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  1. EDcase

    The "What I wasted money on" thread...

    I've never wasted money on airsoft Its all investments 🤔 ...thats what I tell my wife 😋
  2. EDcase

    Hate it with a passion.

    What I hate: Haters
  3. EDcase

    Extreme Airsoft / extremeairsoft.co.uk

    Just received my rifle after 2 days even though it said 'On back order' Must have been lucky I guess
  4. EDcase

    Weekend Warrior Airsoft?

    I didn't end up buying there but spoke to Nigel (owner) on phone and he seemed like a helpful and trustworthy guy. Told me up front that he didn't have what I wanted in stock and it would be three days to resupply. He agreed to a price match too. I'll certainly check there again for my next purchase.
  5. EDcase

    Competitive Airsoft

    I've not looked into it as its not my thing but I would guess that 'honour based scoring' and 'competitive games' are not concepts that go together well. The most annoying people I've come across playing airsoft are the competitive ones who REALLY want to win rather than just have fun. 'Marking' is the only thing which gives paintball an edge in gameplay. Even with that there's still a cheating problem for competitions.
  6. EDcase

    New player.

    I got a cheapie £119 polymer CYMA M4 CQB as my first gun. Shoots quite well and its still going strong a couple of years now with plenty of action. I'd say anything by CYMA is OK if you want to keep the budget low and not sure which style weapon you want to invest in heavily.
  7. EDcase

    Classic Army M15 - M16 question

    Yes, thats true. I have seen photos of those for the hunter forces. Hopefully we'll have the new toys at the next game
  8. EDcase

    Classic Army M15 - M16 question

    Hey G thanks for the post. Yes, that's what I suspected. Glad to hear you think so too. What about the duckbill flash hider for yours? Cheers, ED
  9. I've scoured the internet to the limit of my ability (which is usually adequate) but can't find a definitive answer to this.... I'm looking to buy a Classic Army M15A1 (X-series) Is their M16VN the same model for US market or actually an updated (better) version? Anyone with experience of the CA M15A1 please let me know your thoughts Thanks
  10. EDcase

    Anti-fog fan goggles idea

    I didn't poopoo anything. Just pointed out some physics to work with...
  11. EDcase

    Anti-fog fan goggles idea

    Unfortunately your idea will just be blowing air in your eyes... To work efficiently, the fan actually has to pull air OUT of the goggles. This allows fresh, cool air to be drawn in evenly from either upper or low vents. The air has to flow past the lens to pull the moisture away. This is why most fans are mounted on top and the vents are at the bottom. Using tubes reduces airflow efficiency to the fan would have to be more powerful = heavier so no real gain.
  12. EDcase

    Hi all

    Hi and welcome. Have a good look around the forum. LOTS of info everywhere ;D
  13. EDcase

    C02 Side Arms

    400fps Its a small DMR LOL StormZombies, I have both of those, M9A1 and 1911 rail gun, they may look 'ordinary' but still loads of fun...
  14. EDcase


    Well, I like em so far Cheers Max for keeping the prices reasonable and with free 2nd class post. Great work on the BB database Gasman 👍
  15. EDcase

    Gun picture thread

    All the better to see with (With mask & goggles anyway) I do have to stand up to look though it Anyone got a cheap SUSAT going...? LoL, yeah, and all before I was on UKARA I'm registered now and don't want anything else... (for now)