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    We are a large friendly West Midlands (Wolverhampton) woodland site that welcomes players of all level of experience from newcomers to the sport to veterans alike. Our West Midlands Airsoft Site is set in 100 acres of woodland near to Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Telford and Shrewsbury. and is well capable of accommodating over 100 players. C/O Warped Sports Tong Wood Newport Road Wolverhampton TF11 8PN FEATURES: On Site Car Park : Large Seated Safe Zone Area : Cafe & Shop : Pyro Shop : Toilets : Mains Water : Free Tea & Coffee Times: Day Games: Gates open at 08:30 Day Games: Gates close at 09:00 Day Games: Games end at 16:30 Approx. GAME ZONE FEATURES In Game Marshals (if required) : Hi Viz Marshals : Helicopters : Underground Bunkers : The Jungle : Shanty Town : The Border Crossing : Streams & Bridges : The Fortress : The Trenches : The Secret Bunker : Sniper Ridge : African Kill House : Missile Trucks : Communication Station : The Field Ambulance
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    Apocalypse Airsoft & Paintball: The Village Royston, Cambridgeshire *Independent site* Please see Information/Introduction for basic Info Website: https://www.apocalypsepaintball.co.uk/airsoft Email: [email protected]  FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/455461772191711/  FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ApocalypseAP

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    Primarily UK Army & Armed Police team with an eye towards realism for team & MilSim events. Based out of Special Ops HQ Airsoft, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

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    Alpha 38 is located just off the A515 and only a short drive from the A38/A50. We have over 32 acres of playing area, with a massive command centre, sniper towers, hard points, fuel dump, helicopter crash site, extensive safe zone, 100m range, plus much more. We run game days every other Sunday and an evening game every other Wednesday.

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    RED are a national team with members all over the UK but we are always on the look out for new team members you will however find most of our activity on our FB group page RED1 look us up check us out and if you want to join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/168397477037098/

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    This is a demonstration team so that you can see how it works.

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    The woodland site in Halkyn, North Wales, has varied terrain including both in and outside play. During play you will come across minefields, various bases, abandoned vehicles, buildings and all manner of defences; which all add to the gaming experience. https://www.alpha55airsoft.co.uk
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    Tuddenham Urban site is an old WWII Lancaster base with 12 playable buildings as well as large open skirmish areas, including a large area of mixed woodland and scrub. The 45 acre site is a mix of CQB and wood/scrub. Large brick building housing a shop and space for players’ kit. The shop sells a range of Airsoft guns and accessories as well as soft drinks and snacks. Complimentary tea & coffee is usually available.

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    Tuddenham Urban site is an old WWII Lancaster base with 12 playable buildings as well as large open skirmish areas, including a large area of mixed woodland and scrub. The 45 acre site is a mix of CQB and wood/scrub. Large brick building housing a shop and space for players’ kit. The shop sells a range of Airsoft guns and accessories as well as soft drinks and snacks. Complimentary tea & coffee is usually available.

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    Semi unprofessional airsoft team based in Scotland between Edinburgh and Glasgow. We play at a variety of sites, such as: - The Depot, Glasgow - Nomad Woodland, near Glasgow - Edinburgh Airsoft, owned by Land Warrior Airsoft - Scottish Airsoft Centre, Shotts You can follow the team on Instagram: @SCAR__Airsoft Or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialscarairsoft
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    Assault Team 6 are recruiting and we want to hear from You!! Assault Team 6 are a Special Operations Airsoft team located in the South of England. Members of our team come from the Armed Forces Community and the Private Secruity sector, having recently obtained sponsorship AT6 are looking for confident, motivated and hard working individuals to be part of the brotherhood. An individual's skill set is not important to us but their ability to learn and to follow orders and instructions when given. Having built up relationships with international and national training providers and utilising contacts we have obtained through our time in the forces some of our skill sets include the following: CQB  Counter Terrorism Close protection/PSD DMM/Sniper Urban warfare We train a minimum of x1 a month with a view of participating in Milsims x2 a month with skirmish sessions acting as a training day for the skills we have learnt previously and continue to study. 2019 is a big year for us as we will be participating in international operations and training having gained relationships with reputable providers. If you are looking to join a team that believes in hard work, does not give up and wanting to gain new skills and qualifications then please contact us at the following address including the following: 1.A bit about yourself 2.Experience 3.What you can offer 4.Why AT6 and one of our team will respond to you within 48hrs. We look forward to hearing from you. AT-01 (Team Leader) [email protected]

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    CQB Airsoft Site based in Manchester.

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    looking for people to join a British kit themed team not come up with a name or anything just looking for players (preferably Yorkshire) but it does not really matter where.cheers

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    Urban Assault, located at the disused RAF Upwood base near Ramsey, Cambridgeshire offers airsoft players one of the most immersive, intense and action packed experiences close-quarters gaming experiences available Set in 20 acres of land, the disused base features over 20 buildings ranging from single storey outhouses to two story, 50+ room complexes as big as some other sites in themselves, each with multiple entrances, exists and access points. Space between buildings ranges from debris strewn fields to rat runs and alleyways and there are two dormant PT76 tanks that you can take cover on and around during games.

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    New Airsoft / Paintball Team reformed. Trying to start a community but building a team. I'll update this with more information later. Working on a website, not fully done yet. https://iquince.wixsite.com/devilsguard
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    Triple A CQB built in a multi-storey carpark in the heart of Dover.

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    SWAS Airsoft sites will encompass many different sites but our first site RAF Wyton, Bloodhound Missile base is our main focus to start with.

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    Limavady Airsoft is a 4000sq ft, Indoor CQB, Nerf and Laser Centre which also features an onsite shop and Target Range. Started off as just a shooting range but is now a indoor close quaters combat centre with regular games every week.

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    We are the largest Airsoft team in the East Midlands currently recruiting members!

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    Welcome to PAC an Airsoft Group based in the Cambridgeshire area. The Group was founded back in May 2015. Lead by Foggy with the support of Rogue, Nibbles and Luckluster. We encourage new and experienced players who have a passion for Airsoft. We travel around the UK exploring various sites to game and team up with other teams. What is our purpose: To work together as a PAC. We drive ourselves into battle whilst encouraging others. We also Publish Videos via our YouTube Channel. So keep up to date and see how we operate. We are also the Owners of Project GAMMA; A prop used in Airsoft which is unique to our group. You may of heard of us. So why not join us. Player, Team or Site we want to support you, or even play along side or agaist you. Thanks for spending time to know our Group. We hope to see you on the field.
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    Located in the South West commonly playing at Spartan Airsoft and The Trail. Looking for applicants aged from 13-16 but will make exceptions. You have to have multicam or mtp, also you must have a gun, an AR-15 variant preferably as we are aiming to imitate us/uk special forces and play milsim in a few years. You must be dedicated to the sport and the team, and turn up to training often. We have many roles that are open: .Regular infantryman AR-15 style weapon Plate carrier, basic soldier. .Support gunner M249 Saw etc style weapon, provides suppressing fire, carriers large amounts of ammunition, chest rig etc. .Sniper/Recon Sniper rifle or DMR, provides recon intelligence for the team, designated special missions, ghillie suit/parka. Works in a sniper team (2 people, spotter and sniper). .Demolitions specialist Provides explosives/demolition capabilities to the team, carries lots of pyro, AR-15 style weapon. If you are interested in applying for one of these roles please contact me on [email protected] or on instagram at @22airbourneairsoftdivision

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    All are welcome. Please contact me regarding entry. We are a Reading bases small team

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    This team or site hasn't provided a description.

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    PMC and Corporate Security theme. Bristol, UK branch of a small gaming and airsoft group formed in 2004 themed after a multinational security and technical services company. Former overseas teams were franchise operated (only the team leader was a member of the core group, and organised team members independently). One entire team was conscripted (Finland) and others have come and gone as team leaders have moved on, died, or left for other pastures. Now it's time for to try forming a home-country airsoft team properly. We're fairly casual, not hard core, competitive or even organised right now. Depending on player input we can adjust our style or let people lead specifics in their interest. Mostly we just like to share a common theme, lore, patches and chip in to share equipment such as radios. Our looks are generally either classic PMC, or uniformed tactical corporate goon. Good for folks who love a PMC style or uniformed all-black loadout. Contact Kirby if you're near/in Bristol and interested. We're generally not bothered by folks playing in multiple teams so long as they aren't volunteering for extra organisation duties then neglecting them, or coming to games with us all done up in their other teams theme/patches.

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