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  3. I had a great day, contrary to my rather disappointing skirmish last time. Leaves have fallen, so sight lines are massively open and the VSR is performing damn well, even while having to contend with gusts of wind. Had to aim to the side to compensate for it, but was getting some stellar shots with it, so I'm happy. Also, first outing with my newly constructed ghillie and it's just invisibility; very happy with how it turned out though I do still want a Sprinter Custom Ghillie one. I had a guy run right past me while I was just sitting on my backside with my MP7 in my lap, then a team mate crawled pretty much next to me and only realised I was there when I warned him the enemy were close. This one was just put together because I had a bunch of Novritsch camo stuff lying about and a spare webtex concealment vest. Also learned from my mistake last skirmish and brought the MP7 instead of any of my gas pistols (as well as my thermals!) because it was coooooooold today. I have, to my shame, started using full auto when (relatively) close though, because I've found people just don't call it on semi-auto because it's a 0.6J aep firing .25s and they're just not feeling it. They typically feel a burst of 5 or 6 though. Roll on next game day. Christmas game, so silliness abound!
  4. I am playing at Bristol Airsoft, it’s a CQB site close to me. I am going with two friends, I have jumped the gun tho and got my gear before even playing my first game. I have a M4PI coming with two extra mags & two batteries. The gun I went for has a conversation kit so when I have my UKARA I can make it into a RIF. Not planning on a side arm for a while as want to get used to my rifle first. Hopefully when the weather improves next year I can go to Bristol Black Ops and high is more of an outside site where I can work on my long range. I will be calling all my hits for sure including ones I am not 100% on, it’s better to call them then keep playing when you might have been hit.
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  6. Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

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    Hi, for sale is my Action Army T10-S in OD. I original bought the RIF in grey as the OD was out of stock at the time but have replaced the frame covers for the ones in OD. This one is a reluctant sale as I have put a lot of time in to making it shoot as well as it does, but it just doesn't get the use it deserves. It's in great condition and has seen very little use. List of parts/upgrades: SCW 90 degree piston with airbrake - (Original included) SCW 9mm spring guide - (Original included) Laylax PSS10 cylinder head with Laylax damper pads fitted - (Original included) Action Army CNC hopup unit - (Original included) Stock action army 90 degree trigger unit Stock action army cylinder Action army twisted outer barrel (foam filled) - (Original included) Action army barrel stabilisers Rapax 2J+ spring Maple Leaf 60 degree autobot hop rubber with panthera cnc nub 14mm CCW adapter for attaching suppressors 3x action army 50 round magazines Can include a SCW S-trigger V9.2 for an extra £85 and/or a Maple Leaf 430mm crazy jet inner barrel for an extra £25. I have also fitted a sleeve inside the receiver and outer barrel to make alignment between the cylinder head and hop unit perfect, this also makes for a nice smooth bolt pull but can be removed easily if you wish. Shoots nice and accurate/consistent and also very quiet when fitted with a suppressor. Tested shooting at 2.25J on 0.43g bb's. I've probably missed something, any questions just drop me a message. Comes with original box. Looking for £360 all in and including postage. Collection welcome also.


    Brownhills, Walsall

  7. Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

    • For sale
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    G&G PCC-45 Skirmished 2/3 times, excellent condition, shooting perfect. Comes boxed with 3 additional mid cap mags. Gun retail : £300 Magazines : 3x £35 Looking to get £250


    - GB

  8. From what I've heard, the problems with TMs happen when folk start fucking about wi... er sorry "Upgrading" them.
  9. LOL! I've no further fish here so I'll let myself trout.
  10. Got some great pics of the ghillie thanks to the site photographer! Ignore my lazy knee...
  11. If money isn’t a problem get the TM recoil Socom end off . You say you’ve heard mixed things about , what have you heard ?
  12. What a coincidence, here's me & my pet bluefin tuna timmy, & he absolutely loves the the fn2010 The resemblance is uncanny 😜
  13. Hey gang. I'm after an early 2000s style M4A1, as I'm looking to re-create a particular build from Resident Evil 3 (not the remake). Either way, I've come across three potential options but I'm unsure about each brand and some guidance/recommendations would be much appreciated! Money isn't an issue for this build and here are the choices, Specna Arms, ICS, and E&C. Now, I'm not too familiar with these brands and as you can guess, I'm looking for quality. Are there other options I should consider from other brands? I know TM makes an M4A1 but I've heard mixed things regarding their recoil shock version. Any help would be grand, thanks everyone!
  14. Cheers Halo and good luck, let us know how it goes! I have considered the EG ones to be the best by the looks of it. I do fear the weight is going to be an issue though. 😕 J
  15. I ordered this last night for £40, if it’s not right I’ll send it back but literally the only thing that looks like it will allow a red dot or the mag to be fit
  16. General

    Great starter bundle

    Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

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    Great package deal specna arms core co2 upgraded rifle With Upgraded rail Front grip Bright flash light with rechargeable battery n presure switch Flip up front n rear sights Silencer N green or red dot holographic scope Charger x2 for batteries torch n rifle 2 high cap mags 2 mid cap mags with mag pull Rifle battery warrior assault plate carrier M4 mag pouches Dump bag Map compartment Single pistol mag pouch Sling Real deal plate carrier with quick pull cable which releases all catches n it falls off incase ot emergency Mesh goggles Multi cam helmet Balaclava built in mouth /teeth gaurd Will throw in a nice pair of gloves if I can find them with knuckle protection Bottle of bbs to get u started Oh nurpol black padded carry bag to fit most of it in neatly If I find any other bits will add them in location London Fulham collection or post at buyers expense


    Fulham - GB

  17. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    Looking for a boneyard specna arms M4 receiver. I


    - GB

  18. As above ⬆️ plus call your hits!! 🙂 Regards
  19. Welcome to the never-ending temptations of acquiring airsoft gear... Hope you're first game goes well, I'm sure you'll love it! Best advice I could give before spending any more moolah is - get out and play, play, play, that way you'll get a feel for what you'd need/like without wasting cash on stuff that sounds or looks great but is of not much use. Looks like you've got much of what you'll need to start out. I'd recommend 2 or 3 mags for reloads and maybe a spare battery. Don't worry too much about sidearm at this stage. Most importantly of all, enjoy! Eezer G
  20. FIBUA. Tibua sound like it should be in your leg. 😉 Regards
  21. Our Bengals love my airsoft gear. Oreo here (named after the ice cream that she resembles) seems to really like my UAR.
  22. Is your Bolt MP5 still going? 

  23. Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    WANTED, jpc or spiritus clone in multicam.


  24. Hah. Two cat towers and a stand alone post for our spoiled but hugely loved (and huge) ragdoll cat. I was always a dog person until our daughter brought home her cat! And err yes. That there Airsoft, it's great innit. Ahem.
  25. Wouldn't worry at fps with hop added, one of the effects is a reduction in velocity and I'd say that 270 with hop applied is decent. Gearbox might just need some lubrication? Springs need time to settle when new, wouldn't worry too much.
  26. Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    Such as magpul or others, msg me. Thanks.


  27. Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    As above, I’m after a set of mp7 iron sights TM preferably… these Things always seem to disappear! 🤷🏻‍♂️ and a at1 style red dot… a vortex would be pinnacle, but anything will do. many thanks j


  28. Hi @TheNotoriousLoki 👋 Not bad, where are you going to play on the 19th? 🤔 💷GAMBLE💷
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