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  1. No it doesn't. The sear you remove is what allows the manual cock function.
  2. A paintball tank will hold either 3000 or 4500 psi, the reg on the tank takes an input of up to 4500 and outputs at 800. You then attach an "airsoft" regulator on top of that which is input 800 and output variable 0-200. Airtac have just rebranded the Oxygen/Balystik reg's so that would be a good starting place as generally they are pretty solid. If you wanted something better than Wolverine do the Storm Cat5, Polarstar do the MRS micro and Redline (my personal favourite) do the SFR Mini. All are solid choices and you'll find lots of happy users all willing to bitch about the others. If your rifle is a "green gas" rifle then the max pressure for green is about 120psi but that's usually on a Texan day in summer, in the uk we're lucky to reach 100psi on it so absolutely start the reg at 100psi but try not to go past 120. If they reckon do 100 for some recoil then adjust NPAS for FPS then go with that. Tippmann gives a false representation of the airsoft HPA world as they lean on the paintball arm of the business so a lot of people come over thinking 800psi is the norm. It really isn't.
  3. Gets rid of that half cock "feature". Smoother trigger pull and more consistent when firing.
  4. The TM MK23 is probably the best fit for you. They "can" be upgraded to do some pretty mental stuff but a stock TM Mk23 is very quiet and will happily flick a 28 at least 30 metres without any fuss. When you start looking at clones, STTi, ASG and Novi - They are that, a "clone" and for the most part, genuinely all the same gun. I wouldn't brand Novi stuff as "bad" more that it's sold as "ready" out the box and people get miffed if they need to do anything, he sells box loads so there will always be bad feedback flying around compared to those qho quietly buy an STTi for £40 and expect a long build up. I'v personally had 3 STTi's, an ASG and have finally settled on a TM. I've done some mods, Hadron TDC, flamingo bucking, SBA suppressor and removed the 2 stage sear and I'm very happy with it as it is ultimately "just" a sidearm backup pistol.
  5. WE mags will work however you probably won't get quite as good performance out of them. I have and occasionally use a WE extended mag in mine (as the TM extended is expensive and the parts are crap). I grabbed a WE and swapped out the feed lips, follower and router and it's been great.
  6. Yes it'll fit absolutely fine. All of the parts from Novi are interchangeable with the other clone versions such as the STTi and ASG. I dare say the parts will also pit onto the TM but you wouldn't want to dirty it like that lol
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