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  2. Ammo tin is good and solid 👍 Could use a biscuit tin perhaps. Not something that is sealed so it can release vented gases in case of a fire.
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    Regrettably have to sell my awesome Auto9 This is the original version. I've added weight at the front to it making it 1.15kg and feels much heftier while retaining gas efficiency. I also added a metallic effect to the top and some other parts as seen in pic. Has full auto option not 3x burst. Comes with one leak free mag. Chrono'd at 340 on first shot then settled around 320. £195 including fees and postage Don't have original box but will be well packed.



  4. I believe the SAS suits were dark blue not black
  5. I haven't. Just put the battery on a baking tray
  6. I hope you checked that your AEG can take 11.1v 7.4v is the standard If your Li-Po charger has a Li-Ion setting then 'yes', otherwise 'no'. I know the 'SkyRC iMax B6' can but they're hard to find now. (Beware of copies) Look for SkyRC Search the forum for more info
  7. Its the AM-014 model https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/product/ares-amoeba-honey-badger-014-airsoft-rifle-black/
  8. For reference since its out of stock 😔 https://www.crw-airsoft.com/sas-crw-gen1-coverall-replica-by-tgc-size-4xl-1509-p.asp
  9. Welcome! Yep, to combat bots and encourage participation you need to have a certain number of posts to unlock certain things like the classifieds. (Not sure how many but I guess 10 or so) Have a look around and comment in a few threads. You get to the required number before you know it.
  10. The law states that a buyer of a RIF must be over 18 and have a valid defence. This is done by retailers with 'defences' such as UKARA, Reenactment Society membership, Museum Curator, Film/TV production. For private sales its the sellers responsibility to ensure the buyer is a legitimate airsofter. You can sell to anyone (if you think they are legit) BUT if that person then commits a crime with the RIF then it can come back to you being prosecuted depending on the gravity of the crime. (Has there been a case of a seller being prosecuted?)
  11. Depends how much you can afford. The most common will be the CYMA CM033 which it quite good for the price. Note that only the top half is metal even though they may say all metal body. Still feels good. You can buy real wood version or get a wood kit to put on. There is also a TM version which I think also metal upper only but not sure on that one. Then the most expensive and hard to find are the WE / CYBERGUN GBBR versions. All metal but fake wood in most. Search for video reviews
  12. Could argue that its a licence to kill 😉 Bendan, No particular place has everything. Patrolbase, FireSupport and Extreme Airsoft are good but google what you want and when you find it see if there's a review of the shop in the forum.
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