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    Post-mortem on today's downtime

    Hi all, This will be brief as I'm quite tired. Sorry. Today of all days for the site to go down was the worst as I was away from my PC and laptop (doesn't usually happen - especially on a work day). Whilst I noticed the issue this morning, I had literally 20 minutes to fix it before having to go (and only just had time to post a Facebook announcement). I'm terribly sorry for the downtime - shouldn't happen and wasn't server related (rather software related). Anyhoo, Devastator lent and a hand and together we've sifted through the logs: This would appear to be related to the existing dark theme that we typically use. Have some other leads, but they're mostly speculation at this time so won't share them as doubtless many will be dead-ends. I'll update this thread when I have more tomorrow. Until then, browse on the really bad default Invision Power Board theme and appreciate how far we've come in being able to browse with a theme that's not quite as piss poor. Thanks.
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    It shall henceforth be known as "Mack's Law" For example: Find "£" £ = Cost of Gun when new -10% + RRP of "upgrades" x11.5% A CM16 RAIDER S with a cheap red dot and a nuprol silencer and vertical grip would then be: £132 -10% = £118.80 +£30 red dot +£9 grip +£9.99 = £167.79 x11.5% = £187.09 Sounds about right to me
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    Hello all, This is a big one. I've tried to summarise each heading for those of you who don't have the time to read through a big ol' thread of bureaucracy for a toy gun forum. Just read the stuff in bold to get the gist of the changes. Context Jedi will become an administrator and will lead moderation of the forums; I will continue to be in charge of the root forums and keeping stuff running We're coming up on a week since the forums were transferred to my possession. I promised an announcement on my and the staff's intentions for any changes to the forums rules, how we organise and any enforcement. When I say 'we' I'll mostly be referring to @Jedi_Master, who will become an administrator with a mandate to make any changes necessary in my absence. I strongly feel that - though he had good excuses - Devastator's general inactivity was detrimental to the forums health, and so I feel having delegation of these responsibilities (i.e. leading the moderation team and making administrative changes when I'm not about) will help if I'm ever unavailable. New moderator(s) will be sought after Jedi will comment on this. It might happen this month, but it could be a little later. We will be clearing the backlog of forum change suggestions from the Forum Feedback subforum In addition, we will be going through the last years worth of threads in the Forum Feedback subforum and will answer each appropriately. Many have already been earmarked for implementation below, but you may wish to comment on or add your own thread to the pile before this happens. We'll periodically check them anyway though so there's by no means a cut-off for this. We'll try and clear the backlog of suggestions within a month. Please contact us/post below if you have anything to add from this thread, need clarification on something or if there's anything you disagree with We've discussed many of these changes before putting them out on the forums, but will make changes based on feedback. I would therefore implore you to PM me, Jedi or just post in this thread and let us know what you think. Nothing is set in stone and I hope you'll agree that most of these changes attempt to formalise a set of set of unwritten rules that have been enforced for some time, or to roll back rules that were mostly ignored by the present moderation as they were dates and didn't reflect what we feel makes AFUK a different strain to many other airsoft forums out there. The old moderation team has been wiped Almost all of them were inactive so we're rebuilding the team from the ground up (minus Jedi of course, who actually did things). I'm sure they had their reasons and every one will be given honorary 'Supporter' tags, but we need some fresh eyes. Rule changes 1.1 We will relax rules on what you can and can't say (and to whom); swearing is back on the menu This rule change will take effect immediately For some time we've felt that the forums have - to a certain extent - relied on self-moderation through its core membership. These core members (who are both reasonably knowledgeable and also active make up a good chunk of the valuable content providers for the forums) are ultimately one of its biggest assets. Putting it lightly, some choose to 'point out' when another forum user could be being perceived as being lazy (i.e expecting spoon-feeding of information), being an 'askhole' (i.e asking for opinions but dismissing them until they land upon one that supports a decision they made in their head before even creating a thread) or - frankly - speaking a bit out of their arse (offering second-hand advice on legal advice they heard in the safe zone comes to mind). These are what I personally feel make up someone who is unlikely to stick around for long, and this is reflected in the fact that these traits do not often appear in long-term core members (though there are exceptions and I'm certainly not innocent of this either). It is our belief that these kinds of people are - in many cases - fair game for a bit of poking fun at. However, though this clarification has been made it should be stressed that we do not have an expectation that this will happen much at all. The vast majority of harsh/bad language is usually between friends on these forums, and we expect it to stay that way or we might have to revaluate this rule change. As such, we are - officially - allowing swearing again as a means to more freely interact with mates in good fun, or - as above - for the expression of frustration at another member (if it comes to that). This rule change will - like all the others - be evaluated carefully over then next 6 months or so to ensure it's not being abused. Racist or otherwise discriminatory language of any kind is still a reasonably instant ban - this will not change. Once again, please exercise some discretion and measure yourself especially with new members. Though we will not moderate (except in the most extreme of cases) in arguments etc. quite as much, you should of course bring into consideration whether your language might get the desired effect across. Speaking in text is a lot different from verbally and many easily understandable tones are lost when translated into word form. Ultimately you as members will be in charge of how this rule transposes itself as we will attempt to be as hands-off as possible for the duration of this test period of 6 months. If you feel the need to get clarity on 'what's ok' then feel free to report a post and we'll respond with our thoughts, but - again - will only take action in the most extreme cases. 1.2 The one exception to a relax on language is that of offering legal advice; trying to offer up advice to circumvent VCRA might land you with a warning This rule change will take effect on the 24th April, 2018 Anyone who's been in airsoft for more than a couple of months knows the obvious holes in VCRA, how it interacts with UKARA (and other skirmisher registration bodies) and many flaunt it (quite rightly in some cases, but perhaps stupidly in others). Starting the end of this month we will be giving extra scrutiny towards posts made in the 'UK Law' section around VCRA and specifically how to 'dodge' it and get an RIF without really having played. This will be rather lax at first, but moderators will weigh in over the coming months to build up a picture of what can and can't be said about how to circumvent laws meant to ring-fence airsoft as a safe and legal sport/hobby. Many suggestions in this forum aren't made in the spirit of the law and - although case law for airsoft is basically non-existant as it applies to skirmishers - we don't want to be the flashpoint for any litigation that could harm the game. As one of the premier airsoft forums for the UK we should not be surprised to know that it's possible journalists or even government officials may read (or even go as far as to cite) content from these forums in the future. We should be careful in the advice we give out and er on the side of caution instead of sending out new players to test the law to its limit in a way that might put them in jeopardy legally should they ever come a cropper. Again, though this hasn't happened so far and although the forums are very good at providing this kind of information already, we wish to formalise our intent to weigh in occasionally if things are getting out of hand. We recognise that a lot of the time it's the poster of a thread trying to get affirmation that their scheme of obtaining an RIF is legitimate (when it may be questionable) and these will be treated in the same way as those giving a response. We will also be putting a banner up in this particular subforum indicating a stickied thread containing many of the common questions on VCRA. This should mitigate stupid questions (we hope). Once more: This change will be incremental in enforcement and - much like the 'swearing' rule, will be on a longer 12 month evaluation. We will be lenient to start of with and will only step in when things are getting very grey indeed (and even then will likely only offer clarity that indeed the suggestions being made are not backed up by case law and might be slightly risky). Overall we simply don't want new players with little context of airsoft to go out there and test the rules on our behalf because of a few replies to a silly question. Other changes that aren't really rules 2.1 Posting in the classifieds forum will be restricted to only the thread's creator (and moderators if necessary) For a long time unnecessary thread bumping in the classifieds section of the forums has taken up - with no exaggeration - over 2/3s of all moderation time. We aim to slash this in half by only allowing thread posters to post in their own thread. Careful consideration was given to this as it's recognised that a couple of you do see value in calling out bogus listings and silly pricing. However, ultimately, the lesser of the two evils is stopping these threads getting bumped into people's content feeds. However, as a part of rule change 1.1 there will be no longer be restrictions against discussing AFUK classifieds within the Airsoft Dreamers thread. 2.2 Bumping a classifieds listing can now only be done once every 7 days Although the rule for bumping only once a week has been in force since 2013, by the time a moderator enforces this rule the damage is already done (the damage being the 'view new content' feed getting spammed up with people selling their gear). It's now impossible to bump a thread more often than once a week (and a notification will be displayed if one tries to). Threads can still be edited by the poster though if they've forgotten some information. You will still be allowed to post for 30 seconds after the thread has been created, but your posts will simply be merged (see 2.3 below). 2.3 Making two posts within 30 minutes of each other will result in them being merged into one post Simple one: Double-posting is a bit annoying and disrupts the flow of a thread. From now on if anybody making multiple posts within a short time span will have them merged. You won't lose any content as the merged post will simply appear below the content of the first post. This will only happen if both of these posts are made within the same thread. 2.4 Image/attachment storage sizes are changing slightly Members will now be able to store 256mb of attachments. Supporters will get 1gb. Believe this is actually a marginal increase. Images will now be resized so that no dimension is exceeds 2000px. This will save server storage space but also - usefully - will stop quotas filling up so fast with those huge ugly, uncompressed phone pictures that are 3000px+ 2.5 Conversation recipient limits are being being increased At great financial expense, PMs can now have up to 10 people in them simultaneously (up from 5). You're welcome. 2.6 Reputation bands have changed There's no way to actually lose reputation on here and many of us have contributed enough posts to accumulate thousands of reputation point thingies. Whilst meaningless, trying to make them mean at least a little has meant adjusting the bands so that not everyone can get an 'excellent' rating within a week of joining the forums. The new reputation bands are: Reputation title Points required Good 100 Great 500 Excellent 1000 Future intentions and unfinished thoughts The forum layout (i.e. the names and locations of the forums) will be tweaked Expect a submitted list of these changes some time later in the month (perhaps at the start of May). These changes should mostly affect the Classifieds, Other Airsoft Stuff and Advice & Technical Help subforums. The core content areas should remain the same. Something is being figured out with regards to patches Forum patches will become a thing again, but the logistics need discussing. More on this in the next month or so. Access to being a Supporter might be changing Though decisions are yet to be made on what being a 'Supporter' will entail right now two things have happened: Supporter posts get a cool outline Becoming a supporter now won't require buying a patch. Right now if you have 2000 positive feedback on your posts you'll get an automatic promotion and - in the future - you'll get a supporter-only patch. Again, undecided on how the supporters will work, but really any ideas will centre around rewarding meaningful content. Members who are already supporters (irrespective of your reputation) will stay as such and be treated the same as any other supporter. You'll also get that patch if it happens. Discord It's 2018 so every community needs its own Discord that nobody uses and we'll be no different. Expect this to happen in the next couple of weeks. A closing note Hopefully the running theme through this has been bringing back some of the old AFUK rules and just enforcing some of the very oldest rules or unspoken standards. I don't expect we've got everything right so please feel free to discuss below or PM me if you want to discuss privately. Again another thing I'd like to improve is transparency from the staff (including me) so I'll make every effort to be candid. Thanks.
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    WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Ref the shitposting - i dropped endless messages onto the WC dashboard. Zero effect. But - there's good news. I have my money !! He finally paid up. Money now in my account. Hurrah
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    Gun picture thread

    Family Photo....kinda Missing the G&G TT RK105 and my TM USP Tactical
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    Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    You’re going to trust your eyes to a £12 made in China set of goggles? are you out of your fucking mind?
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    WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Hey Guys, I run Airsoft Nation, which in essence was a competitor against WC. Zach recently (unexpectedly) joined into my Live Stream while I was discussing the situation and confirmed everyone should have their money sorted - drop the WC Page a PM to follow up. As Jez said, there are 2 'customer support' guys who should also be monitoring the page. They're also the admins of Comrades/AirsoftUK. WC was sold to an Alibaba Tactical sales company, and remember they bought the name 'weaponcrates.com', they didn't acquire the company. So Zach is the person you'd still be aiming any contact to. However, on Saturday, as someone rightly noticed - the WhoIs (owner of the Domain) has changed back, to Zach. So this means the sale didn't succeed, however he did let me know the personal data had been deleted (if you take his word on it, on the 10th). Zach and I have come to heads many times over the years, so I won't go into a slinging match about what is right and wrong. What I can say is that I have 2 incidents where someone has sent him a SCC process and after 1 day of 'seeking legal advice', they received a payout. I believe one of the chaps are in this post. Hope that helps, good luck. If you're looking for something different for sales you can always come along and try AN. Although I don't want to be seen as promoting heavily on here as I know you've got your own classifieds section.
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    Thought I'd pop a little thread into chat about O-rings. It seems that most of you buy from Airsoft shops and pay well over the odds for them. So I thought I'd put a link or two up and mention what they are and how you go about getting them at the correct price. O-rings are a basic seal. Used worldwide for hundreds of applications. They fall into a standardised measuring system for 99% of applications Airsoft included. O-rings are not magical items made by Airsoft companies, to their own standards. Rather Airsoft has made components that fit into the standards that O-ring manufacturers produce. As such you can go to any Bearing and Seal supplier and they can measure the rings and sell you the correct ones off the shelf. For the purposes of Airsoft pistons and cylinders we are only concerned with 1 material, and that is Nitrile sometimes called Buna-N. It's one of the more common materials, and meets the demands of airsoft perfectly, having good oil resistance, reasonable heat resistance, and enough elastication to be pushed and compressed to seal the rather sloppy manufacturing standards in airsoft. Compressed gas rings are also often nitrile, but it is good to take the ring to the Bearing supplier and have them look at it as there are other materials like EPDM and Viton, and you might have an oddball. Some chemicals can significantly affect O-ring material, EPDM for example is not suitable to propane applications and most companies have a list you can check compatibility with. Buying rings is as simple as measuring them, be as accurate as possible, and consider you may have imperial (inch) specification rings (I have not had an encounter with imperial rings at all in airsoft but it's not to say it doesn't happen). Sloppy airsoft standard will mean you will need to pick to the nearest 1mm in most cases. Depending on the application you may need to round up or down depending on the seal you need to make. O-rings are measured in 2 dimensions. Thickness of the band, and Inner diameter. And a third specification is given to the shore hardness of the ring (exactly the same as buckings). Standard is 70 shore hardness for nitrile, but harder and softer rings are available. A typical piston head ring is therefore 2.5mm x 19mm x 70 shore hardness. These rings are 50 for £5. Or 10p each in most cases. A typical Cylinder head ring is 1mm x 19mm x 70 shore hardness. Again typically 50 for £5. The formula for measurement is correct for every o-ring on your guns. You can't find the right ones to space an inner barrel, Measure the OD of the inner barrel, and pick a thickness of ring that will bridge the gap to the ID of the outer barrel. Remember you will have to add the thickness twice. So OD inner barrel 8mm, ID outer 10mm. would be a 1mm x 8mm x 70 shore hardness (the math is 1+8+1 = 10mm). This site does all of the above, And it gives more measurement options than the standard 2. Use the chemical compatibility chart. And save some money buying in bulk, It's generally a very similar price for 2, 5, 10 and 50 rings! And the postage is free regardless of the order size. https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/Seals-O-Ring-Seals/c19_4501/index.html
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    Proper Feedback System

    I'm hearing a 'maybe'.
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    Armed Police - Yes or No

    My brother is one of the boys in blue, him and almost all his colleagues are very much against being armed. Their ethos is here to help, not here to kill. I get the impression a good number of them would quit if told they had to carry guns on duty. Most of them don’t even want a tazer.
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    Hef Legend


    Honest to god, When ML sent us their new hop units for testing last year 3 x them were called "Maple Leaf hop Chumper".....
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    Aye, you're potentially putting buyers off. Do you want my inside leg measurement while we're at it?
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    With the sales and swaps topics locked to seller only posts, this is a place where members can still comment on questionable prices or upgrade claims. Effectively a peer review.
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    Gun picture thread

    Here are my two Agency Arms/TM G17s. Not sure why the image was so bright, camera was acting funny for an hour or two! The bottom one is currently in the sales section, however, as I have to buy a new PC. I thought I would show them as a duo, nonetheless Second picture is better quality but forgot to reattach the flashlight for the top one.
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    cheaters (rant)

    @steakandpotato photographed at a recent game
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    I blame @hagar66 Just ordered an ASG Scorpion Evo 3 A1, mags and case from fire-support. The wife will be very surprised about the competition I've just won
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    GBB pistol, co2 or gas??

    Hello mate I'll start off by saying I don't use duster or weak gas such as nuprol 1.0 or Abbey 144a in any of my guns be them plastic or metal (definitely not in my metal guns lol) as that gas in my opinion is rubbish, and makes most guns perform poorly, some think, including shops and manufacturers that you should only use this in TM guns, but that's not the case whatsoever, years ago maybe as they was not built to the same standards or as strong as they are now, or if you live in a very hot country like Hong Kong or Oz in the summer you might want to use it, but here you don't 'have' too.. For me personally co2 vs green gas/propane, I don't think either is better then the other, they are just different. Of course both do have their advantages and disadvantages though, Let's say you have a Gun thats able to take both co2 and green gas/propane. A custom TM hi-capa or WE AW hi-capa or ASG/KJW CZ75 or P09 just for example, if you use them on co2 rather then green gas/propane, the fps will be a little higher and the kick will be a little stronger when using co2 due to the high pressure, but it will put a little bit more/faster wear and tear on your gun, the amount of increased fps will differ depending on the gun your using but its normally around a 30-80 fps increase, recoil wise it is noticeable but as I say that's gun dependent on how much, co2 does resist the cold weather slightly better then green gas/propane but it does still suffer from self cool down and basically just as much, you constantly rapid fire a 12g co2 gun in the cold and a green gas gun they will both suffer from cool down, some guns handle it better then others (gun dependent) blowback TM plastic guns in most cases handle cold weather or rapid firing better then a full metal blowback pistol as the gun itself being plastic does not contribute to the cool down factor as much. Pricing, green gas/propane or co2 unless you buy in bulk or depending on where you buy it and what brands you buy or if you can get it free or wherever is not much different in price in the long run. Usage, again it differs from gun to gun and is just different, but in my opinion green gas/propane is faster to use then co2 it will take you a minute or two to change a 12g co2 capsule in a magazine but it will take you seconds to fill up a magazine with green gas/propane, some Guns will give you more shots per co2 capsule some Guns will give you more shots per green gas fill, again its gun dependent, a KWC 1911 for example powered by 12g co2 will give you more shots per co2 capsule then say a TM or WE 1911 green gas only gun, due to thin WE TM small gas reservoir magazines. But a high capacity magazine with a big reservoir such as a Hi-capa or even some gas blowback rifles will give you more shots per green gas / propane fill then they would when using a 12g co2 magazine, And co2 can be easier to carry around, depending how you look at it or where your shooting etc. Waste, both create waste so I wouldn't either consider that.. Personally mate I would not look at it as which is better and what should you buy green gas or co2, I would say best way to decide is, what is the next gun you want and what power source is it available in, and then go from there, don't be put of by green gas / propane though or the slightly lower power limits or in some cases slightly less recoil strength it might give you, it's not always the case or greatly noticeable. In my eyes as you probably know lol. Have ALL is best. I know this reply was long but was not really that highly informative or helpful but hopefully it helped a bit mate. ATB Marc
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    WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Well, they have removed my right to comment on their page. i know why, and it was totally worth it
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    Gun picture thread

    G&P Mk12 Mod 1 (I know, Mod 0 gasblock ) much lighter than my mk14 ebr
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    Name and ukara number is all you would get from me too. Ukaradatabase has my address in it as far as I know, so you don't need that. And there is certainly no way you need a driving license. If you doubt someone is over 18, simply don't sell it to them.
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    Well, selling a RUG is likely your problem Seriously, I wouldn’t give you a copy of my driving licence or passport, nor my full name and address until I’d paid you. You’d get my UKARA number and name, that’s it.
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    Gun picture thread

    A little vid of my HPA Vector, seems to be working OK
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    Hi all, Me again (sooner than I'd thought). As usual the semi-important stuff is in bold. Announcement What with GunBoxes going under, I've pushed up the release date for a not even disclosed side project of mine to make the classifieds their own beast so that we might be left alone to compare the sizes of our BBs in peace. Tonight we're unveiling the hastily finished and likely unpolished AFUK Classifieds: https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/ Some comments This is a test. If it's rubbish we'll bin it in a month Again, this isn't something I even disclosed in my original announcement because I didn't think there would be such an opening to take on board some of those marooned by the misgivings of ShooterRecepticles. There will be a proper review of the new classifieds in a month and we'll make a decision on whether it should stay. The old classifieds will stay about for a month but will likely be locked if we keep the new classifieds This is a surprise (and not a kind one for many of you with listings already in the classifieds). As such, the old classifieds will stay about for a solid 30 days a minimum. Even if they do get closed they will remain searchable for years to come. The new classifieds may have bugs; here's a topic to report them in Again, this is a project I'd rather have been able to tweak for a couple of months before even taking it to all of you. There will be problems with it, so please update this thread with any that you find. We appreciate your help in hunting them down. Suggestions are also welcome. Guests have the same access to the classifieds as everyone else (minus the PM system); be careful Our strong classifieds have always been a way of pulling in new members who might end up contributing. The new classifieds will allow guests to see any contact details that you've provided (such as a mobile number, location or email). This is no different to the current classifieds forums, but you should be wary that this information may end up indexed by search engines. What can it do though? The new classifieds have many new features that the old classifieds doesn't have: Add your location to a listing and have it display a map Add your mobile number, email or other contact details 7 day 'renewal' of your topic (which you'll be prompted to do) without the need to make a 'bump' comment Better search indexing and displaying of results (with thumbnails) 'Or best offer' system 'Under offer' system Please discuss below Thanks all.
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    https://shop.jkarmy.com/mf-1kea-blue-style-m4-chest-rig.html Time to lock this thread up.
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    Have I been kidding myself?

    Attended my second skirmish last Saturday, so any game I play after the 4 May will qualify me to apply for a UKARA number. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing CQB, and I am completely committed to the hobby now. So thanks again to you all for encouraging me.
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    I want to start airsofting

    Daughter is a gymnast, but is too young for pew-pew. Son is a sedentary nerd. I often steal his lunch money, it builds character.
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    Gun picture thread

    Lauron 12G Over & Under
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    DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 0 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): ABSOLUTELY NOT! Any other comments: Bought a M59 sniper (described as ‘nearly new’) from Mr Roper, in response to an ad placed on this forum. My first foray into buying on this site. Post-transaction I kinda feel like he saw me coming! Where do I start? A week after payment, still no M59 so I had to chase Mr Roper to find out what was going on. This did not bode well. Eventually the M59 did actually arrive, poorly packed (no internal padding or protection at all so the disassembled parts were free to rattle around in the box). But it got here. On closer inspection of what I’d received I found the safety catch button was snapped off. So, with the weapon assembled, no way to operate the safety. This wasn't mentioned in the ad, nor shown in the pics. Despite Mr Roper saying he'd used the weapon himself, he claimed to be unaware of this damage. Possible - but kinda odd. According to him this was a £5 'easy fix' even though, apparently, he’d never even noticed the damage. His other suggestion was just to have the bolt open all the time – so I could see that it was safe. Not terribly practical! The advert said the weapon came with sling and alan keys included. They weren't. As part of the deal Mr Roper said he'd include 2000 competition BBs. Needless to say - he didn't. The advert said the Plastikote spray applied to the weapon would easily peel off. Wow; it REALLY didn't!! On contacting Mr Roper to complain, he said he would post me the missing parts I’d paid for, plus some extra BBs for the trouble and make a small refund by way of apology. Well, guess what? None of this stuff ever arrived and no refund was forthcoming. So – reluctantly, since it’s time-consuming and a pain – I had to file a dispute via Paypal, saying I'd accept a partial refund (boy was I glad I didn’t send payment as a ‘friends and family’ gift, as Mr Roper had initially requested!) That seemed to spur him into some action at least. He got in touch to say he'd send the missing parts, honest he would. And he slightly increased his refund offer. But *sigh* - you guessed it - nothing happened. So I escalated the case and told Mr Roper to keep the missing bits as the time for making good on his failure (assuming he’d ever really intended to do that at all, anyway) had long since passed. Again, within the Paypal case, I gave him the opportunity to agree to a partial refund in compromise; nothing happened. And only after I chased him did he see fit to respond to the case at all, rather than just let it drag out. I had to return Mr Roper's broken M59 to him via a tracked service, on my dollar, to try to get my money back. But don’t forget – I gave him multiple opportunities to meet me half way by agreeing a partial refund. Despite expressing his willingness to take this route, when push came to shove he didn’t – thereby running the dispute further than necessary and ensuring I had to wait longer to try to reach a settlement. Plus I had the added hassle of packing and posting his crappy M59. Does that sound like ‘honest-broker’ behaviour, to you?! But then ParcelForce screwed up the delivery tracking, so Paypal couldn’t trace delivery and Mr Roper got his M59 back AND got to keep my money! Leaving me to try to pursue a lost item case through ParcelForce. Time taken from initial payment to date (am still waiting to receive any refund) – three months, and counting! But Mr Roper, had he been minded, could have settled this in two weeks, or less. Moral of the story, if there is one - I'd very strongly advise AGAINST buying from Mr Roper. Think about how he conducted himself in this transaction and whether you’d treat someone that way or expect to receive that kinda treatment. Deeply disappointed and not at all impressed. Absolutely NOT the way to behave towards people on a forum such as this. And not in the spirit of this hobby, either, in my opinion. Shame on you, Daniel Roper; was this how you were brought up, buddy?! Anyway, I hope Mods will now also be aware of Mr Roper’s conduct for future reference. Must just add that, by contrast, the vast majority of people I have met and corresponded with on here have been straight, trustworthy, honest, friendly, supportive and decent (you know who you are - thanks).
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    how to carry two primary weapons

    Because he has been playing COD
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    Proper Feedback System

    Hello again, Per usual important stuff in bold. There's a new feedback system to go with the new classifieds In order to distract from the fact that we had 24 hours of downtime yesterday As a part of the new classifieds system there's a need to drag our feedback system up to date. Whilst the current way of submitting feedback (i.e. via threads/topics created in the Feedback subforum, posted on by the seller/buyer) has been functional, it's not very intuitive for new members. Cue the new feedback system. As with the new classifieds: If it's crap we'll bin it We'll vote on whether to ditch the new feedback system in a month. Old feedback from threads can not be added, but the Feedback forum will remain; everyone will start from zero Due to the way the new feedback system links into the new classifieds, it's not really possible to add feedback to one's profile without mods going through and making literally copy pasting every one of your bits of feedback (from your applicable Feedback forum thread/topic). We're talking tens (likely hundreds) of man hours for that, and it's not something we can really do. However, the old forums will remain for a year from this date so that people can refer back to them. After this time that subforum will become hidden, but directly linking to the topics will still be possible just in case. Feedback system will link closely in with the new classifieds; you can only leave feedback for sales/purchases/trades made on there Once a sale/purchase/trade is complete the seller/buyer/trading parties can leave feedback for one another. The classified listing itself will be embedded within the feedback so as to stop fraudulent feedback and so that people can refer back to old classifieds listings related to that piece of feedback. In addition, feedback totals will show on your listings to give prospective buyers/sellers an at-a-glance total of your feedback. Feedback is also visible in your profile by clicking the tab next to 'activity'. There are also links below ever user's name, but for now this is disabled as it seems basically useless. A notification will be added to the classifieds to remind people that the feedback system is new and will advise them to check the old feedback in case they're unsure This one is pretty simple: We don't want unscrupulous traders (not that I know of any who operate on here) or worried buyers seeing that your profile has no feedback and that putting them off a sale. As such, there will be a notification for the first few months just to let them know that the new system is in place and that feedback on profiles might not be a true reflection of someone's total feedback. Please make a thread in the Forum Feedback subforum or reply to this topic with questions and critique Thanks.
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    Gun picture thread

    "Now, Missh Moneypenny, shee if you can make it go off in your hand..."
  34. 5 points

    Gun picture thread

    Only seemed right that I gave my own Specna a coat of paint
  35. 5 points

    Gun picture thread

    New custom paint job I’ve just done on my vfc Stinger
  36. 5 points
    Yeah, cool down on the 'US Immigration Desk' sales approach and you might get them flogged off.
  37. 5 points
    After bit of a ‘ruff’ patch dosh wise , alls good now so with left over beer tokens from a big gear and gun clear out picked up a few bits for my self and a gas long for my son ! Tm sig226 E2 , x2 extra mags , tac light , safariland holster and a very nice carry case for not a lot ! Result . And for No2 son a very nice A&K 1892 gas Winchester .
  38. 5 points
    I like that, would work really well on a TM HC patriot. Being all polymer, they’re really light with an insane rate of fire. My daughters one is mad Standard Now looks like this
  39. 5 points

    cheaters (rant)

    If you answer then answer honestly. Airsoft is an honour based sport and that is the rule that overides everything else.
  40. 5 points

    Tactical Dad needing advice

    Sunday marked our 5th game at Warminster Airsoft. This time I took both of my daughters too, as well as a friend of mine and a friend of my boy. What a cracking day! Even the rain stopped for the morning. Having served my time and done more than the requisite number of games I was finally rewarded with my UKARA number. I have settled into the role of Sniper over the last month or so and am eagerly awaiting my Noveritch to arrive. Wanted to say thank you to the members of this site for their help and patience getting started in a most enjoyable passtime.
  41. 5 points
    Yippee now I won't have to put up with @Jedi_Master deleting my fucking posts. Let me be the first to say congratulations on a new day and to anybody I have offended lately please get fucked Sorry couldn't resist
  42. 5 points

    What is airsoft?

    Nah got it totally wrong way round mate , after watching that everyone will think we’re all a bunch of sad losers who pose absolutely NO threat to society and should all be pitied for our sad little empty friendless lives . Result !
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    cheaters (rant)

    Lol. If I call colour and you don't answer you're getting shot
  44. 5 points

    cheaters (rant)

    Most stupid rule in airsoft and I refuse to play any site that uses it. Anyone who shouts bang at me is getting shot plain and simple.
  45. 5 points

    cheaters (rant)

    Real men use pigs
  46. 5 points

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Subject to change when my FRV belt gets here, but this is my ‘Heavy DMR’ loadout. I use it for when I set up shop in an overwatch position, but have some fire power to hold my ground when being overrun in MED. Certainly not a run and shoot loadout lol. WAS recon double stack m4 pouch 2x rifle/pistol pouches 2x FMA mp7 mag holders TMC mp7 holster WAS back panel
  47. 5 points

    What gun?

    InB4 "G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider." Don't write off an entire category of shell because one example of one unknown brand performed poorly. What you were using wasn't an M16. It was a piston producing puff, a hop unit producing backspin, and a barrel giving it direction. The BB doesn't know or care what shell is wrapped around those, or what label is on that shell, and pretty much any style of airsoft gun can produce enough puff, spin and point to match any other shooting at ~350fps. And now back to our scheduled brand name bonanza.
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    cheaters (rant)

    Please take your hits. You have 20 seconds to comply.
  49. 5 points

    How many members?

    I can now answer this with some certainty. Daily active users (people who post or 'react' to something within a single day) averages at ~85 people. Weekly active users (people who post or 'react' to something within a week) averages at ~300 people. Concurrent (i.e. online at the same time) users per day peaks at ~30 people on any given day. Concurrent non-members (guests) peaks at ~350 people on any given day, but can easily be as low as just 100. On average 150 new members register each month* (but I need to check this as it seems way too high). The forum has 15,850 registered members in total and only 93% of them are spammers.
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    One armed loadout

    I popped in to Urban airsoft, cos it's my local. I got to shoulder: Aug Steyr commando / 1 / 2 / 3 Firehawk Krytac Vector Evo G&G Mp5 a3 ( I think) Out of all of them, the Evo felt the best. But at £400 for the gun, hicap, batteries and charger, I balked. And tis just as well, cos my left arm is very fatigued - just with playing around holding em for an hour. I think I'm going to have to wait and see what the doc says before I go spending any dosh. Except for maybe a carbine kit for the MK23.