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    I suspect another SpamBot in training...
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    Your battery is low...
  3. Yep 👍 (Check the dimensions just to be sure it fits)
  4. Nice! 👍 But no idea on value. Look up any other memorabilia signed by him and then add the cost of the rifle to that...?
  5. Welcome 🖐 Don't worry about joining a group. Most of us started as loners. Do plenty of reading to get an idea what its all about and then book yourself in a game as a rental to start. Get talking to people at the tables and after a few game days you'll be in a group of regulars. Have a look here for sites near you. https://playairsoft.uk/
  6. Looks good to me. Might give your position away with the glinting 😉
  7. We await your fondling report...
  8. Yeah, coiled cable sounds like a good idea but in practice the resistance is too high and it would become a nightmare with the coils getting twisted out of alignment like the old telephone cables.
  9. Glad you got it sorted in the end 👍
  10. Standard retail practice really. Hopefully Taiwangun will be shipping to UK when its available.
  11. Quite sure they've bumped up the price to cash in on first buyers. I suspect (hope) as soon as other retailers get them in the price should drop.
  12. Well if it did then it was wrong. You have to get a new one and take the teeth off the end.
  13. Initially I missed that you short stroked it. Did you remove the teeth from the start of the sector rack? You have to remove the teeth from the end of the rack.
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