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  1. Second part of the Halo Mill gameplay this week!
  2. I tend to only buy Geoffs Super Precisions, they're the only BB I've never questioned and always perform on point for me. Saying that, this week the .32's were out of stock so I've bought 2Kg of Warhead 32s as they're meant to be "about as good" and they only costed me the same as 1Kg of Geoffs did. Not looking to make a move over but hoping for a good stand in.
  3. I've been through the pain of upgrading the hammer. For saying how much I hate the glock style trigger assembly, it wasn't too bad of a job. Did the hammer and the knocker lock. Bit annoyed at myself I didn't do hammer spring as well but meh we'll see when it breaks. I followed this guys videos which were excellent to help me along: https://www.youtube.com/c/Wyhaq Also installed a TM bucking onto the PDI barrel which seems to be playng nicely, just need a HPA adapter to shoot it now.
  4. Its a VSR10 with a foldy stock. It'll upgrade same as any other VSR. HPA is the way....
  5. Specna are also pretty standard V2. Rather than asking on assumption, why not ask, will gearbox X swap with gearbox Y ? Somebody is bound to know. Saves us guessing then as well.
  6. Yes. The G&G V2 is about the most basic/universal v2 gearbox you can get. If it has the adjustment screws either side, even better.
  7. Had the kind of day yesterday you always dream of having. Guns worked perfectly all day, fair play, fair weather, perfectly even teams, lots of firefights. I am a happy bunny.

    1. Shamal


      Livin' the dream bud 👍

      Glad you had a good time🙂

  8. A pistol barrel for a 226 in stock for 8 years? Yeah I'm not so convinced about that either unless they're asking for £60+ for it. At least you can get a refund
  9. I've had a couple of Kytheras. You almost always need the slower metering screw, unless you're going to "fap dat trigger" put the lowest one in and then revel in having no feeding issues. Complete PITA to get the alignment absolutely perfect All of the screws need locktite They really need at least a 300mm barrel or you'll be running really high pressure Other than that, they are generally really quite sound engines, they are super air efficient, really quiet - mine you only used ot hear the click of the trigger mechanism, don't need a battery (bonus), the cocking wire only needs pulling once, if you de-air and re-air it'll recock on it's own. I did a lot of deliberating between kythera and redline n7 milsim and don't feel bad having gone kythera. This is all past tense though as I have sold both both my kythera builds now (but not because the kythera's didn't perform).
  10. You just keep those ZCl's flowing in buddy. They're incredible!!!
  11. A lightweight BBU. Everyone says barrel and bucking, reality most of the time even if it's to be used as a primary is you won't be reaching out 50M with it. Most are going to be 20-25M max so barrel and bucking are more "nice to haves" as the TM stuff is pretty decent. Lightweight BBU though, will reduce the impact stress on the slide (making it last longer) and will make it significantly more snappy and likely a bit better gas efficiency as well as it'll move that bit easier. Other than that, a good strip and clean now and again and it'll serve you very well.
  12. Couple things grab me on this. Why would the receipient need to read the T&C's? Why is it the recipient's problem? If it's a business then claim a refund or if it's second hand you'll get your money back as you'd have paid via a reversible form (surely?) As others have said, PF48 is the only one that on paper will carry a RIF. It's not hard info to find. Evri are hit and miss, they carry thousands of parcels, there will always be the odd bad driver or parcel that goes astray, you only hear the horror stories as sent an item and it was delivered isn't gripping.
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