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    WWII, video games, WT, WoT, WoWS, airsoft, shooting, tanks, guns in general, Airsoft, tech work, building PCs, making YouTube videos (not that I'm any good ;) )

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  1. Goodness I hate this wait... 


  2. Welcome. You'll fit right in haha.
  3. SeniorSpaz87

    The Mall Reading

  4. SeniorSpaz87

    Gun picture thread

    Welcome to the club
  5. So as I have officially joined the Hoover gun club, what should I get for it internally? I dont know much when it comes to GBBs - do I need to do stuff to valves, or NPAS, or whatever? I dont plan on cheaping out, so price isnt an issue. Also need a good suppressor - I have a spare Knights Armament I could throw on... @rocketdogbert @mightyjebus 

    1. rocketdogbert


      Nice. Carbon Fibre nozzle that is about to be produced, potentially a better hop design that is in the works to allow normal rubbers and barrels.

      Personally I like having a fixed stock and a front rail.

      I did have (and still have a spare) CNC RA Tech heavy weight recoil buffer, it works better than the Hephaestus recoil kit, but does affect gas efficiency to an extent (I use HPA mostly)

      Dont bother with power up suppressors unless you want to go DMR, they take the fps up to around 450-460 on green gas.

      NPAS kits are available, but dont make much of a difference, and its time consuming to strip the nozzle when you want to adjust.

      There are a few standard parts no longer available, and it’s hard getting the majority of spares. kscpart.com has everything that is currently available, guy called Esti based in Taiwan.

      All of the KRISS real steel parts fit, some with a bit of work, but also they are all ITAR restricted, so tricky to get hold off.

      Drop me a PM if you need anything


      Oh, you’ll need an adapter to fit standard suppressors, as the KWA has a 16mm CW thread.

      I prefer the sleeve design one, as it doesn’t show you have an adapter 


  6. Soooooo... Yall remember that Vector that I may be able to get for $600?...



    Well, was browsing the local sales page on one of the lesser known apps (like Craigslist), and came across one for $200 with two mags... Guess who's just decided to spend $200? haha

    1. AshOnSnow



    2. Jedi_Master


      Sounds like a wife selling a gun for the price which her husband told her he had paid when buying it :)

    3. AshOnSnow


      Reminds me of


  7. SeniorSpaz87

    Gun picture thread

    Hey, my WE ACR (or MSK, if we are nitpicking) shoots great! I may have had to get a new barrel... And a hop rubber... And do a fair amount of body-modding so it stopped wobbling... And then gone ahead and thrown out all the internals and got a Daytona kit for it... But its a WE on the outside! That counts, right?...
  8. Soooooo... If I was offered a KWA Vector with four mags for around 450-500 quid, should I take it?... :D

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    2. ImTriggerHappy


      Krytac is the better one but definitely a case of rose tinted glasses.

    3. Druid799


      Doh ! Hadn’t noticed your location, and what with 450-500 quid I assumed you were this side ! 👍

    4. ImTriggerHappy


      Actually scratch that the Krytac is just as garbage. Had when today and I remembered how crap some of the mags feed and that trigger urghh.

  9. SeniorSpaz87

    Compatibility Notes Thread.

    I was thinking of making a thread for all Safariland stuff, but I'll throw it here instead. The GLS (576-579) will fit any normal airsoft handgun. As long as it's not oddly shaped like a Luger, or massive like a Deagle or a mk23 it'll fit one of the two GLSs. TM guns are the only ones that have had a 100% fit rate so far with ALS holsters. WE guns don't fit - however you can upsize. For instance - a WE G17 won't fit in a ALS G17 holster, but it will fit in a G21 holster. His goes for the new EF glocks as well. The 6000 series can also be re shaped with a heat gun or hot hair dryer to make hem fit.
  10. SeniorSpaz87

    US Forwarder

    Yep. Think there's a few of us
  11. SeniorSpaz87

    US Forwarder

    Well, you could also post around and see whos stateside. I am one of them.
  12. SeniorSpaz87

    US Forwarder

    You could always send it to someone in the US and have them forward it to you. (A person, not a service)
  13. SeniorSpaz87

    Gun picture thread

    Id replace the silver suppressor with a black one, and it'd be golden IMO. Nice to see another MRDS - does the mount allow the use of your irons?...
  14. SeniorSpaz87

    Gun picture thread

    Ok, thats gorgeous. I may have to end up getting one... After I get the real version, haha.
  15. SeniorSpaz87

    Help with my G&G Wild Hog!

    Agree. The Madbull Black Pythons arent too bad, but for the cost go for Prommy or PDi. A good barrel will do more for your gun than a whole host of other internal upgrades will