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  1. Which should I do first? Find a way to HPA my DP-28 now that Im getting the mag where it needs to be, or a complete rebuild/upgrade for my TM NGRS Delta?

    1. strykerles


      DP-28 just because it looks cool :D

  2. A simple change to be sure, but a welcome one. After owning this beautiful STAR L86 for approaching 7 years now I finally got around to getting the correct scope for her. Sometimes all it takes is a simple SUSAT to really complete a gun. Granted, she’s about to get a complete internal overhaul but externally she’s finished. For now...
  3. How do you like that style of earpro attachment? Been thinking of switching to that over the standard rail mount.
  4. FYI theres an extension you can get as well to fit full-sized 11.1s and such.
  5. Anyone ever heard of anyone HPAing or upgrading the gearbox of a STAR (or possibly ARES, I believe theyre pretty much identical) L86? Google is showing me veeeeery little info...

  6. Kneepads certainly arent required - if I am at a hard-packed or industrial site like the now-closed UCAP Sandpit or The Mall, I use them. But in a forest its not that helpful.
  7. .40 S&W was made after a requirement for the FBI was posted due to the Platt and Matix case back in 86. One of the two was shot through the heart in the opening seconds of the gun battle, yet he went on to kill some 5 agents before finally bleeding out. The FBI was adamant it was the small caliber of their 38 Special revolvers that was the issue, not a lack of training. S&W received the contract to create a new bullet and gun that could use it. (This is where my information starts to get a bit hazy - been a few years since I heard the "behind the scenes" story. Ill update this should I
  8. And Im just sitting here like "40 S&W? Do you hate yourself? Youre gonna break that pretty thing haha" before realizing Ive mixed up my RS and airsoft pages again haha
  9. Its an IDZ vest done by Roman Kurmaz. Ive got a bunch of stuff made by him and its great quality - on par with my Cryes and such. I still buy legit whenever I can, but I cant buy Tropentarn from Crye, so oh well. Pants are also his, alongside my short sleeve G3 shirts (it was cold out so standard surplus BDU is on in the pic). However recently Ive started buying from Zentaurion - a German company that makes popular products in a variety of camos. they do the major base colors, Multicam, both German patterns, and a slew of others. They arent cheap, but very worth it if the stuff I got in today
  10. Is Temperate Vegetato really considered Gucci now? Heck it was my first uniform haha. Anyway, while the full kit got held up in customs until - funnily enough - today it was nice to run the Tropentarn kit at Op Stonebreaker the past weekend. Now that the rest of the stuff's arrived Ill have to do a full kit pic sometime before Op Firestorm in late April. The Black Cherry preformed well, though there were some odd FPS fluctuations I still have to sort out I suppose.
  11. Welp, TRMR got stolen this weekend. Thats gonna be a PITA to replace...

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    2. Albiscuit


      Sorry to hear that, the value of these things have jumped to ridiculous prices lately too over here.

    3. Shamal


      Low numbers on that fella.

      Lot of dosh to throw and not get back. My mate paid £80 for one, used it once in the tunnels and never saw it again! Disappeared into the nth dimension ☹

      Some people will have any thing if its not nailed down.


    4. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      Sorry to hear that mate, rotten end to a fun day.  Some git nicked my green gas last game I played.  Just annoying, but not the feeling you want from a game based on trust! 


      I got home and got the engraver out.  


      Might bring as small die set from work home and stamp stuff like mags etc too having a think.

  12. Damn that lens protector is clear. I need 7 haha
  13. A sneak peak of things to come. What ever could it be? 😉
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