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  1. MCG (Matlock Combat Games) run every other Saturday 😎
  2. Nope. They are more or less the same RIF just cosmetically packaged differently. You can with some work DMR'ify that platform with really good results but you're not looking at £100 of upgrades. Honest advice....don't waste £100 side grading parts on an already expensive and well performing weapon. Buy yourself some quality BB's and have a few good days out on it.
  3. About 2 minutes and 3 inches 😂
  4. @ak2m4 do this but not in stock https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/external-parts/suppressors/bd-suppressor-long ***Aah it's CCW where you said yours was CW. May nee d a further adapter.
  5. That is migraine inducing text.
  6. I may go buy a brand new one now so I can sell it for more in a years time.
  7. So it's just a database of game scenarios and their associated rules to be harvested from site users and available to site owners?
  8. I went for a single screw with H-Plate and currently running a 60deg autobot. 133mm is the standard barrel size. 150mm will poke out into your suppressor a bit (suppressor threaded bit may need a touch of drilling out to do this) and will increase your FPS a slight amount.
  9. Having rule variations is useful for ensuring balance from one scenario to another and also if one team is stronger than another.
  10. What I see happening is the introduction of this 6.5mm BB size. Upgrade kits are released for older SSG's and then all new SSGs after that ship as 6.5mm version with no 6mm option. Total monopolization. It's one thing launching an item onto a platform in a large marketplace, it's totally another creating yourself a platform in that established marketplace. Wonder if he even believes in his products?
  11. Replace it all https://airsoftpro.cz/en/ Your future self will thank you.
  12. How much crack exactly was smoked before you typed that? Let's just straighten something out. The SSG is not the paramount of success I think you are seeing through your rose tinted spectacles. They perform OK out of the box (usually with far more FPS than they should / is usable on site) and are backed up by a service which refuses to believe it can have a fault. THE standard in airsoft sniping which you would normally compare to is a VSR10 and even then it is a very variable standard due to the huge amount of combinations you can put together. Simply, snipers don't come cheap, even the SRS although great out of the box (read better than an SSG) needs upgrades to be brilliant. They will ultimately all need hours of tweaking to get exactly how you want, even the SSG's to a degree but they are all simple beasts in comparison to AEG's so time spent pulling them apart is time spent well. A JG BAR 10 is normally a good base, they aren't the cheapest clones but are built relatively well and upgrade parts if bought well don't have to cost the earth. I wont give you a shopping list as all the info is on the Airsoft Sniper Forum but do the research, understand the platforms before you jump in and you'll find yourself not wasting as much cash.
  13. This but make sure there is no pistol in said drop leg. May be an exciting visit if you leave it in.
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