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    Member rants and One Tigris

    welcome to the AFUK waste paper basket
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    Final update: Full refund received today from eBay. It came through automatically when the item was signed for on return. Shame I had to fight for it, but thankfully it went my way in the end.
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    "Buyer pays fees"

    agreed, Just add the 3.4% to the price, then you get the amount you want What winds me up is you go to buy something from a total stranger and they give you their details and just say "Just send it via Friends and Family so i dont get charged the fee" No Dickhead, that fee is there to protect me, you are neither my friend or family
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    "Buyer pays fees"

    The thing about a seller saying "Buyer pays fees" is that it doesn't really mean that at all. It means "Buyer puts in the effort to work out how much they actually have to pay me in order to put £X in my pocket, because I'm too lazy to be bothered doing it myself." And, you know, maybe they'll get around to posting the item after they get the funds, or maybe they wo - ooh, squirrel!
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    Lol! Especially as I've not disguised it with a mysterious blue liquid 😛 "Don't be such a girl" and "man up" (and all their variants) are phrases I really dislike when they are used as insults or for "motivation".
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    Good news! eBay have sided with me and I'll get my refund. Perseverance has paid off and good sense has prevailed. All I need to do now is post it back and eBay will automatically refund me when the item is delivered.
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    Airsoft & paintball comparisons

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    "Buyer pays fees"

    So many classified ads "buyer pays paypal fees" - "add 5% if paying by goods/services" - "price not including PP". Even though it says right here in PP ToS: 4.6 No Surcharges. You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as a payment method. You may charge a handling fee in connection with the sale of goods or services, as long as the handling fee does not operate as a surcharge and is not higher than the handling fee you charge for non-PayPal transactions. So this seems almost exclusive to the airsoft world from what I've seen, where has this ridiculous idea come from? Why has it gained such a foothold and why are we still letting people get away with it? I've never been asked to pay the paypal fees myself when buying stuff from anywhere else, so why here? If youre one of the people doing this, why? You do realise that paypal are very keen on freezing peoples accounts and keeping the money for themselves? So if someone were to screenshot you asking them to pay fees and send it to PP they'd likely seize your account for breach of TOS? If you want more money, then just include it in your asking price?
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    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    My first RIF purchased today
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    How do headshots feel without helmet?

    Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh ! She’s talking ‘lady stuff ! 😱 stop it ! Us men can’t deal with lady stuff ! 😮 😂😂😂😂😂
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    Gun picture thread

    Oh. My. Lord. This excites the little 14 year old me a lot. Airsoft WH40K bolt gun!
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    I did this a little while ago now, but I thought I’d bring it to peoples attention. I while ago I bought a WE m14 Ebr (currently for sale) and it wasnt wanting to hop bb’s. Stripped it down and changed the hop rubber (modify tan) for a maple leaf one because it had a thin film of silicone oil on the surface, and the gun now shoots great. Anyway... I bought a new modify tan bucking the other day, and they’re brilliant. Most precisely molded, well fitting bucking I’ve used. Went straight into my Mws chamber. Out of curiosity I tried to fit the one that had silicone oil on it, and it had swollen that badly that I couldn’t close the two chamber halves, and it had become much softer. So the next time someone tells you to clean your barrel with silicone oil, kindly punch them in the face.
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    New Bike soon....

    My 9.5hp baby 😁 - Still love the little thing !
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    Gun picture thread

    Oh ... had a garage day and finally got this bitch together. Lipo on order, new primary boys! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/432978219407376434/449606916881121281/20180525_170045.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/432978219407376434/449606916881121283/20180525_170024.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/432978219407376434/449606917682102293/20180525_170018.jpg
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    Remember when you could just walk into any corner shops and buy a BB or even an air pistol with your pocket money? Then go and shoot a policeman's hat off with it. The summers were 9 months long, jumpers for goalposts...
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    Custom setups

    Why not just all agree it’s a great idea, offer words of encouragement and wait for the inevitable failure? There’s 4 pages of reasons why it won’t work, but that’s not what he/they want to hear..
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    New Bike soon....

    The better-half and I both have bikes, I've had them for the last 12 years and she's been on 2 wheels for 3 years now. I ride a BMW R1150GS Adventure, but I fancy something a bit more 'fun' to have as a weekend toy. So, Harley Davidson it is! Not your usual chrome monstrosity though... Something a little .....different. Ex British Army MT350e - 350cc of indestructible awesomeness... 😄 I should be taking delivery of it in the next fortnight or so, all being well. Watch this space for updates!
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    Well, I did a thing...
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    places not to buy

    Special airsoft supplies /Thread
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    When you’ve been killed well

    I had one last month playing at RIFTs The Village, while trying to take over the urban area. Most of the defending team were out, I was walking through the village with my pistol out, when to my right some guy pops up from behind a barricade about five meters away with a literal bazooka. He shouts 'EAT ROCKET', and all I see is BBs 😂 I didn't actually feel anything, but I can't see how he could have missed from there, so I took the hit 😄
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    Ah yes, lovely Ive designed and made many bits, My own 120mm osprey TM/WE MlOK Rail WE Scar H to ACR stock adapter (And TM) MP5 SD Torch mounts (1" and RIS) Baseplates Random silencers And the 3Dtec 40mm Launcher Even had my printers featured in Airsoft Action
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    What do you fellas do for fuses?

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    New multicam black looks pretty good!
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    I have both, I bought the Raven as I was after a spare to go with my WE G18C gen3 and was assured by the retailer (one of the main, reputable UK ones) it was WE compatible, they are yet to reply to my email on the issues of compatibility. I can say for sure that the Raven and the WE ARE NOT THE SAME, to my disdain. It aint a rebadged WE, there are subtle differences in the internals, and the parts on my WE, both aftermarket and WE, don't fit properly on the Raven. I have an Archive slide/outer barrel and maple leaf inner barrel and hop unit that fits a treat on my WE but on the Raven it sits in the wrong position so overlaps the end of the frame and won't cycle properly. The fact it fits and locks on but sits in the wrong position leads me to believe this is because they are different internally. The inner and outer barrel from the WE fit in the Raven but it just sticks and vents all the gas when you fire. The outer barrel in threaded internally but it is not the same as the WE thread as the WE adapter is a little too small, so this again leads me to believe it is not a WE. On the subject of magazine compatibility....well my WE mags won't lock in place on the Raven but the Raven mags do in the WE, though it sounds like there is not a perfect gas seal. Also, the Raven mags need a real whack on the base to lock in on the Raven anyway. Another difference is the (awful) trigger, this appears to be technically different to the WE. The WE trigger, when uncocked, sits very close into frame but on the Raven, it is further out and is pretty poor, the trigger safety blade catches and causes sticking, though this may wear in with use or could be filed down a bit. It does work however, but accuracy is pretty poor (the slide is quite a loose fit, looser than a WE, and rattles a bit) though this could just be a poor hop. There may be some light striking issues and the slide lock doesn't always lock back on the last round either. Overall, it's just cheap (in build, I still expect better for £90) but does work....though ultimately disappointing compared to the WE for just £10 more.. I also have a Raven MEU, seems ok but awful spongy trigger. In theory it is WE/TM compatible so will try the mags from my TM 1911 in it. The only difference SHOULD be that the mag rubber is curved on the TM. Ta
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    That's the same battery my wife's toy takes!
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