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  2. After years of wanting one. I finally got it 🙂
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  4. So don’t I feel stupid right now … my chrono was set to meters per second 🤦‍♂️ Its actually firing hot at around 330fps on .4g bbs! That’s like 500fps on .2g bbs 😳 on a blue (mid fps) nozzle.
  5. I would also suggest making sure that you have the building for a long term lease, don't want developers ripping it out from under you
  6. That vole story is just way too specific to be made up and I'd love to hear it in full. What are people's thoughts on things like corporate "team building" and stag/hen/sten dos? Do they get done much in Airsoft? Training days with ex-special forces types brought in etc?
  7. It's a one piece cylinder, it's supposedly stronger than the usual brass one you find on 01s and 02s, but there have been reports of bad machining (well it's Ares after all and being a single piece I imagine it's not too easy to manufacture) with sharp edges and burrs on the inner wall.
  8. Hi, my name is Capt. Viper I am looking for recruits to join the airsoft team I am part of known as "Ghost Troopers" or "GT" for short, GT is originally based in Yorkshire (local site is The HQ in Driffield) but every now and again we play at other sites in the UK. We are wanting to expand the team to different areas of the UK and get a good team going so I have been given the lovely task of starting a Division down here so if you would like to join or have friends and they want to start airsofting as they say more the merrier, you will be taught team hand signals, CQB training, Open warfare c
  9. SO, i just got an AS-02 Kneecapper from bespoke. The cylinder has no pins on the rear so im not sure if they are already rolling up an upgraded version already or not. Im very new to bolt guns and im trying to get more fps from my gun. I put in a m140 spring and cleaned things up inside relubed it all and its shooting 294fps with .4s +/- 3.9fps Ive got a maple lead super 70* blue waiting to go in but im waiting till ive had a range day with it to test how the stock rubber shoots before i look at replacing it. Im just wanting to be able to reach out and touch people and save my knees
  10. Iirc the stock dwell on the fusion is pretty conservative, raising it wont hurt but i dont think thats the cause. I'd check the nozzle-hop feedlips for leaks.
  11. Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

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    ASG Scorpion Evo 3 A1 Includes 4x mid cap mags 3x hi cap mags 11.1v lipo battery ASG lipo Battery charger Single point sling (not pictured) *Muzzle sound amplifier suppressor adapter original muzzle brake *Zhukov stock + adapter Original stock BB spring guide + original (tweaks FPS) 310fps spring + 370fps spring Rubber hop up wheel for easy adjustment. All tucked nicely into the Evo Carry bag. Zhukov stock + adapter And Muzzle sound amplifier are only included at the asking price. Just add BB’s and you’re good to go! The Evo shoots brilliantly and is always able to outrange most AEG’s firing back at me. The internals have been shimmed to provide silky smooth (reliable) operation and the CNC trigger has been fitted. Hop up works perfectly and perhaps the only niggle is the fire selector (common on Evo’s) takes some getting used to. The right and left have some wobble between them - there are simple fixes that I’d planned to do but with use you’re able to get used to them. only reason for selling is that I have a GBBR itch to scratch. I’m planning on getting a GHK G5/M4A1 next so for trades I would only really be considering that platform and a similar bundle. ideally collection only and I’m located in the Midlands B78 3HB is a good postcode for reference.


    - GB

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    Selling my WE Katana blue series m4 Selling as I'm trying to get a bit more cash in at the moment wired to deans and has had the hop rubber changed out as the original had split Atleast one owner before me, one of witch have lost the bolt release button, this does not impede the functionality of the gun as the bolt can be reset with a finger once hop has been adjusted. Fires between 320 and 330 fps with an above average RPM Full metal construction Split gearbox design Comes with one PMG-300 high cap mag £200 +£15 postage Open to offers Any more pics required or questions just ask


  13. My advice before moving on anything go to as many sites as you can and have a chat with the people and the operators. Try and at least have a chat so when it comes time to open you are at least on a "hello" basis and you may be able to arrange to have games days that don't conflict and push business each others way. Always nice to have someone to call closeish by in case your pallet of BBs is found to have an endangered species nest of voles in and cant be moved so can pop over and grab some at short notice ETC Props and toys are something to invest in, for instance having a manik
  14. that's a lot of prefiring, looks good though
  15. That's a good idea yea, hadn't thought of that. One thing I was thinking, to try to keep it interesting to regular players, is take a hint from theatre staging and game development by having small "rooms", essentially tiles, on moveable castors so that the layout can be rearranged between game days. These layouts could then also be saved so if a particular layout was especially popular it could then be selected much like a game level.
  16. You might want to see if you can set it up as a chaaaridy, perhaps through a shell organisation. This sounds dodgy, but it's how the Depot CQB site was run, as a local "sports and physical activity" charity. Given that the building rates would have been £180K a year (!) it's the only way they stayed open as long as they did.
  17. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

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    Hi all, For sale is my GBBR WE AK PMC. I've owned this since 2018 and have skirmished it about 7 times in the period I have owned it. The hammer was recently replaced a while back and the gun has since not been used. Installed in the rifle is a speed buffer to help with efficiency and improve the ROF. The gun comes with 9 mags total; 4 of which are 7.62MM styled magazines and the other 5 being the 5.54MM plastic styled magazines. These magazines hold 30 rounds each. The magazine's seals might need to be looked at before being fired or used. Also included is a real steel Minimalist Battle stock I got from Brownells. I'm asking for £350 in total posted or £320 pick up due to the weight of the whole package.


    London - GB

  18. Think most of my guns I run with some kind of optic except my really ‘old school’ AK’s/L1A1/MP5 but to be honest unless I’m taking a VERY carful aimed shot near all my shots are take either with my irons or by instinct ! 🤦‍♂️
  19. Scared me half to death. And no one not taking their hits.
  20. If you have a dwell control setting you may have high enough pressure but the poppet is not open long enough to provide an adequate volume of air for a .4 bb 130 psi in a wolverine inferno gen 2 would be miles too high so unless you are leaking air everywhere then the most likely culprit is the dwell
  21. Thanks! Competition - there's no other sites in the city itself, the closest other CQB sites is Strikeforce in Gloucester and then the courthouse in Bristol. I'm hoping that I can bring something different to them so all can still survive. Parking - The venue has a small private parking area plus a larger shared one on the industrial estate itself. Storefront - I'm thinking consumables like ammo, gas, pyros, batteries, that sort of thing rather than a full on shop. Food - I was thinking simple tuck shop + vending machine rather than
  22. I'm not a HPA expert..what Joules is it shooting on? What fps do you get when using 0.2's if you have any. Is the Hop wound on too much? Are you able to test it in a garden for range/distance. Is the barrel clean and not gunked up. Can you test the Chrono on another gun to make sure it's not the chrono playing up. On 0.4g bb's you should be getting around 249fps and 1.14joules. (See below) Sorry not much more I can say at this moment. Could be a FCU settings. Try looking at Youtube..ton's of vids on the subject. Maybe try Facebook HPA group? https://
  23. Competition & demand in the area - too many cooks spoil the broth. Parking availability - you may have a great site but if there’s no parking or it’s Uber expensive then people may think twice. Storefront - Will you be selling goods on site ? Food - will you be providing food ? Cooking on site or go down the vendor machine route ?
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