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  1. Steveocee

    ASPUK (Airsoft Sniper Parts UK)

    I bought one of the first Sniper1kits to go out to customers. My kit arrived with a 430mm barrel rather than the 303mm I ordered. It was 23rd December and I ended up driving to ASPUK (an hour or so away) to get it swapped as I was out on the 28th and everywhere would have been shut done for Christmas. The guys were great, swapped my barrel no fuss and even let me have a test shoot of their in house VSR upgraded with the kit so I new what to ish I lived a bit closer as I’d go more often just to show my face. My 2p on the whole parts convo you guys are having; I genuinely DO NOT CARE whether they are rebranded or made in the building that day before they ship them. For me I bought a solution. I had a VSR and wanted it to 500fps, I didn’t want to mess about ordering various parts from all over and the S1 kit was a one stop kit with parts that work together. It has more or less done exactly what it was advertised and for the money I’m quite happy it did what I wanted it to. I will admit I have changed some things as I’ve gone along, swapped the barrel and spring as well as adding some barrel spacers (before they launched the S1 versions) but that’s just part of a sniper build. I’ve put the kit in and only ever had 1 problem of a screw coming loose in the trigger unit that once spun back in has been fine since.
  2. Steveocee

    TM Hi Capa 5.1 upgrade ANSWERED

    That's you??? OMG I've watched so many of your videos so many times over. Brilliant videos and really helpful before and after getting a capa. I bought my GM largely influenced by your vids.
  3. G-SPEC VSR, ASPUK Sniper1 cylinder, piston, spring guide and trigger. AA M150 spring and Laylax PSS barrel with spacers. I get 504-506 every time with a 0.2. I shoot Geoffs 0.43's in game.
  4. Steveocee

    Ares amoeba am 008 upgrades

    They're actually pretty decent out the box. I wouldn't go throwing a lot at it. They have a relatively tight bore barrel anyway so it rules that out. You can run 11.1s in from the off. I upgraded the hop on mine to a Prowin as I broke the original (don't ask) it's a tight fit but it will go in. FPS can be improved a bit, an m110 will boost it up enough without straining the remaining components too much. The spring is really easy to change as well so would really consider this.
  5. Enough to make it fun. DMRs are usually slightly lower FPS but semi auto, bolt action snipers usually get higher FPS. Means you can chuck a higher weighted BB that bit further. Pretty difficult to sell the advantages of sniping over a DMR role. Sniping with a spring action boltie has a brilliant feel to it and is really satisfying when you can see enemy team members losing their shizz as they can't reach you or don't know where you are.
  6. Follow up headshot normally does the trick.
  7. Steveocee

    TM Hi Capa 5.1 upgrade ANSWERED

    If you haven't bought one yet, get a gold match. They have a better barrel system and literally don't need any tinkering. Mine is annoying me it's been so flawless. I have the upgrade itch but know I won't ever scratch it.
  8. From someone who exclusively snipes now. Yes it is worth it. You can still outrage the opponents on AEGs and I personally play in the woods a lot and it's great fun flanking round then ripping the enemy up before they even know where the shots are coming from. You get a real satisfied kind of feeling when it comes off, occasionally though you do get the odd game or 2 where you feel had you got an AEG you'd have been more effective.
  9. Little bit of an update to this. After having skirmished it a few times. I really did feel it was lacking a bit in the FPS department. With a decent chrono it was making about 465 on average which for an off the shelf kit didn't feel too bad but was hardly what I really wanted from it. I contacted ASPUK and asked them about the barrel, somethign was itching me about it and I didn't think it was quite as good as it could have been, I wrote a very honest, complimentary but digging email commenting on my FPS results and what I could try and do to improve. ASPUK were really good with me and did admit the barrel can be better and that I may have some better results with an alternative. I've since purchased a Laylax PSS barrel and that improved my FPS to around 475 on average along with PTFE taping the hop rubber to the new barrel. A nice little boost but still under what I really wanted it to be. My next move was a bit stupid but ultimately got me to the place where I wanted to be, I saw an Action Army M170 spring on ebay from a UK seller for cheap so bought it on a whim, it was delivered and installed and then chronoing thoruhg it was coming in at 600FPS! Far too much but mad eme question the spring I already had in place, is the SNiper one spring any good at all? Yes it's bedded in but that much? I fed back my information to ASPUK and raised the question, how good are the S1 springs? Could the AA one I tested be a touch strong or are the S1 springs a touch weak (giving them chance to tell me the AA one was strong)? On this occasion though the email didn't have much praise for anything else in the kit and I can't help but feel the constant want for feedback had ended at this point. I managed to source from AirsoftWorld an AA M150 to directly compare with the S1 spring. So I know that a new spring will perform better than one thats seen 10 games but straight out the box it was hitting 505, 506, 507 for me. Happy days! I've finally got the sniper I wanted!
  10. Steveocee

    Recommendation for a sniper scope

    I've recently bought a Swiss Arms, 3-9x50 which I found brilliant. Mind I've used it once so far but I found it brilliantly clear at 4x. Found it on Ebay from a store.
  11. Steveocee

    Preferred room entry techniques

    Grenade through first. Pre-shoot into the corners or expected positions. Get shot but hopefully take a few with you as you go.
  12. Hi Max2000, Yes it came with it in the box. It was glued in and I guessed it was just part of the "Marui Magic"? I purchased the rifle from Fire-Support
  13. Honestly not being taken in a harsh way. I appreciate the advice and comaprisons and completely agree, to me the weapon feels significantly better. I was lucky/unlucky enough not to use it in stock format so to me this is the base line and I'd be keen to get to some games where there are people with the tried and tested versions for them to compare mine to theirs. So far I've had 1 day under my belt and felt it was very successful. I could do with some range time to get my scope perfect but that will come with time. At the weekend my friend the guy who "nudged" me into getting a sniper put a few rounds through it. His to my knowledge is mostly PDI parts with the same things swapped that mine has and it was a level comparison (difficult to side by side as he was using his new toy (LE H&K G28). He didn't have any direct criticisms (he's a mate though so probably wouldn't).
  14. I'll take the hit on the nose and admit that yep as this is my first sniper I did want something relatively laid out. There was a minor dissappointment when I saw the barrel was how it is. I'd done a bit of looking into parts and as mentioned, sometimes some bits work better with others and I was really relying on ASPUK to have put together a kit that would work. I'll get onto the field a few more times and see how it performs for me and as/when I start seeing issues I'll probably look into what bits can be done better.