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  1. Post game thoughts and testament to my plastic fantastic build.
  2. CQB in 2 and a half hours! Can't wait.

  3. Played with a guy who had one. He said tracers you "only" get about 3 of the colours, if you use white BB's then you get "all" of the colours. I dunno. I just use a normal tracer.
  4. Mostly only my YT videos end up in here but thought I'd share this snapshot of a family portrait. It will be changing soon (again) but this is the "today" when they all assembled. For more - Check my Instagram @angrybullairsoft
  5. It's easy to tell the regulars, they're the ones not asking about ways of getting around 2tone every school holiday.
  6. Another early one, this week we do a quick how to on fitting and shimming a magwell.
  7. I used to order loads from JD, they used to do a UPS collection service which was super cheap. Since then they seem to have upped the delivery so they have receoved less of my money in favour of smaller and local shops.
  8. I use the AIP ones. Can get them from Rainbow for less than £20 delivered. Super handy.
  9. Honest opinion.... stupidity on both of you's side. Why has your common sense not kicked in that buying from abroad, especially privately wouldn't be an absolute nightmare? Paperwork as it's an imitation firearm for a start and then probably that YOU have a valid defence for receiving it. He does seem to have messed you about a bit and has gone quite scatty with it but just claim the money back and learn from this.
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