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  1. EDcase

    "6mm Ammo" supplies any good?

    Krikey you have stocked-up... In case of armageddon...?
  2. EDcase

    "6mm Ammo" supplies any good?

    'Absolute' take credit cards so absolutely NO chance of stopping. Age and storage conditions will probably affect BB strength to add to the confusion...
  3. EDcase

    "6mm Ammo" supplies any good?

    Good to know its not terrible thanks.
  4. EDcase

    "6mm Ammo" supplies any good?

    Yeah, didn't know that. I guess he was a regular 'honorary' marshall
  5. EDcase

    "6mm Ammo" supplies any good?

    When its a question of safety... But yeah, they didn't have to announce that they found some to everyone Yeah, that's my main concern Ordered samples of 0.2 and 0.25 Will report back if they perform like dumdums
  6. EDcase

    "6mm Ammo" supplies any good?

    Sounds like a good idea. Want to make sure they don't shatter
  7. Anyone use these? https://www.6mmammo.co.uk/ Price seems good. (FREE 2nd class post) 4000 0.2g = £6.99 3000 0.25g = £7.99 Thoughts...?
  8. EDcase

    Airsoft tantrums

    I'm not too keen on that game to be honest. Can't tell who's shooting you most of the time... I've had a few hits after calling myself out but nothing to warrant a wobbly... yet Best thing to do is laugh even when it hurts On a side note, I think RIFs should have a realistic rate of fire. Especially HPA can be ridiculous.
  9. EDcase

    Hi From Devon!

    Welcome m8
  10. EDcase


    My experience has been positive: Ordered a hop unit and then emailed an hour later to ask if I could add a nozzle to the order for the same delivery cost. They said 'no problem' and asked me to paypal the nozzle cost. Paid the equivalent Koruna value which turned out to be quite a bit less than the Dollar amount listed on their site. All arrived a few days later.
  11. EDcase

    Anyone know a metal 3d Printing company?

    Thanks guys. Yeah, was thinking of SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) This is for a bipod yoke so has to be metal not plastic. Got some quotes back but the cheapest is £570 😲 I can buy a whole new bipod including the legs for about £65 so its a no-brainer. Since 3d printing has come down in price a lot (I have 2) I thought metal would be a bit lower but that's still quite specialised. I would have been willing to pay a bit more for a steel part instead of the pot metal original but that price is out of the question...
  12. A bit out there but just wondering if anyone knows a cheap place that does 3d printing in metal...?
  13. EDcase

    New to the forum and Airsoft

    I've been hit on the eyebrow which drew blood. Stung at first but only realised how bad it was when someone looked at me and said "Wow, does that hurt?" I'd thought the drip of blood was sweat so wiped it all over my face
  14. EDcase

    More Bad Apples

    One shoots plastic 6mm BBs the other shoots metal 4.5mm BBs If thats what they used then they should certainly be locked up even if they were shooting a cyclist (I cycle to work every day but stay off the road as much as possible)