's this "were" business? we still are kids, we just have more expensive toys.
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    An interesting view of airsoft

    I can see their point. 99% of the milsim elitists think they want to imitate special forces but they actually want to imitate the characters in action movies about special forces. This mix up leaves the bad taste after them.
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    Going to be announcing our first site tomorrow, had to put this somewhere I was going to burst, 6 months in the making!
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    Gun picture thread

    Apart from refinishing and black etching tv's steel parts that's the externals finished. New steel bipod mount and reciever pin and various bent bits straightened back out. Now just to get the internals finished
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    The last AFUK Mall event

    Final post to make sure everyone knows what is going on. Game time 11.30am until 6pm Car park opens at 11.20am. There are no rentals. All weapons 340fps maximum so make sure you have something as there is no leeway. No hpa or mag converted shotguns. Bring all food and drinks with you. This is a quick turnaround day so there will not be time to go out for food. There are no pyro on sale so going to make it a pyro free day to keep it fair. For those that can't manage without pyro this is a good chance to learn how to shoot. Do bring solid states if you have them just incase that changes. Main rule is everybody to be nice and respectful there will be zero tolerance on bullshit be warned. Game is locked in so no refunds available from this point if you don't make it. @Jedi_Master @Keldon @Sticks @Jpgotti @jcheeseright @Tackle @CarloBear @Tiercel @Game Cam @Sitting Duck @Albiscuit @Prisce @LewisD @Asomodai @Mathias33 @MisterG @BibbsOnTour @Robert James @BoomingHedgie @Ajax @Gtech @Seany.exe @CiderPunk @davey666 Beer after in the Hope Tap
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    The last AFUK Mall event

    Hey guys, so not here on much posting but always lurking Pretty much my whole Airsoft story has been this forums and the mall, the only place i've played at. so i'd like to give something back or what not as this is probably my last time playing at the mall; Will be doing a giveaway of some Acetech items; x2 Chronos (x1 AC6000 & AC5000 ) and x2 Tracers ( AT1000 ) Provided by Acetech them selves. Will have some sort of raffle tickets or something on the day if you'd like to enter and some how find the time to do this? maybe after the event not sure - Inputs? ( was thinking somehow doing the tracers lunch? so people can use them? ps. Will not have any spare tracer bb's, maybe A2 has them ) Contacted @ImTriggerHappy @Robert James before hand just to make sure it was OK and it all seems good. Lets have a good time!
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    Airsofter: I want my toy gun to be heavier so it feels more real for 6 hours every 2nd Sunday. Real gun user: I want my gun to be lighter because I'm carrying it all the damn time.
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    Nope sorry he knew exactly what he was doing when he advertised it in its new‘changed state’ and got busted doing it . i don’t think there should be any leeway of second chances over this , he’s a deceitful little scammer who got caught .
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    Gun picture thread

    No accessorizing for me. Old School M16A1 (I know the sling is wrong but I ain't payin £25 for one) Properly 'aged' of course
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    What are you driving?

    And another... the favorite of my current bikes 🙂
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    But hes selling "giggles cleaner" and a "Lips Charger" His ad should be removed for piss poor grammar and spelling if nothing else!!
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    Help needed G&G GR25 SPR

    Misconceptions in airsoft: Longer barrel is more accurate. Not true. Tighter barrel is more accurate. Not true. Upgrades make a gun more accurate. Not always true. Longer barrel has more range. Not true. Tighter barrel has more range. Not true. The first thing to ask is what range are you actually getting? A well done AEG at 350fps would hit 65 meters -210ft- 70yards, A little more with a lob, a little less with a poor hop adjustment. Putting in a barrel isn't going to change that, nor is replacing gearbox parts unless there is a problem. The very first thing you should do is get on a shooting range, or somewhere you can measure with google earth and get a solid number for the distance you are actually getting. To use google earth pick a point at your local skirmish (provided its an outdoor site) and draw a line using the measure tool to a static object at the correct maximum range. There is a hard limit on range of every gun. It's set by the energy output. If your gun is doing 350fps (1.14J) on the button then you have the correct amount of energy. This means the BB has the potential to travel up to it's maximum range. So what affects range. Air consistency. Hop consistency. Inner barrel finish. Quality of the BB. All of those factors can be dealt with but not individually. Air consistency is a combination of a perfect airseal, The correct volume ratio between cylinder and inner barrel. These can be worked out with an online volume calculator. When the consistency is great the deviation in FPS/energy between shots is very little. This means every BB has exactly the same starting energy and should have the same flight characteristics. Hop consistency is how much spin the BB is been given, how straight the spin direction is, and how often the bucking fails to apply spin correctly. A decent bucking is vital for range, but it also has to be installed correctly, the hop unit needs to be build correctly, the arms need shimming, Dial type hops need replacing for rotary if possible. Any play on a hop arm is bad. To get the perfect hop unit done right takes time, an eye for detail and lots of practice. When it's done right a well built hop unit will send a BB to the target location minimising fliers and side pull. And once it's there provided the energy and air consistency are right it should be at about the same level as the last shot. Inner barrel finish is far more important than the bore diameter. A polished barrel does a few things. It reduces friction for the BB travelling out of the barrel and reduces the chances of the BB becoming a flier. It provides the smoothest surface for the BB under the hop mound improving hop efficiency, It requires less cleaning and is less prone to BB debris build up. A well polished barrel doesn't have to be expensive, Stainless steel and brass are the only materials a barrel should be made from. Aluminium is not fit for the task, nor are PTFE coated barrels. Brass and stainless will both polish and hold a polish, Are easy to re polish, and are resistant to sand and debris scuffing the inside. Get a bit of sand in an Aluminium barrel and it's going to look like you were shooting small rocks. Finished barrels are equally bad as there only as good as the finish and the finish life. Once it starts to wear you can't do anything with it. The only way to get a perfect polished barrel is to do it yourself. The level of polish you can get is entirely dependant on your wallet and the amount of time you can spend on it. Personally lapping liquids for straight razors are the go to product for me. This stuff on a swab ran in a barrel for an evening will make it look like a mirror. https://www.theinvisibleedge.co.uk/pastes/171-invisible-edge-diamond-paste-025-micron.html Quality of the BB is the final part. Crap BB's will fly like crap. Decent well polished and graded BB's will have a more consistent flight path. Get all of the above right and you will be hitting targets out at 65M. Getting to that point can't be bought, no tech will spend the time needed to perfect a gun.
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    Home practice

    They don't sound like real guns, more like someone doing frenzied DIY with a nail gun.
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    swaping two tone parts out

    No one at a site is going to care, and no one else is going to know. Ya know, unless you announce it on a public forum 😂
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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Damn your skinny!! They just hang off of you
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    What are you driving?

    A little picture of my two beasties.
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    Millionaire tells millennials: if you want a house, stop buying avocado toast.
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    I ran a blind spot mirror on my M4 in CQB for peeking round corners. Shocker, it actually let me look round corners. If it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid. Next on my must-have list:
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