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  1. That's good to know. I saw a video which of course I can't find now which showed a cut from one of those going off in some ones hand. Maybe they were holding it tight which would do more damage. Yeah, still a bad choice for expense and reliability.
  2. From my research... Green gas ones are not very reliable and as Jim said, very underpowered. Co2 gas grenades are out. Very expensive to run, unreliable timing and from what I've seen also quite dangerous. (If one goes off in the hand it can do serious damage) Most common are the MK5 Thunderflash pyro grenades. Reliable, relatively cheap and throwable. Best reusable ones are blank firing. (BFG) You can get 2 types: Timed or impact (Most sites require that these must be thrown underhand below waist level. Still good to roll down a corridor or into a room) Personally I prefer timed and there are 2 contenders but only one is really available now. - Dynatex - SWAT VTG (You can only find second hand. Do NOT try to buy one from the SWAT site) They both work the same and there are plenty of videos showing their use. The 209 primers used in the Dynatex are very cheap and loud enough to let anyone within range know they've been 'hit' As for fogging, I'm going to try a solution I've seen plenty of times on motorcycle forums..... Shaving foam 😆 Wipe on and then wipe off with a cloth/towel. It leaves a chemical film which prevents condensation build up. Will be interesting to test
  3. Absolute is OK but not great. A better place nearby would be Skirmish Wycombe Airsoft in High Wycombe or a bit further is Red Alert Newbury
  4. Main thing is don't take it too seriously (winning or getting kills), call your hits out loudly and raise your arm high so you don't get shot more times. When you're hit you'll usually have to walk to a certain point to 'respawn' back into the game. (There can be a lot of walking involved 😆) Don't take a pistol to your first few games until you're more familiar with things. (get a lanyard for it too) You'll certainly have fun and get addicted 😁
  5. Lol, another young whipper snapper. I'm 51 and our group has a 60 year old 😁 Not in that area unfortunately but I've heard Dog Tag is a good site so you're bound to meet some good peeps.
  6. Yes, could be that too .177 refers to the pellet version. Those use a rotary magazine with about 8 shots which fits in the top of the gun. If it uses a normal type magazine then it will use metal BBs
  7. All I need to know is when mine is arriving 🙄 Good vid 👍
  8. This might be a bit heavy but it has a riser which you'll need https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Micro-Red-Dot-Sight-Holographic-Air-Rifle-Sight-Scopes-Spoting-Tactical-Scope/274342300004?var=574460471120&hash=item3fe0134964:g:8vMAAOSwG5ZemVwf Not a good time to order from China tho
  9. Just looks like a pool of adhesive to me. Was it always like that or did it change since you had it? Maybe hit it with a hammer to be sure 😁
  10. Yeah those are 4.5mm metal BBs. You can get them in gun shops in UK as long as you're over 18
  11. EDcase

    Wcg Shop

    How long did it take to arrive from when you got the posting email?
  12. This is why its really important to do at least a little bit of research before spending your money. ESPECIALLY if you don't have much to spend. I sometimes see things at ridiculous prices on ebay and think to myself, "who the hell would buy that?!?!?!" Now I know 😄 Of course if you're happy, that's what counts...
  13. That does sound crazy expensive but I guess it depends on the pricing in your country. Have you done an online search to see what other prices are? What country are you in? You should definitely get many more shots after filling the mag so check online for a video how to properly fill a magazine with gas. Basically you have to hold the magazine with the valve pointing UPWARDS and the gas can tip pointing DOWN. Push them together quite hard for 5 seconds and you should hear gas moving. Does your friends gun work better? If that doesn't work then its faulty so take it back
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