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  2. How do I stop air from escaping out the back of a foster fitting through the tubing. There’s a slight gap between the tubing and the ridge of the foster fitting which air is escaping through. I’ve thought about putting a bit of super glue on the back of the ridge to stop the tubing from slipping back but I thought I would ask on here first as I don’t want to break anything. I’m new to HPA so any feedback would be much appreciated.
  3. So, where do I begin? My good friend has had a WE Glock 19 back when he first started playing. Its now 5+ years old. And has a slightly neglected life. He got himself a lovely new TM P226 now as a second pistol, and I asked to take his 19 so I can service it and work out its kinks. So I gave the guns slide, and hammer assembly a full strip, clean and re lube using Super Lube Multi Purpose synthetic. The dog gonads Ive been told and it is rather good! I used a bit of silicone oil inside the nozzle for a slightly thinner lube as I found that helps bump compression. Certainly did with my SRS when I had that. I retested it and to be fair, FPS is around 240, 20FPS off my TM Glock 19 but that has a nineball 6.00 inner barrel. But my god the blow back is weak as all hell. So I tried the WE mags in the TM, and they are fine, nice and strong blow back. I tried my TM's Cow Cow hammer group in the WE. And no change, this rules out a weak hammer spring. Im starting to think nozzle / piston cup seal and maybe a stronger hammer spring? I inspected the nozzle but couldnt find anything totally obvious. Could it been a worn firing pin? But again installing my Cow Cow group didnt change much at all.
  4. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Condor Exo Plate Carrier Gen II in Coyote in size L/XL, good size for the bigger lad, I'm 6 foot 8 and 18 stone and still could adjust larger. Good thick quality too. Good condition, has viper attachments/pouches as follows, Modular hydration pouch (abit stained with paintball paint, I've not tried to wash it off) Double pistol mag pouch Scrote pouch Treble duo mag pouch (M4) Grenade pouch (one fastener button has come off) Collection from Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 or could possibly meet/deliver in Kent as work all over. Postage is £10



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  6. I think I've read more MPA failures than anything else. Interesting point on the o ring replacement though I was looking into getting one. What's the bolt stop mod?
  7. I'm afraid I made old Jeff a bit richer by using Amazon. I think I was spoiled for choice due to my child sized hands, less oddly tiny appendaged folks might struggle. Gotta get and play with all this gear I keep buying now! 😄
  8. Nick G

    WE gbbRifles

    Interestingly mine hated the mpa nozzle, all sorts of misfeeds, but I know lots of folk find they work well.
  9. For fps, I’d probably recommend the angry gun mpa complete nozzle BUT replace the rear oring with the stock WE nozzle oring ( the AG one is a bit baggy and can stick in the bolt carrier) also do the bolt stop/ release mod for reliable bolt locking. Everything else is gravy. I also use the yellow maple leaf autobot rubbers with the stock hop chamber too.
  10. Nick G

    WE gbbRifles

    Mine get an RAtech Npas, 50 degree M/L rubber , Omega nub and Crazy jet barrel. I'have used red gas all year round with no issues but usually switch to green when it gots hot. Yep just replace things when they fail. I do have RAtech trigger componants in my 119 A1 but only 'cos I had them sat there not because the stock ones had failed. .30's work well
  11. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • Wanted
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    As per title, I'm looking for a metal receiver for G3/MC51. Send pictures of what you got and price


  12. I've been playing 24 years, owned a WE M16a1 a few years back for reenactment use, didn't actually use it in anger before I sold it. About time I got into GBBR'S really 🤣 I've learnt so far.. Don't bother with RA Tech kit unless is replacing the FCG. Keep it stock and install a FPS reducer ring over NPAS Keep everything stock and replace as needed apart from a hop rubber. Use .30 rounds. Use propane or green gas. (Red gas when it's gets really chilly) Hows that for a start? I just want them to run reliably, I dont need them to do anything fancy.
  13. finndev

    g&g smc 9

    Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

    • For sale
    • As new

    smc 9. brand new condition. 2 mags. 3 different nozzles for fps. suppressor.


    - GB

  14. Finally got around to sorting my leaky mk23 mags. They were sitting around doing nothing, so I tried my hand; best case I fix them, worst case they stay broken. Filled the pressure valve with epoxy (stupid design!) and replaced the o-rings with silicone gasket and I am now back up to 5 mk23 mags as they're gas tight again! :D

  15. The L119 colection. The longs are aeg and the shorts are GBBR (WE based) . Need to revisit the longs and add correct buffer mods and nuts.
  16. Shamal

    Tokyi Marui FNX-45

    I actually like this gun. Here's the deal Adan. Send me the gun and upon receipt I will send you the asking price. I'm genuine.you can check my feedback.
  17. Nick G

    WE gbbRifles

    Can't fault either of mine. L119 A1 and now an A2 both WE based. The A1 has been my main gun for the last couple of years and has never let me down. Enjoy !
  18. Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    aes striker full sniper package. sdik hpa kit,includes all in photos. line,tank,reg eetc.fully adjustable fps. might swap for ssx303 bundle.


    - GB

  19. Would you take...nah I'm bored now. Lol.
  20. Shamal

    WE HI-CAPA 5.1

    Hi bud. will you take £40?
  21. Go for it. Great platform for beginners to expert/ connoisseurs. I have ghk, mws, and WE. Still love my WE m4’s. Proper solid rs feel.
  22. Where from,how much and are they available in black or mcam? Haha so many questions,so little time. 😉 Regards
  23. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has used the PE version of Arcturus AK12? What do people think of it? I'm hopeful on buying a new rifle at some point in this year and as I've wanted an AK12 for ages, it's between the LCT EBB (already got the akm version but a bit weary due to LCT's current lack of quality control) and the Arcturus PE model (specifically this model, the 2 round burst fire selector is what's attracting me to it)
  24. 3 hours of cutting later and my case is ready 🤘
  25. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Selling my WE M16A1 and 4 leak free (At the time of posting ad) mags. Has original surplus stock and handguards fitted, so has cracks, dings and damage. Stock crack has been glued. Has trademarked engraved in by previous owner, as well as painted in a colt grey. Bought it as my first GBBR and after using it at one game decided to go back to my AEG (Heresy I know!) and it's sitting collecting dust. One thing to note is that it will be sent with the original WE 3 prong flash hider, forgot to switch them before taking photos. Postage included in price, shipped via Parcelforce tracked. PayPal G&S only please.


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