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  1. Duno the connectors but those are really low power batteries. 270mAh compared to a cheap LiPo at 1200mAh
  2. Scratch that... I was wrong, it doesn't have a rotary. Sorry
  3. I think my Classic Army B&T MP5A2 has the rotary hop (I'll post pics when I'm home later) Its an old variant and not sure of the actual model because I bought it second hand. I think its called the BT5A2 Its one of my better shooting AEG's too
  4. What he said ^ (With a few more full stops and paragraphs )
  5. Sounds like its not going to end well. I mean from the view that Police might be called and bring unwanted attention to airsoft
  6. Most guns I've used aren't consistent enough to rely on a sight picture over 25 metres or so. Maybe the more expensive ones will be but all mine are 'fire in the general direction' I did try someone's rifle that shot like a laser but that's a rare thing.
  7. Time Left: 4 hours and 46 minutes

    • For sale
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    Good condition with safe retention and firm paddle button press to release. RRP £20 Price includes paypal & post


  8. Geez, if 29 is old git I'd hate to know what my classification is at 49 😏 Aaaanyway, I'm next to you in Wokingham. The sites I go to are Absolute as stated before but more popular with my group is Skirmish Wycombe in High Wycombe. There's also Gunman Eversley but haven't been there myself. I've heard Dogtag in Holmbush and Red Alert in Newbury are good too.
  9. Welcome 👍 Do lots of reading...
  10. I don't particularly like snipers so the fewer the better as far as I'm concerned. Not only do games stagnate with too many snipers camping for targets but they are also terrible at taking their hits. Either because they don't want to loose the feeling of invulnerability but most likely because they can't feel anything through all their fluff
  11. I just happen to be selling a TM P226 for a reasonable price (check sales) ...or if you fancy one you could wait for the new WE Browning Hi-Power MK3 thats supposed to be released this month. (Duno when it'll actually be available tho )
  12. Sorry but apart from being a cheap plastic replica worth around £15 it may well be confiscated at customs. Even if it does get through, I guarantee it'll break after a week. (Got a cheap springer like that for my son)
  13. Even I'm tempted and I've already got one (VN anyway)
  14. EDcase

    TM P226

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Railed Tokyo Marui P226. Purchased here some time ago but not used in-game as I found something I want more Some signs of wear from a holster but very good overall. Good accurate shooting and very smooth action as you would expect from TM. (Be aware all TM's are poly) 297 fps Includes two leak free magazines. Price includes PayPal and Post fees.


    , wokingham

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