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  2. Can anyone tell me any techs in the Lancaster area
  3. I run a split slide Glock for practical pistol shooting. In that context it makes sense as it cycles faster, is more gas efficient and suffers less from cool down. When your shooting against the clock this makes a noticeable difference. The big down sides are it cost more, is more difficult to adjust as you need a screwdriver to break it down to adjust the hop, and all the slide cutaways give Lots of ways for dirt and debris to get into the working parts. While cost is what it is, the other two downsides aren’t a problem when target shooting in nice clean surroundings When I skirmish I use a short slide WE G19x. It’s still more than snappy enough in the context of skirmishing, doesn’t have the slide cutouts to let dirt in and they are cheeper so I bought 2 for the cost of the split slide so I automatically got a spare mag and if I drop one in the mud I don’t need to try and clean it in the safe zone I just throw it in my bag get the clean one out and clean it when I get home (this massively extends the life of your pistol, as cycling a pistol full of grit kills them pretty fast). Also the shorter slide means weapon transitions are faster (provided you practice) if you ever need it.
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  5. Does the motor turn free by hand? And dont get me started on the finnickness of fire selectors else i'll start ranting about ak's...... Another option for the selector/trigger is the box being too tight, if you've overdone the stock/grip bolts a bit it can do that.
  6. Time Left: 6 days and 17 hours

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    New ,never used. 12€ incloude fees. Feel free to ask!


  7. You may be onto something there. Looking at the ambi selector, it's only slightly off on the one side, but you wouldn't think it'd cause that much of an issue. As for box alignment? considering how well everything fits (bar the motor currently), i WANT to be keen on the idea of it not being that, but it's definitely something to consider, just dont tell me i have to take out again....😭 I should mention that this was also when i was firing with the motor free from the handle; more oft than not it would just "seize" and not move while making that sound you'd associate with an electrical short or just the motor severely struggling. it was also overspin for some benign reason. I feel like i should KNOW what the funk is happening.........I'll probably wind up taking a video tomorrow or something for some better understanding.
  8. Time Left: 6 days and 16 hours

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    Fully upgrade TM with a pistol case SAI slide/lower/trigger maple leaf hopup guarder enhance spring guide and orginal one inclunding a new trigger very accurate Around 310fps with red gas at indoor site in winter 5 mags, only 1 work 200 including PP or swap It's cheap enough to get it.


  9. Time Left: 6 days and 16 hours

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    Secutor Rudis Magna 1911 co2 pistol Price: £150 collected (+ £10 for postage) Location: Lincoln Description: Fully working with slight cosmetic wear. Package contains Pistol with RMR 3x leak free co2 magazines original grips and custom grips (installed). All allen keys. Features raised sight posts to co witness with the rmr and a threaded outer barrel (with thread protector) which will take tracer units or surpressors. This gun is loud as **** with a mad kick. summer valve and winter valve. The one that is installed is the one that came in the gun, I have no idea which is which. I have modded the hopup unit to make the wheel stiffer to turn as the intense kick from the gun would otherwise cause the hop up to turn itself off. Great all year round, even being co2 it’s never chronoed too hot even in summer. Any questions feel free to ask.



  10. What did people think about the 'bad batch' arc - I really enjoyed it.. I liked the theme tune they gave the bad batch guys too. Theres a great little remix of it with the resistance theme from the Ep7 TFA:
  11. Hah, of course that's what I meant..
  12. JD appear to have it in black/polymer furniture, but I mean if your going SVD do you really want anything other than wood
  13. Time Left: 6 days and 16 hours

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    Brand new, just tested never taken out. Spring powered, metal and faux wood. Comes boxed, with an extra set of 5 metal shells, 1x clip, and 2 multi shot plastic shells (shotgun effect). Ejects the shells every time no problems at all. Happy to post at buyer's cost.


    Gosport, Please select region, state or province - GB

  14. If i cant afford to get a nice pso with it then it'll be getting my pk-a temporarily and even that will feel slightly heretical..... Mate of mine has a (possibly king arms?) Aeg svd, its a nice gun and handles nicely despite the length (i'm exclusively outdoor play so length isnt a major issue if it handles well) but ive got aeg's and i've got hpa's so this is just for fun. No idea, i'll probably be getting my local brick and mortar to scour their suppliers once this whole covid thing dies down.
  15. The thought of a GBB SVD is very tempting. Where is the best place to source one (i.e. most reputable)?!
  16. Bloody great choice mate - Besides the SR25 and M14 series one of the only other true role DMRs out there for airsoft. One thing to bear in mind though is that they are seriously long; they have a good 20-30 cm on an M16, the barrel just feels like it goes on forever. Make sure you get a PSO-1 to finish the look off, no point in cheaping out on those finishing touches .. irks me ever so slightly when I see people running this kinda crap on an SVD :
  17. Time Left: 6 days and 15 hours

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    Airsoft MB-01-08 Fluted spring powered sniper rifle olive green comes with a magazine which holds 24 bbs never been used but has been tested and shoots 450 fps



  18. Time Left: 6 days and 15 hours

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    *Can post in regards to current situation with COVID-19. Item will be cleaned before dispatch. For sale is my beloved G26 as seen in John Wick 2. Tokyo Marui Lower with Boom Arms TTI Slide set with outer barrel. Inner barrel is TM. Shoots amazing and it very accurate. Fired approx 5 mags out of it in the garden, not skirmished. The slide set itself cost £180 to import to the UK. The TM G26 cost £160 brand new but the standard plastic slide broke hence why I bought the upgraded slide set. Comes with the standard G26 mag (leak free). also comes with a boom arms TTI mag base plate which fits perfectly. Original TM box included in sale. Looking for £230 posted. Local collection not advised due to recent events but will be considered to lower the cost. Any questions please ask! Thanks for looking.


  19. On the subject of FETs the Gate X-ASR can struggle with stronger springs if the motor has to start up part way through a cycle, I.E. pre cocked position.
  20. Sorry, thought posting in gas guns would have hinted at me wanting the Wei-Tech blowback beasty, so rocketdogbert was right on the money. Basically wanting to move into gbbr's and since my playstyle is often dmr anyway figured an svd would be a good fun choice.
  21. Ahh ambi selectors..... The trigger issue could either be box alignment (rubbing somewhere) or if it happens in semi but not auto could be the safety is still partially on where you have to push it out of the way. The selector should be free and smooth but it should click, on a standard selector this is a spring detent in the lever which unless you specifically remove the lever should stay in place, i suspect the ambi fire selector alignment is also to blame here. As for the motor sounds very much like wire routing pushing the motor down, its an absolute pain in the proverbial but just requires much fiddling to get the wires out of the way and not jamming on the top/sides.
  22. Ive not handled many split slide guns, but the ones i have have all had one fundamental drawback- you need to crack out the alan keys to pull the slide and adjust the hop. So i stick to single slide, but then i dont lean on my pistols for anything other than a bit of fun plinking when my primarys out and i cant be assed walking back to the safe zone to reload.
  23. Tiny update: Bought a TMC replica of the Safariland (579? GLS retention) holster with a mid ride paddle. Cheap enough to not give a fuck about it but also lets me try the mid ride configuration, and if it works for me I'll buy the real deal (apparently it fits the AAP01 too, if it's true then it's a win-win). Also bought some speed plates to give mags some protection in case I drop them when reloading. Installed the ML rubber and I-Key but haven't had the chance to try it out yet because of the lockdown.
  24. Sod it, may as well try and convince another foolhardy soul... I mean brave... The most fun I've had plinking or skirmishing has been with a single action Smith and wesson model 3 schofield revolver. I'd like to add a remington or colt to the mix soon but I'm currently off work due to this virus. They are hard to shoot well, but that means they are engaging. This is my second as I foolishly sold my first, this one's at roughly 2,500 bbs and is working exactly as it was when it was bough. My old one was probably near to 10,000 and was the same. No doubt you've seen the vcra, and the two tone options ect? Legally these should be exempt, I know wolf armouries see it that way as its a pre 1870 design- 1868 iirc. Anyway, if this hasn't tempted you, something useful to add- Get a toolkit sorted, for airsoft use, it can fit in a Chinese takeaway tub. ~Small set of long nose pliers ~Allen keys ~screwdrivers (a small set is ideal with a couple of posies, couple of Philips and couple of flatheads) ~silicon grease ~silicon oil ~ptfe tape I also have a few knackered old imperial Allen keys that are used as drifts. You will find out more as you go along, but this gives you a fighting chance of sorting any issues. If you're going to ever buy slings, gun cases or targets (although cans on string is good enough) using an actual gun shop is usually cheaper and better than an airsoft shop. My last point, someone may disagree l, but you'll see sight limits are banded about as being 350 fps on 0.2g bbs, and some people try and get as close as possible. Personally, I aim for around 315 ish, and then it will never fall foul on any site due to chrono error or variance.
  25. The bare minimum kit for using any airsoft gun: Eye protection, naturally. Other than that, assuming you likely own a gun/are getting one.. For targets, I personally prefer ones that take replaceable sheets, mounted in a catchers mount. it stops BB's bouncing all over the place while you do target shooting. Good for at a small range or even plinking down your upstairs hallway into the spare room >.> You can also get an Auto-reset solid target by ASG that has a capture net and knock down target plates. Depends if you mind a bit of mess or not. Also, I cannot stress enough, especially if buying new guns; a Chrono. They're a little costly, but being able to test your own airsoft guns to make sure they're not over site limits or legal limits BEFORE going to a site can save you alot of hastel down the lone. Nothing sucks more than getting to a site, being all ready to go, getting to the chrono; "Sorry mate, your guns over or allowed limits; you'll have to rent a gun" or turning up with one that's technically breaking the law. Other than that; Oil/Lubricant. Even firing your gun in a barn or in a closed off room, or just storing it for a while; parts can dry out, especially in gas guns. So, invest in some gun lubes and oils to keep things nice an' clean and ungunked. Something to safely carry and store your gun/guns in is also a given.
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