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  1. Welcome! Frustrating as it is now, at least there's plenty of time for reading and gathering info.
  2. If its been unused for that long it probably won't work properly as the hop and seals have likely dried out. I hope you haven't left the battery in it. To be clear for anyone else who comes across this thread: - If you already have a black/tan airsoft gun or "Realistic Imitation Firearm" (RIF) then its perfectly legal to keep and you can go to any airsoft site to play with it. No questions asked - You can gift it to anyone with no age limit. (Authorities may come back to you if its used illegally or involved in an accident/incident) - You can sell it to anyone over
  3. I'd say the 7.4v LiPo is the common battery type we use. (Get the highest mAh that will fit) RoF may be a bit higher but not much. It will mainly affect trigger response with a snappier feel as the motor will accelerate a bit faster but won't actually turn much faster. If you want higher RoF then you can change the motor for a higher speed one or... Some people use 11.1v LiPos with stock guns without a problem but be aware that they put extra strain on all parts so will wear parts more quickly and are more likely to cause a failure of a component.
  4. As Enid said, I've used a timed Dynatex BFG to good effect though a window. Its great hearing the panic on the other side before the bang 😁 Of course there's the other definition of BFG...
  5. Yeah its a very strange omission from the many manufacturers considering how ubiquitous it was. Most things available are endless versions of 1911's and Glocks 🙄
  6. I'd say 'no' you don't NEED one. Not straight away. Depends on your game site really. If there are elements of CQB the SA-E07 is at the limit of useable so if you want to get in there then a pistol would be handy. Pistols are fun because of the realistic action but they are an extra thing to worry about getting ready for a game. Not a big deal but keep in mind. Have a few games to get a feel for it then you'll be able to make a more informed decision. You'll get to see (and try) a few that people use. Unfortunately I have to advise to stay away from the Bro

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    Working or not give me a shout. ED


  8. EDcase

    THE TM MWS thread

    "The Gun Maker Carrying Out Extreme Sensitivity" 😆
  9. Welcome! Don't worry about age. As long as you have fun it doesn't matter how you play. There's LOADS of information for new players here so just read as much as you can and all will become clear We're all looking forward to getting out there again
  10. You can try to do everything yourself and worst case scenario if you can't get it back together or make it work then send the box of bits to a gun tech 😉😁 Would certainly be a good learning experience and may not be as difficult as you think. From my experience doing simple mods it just takes patience.
  11. I think TG do not accept UK orders at this time but Gunfire do. NOTE: Gunfire checkout says 'Including VAT' but they told me that it does NOT so you'll have to add VAT plus Duty plus extra post to that total
  12. Nice one. Here's to the end of covid
  13. I was kidding of course 😁 But I did get around three more since last March
  14. I did the same 😆 Genuinely thought to myself that I didn't want anything else. A month later... I really think I'm done now Until the S&T Enfield is out 😉 (If its decent)
  15. I only had a green G&G raider when the pandemic started. Now.... 😬
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