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    Krytac LVOA-C,CM.076A,VFC MK18,G&G M4A1,PX4 Bulldog,TM Glock 17,TM MK23
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    MARSOC/Force Recon(us woodland),Russian Spetsnaz inspired,Pencott Badlands(URTactical)
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    Lindsey-Airsoft, Revesby Hunting Grounds
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    Besides airsoft I love the outdoors,science fiction,comic books,ancient history,HIIT training,Martial arts,making curry watching Taran tactical Garand Thumb or Chris Costa videos on YouTube amongst many many others,starting to take a keen interest in airsoft teching too as well as gaming when the weathers shit and just got back into indoor climbing!

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    Hello I'm hopeing that one of you lovely people have a short outer barrel with the front sight from a G&G CM16 as I've got the long barreled version but would like to swap it to a short then attach a mock suppressor to it,Ive looked on line but the only thing in stock has to come from china and its almost as much as i bought the bloody RIF for. So get in contact and make a few quid from that bit you've chucked away for a rainy day Cheers


  2. Thats very nice indeed I'm on the hunt for one,so.......? πŸ˜‰πŸ––
  3. Welcome to the family,they're great RIFs mate enjoy πŸ––
  4. Any chance one of you gentlemen could link me a E&C page that has prices please as I can only find a catalog one Moocharse Grassyarse πŸ––
  5. Nope I think I was the lucky one that was some seriously nice ALE!!!! I was drinking really you lot are just a bunch of seedy perverts.....probably why I enjoy this forum so much πŸ‘
  6. Novritsch the service was a bit wank(apparently out of stock but no notice on website and no comms to tell me until chased up by moi) but when its finally did arrive I'm impressed,its well made quite heavy and comes with spare foam bafflers which are in two different sizes you follow the description on how to on his site and away you go. It works surprising well to be honest I got it for looks(no really) but it does take the snap out of the end of the barrel(about half the inner barrel is seated inside) all the noise seems to come from the spring now or maybe its just my imagination? Anyhoo hope this helpsπŸ–– My MK18 ran slick and silent(sort of) That looks great,hows the tracer unit after watching a few speedsoft vids they look bloody amazing whats your thoughts? πŸ–– Hmm what about a folding stock if possible keep it all nice and compact or an axe stock or even this https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/kublai-modular-carbine-buttstock?pv=8779 The choice is yoursπŸ‘
  7. Why did you have to post this I'm trying really hard to be good 😑 Oh you wanker the more I look at this the more I want it,its like when I'm fasting and I see a jar of crunchy peanut butter.....god dammit!!! 😭
  8. Have to agree on the Specna arms "Edge" for what you get for your money they look to be freekin excellent,mosfet,2 mags,all metal and revised gearbox I was looking at getting an M4A1 by these but ended up with a barley used G&G version πŸ‘
  9. Had to look this up copy/paste as a tad tippsy Role-playing is the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role. Yeah its all just a lark really,I'm off indoor bouldering in the morning thats people climbing up 5-9 meter walls covered in coloured plastic to the passer by,see where I'm coming from? Great topic BTW dude got some interesting insight into how people view the sport πŸ–– Right I'm off to check out some videos that the "roleplay" search brought upπŸ˜‰
  10. Haha funny got a dirty look from someone when I described milsim as roleplay/cosplay when asked to describe it by a new starter,I mean the guy had shit tons of expensive kit on including Β£1000 plus RIF and glow sticks even though it was a beautiful sunny day(?).I mean to hurt his feelings but come on we're all just dressing up in costumes playing silly games....right?
  11. You know mate thats fair enough,different strokes for different folks,sorry for any misspells got my mouth wrapped around a Hobgoblin 😁
  12. Oh don't get me started Heard someone start whinging when he saw a player with........a HPA!!!!!!
  13. Personally I like the look of it,I dont get why speedsofters get a bad rep I've played with/against them and find they add a great dynamic to the different games that we play and they scare the shit out of snipers who can't get a shot in before they're overrun(they're the best assaulters to have).Come one come all I say πŸ––
  14. Its long,its thick and its black baby! πŸ‘€
  15. Got my fat suppressor today added it to my bitsa M4 πŸ––
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