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  1. Apparently packages from Russia take forever. 2 weeks and its just bouncing around various post offices not having yet left the country...

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      mine wasn't that bad, 3 weeks iirc from greyshop.

    3. Druid799


      Next time you order list your name as Trump , it’ll be there next day ! 😳


    4. hitmanNo2


      Russian post is notorious for being slow AF.

  2. Had a few people in the US ask me which I think is better - having no experience with these so figured id ask here.
  3. Anyone know what Mancraft's turnaround time is like? Placed an order 11 days ago and its still only at "Payment Accepted".

  4. Anyone know where I could get the charging handle assembly for a LCT PP-19-01? Dont need the handle itself, just the guide rod, spring, and any parts that attach it to the fitting in the gun. LCT themselves has been unable to help me and I can't find anything stateside.

    1. SeniorSpaz87


      Specifically parts BB001-K00125-2, BB001-K00237-2, and BB001-K00125-5.


  5. Thanks for the info. When I lived in the UK I never even considered getting a Marui Recoil so never really looked into them, and over here they're ever rarer. I dont care at all about the CTR stock, it just comes with the package. I can use a crane no problem.
  6. Oh? Small tube? I guess I can run external, but Ill definitely move that wire so its not dangling.
  7. I asked him, and yes that's where he would run the battery. I plan to use 11.1s inside the buffer tube so I won't need that. He also said the GATE install was done by his shop and he personally hasn't opened it. So we should be good there.
  8. Rewiring isn’t an issue for me. Due to me work I am chummy with my lical shop so they’ll redo it for me if I need it
  9. Hello, I have the opportunity to trade of of my guns for a really nice-looking TM NGRS 416. I am 99% going to go through with it already, but figured Id get yall's opinion since they are so rare on this side of the pond. Build list: Tokyo Marui Next-Gen Recoil Shock 416 Gate MOSFET Magpul CTR suppressor 5 mags
  10. I remember reading something about .209g blank adapters on here and someone posted a link to a 2-pack. I cant find that post now, anyone know where it was from? Some machine shop if I remember correctly

  11. Small update. Uniform, Defender 2 vest, gloves, holster, canteen, Maruzen PPK/S, Zenitco furniture for the PP-19-01, v3 Fusion Engine (went HPA as the SP-28/Stoner 63A hybrid is already HPA so Im going to have a tank on me regardless), and all but one of my patches have arrived, the last is coming from StitchMeUp. My 600 Euro order left Russia yesterday so I am excited for that, the PP-19 itself should be here Tuesday, and then its on to building the kit and making the necessary modifications. Fun times.
  12. I ran an OP last May with soft armor. I may never skip leg day but after about 3 hours I took them out. Not fun. Even when we do work with SF/Army guys (we always kit up the same as them to prove it can be done) I hate using plates. Makes me love putting on my airsoft kit - way lighter by comparison haha.
  13. Oh yea. At the training facility I work at we often wear full kit when working with SF guys, so Im used to moving around in plated armor and helmets. Thanks for the info on the name.
  14. If a guy I did some tech work for offered me his Magpul PDR-C for a discounted price of 220 quid before he posts it higher, should I go for it?

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    2. EDcase


      Sounds like you gotta do it ;):D 

      It does look cool.  Great for CQB enviros.

    3. Druid799


      Will power is the shield of the spineless man , a true man has the tensile strength of wet toilet paper ! 

      DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! 

    4. PT247


      Mine was lazer accurate out the box, had to adjust my RDS as the BB travelled so straight I couldn't see it as the red dot covered it for the full flight of the BB. They can be problematic with magazine choice, and I hated the trigger on it.

  15. 2sbywh.jpg


    Won a Kobra sight for $70 on GunBroker (Ebay for guns), guy set no reserve and no one else bid so thats a steal for me haha

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      inb4 "he never sent me my sight"

    2. SeniorSpaz87


      He could. But his Buy It Now price wasnt terribly high, im backed by Paypal, and he will end up losing credit if he doesnt. Worst case for me is I waste some time.


      Between his page and emails to me (discussing payment) he actually has full name, phone number, address, and his work address. So if he doesn't send I could always... You know... Pay him a visit...

















    3. Gepard


      You've practically robbed the poor bloke! :lol:


      Never seen one sell at <£100.

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