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  1. I haven't because you have to register as a dealer/retailer but they are definitely a legit business who supply many airsoft shops in the UK. Here's the https (secure) link https://www.iwholesales.co.uk They have two types listed but can't see stock level https://www.iwholesales.co.uk/aa-001-aa-m1887-t2-gas-shell-ejecting-shot-gun-real-wood?filter_name=m1887 https://www.iwholesales.co.uk/211852-st-m1887-terminator-2-gas-shell-ejecting-shot-gun-real-wood-stgs07s?filter_name=m1887
  2. I'd argue you'll probably have more fun with the cheaper one because there will be an expectation of super performance with the expensive one that likely won't be fulfilled. Its possible to have a MK23 perform just as well as that '.50 BMG'
  3. Might be worth contacting http://www.iwholesales.co.uk/ who are one of the main UK importers and suppliers.
  4. Welcome. Your list sounds about right but keep the gear list as low as possible until you've had more game time to decide how you like to play and what you really need.
  5. You're welcome 👍 Try searching the forum for more info too
  6. 0.2g BB weight is what the fps is usually measured with. Batteries/chargers can be found at Hobbyking.com and vapextech.co.uk Li-Po 7.4v with highest mAh rating that can fit in the gun. (1300mAh will last a whole day if not going full auto all the time) Don't worry about the other numbers Spend at least £30 on a charger to keep batteries in good condition and reduce the risk of fire
  7. Keep an eye on the marketplace in the forum
  8. Would have to be some gold shit to make it worth that...
  9. Its still boring target shooting at stationary unsuspecting enemy. We need to see more action and firefights. I know its easy to talk but I am gona try and do a vid with a 360 cam next time...
  10. I prefer seeing a small red dot to a stupidly big marker. If you see the player raise their hand you know they took a hit so I trust those but adding a hit mark and not seeing the player reaction suggests a miss. I don't watch any of the sniper videos anymore. Airsoft Camman is good but even those get a bit samey and I don't like bloody camping snipers Action vids are hard to do because of all the shaking so I guess that's why there aren't more. The US games are OK to watch but they're always urban combat so it would be good to see more woodland general gaming.
  11. I've got the CYMA M4 CQB (very similar to the G&G) The wires are stiff but don't worry about bending them. (Just don't pinch the bend to make it a sharp fold) Push the stock into its compact setting (as in photo) and push it all in while trying to twist them into a rough coil.
  12. My CYMA M4 was the first gun I got and still going strong after 3 years. Very usable out of the box at 340fps. I also recently got a Specna Arms Edge which is really really good. Not tried G&G but they seem well rated. I'd say most makes are OK these days for a first weapon, even the Chinese ones. Quite a few are just re-sellers for OEM manufacturers as Druid said. The only weapon make I would avoid is Nuprol. You don't have to spend a huge amount on your first weapon because as you play you'll likely change what you want. Then you can spend more on something else as you develop while its good to keep the first one as a backup.
  13. Would have said go to nearest Maplin but will have to be online now Just measure the width and search online... Doesn't have to be exactly the same but as close as pos. Solder for best connection or just crimp
  14. Sorry to hear that. Pity you can't rip out that board and replace with a select fire mosfet system.
  15. I use the old style DPM woodland too as there are loads of cheap surplus items available. It works well for UK summertime as I've had 'enemies' walk past me only feet away while being prone. The key is not to move or do so very slowly.
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