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    Krytac LVOA-C,CM.076A,VFC MK18,PX4 Bulldog
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    MARSOC/Force Recon(us woodland),Russian Spetsnaz inspired,Pencott Badlands(URTactical)
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    Lindsey-Airsoft, Revesby Hunting Grounds
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    Besides airsoft I love the outdoors,science fiction,comic books,ancient history,HIIT training,Martial arts,making curry watching Taran tactical Garand Thumb or Chris Costa videos on YouTube amongst a others,starting to take a keen interest in airsoft teching too as well as gaming when the weathers shit

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  1. StayOnTarget

    Gun picture thread

    Very nice indeed
  2. StayOnTarget

    Gun picture thread

    Is that a HK 417,details please🖖
  3. StayOnTarget

    Is making a Royal Marine Loadout Right?

    Your kit should be inspired by the Marines not a direct copy in my opinion,if your trying to stand out from the masses then MTP may not be the best choice of uniform anyway fair enough if you have the upmost respect for the Marines I feel the same way about the lads who fought in the Falklands but I'd never dress in their gear out of respect. For me Airsoft is no different to those who put on the England football kit and go for a kick around on a Sunday morning its dress up and play.
  4. StayOnTarget

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Congratulations you just made me spit my cup of tea all over the laptop,that ass is begging to be full autoed with .3s That comrade is a very nice loadout 👍
  5. StayOnTarget

    What are you driving?

    What am I driving? That would be my wife crazy talking about why I have multiple types of BBs and what the weight difference means I managed to hold her attention for an entire 2 minutes....a bit like foreplay 🙄
  6. StayOnTarget

    Gun picture thread

    Hey furry muff its your taste mucka,how come a gloss varnish and not matte just curious?
  7. StayOnTarget

    Gun picture thread

    Nice they look cool motherfuckers in all that grey,100% accuracy whats that😁 I like to use the word inspired,if you get a moment check out the King he's a bit fucking tasty with the MCX or the Sig mission videos on YouTube if you haven't already,if they ever bring out the Rattler I'm going to get into trouble just love that gun!
  8. StayOnTarget

    Gun picture thread

    CTFO or King of Jordan loadout?
  9. StayOnTarget

    Gun picture thread

    That looks really good I like the worn look and love compacts. Well done! Nice collection you've got love the MAC 10 always think of Snake Pliskin Will you camo it eventually?
  10. StayOnTarget

    Hello everyone

    Welcome,glad your first game was good dont worry about snipers remember you were up against people who know the site and have the experience and probably pretty expensive RIFs to boot,its great fun finding ways to beat them perhaps try flanking attacks or chuck some smoke down you only need to get a short distance towards them then your in beautiful AEG auto fire range a few 1 second bursts and their done,then just keep the pressure on after that,good communication and team work win more games than lone wolf snipers and expensive kit
  11. StayOnTarget

    Lipo batteries

    Thanks Druid thought I'd fucked up there I've got the fancy shmancy Imax charger worth every penny,it all gets shoved inside my fire proof bag when charging and when done all the batteries go in the bag for safe keeping then the night before I give them a top up hopefully this keeps them sweet👍
  12. StayOnTarget

    Lipo batteries

    Just watched a video by BurntWolf top tips and in that he states you should not store your Liops fully charged as this will damage and degrade them WTF? I was told that after a game to charge them up and store in my fire proof bag(7.4s),whats the score here lads?
  13. StayOnTarget

    Eye Pro

    Love my revisions(ants with yellow tint) took a heavy BB hit off a sniper at very questionable range it hit hard enough to send some moisture that was in the bottom on the lens holder splashing into my eyes but not even a blemish on the lens,still have a constant battle with steam though up to now Toothpaste seems king(?) Got Bolle trackers too I use them when I cant be arsed to take the revisions off my helmet they're sound too
  14. StayOnTarget

    Re-kitting up

    If you're still in the forces have you or can you get your hands on some revision glasses(I've got the ants and no thats not a STD) you should be sorted for boot and cammys too if not network brother theres always that bloke who can get you anything(wink wink). So hopefully most of your cash can go on your RIFs £500 is a lot of buying power so enjoy the shopping around bit and keep us informed of what you got. Welcome back to airsoft your bank account will never be the same again👍
  15. StayOnTarget

    Gun picture thread

    That is a very nice stock at first I thought it was an air rifle,£54? that as we say is a fuckin bargain! Are you going to dress it up if so post pics when you're done please🖖