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    Krytac LVOA-C,CM.076A,VFC MK18,G&G M4A1,KA FN FAL PARA carbine,TM Glock 17,TM MK23
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    US Woodland,Pencott Badlands(URTactical),Tigerstripe
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    Besides airsoft I love the outdoors,science fiction,comic books,ancient history,GIT training,Martial arts,making curry,watching videos on YouTube,starting to take a keen interest in airsoft teching too as well as gaming when the weathers shit and just got back into indoor climbing!

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  1. Holy shit cant belive its a springer πŸ‘
  2. Hello mate just found this,not long ago I paid Β£240 for a KA FN FAL PARA carbine with 7 midcaps this included postage and I'm very happy with that purchase,your FN with its RS parts could command a good price as they are becoming very popular as more people are looking for something other than M4/AK RIFs and there is a lot of interest in the Rhodesian bush wars (me included) So I'm going to say Β£300 with postage I'm slightly peeved TBH as I'm running my collection down to just a couple and seeing this isnt helping at all!!! Hope this helps πŸ‘
  3. Oh yeah!! Getting Wild Geese vibes off that beauty,have you fielded it yet? 🀘
  4. As far as I'm aware the UKARA is to buy a RIF without that lovely Green,OrangeBlue etc paint job from retailers and secondhand dealers(if they are sensible). As for parts for your TM pistol as an example just look on ebay the retailers there dont ask for UKARA,I've bought a decent amount of parts from all over the place and never been asked I even once toyed with the idea of building a RIF from the ground up but it can get pricey and as I'm a member of a site thats my defence if stopped not that that should happen as everything is in bags in the boot of my car I dont wear camo on my top half and go straight to the site no stopping for snacks or anything I have to say I really dont like to see people in camo/military uniform in public places anyway this goes back to being well schooled by the excellent NCOs of Pirbright that you were a target for terroists when in uniform and therefore a risk to joe public as well as yourself Ok rant over I hope this helps πŸ––
  5. Squirt it on rub it in leave to dry rub it off 😳😁 You're trying to hard nothing wrong with that but run when necessary a fast walk can be better and a slow stalk is better still just depends on objective,terrain and the role you are playing Try a wire mesh lower you only get one set of teeth I've had the moisture that gathers on the wire splash me in the face multiple times due to hits I walk away smiling my teeth not looking like a picket fence...know what I mean? πŸ‘
  6. Agree with EDcase I will add shaving gel for the fogging put it on the lenses leave it to dry if you have time then wipe off on game day...sorted
  7. Yeah it is what I'm thinking Β£250 with p&p + fees Again thank you fro your time πŸ‘
  8. Thank you for the input mate,I see where you're coming from it does have its box so yeah the devil is in the details All the best πŸ‘
  9. G&G all the way absolute work horses πŸ‘
  10. Really? What about the rest and remember the p&p will be included in the priceπŸ––
  11. Two TM ones they are leak free and work spot on throwing in holster and mag pouch as per picture
  12. Seriously? The thing is would it shift? Nice oneπŸ‘
  13. Good lord!!! Thats nice too bad I'm compressing my collection ☹️ Yes we are....has anyone got a Kleenex 😳
  14. Nope nothing wrong at all in due course will put up video,just figured there are a lot of G17 out there and thought good price for quick sale? Hey thank you for your time and advice its appreciated πŸ‘
  15. Make/brand: Krytac LVOA,VFC MK18,CYMA AK,TM G17. Any accessories included: Krytac LVOA(5 G&G midcaps + red dot)VFC MK18( longer inner barrel(G&G),mock suppressor,4 PTS PMAGs,red dot,mosfet,ARP9 upper with own barrel +hop unit)CYMA AK(8 midcaps,scope,2 flash hiders+battery)TM G17(2 leak free mags(TM) holster,mag pouch) Pictures: Picture below,the usual wear and tear on all,the CYMA front end has been glued in place nothing sinister just got fed up with annoying rattle after changing to longer barrel,all shoot fine I'm going to chrono and fps this weekend at my local site. All advice welcome as this is my first time doing this so want it right also prices will include p&p plus fees as I want everything upfront.I'm after quick fair sales here so please bare in mind Prices I have in mind Krytac Β£250 all in VFC Β£160 CYMA Β£130 TM Β£60 What do you think fellas? As always thank you for your time πŸ––
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