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  1. Well, while I wait for my outer barrel order from VFC to arrive so I can finally complete my 417a2 project (its been 4 months...), Ive been working on various other projects. About a month ago I got a great offer on a Krytac LMG upper, R-hopped barrel setup, and two box mags for about 160 quid. Well, I tried it on several of my various ARs I have lying around including a VFC M27, KWA SR-10, KWA SR-7, VFC KA PDW, CA AR-15, and a few more, yet it wouldn't fir on any. However, it would fit on my backup gun. See, I have this one gun that goes to every game with me, no matter if I am using a SMG, LMG, sniper, etc. I built it as my first high end AEG about 5 years ago at a teching class run by a shop im rather close friends with. Its a VFC Jag Arms PHX-15 SBR. The thing is a tank, holding around 300 FPS and 26RPS with an 11.1. I always bring it as something fancy always breaks, and after a MilSim two years ago where I had three of the 5 guns I brought go down I always bring the gun I affectionately call "Backup". Well, Backup's lower happened to fit the Krytac LMG upper. Backup is black with tan highlights, stock, grips, etc. Well, after installing the LMG upper I was not a fan of the Rogers SuperStock I had on it. It just seemed too small. So I got a PTS MOE Rifle AEG stock that would fit my brick LiPos, since an LMG should always have a bigger battery. Well, that turned out to not be great, as the stock took about 5 hours of modification to actually fit the gun. However, it now looks great and is solid. I also added a Vortex Crossfire T1 and an Eotech G33 magnifier on top (I may end up using an ELCAN like most of my other LMGs), and a Magpul AFG2 (may switch it to tan to match the look Backup's AR form has) and Harris-style bipod. Now, with about 10 minutes at home/20min on the field I can switch between Backup's AR and LMG forms.
  2. Anyone know where I can get a short mag for my KWA Vector? Willing to pay a pretty penny...

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    2. rocketdogbert


      I know Mr Reaper personally, not AWOL, carpal tunnel means his hands are fucked for fine work unfortunately👎🏻

    3. SeniorSpaz87


      Oh thats wonderful. Well, OK not the CT, but that hes still around. A bunch of us had no idea where he went a few years back. Well, if you talk to him let him know that Ive got two of his old mags and they still work wonderfully :D

    4. rocketdogbert


      I will see him next week, I will pass on your regards 👍🏻

  3. Yea, Im always amazed at all day MilSims in the Southern US in late August, or really Autumn in general... Its not uncommon for me to drive out onto the field at ENDEX and pick up heatcas guys who are having trouble making it back to camp... Heck I almost never run long sleeves anymore, and I had Roman make me some short sleeve combat shirts so I can stay bougie yet cool.
  4. To be honest it could very well be more... But I also do a lot of MilSim events where we have to be in a specific pattern and such. Lets see if I can remember the list... OD FDE Black Kryptek Typhon Kryptek Highlander German Flecktarn German Tropentarn AOR1 AOR2 M81 Danish M84 Italian Temperate Vegetato Chechnyan Ataka (Russian version of ATACS FG) Russian Partizan Russian Fall Partizan Russian 2000s era Berezhka Ghillie ATACs AU Russian EMR Russian EMR Desert Soviet Officer Uni ACU (or UCP) Multicam OCP (US Army copy of Multicam) Auscam Pink M81 because why not I do also have Kryptek Neptune/Pontus for Scuba/Spearfishing if that counts haha Im sure theres one or two more Ive forgotten... TBH 90% of the time I wear Kryptek Highlander or Tropentarn for tan teams, Flecktarn for green, and Krpytek Typhon for black. Its only for specific events or if Im running with a different squad that wants to use one of the others that I use something else. For instance the M81 and M84 were for a specific event in December 2017, the Russians are for when I play with, well, a Russian team, etc.
  5. I mean both work decently well outdoor, OD probably works a little better indoor. They are both very common and can be obtained rather cheaply. I guess it kind of comes down to personal preference and availability. I personally would go with something grey or black for indoor, but Im also the type of guy to have 18 different complete patterns to match whatever environment I play at.
  6. Picked up a GoPro Max. I already have a 7 Black so I didnt feel the need for an 8, but non of the sessions are up to date with the technology (mainly looking for image stabilization). The Max may have been a bit pricy, but I think Ill set it up like AirsoftCamMan's and itll work nicely.
  7. +1 to Roman. Though I will say he takes forever. Understandable, but be prepared to wait a month or two after ordering, if he has the fabric in stock.
  8. Guess its just the sear thats missing then.
  9. Hey all, One of my VTGs has unfortunately failed. Looks like the spring and pin that hold the firing pin down have managed to wiggle out and are now exploring the wilderness. I tried emailing SWAT but have heard nothing back - its been about three weeks. Anyone know who else I can try to contact?
  10. When you are sitting happily waiting for the final external order for a big project and realize a part has gone missing (like, teleported to the fine slopes of New Zealand to become a sheep kind of disappearing)... Guess thats going to be another 4 weeks from VFC...

  11. Well I found another deal who supposedly has the G28 T1 mounts in stock, so I ordered three. One for my G28, one for my MP7, and one more cause why not. Also had a bit of spare cash after the latest paycheck so I ordered the Wolverine Reaper mk2 Premium engine that I needed to be able to field the G28/417a2. Thats all the essentials, now its just accessories and such left to get. And, of course, I have to decide whether I want to put a UCS stock on it... And finally I was going to get the standard VFC G28 case, but measuring it makes the gun only like 1mm shorter than the case, so I instead went with a much larger two-gun case so I can fit everything in the box.
  12. Interesting. That may mean theres less to this than has been announced. If they havent dropped him immediately then it may be that things are grossly overstated and it may not be a huge deal compared to what everyone thinks. Good news is that Ive seen very little in the news over him being an airsofter. A ton about him being a reenactor, but not an airsofter.
  13. So Im all for a nice 9mm AK. Id be nice to see something other than the LCT. And, to be honest, I dont think the PRK-9 is as ugly as yall make it out to be. I actually like the bullet print mag, and I could see myself modifying one enough to keep the short barrel, add a zenitco stock, and essentially have a shorter variant of my LCT Vityaz. Plus it looks like they have a 9mm drum for it, which is also nice. But out of the box? Yea, not a fan. @HuttArmouries Any idea what that sight is? Id love to get one if they dont cost too much for my Vityaz.
  14. So Ill give some more information thats been gathered since Im US-based and have been following the release of information. Apparently he loaded up in full kit including NODs, armor, everything. Wore his old SG patch from his time in the 82nd. Took an Uber to his brother-in-law's store to defend it from looters. Saw the NG unit nearby, and this is where information starts to vary. The NG unit claims he walked up to them and stated that he was a part of their unit. They were instantly suspicious as this guy has about 40 grand in better equipment than NG get, his rifle was out of regs, NG dont get handguns and he had a tricked out one, and it wasnt a G17 or M17. So they start asking him questions about the unit, their CO, etc and he cant answer any of them. So they talk him into handing over his guns and hand him off to a LAPD unit as they arent sure what to do with him. Then it gets interesting. So as some of you might know, California has the most anal gun laws in the US. I wont get into Second Amendment rights and all that, but lets just say Cali does not like guns. And to own a firearm in Cali you have to adhere to a very strict set of requirements. You can not bring external parts into Cali, you can not modify guns, etc. Apparently Spartans AR was modified, had parts that were non-California compliant, and there have been people saying he had a "ghost" lower. This has been said to be several things, from a 3D printed lower, to a polymer lower with the serial number removed. So what are the various crimes committed here? Well, impersonating servicemen is Stolen Valor and a federal offense. Modifying a firearm is a state offense. Open carry is a state offense. And an illegal lower is a federal offense. Current estimates on his sentence really vary. Depending on the court and plea deal he may very well get away with a monetary fine and lose his ability to own a firearm (this is a guarantee of anyone convicted of a federal offense). Or, he could see up to a $60000 fine and up to 10 years total jail time, assuming sentences are concurrent. Courts often take a bit of leniency on Vets, but as its California they may very well try to bury him under the jail. Now on to things we do not know but are rumored. First off, after his arrest police raided his home and found evidence of his attempts to modify and sell illegal firearms. This has not been confirmed, and there are many who say they simply rolled up to his house, saw his gun wall of airsoft, and figured "well we got him big this time". It wouldn't be the first time people have been arrested over airsoft. If that is the case they will eventually be identified as such and wont matter. If he was indeed modifying firearms with intent to sell then we have a whole 'nother problem here. Second is the rumor that some guardsmen said something along the lines of "hey Wong, youre a cool cat, why dont you come down and hang out with use at the barricade". Again, no proof this happened, but Ive heard it mentioned by several sources. In the end it doesn't really change much as common sense should have told him that would be a bad idea, plus above modified weapons and open carry issues. If its true it might lead to those NGs getting a bit of trouble but nothing major. In the end, however, it was a very stupid thing to do. Unfortunately even if everything is dropped and he doesn't serve any time, he will be dropped by every company he works with, and will essentially have to find a new line of work. The reenactment groups he frequented have already started moving away from him, theres no doubt Magpul and the other firearm companies he speaks for will drop him, and the airsoft companies may very well do the same. He will be losing all his firearms and right to own a firearm, so thats all gone too. As my guys over at "A Very Serious Airsoft Podcast" said - "the best case scenario is that he was just very stupid."
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