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  1. I still had fun with the old CQB lasertag games. I can understand the problems you describe for woodland and larger arenas. I'm sure the accuracy and detection would be better now with improved tech. In theory they could even measure the distance and introduce a drop parameter so range would have to be accounted for. The feeling of the weapon firing would be much improved with better recoil. (Think GBB or pre-cocking electric system) Louder sounds could add immersion and make suppressors more relevant. All theoretical of course but I'm thinking of the positive aspe
  2. I think this kind of thing is the future for airsoft. If the sensors are small and easy to fit to any vest/helmet etc. The motor in the rifle would be for recoil only. There could be a flash unit in the barrel and a sound box would be cool. Ultimate goal would be realistic flat trajectories at greater range and less cheating.
  3. To be fair, 'out of stock' prices don't count. Going by the info its this one: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/gg-4x-magnification-illuminated-susat So £150 including fees & post isn't that bad.
  4. Time Left: 5 days and 14 hours

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    Nice 1:1 replica of the famous UZI Unfortunately with the things going on I need the monies more than my display piece. Bought new about a year ago and has been on a shelf display since. No more than 50 shots with it. My chrono shows 180fps but not sure how accurate it is. Fire mode switch works properly but rear sight was missing on arrival. Comes with Hi-cap mag. Also comes with original wall charger but highly recommended to use a better NiCd charger. (I used an ImaxB6 to keep it in good condition) All plastic except the front grip which is metal. I have treated the plastic to look more metallic and only picking it up reveals its not real. Very nice display piece which could possibly be used in CQB £80 plus Post


  5. Yeah, if its been stored at the manufacturer or shop for a long time the seals might be bad. AEG's (electric) not as much fun to shoot because there's no recoil but much more reliable and a lot cheaper to run. Why do you need parts? (Don't know any myself) Just do a search for the part you need
  6. Sorry to say but you might have to cut your losses and not use it anymore.
  7. Hi & Welcome Sounds like the mag has a problem holding gas. The auto happens when there isn't enough pressure to push the bolt back to the catch. Are you filling for about 5 seconds? Are you holding the gas bottle upside-down when filling? Sure there are no leaks?
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    CYMA full metal AK Has a weak spring so shoots around 270fps Mag is a bit wobbly so sometimes misfires. Hi-cap magazine 8.4v 1200mAh NiMh battery Wired to Deans Price includes paypal fees. Post added



  9. I think toothpaste is actually too coarse to produce a good transparent finish and may end up a bit fogged. Brasso or Silver polish is much finer
  10. Its not too bad but yeah, the hard part of wearing is to know when to stop 😉 Could try bluing. You'll need different stuff for aluminium and steel but both are quite expensive. Easiest and cheapest would be to spray it again.
  11. I'd guess it would be a difference with the output valve. Can you take them out to compare?
  12. Works now thanks 👍
  13. I've used brass polish (felt stuff in a tin) in the past but try on a non-crucial area first.
  14. I get this error trying to get into 'Gun picture thread' From any thread link or directly from Browse>Forums>Guns, Gear & Loadouts (On PC AND Android)
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