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  1. EDcase

    Your photos are blurry ! Seriously ?

    I think this might be a bug on the site because I've uploaded a large image but looking at it afterwards only shows a very small version. Don't know why but may do that if the image is too big perhaps...?
  2. EDcase

    Your photos are blurry ! Seriously ?

    Yeah its annoying for sure. Just shows lack of interest. ...and of course much less likely to sell
  3. EDcase

    ArmA 3

    There are a few mods (mainly cosmetic) that I can recommend but I usually play on a friends server where there are no restrictions or requirements. Maybe we can invade GameCam's server
  4. EDcase

    ArmA 3

    Its never too late Still just as fun and immersive... New Warlords mission is good.
  5. Hmm, can you elaborate on why a mesh mask would contribute to the problem of condensation?
  6. EDcase

    New to this! Help needed :)

    Its definitely hard to resist buying a gun as a two tone ASAP BUT.............. as everyone here will tell you, its far more rewarding to play the 3 games to get registered with UKARA NOT ONLY so you can buy a RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm) but also to give you time to see what's available. Meet some guys, look at guns, talk about guns. That's a big part of the fun... Electric (AEG) is the norm for the main weapon, especially as a first gun. Secondary (eg Pistol) is usually gas, either bottled (eg GreenGas) or Co2 bulbs. Again, play a few games before considering a secondary. (You'll have plenty of things to worry about not losing before getting to pistol falling from holster or magazine missing)
  7. EDcase

    Does anyone train?

    Of course if I had somewhere close to 'train' I'd love it...
  8. EDcase

    Does anyone train?

    Does anyone train? No, I car Sorry, couldn't resist That's what I thought this thread was about. Nope, no training for me
  9. EDcase

    Good reliable gas gun

    £200 for a pistol gives you the option of... EVERYTHING! I prefer Co2 pistols myself. Just go with whatever you like the look of. Performance won't vary that much in that upper price range.
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    This one: https://www.airsoftworld.net/cybergun-branded-kwc-1911-government-model-co2-gbb-pistol-with-full-trades-colt-1911-rail-gun-matte-stainless-model.html (I have darkened the grips) Used but in very good working order. Shoots around 320fps. Threaded barrel (inner) Some marks. See photos carefully. One leak free magazine included. Also includes the Allen/Hex key for the Co2 Price is for PayPal including fees and postage (Mainland UK) If you are near Wokingham then PM so we can arrange pickup without postage costs. NO GAS WILL BE INCLUDED Video of it firing:


  11. EDcase

    Newbie gun advice

    Yep, make sure you have good eye/face protection and boots first. As BigStew said, allow for purchase of a good battery (LiPo 7.4v) and associated charger. Things to think about... Where will you play? Indoors (CQB) with shorter, lower power weapon (350fps max) or outdoors (woodland) longer range going up to sniper (500fps max). See what's available in airsoft weapons. There may be something that you like more than an M4.
  12. EDcase

    Do black broken airsoft guns need a licence?

    No, it would have to be officially done to be in public areas. You'd have to liase with the local Council and Police to arrange filming. This would involve a lot of forms and money so unlikely I'm afraid... Converting an IF to a RIF by painting black could cause some difficult questions if they came to the attention of authorities. ie. neighbor calls police seeing someone with a 'gun' next door...
  13. EDcase

    Newbie gun advice

    First thing is to look at what look/style you want. Then get into the specifics of which make and model...
  14. EDcase

    Hello from the US!

  15. EDcase

    KWC Co2 blowback Uzi

    I don't know how these work but a quick thought would be to file down the hammer or valve just a bit so less gas is released when struck.