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  2. Nearly a year old and only £9.00 less than a brand new one..?! I'll grab my wallet before someone else beats me to this steal!
  3. How are we g23s? Wanna give glocks another go since they have great efficiency.

  4. ProPain87

    Ares Amoeba Striker AS-01/AS-02 Owners Thread

    As01 ML 310mm Crazy Jet barrel AA Hop up unit ML decepticon 50 + omega nub Ares short fluted barrel bespoke M150 spring Hawke Panorama 4-12x40 IR Scope AA hop wheel 450fps on .20, 320fps on .04s (1.9J) Shoots far and fairly accurate but I’m not 100% happy with the accuracy so if anyone has any bucking recommendations for me to try. I’ve tried a auto bot 60 and it was shocking with that, much better with the decepticon 50 Got a bespoke cylinder kit and body pin waiting to go in and a Gap trigger sear on its way from Canada
  5. Jsmithy

    TM HK416N NGRS

    Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Tokyo Marui HK416N Condition: Externally: This 416 has been my workhorse from new 2 years ago. Fantastically reliable, always been my go to, however I fancy a chance in rifle and have another project in mind. Made to be a pretty accurate base HK416N (Norwegian). Yeah the body has marks. Primarily from my sling hook and a good amount of skirmishing, but it functions bang on, 0 issues with functionality. Internal work: Prometheus purple hop Eagle 6 M90 spring Prometheus cylinder head Sorbo pad for gearbox shell Re-wired to deans inside stock Accessories: -Real HK slimline stock modded for battery -HAO barrel extension & bayonet lug -VFC front and rear HK flip sights -Magpul sling point (screw has rounded, don’t have a dremel to get it off) -TM rear QD sling point FPS: sitting at 300-310 on .2s Price: £385 plus postage or collected


  6. Druid799

    Lower face masks?

    First bit of advice I’ll always give to a new player is if you haven’t got face pro get some , saw a guy last wknd at black ops Portishead take a round to the mouth AND next morning he was going to need to ring the dentist to sort out his very chipped tooth ! You don’t need to even spend half of that much either , 10secs on fleabay and I found this one . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Bike-Airsoft-Half-Face-Breathable-Mesh-Mask-Tactical-Equipment/323473088724?hash=item4b507fa0d4:m:mk7imVEs3hP_C1wiboBZ9Pw
  7. Don’t like the look of Evo’s and one thing I’ve been convinced of my whole life is no matter how good somthing is if you don’t like the look of it from the start then you’ll never get its full potential . up-grading TM recoils ? Now this is just my own thoughts on it BUT apart from sticking a deans on it if anyone tells you that you need to upgrade XY&Z on it then there talking out of there arse , you don’t NEED to upgrade anything on them at all you go on any forum/Facebook group/or what ever and you will see literally hundreds say “oh this will go and that will go so you need to replace this and you need to replace !” Sorry but bollox you need to replace anything in it , you may want too but you certainly don’t need too . And I’ll guarantee you you’ll see exactly the same players popping up constantly asking for advice as they got this problem or that problem with there upgraded guns !🤦‍♂️ Japan has very strict FPS laws so TM build there guns to the perfect tolerances for that market , once you start messing about with them your on a fast train to shitsville , and I can say this with conviction from personal experience . I’ve currently got 5 recoils and I have had 11 in total over the past 10-11yrs ? And I’ve still got my very first one I had a socom and guess what apart from a deans it’s still stock and out of the 11 I’ve owned the only two that have died we’re both upgraded , one by a friend and the other by a well known shop mentioned earlier in this thread . AND the same goes for my team mates who also have recoils , only problems any have had have been with upgraded ones . Says it all really wouldn’t you say ? 😉
  8. BangBan9

    Tokyo Marui Glock 17

    Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Used Tokyo Marui Glock 17Less than a year old and hardly used.280fpsComes with original box and all its contents.Night sights, Cleaning rod, instructions, etc.Priced at £120 including postage and PayPal fees.reasonable offers considered


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  10. Musica

    KWA VM4 Ronin 6 PDW

    Good point Hamster, I will try to look at HPA laws as they can adjust on the fly much faster than the ERG 2.5 needing to take the stock off and use a very long hex key.
  11. Enid_Puceflange

    Lower face masks?

    Hi, i have only been playing 6 months and haven’t used a mask yet simply because I hadn’t bought one yet have taken a few shots to the face & nose , but luckily enough not to the mouth i have just bought one of the masks in the link above because it has padded side material panels and gives flexibility and allows me to get down onto the stock for looking through my sites 👍
  12. TM Recoil with Dean's modification and a couple of lipo's, a nice TM GBB pistol and a back up TM MP7 GBB SMG and you've got yourself a fun party!
  13. Dentonboy

    Gun picture thread

    Pistols, pistols, pistols...
  14. MisterG

    Blackhawk kneepads larvae?

    I'd contact the seller and get him to send you a new pair, but that's probably because my reaction would be to burn it with fire, agent orange and anything else to make sure it was dead 😉 Cheers G
  15. Yeh GBB cool down is a thing. My TM MP7 GBB worked really well even when it was cold. TBH if money is no object, buy a TM Recoil (even though I am not a fan) from Fire Support and get them to upgrade it. Done.
  16. I think the MP9 works well in colder times. I saw two being used last November and both didn't miss a beat outside.
  17. MisterG

    Lower face masks?

    Hi The masks with cloth sides allow a better cheek weld. E.g something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/OneTigris-Tactical-Foldable-Protective-Teenagers/dp/B076C4NN51/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1548099010&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=one+tigris+mask&psc=1 I always were a mask, but I like my teeth 😄 If you have an all metal mask, it can be moulded to better fit your face, that is what I did. Bend the mesh to shape. Cheers G
  18. don't discount second hand if you go TM 2nd hand just make sure its stock.
  19. Vinster

    Lower face masks?

    Hi guys, I'm relatively new to airsoft and have noticed when wearing a mesh lower face mask I have difficulty aiming down my sight. Is there any solution to this? Or is there a possible alternative fave protection or even a need for lower face protection, what are the chances of losing a tooth? It is only a eorry for me as I had braces as a child and don't want to ruin the work done. Thank you Also I was wondering does anyone know about any upcoming summer events in the south west of England or Wales area?
  20. Angryman

    Conversion kit

    Ok thanks just though it might of worked.
  21. Thanks for all the replies guys its definitely helped me narrow down what ill look for! I never imagined there would be soo much choice for a great quality equipment! Im fortunate that i dont really have a budget so i can just buy what takes my fancy, although i would prefer to buy once and not spend half my spare time tinkering with it Ive heard gbb's dont perform too well in the cold though, is that a common issue in the smgs aswell? i imagine its a case of making sure the mags arnt completely frozen? Its difficult because i really want the feel on a gbb but ideally in smg/small rifle config, i think the HK16 (and any alternatives such as the KWA) might be the best way to go! Also after not being able to use optics and attachments the 12 year old inside me is screaming to bolt everything i can onto the gun
  22. sonofsammo

    SRS sniper rifle?

    Not me milud. No ghillie for me...
  23. BigStew

    Conversion kit

  24. another TM fanboy here just got an MP7 GBB and loving it i'm very fond of my AA-12 and really miss having an H Scar. other than deans connectors you do not need to doing anything to a TM they just work and you can spend a lot of time and money getting not much more performance.
  25. Tommikka

    Casual Ghillie suit choices?

    Where? I can’t see him ...... This style is far lighter and will overheat less than a big bush proper ghillie is a good compromise At one event we had a guy wearing a Jack Pyke suit in this style, the colour scheme perfectedly fitted the season and he would lie down in piles of leaves. All that would give him away were his armband and the chrono pass electrical tape on his barrel .... i gave him some advice on arm positioning and removed / replaced his tape to a less obvious position when I next went back to the safe zone!
  26. StayOnTarget

    SRS sniper rifle?

    Yeah those bloody things as well are at the other end of the spectrum I wear honeywell ear pro and the amplifier on the ARP sounds unreal through the ear mics....ouch Hey you wernt at Hunting grounds on saturday thats pretty much how all the snipers were kitted out,some very nice homemade ghillie suits too
  27. Prisce

    SRS sniper rifle?

    He uses the same hop combination as you do, but the prowler nub is heavily modified. His words, not mine.
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