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  2. Hey all. I am looking to learn how to work on gas internals and seeing some good deals on Army Armament pistols overseas, Looking at the Detonics 1911 and a standard 1911. I know how to do basic maintenance and replace the barrel and hop rubbers on a 1911, M9 and Hi Cappa, but nothing beyond that. I am fully aware of the downfalls of 1911s, but they are my favourite style pistols and I already have 3 TM M45A1 mags ready to use. Anything fundamentally wrong with the AA 1911s? I heard they are pretty much straight TM clones. Also looking at the AA G36 GBBR, though I am not sure I am ready to learn how to tech one of those (I believe these are WE clones?) Should I be looking at something else like the Golden Eagle pistols?
  3. Shit, I forgot about stairs, maybe I'll have at least one new knee by the time this opens ?🤞
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  5. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    Getting rid as I fancy getting back to sniping, guns in great condition and works and fire perfectly. Has been changed to deans over the original, however can come with the original and battery that came with it. All of the Pmags are genuine, however one of them is broken (figure it just needs a new spring). Everything in the picture is included (except suppressor) and will come with the orginal box and an aimpoint sight, however im unsure if the aimpoint works, purely for aesthetics. Swaps wise i'm looking for a sniper package, possibly a vsr or something similar, however hit me with what you have, I'm pretty open. Located in Manchester and would prefer a meet rather than post. If you need to get hold of me for more details you can also text me on 07464627434


    - GB

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  7. I love my KWC 1911 if for nothing else than the fact it seems to have been designed with the sole intention of sounding as cool as possible. Rack the slide and you get 5 or 6 distinct clicks, the hammer drops with a snap and loading a mag and dropping the slide sounds like the most over the top video game sound effects.
  8. Haha gotta hand it to you lot for attempting. We will start advertising before December Its privatly owened and was an office block. Downside for us they want alot more then we would normally go for and ticket prices might creep to 40 per game and 30 for a night game. At this time I wont say any more about the building or location until they sign any type of agreement of use and the exclusivity deal for airsoft I even agree with you. We had a signed contract with KCC for the two schools and they pulled out due to a section 77 change of use application and that wont change till the new year... I'd be sceptical too which is why we arnt going to pre sell any tickets until we have concrete dates From the initial reports we've been told its due to be knocked down by 2030 for flats. I live near there 😮 I can confirm its 90,000 square feet or around abouts that.
  9. Nope but googled it and got the site, will give him a call tomorrow. Thanks dude.
  10. It's winter, which is project time. I have, on the go a Welrod build, which will have its own thread, and going to attempt a volcanic pistol. One of the larger 44 caliber ones. So, I've got an A&K Winchester 1892 Randall now lying around. I've been wondering what to do with it and this idea popped into my head. Essentially, it'll involve modifying the lever, the grip (either use a pair of denix schofield grips or make my own) and a couple of metal plates. More pictures tomorrow.
  11. As excited as I am for another cqb site, this is the third site they are talking about opening and haven’t got the smaller ones open yet. I will get properly excited when at least one of the sites is running and we can see some progress. Yes I’m a bit cynical tonight but also very happy to be proven wrong and for all three to open, be successful and blow me away with their awesomeness
  12. By aiming for brevity, the post had no relevance to your intent. I chose to focus on an element, for brevity, but gave context relevant to the entire entity. Either way, fine, PC's aren't ideal for some people. Putting an SSD in a PS4 (even a Pro) is complete waste of time and money though, having done it to my Pro out of boredom. I didn't have to pay for one, having a couple of dozen's sitting around. Loading time difference on BF1 with and without an SSD has a grand old difference of 9 seconds. Where exactly did you get that inference from? Got a fair chance at owning more consoles than most, given that I collect the things to a stupid extent.
  13. Right found some where got a friend ordering some for me they have 10 in stock if any one needs any I can order a few more packets
  14. Just go with whatever you actually like, and don't feel afraid to get something odd. I actually started with an AGM Sten and a handful of low caps. I don't know what your budget is, but spending a little more on a gun will pay off if you buy something decent first time round. I'm not a fan of M4s, I can recommend the cyma 048 AK range, they are very cheap on Taiwan gun. You'd actually struggle to get one cheaper second hand in the UK. Tbh I'd just buy him an asg MP40, and 5 extra mags as they're ludicrously cheap on Taiwan gun, they're a bit unusual and if he doesn't like it you'll sell it for what you paid for it. But then I'm a bit odd when it comes to gun choices.
  15. Knocking shit down isn't the issue (unless it's listed/protected), but having something appropriate go up in its place might be, especially as residential is at a premium, but not if it's in a commercial or business district. & paying for all aspects of demolition/rebuild isn't always cut & dried either, especially as has already been mentioned, anything more than 30 years old is probably chockablock full of asbestos & other nasty shit, all of which costs an arm & a leg to dispose of properly.
  16. Looks shit. Send it me and I'll dispose of it
  17. TL;DR: UK AEG techs, give me your deets and PM me and I will get my gun to you by Monday. And yes, I have contacted at least 6 of the most popular airsoft shops asking about tech work and they all tell me they are swamped and to contact another site instead, basically running me around in circles, so none of them are any help (update your fucking websites if you can't take any more work jesus christ).
  18. Well, call her Shannon when you've got a good grip on her for extra feistiness 🤣
  19. any one know any ranges around Hertfordshire area want to sort my snipers out and tweak them 

  20. As far as I can remember there was another building linked to the Friar's Walk redevelopment which was first on the chopping block - had that one been demolished according to plan, The Mall would've gone far sooner. The delay for that building was down to some classic demolition issue, Asbestos etc.
  21. I think we got exceedingly lucky with the Mall. Due to the nature of the site I gather there was loads of prep work and something with the drains running underneath? which delayed redevelopment works massively. I'd imagine it wouldn't take much work to get approval to get an old, knackered office block taken down.
  22. Now now, PC gamers aren't all that bad. But they are better than the filthy console peasants, suck my 144hz frames.
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