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  2. But is it worth gaining a chromosome in the process? I mean, the whole drama around KM is just a reminder that his fan base behaves like those "omg impossibru level" mobile game ads. And his EnEmYs too apparently, because the guy who shared the personal information (address, phone number) has just won a free lawsuit should something happen (you know, the same 5IQ person who "casually" strolls by Cumstain's house and does something stupid)..
  3. Disassemble, clean, use sandpaper on contact surfaces, lube. It helped a bit on my mws.
  4. Truthfully I've never found the colour of anything I'm wearing/using to make much of a difference. The only time it might have any degree of impact is in notably dark areas, but not enough to feel forking out for an entirely separate kit would have made much of a difference. Torches/tracers are useful to have, I think the biggest change I have between CQB/woodland kit wise is my face pro. I run herosharks and a delta mike lower face pro thing for woodland (sometimes Peltors if I can be arsed, getting shot in the ear isn't my favourite). I've recently picked up a Dye mask to use for CQB, mor
  5. eh, we're all bored shut-ins at the minute, might as well have a bit of drama remind us airsoft still exists.
  6. I really hoped this flaming dumpster would not infect AF-UK, but I was obviously wrong.
  7. the few times i've run indoors i've just ran my normal outdoor kit and it's been fine. it's no different to cqb player turning up outdoors in full black kit.
  8. As someone who has only ever played woodland sites, my airsoft kit is mostly greens and tans/FDE. I also prefer the look of RIF's in these colours. However I'm quite keen to get more involved in indoor CQB from time to time (yes, obvs when they re-open). So my question is, does everyone wear black and use black RIF's etc? I guess if it's dark inside, black is the best "camo". I've just ordered a GHK G5 in tan and wondering if as a CQB gun it'd be better in black for the above reason.
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  10. AKA_Grimz

    M-Series Parts

    Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    PayPal ONLY 👍 Tracked Delivery included 😃 A: £9 TM/Clone Standard M4 Upper Receiver. Rear receiver pin lugs are intact. No damage or cracks. Virtually identical to my TM except it may allow for the locking bolt plate feature on the correct set up. B: £7 Unknown brand M-Series Upper Receiver. Looks like it's had some dremel work. 😄 £7 Unknown brand M-Series Stock tube. Please note that the inside of this tube is narrower than most standard AEG I've come across and I do not have the fixing screw ☹️. Please check against the following measurements 👉 21.3mm Inner Width 😧 £7 Unknown brand M-Series Stock tube. Please note that the inside of this tube is narrower than most standard AEG I've come across and I do not have the fixing screw ☹️. Please check against the following measurements 👉 21.7mm Inner Width E: £7 Unknown brand M-Series Stock tube. Please note that the inside of this tube is narrower than most standard AEG I've come across and I do not have the fixing screw ☹️. Please check against the following measurements 👉 21.5mm F: £20 Tippmann Recon Polymer Receiver. Suitable for quick change spring gearboxes. Perfect condition, great to replace damaged receivers since there is no furniture. G: £15 Unbranded Metal M-Series Lower Receiver. No damage, just signs of wear. Again good option as a replacement part as no furniture. H: £15 Believe it's a G&G M4 Hand Guard. Slightly chunky compared to a TM version. Please check against the following measurements 👉 39.8mm front end cap Please feel free to ask questions about any of the above items.


  11. Anyone got any advise to make the trigger less...erm....poo? Other than buying a completely different trigger box..
  12. tbh i can't entirely put that specific scenario down to malice, the guy on-site was pretty dead on and noticeably more honest in play than most of the clientele (it's a bad site for cheating). for all i know he just didn't bother checking the site specific rules and made an erroneous assumption. it was more to point out that regardless of how big or small the channel, you can't take video claims at face value. if you're just watching for entertainment it's fine but as with everything on the internet take it with a huge pinch of salt and use your own judgement.
  13. We always have fun I've just checked now and yup you're right they have stopped listing them now but let's face it their business model is driven by what the current demand is so recoils, scorpions, whatever floats peoples boats will be listed (obviously).... Granted many people won't have a clue what a PTW is as it's no longer mainstream and Systema certainly shot themselves in the foot with their marketing in that respect. There is no denying that. They continued their existence with the so called 'professional training arenas' outside of mainstream airsoft. Now.....
  14. Much smaller guys are going to be less prone to it though and because they don't have the "social weight" in the first place are likely much more aware nobody gives a fling about their opinion. Clearly in your example the guy was wrong as well so it would only take a few comments and dislikes to sink the video from people/regulars from the site who know the rules.
  15. @SkaraThanks for the help. I've just done a full strip down and rebuild. Looks like when I fitted the motor end plate I pinched wire pressing the motor in too far and over loaded the bevel gear. This caused alot of friction on the right side bush and it picked up on the shim. After a clean out, new shim and regrease its sounds much better and will turn over happily on a 7.2v. Later I'll chronographed to ensure it's ok.
  16. I think you make a really good point here with regards to calling out a site, publicly naming them and putting your spin on why they banned you. But then also asking your followers to leave reviews in the full knowledge that the vast majority have never or will never go to that site is a cunt move and opens KM up to potential defamation problems if the site wanted push this. As the old saying goes you reap what you sow and i feel that perhaps having help create this narrative that airsoft is full of Cheaters the narrative is now biting back somewhat. I just want to add this still doesn't give
  17. Take it back to the retailer and my personal research after having just done loads of research. If you can find a TM G17 for a good price go with that instead. Much better cold weather performance and all round performance and accuracy. Great with gas too. Only downside is plastic slide but its honestly not a turn off. I love my new one
  18. I wanted the camera to drop about 6" when they were recording the American lady, she was very animated.
  19. Ask the vendor, they’ll likely want the whole thing back
  20. Ask the retailer, they'll tell you exactly what you need to do.
  21. Yes, TW guns do have have some bargains, but unfortunately, they are not currently shipping to the UK,. A shame really, especially after seeing the new Mp5 model from Cyma yesterday.
  22. Its new, so should I send back the mag or the gun?
  23. If it’s new, send it back, WE feed lips are pretty decent, shouldn’t be like that. if it’s used, get new lips
  24. So I got my we glock 17 generation 4 today, and al loading on the first mag, a few bbs got out and jammed the magwell and my mag dropped. No leaks but the feeding lips are INCREDIBLY sensitive if I put the mag in too fast the bbs will fly out. One of those little things managed to get stuck in the hammer assembly
  25. Hi @Jaylordofwaargh! 👋 Always good to mix it up with your loadout, as long as it works for you! 🤪👍 Cool, helping like minded players, up to you? 🔫😎👍 💷GAMBLE💷
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