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  1. My WE M9A1 is still reliable after 2 years and shoots at 280fps My KJWorks KP09 is my main secondary because its more accurate and consistent and shoots 347fps (exact same on 3 shots) with a new co2. Both last for quite a few magazine loads.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely don't condone it and these kinds of sellers are either naive or scummy. Its just impossible to protect everyone from them so buyers have to learn to be sceptical for themselves.
  3. There will always be people who overpay for things either because they want something fast (maybe no ukara) or have money to burn. If a buyer doesn't want to get scammed its up to them to do the research and decide for themselves.
  4. Ah, closest place I know would be Skirmish Wycombe
  5. Welcome From Wokingham here. Whereabouts are you?
  6. Similar thing for me. I like clear linear objectives and sneaking around to get into position before a (coordinated?) attack. Problem I've seen is the mix of of the two teams. You usually get the regulars on one side and the rentals with walk-on's on the other. I do like a challenge and don't really car who wins at the end of the day but its frustrating to be on a side where everyone goes off and does their own thing without a clue. Its not usually that bad and there are usually some regulars who know the site you can join up with.
  7. I would consider the flex in the weave version better as BB's would be less likely to shatter.
  8. If you wear glasses under a mask you can use the cheap ebay ones. Just make sure the mesh is secure in the frame and possibly use hot glue if needed. I intend to use a mesh helmet with glasses next time I play. One like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Outdoor-Airsoft-Mask-protective-full-face-fencing-Steel-Mesh-mask-O6/223394357645?hash=item340357618d:g:7z0AAOSw3vdcZyE~ I sweat a lot too and my glasses will likely fog anyway. I'm going to try washing up liquid or cling-film methods...
  9. No, I've got Deans xt60 are way too big for airsoft. Its much of a muchness really as Deans or xt30 are similar and both are better than Tamiya
  10. XT30's look good but unfortunately I've already got all batteries and weapons on Deans so not worth me changing
  11. xt60 are similar to Deans but bigger and less common (for airsoft). What makes Deans better than Tamiya is each pin has a large contact patch so allows high current flow (no heating) and tight fit so no chance of spark gap or accidental disconnect. They're small and cheap
  12. If you have a battery that fits its probably a good idea to leave it for the first game in case of a manufacturing failure. Or if you can test at home until you're satisfied it shoots straight with expected range then change it.
  13. A newbie with a gun... scary Enjoy
  14. Still enjoying my WE M9A1 Gen2 (Co2) after 2 years. (Not used very often tho) Shoots around 320fps and a gas bulb lasts about 4 or 5 full magazines. It has the full auto option tho I've only used that a couple of times. Its scary This is the gas version: https://jdairsoft.net/pistol/we-m9a1-gen2-black You can get gas or Co2 mags tho it seems hard to find now.
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