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  1. Since posting the above I just received my order. 6 days from ordering to delivery, painless. No vat (as less than £135) and no import fees. There is hope yet!
  2. You'd probably need to sand that as the tape wouldn't adhere very well to a stippled surface.
  3. Joined the battlecat preorder club with you. Your capas are looking mighty fine!
  4. R8 are shopping again though now, I have noticed that postage has doubled (£5 to £10) but I couldn't give a monkeys when they have what I want and nobody else does.
  5. @emilianoksa You can go straight over the stock stuff. (Video wasn't taken for purpose of showing grip but you get the idea). VID-20210106-WA0001.mp4
  6. 34 seconds of your time, watch, then another 2 seconds to like and sub 💘
  7. 34 seconds to watch. 1 to Like, 1 to Sub.


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    2. jcheeseright


      I couldn't take 34 seconds of the soundtrack, if I had been previously subbed I'd have probably deleted my youtube account and started again. 

    3. Steveocee


      @miserydrift thank you 🙏

      @jcheeseright I assure you it's just as good if you mute it! Future plans are full game vids to have voiceovers bit small montages to have "varying" soundtracks, already been flagged for copyright so only matter of time before it gets removed.

    4. MiK


      Steve - where do you live ??? I need to destroy your Muzak collection for the sake of these forums and YOOOOTOOOBE :P

  8. Ran a ZCI with a SBA 60 in a FAST for a game or 2. Worked well enough. Barrel is a step down in quality to be honest and the MR hop bucking is designed for the maple leaf barrels.
  9. I bit. Purple on order. I just feel I "need" one of these Battlecats in my life lol. Also R8 look to be a bit easier going now, announced they are shipping again and charging £10 for postage so hopefully it comes through in ok time.
  10. After trying some different parts and upgrades, I managed to find more stuff to waffle on about with the Golden Eagle Hi Capa pistols!
  11. Meant the hop mate, you said you have a couple of prowins and a prommy lying about 👍
  12. @Enid_Puceflange I sold mine last week for £30 delivered (cost me £3.40 for delivery) Don't seem to be able to get them at the moment and yes they are better than stock mk23 suppressors but they're a bit wider and I find they add a fair bit of weight as well.
  13. Order has to be over £135 to the UK.
  14. Safe bet is 60-70% of RRP for the gun. Accessories are mostly just selling points (rather than cash flow generators). Parcelforce would take a RIF for you but I would advise against posting lipos.
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