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  2. It might just be me, but those of an Instagram disposition go to the page below and watch the indicated video. I think it’s pretty fucking stupid, considering it’s a marshal doing it as well
  3. No idea, I don't get to pick it up until next weekend even then I have to assemble it. Guys have a 3d scanner, so if it is unstable then I'll have an additional piece made for the suppressor.
  4. Not less than £150 I’m afraid.......
  5. So, been having fun with my vanilla MTR for some time, and decided to upgrade it this week. Orga 410 6.05, Modify Tan buck and the magical nub. Will be battle tested next week.
  6. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    TOKYO MARUI - SOCOM MK23 CARRY CASE FOR MK23 NBB SERIES £15 + £5 postage. Retails for £29.99.


  7. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    UNSKIRMISHED TOKYO MARUI MK18 NEXT GENERATION RECOIL SHOCK A.E.G. Excellent package. I have spent a considerable amount of money on this (approximately £1400). Priced dropped to £800, including postage. £750 without scope. This MK18 has been upgraded by Eagle6 Airsoft using Prometheus parts for improved reliability, efficiency and consistency. It has excellent range and accuracy (Firefly flat-hop setup), and shoots just under 350 FPS. These upgrades have improved the trigger response and rate of fire. It has been rear-wired to Deans connectors and two 7.4v LiPo batteries will be included. Also included is a variable-zoom scope, suppressor, a large hard case, and 4x hi-cap magazines. ■ Shoot & recoil engine installed ■ Auto stop system installed ■ Variable hop-up system ■ Full automatic (continuous) / semi-automatic (single) switching type ■ Full Metal construction


  8. I see. Tbh restricted vision is better than blind like I play currently 😂 I'm a little worried about the lense now though. Other sites do say it's 420fps at 5 foot but I dunno if that changes anything. I do want full face though I'm pretty sure of that.
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  10. I’ve actually had one and it wasn’t that bad , BUT I did change the lense on it as the one that came fitted I found had a too restrictive vision due to its size so I took out the old one and made a new one from a motorbike visor a few inches bigger .
  11. Don't know if this makes a difference I am very new but other sites say its rated 420fps at 5feet?? Thanks for the advice thus far.
  12. Isn't that what Jean-Claude Juncker suffers from when he's staggering around getting all handsy?
  13. Heh, they were doing the "We need more than 'That guy in camo with an M4" speech at the Depot a few games back, and waved vaguely at me by way of indication. Then realised that I was the only one there wearing fetching head to ankle tan, with the only MP5K toy gun. "OK, bad example..."
  14. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    Imported from the US. In excellent 'as new' condition - no marks or damage to any of them and working perfectly. £30.00 Delivered for all three (UK Only).


    , Cornwall - GB

  15. Sounds like he kinda brought that on himself. Recall last time i was running cqb i'd forgotten my lower so took the risk and went without. There was a chap on the other team giving large about how he always went for headshots who mearly bricked it when he saw me. Fortunately i've been very lucky and not had anything major, although i have had a couple of mates lose teeth to this hobby. But it's the gamble i choose to take.
  16. Okay I'm glad I asked about this then because it has really good reviews on YouTube and I would have bought it based on that. As for wanting a helmet I 100% want one because at my first ever game I got clocked in the for head by a BAR at 10feet (somebody no following rules) AND other suggestions the main thing for me is a run hot as hell and I know most Goggles will steam up but I literally could see nothing last game I played haha
  17. While it's not a rifle, the Glock 26 advance looks like it's from Ghost In The Shell / Akira etc Or... (And this pains me) a cheap P90? https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm-060-p90-sub-machine-gun-aeg
  18. AUG. £80 https://gunfire.com/en/products/sw-020c-carbine-replica-olive-drab-1152219196.html And a tin of gloss white spray paint.
  19. No, that’s what I tried them in. FYI, mashed potato is a bad idea Poker chips/ pogs are quite funny, not too many though
  20. Only 420 fps ? Hell no! Stay well clear. What if you accidentally walk across a team mate with a 500fps sniper at 10m and get one in the eye? Nope, nope and thrice nope...
  21. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07K6H45SD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_t1S5CbMC5FGM4 Link doesn't work still so here it is ^^^ From my perspective it's an immediate no-go for the reason here: Not nearly good enough for me to invest in eye protection. For a start, FPS can jump above 420 if you're going up against people with a DMR locked to semi, or using a bolt action. So immediately you know this isn't going to protect your eyes - the most important area to protect - which is enough to say "no thanks". It doesn't mention what weight BBs they were using for testing, joule rating etc, number of BBs before failure etc. What you should consider - do you even need/want a helmet at this stage? Don't get carried away with looking the part this quickly, after a few games you'll know the direction you want to take after you've seen a variety of people with different kit etc (iirc you've only gone to one game thus far) Whatever you decide to do with regard to the helmet - DON'T SKIMP ON EYEPRO - Whatever eyepro you're buying should be rated to a sufficient standard. I can't remember the rating systems used nowadays but someone else will be able to pop in and cite what you need. Good luck!
  22. Glad you guys had a laugh with this one link should work now lol
  23. I remember marshaling one time and we had a group of regulars who never liked to wear face pro, a scarf was enough to them. Playing a simple attack and defend mode and a little kid on the defending team was hunkered down inside an old transit van. Along comes a guy not wearing face pro and for some reason, knowing someone is inside the van, decides to pop his head in the passenger window. Pretty much went down as you would expect, 2 front teeth shot out and screaming blue murder at this kid for "blind firing". Saw him back a few months later after spending over £300 on dentures, didn't bother spending the £15 on a face mask tho, still didn't wear one.
  24. I had a go with with CSI XR5 and it was one of the quietest Aegs I have have used. It was a bloody good performer and only had a strip down and lube. Just an M4 inside so plenty of replaceable parts. You could grab an S&T Tavor special, CYMA p90/JG MP5 with corresponding zombie/strike kit. If a G36 isn't quite futuristic, maybe an SL8?
  25. https://extremeairsoft.co.uk/shop/assault-rifles/electric-aeg-rifles/cqb-rifles/jg-ika-zuchi-thunder-maul-aeg-airsoft-rifle/ Sorry didnt get to the end of the post. PDR/C bit pricy though.
  26. So that's my lightweight load out sorted. May add a dump pouch just an an extra carrying option for sundries for longer games.
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