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  2. That was incredible to watch 😂
  3. Hi there, Will_D from Malahide in Co.Dublin.ie Used to shoot full bore in North Mancheser till they took away my 1911 and Ar15 to name but two. Moved to Ireland in 1991 Recently discovered airsoft [http://www.mainirishairsoft.com] and bought a WE 1911 GBB - love it. Now for a true story: A few months ago in Dublin a Garda (police) armed response unit, while leaving its underground garage hit a speed bump and the boot popped open! if that was not bad enough out popped a loaded and locked HK MP7 A1. A passer buy picked it up and took it to the nearest police station. Given our gangland history in Dublin the mind boggles! 4.8 mm penetrates body armour and kevlar helmets and thats before you load the AP version of ammo!! A quick Google later and boy, did i NEED one of these. After a looong wait finally got the Umarex VWC MP7 A1 from the above company. As I am far too old for skirmishing I am more interested in the technology and buying toys to upgrade it! I will have some questions tomorrow! Cheers for now Will
  4. Lollingsgrad

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

  5. Skara

    Starting DMR

    Might be, but better safe than sorry, God only gave us 2 eyes and, unlike kidneys, we need both of them and technology can't replace then yet as for the AEG specs, a full v2 cylinder probably won't have enough air volume to cope with a 450mm inner barrel.. stick to a 300/363mm barrel with a full cylinder and use that sweet joule creep to push heavy BBs.. 3-9x optics imo are overkill for the distances airsoft has. 4x is more than enough for 90% of the engagements.. I'd get a nice 4x or 6x tops, the most important thing is that the lens absorbs as much light as possible and the vision is crystal clear.. Have a look at short dots, they look cool and work as both close and long range sights!
  6. Tommikka

    Grey man tactical

    “Grey man” and “tactical gear” are oxymorons Nice buzz words for a brand, but not a particularly clever mix These are just old fashioned workshop/garage tool boards with the slots adjusted and cut in custom “tactical” shapes
  7. Immortal

    Best Airsoft photoshop ever !

    And the holsters paddle magically hangs off his chaps...
  8. Druid799

    Best Airsoft photoshop ever !

    Hahahaha ! I love the way even the revolver is the wrong way round ! 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
  9. Immortal

    Best Airsoft photoshop ever !

    M92 holster that was apparently in 3:10 to Yuma.... lol
  10. Why yes the title is a p**s take , don’t really want good ones , want the absolutely terrible ones but not ones that have been made bad on purpose I’m talking about crap pictures but the poster really thought it was ok 👌 so start the ball rolling , just found this amazing laser on fleabay , me thinks if it really was THAT big you wouldn’t need any BBS as I think the other player will take the hit from the laser (as it burns a hole through him or her!) any way ! 😳
  11. Kastrioti

    Reduced Price! VFC Umarex HK417 GBB

    Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Selling my HK417 as I've never got round to fielding it even though I've had it for a year. Reason being I just prefer my Masada/ACR and so can no longer justify keeping this as a wall hanger. Used condition, see all the images for minor cosmetic damage/paint wear. To my knowledge there was only one previous owner, who said he fielded it once or twice. I have used it for plinking, but the internals seem to be holding up fine. Important to note that the inner barrel only extends to the end of the handguard, which is from TM, as the gun used to be the short variant before I bought it, so the longer outer barrel is due to the outerbarrel extension that came with it. 4 of the 5 magazines work perfectly, but one leaks a lot of gas from the bottom fill valve, which I assume is due to an old O-ring, that can be easily replaced. In the photos, this is the magazine with the damaged baseplate. The gun has been upgraded with a heavy buffer to increase the recoil, which is awesome, and as you can see it comes with the original box, manual, long hop up adjustment allen key, 5 mags, the red dot 'holographic sight' and a flip to side 3x magnifier. Note, the 3x magnifier does not align perfectly with the holographic sight. Also note that the contents in the box that seem loose in the image will be packed securely. The RIF feels and sounds amazing, this is a gun that I am sad to see go, but hopefully it will find a new home. In some of the images, another optic can be seen, but the only optics that are supplied with the gun are the 'holographic sight' and the 3x flip to side magnifier that can be seen together. With regards to FPS, this gun has an adjustable nozzle, it is plastic but FPS can range from 150 - 600 depending on how much gas you let through. IIRC it can be adjusted using the long allen key or potentially another one, by inserting the allen key through the nozzle and turning it one way or the other, so FPS rules at your field should be no problem, no matter the weather or the gas you use. I would prefer pick up, but if the buyer wants the gun posted they will have to pay it themselves, but a word of warning, it will be expensive, I will update when I have found out how much it is. EDIT: the cheapest postage I have found for this is parcelforce express 48. It costs £16.62


  12. Adolf Hamster

    Trying not to destroy my gun

    nope the jedi was only for the 416 recoil models, the standard aeg's and all the pistols still use magic dust.
  13. Davegolf

    Starting DMR

    Barrel too long for accuracy 330mm good for 100M @Skara I think even the most basic Bolle stuff covers impact from debris way beyond the energy airsoft is capable of
  14. They are also one of the quietest AEGs going, especially with a well built gearbox. I remember running up the escalators at The Mall with the P90 one handed, epic gun and it's not an M4 Extended butt pad is good
  15. Skara

    Starting DMR

    It's not about BBs going through from the top or bottom, it's about BBs smashing through the "glass" or breaking the frame! Bolle glasses are usually fine but check your site if they allow "unrated" eyepro..
  16. LuKe33!!

    Starting DMR

    after speaking to a friend ive decided to go with the sr-16 SPR gun as i can in future upgrade it to a DMR but for now i am going to use it as a normal aeg and use it under the 350fps limit at my local site. im going to get a 455mm 6.02 tight bore barrel and a new spring that will hopefully take it up to around 348fps with the tight bore barrel fitted. im also getting a vari-zoom scope which my friend recommended me as well. the scope has 3-9x zoom. here's my cart on patrol base if anyone is interested. before anyone gets worried i have safety goggles already that i use in the workshop at Rolls Royce they are bolle poly carbonate ones so they should be ok, an they fit really close to my face so there is a small chance BBs will get over the top or under them.
  17. Slamz

    Item in limbo?

    Mine did finally turn up, USPS tracking still says it's in transit to the next facility...
  18. Iceni

    Been fun while it lasted..

    Not at all but you need to get the Marshals on side. If it's done right you can use hostages to influence a game. Ask the Marshals if they can run the game with token hostages. If you can get a surrender call then you gain a token. It'll stop the assaulters been able to use grenades, and spray tactics. And you might be able to exchange a hostage for ammo ect.
  19. Albiscuit

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Xmas

    If I recall they normally have some decent xmas deals so I would imagine they probably would. Its only a week to wait to find out..
  20. Albiscuit


    I suppose my collection of Casio G Shocks falls under the horrendous fashion banner?
  21. Skara

    Grey man tactical

    Rip apart an old molle vest and glue it to a sheet of plastic. Even cheaper and you'll have multicam in your car as well 😂
  22. FreeFrag.UK

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Xmas

    This sums up my current crisis. Admittedly I'm sort of at the point of "screw it" but in the same breath I can't play next week so what's the rush?
  23. Andy M

    WE Glock 17 GBB Airsoft Pistol

    Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Hi guys here is a WE Glock 17 Gas Blow back Airsoft Pistol. It has a metal slide and is in good condition, it’s shoots perfectly with no issues nothing broken or leaking or missing. It comes freshly serviced with a Molle type holster. It shoots around 314fps. Looking for £75.00 collected from Birmingham or £85.00 posted via parcel force 48hr tracked & signed for. Feel free to contact me directly on 07746673219


  24. Solly4568

    Trying not to destroy my gun

    nope, you are wrong each Tokyo Marui hop up chamber comes with a miniature Jedi that helps you bb fly for miles. The magic dust method was used in the older versions 😂 but in all seriousness thanks guys for the replies it helps me a lot, not having my gun blow up in the middle of a game al Qaeda style 😊
  25. Andy M

    Tokyo Mauri Glock 26 GBB

    Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

    • For sale
    • New

    Hi guys here is my Tokyo Mauri G26 Airsoft Pistol. Typical TM decent quality & performance. This pistol has a magwell extension that allows you to run a higher capacity mag, So it has a TM G17 mag with it. It has all the official Glock trades. It’s shoots perfectly with no issues nothing broken missing or leaking, comes freshly serviced and shoots at around 270fps which is the stock FPS they come out with. It also includes a nice little hip holster. Looking for £80.00 collected from Birmingham or £90.00 posted via parcel force 48hr track & signed for. Feel free to contact my directly on 07746673219


  26. hitmanNo2

    Grey man tactical

    Get a sheet of Kydex and find someone with a water jet cutter. Could work out cheaper.
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