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  2. Finally finished my Hi capa and TM MWS and I’m loving the looks of them 2 separate posts with parts list below 😁 Base - TM MWS Stock - magpul CTR Buffer tube - Airsoft artisan 6 position tube Buffer - G&P buffer v2 Sling mount - T8 QD sling swivel plate Grip - magpul MOE K2 XL Trigger guard - REVANCHIST trigger guard Mag release - REVANCHIST mag release Charging handle - Angry gun airborne ambi Rail - angry gun MK16 MLOK 9.3” rail Outer barrel - angry gun L119A2 10” barrel Inner barrel - Laylax 250mm 6.03 Bucking - cow cow 60 degree bucking Hop arm - Laylax hop arm Optic - VORTEX crossfire 2 Pressure switch - WADSN dual pressure switch Torch - WADSN M600C Torch mount - WADSN Thorntail MLOK mount DBAL - WADSN DBAL-A2 Suppressor - angry gun SOCOM556 Mags - guns modify 35rd mag x5 Hand stop - PTS hand stop the hi capa 😁 Base - TM hi capa 5.1 Magwell - LA capa customs V2 defender Grip screws - LA capa customs V2 ‘S1’ screws Hammer - LA capa customs ‘HIVE’ hammer Sights - AIP fibre optic sights Slide - Airsoft masterpiece custom X-2 slide Outer barrel - LA capa customs ‘tornado’ threaded outer barrel Blowback housing - EDGE custom blowback housing ver 2 Bucking - maple leaf autobot 50 degree Nozzle spring - AIP 140% spring Nozzle - AIP reinforced nozzle Hammer/recoil spring - AIP 140% spring Guide plug - AIP guide plug Guide rod - LA capa customs duralumin tornado Hop unit - limited edition HCH x Nexxspeed TDC hop unit Inner barrel - nine ball 5” 6.00 power inner barrel Trigger (not installed) - Nexxspeed CNC speed trigger Tracer unit - Acetech bifrost Torch - nuprol X300 Thread adapter - LA capa customs reversible thread adapter
  3. had my one for a good few years must say it turns heads every time i use it well worth the time.
  4. Finally (almost) finished my new OD green loadout 😁 just have my helmet setup to make then I’ll be happy (didn’t have a pic wearing it so a flat lie out pic will have to do 😂) kit list is as follows Trousers - 5.11 flex tac stryke pants Top - desert night camo jacket Plate carrier - T.Rex arms AC1 Placard - spiritus systems micro fight mk V with spiritus systems 5.56 insert Drop pouch - spiritus systems OTB SACK pouch mk2 Sling - Blackhawk storm sling (QD version) Inner Belt - FROG PRO cobra inner belt Outer belt - FROG PRO cobra operator belt Mag pouches - ESSTAC 5.56 single KYWI shorty and ESSTAC 1+1 side by side P + 5.56 KYWI pouch Med pouch - coyote tactical solutions burrito Holster - Blackhawk omnivore (will be changed to mid ride when mount arrives) Gloves - PIG FDT delta utility glove Glasses - ESS ICE 3s Hat - Haley strategic thinking cap
  5. I've got a number of niggling old injuries that would keep me off playing airsoft if I didn't keep them under control through rehab exercises and stretching. The best thing I done was to book a private sports physio to look them over. I would recommend anyone else to do the same. It might not help, but depending on the injuries, it could make a life changing difference to your mobility. I'd second this if you're able to do it.
  6. Thanks for the link to the information, it's a learning curve
  7. Completely agree, 100%, you give a kid a rifle & they fuck up, gotta take part of the blame for not driving home the responsibility of gun ownership. My son was around 9 when he first attended a skirmish, presented himself well, obeyed the rules & didn't let me down. BUT, he has an annoying habit of saying "I know" when your telling him something important that needs to sink in (I blame his mother lol), so when I bought him his first rif & gave him "the talk", & he said "I know", I made the conscious decision to allow him to keep his guns in his room, secured in gun bags, but with no bb's, batteries, or gas, that way I wouldn't have to replace any flat screen tvs, or explain to his mates parents why their lad lost an eye. Fast forward, the rules still apply, he's 26 & still lives at home, & has quite a few rifs. Some might say I've been too controlling on this, but to explain a parable situation, he's been with his longtime gf bout 6 years, pair of total nerds who would always both admit to having no maternal instincts, never wanting kids, so I'd always warn him "belt & braces son, take nothing for granted", & of course his default response would as always was "I know", & I'd roll my eyes lol. BUT I now have a 3yo granddaughter, love her to bits but who was right, me ffs😤. I think when it comes to involving anybody else in ANY shooting/projectile pastimes, whether that person is young or old, I take the same attitude as when I'm driving/riding, assume everyone else around you is an idiot lol.
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  9. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • For sale
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    I have 6 das gbls stanag mags each hold 60bbs £20 per mag or £110 for all 6 mags


  10. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • For sale
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    GHK M4 version 1 Fully functional, upgraded with real steel selector, ergo grip and houge trigger guard, What I think is an angry gun rail and a maple leaf hummingbird bolt for use all year round, incredibly snappy. Gun has titanium cerakote on the upper lower and buffer tube Four leak free mags, the PMAG “GMAG” versions. I listed this on here as two of them are leaking but I lubricated and left gas in them for a couple hours and they don’t leak at all now Vector optics forester 1-5 power and corresponding canter lever mount FPS is 420 on .2s, fire selector being RS is locked to semi, making it a DMR Asking £550 for gun and mags £450 for just the gun £600 for guns mags and optic DM me for any and all information and videos ext thank you very much for your time


  11. Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

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    Just received them but they do not suitable on my belt Never been used, brand new, great quality Two pouches sold together, 10 for collection, 12 for post (Royal Mail or Evri).


    - GB

  12. Someone was selling the ACOG Z-Mount for that ‘2006 in Afghan’ look for (relatively) bugger all this week. If I hadn’t just A3’d my A2 I’d have been over it
  13. Classic example of buyer's remorse and wanting to cut his losses. I hope he's paying VAT at those prices.
  14. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

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    If anyone is interested in an ApemanA77 action camera - brand new never been out of box, it’s a decent entry level action cam- RRP over £40 selling a couple Of them for £25 each - pm if interested - great starter to see if you can be arsed I can get other pics if required - pic of box is actual item - I have possibly 4 of these


    - GB

  15. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

    • For sale or swap
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    Slightly longer tight bore barrel, Sling PTS Stock and now wired to mini deans, comes with 3 Batteries and 6 mags(PTS) (Some where painted and paint starting to come off) smaller suppressor fitted. HOLO Removed. (Does not come with box) Collection only from Swindon


    Swindon, Wiltshire - GB

  16. i believe that gun has been out since 2019. This just seems to be a shorter barreled version https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/product/kwa-ronin-tk-45-aeg-3-0-black/
  17. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

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    Bloc Tactical package contains: -Bloc Tactical Lynx with black frame and clear lens. -Bloc Tactical EV gasket. -Bloc Tactical back strap. -Bloc Tactical carry case. Retail is £102.50 selling for £65 posted.


  18. Quite a few internal changes announced for the v3 which look promising Their website isn’t really showing the new DD traded Ceracoted models, but I believe it’s on their Facefart page The new PDW looks nice and seems to have good recoil 👌 c7ce4c121422920d4ce170130d86f09e9a2cc6e069bfc9ff1271f03b4e6a8231.mp4
  19. On the one hand, it's good they are still cranking stuff out. On the other, it's not the most appealing... Like a video game model for a generic scifi to avoid copyright infringement.
  20. If B&T replicas were the new hot thing in airsoft, wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Might get a readily available APC223 or APC308.
  21. Tanaka don't sell guns directly to the general public. with regards to legal read here
  22. I don't know what his intentions are, he mentions 'use' and 'play' (airsoft?), which is why I specified the two legal legal outcomes depending on what it is. No, UKARA is just a scheme for retailers that makes it easier for them to sell to, presumably, the right people. It's handy to have but you can purchase without it.
  23. Yes you can still play with it without UKARA The question is only related to how you got it in the first place The only legal route would be she give it to you as a gift But after you got it, you can go to a field and play with it no problem
  24. Mattjd1986

    Mags and stocks

    Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

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    Clearing out a cupboard found some bits that are useful to someone 2x cyma bizon midcaps 1x e&l bizon flash mag hi cap Lct vss miscap Cyma triangle steel stock Lct triangle stock ALL £10 each free post


  25. That's not a bad price to be fair! My mate had a gen 1 Glock adapter from them, which broke quite quickly. They were pretty quick at getting replacement parts out and re- designed the mag release because quite a few people were having the same issue with it snapping! I think they're shotgun shell adapters are very clever!
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