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    Besides airsoft I love the outdoors,science fiction,comic books,ancient history,GIT training,Martial arts,making curry,watching videos on YouTube,starting to take a keen interest in airsoft teching too as well as gaming when the weathers shit and just got back into indoor climbing!

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  1. Hey folks,I'm putting together a kit to take care of and run my gbbr. Trying to find v3 loading nozzles is proving challenging and was wondering if there are any compatible nozzles that will work? Thank you for your time and help
  2. Have you used any of the French stores? I'll have a look see and then make a decision Thanks for the input 👍
  3. I'm after a VFC BCM,just can't seem to find them anywhere in the UK Which is a bugger as I'd rather support a business here even if it cost more. Is there a way to contact the border patrol and let them know what my package is and when its coming? Thanks again to you both for your time honestly it really does help 👍👍
  4. Mate thanks for the funny reply and good information. So I'm guessing you've had experience with jkarmy? Will coustoms contact me if I do have to cough up? I've ordered from China before but not on this scale Thanks again 👍
  5. Hey folks,I'm wanting to buy a rif from JKArmy in Japan. Hoping for some advice before I take the plunge. Should I email them to check on stock? Are they reliable with their shipping and tracking? Will I have to pay HM Coustoms when my order reaches old blighty? Thanks for your time
  6. While having my first coffee of the day I came across this and thought of you lads 👍
  7. Mate,thanks for your time. Yes its literally which one is better,I've had TMs in the past great guns but just to plastic toy feeling. My WE M9 however has a nice weight to it and I want something that if I need to run black gas in the colder days I can with confidence. Thanks again 👍 Thank you for the tip,its appreciated 👍
  8. Hey folks as title asks,which one would be best? And if the Umarex,will it take WE 19 mags or should I stay with Umarex for those too? Thanks for your time 🙏
  9. StayOnTarget

    WE P226


    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    Hello I'm after an all metal P226 with ideally 3 mags (leak free and working). Happy if its been well used just so long as it works Looking to pay around £125 with postage


    - GB

  10. I was thinking are they making the lower for the MCX too? If all you can do is replace the upper you're going to need to swap out the buffer tube for a RIS attachment to fit a fold stock. If that is the case I'm sticking with my Virtus/Rattler/m13 AEG. I keep wondering why they've not just done a Rattler of their own or even a Canebreak?
  11. Another level of poverty for me,no more steak for me...ever! 😭😭😭
  12. Oh fuck,I've got Artisan and Laylax on my virtus. Its all good stuff,how much do kidneys go for again? Thank you for the reply 😉👍
  13. Please god tell me this isn't an MCX Rattler kit...I don't think my bank account could take it 😭😫😭😫
  14. I saw your article,with nothing better to do this morning but sip decafe coffee I read the whole thing and thought it was a good topic. I pretty much agreed with everyones opinion and would just like to add a bit of my own,back in the day you were discouraged (ordered) from wearing your uniform out of barracks as not only a matter of self preservation but also to prevent civilian casualties due to being spotted by a terrorist who would make a record of where you went etc I dont know if this is still protocol now but I have to be honest I really dont like seeing serving forces in Sainsburys doing their shopping in uniform its nothing personal its just old habits die hard,as for thanking service personnel for their service I always do when some old hard case is collecting for poppy day in his dress uniform looking smart as a carrot,maybe I'm wrong but I think this is the British way of doing things.its genuine its humble and its respectful Anyhoo I wish you all the best with your military career and hope you're all staying safe.....Cheers!
  15. God bless you my son may your BBs always fly straight and your enemies call their hits 👍👍👍
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