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  1. Borrow some .43s and see how it measures up. It may just pull you under by those extra couple FPS and then after a day shooting like a loon on .43 your spring may sag just enough to break out the .45s again.
  2. Sounds like the hop rubber is gripping on to the nozzle. Likely caused by the upgrades. A simple and cheap fix would be an upgraded nozzle return spring. 140% AIP ones are £5 for 3. You aren't using cheap ammo are you? Would explain why it worked for them but not you. The mags is a fairly common thing, vent it, remove bottom, regrease and put back together, standard maintenance.
  3. Always measure your FPS with the hop set to lift your chosen weight. That way you won't get caught out by joule creep and you can really push up to where you want to be. Do it with the hop set as the seal will vary depending on how much pressure is applied. An example for you, my SRS shoots 317 with a 0.48g (so near 490(ish) fps if you convert it), last time at Matlock I was asked to "test" some eye pro and shot it point blank range however I was asked to shoot it with 0.2's and then following shooting the eyepro was asked to chrono, I went through at 430fps. That's a failry l
  4. A site review from my recent trip to Skirmish Leicester. Enkoy!

  5. Apologies, I completely missed that bit lol Can't you just get a Primary adapter for glock to mp5 mags and run your AAP?
  6. ARP556?? Retains everything you like about the ARP9 but swaps out to the 5.56 platform. It is more or less the same gun. G&G hopups are meh but can be swapped for a ZCI rotary to sort them cheaply. FWIW I recently had a small surplus and was really interested in the ARP series, ended up with a CM16 SRS due to it being similar if not lighter than ARP556 and it costs a lot less. Yeha it has a 7" front end opposed to 5" but if I'm playing in areas that tight I'm on the pistol anyway.
  7. No. Elite Shooting Centre aka Mike Cripps place.
  8. Grab a normal Hi-Capa 5.1. Stick in a leightweight BBU, short stroke kit and 120% recoil spring and you're set. Even if you splash out and get an ESC barrel upgrade you're still under £200 and it will shoot better, faster and be more reliable than anything else for similar pricing. 4.3's can be difficult to get some parts for (slides and outer barrels looking at). D.O.R's aren't compatible with normal 5.1 so again parts and upgrade availability is diminished. AA R501 is effectively a 4.3 but you're starting at AA tier so it won't shoot brilliantly and the metal slide altho
  9. My SRS has hit it's "final" version. This weekend was insane!! As the day wore on the new R-Hop patch bedded it's way in progressively needing less and less pressure to be applied. By the end of the day it was almost at the point where I didn't need to watch the BB fly, if the crosshair was on it, it was gone! SRS A1 GSPEC FAST hop, PDI 370x6.05 inner barrel, DTSS suppressor with internal barrel support (also SBA), Faceless 60deg R-Hop patch, SBA 70deg bucking modified for rhop, Facelss FOW nub, SBA v1.VMP with 1 aluminium collar, Faceless mousefart piston head, Rapax 2J
  10. Hate it when you've packed the car and are ready 10 minutes early. Feels like you've forgotton something.

    1. Shamal


      Haha and you generally have!!


  11. Arrived an hour or so ago. CM16 SRS in Battleship Grey. This is my new "project" gun. Granted it's currently 3rd in line but couldn't resist at the price.
  12. Happy end to my story. SRS arrived this morning. 2 weeks after ordering. I hadn't heard from Extreme, called them up to let them know and put this whole saga to bed. Looking forward to playing with my shiny new toy.
  13. I did try to speak with the courier via the contact page (all phone numbers were automated) as I just wanted to get my parcel. They wouldn't speak to me as the consignment was booked through a 3rd party and referred me to them. I called Extreme up and spoke to Chris who certainly sounded a lot more concerned and said he'd chase it up. An hour later I had a call, parcel is indeed in the Coventry depot and courier are working to get it on track again and will update me tomorrow. Firstly I hope I have it for the weekend. Secondly, I'm a huge believer in a judge of com
  14. No and I don't but I can blame them for giving 0 Fs and not trying to remedy the situation.
  15. £420 shipped for something I ordered for £169 last week (and mine's new in single tone battleship grey) 🤣
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