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  1. Yep, same system as those but I meant there aren't any examples where they use a short M16 magazine with it... Have you considered the trusty MP5 or MP5K?
  2. If you go for a P90 and want hi-cap mags then consider getting the stanag magazine converter because the standard hi-caps are unreliable. Its still very compact if you use a short (M16 style) mag https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AEG-1500rd-Box-Toy-Magazine-For-Airsoft-Toy-P90-Series-Marui-KingArms-KS-S-T/182816482944?hash=item2a90b62680:g:c9YAAOSwiKlZ2mE~ https://www.weekendwarriorsairsoft.co.uk/index.php?_route_=new-products/eandc-m4-m16-vn-short-high-cap-magazine-190-rnds Couldn't find any pics of this combo online so here's mine...
  3. Don't worry Cr0-Magnon, I think you represent the majority of our purchasing habits. I've also collected about 15 weapons but don't use all of them in regular games. There were a few classics I couldn't resist when a bargain came along. eg. M60 (fixed boneyard), L1A1 (ex IF), AK74 (second hand), MP5 (ex film prop) I have used them all in at least one game to get a feel for em but my regulars are SpecnaArms Edge03, MP5 and P90 (Yet to try latest MP5K PDW) I think of them as investments because you can always sell em and possibly even make a bit if you got a bargain or fix up a boneyard.
  4. You sure it wasn't "Spaceballs"? 🤣 Cool either way 😉
  5. 👍 Main thing to remember is don't take it too seriously and have fun ...and take your hits
  6. Not had an issue while charging but I do put the battery on a baking tray just in case. A half charged battery would not be as dangerous as it doesn't have as much energy to dispel. I had a puffy battery and hammered a nail through it. That thing really exploded.
  7. Look at the diameter of the magazine fill valve. You will probably see that its smaller than normal. I have the same issue with a KSC Auto9. I haven't found a way around it yet. There may be an adaptor...
  8. Was the STTI version any good? Found this one Seems good price
  9. Hi and welcome I don't think anyone here will be able to help you with Spanish rules/laws You'd be better off asking in a Spanish forum...
  10. Yeah I found a picture of it. Amazing how rough it looks lol
  11. Yeah, I've been holding off for a couple of years but seen that they're getting harder to find in stock for under £300 so thought this will be my Xmas present this year 🤩 Head over to BBguns4less and put it in your basket for 24hrs to get the 7% discount £278 and getting rarer by the day... Some 'Olive Drab' paint and off you go
  12. Bit the bullet and got myself one of these: Obviously wrong colour so now looks like this: (all brush painted. No spray) Not for gaming but just a wall hanger
  13. Roughly measure the space and then use the dimensions in hobbyking
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