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  1. Hello buddy I pm you back :)

    1. Steveocee


      @Seany43 Just PM'd you back bud.

  2. Why bother? The G18 will empty it's mag in 2 seconds, if you can't hit someone with that then you need to take up croquet lol
  3. Sounds good. Effective range you'd likely get another 20-30m out of it, especially with heavier ammo as well. Wouldn't worry about the .28s, likely over hopping them into next year lol. Sounds like it's really shaping up now.
  4. Seeing some sites opening in June. Surely this can't be right?

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    2. Cr0-Magnon


      Woodland sites in Scotland are just working out the finer details and then they are free to reopen.

    3. FreeFrag.UK


      I read through the requirements outlined on the BBC for competitive sports and it included a requirement for testing facilities at the point of entry along with a myriad of other things which to me would indicate it's a bit of premature move. I guess it's just a case of "wait and see" but to be honest I can't see myself returning until things have settled considerably.

    4. Albiscuit


      As much as I want to play, I would be inclined to wait until it’s advised and likely to be back to normal. I get some places are able to host smaller groups etc but 3v3 or games with squads of 6 in a woodland setting do not appeal to me. 
      I think returning for the sale of returning early would cause more issues personally.

  5. TM is supposedly "nicer" quality but if you rip most of the internals out then copy all the way. You can use a TM in it's standard form with just a TDC and get superb results.
  6. I'll be super angry if the stti is wide enough. I have a 133 in my stti and drilled my asg to get the 150 in. If I could have swapped I'll be annoyed, not going to try it for my own sanity. 8mm drill bit but you need to give it a bit of a wiggle to make sure, unused the standard barrel to test the gap rather than scratching up my bling.
  7. @MiK Quite a bit first time apart. I give mine a bit of top to bottom wiggle as well which normally helps. It'll ease up after a few separations.
  8. @MiK Looking good, only adjustment I would personally make is swapping the MR hop for an Autobot. The MR has some sealing issues and side by side there is virtually no difference from the Autobot in terms of accuracy (and the auto has been around a while and is a very trusted platform). There is an argument to try a 70 or 75 shore bucking as well. I personally run a 75 in my VSR and it's always been spot on but fully understand why a softer rubber can help. For the price maybe keep a 60 MR and take a punt on the crazy forum guy spouting about 70/75 autobots? ***Do hope we'll get some pics and progress/build pics.
  9. @MiK, There are 2 diameters used for VSR parts. The "normal" which is to suit a spring with inside diameter 7mm and outside diameter 11mm. This is what Laylax, Action Army and a few others use. There is also the wider 9mm inside and 13mm outside which is mostly used by PDI and AirsoftPro. Wider spring means in theory it is easier to pull. Recent snipers, namely SRS and SSG share spring dimensions and the Rapax 2J is your "go to" elite tier option. They are best fit, tightest tolerance and consistent from coil to coil and don't loose as much power over their life. The 2 sizes aren't cross compatible bit ASP did do a trick where they provided a sleeve for their spring guide so you could use either spring (but they provide the wider in their kits now).
  10. This person was flagged up a few pages back. Either a site owner or event organiser as there was recently a thread about some ideas for games (it was a link by me but I've been to sleep since then).
  11. If you end up in a position to use an APS2 width spring, go for a Rapax 2J all day long. Then just shim or shorten to suit.
  12. GSPEC but run a Pro length inner barrel into the suppressor. The 430mm barrel LOVES 0.43g and you get a bit of suppression as well as a really good piston/barrel ratio.
  13. First hand advice, be careful with your nozzle return spring. I went to stretch mine as explained on the onmymk site and was a touch heavy handed. The 2" spring is now 2 feet and tied up in a knot in the bin. Have had to order a Wii tech upgrade from skirmshop.nl to replace it. Blooming postage is more than the part!
  14. Perfect that mate 😍. The spring may bed down a little as it hasn't been used for a while but you're right where you want to be. Just need lockdown to do 1 so we can go play.
  15. This just means that even with hop off you are still just contacting the BB so there is enough resistance to stop them rolling out. FPS increasing as you add hop is normal as the seal improves. With your barrel you should look into 0.46 or 0.48s 🤓
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