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  2. Green, safely. The nozzle walls are very thin, to get it inside the real steel sized bolt and still maintain enough gas to fire. With Airsoft Engenuity’s nozzle you MIGHT be able to reliably use Red, but why? I’ve seen first hand the results of running them on red, black and too high HPA, and in all cases the nozzle blew apart. With the HPA, the nozzle tip destroyed the hop assembly, but otherwise it’s just the nozzle as far as I ha e experienced
  3. Booked in 😈 Very excited to fall down the stairs
  4. Thanks for that, already had mags inbound from Rainbow8 Whats the hottest Nuprol gas you can run in these?
  5. Just to add, they normally sort out all the paperwork and will advise you of legal standings regarding the country it is destined for.
  6. Nope, I asked if anybody new of any importers of 80% frames. That’s it
  7. I can't find my link but there a few middle man exporters in the US that will buy and ship on your behalf. What happens this end I do not know.
  8. You didn't. Which is what I'm trying to get at. You appear to be deliberately ambiguous. Could you elaborate on the situation then? What have you found out you haven't disclosed? Can you see why one would make that assumption based on what you've posted? It's a bit difficult to help when we only have half the story.
  9. Today
  10. Sorry, where did I say that about Brownells?
  11. Sure. It's your business. So Brownells have said they're legal to import and own but you just need an importer?
  12. man needs his shiny, i see no problem with this. from a legal standpoint i guess this could be interesting, afaik the point of them is that under american law it's the reciever/frame is the serialised "gun", and there are tin foil hatters who'd preferr to not have "the man" know they have a gun so they "manufacture" their own, and these are a means to skirt that. (bearing in mind i'm not american or a lawyer so take that with a pinch of salt) as for what it means over here i'm not sure, afaik converting a deactivated gun to airsoft is not ok because it would require enough of the deactivation to be reversed to enable it to be used as an airsoft gun (regardless of any logic that an airsoft conversion will likely do more permanent damage to it's chances of being used as a real firearm than a standard deactivation), but i don't know if that applies to something that's "not yet a gun". i'd be interested to know as part of me is tempted to have a crack at converting one of the GWACS polymer lowers for airsoft.
  13. Already spoken to them. As for what’s the point, that’s my business, surely? I don’t need to justify myself to strangers on the internet after all 😂😂😂
  14. Love First Blood. The book is really good. Rambo kills everyone in the book.
  15. Brownells says they're a "call to order" item. I'd think it was best to speak them directly as I doubt they're going to do anything sketchy and risk their business. Of course you could take the advice from some strangers on the Internet instead. Ultimately, what's even the point? It's just going to bump you higher up the potential nutter watch list.
  16. personally i'm not a fan, in terms of range you can under-load a larger shell to get a bit more boost, although i suspect if you go too far might have problems with fps. tbh my experience with 40mm stuff (barring tag rounds) is kinda meh, even the "terrifying" 40-mike is kinda meh in-use, maybe it's just my play style but if they're close enough to be in range they're close enough that i'd feel kind of a dick for blasting them when i could just pop a couple of rounds out of the rifle and move on. the paintball style shells are definately better, much easier loaded, although the multi-barrel types don't require a bung. dont get me wrong, i love the look of the 203 mounted on the f2000 but it takes an average of about half a game before i'm questioning why i'm bothering with the extra weight.
  17. kinda want one (tempting for a tommygun....) but by my closest experience of when I has a goblin that I found meh in all bar one shot where the guy prettymuch craped hisself does make me consider such again. am watching so do let us know what works please cheers
  18. not on mine, aluminium upper/lower, but mate's have fitted p* jack's to plastic raider bodies without issue.
  19. Are you talking about something like a Glock 80% frame? IIRC all it means is you need to finish off the work, basically - skirts specific laws in the US. Sounds risky to do in the UK, considering in order to fit it you need to complete the job (as I understand it)
  20. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 SIG P226 blackwater KJ base deep marking, deep 0.3mm custom grip cerakote Tritium night sight detail fix toy & real toy & real toy & real toy & real toy & real
  21. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

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    I've had this AK for a couple months now and have made some modifications such as the modern upper and lower hand guards (the lower hand guard is an M-LOK system and the upper hand guard is a rail system). This rifle also features custom mags, and green rope around folding stock, the rope I added doesn't allow the stock to fold but this can be removed if buyer wishes. (see pictures for details) I started getting into the sport with a couple friends but we haven't found the time to regularly attend airsoft games, Therefor I am selling the rifle. The rifle is in perfect condition and has only been skirmished once, it comes with the original 500rnd hi cap mag and 4 other 150rnd mid cap mags and a scope mount that i purchased separately it also comes with the original box, battery and charger + cleaning rod. For additional pictures or videos please email or text me specifying what you want a picture of. I would like to sell the rifle for £270 but open to offers. With all the mods the rifle cost me upwards of £320. My group was going for a Russian theme so I also purchased a 6SH112 Vest, if the buyer is interested I could also sell this to them to for an additional £60. COLLECTION AND DELIVERY AVAILABLE (BUYER PAYS DELIVERY FEE)


    Aylesford, Kent - GB

  22. I wonder if GBB makers have ever thought of an expansion chamber somewhere to reduce cool down, especially on pistols..

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    2. Skara


      But then you run into cool down issues when "spamming" the trigger or playing in low temperatures..

      Would you think it's possible to mod a magazine in order to have a built in expansion chamber?


      Reloading mags means fidgeting with them, at this point you can even top up gas while you're at it..

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      tbh i'm not sure it'd help all that much, at some point you're going to be relying on the liquid boiling to replenish itself, although granted i have shot one of those maruzen m11's and it was pretty impressive (at least compared to asg's more conventionally designed m11)


      for winter co2 is the better option, although granted co2 mags come with their own set of problems.


      i tend to just avoid spamming when running a pistol, that's what rifles are for, never really use more than a couple of shots per engagement, for range work you're better taking time to get a good aim anyway.

    4. Immortal


      I don't think mags get a decent seal on the gun in order to have such a chamber (thinking of how Co2 Caplets work with airgun valves - it would have to be built into the mag I suppose so a space issue... just my 50p's worth of grey matter)

  23. Maybe not as odd as it sounds, does anybody know anything about 80% frames? I have been informed by my local RFD that only pressure bearing firearms components require an FAC, but finding an importer is proving somewhat problematic. Brownells advertise them on their UK site, but don’t actually import them🤷🏼‍♂️ Thanks Hive Mind 👍🏻
  24. heading here on 6th October if anyone's up for it? https://www.teamgreenairsoft.co.uk/apps/webstore/ pics from last booked game here...most im not in as wearing pencott wildwood and was in the bushes
  25. Nov's support is sending me a replacement outer barrel, for once they're being kind even if the evidence I provided didn't really show the issue Person's name is Christian..
  26. Well I'm no "common" m203 user. As a refined human being, I require the refined looks of the AG36 🙎‍♂️ Makes me wish I had a Scar H so i can have the excuse to get an EGLM.
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