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  1. Anyone else unable to access the "Gun Pictures Thread"?

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  2. Why bother with a Scar? I get the vz61, but theres plenty of mags for the Scar on the market, and some quite cheaply too.
  3. I might have a chance to shoot a real one this weekend, Ill let you know if thats true haha.
  4. So I tend to match guns to kit. My Russian guns are almost all black or green (SV-98). About half my HKs are tan as I mostly run Tropentarn, but I do also have options in black for when I run Flecktarn (416a5, G28, 417a2, MP7, M27 tan and M27, MP7, 417, MP5, 415c black. Yes I have two MP7s, M27s, and 417s). Generally you wont notice much difference when it come to camo. One thing to think of - if you ever plan to paint your gun picking a different base color may make more sense. A green or black camo will work easier on a black gun, while a tan or white camo works better on a tan gun.
  5. If only my VSR-X wasnt so darn chonkers, Id already have Enfield, Kar, and Mosin stocks for it. Unfortunately I just cant see either a G&G or S&T version really being competitive... Sure, if you want to look the part they will probably be Ace, but I also like to be able to tickle people at 120m...
  6. Heck replace that deact with a Deepfire and throw some Taginns their way haha. Im thinking of doing a post-apo loadout myself, using some combination of my DP-28, A&K M1892, Umarex Peacekeeper, SMERSH, and probably a cobbled together or distressed launcher of some sort. Ill admit - your loadout there is more reminiscent of Division-style post-apo than like Fallout or end of the world post-apo. Still works though.
  7. Ive had several like that. My custom VSR-X was one - dropping a .65g BB into the chamber, and hitting a body at 120m with the first shot - I was all grins. I rarely use it though as its only really suited for MilSims - the 3.6j limit and very long range shot options make it worth it - if I snipe at a skirmish game Ill just use my lightweight VSR, or my new gun thats coming *wink *wink. My M134 also definitely falls in that category as well - the first time you heft that thing and give it a whirl... Still havent fielded it and its a PITA to work on, but still...
  8. Well, guess i finally have a reason to visit the UK again
  9. As someone who has HPA tapped and HPA converted several gas guns, the above answers cover the gist of HPA tapping. Most GBB guns can have tapped mags quite easily, and yes you can switch back and forth between tapped and GG mags. Some non-GBB guns can also be HPA tapped (and im not counting NBBs like the mk23 which have similar gas reservoirs to GBBs) if they have an internal tank with an external fill valve. HPA converting is more difficult; ranging from simplier conversions like that of gas shotties to modified conversions (like my soon to be shown A&K M1982 HPA conversion) to full blown
  10. Oh yea, looks like it came right out of a WWII picture book. Well done.
  11. For most people its not. You and I are the exception. IMO the standalone chassis is kind of pointless - it makes the thing so long that its difficult to carry both it and your rifle. And for the price you can buy an ARES M320 two C02 shells, and a FiSt 2. It gets even stupider when you add the HPA kit - itll cost more to buy the complete thing than any airsoft gun on the market thats not handmade barring the M134s.
  12. Cant guarantee theyll all work, but maybe buy one of the cheap ones for a few quid, and test it. If it works, great. If not they may have changed something, or idk.
  13. So I live in the US, where Taginns are a lot more common, especially at the big MilSims I often attend. I have owned probably 6 GG shells and two Pro C02 shells. I also own the Taginn ML-36 and Tag-015 launchers, as well as a bevy of other launchers. So my thoughts. Well, lets start with shells. First off, dont fill the GG with C02. I tried to do that for awhile but it just messes them up. Second, what kind of range are you looking at? Using the launcher sights on my ML-36 or Tag-015 with C02 I can land a round close enough to count out to 150m, weather, gas pressure, and wind dep
  14. Talked about it enough for now on other threads, but the DP-28 is coming along. So far a new, stronger buttpad locking mount has been completed, the upper and lower mag adapters have been completed, the feed ramp has been completed, and the stopping block has been completed (maybe. Had some issues with BBs getting in the way of the bullet spokes in the mag, but theres bigger issues still to sort before I make improvements). However BBs are still slipping through somehow. I suppose next is to recreate my follower in CAD as opposed to using the current handmade one. Its the only place where I ca
  15. Me and one of the guys who sometimes comes to mooch off my surplus guns and gear *sputters* I mean one of my friends and me yesterday. First time out wearing the Flecktarn loadout - it was hot as can be (heat index around 37*C) but the gear was comparatively lightweight and quite comfortable. Uniform is Roman Flecktarn G3 pants and short-sleeve Combat Shirt, Crye Airflex Impacts, Linderhof PC, surplus German 3x2 mag pouch (may change this to a HSGI triple taco) and dangler, 2x Emerson flashbang pouches for my TRMRs, Maxpedition folding dump pouch, Valken Tactical tank pouch, black
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