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  1. SeniorSpaz87

    MAS G

    Mines still on order. For me it wasnt so much about the money - its now turned into a betting game between me and a friend about if theyll ever come in haha.
  2. What are yalls thoughts on the SWAT VTG grenade? I was just offered one and its quite difficult for me to get any sort of BFG over here.

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    2. clumpyedge


      @BibbsOnTour if you want a new adapter get it from lees precision engineering https://www.leesprecision.com/bfg-accessories

    3. BibbsOnTour


      @clumpyedge thanks mate - will check them out 

    4. SeniorSpaz87


      @clumpyedge thats for the suggestion. Saves me 20 quid.

  3. Yea, Softair aint anything to write home about... Use it to shoot squirrels off your porch or something, but it wont cut it in a game. Generally youre looking at $250-$300 for an entry-level gun. I would recommend the VFC Avalon - check the Hop Up app or the FB pages to find one slightly used and youll be set.
  4. SeniorSpaz87

    Safariland holster material, what is it?

    Yea, felt might be an issue. I assume you have a GLS replica, as I don't believe anyone has been able to knock-off one of our 7TSs (and if they do that'll be a serious problem for us...). If it is a GLS, we do not actually put any liner in them. As the body of the holster does not compress on the gun for retention, the lining isn't needed as there isn't enough pressure and contact to cause scratching. If you do have a 6000 knock-off (or a 7TS (which if you do I guess I'll need to email the boss and that'll be another fun court battle...(no issue for you buying one, but those are military holsters and having fakes out there is a big problem for that))), then their sizing will be so exact (if it's a good copy) that felt will likely make the inside dimensions too large for whatever gun the holster is modelled for. The real material is called Safarilaminate (I believe; management keeps changing names - makes it quite difficult for us engineers) and you won't be able to purchase it as it's something we make for our own holsters - that's one of the reasons our ALSs haven't been copied yet. If it's causing issues to your guns finish or whatever, I'd talk to @AshOnSnow (I believe he's the guy who's bought the most of them over there, if not sorry for pinging you Ash), he uses our GLS and for a top-of-the-line Safariland holster they're pretty cheap, and they fit over 200 guns, which translates to like 500+ airsoft guns. Or you could get a knockoff GLS for like 15 quid, just keep in mind we keep shutting down the Chinese manufacturers so no idea when they'll be available.
  5. First check if it has a hex screw anywhere along it. Second, if its glued on I suggest heating some water up and soaking the tip in it. Heat breaks down Superglue so thats one way around. Which AR did you get specifically?I know a few of the cheaper-brand guns sometimes are truly permanently fixed. Also, where abouts in the South are you? I bounce around between TN, FL, and GA a fair bit.
  6. SeniorSpaz87

    New From America!

    You are not alone in this land of unfamiliar accents - South-Eastern US myself.
  7. SeniorSpaz87

    Gun picture thread

    I got a new toy
  8. SeniorSpaz87

    TAG Grenades; Shells or Launcher?

    Next time I'd use them wont be until March, so I can wait.
  9. SeniorSpaz87

    TAG Grenades; Shells or Launcher?

    Im sure it does but itll probably increase the price 5x
  10. SeniorSpaz87

    TAG Grenades; Shells or Launcher?

    Ill have to see if I can find one of those over here
  11. SeniorSpaz87

    TAG Grenades; Shells or Launcher?

    All sorts of things. C02 charger, leather-man pliers, long knife. whatever I have on me at the time. They'll press down all the way, click, and they should be good to go. But they just vent out the port (where the gas is supposed to come out, not one of the o-rings)
  12. SeniorSpaz87

    TAG Grenades; Shells or Launcher?

    I own 3 shells - my issue is their unreliability when it comes to resetting the shell. I carry a homemade AT-4 as my launcher, with 12+1 rounds on me, and at my latest MilSim I had all 3 shells fail to reset after firing, so that I had to leave the field and disassemble them to get them working. Really putting me off them for now, so much so that I may not even run them at my next MilSim.
  13. SeniorSpaz87

    Flying with Rifs... but wait

    I have imported many RIFs into the UK. While they are completely legal here in the states (for the most part) there are a few things to consider. 1: Where in the US are you planning to fly? This includes connecting airports. Some states like California have rules that make UKARA shudder. 2: Do you have orange tips? 3: Getting them back in. So first off, I have imported probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 RIFs into the US, 90% of them in my own suitcase. These ranged from single GBB pistols to an entire suitcase with a MP40, L86, MP7, 3 pistols, and mags for everything (yea, Heathrow security confronted me but once I proved they were airsoft and I had UKARA they let me through no problem). What I always did was to paint my tips orange. Go out and get some cheap orange spray-paint (you'll have to get an adult to buy it as I believe you have to be 18 to purchase spray-paint in the UK), paint up your tips, and you're good to go on that front (unless going into a "problem" state like Maryland or California). Furthermore, batteries. You can not put LiPos in your checked baggage. I have never brought airsoft batteries over to the US, but I've brought drone and RC batteries both ways several times. I brought them over in my carry-on and had no problems, although personally I think security might not like airsoft batteries (they tend to look kinda "exposed", unlike the enclosed LiPos I've brought over before, so take at your own risk). I always put them deep enough into my luggage (usually wrapped in a shirt or two) that they don't leave an outline, but close enough to the top that security doesn't have to dig for them, and right at the zipper of my bag I leave a nice long note stating they are airsoft, have orange tips, and a copy of legislation stating they are OK and do not need to be in their own bag (lots of airsofters over here think they need to be in their own locked bag, which they do not. Feel free to do this for added safety, but it is not required). Finally, I would put a TSA lock so some random bag-man couldn't steal them. I would also check with my airline if they were allowed, but since I always flew United I knew they were fine after the first time. Expect your bag to be opened at least once (I had it opened at three airports once, and I've also had times where they never opened it at all). I never had a single gun seized following the above in probably 20 total trips. Now your main issue is getting back into the UK. I expect Heathrow to have a SERIOUS issue with you bringing them in. Your bag will be pulled. You will have to go to security to get it approved. It will take a fair bit of time. And in the end they may not let you bring them into the country as you are required to have UKARA to IMPORT RIFs into the country, not just buy them, so bye bye to your RIFs if that happens . However, if you are travelling with your dad and he has UKARA, if he can prove that then you should be fine. I would put his UKARA number on the letter in your bag to attempt to expedite the process. If no one you are travelling with has a UKARA number you might be stuck in that regard. So, getting them here won't be an issue if you've got common sense, but getting them back may be hard. Where about in the States are you going? I may know people who can help you out on this side, maybe rent or borrow from them. Failing that, if you are not confident in your ability to get them back to the UK you can always rent as mentioned above.
  14. SeniorSpaz87

    Gun picture thread

    Nice guns and all - but why the APC?... Unless thats also yours in which case I need to become your friend FAST!
  15. SeniorSpaz87

    Thoughts on the new KA 9mm SBR?

    Eh its close enough for me. To be honest I just like the fact we finally have a flared magwell. I'd have to say its kinda like a cross between a MP5 and an AR, which is basically what the MPX is. And while I would like the SIG-style 9mm magazine, I have to agree with their choice to make it compatible with existing MP5 mags. vs