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  2. Meanwhile my SRO clone is stuck in warehouse somewhere in China
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  4. I thought he was quite understanding watching the worst examples of twats playing with toy guns... (I don't even want to watch that shit) In his other video commenting on general airsoft I thought he was fair in his observations.
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  6. on performance and build quality the TM is vastly superior.
  7. Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

    • For sale
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    Big bundle for the M4 by g&g , haven't used this rifle in a while so deciding to sell, in great used condition Comes with: 4 G&g mid caps 4 off brand mid caps 2 off brand high caps Battery and charger included Has adjustable stock, reflex lense that has different colours available, also flip up sights and cqb grip. Also throwing in the gun bag aswell. Collection preferred located in Braintree Essex Feel free to message, text or call for more info


    braintree, Essex - GB

  8. He’s an ex-us marine so obviously he’s an expert on absolutely everything thats militarily based ! seen a couple of his vids , he may know what he’s talking about ref; US operations but when it comes to other countries ? he talks utter bollox ! He’ll be commenting on a clip of XYZ and he contradicts what the commentators or the text is saying in the bloody clip ! Utter tool .
  9. Just interesting to see the perception of airsoft from a guy who has never played and is witness to the worst behaviour the sport can manage.
  10. I have been researching for a couple hours now between the TM MP7 GBB & Umarex MP7 GBB. I know that main differences are 1:1 ratio of size & trades. is there any advantage over one that the other does not, really torn on what to use for my base build. any help appreciated.
  11. Cool. Look forward to the results you get. I’m interested to know what the maximum, consistent FPS you get with different bb weights. Ta.
  12. And would you like to discuss the video, generally speaking?
  13. I was just trying to find some cat videos when I found this guy wondering wtf airsoft is all about.
  14. Sawyer

    THE TM MWS thread

    I've got a G&P 3.5 valve en route to me so I'll let you know what it's like when it arrives. Also just got myself my first chronograph so I can actually adjust things properly for BB weight.
  15. I do believe that's me hes having a moan about the calico. Well, we can only account for 3 in the UK including his and I've done a lot of asking around. So, yeah, they are that uncommon. Very happy to be proven wrong.
  16. Hi from another new boy with a very similar airsoft CV 😆😆
  17. That's fair enough! Didn't have my phone in the garage...
  18. Tommikka


    One of them cost a fraction of the cost of the other to produce, and if you were to legally get your hands on it is worth a pretty penny today
  19. seems a bit much 3 mags for £50 brand new
  20. Time Left: 6 days and 15 hours

    • Wanted
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    Willing to negotiate price. Payment via paypal. Thanks in advance.


    Higher Tranmere, Merseyside - GB

  21. Tackle


    The top one is more dangerous, that stuff hurts like a mofo when you get it on your fingers 😭
  22. Got my new stock for my SCAR-H and LaRue RISR: Still waiting for the Angry Gun SCAR Gen II Stock Adapter v2.1 so I can attach the new stock, but damn it looks better than the Uggly Boot. I would have preferred an ACR stock but they are impossible to find online and have 0 battery space anyway even if you can get one. I had to dremel the bolt catch / release / reflector for the TM GBB SCAR-L to fit, but I like it a lot more than the stock plastic one from VFC. Who spends £40 for a single bit of something? Warhammer 40k, or airsoft players. lol.
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