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    Krytac LVOA-C,CM.076A,VFC MK18,G&G M4A1,PX4 Bulldog,TM Glock 17,TM MK23
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    MARSOC/Force Recon(us woodland),Russian Spetsnaz inspired,Pencott Badlands(URTactical)
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    Besides airsoft I love the outdoors,science fiction,comic books,ancient history,HIIT training,Martial arts,making curry watching Taran tactical Garand Thumb or Chris Costa videos on YouTube amongst many many others,starting to take a keen interest in airsoft teching too as well as gaming when the weathers shit and just got back into indoor climbing!

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  1. Communication baby is the success to all,even when you or your team mates give a nice loud "hit" it all helps even better if the opposite team does too 😉 and have a bit of a plan the less complicated the better 🖖
  2. You make a very valued argument and thanks for the video link.Ok my only gripe with this are the fibre optic sights but that is purely personal I wouldnt have them on anything(I even removed them from my air pistol),I've got a Nov suppressor and I'm very happy with it and the build quality so come the sad sad day when my TM MK23(only upgrade I've done is straw hop) dies or god forbid I loose it I would buy this without hesitation and replace the sights🖖
  3. X Xenomorph blaster This made me touch myself inappropriately (yes I used spell check)
  4. Said this multiple time but I do love futuristic looking RIFs,nice one for posting🖖
  5. Hey buddy are the Army Armaments worth a go as I fancy building a Big Boss (metal gear solid) 1911 and its a throw up between a secondhand TM MEU or AA R30 brand new both the same price,love your input if you can spare me a minute sometime 🖖
  6. Wheres the hideous Bulgarian compensator? I like the idea of you making your own grip if you go down this road a few pics would be awesome🖖 I'm not a big fan of SCARs but these look friggen great I've got a bit of a thing for slightly futuristic weapons and these two bad boys tick that box 😉
  7. That MAC is fucking ace did you put the wear in on the suppressor or is it natural🖖
  8. Tell your mate to sell his RIF on one of the many forums online failing that what about putting up a sign at the site where he Airsofts that way at least he'll know its going to(hopefully) a legit player Its simply not worth the risk and ask your friend if he could live with the consequences if someone came to harm just over a quick easy sale? Remember its our sport that gets put in the spotlight every time some cunt fucks around with a RIF and thats on him too 🖖
  9. You Know I really like this,always loved Billys M16/mossberg(?) combo in Predator,one of my all time favorite movies so this does bring a smile to my face Nice one🖖
  10. The bit that caught my eye was the 1000m-1400m target shooting and highland red-deer shooting most impressive. Remember not long ago watching a vid on the creedmoor vs 308,while I dont own a firearm I'm still interested in the innovation of not just the weapons but the ammo too 🖖 Excuse ignorance but AEG or GBBR? either way that is a solid looking RIF
  11. That my friend is most sexy😉
  12. Sweet baby Jesus so you're a bit of a collector then😁 out of interest what torch is that on the MP5 SAS? God i camt stop looking at your SLR 🤤 My very humble collection..oh I like comics too 👍
  13. Nice one,yep got house sparrows living in the roof 4 family's 2 in the front 1 on the side 1 at the back they keep all the pests down on the plants and eat me out of house and home too!!
  14. Whats the Airsofting like out in SA? Loved Durban beach probably my favorite,had 2 great holidays out there such a beautiful country🖖 I'm so glad I bothered to look down the rest of this post before asking you for some pics,oh and you're a better photographer than you think,great shots mate🖖 Fantastic picture,got fed up of 4 of these buggers fighting over a feeder so bought a brand spanker so they could all have a feeding post each(2 posts on each feeder). Now they fight over the new feeder.....good grief🙄
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