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  1. Then go for the Scar. For a grand you can get every feasible thing done internally to it and itd be perfect. Message Bloomquist on FB or HopUp and see what he can do, and ask other shops too. I know Dan does good work. Again, unless youre looking for an overpriced training tool dont go for the PTW.
  2. Nah. Those are marketed for training use, but being in the firearms training industry no one uses them. Thats the only reason they are priced that high is that the occasional LE group will buy a bunch for training.
  3. Looks decent. Seems like its a more Arcade-ish Sim. DCS is the end all of combat flight sims, VTOL seems to focused on the electronics-side, while War Thunder is focused on the combat side. I still hope Gaijin puts a bit more effort into Air Sim and doesn't just give us a more realistic from of Air RB when we get to modern jets...
  4. As a fellow US player, there are several places you can send it here. Dan Bloomquist does them I think, Airsoft Barracks in FL is also good. Ive got a NGRS 416 and it lasted me a good three years. Something finally stripped in it two weeks or so ago, just havent had the time or patience to open it up and look. Not that Ill be going to any games anytime soon...
  5. Blade and Sorcery is fun. I combine mine with my flight suite for DCS and War Thunder Simulators.
  6. Its a Toystar direct from Korea. BNIB and everything. Didn't see any spare parts like you said in the box, but Ill have to look again and see. Idk where the box ended up, ill have to find it later.
  7. Neat. Ive actually got one of these lying around. Didn't really know what I was buying and was annoyed it was a springer (guy selling didn't have the greatest English so some miscommunication), but had heard they can be converted. Didnt want to open it up until I knew that it could be.
  8. Dont those start as springers? Or is there an AEG version im unaware of?
  9. Final verdict, shotguns are fun if used properly haha

    1. Rogerborg


      Very satisfying when you get a kill using energy that you've put in yourself.

    2. Dino


      Total fun and well worth it!


  10. Anyone know where I can get some M3 100-110mm screws? Thats the size I need for my glock baseplates. They apparently do not exist stateside...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ImTriggerHappy


      What do you need socket cap?

    3. PureSilver


      Kay's Fasteners - usually their eBay shop - have always been good for me.

    4. SeniorSpaz87


      Unsure Trigger, whatever goes into a GBB magazine. And Ill try there Silver


  11. Anyone own or mess around with the new Marui Type 3 AK-47 and know if it can take a scope mount?

  12. So I ordered four glock mag extensions from BoomArms, and they came without the necessary extended screws, despite stating that they came with screws included. Furthermore one of the packaging (not the package itself, the individually-wrapped part) was open. I messaged them but having past experiences with China has shown me they tend to not care. What are the odds of me ever getting new screws, and if not anyone know of anywhere I could buy some?

    1. rocketdogbert


      That’s very poor BUT Boomarms have a good reputation, I’ll be surprised if they don’t put it right.

      Other than that, what’s the quality like?

    2. SeniorSpaz87


      The mag extensions look great, and are solid. I mean not much else besides that, they seem to fit well, though without the screws I can’t really test that. 

  13. Anyone know where I can find magazine extensions (functional) for Marui G-Series? Theres nothing stateside so figured id ask you guys.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rocketdogbert


      Or Boomarms, they have a bunch of different funky styles

    3. SeniorSpaz87


      @AK47frizzle, I have seen those and they are available stateside, but they are kind of a bit much. They are what I am going to have to go with though if yall dont come through with anything. @rocketdogbert Ill check them out.

      @rocketdogbert They had exactly the model I like, the TTI version. I have some for my M&P and havent seen them in stock for either in years. Thanks.

    4. rocketdogbert


      Boomarms are super reliable and fast shippers, you won’t have an issue with them 👍🏻

  14. Hey guys, So I have started my foray into the only classification of airsoft weapon I have no experience in, the shotgun. I went with a KSG as that is the shotgun I own IRL, so I figured I would keep with the platform. Im not asking for external upgrades, and I have a HPA tap on the way. I might get a DTD M4 mag adapter at some point, but I am running shells for now. So. What do I need to get to turn this from all accounts very good shotgun into an even better one?
  15. Id go with the SR2M. Its the only one that looks like a real gun - the others look like mis-scaled variants of standard AKs. For the full auto issue - most decent MOSFETs include an ability to set a semi or burst function, so it would not be too difficult to make that work. Nor expensive...
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