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  2. Not airsoft buddy, you’re not allowed to advertise these
  3. Yeah happy days! I had to do it after I used my TM SCAR stock for a couple of days gaming. Shoots perfectly.
  4. So what sort of webbing does he need?...first session all sorted for the 15 may
  5. Hi All I've got a Double Eagle M904G which I've upgraded and is running very nicely, accurately and consistently around 375fps with .2's. I need to reduce the spring power and need to know how to go about it. The current spring is 1.3mm diameter, 160mm free length, 23 coils. Does anyone know the rating of the standard spring in the DE M904G? Can I just trim coils of to suit (refinishing as necessary) ? Can anyone recommend a spring that I could try? TIA Rob
  6. taking the "20 rps" figure that's being used in this thread as the benchmark it's not that hard. granted you double that number and it's very much a different story. i can understand the type of character who pissed off the op, and yourself, but not every hpa player is like this, hell the single best game of airsoft i've ever played with immaculate sportsmanship all round there was only 1 player not running an airline...... you can be a cnut with almost anything in this hobby, blaming a specific platform is addressing the wrong issue.
  7. I have a CYMA SR25 and the quality of it is surprisingly very good. It is solid and works very well. The air sealing is also very good. I installed a Gate Titan, which in many other cases I do a full upgrade and change parts, but not with this.
  8. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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  9. anyone booked in for bulby this sunday ,site now looking good again
  10. I’m not an HPA fan after being on the end of one a couple of years back. I like RIF’s to have a realistic ROF, but that is just my opinion. I do remember getting that guy back by emptying a bag of crappy BB’s over his head (blunderbus style with a tube) - was funny at the time, but made my point - no skill needed...
  11. Groot


    Fair but it is more work to produce an AEG be able to spam the same as a HPA. Reassuringly an AEG of that spec will last a very short amount of time between gearbox explosions.
  12. genuine question - i quite want to hpa an lmg for the sake of longevity. i don't want to upset anyone (as a rule of thumb anyway, i do reserve the right!) and its only worth having a ROF as fast as the boxmag can feed after all. would you be ok with that? i do agree 100% that the single shot rule is counter productive though thanks
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  14. by that logic a stock s&t ppsh41 running on 8.4v nimh is a far superior gnu to a cqb m4 running a fusion engine, maxx hop unit, pdi barrel and carbon fibre handguard...... or, y'know, the other dude is a better cqb player than me you do realise you can literally do all that with an aeg? hell i'm about 2 minutes of mosfet programming away from getting my akm to do that......
  15. Groot


    HPA is a piece of shit and should be banned. Most sites do not test for ROF at all and there is zero need for that sorta ability to spam a player with 20 bb in one burst. Even on single fire its an advantage. Since they can easily fit binary triggers and go crazy. Removing the whole point of the single shot rules in the first place. ( Which i still think are dumb ) If you need a back pack to run your gun and its not a minigun. It has no place in airsoft.
  16. there needs to be both. what's important is having an appropriate number for the size of the site, no use having 200 people on a site that gets crowded with 40, likewise no sense having 20 people running around never bumping into each other on a massive site.
  17. lukeB


    Rule 1. Every time you lose a gun fight it's only because they somehow have the better gnu.
  18. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    LBX 0300-M Modular Plate Carrier Coyote Tan Medium **PLATES NOT INCLUDED** Bought new and had this for just about a year or so but never really got put through it's paces much so very minimal wear on it as you can see. Plenty of MOLLE webbing on front, rear and cummerbunds. Upper rows of webbing are velcro for any patches you want to stick on there if you like. Cummerbund is adjustable between 32" and 46". Adjustable shoulder straps. Heavy duty drag handle on the rear for all you real immersion oreintated airsoft operators 😎 (or just a handy extra place to hook it up from if you don't have a hanger). Hydration/Comms guides on front and rear panels. Let me know if you need any more info or pictures. **FREE P&P**



  19. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    Used M/L warrior RPC. comes with the inner foam dummy plates. have not got the shoulder strap covers but does have the mc padded Velcro covers. has some slight discolouration from a pyrotechnic charge that exploded in very close proximity (makes it more salty in my opinion) *pathfinder chest rig attachment and patches not included in sale* I have multiple warrior pouches going up for sale also once Iv had chance to sort and take photos. postage £10 pp fees I’ll cover.


  20. I think someone wants to reduce the value of used HPA rigs. Look out for a wanted ad soon 🤣
  21. Def have to have one if GBBR 😍 MWS / MP5 child please 😁
  22. Nothing wrong with HPA its all about implementation, i know people who run HPA for consitancy and to easily tune power on the day but have there ROF set to civilised levels and a lot of people i have seen use them in snipers as well. HPA is no worse than a DSG build both can be fine if implemented with a polite ROF and are used responsibly. Dont blame the tech blame the wankers hosing people using it.
  23. Well its dead... Got the 11.1, fired a few semi, very cool Fired a burst on auto, wow awesome Next trigger pull, nothing but whirring motor. 😖 Stripped teeth somewhere... Bespoke collecting on Monday. We'll see what they say... 😥
  24. if realism wasnt a concern for hpa users ,go play paintball
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