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  1. Only thing I can suggest is to take the part to a metal workshop and see if they can fabricate one (better quality)
  2. EDcase

    Vietnam era M16

    Hia, Link to it is in my post. Thanks for the wise words but rest assured I'm not bothered about what other people think of my stuff. The sling comment was an in-joke with the jokers on the forum
  3. EDcase

    L1A1 ARES from Patrol Base

    Well, if you're gona camo it up anyway then its forgivable
  4. You must have one big-ass phone... How did they see what you were looking at?
  5. EDcase

    L1A1 ARES from Patrol Base

    Glad you're happy but... I just can't understand spending so much money on a two tone rather than waiting a bit to get UKARA registered?!?!?!?!
  6. EDcase

    Die Hard back in the cinema!

    I love that they dropped Alan Rickman on the count of 1 instead of 3. His reaction is the best
  7. EDcase

    Airsoft carry bags and cases

    I use a synth keyboard bag which has backpack straps. Its big enough to fit a normal gun bag inside too. You could carry several weapons rapped in cloth (towels?) to separate them.
  8. Would love to try but I'm too old (and knackered )
  9. EDcase

    RMDavis GoPro game footage

    Good stuff
  10. EDcase

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    What I'm looking for in Airsoft: (Ideal situation) A nearby site with good facilities. (toilets/shop) All not expensive. Plenty of variation in areas from dense forest/bracken etc to open woodland and buildings. Players who don't take it too seriously or want to 'win' at all costs. Lots of experienced marshals and interesting games from longer mission based to short skirmishes. For future weapon development: (I know these are available but too expensive/experimental for now) RiFs with bright LED for simulated muzzle flash. More realistic/louder firing sound. Accurate rate of fire in auto.
  11. EDcase

    Do you get scared?

    As has been said by practically everyone, 'fear' is too strong a word. That would be like "I don't want to play anymore" Adrenalin pumping excitement or tension... sure, that's what its all about. Either a running charge on a position or hiding in a bush with 'enemy' moving past you just feet away....
  12. EDcase

    Why aren't AEP nozzles sealed at the rear?

    Ah OK. Maybe look for a second hand AEP to experiment on...?
  13. EDcase

    Why aren't AEP nozzles sealed at the rear?

    Interesting, never had one apart to see... I can't work out the mechanics from the pictures alone. I guess the complication comes from the fact that the air has to push the nozzle forward to load a BB and form a seal with the bucking then blast as much air as possible through it. So you have to think of it as a 2 stage mechanism.
  14. EDcase

    L85a2 or M16 VN

    From my research looking for an L85A2, the ArmyArmaments version was the worst in build quality. (Its also an L85A1 if that's important) The G&G was next up. (poor blowback design which is recommended, and luckily easy, to disconnect) The ICS had the best reviews of non blowback models. (I didn't look at the more expensive versions) I ended up getting a second hand ICS L85A2 and very happy with it. The main downside being the weight. Running/crawing around with nearly 4kg does take a toll... The Classic Army M15A1/M16A1 is cheaper and lighter but also longer so could be problematic there.
  15. EDcase

    JS Ramsbottom

    Yep, get my Co2 from them. Very good prices, quality and service.