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  1. TM's are generally about 280 due to law where they are manufactured but they come with magic TM dust that makes them perform like nothing else. Yours does sound a bit low however if an m100 took it to 310 then an m110 would probably get it very close to 350 HOWEVER 350 is the max limit, not a target. Try not to get too wound up in numbers, it's not a race to get as close to 350 as you can. Most of my stuff I run at 1J (328 with a 0.2) and I play HPA so could easily push up. If the rest of the gun is working well and you have your hop set well then it'll go about as far, as fast with as much range. 350 to 310 is the difference between hitting your target at range on either then knee or the shin.
  2. I know Luke.
















    (Disclaimer - I don't know Luke).

    1. Rogerborg


      I'm Luke's best mate.












      (Don't tell Luke that he's not my best mate)

    2. ryzen4k


      3 guys are Luke's best mate.

    3. Lozart


      I'm Luke and so's my wife!

  3. WE's aren't really compatible with TM parts (on hi capa's) due to differences in the slides. Have you tried purging the mag though? If you're getting weird behaviour I'd try that if you haven't already. If it's dumping gas, it means the knocker is sticking forwards so full strip, clean, lube is needed. Possibly the release valve is gummed up? Again, strip, clean, lube.
  4. Amazing day yesterday at Midlands Airsoft Fair. Didn't spend the earth but got some bits I wanted.

    1. Rogerborg


      Out of interest, was there any attempt by the venue or organiser to police the selling of RIFs?


      I ask because I'm seeing that cosplay and similar fanwank conventions are now requiring vendors of anything remotely toy weapon related to not sell face-to-face on site, but to ship the item later.


      I know that makes absolutely hee-haw sense, but it's the sort of idiocy that seems increasingly popular among people who don't understand the consequences of creating a duty of care where one didn't previously exist.  And in our case, every sale of a RIF is a criminal offence.

    2. Steveocee


      A couple of the stalls said that they would check UKARA before selling a RIF.


      Some of the bigger ones didn't, I think it's an almost fair assumption that to go to an airsoft fair, pay £5 for entry to wander round and purchase then you are "most likely" an airsofter.


      The one which made me smile was one of the players stalls (selling second hand stuff) stating it would check UKARA as I didn't even think that was possible any more.


      I can say though that I went knowing my UKARA had expired but still came away with a new RIF.

  5. Going over some H2 updates this week.
  6. Amsterdam. You won't be alone for long if you have a wallet.
  7. If it's the JAG version then a GSB, AM, Edge or similar slide probably won't fit very well. THe JAG ones are 5.4" and the nice ones (apart from the super expensive full build kit) are 5.1 sized so they fit on normal capas. The JAG's are also a slither wider in the slide as well meaning it's difficult to move between the two. If you compare the price of an alu GSB etc slide as well, they're about £80 plus postage (£90 total?) to the UK you'd likely be better sourcing another JAG or AA R601 as for the small amount extra you get a whole load of spare parts as well.
  8. I'll use the Jubilee as an excuse as everyone else is doing. Earlier today than normal but enjoy.
  9. The UK airsoft forum probably won't yield too many results for you then.
  10. Hello and welcome, feel free to join a local group on whatsapp https://chat.whatsapp.com/CkCMYZHMyPqFslboqWdkK0
  11. Nobody mentioned a tracer? TM's aren't generally cut for tracers on the pistols, the plastic outer barrels though can be bastardized with an 11>14mm adapter however as the standard outer is plastic, you can pick up an SLS 3D printed outer barrel for around £20 to completely swap out with standard and it would come fully cut for 11mm internal thread. Not a lot really.
  12. Location would help but in hi capa land you have a couple options: 5.1 Government - Predominantly black with a few silver highlights Stainless - 2 tone silver and black (warning, silver finish on the frame peels) Gold Match - Predominantly black with gold highlights, has serated slide, better front sight, weird floting inner barrel system that everybody removes and angled cut frame. It's a great base if you want to go down the gold bits route. 4.3 Black - Self explanatory Custom Dual - 2 tone silver and black (warning, silver finish on the frame peels) Xtreme - It's a customer dual with a black frame and the internals are modified so it only shoots full auto 4.3 vs 5.1? Only notable performance difference is the 5.1 gets slightly more FPS due to a longer inner barrel, easily solved if you get a 4.3 and move to a threaded barrel, run a tracer adapter and you can stick a 5.1 length barrel through it. Parts availability is about the same now, there has been a surge recently in 4.3 parts so they're about level as 4.3 used to be harder to source parts for.
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