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  1. As per forum rules you have to put a starting price.
  2. Ah Yes, I meant the s65, the s60 is old now
  3. Welcome @Raddy Of course this question has been asked a few times already so the first thing is to do some searches and read as much as you can. As our new member Dan said, next would be to play the three games so you can be registered in the UKARA database. This has multiple benefits. The obvious one being that you can then buy a realistic looking thing (RIF)😁. (Otherwise it has to be bright red, blue etc.) Another benefit is that you'll get some experience on how you like to play and what style you'll like. You already have a preference for an M4 but you can get long DMR type or short and light for sneaky attacks etc. I also have a SpecnaArms (SA-E03) which I'm very happy with performance wise. (It could benefit from upgrades of course but plenty to have fun out of the box) Other manufacturers to look at in that budget would be JG, CYMA, Double Eagle Remember to budget for: -Extra batteries (x2 Li-Po 7.4v 1400mAh or similar) (Deans is a better plug type if you can do some soldering) -Intelligent charger (SkyRC S65 is popular recommendation) -Boots with ankle support (you may already have) -Eye protection (search and read for info) -and other bits like carrier kit and BB's etc.
  4. Welcome @USEC I can say I'm happy with my SpecnaArms SA-E03. There have been reports of quality issues so if you get that then give it a good test in the time allowed for returns just in case. Personally don't have any experience with that KWA so you'll have to watch a lot of reviews (not from retailers) or someone may comment with experience. If you like recoil perhaps investigate the BOLT range too. Or have you considered going full on Gas BlowBack Rifle? (GBBR) It has some downsides such as expense and limited ammo but is much more immersive and realistic. Normally we don't recommend that as a first shooter but since you have some experience and like the recoil, it might be worth considering.
  5. I can't see em either 😔 Probably for the better since I shouldn't be tempted to buy any more 😄
  6. I stick to 7.4v Li-Po's in standard AEG's unless manufacturer specifies 11.1v is OK. (I only have one AEG that uses 11.1 which is a Lonex BAW)
  7. Hmm, I wouldn't trust it either but you could test it out. I did read a few articles saying to discharge to about 10% before re-charging.
  8. Yeah, I know a site that has banned green bottled Blasters for shattering too much
  9. Yeah, I hope you're not talking about NiMh because its completely the opposite. NiMh DOES have memory effect so they should be fully discharged before charging to full. Li-Po Does NOT have memory effect so they can be charged from any level to full and its actually better to re-charge them before they get too low. The SkyRC B6 is also a good charger if its a genuine one. If not then be very wary and charge in a Li-Po bag.
  10. Its certainly worth getting a good charger for Li-Po batteries. (as Roger said, 'SkyRC S65' is recommended) An intelligent charger will properly charge to keep the batteries in best condition and reduce the risk of fire.
  11. Yep, slower is better for the life of the battery
  12. Don't know the make but if it fits in the available space 👍 I would go with this one: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-2000mah-2s-15-30c-lipo-airsoft-pack-t-connector.html?queryID=391e544be715b5db4e15fcd1971135d6&objectID=47513&indexName=hbk_live_products_analytics Or https://www.vapextech.co.uk/airsoft-7-4v-2600mah-25c-lipo-cranstock-battery-with-case-lp305-vapextech
  13. Its always the way 😬
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