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  1. I'm not an expert on scars but thank you, oh thank you for this not being a thread about whether you should buy a nuprol defender 👍
  2. When you find the right size, of course order some cheaply but also order a few 1mm less in diameter but 0.5mm wider on cross section. Gives a slightly tighter fit that should still stretch round. For the cost you can't lose.
  3. 3 Weeks odd to kill?? Just pulled the ghillie base and yarns out.

    1. Impulse


      Haha, we're in the same boat. Got a leaf suit, but I want a proper ghillie suit and I've had all the stuff for around 10 years now!


      What are you using for yours? I'm using hessian and a webtex concealment vest.

    2. Skara


      This boat is rather large then.

      I have 2 systems to craft (leaf suit and viper hood)

    3. Steveocee


      @Impulse very similar boat.

      I'm using a modified webtex in that is been cut off at the back where the belt strap is and stitched so it doesn't fall apart then using Helikon ghillie fibres for the yarn, just like burlap only they won't go up in flames.


      Using a self threading needle to get the yarns into the base cloth to leave elastic free for foliage.

  4. Anyone else bored yet?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. sonofsammo


      @rocketdogbert I must be boring then 😂

    3. Skara


      I can still work :(

      which means being bored by default because I can only do a small portion of what I actually have to do.


      When I'm home I can't do anything because living in a flat sucks... I can only plink at a chimney on a roof 40m from my window but that's about it :(

    4. Nick G

      Nick G

      Not yet, servicing all the guns, garden plinking and giving the cars a serious clean inside and out should keep me busy for a good while. Then I'm sure The Boss will find me a few little jobs to do round the house ! Just hope I've got enough BBs to last 

      Oh and cruising the Gun porn on the interweb and compiling a huge wish list 🤣

  5. Just ordered a new radio. Baofeng BF8. Not really a change from the UV5 I have but itchy fingers and all that.
  6. Finishing a sentence with "Sooooo.........." Insta-Hate from me for that.
  7. There is no better. They are both great and both will serve you extremely well. Buy the one YOU like more. Nobody is withholding a secret about which is better from you.
  8. You'll be amazed how generic the term "baby things" can be lol
  9. They do sleep. My latest addition has just turned a week old and I'm about to pull my 2 sniper setups apart to fettle them whilst on down time in between feeds.
  10. 5.1 mags look awful though. 4.3 mags in a 5.1 all the way.
  11. Steveocee

    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    I had exactly the same problem with my STTi clone mag lips. I tried to source some genuine TM lips and failed but instead ended up with WE M9 lips which are exactly the same fitment. Has been feeding perfectly since and for £9 I won't complain. My £40 STTi hopping 0.4's outranges pretty much all >350fps AEG's.
  12. It's a TM so it gets amazing range with the stock hopup and bucking because of the magical TM dust.
  13. Glock is lighter. I love both my G18 & Gold Match equally.
  14. Mine arrived this morning. Didn't get hit for import tax either which was a bonus. Very fast delivery from X-Fire
  15. Steveocee

    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    No upgrades needed I run a gold match and have been for years on green gas and also a G18C, again no issues. You'll hear lots of things, they're not all true.
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