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  1. First gameplay video of the year. Hopefully the last potato quality video as well so like D:REAM prophecised, things can only get better.
  2. A celebratory and excited return to Airsoft so thought I'd share some of my non-shooty kit. Yes there is a slight inspiration from our very own @GAMBLE here as he's covered some loadout videos recently but imitation is genuinely one of the highest forms of flattery 😎
  3. For a tight CQB all you really need is a tapped extended mag with a speedloader in your pocket. That is the very boring answer though. When I played The Department last year one of the locals was running a drum mag, I appreciate they would be good for a purpose but I guess it depends on if you single fire or suppress?
  4. I guess they will get here when they arrive. I bought a new 4.3 yesterday to use the slide with. My older 4.3 that I was going to use has some rough edges which I just wasn't going to be happy with so my thinking is transfer the upgraded parts onto the new one which will then have the battlecat and the older one will get the "spare upgrade parts" plus a couple new goodies and be my dedicated non-gucci hi capa for sniper side arm duties. Just means I'll be hammering HCH for other parts until the battlecat arrives lol
  5. Hopefully it will be that they are on their way to Kyle lol
  6. Balystik reg will do dual line no problems. you could tap your mags for cheap dual wielding but I've heard it isn't as effective or fun as you'd think. I absolutely guarantee you that the Battlecats are blocking the suez right now. That's just the luck we've had with them.
  7. Unless it's filtered, dont hand pump. You get moisture in the tank and it'll rot from the inside. Speedsofting is easy, overshoot rentals, if you get shot call 50/50 and always, always carry a pack of tissues to offer up to the mil simmers.
  8. Fan boi'ing aside, HPA gives a far more consistent and cleaner propellant in a hi capa (well most gbb's). The M4 mag thing does get frowned at but you need to use one to appreciate it and then it just becomes "your thing" and you end up "that guy". A fried of mine, staunchly against HPA and certainly against M4 mags into pistols played 1 day against me using mine and was sold.
  9. You're just living in the past man. Join the dark side @Alimcd
  10. If you can cancel the Tapp adapter. Cancel it. Tapp are know for feed issues, Primary adapter is where you want to be looking. Similar price, far better product. M4 mags in a pistol is fine. It's functional, efficient and if you already have M4 mags why go elsewhere? I just got some EPM1's for mine. So much awesomeness lol
  11. Gas routers are one component to this. The TM mags may require a stronger hammer spring to get more from them.
  12. @Alimcdyou won't look back. This is the way!
  13. Another week and another video, cannot wait to start getting some gameplay going but for now, let's have a look at my AAP01 in it's current form. Also a bonus video, been working on that Golden Match again, chronoing on 0.25's at 80psi, this thing should be called vindaloo it's that spicy lol
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