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  2. Avi

    Stuff for sale

    Do you have these available tactical torch mock suppressor tag pouch stoplite launcher ai tournedo
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  4. Just bought a throat mic. An ALAN Heavy duty throat mic. Appears to be a faithful reproduction of the Code Red systems at a much more agreeable (at this time) price.
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  6. WE SCAR L GBBR Externals: Kinetic MREX handguard PTS MOE Pistol Grip Visionking LPVO Offset NcSTAR Micro Reflex Element repro Surefire M600 and SR07 switch Classic Army AAC SCAR L suppressor Real Magpul MLOK hand-stop Internals: RATech 6.01 barrel Maple Leaf 70 degree autobot bucking Maple Leaf concave nub Poseidon Zero 2 Anti-Icer Nozzle
  7. Decided to take this Instagram lark a bit more seriously. Add me on https://www.instagram.com/asomodai_airsoft/

    If you want to see some of my ugly collection and "Action" shots. 

  8. heathen

    Vfc mk18

    Time Left: 6 days and 16 hours

    • For sale or swap
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    For sale is my vfc mk18 its pretty much brand new I've upgraded it with an ascu and tm eg1000 motor and 4 nuprol pmags (mids) The batteries and barrel pictured arent included



  9. Saw these on a gumtree listed pew pew this evening 😉👍
  10. taking of scorpions I made these a while back. Think they are still up for download on myminifactory
  11. Could be worse my next project is grafting one to an ICS Ape, should be fun🙄
  12. yea I agree tooo much. owner is packing it because of the clones. I could give two flarkins about licensed multicam fabric import costs. might try that clone not a big fan of the metal ones,
  13. did you get them with a specific piece of kit , or just picked them up randomly? reason I ask is those ones usually come with electric winding box mags .
  14. Will see if I can find a file and get back to you.
  15. Yea it is a blatant cloning BUT I’m sorry the ‘original’ is equally taking the piss asking 50quid for a cloth and plastic mask ! 😱
  16. Ok here goes I bought this pistol for a compleat bargain from a friend for £150 along with a big drum mag. O what fun😁. First impressions First things first the pistol it's self looks bloody amazing, the hex cut slide is both light and stylish. The trigger is smooth and the recoil is crisp, clean and powerful. the silver coloured magazine looks really good in the gun through the hex cuts in the handle. Then there is the fun switch and boy o boy is it a fun switch. The full auto is just ridiculous and is comparable to my AEG. Specs The range is decent and I can hit 40-50m with reasonable accuracy. If you have the money the drum mag is an amazing addition, the gas efficiency is amazing and you are able to get around 130 rounds off with the drum mag and around 3-4 mags of ammo with the regular mag. Pros Stylish and unique pistol comes pre-upgraded by Armourer works Very nice pistol out of the box Cons Overusing the full auto will make the slide so cold that it struggles to fire but that is normal for GBB Watch out for the full auto because if you hold the pistol too far up the grip the chilling effect of the green gas will give you a cold burn but that can be countered by holding the pistol properly or wearing gloves. Overall The pistol is an amazing gun out of the box, it has good range and the full auto is just absolutely amazing and is so incredibly sexy
  17. ahh yeah good point. looking at a WE WET M&P £31 from hobbyking, hence why i was keen to ship it myself haha
  18. I bought a brand mew TM Mp7 after a lot of deliberation and asking questions on here. It really is the bogs dollox... Snappy, feels right for something dinky looking and shoots perfectly straight. I have not had to adjust or set any hop at all. Shoots .25s stupidly straight from opening the box. Used it at The Mall 3 or 4 times last year before it closed and it never let me down once. Had a LOT of appreciation in the field from it too. Have never used it outside as I bought an EVO and Krytac Vector last year too and used these in woodland but cannot wait for the weather to warm up so I can use the MP7 in a game or two... My ONLY criticism are the mags. Being Gas they are all low caps and much heavier than the 2 plastic hi caps I usually take out, but this is my problem as I like to take minimal gear out with me and cant be arsed taking loads of mags out in a game. I would recommend all day long.
  19. Yeh, they also had the P01 full metal at that store but.. it was more expensive I believe and.. I really did like the polymer hand grip more and everything.. and.. in some way I thought.. it's less fragile.. and... scratches on metal look really ugly as well when the gun starts to wear out so... was like.. P09 let's go! Just the metal slide is fine 😜
  20. No prob If you ship it yourself, you’ll be responsible. Retailer ships it, they are. What you after?
  21. Ahh ok, cheers guys 👍
  22. Anyone know of or able to 3d print a Scorpion EVO stock adaptor? Dont fancy dropping £60 on the proper version, seems way overpriced for what it is...
  23. thanks rocketdogbert. okay, ill have a flick through those sites and see what i can find. was there any particular reason not to get it shipped?
  24. Don’t do it By the Pistol from someone willing to ship, like Boomarms, KYAirsoft, Rainbow8, Impulse101, WGCshop etc
  25. Hi guys, Im having a hard time with a company called hobbyking in shipping a GBB M&P pistol over from HongKong as they've said that their couriers wont ship it due to "restrictions". I then spoke to one of their customer service lot and they said that i could try to find an independent courier willing to collect it from their warehouse and ship it to the UK. I have a valid ukara and wondered if anyone has used a courier service they could recommend to get an item from HK to GB? thanks in advance
  26. Look around the cylinder for something that may be a year/month. That would be the manufacturing date. A co2 cylinder would have been ‘good’ for 5-10 years. But unless it leaks any existing co2 in there is just co2, it won’t go off etc but the cylinder could not be filled it out of test (and isn’t worth the cost of a test) If you have a fill valve of the appropriate thread etc then it could be used
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