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  1. What is this "getting rid of" that you speak of?
  2. I bought my G18C along with a CrazyJet, I-key and Autobot 60 rubber. In hindsight as it's a TM I probably didn't need to but it does hop 0.28's with virtually no hop applied. I can't say the barrel revolutionised my life and to be fair it's a sidearm which is used when someone is within my MED (I snipe) so can't comment on range. I can say the barrel works, best thing since sliced bread? It's not a miracle. If I was to buy again I'd probably go for a 6.01/6.03 tightbore to get the FPS increase to offset using heavier ammo.
  3. 2hrs on my Mk23 last night. I have a brass screw in each mag and a non sticky trigger to show for it.

    1. Skara


      What did you do?


      Haven't had that issue yet on my novyboiiii23, but I haven't actually used it that much.

    2. Steveocee


      The follower is really difficult to hold back so filed down the moulded plastic and then popped a small brass screw in each. Also took a bit more off the feed lips as the trigger was a bit sticky. 

      If I hold the mag whilst shooting it jams a bit now but otherwise it's fine.

  4. https://www.skirmshop.co.uk/rwa-600ml-green-gas.html As it's plastic slide TM I wouldn't put anything stronger than Green in.
  5. Used my GM yesterday, it was milder than it has been but still about 6-7 degrees in the woods. Managed to get about 15-16 shots off from a fully gassed up mag before they started dropping off, you could hear from the start that it was a bit bogged down and not as snappy as normal. Weirdly my 5.1 mag didn't hold up as well as my two 4.3 mags.
  6. Amazing day of pew-pew at NPF today, haven't enjoyed airsoft like that for a long time!

    1. Skara


      I wish I could say the same.

      My ARP kept misfeeding like crazy and on one occasion I snapped and magdumped a new guy who thought it was cool to not call his hits.

      I did get some ridiculous long range kills with the mk23 though.

    2. Steveocee


      Mk23 is the perfect all rounder!

      Non-hit takers just need a couple more rounds than normal, nothing wrong with making sure with half a mag lol

    3. Skara


      He wasn't happy because half a drum mag is still 800 bbs :P


      also yeah, mk23 is love.

      I'm thinking of getting a second one and build a carbine out of it!

  7. Bag packed for NPF tomorrow! Lets go!!!!!

  8. Mk23 fettling today. Try to get the mags sorted so it can be fielded tomorrow.

  9. I'd rather have a TM for cheaper and not have the "stick on tat" that comes with the Vorsk.
  10. Easy answer here. ZCI rotary hopup from @ak2m4 . It's cheap, fits and will upgrade on the stock hopup and give you the ability to use whatever nub you want to. Whilst you're at it, throw in a ZCI inner barrel from same said store and your choice of rubber & nub.
  11. Comment above made me think about it. A super long slide is going to be such an animal to make it cycle, it'd need to be plastic of some description if it wasn't a show piece. A NBB would remove that complication (and the STTI's are only £40 new).
  12. Mk23 with an extended version of @Samurai's suppressors on the end?
  13. Looking forward to your reveal video. (Even if I'm a bit too far away to come and play).
  14. Any chance you'd do the holster for £25 all in fees and delivered?
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