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    This isn't Airsoft Anonymous, we're more what you'd call... enablers.
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    My name is Enid and I have a problem.......... I have always been pretty obsessive when I get into a hobby BMX , RC Cars , Motor Cycles , Watches , Paintball, Downhill Mountain Bikes, Land Rover Defenders But now it’s Airsoft...……….. This habit is relatively new to me My “Pusher” introduced me to my new habit only 9 months ago, and I am now what I would class as an “addict” I hold a position of Management , and find myself browsing forums & searching for the next Pew-Pew whilst at work. I have to close browser windows when somebody walks into my office. I have positioned my desk so as staff can’t see what I am really doing , when I should be working out margins and reports I sneak off to the loo and watch Airsoft related videos on YouTube after supper I have parcels delivered to work or my in-laws to stop my Mrs finding out I am buying more stuff. I give my co players the money to buy me items , to not get joint PayPal notifications to my wife’s phone I have a beer on my evening off and have my AEG balanced on the table to admire whilst watching an action movie or the Punisher. Im desperately trying to introduce work colleagues to the sport , to share my pains! My name is Enid , and I have a problem 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    You've met airsofters, imagine those same people having the opinion that the customer is always right contacting you all the time. I'd rather do back street abortions.
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    Parcel tape. Makes an excellent camo* tape on a gun to break up the shape (and any colour borders on a two tone). It is also very handy for holding a knackered gun together . Note: * Obviously parcel tape is too shiny to be any use for camo.
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    Gun picture thread

    Marushin stainless 8mm Automag. Pictured next to my ky airsoft Colt traded WE CT25 just to emphasise it's enormity.
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    Gun picture thread

    Just picked this up from @Asomodai, a very nice KWA Tavor. I’ve spent the day modifying the Airsoft clone RATWorx front rail/suppressor to fit. I’m pleased so far with my work 😎
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    Gun picture thread

    working on a Seals loadout. Here's the AEG's so far. TM Sig 226 with Guarder metal upper and lower, Crimson trace laser grips, Threaded outer barrel and extended Magazine. VFC GBB MP5SD6 with torch and laser mount. I had tinker inside to get it working well but now runs like a train. TM SCAR H with 1x4 Elcan, PEC 15 with working light and red laser and Vertical grip (Just need to fit a titan and tightbore for this to be finished). TM HK416D in Tan. Various accessories and Titan and tightbore fitted inside. Stock pad is my 3D printed design for the battery.
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    Mad Rag

    so this happened on Wednesday

    stolen from the games sites page VERY IMPORTANT: We had a visit from the Police last night after a concerned citizen called in to report a possible 'terrorist' walking up the road towards The Strand Factory. Right enough, we had a player walking up the central industrial estate in prime traffic with his M4 assault rifle protruding almost half way out of this rucksack in full view of the general public. Take this as a very serious warning, anyone else who commits a similar careless act will be banned from our... sites permanently. This is just weeks after the New Zealand incident and for someone not to consider his actions and to put it bluntly, be so fking stupid to do such a thing is quite unbelievable. Buy a gun bag or use a bin bag, you MUST cover your weapons, 100% - even in your vehicle. Consider it ZERO Tolerance guys and gals. Do it once and we say goodbye, permanently.
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    Feeling out-gunned

    sounds more like Grinder 😜
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    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    It’s not new, it’s second hand, regardless of when you bought it. Yea there’s loads, part of being friendly to each other is trying to stop people paying over the odds for used/second hand items You’re just trying to get your money back, not help people. Its the entire point of this particular thread
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    Gun picture thread

    Finally got all my accessories for my sniper rifle
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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Not exactly, but it's not a common gun, so I let people test fire it, and they can tell it's not stock, so... I don't see what the big deal is, this topic is essentially just showing off what you've got, I'm not showing off thousands in gear and guns and rubbing it in, just one thing I've spent a long time saving up for (I'm a student) so getting everything has taken a while to get and I'm proud of it, now can we please just stick to loadouts, I'm sure no-one came here for this.
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    Gun picture thread

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    so this happened on Wednesday

    If the player has been identified then I’d say ban them anyway , as A there’s no excuse for doing such a unbelievably stupid thing and B it’ll send the message that needs to be sent , you endanger our sport (and some people’s livelihoods) and we don’t want you any were near us .
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    It's so great to see teenage girls getting into airsoft.
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    Looking for a good GBB AK

    GBB AK? GHK /end thread
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    Indeed, if you bought something and want to sell it - it's 2nd hand. It is and will awlays be until someone else buys it and it becomes 3rd hand... it's how it works. Condition may be as new but it's 2nd hand. You may not have used it but it's 2nd hand. It could be in a sealed packet unopened but guess what... it's 2nd hand. Just because you don't like something after buying it doesn't mean it's still brand new. Why? Because it's... 2nd hand.
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    Yeah I did, hours and hours of entertainment. Do you have thousands of posts on a forum about toy guns?
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    Gun picture thread

    My new WE G19X arrived from KYAirsoft. For those not in the know, Glock made a development for the military of its Gen5 G19. It has the G19 barrel/frame length, with the full size grip and magazine of the G17, as well as the usual Gen5 changes The WE normally comes with no trades, this one from KY has the correct trades on the slide and outer barrel😎
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    Gun picture thread

    The current state of my primary collection All internals are pretty heavily modified/upgraded Top to bottom: GBBR - WE SCAR L: Kinetic Development MREX handguard (PTS Repro) GBBR - WE MK18 Block 3 URGI: Geissele MK16 rail (Angry Gun Repro), RA Tech tightbore, Maple leaf hop-up parts, Poseidon Zero 1 nozzle, Real Steel BCM Gunfighter charging handle AEG - Custom AR: VFC gearbox shell, E&C receiver and barrel, everything else from spare parts box/bought from random sites GBBR - WE M4 SBR: (by far the most expensive build) Real steel BCM gunfighter pistol grip, real steel Noveske marked Vltor MUR1 upper receiver, Angry Gun CNC Noveske lower receiver, Iron airsoft URX 3.1 10.5" handguard, Angry Gun steel outer barrel, RA Tech tightbore, Maple leaf hop-up parts, RA Tech steel trigger group, Angry Gun Steel Bolt Carrier, Real Steel Colt fire selector, Daniel Defense receiver castle nut GBB - WE MP7: shitbox gun that doesn't work. Light striking hammer - tried replacing everything, still doesn't work. Maybe getting a KWA in the future.
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    I’d say as a counter to the ‘DIY’ tech work argument , why should I ? Now I’m not averse to saving a beer token or two but if I decide I’m going to pay someone to do it for me then I expect it done in a reasonable and timely fashion . Your snowed under with work ? Don’t care . You’ve got family problems ? Sorry about that , but it’s not my problem . You’ve been let down/ripped off buy suppliers/the nextdoor neighbours nephew who said he was a tech as well ? Again sorry to hear this but I don’t care it’s not my problem , it’s your business’s problem not the customers , you got a problem of ANY sort you contact the customer immediately . You’ve taken my goods to work on and would be expecting to be paid for this work so immaterial of outside influences you’ve entered in to a contract with me and I expect you to complete this contract OR return my goods to me ASAP end of .
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    Over a year is utterly insane, you need to be badgering whoever these people/companies are and definitely name and shame them because I wouldn't want to send any work their way. I sent off a GBBR to this bloke a couple of years back - https://www.facebook.com/Paradigmrifleworks/ - was told something like 6 weeks, around 7-8 months later (having paid the full amount before posting off the gun) after dozens of messages, dozens of e-mails, ringing the guy one time per day and not once having the phone answered etc I just turned up on his doorstep and politely asked where my gun was. Had it back a few weeks later. He claimed a serious illness in the family around the 3-4 month point, I said ok, I waited months more and said don't even worry about finishing the work simply take 20 minutes to go down the PO and return my property, hell I'd even come and collect it myself in person, still total silence... nah. After a year I'd absolutely be going to the place in person and asking to see my property, even if it were a long drive and time was tight. Sounds like you've already been more than patient, don't let these people off the hook.
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    Sunday morning fun...

    I’m selling a pistol at the moment, this is one of the responses I got this morning..
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    I can buy whole boneyard guns that need a £15 part with a mag/mags for less than £40. If you were to buy it and build it up it would cost a fortune as most of the cost on a gbb pistol is in the slide. £15 if some one feels like taking a chance, you don't even say what part is missing. The complete 226s are worth about £70 in todays market. That is if in good condition which you cant tell from your pictures. To say tightbore barrel means nothing as can buy a pistol barrel for £15 which is less than the standard TM so for all anybody knows you might have just devalued it by a tenner. Guarder frame adds nothing really as can buy a slide frame kit out of HK for £80/90 so frame breaks down to £45 which is only a tenner more than a stock frame. Guns which sell well like the g17 go for £80 ish with a mag and in perfect condition Dodgy might be leaking mags £5 each. Can't comment on gear as not my thing. The SRC as you just claim upgraded gearbox with no real indication of what the upgrades are is worth about half your asking price if you get lucky. SRC is not a well thought of brand so doesn't hold value. The paint job makes it worth even less as people would have to want it like that. I have bought guns with new values of £350+ plus for well under 200. The second hand market is a buyers market so values have plummeted. As for elitist and why comment have a look what the thread is.
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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Couple of pics from this weekend, my personal use this weekend is as follows - Guns Systema PTW w/ G&P Dbal A2, Streamlight HL-X Weapon Light, Replica Eotech XPS, Magpul MS2 sling, PTS unity tactical mount, Magpul CTR stock, Magpul trigger guard, Magpul MOE pistol grip TM M&P w/Streamlight tlr-1s Gear Crye black/RG field shirt UF Pro Striker XT (brown/grey) Combat Pants Mayflower UW Chest Rig Gen IV chest rig w/Esstac kydex inserts, Thales fist mic Karrimor boots (similar to the KSB Jaguars) OPS D-Ring cobra warrior belt w/Esstac single M4 pouch, Esstac double pistol pouch, Spiritus Systems GP pouch, Tactical Tailor dump pouch, Ferror Dangler, Eagle Industries 40mm pouches 5.11 SOMS bag w/5.11 large kit bag
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    Travailfitness plates

    I would very much like airsoft to not head down this route. Once you've got people out there playing to different rules you've got an incentive and an excuse for everyone to start inventing their own special rules just for their own special view of their LARP costume.
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    My name is Enid and I have a problem

    Wait until you discover Crye Precision, GBBRs and Real Steel optics. Then your money will truly piss away...
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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Current plate carrier setups Lightweight Plate Carrier: Ferro Concepts Slickster 2018 + Ferro Concepts Gen 4 Shoulder Pads Plates: PTS SAPI Chest Rig: Spiritus Systems Micro Fight MK3 (TMC Repro) Gloves: 511 Tac-A2 Big Boi Plate Carrier: T3 Geronimo 2 Plates: Trident Gear Training plates Right Side Pouches: Blue Force Gear Ten Speed triple mag pouch, Eagle Industries Suppressor Pouch Left Side Pouches: Single ITW FastMag Backpack: T3 Hans Chest Rig: Spiritus Systems Micro Fight MK3 (TMC Repro) Comms: Right > Baofeng UV5R + Left > TRI Repro AN/PRC-152
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    Even though I know what that's referencing, it still looks like he's sucking his thumb.
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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Genuine Aussie Ghillie, hand made during training by the guy who owned/Used it. I'm yet to use this in anger but it will be used for a CTR/Spotter role.
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    I've bought a Geissele rail for the A5! What do you chaps think? I'm personally a fan, and although there's not much difference in weight. It feels nicer to hold, I may not even bother with a vertical grip. Here's pictures of before and after.
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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    My current budget helmet setup! Helmet: Ops Core Maritime in foliage green and sprayed ARC rails (FMA Repro) Counterweight pouch: TNVC Mohawk MK2 Strobe: Core Survival HEL-STAR 6 (FMA Repro) Light: Princeton Tec Charge MPLS (Night Evolution Repro) Light mount: Princeton Tec ABR mount Headset: 3M Peltor Comtac III (Z Tactical Repro) NOD Setup Pulsar Challenger 1x20 Gen 1, with J arm and Rhino Video of the NODs in pitch black indoor conditions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUpmRGqL3KM
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    Odin Speedloader

    Just a quick one for anyone who has one. The Odin witk AK mag adapter druid linked sometime ago will fit and feed AS VAL mags. In case it's any use to anyone....LCT anyways
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    Odin Speedloader

    Yup, you go wind, wind, wind... wait, what, that's it actually loaded? I've been wasting my life! In easy to understand pictorial form: you, without an Odin-style loader: You, with an Odin-style loader:
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    New player (-18) - I want a RIF

    I do intend playing on an insured site accompanied by an adult, with all required/recommended gear. If I ever did want to shoot in my garden my neighbours would know beforehand. Thank you for your concerns :)
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    Famas would be nice. But I would rather this...the one with the built in red dot. Either would be good, both would be best.
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    Adolf Hamster

    Most Glorious WE makarov

    Figured seeing as i've seen a couple of reviews up on here and the makarov isnt one of them i'd put in my tuppence about the last 6 months of ownership. Make/model- WE Makarov Pmm Fps- 0.7-2.5j (i'll come back to that bit later) Hop up- proprietary design but takes standard marui style rubbers no problem. Mag capacity- not much, haven't counted directly but "theoretically" about 15 rounds Full metal construction with plastic handguards. So this little beauty is a bit of an oddball and odds are if you're buying this it's more than likely as part of a russian themed loadout and you're not a fan of the tokarev. The good news is that in the lottery of oddball pistols this is one of the ones that's actually a good shooter in its own right. In the box you'll get the pistol, mag, suppressor and a barrel extension, now much like the mk23 if you drop that barrel extension on or swap to a longer inner barrel beware that you're gonna get some raised eyebrows at the chrono as this thing is set up really for a short barrel. I guess if you're mad you could make a pocket sniper. Mine didnt come with the barrel extension but from what i've read thats no bad thing as it pushes your fps through the roof and your accuracy through the floor. The suppressor is standard we threading so you can drop it on most of their other guns easily. Internals wise it's standard enough, 15mm bbu which on such a small lightly sprung slide means in the warm weather it's got a lovely snappy kick almost comparable to a co2 gun, although cold weather performance is somewhat lacklustre but then i've never met a we that liked the cold (in its defence when it couldnt keep up it was also cold enough to stop a hicapa in its tracks as well) The hop unit is awesome, one of the better designs i've seen, think a pro-win style rotary hop adapted to a pistol. Out of the box it's ok for .2's but will struggle to lift .3's but if you drop a maple leaf and a nub made out of a square of aeg hop then you can lob .4's at sub 1j which is hilarious (and effective) Gas effeciency is greatly dependant on the weather, a couple of mags in the warm turns to half a mag if your lucky in the cold. They're small mags so not much gas. Generally i down-load them as lobbing heavy ammo from a pistol always murders the gas effeciency. Features wise the safety is a bit finnicky, in theory it's a slide mounted safety/decocker but its very easy to pop her just out of battery when engaging which will mean it doesnt work, i tend to opt for either just not using it or manually dropping to half-cock for a double action pull. Also seems the decocker puts a little bit of pressure on the mag which can cause it to leak. Trigger is your standard single/double, double action is long and creepy, single is surprisingly crisp and definately the better way to shoot. In the hand the grip is a bit odd, feels uncomfortable if you're conciously holding it, but in the field that sort of melts into the background and you end up going with the full sean connery spec one handed lower grip, very good for instinct firing. Sights are small (like the pistol) but crisp and if you take the time to get a proper sight picture it's nice and precise, but as mentioned before you'll end up doing a bond impression and instinct firing. Strip down follows the original pretty well, pop the trigger guard down, pull the slide back lift up and off to give you access to the hop. Its a bit of a tricky sequence but quite smooth when you get the hang of it and gets the attention of folk who aren't familiar with the design. Holster wise your options are both wide and limited. The good news is with the heel release you can safely stuff this in a generic fabric holster and be reasonably confident she'll still go bang when needed (unlike the thumb button style that loves to drop mags when in that kind of holster). This will be your cheapest option. Otherwise you'll be looking at either leather concealed carry type, or the proper russian military style ones. Can't confirm if this thing works in the fancy spetsnaz push draw holster or not but i did grab a paddle rentention one which she fits perfectly, of course this route is not exactly cheap as they're marketed for real guns rather than airsoft. Overall it's a lovely combination of something unique and different but good enough to hold its own against the sea of glocks in terms of performance at least in good weather. edit: a few points i forgot: the suppressor is a hollow can with a tube up the inside, no foam filling here, so not useful for actual suppression unless you gut it and do some mk23 esque shenanigans with the insides. careful with the mags- cold weather+mag lips+a drop onto concrete wont end well, although amazingly you can actually buy spares gas wise- as mentioned later in the topic i run it on nuprol 4.0 with .4g bb's and it hasn't blown up yet, but then i also run a plastic slide hicapa on the same and it also hasn't blown up either despite what the internet says about putting anything stronger than 144 in a marui so make of that what you will...... Edit 2: you know you want pics.....
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    New Guy

    Rental guns are like rental women. Lazy, worn out, and if the rubber tears, you're going to have a really bad day.
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    might not look like much but this could be the answer to stop glasses from steaming up. 2 nozzles clip onto the side of the glasses and air is pumped across the inside of the lense keeping them from fogging up. This is a prototype and as I'm typing this the fan housing is in the printer. Hopefully it will work out.
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    Seth's threads
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    Best AEG for £600?

    I mean, let's cut to the chase... If you want to spend a good size chunk of money on a gun and have the best stock AEG on the market.. get a Marui NGRS. They're all the same inside so pick the one you like the look of most. MK18: SOPMOD: CQB-R: SOCOM: 416 Delta: 416 Devgru: 416-C: And there's some others.. SCARs, G36, AKs etc Drop the cash and leave it alone. If you're going to open it up and replace all the innards, get something else.
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    THE TM MWS thread

    Just got my mws, what a beast. Am going to use is Wenesday for the first time in Cqb training. Just ordered a super nub and a modify tan. Thanks for for all the help and information. Will be sticking around to learn some more.
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    Australian Infantry kit. Around 2004-2008 Platatac giggle hat, DPCU land125 cut uniform, Issue Terra boots, Issue Body Armour, Issue Land125 vest and 40mm dropleg, Rabintex 303 helmet with cover, tag IR and NSeas mount, Ess ice glasses, JG Aug with Elcan, custom made scope rail nurprol 203 and GB Tec 203 mount.
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