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  2. We had a thread about this yesterday, along with many others, please use the search feature...
  3. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    This rifle works fine. But the LM4 hop up needs to be replaced. It's cheap to replace but I am not a fan of gas rifles so I never bothered to replace it. One of the 7 mags has a broken feed lip. 3 have leaks. Semi and 3 round burst. I can't post it


    Brandon Suffolk - GB

  4. I'd also love to know this, Since I've just moved here I need to get a two tone, but since the colours are so limited at most places I'd love to spray my two-tone to a different colour -such as pink- but I have very little knowledge about spraypaint in general. (although there are some nice guides on here about how to spray guns, those all involve spraying a stock gun with no previous layers)
  5. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    Almost new, barely uses Hawsan double barrel shotgun. Lovely real wood, very hefty gun. Includes two later design shells that work a lot better than the old versions.


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  7. While I admit that I had difficulties with this particular gun, you're just being much of an arse based off one example. One. There are no qualifications to be a tech; if you're good enough to be one, you can just be one right off the bat. And, a professional is someone that has an income based off what they do. These are the facts and that's just how it is whether you like that or not. My reputation is currently local and through word of mouth. I have fixed and passed on quite a few guns with no complaints so far. Yes, this G&G may end my positive streak, but are techs not allowed to make mistakes and learn from them? I've made around £1300 so far this month. No, that's not a huge six figure "pro" salary. But, I think that's pretty decent for an engineering student on summer break with a lot of spare time. Enough for rent...
  8. Grip lasers on Aliexpress are the way to go, dirt cheap
  9. Hi guys, I'm just getting into Airsoft (Glasgow based) and as I'm impatient I've bought a WE Glock 18c and Cyma Shotgun in two tone. When I get my UKARA defence sorted out I would like to spray them black. I'm got great with paint or stripping guns yet, is there any stores or sites that offer this as a service? Cheers!
  10. @Rogerborg why the unhappy faces as I torally right. The gun he was trying to sell as professionally built as he claims to be a tech sounded awful and the one he posted up as good sounds no better than a stock G&G or Specna. It scares me to think people might actually pay him and then some poor sod has to take it to a more responsible tech to sort it after, which costs even more.
  11. No just believe if someone is going to call themselves a tech they should no the difference between good, bad and average builds. Too many people calling themselves airsoft techs when they have no clue or any real background in any form of engineering. Think so called airsoft techs should have a test and qualification to stop all the useless fuckers ruining peoples toy guns.
  12. tdogg

    FPG Magpul + Box

    and does it work ? anything broken ?
  13. Not a big deal, I was thinking a grip laser; however I have yet to find an affordable one.
  14. Ahh the joy's of physics. I just say keep it simple, keep it uniform and constant, test all at every game and cheating stops and safety improves. Test all on .2s for FPS and if you want the ultimate test all sniper rifles on joules. My greatest joy is getting close to snipers inside of minimum engagement and shooting the shit out of them LOL. We have the FPS limits just firmly apply those limits stopping any gun from use that goes over, end of.
  15. Yesterday
  16. The Dutch DSI kit is really cool tbf, wish I'd sprung for it, much fucking cheaper and comfier
  17. _FIL_

    THE TM MWS thread

    Where can we get one?
  18. Time Left: 6 days and 13 hours

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    As above looking for a dye i4 or i5 in black and blue maybe a light variation drop me a pm with what you have


  19. That’s a good price , reason I ask a while ago I bought a real wood stock for my TM M14 so wanted a nice correct leather sling for it , and the guarder one was near £40 ! in the end I picked up a real WW2 garand sling from epic militaria for £18 all in !
  20. £20 from Wolf Armories, I think they have a black one left. Its sturdy enough!
  21. I’m afraid to ask but how much ? Quite frankly I think a pair of scratched welders glasses smeared with gearbox grease would be clear to look through than a pair of nuprol glasses ! 😳
  22. Time Left: 6 days and 12 hours

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    Ex police radio kit two radios made by Kenwood full charged comes with genuine kenwood charger 1 x throat mic 1x genuine military issue1 touch coms button 1 x noise reducing headphones with mic with matching one touch coms button I alos have other tacticle gear that i wish to sell seperatly


  23. No, the power output should remain fixed regardless of weight of BB and in a perfect world it would. However once you start getting into sniper weights you do see measured power output 'creeping' up. It may be that heavier BB's just make better use of the set up, spring power, barrel to bolt volume ratio, barrel length in GBB etc . Joule creep is a convenient term to describe something that most airsofters don't understand. Lets face it we have all had the ' I'm going to use heavier BB's to bring the fps down' discussion with someone who's gun is shooting hot. An interesting experiment with a sniper is to fire a selection of weights and measure the output, you tend to see the joules peak then drop off significantly which demonstrates what weight gets the most from the particular set up.
  24. I still say definitely a big yes (but I don’t buy in to the greatest guns ever some spout) as long as you leave them stock , I’m a great believer in once you crack them open and start f**king about with them you’ve put a best before date on it , I don’t care who the tech is that’s doing the work once you start it’s gonna die AND it’ll need continuous ‘tweaking’ to keep it running . ive got a 11-12yr old socom , a 10-11yr Old 74su , a 6yr old G36K AND there all still running fine and there all still totally stock bar changing to a deans , who da thunk ! 🤔 They did sit on there rep for a good while but I think they’ve started to step there game up again the new AK’s lock after the last BB , the new 416 Delta is just sex as a gun AND they’ve got the recoil MK46 coming out soon . So yes there eye wateringly expensive but I do think there worth it if only for the longevity of them .
  25. Time Left: 6 days and 12 hours

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    4 x pistols electric pistols I have the batteries but no charger lost it a year ago. been sat doing nothing £80 for the lot


    - GB

  26. Have you experience with it ? I'm no expert. From what I've read they're better in some ways but not others. Both as stock tms having the better longevity and hop. Kwa more power and recoil . Also the bolt stop system being more reliable in the tm.
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