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  2. Not too bad then. I'll add this on the list of sites to visit
  3. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    Selling a new (no packaging) Titan Power 11.1v 2600mah Stick DEANS Lithium Ion Battery. Just recieved today but already sold my M4 AEG so won't be needing it, bought from Combat Airsoft. Total asking price inc. both PayPal fees and will be dispatched with Hermes 1 Day Delivery. https://www.airsoftanonymous.co.uk/products/titan-2600mah-11-1v-stick-battery-deans


  4. Playing Airsoft with an AEG & Drum Mag = Easy Playing Airsoft with an AEG & Mid Caps = Normal Playing Airsoft with a BASR = Hard Playing Airsoft with a GBBR = Legend Do you really want to start a game on the hardest difficulty setting? If you're experienced you may enjoy the challenge. Otherwise all signs point to it being a wholly frustrating experience when you don't get anywhere.
  5. I skirmished yesterday for the first time since lockdown. Over the course of 6 1/2 hours on probably the hottest skirmish day I have ever attended I managed to drink 7 litres of water (two 2 litre bottles of water, one with added electrolytes and 3 litres from my hydration bladder with squash added to hide the plastic taste). Despite all of this I only passed water once at lunch time. So I recon I sweated close to 2 litres of water an hour. Now I don’t profess to be the fittest guy on the field, but I do make an effort to do more than just saunter around and...
  6. Hey guys, I have just ordered my SRS A2 Sport. Wanted to ask about the spring quickly: I've heard Rapax is the way to go so I'll certainly heed the advice - I'm wondering whether to get the 2J or 3J spring and cut some coils off. Seems to be a 50/50 with general consensus. Would would you suggest, Rapax 2 or 3J? Oh and I'll be using 0.45s Thanks,
  7. Thanks guys I really appreciate your help over this I'll update with how this goes once again thanks
  8. I haven’t had it from new but I’ve owned it for around a year now and can’t remember how much I paid, I think it was around £110
  9. Just ordered my SRS. Didn't think it would be 30 degrees on Christmas day this year boys!!!

  10. The replica's seem to vary massively in quality. Have you had it from new? How much did you pay for it?
  11. Which at least you admitted was perhaps it badly asked/framed... You could have conducted a poll & asked for reasons for your most used gun in collection But asking what "brand" or make may not be applicable to all As mentioned, G&G make some very nice guns at a wide range of budgets yet their electronic reliability has let them down from basic mosfets in older toptech's to the lucky lottery of the ETU's for reliability, needing at least 9.6v to 11v to operate properly (though some have been fortunate to use 7.4v - though not that common) What that meant is limited power options in some guns for larger...
  12. I know, the rules are silly when retailers are allowed (or get away) with posting these things across the country/world. I wouldnt worry about sending a low cost item that was specifically against the rules personally. Its a bit different to potentially dangerous or high value things. But a battery that was properly packaged for example (like in a plastic box when you buy them rather than slung in a jiffy bag) shouldnt be a problem.
  13. johnnyj

    G&P m249 ras

    Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    Used g&p m249 ras asking £30 all in


  14. Make/brand: Unknown Pictures: Yes Was just wondering if anyone knew how much my replica Elcan Specter DR would be? I’m unsure if the brand however it has correct trades as well as the 1x and 4x magnification.
  15. Neither would I, but I would note that a mag can't be pressurised to higher than the can that you fill it from, and that those cans are posted around the country every day and slung in the same consignments as everything else.
  16. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    WE G36C GBBR, comes with 5 leak free mags and an NPAS installed! All works as should, fire selector missing on the right hand side.


  17. What does he win? To expand on my choices (chopped down CYMA M4, Galaxy MP5K, JG G36C, Army Armament R17, CYMA plastic tri-shotty), the reason is the same in every case: the cheapest way to get something to use or loan out that's handy in CQB, accurate enough at 10 metres, and makes people say "Ouch" just as well as anything else when they get hit. Or "Ouch-ouch-ouch" for the tri-shot. I've played woodland a bit but it seems that range is king there, and I couldn't shake the feeling that it was a bit pay-to-win, or that folk were at it, running hot guns, or trigger-spamming 450fps DMRs. In...
  18. Welcome fella... I'm still on Arnies too from time to time... but it's dead as a dodo these days... more International folks on there now.... Wait till he see's Macks 🤣
  19. I'm an airsoft newbie too and I bought a GBBR as my 2nd rifle. Fielded it a few weeks ago for the first time and at some point all of my mags dumped out their gas and it just got annoyingto the point where I just ran my pistol till the end of that game. Maybe it was because it's a cheapo GBBR or maybe I was doing something wrong (shooting too fast perhaps) I love my GBBR (an army r36) and it's my favourite rifle still, but I was very pleased I had my AEG to fall back on and not have to worry about anything apart from playing...
  20. Today
  21. I shot an AEP MP7 yesterday (not a TM, cannot remember what he said it was though) and I was hugely surprised as how snappy it was and how good the range was. Yeah it was not as fun as a GBB but I would pick one up if I didn't have the GBB or saw a decent deal I would be tempted to pick one up. The range was as good as my GBB and for cqb its pretty much the perfect gun. The guy said he worked out the pros and cons for himself and couldn't justify the extra cost, weight and maintenance of the GBB over the...
  22. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    Looking for ics mp5 front grip, solid stock and the small threaded adapter, or any parts that fit mssg me please


  23. Well, all of the above, and I would really emphasise renting first, getting a UKARA number, and then buying whatever you like. It'd be a shame to two-tone an expensive GBBR. In the meantime, how about buying a GBB pistol which you can use alongside a rental AEG? TM, or whatever you fancy. They're tons of fun and cheaper to buy and run. Then use the rental time to blag a go with whatever folk are prepared to lend out (no licking them) and get some feel for how they perform at your local site.
  24. Would be interested in the kimber and/or G34 pending price, pics etc
  25. I have a nuprol delta sopmod I brought boneyard changed the inner barrel to a zci 6.02, prowin rotary hop, prommy purple bucking and nub, asg 20k motor and also a 105 spring shoots about 340 on an 0.2 with a rps of about 18 with a 7.4 lipo going to gut the gearbox soon though as I feel it needs more oomph and fit a fet it's been relegated to my secondary though as I now have a G&G rk-74e which I teched and love more :D
  26. He's on to us. Welcome, and we'll try not to disappoint.
  27. as the title suggests, im looking to upgrade my nuprol pioneer defender to inprove FPS and range. Before anyone says to just buy a new gun, i will not have the money to buy a new gun for a while due to various critical non-airsoft expenses over the next few months, and i plan on upgrading the gun slowly over the next few months to spread the cost... I would appreciate any pointers regarding spring ratings, gearbox upgrades, hop up rubbers etc... I have also read about r hop mods etc, however i dont plan on attempting such a mod until i have more confidence, and i have the rest...
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