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    System: 'As New'

    Important stuff in bold. This is in immediate effect. In order to discourage retailers selling on the forums under the guise of private individuals, and to further discourage legitimate airsofters from incorrectly labelling their 'used' gear as 'new' (and therefore misleading those browsing the classifieds), a tiny change will be made to those wishing to advertised their used goods on the forums. Listings will now show 'As new' instead of 'New' - there will be no option to list items in a 'New' condition. For the vast majority of sales, the 'New' tag doesn't really apply. The only thing that comes close is boxed goods that have truly never been used or clothing with tags - these items are few and far between, and the use of the 'New' condition tag has been being abused (either maliciously or otherwise). Additionally we have caught various retailers trying to sell their goods on these forums - this is absolutely against our rules and we hope that the 'As new' tag will make it clear to buyers that should a seller be a private individual there is no true way to tell if an item is actually brand new or not. We are hoping this will make retailers think twice about selling on AF-UK. If you have any questions or critiques, please reply to this topic. Thanks.
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    I didn't see the BZtac new pricing, the websites I checked for current new prices were around the £430-£460 mark (Weekendwarrior airsoft, Bullseye, Bespoke etc etc). I bought the gun for £440 new from J-Tac Custom. Add the extra mags and sling, that was coming out around £500 new for the whole lot based on what I paid and the prices I found, so my original £400 asking (always negotiable) seemed about right. Have amended asking price down a bit in light of the Bz pricing. Genuinely wasn't trying to rip anyone off that liked the gun, I have also dropped my asking on the other places the gun is listed. Cheers
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    I am glad you did as I was posting it via my phone. Problem I had was everytime I tried it showed me an error message so I didn't realise it actually published the ad. Yeah, I had a giant brain fart on the price. After reading it through again I'd beat my own ass for trying that.
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    NEW CQB Site in Kent

    Hey all. Sorry I havent posted any updates. We have come to an agreement with the building owners and are now working with the council. We will have the building for 1 year and will need to run games weekly (Night games and Weekends). After one year we can choose to extend it another year. We can now also offer private games for 10+ people only any night too :). As soon as the council get back to us regarding a few parking issues and business rates we will make the reveal. Hopefully before the 18th of Jan and then looking at hosting a small game on the 1st of Feb. These dates are best guess. As a hint. Yes someone has already guessed it over on the FB page. As the tower block is within a few weeks away we are focusing on that then we will start re-talking to the school board about Hextable and hopefully have that up by the end of Feb. Good things are coming to Kent
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    Facebook bans.

    Mods! Silence this man and his divisive commentary.
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    Sometimes less is more

    The days when you just had a torch on your gun
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    TM Mk46 Mod.0

    Hi Guys I'm Phil from Clearwater Airsoft and I've had a mk46 since december, Since then I've used it in three games and I've tested it on a measured 60m range with a live test subject standing by the 60m marker to record the incoming fire. It had zero problems reaching out to that distance and a lot of the bb's went past him. I've played using 0.28g BB's and the FPS on sunday over a SKAN chrono was 237 with devil blaster BB's. I've put about 9-9.5k rounds through it and it continues to impress. Before anyone says anything I have absolutely no plans to upgrade anything it works fine as it is both for RoF and range and the sound. It sounds awesome! The build quality is fantastic; the lower is one solid piece and it is not weak ass or likely to flex let alone bend! I don't really care if it's steel or aluminium as it is plenty tough enough. I have done long bursts; short bursts and it just laps it up. I've also swapped the fake rounds for some inert 5.56 rounds I had lying around. They're a bit heavier (about 43%) but the little plastic caddy they mount on seems to be okay thus far and the inert ones look loads better. The marui bullets very quickly wear the paint off to silver metal and look crap if I'm being honest after a couple of games. What else? The bipod is heavy and it can make the fake gas block retaining screw work loose so I decided to whip it off and a mate gave me a tripod that works much better. You need a sling after 30mins this seems to weight the same as a dwarf star. I need another box mag as the supplied 1000rnd one doesn't last long - for me anyway. I also need an ammo sponsor!! I've used more BB's in this one gun than I used in the whole of 2019 in all of my guns! To me it was worth every penny and I have to say those that have tried it have also seen that it is probably priced just about right. As an aside the bag it comes with is easily worth £200 - have a look for decent padded M249 bags online and you'll soon see. There have been loads of people who have said various things like my A&K can blah blah blah - the Marui isn't for them. This isn't for everyone. I'm not stupid, I know that and I know it's expensive whichever way you cut it. If you want the ONLY recoiling LMG on the market that simulates bullets feeding into the gun and kicks harder and sharper than anything else in the NGRS line up (obviously the recoil is considerably less than real but it is better than a stock TM recoil) That you need to rack the charging handle to fire it and then do it again every couple of hundred rounds or so then get one. Basically if a realistic RoF and functions are important and you can afford it then buy one. If you want 10000rpm monster at 350fps - don't! I have seen one UK user who's snapped the dovetail the boxmag slides into already and Marui have issued a notice about it and will replace the parts with an upgraded part, I may go to defcon and ask them to get me one through their guy in Japan but I've used it plenty and its okay so far. I have some videos on my facebook page - Clearwater Airsoft if you want to see it in use. Hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions.
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    Gun picture thread

    WE GBB Mk18
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    Trying to make a small site

    Don’t be too sure that it’s “not illegal” if there are no signs. At the very minimum to gain entry the access would have to be open, and you must do no damage. By playing airsoft you will be leaving evidence of your presence unless you pickup every BB. If it is ‘public property’ then you are able to access it - but cannot shoot in a public place If it is ‘private property’ then the firing of air weapons is a firearms offence without the landowners permission, and the projectiles are not permitted to cross a boundary - without the next landowners permission. Despite not being a licencable firearm airsoft does get covered within firearms legislation, and would classify as a low power air weapon, your only get out clause to that could be that airsoft within the lower energy limits has had an entry added as ‘not a firearm’. You may need a good lawyer to argue that the definition applies and the intent of the law allows you to go off shooting on abandoned property that you don’t have authority to be on, and don’t have controlled access to prevent others getting in while you play. There is the safety risk of controlled access. So that you are not trespassing and have not broken in there must be free and open access. This means any other member of the public could turn up. You are then playing airsoft with no regard to the safety of others. What if there is an accident? You are organising this so take on liability for the risk to others What if someone notices people with guns? You now have a police response
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    Look you lot, can we get away from the well thought out and reasoned arguments and back to the ripping the piss and ensuing drama hissy fits that this thread is famous for please! Thank you! Jeez........ :p
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    Price is too high due to current detail costs. However, the 'new' element could be as simple as them scrolling to bottom and filling it in and posting. Adverts for some reason default to 'New'. Imo, it should either default to used so it's a conscious choice to change to new OR by default be blank and the form forces a value from the drop down before the advert can be saved. Just my 2p
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    Laser safety

    Test that theory on yourself first, please. If you won't do that, leave it at home.
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    Holy shit mate, use some dots and commas for God's sake! Also, nobody gives a shit if you have the best reputation on another forum, once you buy something it loses 35% of its value, instantly. And unless you upgrade it with thousands £ worth of parts, asking £5 less than retail price (of what's essentially the same gun you bought) means being a dreamer. Hence your appearance in this thread. And for the future, do some research before putting a price on stuff.
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    I started to go through and quote my favourite bits (above). Then realised it's all golden. Then realised that I'm probably mocking an absconder from a secure mental hospital. Then realised I'm going to hell.
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    I'm not entirely sure what I just read. If you're on medication I think you're not taking enough of it. Or maybe too much.
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    Nobody cares if you spent big monies on that thing. It costs €260 (wild guess £230) NEW, and guess what? it's ASSEMBLED and comes with ALL THE FUCKING PARTS. Why would some poor soul spend £230 for a new, unused product when he can spend £90 more for a disassembled thing that is missing some rather key parts he's then forced to play Ikea with. Sorry, forum police here, preventing you from ripping off the poor soul mentioned above. ❤️
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    The only way I could see that being worth £320 was if it came with 4x£50 notes stashed under the top cover. i enjoyed the scope price too, £100 over retail for a scope that is not working I wonder if anyone would like my empty mars bar wrapper, only eaten once £5
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    Hey guys, just brought my first RIF today, it's a cliche but as first guns go I know it's a great foundation to start. Soon to come are a suppressor, red dot of some description and a foregrip, but I can't stop holding it (or the gun!) Also in pic is my mates PKM, not been used on the field yet but hoping to very shortly.
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    Other Hobbies

    Picked up a whole host of new camping bits over the christmas period for my planned trips this year, myself and a buddy of mine are very much into wild camping but also hiking etc. Heres a few pics.
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    Moderator Message @airsoft angel had already asked for his account to be de-activated, otherwise Moderator action would be required in line with forum rules, specifically: • Be nice to other forum users Treat others as you would like to be treated to yourself. There is absolutely no need to be abusive on these forums. If you are then your posts / topics will be edited or deleted, you may be given a warning, you may get your account suspended, and persistent offenders will be banned. Threatening PMs will not be tolerated. Therefore, I have restricted him from making any more posts.
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    Well this is definately a return to form for macks at least
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    Are tracers worth it?

    In my humble opinion the best genuinely practical use of tracers is to track the BB’s flight path when setting up your hop unit (assuming you can get tracer in the correct weight, as far as I am aware the heaviest are .32g). For that use if nothing else I consider it worth having one around. From a tactical perspective they are rubbish, they just give your position away (in a night game with NVG in play, with most tracer units you don’t even need to be firing as they use an IR light sensor to trigger the UV Flash to charge the tracer). However they look deeply cool and an all tracer firefight at dusk is one of the most cinematic experiences you can have in Airsoft so I will still run one when the chance arises (looking cool is more important than winning.....)
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    Fair play to you sir. @Philb See? this is how adults react.
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    raising awareness

    not quite sure if this is the right place, if there is a right place( kinda want to say this should possibly be in a more prominent part of the forum..)and weve all been touched by this in some way but can we raise awareness about mental health somewhere?over the Christmas period ne f my acting work buddies killed himself. and its shocked our community that i know him through as he was a real positive soul. but the more we talk and such (are looking into fundraisers and such for mental health charity and the like) but the stats are getting worse guys.(im saying guys as its mostly men and airsoft being predominantly men) so can i encourage yas to start thinking and talking to others about such? check up on people and the like. if you are struggling please talk to someone! family friend teammate stranger professional. holding it all in your own head dosent fix things. my wife is bipolar and goes through a lot of stuff but shes worse when she dosent talk as it eats at her. we may not know how to help but do something please! mods if any issues let me know. people if you need/ want to chat also my inbox is open. note i also think the likes of airsoft is great for mental health and getting out and starting random convos. dont be afraid of this one!
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    Gun picture thread

    Alright folks! N00b here. This was supposed to be a two-tone to go to my first skirmish with. Oops. Their mistake! 😁 I know literally everyone here loves bullpups and especially Augs so thought I'd share. (😆) It's an R901 A2 with a cheapo 4*32 sight (But actually seems pretty good on balance) and Acetech silencer. I fancy doing something with it, colour-wise, but probably just whack some DPM tape around various bits of it until I decide what to do. Quite handy with an airbrush so I'm open to DIYing something...
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    Gun picture thread

    Done and weathered
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    Kit ready for tomorrow, MTP trousers with a green ubacs and cap.
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    Compatible parts

    Don't post the same question 700 times in 500 different threads. It literally took me 20 seconds of Google-Fu to find all the necessary info, plus there are quite a few threads on improving a certain gun's performance. Here's the answer to your question
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    Custom tactical rig

    Couldent find that many decent pouches or rigs for svd dragunov magazines so I decided to make my own. Here are some pics of the version 1 test and the newer version 2 pouches. More pics coming up and Im probably gonna add some molle for pistol mag pouches. v1 test of the rig to get everything sized v2 improved pouches
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    Custom tactical rig

    Yes indeedy. Here is a wip.
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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Minimal FRV belt with a couple of mag pouches, a utility pouch, BFG pouch and a hicapa DOR. Simples. Effective.
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    SE Tour Awards and write-up 2019.

    Hello all! Alas another year has passed and another 12 sites visited since the last end of year awards! It's been a somewhat sobering year in Airsoft. Sites have been closed down, sites announced but not open and the general standard hasn't been great. There have been fewer truly great sites reviewed, the loss of my regular Battlebuddy has also made it fairly difficult to get to different places. Doomsday and Erebor have both closed in the SE area. Doomsday is a great loss as it had some potential and could have taken away the inside M25 crown that Chislehurst has. Erebor never really got off the ground but was incredibly unique. However there are some positives, Echelon with any luck will be coming in soon with a 9 Story office block and large school in Hextable. UCAP will be opening up Vengeance soon and EAG re-opened the Epsom Tunnels which will be worth a visit! As mentioned many times before, the reviews will be drawing to a close by the end of 2020 as I am starting a family and will not be playing for at least a year thereafter. This year I have had to rely more on members of AFUK to get around to different sites for which I thank them wholeheartedly! @Albiscuit @GeorgePlaysAirsoft and @Robert James; Take a bow. As before I am looking for new suggestions for sites to visit. There are very few left to go and unfortunately I have lost my regular ride so will be difficult to visit some that have been on the list for sometime. I am planning to do a South West Triple header weekender sometime (Strike Force in Gloucester, Bristol Courthouse and Black ops Cribbs Causeway) Sites I hope to visit by the end of 2020 are: Reforger (I did play here as part of the Gunman Weekender but didn't think it fair to post as I had reservations on the organisation of the day and the actual site is run by different people), Dragons Lair, 1066 Hastings, South Coast CQB, Invicta, Battlezone, Epsom Tunnels etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So without further ado, here is the SE Tour Awards for 2018/2019. 12 sites were visited in this time, though they will also be up against the previous 15. Best Overall Site – This is the award to the best overall site in terms of everything. 1) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 2) Driver Wood Paintball and Airsoft (West Sussex) 3) Sentinel Airsoft (The Outpost) (Buckinghamshire) AP: Retains the top spot for the second year running. It has been improved in terms of Safe Zone recently and ran a successful night game. However in my last two visits it has become a victim of its own success and a cap of numbers is really needed as my enjoyment has been effected in the last two visits. Driver Wood: Is a new entry this year. Driver wood has excellent facilities, the zones are very varied and is well worth a visit! Sentinel Airsoft: Is another new entry. This is a small and relatively simple site, but has a lot going for it in terms of indoor and outdoor play. Safe zone is reasonable and had quite a bit of fun. There were many sites that could have taken this spot though! Best Medium/Long range Playing area – Variety and/or quality of the playing area. 1) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 2) Apocalypse Airsoft (Kent) 3) Tech Brigade (Herts) AP: Retains the top spot again and has the largest variety in terms out outdoor playing area, whilst it is mostly flat and with few water features, the sheer changeability of the terrain and vegetation, interspersed with manmade obstacles. Apocalypse Airsoft: Has climbed one spot because of recent improvements. Surprised us in its decent size, huge variety of woodland sections and best of all the variety and scale of the buildings used. Tech Brigade: The purest Long range field you will find. Not much in terms of manmade structures, but there is a large variety of vegetation and very long sight lines if required. BASR and DMR Dream. Best CQB playing area – Variety and/or quality of the playing area. 1) Reaper Ops The Fort Borstal (Kent) 2) Longmoor Camp (Hampshire) 3) Erebor (Surrey) (Closed) Reaper ops: The Fort is a really interesting era Fort, A moat section, plenty of elevation, tunnels and turrets. A really unique site with really good views over the Medway. Since the downfall of the Mall this has now essentially replaced it at the top. Longmoor: Creme de la creme for CQB. Only loses out on the fort because as its not as unique. But playing in a perfectly recreated suburb is fantastic. I would love to go back again during the day. Erebor: Shone brightly for the few games it was open. It was very unique, lovely indoor safe zone. Whilst I didn't like it massively due to its poor sight lines, an experience like this will likely not be seen again. Best purpose built buildings – This means actually built for the site and not already existing. 1) Apocalypse Airsoft (Kent) 2) EAG Dorking (Surrey) 3) Mayhem Paintball and Airsoft (Essex) Apocalypse Airsoft: Deservedly takes the crown for this category for the 2nd year running, the sheer variety of buildings at play, well-spaced out, multiple tiers and well looked after means this is a great site for snipers and CQB assaults. The trench system is also worth a mention. EAG Dorking: As described in another section has some great buildings, a little shabby in places, but really good for atmosphere and there is always something to hide in. Mayhem Paintball and Airsoft: A very new entrant. The sheer amount of obstacles and buildings means this is worth an entry at number 3! Best Safe Zone – Safe zone is classed as the setting up area. Enclosed? Felt Safe? Lots of space? 1) Zoological Warfare/BPAA (East Sussex) 2) Mayhem Paintball and Airsoft (Essex) 3) Erebor (Surrey) (Closed) Zoololgical Warfare/BPAA: takes this one by a country mile, the safe zone was an actual heating building, two stories and can hold plenty of people, everyone has a table, storage space and chairs were available. The bathroom was 5 star. Mayhem Paintball and Airsoft: Has a huge multi roomed indoor/outdoor safe zone. Heated inside and benches everywhere. Shop and Toilets were pretty good as well. Erebor: Was far too clean for a safe zone. Toilets were the best seen, the one time a shop was onsite was pretty good too. Best on-site shop – Shop selection. 1) MPA Hockley Airsoft Arena (Essex) 2) Battle Lakes (Kent) 3) Airsoft Billericay (Essex) MPA Hockley: is a new entrant and absolutely deserving. It's a full retail shop with a small skirmish area attached to it. Its well appointed even for an airsoft shop. I have my doubts they will ever be topped. Battle Lakes: Had a very large indoor shop with lots of interesting weapons and gear for sale, also sold second hand stuff. Airsoft Billericay: Has a very large selection of gear is available at reasonable prices. It has gone slightly downhill recently but still claims 3rd spot. Best Catering – Catering selection. 1) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 2) Battle Lakes (Kent) 3) Bush Valley Airsoft (Kent) No Changes this year as the catering standard was not improved upon at the sites played this year! AP: Has a proper burger van, all the sauces, reasonable prices and a vegetarian option. Tasted good as well. Battle Lakes: Had home cooked chilli, hotdogs, vegetarian option and plenty of confectionary and sticky pop. Tasted very good and was homemade. Bush Valley Airsoft: Had a standard fayre burger shack, but the taste was very good with a decent pop selection. The friendliest staff. (This third place could have been won by a few other sites as well) Best Marshals – Marshals that made sure you had a good time, were friendly and weeded out troublemakers. 1) Driver Wood Paintball and Airsoft (West Sussex) 2) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 3) Battle Lakes (Kent) Driver Wood Paintball and Airsoft: Best example of marshaling with small numbers that I have experienced. Always on the radios. Always hit checking, listened to peoples concerns, constantly urging teams along and quick turn around times. AP: Knocked off the top spot because of Driver Wood. But very willing to discuss how the day was going, the history of the site and future plans. They kept encouraging the teams to push forward and they changed things around if it got one sided. They were also hands off when needed to be. Battle Lakes: Had very solid marshaling, the person running it was a hoot, things were explained clearly and all the mission briefs were concise. Much like the Mall, Zed Adventures really seem to get Marshalling right. Site with the most potential – With some changes, these sites could be outstanding. 1) Zoological Warfare (East Sussex) 2) Mayhem Paintball and Airsoft (Essex) 3) Bush Valley Airsoft (Kent) Zoological Warfare/BPAA: Can be a really top site, in the past year it has been taken over by the much applauded Zed Adventures (Funnily enough the very same people I recommended to Battles organizers themselves on the test day). As long the numbers keep coming, I cannot wait to see if the potential is realised. Mayhem: Are a new entrant. The playing site is already top notch, but the marshaling and organisation is really lacking. Change that and this will be the premiere M25/London site. Bush Valley Airsoft: Is a fully family run operation, they own the actual land that is being used, meaning they don’t have to get permission to change things around. Although lots needs to be done, we really felt welcomed at the site and feel that if they really make a go of it, could be the making of a must visit site. Site that most surprised us (Good) – The site that simply surprised me most for whatever reason. 1) Driver Wood and Paintball (West Sussex) 2) Erebor (Surrey) (Closed) 3) Red 1 The School (Herts) Driver Wood: I had heard very mixed reviews at the time and even from my own Battlebuddy. But even he was surprised how fantastic it was under new ownership. There is almost nothing bad to say about this site and even accounting for personal taste. Erebor: Didn't see this site coming at all until I was invited on the preview day. So unique the likes of which will not be seen again. I remember the wow factor I had when I first walked in and saw it, incredulous it was to be used for Airsoft. Though it came as "no surprise" that it didn't last long at all. Red 1 The School: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the site and how good the woodland section is, which is almost never mentioned in reviews. The School was actually a lot of fun as well as more levels of it was open then usual. Most unique site – Will we ever see the likes of these again if they closed down? 1) Erebor (Surrey) (Closed) 2) Reaper Ops: The Fort Borstal (Kent) 3) Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) Erebor: Was a village inside a warehouse. Fully equipped and insane that it ever hosted Airsoft. Shame it closed. Reaper Ops: The Fort is a fort, I believe not the first ever for Airsoft in Kent, but the only one we are aware of in the South East at the moment. Zoological Warfare/BPAA: it’s a freaking Victorian Zoo, though there isn’t much of it left. It’s a huge site though, which is unique in itself. Site where I had the most fun – Might not have been the best sites, but definitely had the best experience. 1) Driver Wood Paintball and Airsoft (West Sussex) 2) MPA Hockley (Essex) 3) Longmoor Camp (Hampshire) Driver Wood: Had a tremendous amount of fun here due to the varied zones and overall personal performance. Loved it and well worth a repeat visit. MPA Hockley: Despite breaking my brand new phone screen, I came out of here smiling. Its so bloody small and I hate Tight CQB but I had a whale of a time here working on my angled game and getting lots of pistol kills. Longmoor Camp: Night game, that although ended far too early due to people leaving had a tense and atmospheric time in the village. Everyone has to try this at least once. Best site inside the M25: 1) Red 1 Chislehurst (Kent) 2) Doomsday Airsoft (Kent) (Closed) 3) Mayhem Paintball and Airsoft (Essex) Red 1 Chislehurst: Retains the crown as the best site inside the M25. Steady improvements despite thieves taking away part of the safe zone. Doomsday Airsoft: Was SO close to taking this away from Chislehurst. Alas Doomsday closed down and couldn't quite reach it's early promise. A real shame. Mayhem Paintball and Airsoft: A very new entry. Fantastic playing area, good variety, but poor organisation lets it down. New Category: Most Disappointing site - For sites we had high hopes for but was a bit of a let down on the day. 1) AirsoftGB (Essex) 2) Mayhem Paintball and Airsoft 3) AWA Herts AirsoftGB: Was the biggest let down for us. We heard many many good things about it. But when we got there just saw a bowl of grass with a bunch of structures in it. The Farmyard section was quite good, but the rest of the experience wasn't fantastic either. We didn't quite get the hype. Mayhem Paintball and Airsoft: The photos on the website didn't disappoint. But I didn't realise how quite bad organisation could get until I played here. AWA Herts: Considering the length of time the site has been open for, I was expecting something more then what I got. Rough around the edges and lack of investment. Not the worst site though. Site with Strictest Chrono: Airsoft Billericay: I swear either uses an inaccurate chrono, or lighter then average .2's to test. So many people get turned away despite chronoing fine at other sites. Good or bad? You decide! Remember 350FPS is not a goal! Spray and “prey” award: I still have nightmares of Tactical Warfare in Croydon. I just cant bring myself to go back due to the liberal usage of plastic death. Mayhem Paintball and Airsoft gets a special mention because I got through 5000 bbs in two half an hour games... I did have an LMG though so was totally worth it and allowed. Best moment: Red 1 The School: Somehow getting through a bottle-necked part of the School unscathed and spearheaded an assault on the last few rooms. Took out at least 8 or 9 players single handed and won the game. Here are all of the in-depth individual reviews for your viewing pleasure. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So overall, the good sites stayed on the board. AP has slipped a bit. A victim of its own success, it needs to expand ASAP to contain the numbers. One of the poorest days skirmishing was at the recent Christmas special event. Far too many people and had very little fun overall. But it still retains top spot because it is genuinely the best site. The site I most visited was Skirmish Billericay (3 times). Which I am starting to appreciate more as its very much a long range site and opening up the paintball section brings real variety. Though it doesn't quite edge into the awards as of yet. One surprising fact of 2019 is that Paintball sites have started really opening up to Airsoft in 2019. Driver Wood got it completely right and hit it out of the park, with Splatoon and Mayhem needing to play catch-up. Hopefully Mayhem's organisation will be sorted and there will be a real shift in Airsofting within the M25 this coming year. Roll on 2020!
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    Marui USP.. courtesy of TS Airsoft. Gods damn it's nice.
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    Gun picture thread

    OK, Some here are going to hate this but I don't care as I'm happy with it 😁 After some surgery... (and a little swearing) A Double Eagle SPAS joined at the hip with an M870 (CYMA CM352) stock Amazingly it works very well 🤪
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    Just got accepted for my new job which I'll be starting in March... Mo' money, mo' kit😎
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    THE TM MWS thread

    Honestly... I leave you all alone for a week or 2 and you’re all looking at GBLS’... 😂
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    Looking for my first side arm

    Personally If it’s a secondary I’d get a WE Glock. The WE G17 is a steal at £99 and is a pretty good performer. In the colder months you can use red gas to keep things pretty snappy. Biggest performance boost to be had is a maple leaf hop rubber which is less than £10 (although the stock one is ok, it’s just a bit hard and a ML is better). Also for not much more than the price of a Marui and an extra mag you can get 2 WE G17s which will get you two mags, but also means if you drop your sidearm in a puddle, you can just stick the dirty gun in your gun bag to clean later and swap to a clean pistol. This is actually quite a big long term cost saving as cycling a pistol with grit in it (even after your best efforts to clean it in the safe zone) will dramatically shorten a GBB’s life. if it’s for use as a primary then I’d suggest a Marui hi-Capa as a base and you can then throw money at it forever to get the perfect gun for you as there is so much after market support. It’s not my thing personally (I much prefer the ergonomics on a Glock), but the Hi Capa is so popular for good reason.
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    Adolf Hamster

    raising awareness

    it's something that doesn't get talked about enough, last i heard it was getting to the point that suicide was going to be the biggest cause of death for men under 25. we've all had dark times, but they key is to talk to someone, get an external perspective on it, part of the problem is bottling things up and pretending like everything's fine, all very macho until it gets to the point where it takes you over. you're absolutely right that airsoft is a great activity for folk in the same way that any social activity is a good thing, whatever it is use it, and it might be difficult sometimes to pluck up the courage to head out especially if you don't have a regular group to go along with but it's worth putting in the effort to force yourself to get out there.
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    Gun picture thread

    Well, it took all day, but I no longer own an Alpine Krytac AEG Vector. I now own an Alpine KWA GBB Vector 😈
  43. 4 points
  44. 4 points
    Advice for scammers: use grammatically correct English
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    NEW CQB Site in Kent

    I honestly don't think he comes from a bad place and doesn't understand the consequences of his mouth. I think he is just desperate for affirmation and trying to find his place. Just a really insecure person who tries but gets it all wrong. Don't get me wrong though after telling malicious lies about me a face to face wouldn't result in a friendly handshake as that really pissed me off.
  47. 4 points

    Gun picture thread

    Added a surefire M720v to the WE M4, Wasn't sure at first but its growing on me.
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    Finally have a UKARA after about 4 years since my last one! THE FLOODGATES ARE OPEN!!!
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    Silverback SRS Thread

    Get in...Covert 16". Actually really like it (expensive mistake if I didn't... ) Temp 4x ACOG scope, hop-up's junk and has to go. Installed a W.A.S.P piston, Thumb stop on foregrip and a 2 point qd sling. I did get a more powerful spring (110 newton) and it brings it upto 491fps with a steel sleeve on the cylinder and full air brake but it's really tough to cock so I'll look at getting another spring with a lighter pull but still keeping the fps up. Swapped the mag feeder for the dogs dick, comes with one in the box so it's just lazy they don't preinstall it. Air seals are good; did the finger over barrel test and the piston held it's ground till release. I'll ad a suppressor and print some custom baffles shortly. Then probably get the rattle cans going... I'm a happy chappy overall. Thanks for the help.
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    Full semi automatic for airsoft

    Needs more Angry Drill Instructor.
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