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  1. Hmm, definite a few common ones on here... In order of time involved: 1) Computer game (ARMA3) Most evenings 2) Riding bike (RC8) Most Sundays 3) Airsofting (Only been a few times but hopefully will increase) 4) Dabbling on keyboard (Don't know how to play properly but know the basics of chords etc) 5) Did fencing (Epee) for a year but stopped due to time/money. 6) Computer graphics (3dsMax). Don't do nearly as much as I used to... See (1)
  2. EDcase

    firearms ban after prison

    While not directly linked to this thread I will tell you what happened to me as an example of how weird things can happen. A few years ago an officer came to my house asking if I knew a particular girl about 14 years old. I did not know her and the background was that she had problems at home and had run away. Her link to me.... She had apparently seen me out with my family and followed us back to our car. When she was found several days later the police recovered a diary she kept. In there was my car license plate number with hearts drawn around it... She later said that she had seen our family and been envious of our (apparent) happyness together. So it all ended fine in the end... BUT Imagine if something had happened to her and that diary was found with her body. It would have been a very difficult situation for me to explain even though I had no knowledge of her existence...
  3. EDcase

    Armed Police - Yes or No

    Then I think they should all have M60's and rocket launchers to deal with the scooter scumbags At the very least they should be allowed to knock them off and reverse over them.
  4. EDcase

    Armed Police - Yes or No

    I don't think it matters what we think. Its up to the people in the police force to decide what they want and need. They'll probably want policy changes rather than equipment I would guess. As has been seen in the past with armed response units, the scrutiny they're under after discharging their weapons would be enough to put anyone off and just throw their guns instead. I respect the police for having to deal with the scum of the earth and still keep calm and civilised.
  5. EDcase

    is dry firing a gbb alright?

    Apart from the safety aspect... (Even a ricochet could permanently damage an eye) Personally I do not dry-fire any of my airsoft weapons (AEG, AEP, GBB) just to be on the safe side. I imagine having a BB in the hop causes a bit of back pressure to the piston slamming the buffer so even though its slight I wouldn't want the piston to hit the buffer with no resistance at all. Of course its fine a few times but the more it happens the more stress the parts will accumulate. If its just cocking and firing without gas then it should be fine.
  6. EDcase

    A Hasty (re)Entry Into Classifieds

    "I LIKE it !!!" - Robocop bad guy
  7. EDcase

    Hello everybody!

    Welcome! Have a good look around as most questions have been answered already. Once you've got a good idea of the direction you want to go with kit etc you'll be able to get more specific answers. ...and above all, have fun out there...
  8. EDcase


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Prompt payment and good guy to deal with.
  9. EDcase

    Selling my airsoft equipment, law clarification.

    Following from what Tackle said: For RIF you need to be convinced they are 18+ & have valid defence. For IF you need to be convinced they are 18+ For parts there are no restrictions
  10. EDcase

    Returning player in Reading area

    Yeah, this may as well be called 'The Mall Fan Club Forum' I've never seen anyone say a bad word about it If you want to try a bit of woodland then have a look at 'Absolute Airsoft' just outside Reading. I'll be there again one Sunday this month.
  11. EDcase

    WE Co2 valve fix pistol and rifle.

    Don't need an of mine fixing just yet but seems like its worth doing a proper guide with pics if you can. Presumably this will work with any magazine manufacturer using Co2 12g input valves.
  12. EDcase

    Holmbush/Dogtag Airsoft

    PT247 does I think. Good guy and knows his pewpew stuff Send him a PM
  13. EDcase

    Long guns and CQB sites

    Covering fire for advancing groups is definitely a good idea. Using long rifles indoors is obviously a disadvantage but still do-able. FPS is the limiting factor and must be below 350 for CQB at most sites.
  14. EDcase

    Has Anybody Experienced Theft on Sites?

    Yep, that story is exactly the kind of scenario I'd be wary of. I don't lock my bags but keep em closed with nothing visible at least. Might get a couple of cheap locks...
  15. EDcase

    Has Anybody Experienced Theft on Sites?

    Its not the regulars I'd be worried about but the renters that might be tempted knowing that they'll never go back or not for some time at least.