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  1. There shouldn't be a lot. Make sure its seated properly at the front. You can slightly bend the sides together to make it a bit tighter.
  2. Time Left: 6 days and 37 minutes

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    Good condition. 6x pouches up front (4x fit M4 magazines and 2x small for radio etc) Large hydration pocket on the back with zip (No hydration bladder included) 2x clip fasteners at front. From the shoulder to the bottom is about 65cm The waist is about 100cm Unfortunately it won't go any larger as the straps are at their max. It would be possible to sew extension straps on of course. £25 all in. Includes post and fees.


  3. Welcome back 🖐 As Rogerborg said, TM is commonly regarded as the best performing manufacturer but a bit more pricy (and not full metal if that's important for you) Most other makes are decent (apart from mentioned Nuprol) but there are so many variations between models that you're better off choosing a particular model that you like the look of and then researching which make is best. If you want best performance vs price I'd also recommend the AAP-01 (but avoid using the full auto function)
  4. EDcase


    Has to go in Wanted section mate 👉 https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/category/17-guns-wanted/
  5. @Joaopaulo2With no joke or bad feelings I suggest using Google translate to say what you mean...
  6. THAT becomes a problem once you have your UKARA number. Welcome 🖐 and enjoy all the frivolous, funny & fact filled pages on the forum 😁
  7. Welcome 🖐 Have a look around. Plenty to see 😉
  8. 🖐 I'll put my hand up to be next in line to 'look after' it 😄
  9. Ah OK. I'm sure there's a bit more of the German QC thrown in 😉
  10. Welcome 🖐 All the info you need is in the forum. Just do some searches for starting out and you'll find lots to read. Have a look HERE to find sites near you.
  11. Maybe, I don't have one. Just what I heard from my bike buds 😁
  12. Josh: Will be interesting to see how the 'Evolution' develops (...More airsoft toy manufacturers the better) Rogerborg: True of earlier ones. They seem to be better now the electrics are handled by BMW 😄
  13. Welcome 🖐 I'm certainly no expert on the P90 but I'm sure most will say the TM is king. Someone may chime in on the Krytac but you should look at plenty of reviews. I wouldn't consider the Novi version as its just an upgraded generic one which they charge loads for. I have the older Classic Army which is great but duno if still available.
  14. Welcome back 😁 Yeah, the performance of our toys has gone up with the prices going down over the years. Unfortunately stock in UK is very low at the moment and the European sources are now cut 🙄 Have a look HERE for sites near you. Well done for being patient. It will give you more time to decide what shape BB slinger to get 😉
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