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    Krytac LVOA-C,CM.076A,VFC MK18,PX4 Bulldog,TM Glock 17
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    MARSOC/Force Recon(us woodland),Russian Spetsnaz inspired,Pencott Badlands(URTactical)
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    Lindsey-Airsoft, Revesby Hunting Grounds
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    Besides airsoft I love the outdoors,science fiction,comic books,ancient history,HIIT training,Martial arts,making curry watching Taran tactical Garand Thumb or Chris Costa videos on YouTube amongst a others,starting to take a keen interest in airsoft teching too as well as gaming when the weathers shit and just got back into indoor climbing!

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  1. Holy shit do the Russians wear the kit too? That must be fookin spooky when they are shouting to each other,if you ever get a group shot please post it,all the best to ya!!!
  2. What got you into Russian gear,I've been watching a few videos about the Spetsnaz and their weapons just look so dated yet so cool.That Bulgarian compensator for example ugly as fuck and yet.....🖖
  3. Maybe Krytac should just design their own bullpup at least no licencing fees and they can crack on with prototypes and production without too much delay?
  4. Hahaha yeah all I can think is the British army taking these on,Trooping of the colour with the under slung shotgun version would get a few raised eyebrows😮
  5. Holy gun porn Batman!! If they decide to make one of these the Silverback MDR can fuck off
  6. Some good advice here I've found personally that running a pistol only comes in handy when I'm running my AK which is set to semi only due to it still being a bit on the hot side,so once I feel I'm within 20m or rushing someone then out comes the pistol I must admit it is quite satisfying taking someone down with it 😁 Welcome mucka!,good full face pro or eye pro and half mask is a must,decent comfortable boots if you're running around in woodlands or anywhere there is a build up of water I'd recommend some gortex lined ones(wet feet is no fun) the rest of the lads have already given you excellent advice,hope you get into this fun sport🖖
  7. Fuck it you're only here once (life not this forum) as long as you're not hurting other people (off the field) and you're not selling other peoples kidneys to fund your hobby as say go for it you crazy bastards! The one thing I've learnt during my short time with you all is this....never ever ever say"oh I've got X amount to spend on a RIF/gear" it just creates a feeding frenzy as not only do you like spend your hard earned on gear but you're just as happy to do the same with some other fuckers cash too! 🖖
  8. Greetings from England and welcome to the forum 🖖
  9. Daredevil was ace as for the Punisher it was ok,he was not my idea of the Punisher the closest was Ray Stevenson(War Zone) but that movie was flawed too ah well still got my comics to fall back on
  10. That my friend is some coolection you got there,love the L85 with UGL looks fookin awesome!
  11. Sorry thats my high school education showing there😜
  12. My friend please understand in this country we(Airsofters) are very nervous of anything that can make our sport look bad as we know some over zealous MP would just love to base his entire career on getting Airsoft banned to show just how concerned they are for public safety and as an example of how much more they could do for the general public if they were elected,it would make such a great distraction from all the promises that they have made yet have not honoured.Please do not judge this forum or the lads on it they have seen their fair share of idiots and are understandably suspicious,having said that they are fantastic at helping out and have done so for me on many(sorry lads) occasions. I hope this clears things up mate. I still say leave your AK alone for a bit and see how it goes. As for better trigger response if you really have to try a 9.4 nimh battery if you haven't or spend a few euros and swap out to deans connectors run a 11.1 lipo but make sure you have a mosfet fitted to protect your trigger contacts also you'll need a better(safer) charger an IMax is superb but again will cost a few more euros,can you see know why we want you to just run it stock at first? It will not take long to spend quite a lot of money for not that much of a return,take care young man 🖖
  13. All ship shape and Bristol fashion here mate🖖 Are you in the UK? I only ask as your coppers seem mighty tolerant,glad to hear you keep it safe👍
  14. Thanks mucka appreciate your time all the best👍
  15. Please make sure you all have full face protection and its on private land that you have permission to be on so Joe public doesn't 1) get hurt 2) call in armed response.This feels to me its your first time using an airsoft RIF if so dont bother with pimping it untill you find out if you enjoy the sport or not otherwise you're just wasting money Above all BE SAFE AND BE SENSIBLE 🖖
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