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  1. Dammit I don't check the forum for maybe 6 hours and miss the most exciting thing to happen this week 😞
  2. Prommy purp almost the standard answer where AEG buckings are concerned. Works great with any nub be it standard tube or flat.
  3. Not a problem. G&G ETU's recommend an 11.1v battery. There is a voltage cutoff which your 7.4s are dropping below when not fully charged which is causing you the problem. Buy 11.1v and you'll be fine. "PLEASE NOTE: Due to MOSFET system on the CM16 the weapon is only compatible with 11.1v batteries." https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-armament-gc16-intermediate-series-predator
  4. The TM G18C can empty it's mag in a couple of seconds. Whether you would actually want to is another story as they can be a bit "fragile".
  5. Read about someone on here the other day mentioning that. I know some pistols can joule creep and I guess if manipulated it could creep up above what's classed as a "safe" limit with no MED. I run .32's in my GBB's and .4's in my Mk23 (when it works) so this would totally ruin me. Hell my G18c overhops .28s with no hop allied.
  6. Try removing spring, install BB where spring would sit and replace spring. May be they need a little extra push otherwise as Adolf said, new springs needed. ***Could try stretching the springs out a touch?
  7. Go for the opposite, go for black BB's. At least then you won't get frustrated when you can't see them bouncing off said opponent.
  8. ??? I know it's late when I'm reading this but.... You realise CO2 is a gas right?
  9. Facebook believes in your right to express yourself. Unless they don't agree at which point you're banned. One of the reasons I don't use such a waste of time social media platform.
  10. That's just a bit of the magic dust that you get when you buy Geoffs. You have to justify the price somehow. To my knowledge Longbow and Geoffs Precision are the same but Geoffs Super Precision are a strand better.
  11. Nobody warned me how bad propane smelled 😐

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Stoker


      You never smelled petrol?

    3. Steveocee


      @Stoker love petrol smell. Propane was like acrid ass.

    4. RobHedley


      Petrol is the greatest smell in the world..... especially when it has fuel additive in it!! Then again I have been sniffing that stuff most of my adult life so it may have had an effect!

  12. It did cross my mind, as did putting a couple of ribs out of electrical tape but the heat shrink is incredibly supple stuff. It's almost like heatshrink velvet because it's so thin.
  13. OK so thin wall heatshrink v1 didn't work, it turns out that its not got glue internally like the thicker stuff has so after a few bolt pulls it started sliding up the spring guide. Installation v2 is going to involve the use of a pritt stick.
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