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  1. Airsofters are Airsoft's worst enemy.

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Math checks out, no notes

    2. Rogerborg
    3. Leo Greer

      Leo Greer

      This is correct.


      *proceeds to go throw his gnu in the lake and scream about players not calling hits*

  2. HPA bundles are about half that new.
  3. Shame they're heapening the range. They made them well from the off, seems they're compromising now to regain market share.
  4. Sadly..... You're still a "a little bittle kid" in the eyes of the law even though you likely have some fluff on your top lip now. Also a point to consider - if you live in your dads house, you need to live by his rules, he may have his own prejudices against it regardless to the legalities. Take him to a skirmish for the day, bit of bonding, you never know he may get the bug and then you'll have all the guns you want.
  5. Silverback VMP but install a SniperUpgrades mousefart on the front end of it. Even now people know SRS are quiet, I still get comments on how quiet it is. Mega consistent as it uses an O-ring to seal and not a cup. **Also, dry lube is fine on your cylinder but use the normal grease on your existing cup and FPS should come back up.
  6. Ares Amoeba do a nice low profile but personally, I have a set of EPM1S's and they've been fine, when I got them I quarter loaded and left them for 24 hours, then half loaded for another 24 hours, 3/4 loaded and finally fully loaded for 24 hours. Have been absolutely golden every time I've used them.
  7. So I might have decided to buy an Article1....

  8. More CQB goodness with an ass shot!
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