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  1. Same here. Has been the case for about 2 years now as well. Having said that, 3 round burst is probably more hassle than it's worth.
  2. You need the programming box. There is no way around it. I own 2 EFCS Amoeba's also and it is somewhat of an annoyance.
  3. For dual supply the ASG as mentioned is a firm choice. What makes you "want" dual gas? A TM Hi-Capa can perform all year around on Green gas with no issues which would be a firm suggestion had you not needed CO2
  4. You're doing it wrong. https://jdairsoft.net/trmr/bases-and-blanks/wadie-315-blank-cartridge-50pcs JD used to do the adapter for £5 as well. Immense sound!
  5. I would agree with the above. The Nuprol is probably ok for a first gun but nothing you want to upgrade unless you are totally rebuilding from the ground up at which point cost wise you may as well but a new "decent" gun and use it out the box or just build one from scratch. If you haven't really played with the inners before then I'd probably recommend getting the new gun then learning on the Nuprol, strip, rebuild, test. Your rebuild will likely be better put together than factory.
  6. The zci has brought me back shot to shot consistency. It may be the pro win needed tinkering to get perfect. When I installed it I just threw it in expecting an easy swap. This time I've gone full on obsessive lol A touch of oil on the o ring that the adjuster sits on will fix the stiffness however once your hop is set of argue there isn't a lot of adjustment needed. Mag well will be fine, there is an amount of lenience in there.
  7. The spring in a biro clicky pen fits brilliantly. Just been through a similar shenanigan with my am-008. Ended up swapping to a ZCI plastic, same theories apply (the pro win would fire 3 then float one out). Mine was a combination of issues, maple bucking with long lips, i hadn’t fully seated the barrel, we're talking .x of a mm but it was enough to make a difference and then my frustration at stripping it and testing 8 times over. Also if you have slight feeding issues, pushing the hop back onto the gearbox harder will only make that worse. Now reliable shot to shot. Chronod at 300 with 0.25s and will get the hop set when next on field (FPS may increase a little as I think it will overhop as it is)
  8. Only 58, 60 & 62 are unlicensed though! Watch it for that light license for 64Ghz. Still distance is limited, sure maybe 4Km with 66Ghz but that's theoretical best case and only 1Gb max speed. 10Gb is here so aim higher 😂 Love that you know about 60Ghz so I'm sold! I'm on board 👍
  9. I kind of like the angle you are coming from, you do sound absolutely crackers the methodology in doing so but it is nice to see someone trying to raise the bar. A good site doesn’t need bells, whistles and USPs though. Good game ideas with a good layout complimented by well organised and fair marshalling. Maybe decent food and toilets that don’t look like they’ve been through a 4 week festival. People will repeat visit from good experiences, not because the app showed them what time lunch was or because the rental who shot them had the same bucking as them. Free WiFi would be a mega start! All these sites in the middle of nowhere with no mobile signal need connectivity!
  10. A standard VSR will be fine. Don't get too caught up in getting every last FPS out of it within your limit. The hop is brilliant and you'll out range AEGs if you choose your ammo well. A ML autobot bucking, concave hop arm and crazy jet barrel will have you in the right direction. Could go tighter bore on the barrel to gain a few FPS back but not worth the risk of going over.
  11. I feel bad for pointing it out but I bet you use the phrase within the next week 😎
  12. Had to read that through twice, surely you mean sportsmanship? Gamesmanship is the opposite 😂
  13. I don't think it was taken on board. Unfortunately not a speedsofter. Had problems overcoming an issue that I didn't encounter as I had planned well.
  14. Had something happen this weekend that I've never experienced before. I'll give a brief description of both instances then wait for replies. Same player in both, player was on opposite team. Instance 1; Tracked opposing player for a way, he showed himself, I shot, hit, no hand went up, shot again, possibly missed as I heard a crack but hand still didn't go up. I was a bit naughty next, lifted my aim a bit and let a third one off, definitely hit (there was a bit of a squeal) although hand still didn't go up. Player then walked over to nearby barricade and started trying to have a conversation about which sniper I had and comparing like for like, what he was using, you know, normal safe zone banter but mid game. I'm for having a good banter but not mid game. Instance 2; I'm already alerted to this individual, he puts both hands up, comes out of bunker walking towards us shouting "parlee". 2 of his team mates are walking behind him and are still guns up so I shot both of them and then a quick shout to player asking if he's dead or not? He continues shouting "parlee" and not being taken for a fool I put one into him as well to make sure (I don't do parlee). Weirdest thing now is he came into our bunker and did the same again, started to have a conversation with a player of ours, BBs wizzing all around them, he was really trying to engage our guy in a convo, he let out quickly, "if I wanted to kill you I could have done" to which my reply was "no you wouldn't, I popped you as you were walking towards us" but still another mid game attempt at conversation and he even pulled his gun up and started shooting back at his own team !?!?!?! I'm totally perplexed by this. Not angry or cheesed off, just really didn't understand it other than being totally oblivious to other people wanting to play airsoft on a game day or a meagre attempt at trying to recon the enemy team from up close. I'll give him, he was actually alright, we had a good convo about filing the bridge off a barrel to use a ML bucking on a VSR as we were walking back to safe zone. Wouldn't have minded the full conversation out of a game and would probably have been a lot more forthcoming with my responses. Thoughts? Feelings? Responses?
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