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  1. First outing with a DMR this weekend. Wow! now I need to spend big bucks on 36's as the 32's just seemed to be falling short.

    1. Rogerborg


      Mmm, there's quite a jump in price between .32 and .36, I'm still too cheap to make the leap.  If you splash the cash, it would be great to get an airsoft-metres estimate of how much more effective range you see from them.

    2. Steveocee


      @Rogerborg I was looking at pricing last night, 32s about £15 for 3000, 36's I was like oooo £18 that's not bad, yeah for 1000 not 3000 😐 Comparitive brand. Cheapest I've found so far is Blaster Devils for £23 for 3000.
      Site I played was a 450 DMR limit, I want to see how different a 400 site feels with the same 32's.

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      @Rogerborg to answer your question with the ol' range study spreadsheet @400fps equivalence (1.49j) .36's come out at 1.88m further for the "effective range" criteria, which is a hop set for 20cm of rise and the range calculated for when the bb drops back down to the firing level.


      0.48's using the same criteria are 6.21m further.


      of course that's assuming that the extra hop needed isn't dropping the energy, which in reality may or may not end up being more important than the theoretical improvement.


  2. New pistol time! Tried another new audio/video setup as well.
  3. But there's already one...... https://discord.gg/pMVMFvC7
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    TRMR Multishot - Patrol Bronze. Decent condition. £100 delivered to your door.


    Ripley - GB

  5. Without sounding too brutal, you're not going to be able to just say you're going to use it for IPSC and be able to order a RIF. The retailer will absolutely want to see proof and likely take a long suck through the teeth whilst they contemplate it. Pro tip though.....SPEAK TO THE RETAILER YOU'RE THINKING OF USING. We're not all Septic Pegg and we don't know what you're thinking of buying or from where, why ask the internet when you can get the information credibly first hand from a simple phone call?
  6. Rocking a prototype 3D printed build, lets have a look!

    • For sale
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    Umarex HK G28 AEG Still got the original box. Prometheus inner barrel and modify flat hopped, doing 393 with a 0.2. the perfect DMR. Comes with 2 midcaps and a high cap (pictured) includes scope mount and reducer rings. Collection preferred.


    , Derbyshire

  8. New gameplay now live ! @Rogerborg has already picked me up on a bad habit so please go easy 🥺


    1. Rogerborg


      That guy's a dick though, I wouldn't pay any attention to him and his bitter ranting.  That looks like a really fun site and game.

  9. Will be lucky. The WE capas are not TM spec so whilst I'm not saying you won't. Most parts are designed to be TM replacement.
  10. A very action packed domination is up this week. Objectives?
  11. Valkyrie Olight PL2 is probably the answer lol
  12. That's bloody awful even for an Umarex.
  13. Will be equally as accurate however have you thought about just adapting an M4 you already have and like with something like this? https://www.badas.design/shop
  14. Back on the tech bench this week, looking at how I put my suppressors together. By no means am I saying this is "the" best method but it works great for me.
  15. The question I'd ask is, can you take a compressor to and run it at site? Probably not. A 48Ci steely like most of us buy needs to be topped up several times throughout the day. You would be far better off spending the same money on a decent air rifle type cylinder and then paying £5 every 3-4 games to get it filled by someone with a multi thousand pounds compressor than trying to jerry rig a noisy and dangerous unit at site.
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