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  1. Specna Arms are on par with G&G and the rest. Maybe even above them. Their 'EDGE' series are very good and way better than any other in that price range. Stay away from Nuprol. Not sure about Lancer but someone will chime in I'm sure...
  2. I got an STTI one which had good reviews here and elsewhere but when I got it I was very disappointed. It had really low fps and poor hop so BB's fell after a few metres. I must have got a lemon but I sent it back and didn't get another. Bio BB's take years to degrade so you'll be seeing them on the ground for a looooong time The best solution is to get/make a good catch box so they don't go anywhere else.
  3. Retailers still want business so I'd guess they'll accept out of date UKARA.
  4. I have an action cam which can be powered by an external battery using USB but I also have a mic that uses the same USB socket.I'd like to make a connector that allows both at the same time.I have the ability to make this connector but not sure if connecting the pins might damage the camera.The battery will use pins 1 and 5 for power.But the mic uses pins 1 and 2 so would that damage -data line 2?I assume I'd need a diode on the mic positive to prevent current leaking through it?I think the mic measures 948 Ohm resistance.Thanks for any help
  5. A trick I use which doesn't solve the problem but does help is to put '-out' in the google search In case you don't know, anything after - will be removed from a search. What really annoys me and lots of retailers do is to lower the price of out of stock items
  6. To be fair, all online shops work the same way. (I do appreciate the ones which have the option to hide out of stock) The question is; Has COVID reduced the supply of items to the UK...? I think it has, so there is less stock in the UK right now
  7. I'd guess that since most of the stock comes from the East, supplies have been delayed or even stopped because of COVID
  8. 1) Not legal. You'll need to rent a rifle anyway or you'll be massively outgunned as 14mstant said. To be honest its not worth taking a pistol for your first few games as its more hastle and distraction for loading and unloading (mags have to be removed when entering safe-zone) Its also easy to lose until you get proper holster and lanyard. 2) Goggles can be tricky. Fogging is the biggest problem and mesh ones are a bit risky and affect vision. After using a few different ones I would recommend the genuine FMA Fan goggles. Not hugely expensive and work well. Also look at double pane goggles which are reported to be good but I haven't tried any. Do a search for 'goggles' here and you'll find a lot more info
  9. They do come up occasionally but as you can imagine, they don't hold much value. You can wait for one to come up as it will likely be a bargain (tho could also be a lemon) You could then use it in a game and spray it black once you're UKARA registered. But it would be better to rent until you can buy a black one. That's what I was saying about getting a pistol first as it would be a smaller investment and easier to spray black later.
  10. If looking at M4 style, I'd recommend the 'Specna Arms Edge' series. Very good value/performance out of the box. While Cyberlawyer has done a good overview, I would not spend a lot of money on your first gun as it will probably not be your last. Its almost impossible to know exactly what you'll want straight away. As you get more experience playing and seeing other weapons available you will likely want to try a different style. Remember, as said by Cyberlawyer, that airsoft is very different to real weapons because a small gun can shoot just as well as a larger one.
  11. Good advice above. I have quite a few weapons but my Specna Arms Edge (SA-E03) is my best shooting rifle out of the box. Also bear in mind that without playing 3 games you won't be UKARA registered so will have to buy a painted rifle. Its a tough choice but might be worth getting a coloured pistol now for less money and then get a proper black rifle once you've had a chance to play 3 games with a rented weapon. The experience of playing with rented equipment will also help you decide what weapon and gear you want to buy afterwards. CYMA is a good budget make but most have plastic bodies.
  12. Yep, work glasses will be fine for plinking. Just be imaginative with targets. Apart from paper targets (draw whatever you want) you can set up various sizes of plastic bottles and even the caps. Maybe hang some with string...?
  13. Yes, keeping them in a sealed container/bag with lots of the silica gel is a good idea. (I always keep any I get)
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