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  2. Hi, I have an 2200mAh 11.1v Lipo that has 35c/65c burst, I've always ran a standard 30c 1450mAh 11.1v lipo on my AEG. My question is, is this bigger battery safe to use, its a battery I use in my RC cars. Many thanks
  3. Very sensible. Some of the paint jobs just ruin otherwise cracking guns.
  4. Angry Gun are a company I avoid like the plague nowadays for anything other than flash hiders. Not sure I’d entrust my hard earned to a company that struggle so much with basic parts to get an upper receiver right and not have it entirely knacker the performance with everything being misaligned and snagging. Even had that not been the case I was, or rather am, after the A2 carry handle rather than the A1. But yeah, I hope it works out well for those looking forward to it. As for spare uppers, I wish you the best of luck. I’d been on the hunt for ages, tried contacting numerous companies (Impulse101 included) and none of them were able to source one. I snapped one up that went up for sale on here some time back and popped myself in the queue for the graft… which has been about 3 months or so now. I was quoted a 4 month wait so fingers crossed I’ll be getting contacted before long.
  5. looking good, did yours come with its own barrel nut to replace the stock one?. I tried to get a Nuprol 1 fitted and the guy said you would need to do a few mods to get it to work. I guess he never removed the orginal nut on it.
  6. After a good 40sec using the forum search facility I found this ! 😉 “Tank Reg navy blue Overalls S6 Res (need to make the lenses safe for airsoft) Res hood off an NBC suit Bristol BA Leather Hip holster for Hi Power (sig will do) Leather Drop leg MP5 mag pouch "Pigskin" ops waistcoat (CRW Airsoft do one) MP5A3”
  7. So the damage, crudely hidden under some gorilla tape for now. I was just chucking a few rounds down the garden when ping, I hear something hit the floor. Look down to see my front sight on the deck and a chunk of my slide missing. This probably has something to do with me not know a great deal about hi capa building but and throwing a Waldo recoil spring in. 130% and a plastic slide probably wasn't going to last very long! I've since taken the Waldo spring out and put the stock TM one back in with a few soft short stroke rubbers. I've left the waldo nozzle spring in at the moment. This is 150% I believe. Future plans? I've been waiting very patiently for the Makeit3D printed slide to come out. I know @Steveocee was fortunate enough to test these out! So there will be no bring colours. All black, as close to original looking as possible for that sleeper build! I know the thread protector kind of spoils that a bit but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make for bright shiney green balls!! Build 1 Makeit3D slide AIP 120% Recoil Spring A few waldo short stroke buffers AIP aluminum recoil spring rod AIP aluminum spring guide plug DP or COW COW C01 blowback housing Waldo loading nozzle (150%) Build 2 Guarder Aluminum OPS slide (Essentially a metal copy of the original plastic one) Waldo 130% Recoil Spring A few waldo short stroke buffers AIP aluminum recoil spring rod AIP aluminum spring guide plug Guarder light weight nozzle housing (Apparently the best fit for the slide) Waldo loading nozzle (150%) The above aren't set in stone and any advice is greatly welcomed and appreciated. The pistol comes out as a secondary to my MTW at places like Anzio and Gaol at the moment, but has and will be used as a HPA powered primary at CQB sites like Hells and probably at Gaol when I next go in December. When used on HPA I tried to limit the FPS to 300fps on 0.2's. Also plan to fit my HPA adapter with a Nine ball gas router and was considering a high flow valve as well to help up the FPS but hopefully lower the required PSI........or will I need more PSI to supply the extra air being used? Hopefully it all makes sense. Looking to order a few bits from Rainbow8, I've seen a few bits in the UK here and there but not much. Any thoughts on which build would be better suited to occasional HPA use? Thank you, good night, much love!
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  9. OK, so the game itself. I am very aware that the quality of my weekend was different to others. The site its self is amazing with loads of sturcures and varied terrian. Alpha is was an absolute blast to play on even though my actual game time happened in a very small area. Highlights for the site include: 'west town' - western style small single story buildings some are just blocks others with doors. really fun to defend with shotguns - although it is easy to get rolled over if attackers have the numbers Viking village - larger buildings, markee, firepit - lots to shout about. The wall - gate tower with walkway above and a couple smaller buildings, very defendable. Firebase - well dug in area with (some) good lines of sight Now, as i said my weekend was heavily influanced by a very small number of people and thier actions. I was in the Civvy milita our 'leadership' was worrying from the start, this is even before game day... They did manage to organise smokes and bangs. They were not however responsive to ideas and talking to anyone out side of the council of elders about how to run the game, this was a massive red flag but i had commited to the civvy cause (and only load out i could do). in the lead up to the event the team was asked by the CoE who we would want to be teamed up with....those of you that have read the game brief linked at the top will see the folly in what happened next. In the lead up we had been told that comms were 'sorted'....as it turns out that was a partial lie it gets to game day and we have a number of last minute drop outs for various reasons including the civvy 2ic, on the friday evening 1ic of the civvy team is more concered about the pyro and the range of the comms. Gets to the saturday morning and some of us socialised too hard... There are loose game (where it is mentioned that there are Mainline Objectives for the day, so each hour essentially has its own mission to keep things moving) and safety briefings. My 1ic didn't bring one wth him, didn't have a spare on his phone to forward to people and beyond infil, didn't have a fucking clue. 'leader' ( yes i am already thinking in these terms almost first thing sat morning), asks for fire teams to do item/contraband search, i grab a couple of bodies and voluenteer, we are not given a radio, other teams put their hands up and are given radios.... My team go out meet an NPC find a little contraband and make it back before the others, we get a look and a comment of 'why are you just carrying those' no thank yous.... In the lead up to the event the civvy team are told that the police/blue light team are our allies and will be looking after us as long as we are respecting the rules of the territory and back them up.....another 60 mins of standing around doing fuck all with me taking turns at perimiter one of our team runs past with the contraband my fire team found, being chased by the police... they have raided us....whilst this distraction was happening i bugged out and went on a reccy. i find the Wall is in habited by 2 just 2 af sentries. i report this back that we could raid them and grab any contraband the af have and be gone but no. we wait for the next police 'raid'... the whole weekend went like that, the 'leader' would ask us to do nothing accept stay on posts and wait for the next police raid...whist this is happening a couple of the fire teams on the civvy teams have not come back. A firefight broke out in the West Town, posion smoke, cover smoke, heavy fire - the whole shibang, i start running over ready to support as i thought we were backing up the fuzz...'leader' calls me and the couple of others back, i ask wtf, repeatedly. As it is kicking off one of the civvies come over to the leader and told the 'leader' that the attack was his guys, flat out said that his fire team were attacking the fuzz and the 'leader' did nothing. The fire team leader then runs into the town and shoots any civvy that doesnt pull out counter to all previous information. turns out that fire team is the embedded foriegn (russian) armed force with their own agenda..... that is 7/8 people now not on the civvy team... The day goes on. some larping happens, which was fun, we have luch, i ask if there is more that standing around doing fuck all to be done...at which point the game organiser comes over to only just discover that the 'leader of the civvy team doesn't have a fucking clue, (sidenote: at breifing the organiser said that the way he had planned it meant that he didn't need to be there as leadership of all factions (including the Russians and PMC's) had MLO to move the day along) he told us the objective was to attack the Wall (held by uk armed forces) using gas. alot of us on sentry leave posts to do this, a number of us went for it and after the first failed attempt of 'up the middle' a small number of us try other avenues, the main body of the force under the 'leader' kept trying up the middle...... you will see the common thread here. on the sunday the PMC extract themselves from the civvy group leaving us with maybe 12/16 players.... Part way through the day i find my brother slumped against a tree looking down, having the same frustrations, a nip of (exceptional) rum later and a plan was laid, we would iritate the fuck out of any one in camo, constantly bombing posion from one direction and shooting from another only to fade and try another compass point, that was a lot of fun. although as the af didn't have any ammo limits our cover got hosed till they sent the recovery/kill team out to us, by which point we were gone. I know this has been a tough read and a little scatty. but the main takeaways are, yes i will do another weekender with this level of emmersion or a battle sim. Yes the camping and social aspects were good. oh and the game its self was good fun once i got past and over the usless civvy leader. So yes as a whole (excluding 'leader') the weekend was great fun. I will go back to Alpha to one of their sims, looks like my brother will take the chance as well, an offer of a cheap game will do that for some one with a IG Commissar cosplay.... I will likely sign up for another game by the organiser, may even scrounge another loadout up from somewhere to be on a different faction and over winter i may even meet up with a couple of the other civvies for a random skirmish day.
  10. Good to hear, but actually giving them licences is in the clammy hands of the civil servants.
  11. How do you store laptops, tablets and phones? I charge in an Explosion Containment Pie Dish, then tend to throw them in a plastic box, but that's mostly so that I can find them rather than to protect them.
  12. Haha. Not a chance. I am what I am and it's served me well all these years. 🙂 Regards
  13. Been using hi caps wound fully. I think the only thing left is how tge bb is sitting before it hits the hop mound
  14. Yeah........I fully intended on using my AAP SMG at the Gaol, but my love affair with my MTW continues!!
  15. I live in hope that you might change; I am an eternal optimist.
  16. My current employer a British Airline might not be the most stable of jobs so I enquired about HGV training and the 2 companies I spoke to both are fully booked up until the New year for New Pupils
  17. Didn’t you fancy waiting for the Angry Gun A1 receiver set? I’m not sure what the cost difference will be between that and the “cut & shut”? I’m tempted by either, if I knew where to lay hands on a spare bare bones upper?
  18. I havent been able to order since last year, I’m in England
  19. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    WE G19 with maple leaf hop chamber, I key, 50° maple leaf bucking and 84mm crazy jet. Comes with stock parts included with 3 gas tight mags £135 posted with the listed upgrades installed or £105 with stock parts installed. Was £207 new.


  20. quango2k

    M4 GBB

    Put it in the right section!
  21. So a little run down of whats inside and out: Nine ball 6.00 112.5mm / 5" Inner barrel Maple Leaf 50 bucking Standard Tokyo Marui Hop unit Airsoft Masterpiece Hop Wheel Airsoft Masterpiece Hop Arm Maple Leaf I key Removed due to over hopping 0.25's with no hop applied. Will probably try again now the bucking has worn in. Makeit3D Tornado fixed threaded outer barrel Cow Cow thread adapter / protector So the above list was purchased with a two things in mind. Firstly to allow the use of a tracer, hence the threaded outer barrel and secondly to up the FPS slightly. The reason behind wanting an FPS boost was to lower the required PSI to achieve 300fps with my HPA MP5 mag adapter from Primary Airsoft. The additional hop parts were purely because they were cheap and I was taking it to bits anyway. Unfortunately, after some heavy use at Hells CQB site, the stock loading nozzle broke. I think this was partly down to me not making sure i cleared the gun correctly before removing and inserting mags. So a drive out in my classic mini to see Kyle at Hi Capa Hub, I resisted the urge to steal his lovely sausage dog and came home with a CL Project Designs reinforced loading nozzle. I assume they're good because @Steveocee was jealous I had one! This is where I probably should have stopped, but I didn't..... I'll leave it here for now as I need to get some pictures for the next twist, or should I say break! 😭
  22. the problem with that sort of thing is the consistency you're getting. if the same rounds that are going through the chrono are also going all over the place (ie no changes to the setup between chrono/range shot) then it really shouldn't be an airseal issue. you can get it with mags, if your testing on a half empty midcap or a hicap then go to test shoot on a stuffed midcap, the friction on the nozzle from the bb stack holds the nozzle back and gives temporary airseal issues.
  23. I tend to keep everything un-'weathered'/painted until I know I'm definitely keeping things given how much doing the aforementioned hurts the price if I come to sell, I imagine this'll be much the same.
  24. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

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    Hi guys and gals! Selling my AW high capa (HX1003) this pistol is amazing! I can’t say that enough. It’s just not my style. Comes with: •Pistol •2 magazines •holster •original box


    - GB

  25. OK I made a mistake. I'll hold my hands up to that. I'm man enough to admit it. But does making a mistake make me a cunt? It's a shame we can't all be perfect! lol
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