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    Krytac LVOA-C,VFC MK18,PX4 Bulldog
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    MARSOC/Force Recon and Chris Costa impression including kevlar beard (no more had a shave)
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    Lindsey-Airsoft, Revesby Hunting Grounds
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    Besides airsoft I love the outdoors,science fiction, HIIT training,Martial arts,making curry watching either Taran tactical Garand Thumb or Chris Costa videos on youtube,starting to take a keen interest in airsoft teching too as well as gaming when the weathers shit

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  1. StayOnTarget

    Ar02 camo

    Hello could you tell me what make of trousers those are Regards StayOnTarget
  2. StayOnTarget

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    I know I know just trying to give an example of how it might work mind you my pistol last week when it was cold wasn't laughing 😢
  3. StayOnTarget

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Mate you've brought up a very interesting topic and I do get where your coming from I've seen on YouTube GBB only days and they looked spot on and I think your Idea would be like a more realistic milsim for want of a better word? 1)pistols 15m max range 2)smg 15-25m 3)assault/support 25-50m 4)dmr/snipers 50+ I guess it could be controlled by fps or some thing its just a rough idea they could limit mags and ammo too....I quite like the idea
  4. StayOnTarget

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Oh I get that its just a wish thats all,funny I was at a skirmish got talking to a father and son the young man is well into it and was making plans for a £300+ RIF his dad looks at him in horror "£300"! "yeah" says the lad "christmas and birthday combined" I tell you the youth of today know what they want. Thankfully I managed to get him to see that 1 is none and 2 is 1 (if you can afford it).
  5. StayOnTarget

    Airsoft Youtubers

    Well you certainly dont take yourself seriously....excellent
  6. StayOnTarget

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    So you really dont think Deans and a Mosfet will become standard its a shame as its only at a guess £20 to the manufacturer I know we can DIY or get a tech but then if you use a tech you can kiss goodbye to at least £90+ which bumps a cheap RIF to over £150+ As for the Bang rule please god make it go away
  7. StayOnTarget

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Most of the time no I'm not serious at all but on this yeah I am most of us have 2+ RIFs its smart to have a back up anyway as not matter what you've got there is no guarantee it wont fail on you for ton of reasons.I just find it sad when a player walks off due to no back up I even offered my own but you can see they're pissed off and just want to go.This also has a knock on effect of imbalanced teams which can be a fucking drag too,my second RIF will be here next week now having been badly let down by my local retailer,cant wait to field it as having a back up will defiantly give me a lot more confidence.
  8. StayOnTarget

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    What would I like to see in airsoft? 1) The bang bang rule gone(either offer surrender,knife kill or just shoot me) 2) A minimum of 2 RIFs per walk on{its crap eo see someone go home as they only have the one and it spoils the teams dynamic) 3) As others have said an Airsoft licence 4)Deans,Mosfet and 2 midcaps as standard to all new RIFs 5) A charity skirmish or 2 would be good all proceeds going to our excellent armed forces folk who without them we would not get to live our lives in relative peace and freedom
  9. StayOnTarget

    Airsoft Youtubers

    Hahaha if I ever get assaulted by a rubber chicken I'll know who did it(would it be classed as a kill?) As others have suggested first and foremost enjoy yourself I love gear reviews and I'm always interested in site reviews too so you could try doing all three together eg you went to so and so site with this loadout what you liked what you didnt how your RIF performed etc.Also you could accept challenges like others have said from your subscribers weather that be literally or they choose a loadout from what you have available then you film trying to do it? I wish you the best of luck
  10. StayOnTarget

    Testing BBs

    Thank you for this topic very interesting indeed it appealed to the nerd in me. Cheers!!
  11. StayOnTarget

    Gun picture thread

    I hate you right now I've spent my pocket money already but am now looking at you're ICS see what prices they go for I was going to build something along the lines of the MCX Rattler as there isnt one in airsoft but now I see this all I'd need is a folding stock and I'm one happy bunny Nice one!!!
  12. StayOnTarget

    Gun picture thread

    Ah right thats a real shame I love the short mag look been looking for some too but they seem to be either discontinued or hi caps,I'll keep looking if I get any luck I'll message you if you want and if you'd do the same I'd appreciate it.....you could see if theres a way to warm up the glue??? All the best to you
  13. StayOnTarget

    Gun picture thread

    Thats really nice indeed have you skirmished it yet how was it if you have,as for the springs in the VN mags have you tried a little stretch did it with some old Pmags and was pleased with the results. Cheers
  14. StayOnTarget

    Minimum age in airsoft

    Its a good point I think it just depends on there general attitude played a game recently where a young lad (13) knew the site way better than me so I appointed him team leader he was a good lad and a better sport than most adults I've crossed paths with. If they are younger then thats on the parent to keep them in line,safe and for that matter teach them about good sportsmanship
  15. StayOnTarget

    Tokyo Marui recoil Mk.46 Mod.0

    Oh god no!!!! I had plans on a reasonably priced m249 now this has shown up....how much can one get for a kidney these days?