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  1. When you tell the wife your buying a M45 quad mount... and she does not know how big it is.... 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. johnnyj


      I wish ! Lozart .. , Steve she will not miss it in the garden :P 

    3. Lozart


      It's just that I do know a guy with an M3 half track. Bought it as the M16 Multiple Gun Carrier but without the M45 quad mount. Removed the false floor and converted it back to an M3!

    4. johnnyj


      Was looking at trucks to start with but this being a lot smaller will give me and my lads something to do ( if i can drag them off there games.. ) ,  Would kill for a m16 but thats a long way off lol

  2. I would contact these guys and see what they could come up with www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61431412/Categories/Freie_Waffenteile/G3UziP1G36/G3 quick look they only have stocks atm but always worth and email in case they have a low grade set knocking about
  3. Fire support has some Have you tried contacting the likes of ares direct ? http://www.aresairsoft.com/guns/m60 contact info on this page you will need the part numbers ( also linked to this page )
  4. sorry to say its a strip the box to polish the tube give it a quick google you will see what i mean
  5. Worked on a couple when they first came out and the feed tubes was rough as a badgers arse and could scuff up the bb's before they got near the hop also gave feed issues . I would think the issue is more the pressure is jamming them in the feed tube rather than on the nozzle but sure some one with newer experience will be a long soon
  6. You need to pull the box apart , giving the feed tube a good polish while your at it will help also . Cant help with mags sorry
  7. johnnyj

    Best Gbb pistol

    Only way is get to a shop and handle the different pistols find what feels the best in your hand ! A pistol you think looks great might feel horrid to your self
  8. Ok 30rps is not super fast is the gear set delayed ? how long a barrel are you using and is it matched to the cylinder . have you SS'd it ? ( M130 should be putting silly FPS out ) whats its fps ?
  9. Nice gb have to ask what mags you using ?
  10. If its new dont mess with it and contact the shop
  11. Only pic I have atm , yes the price of them is all over the show , great for living history stuff as it looks the part(anything is better than the denix lol)
  12. Make/brand: Marushin m1 Any accessories included: leather sling 1 metal enbloc and 1 plastic enbloc , half a bag of .45g 8mm bb's Pictures: Looking for a guide price for my m1 , it does have a broken nozzle ( common issue) but when i got it , i was able to gas it up and used it plinking in the garden with no issues . The gun has been used since i got it as part of a living history display.
  13. Contact ares direct for the shell mate you will be shocked how cheap they can be for there own parts
  14. Also press the nozzle in once as this sometimes helps the tappet to fall in to the rails once the 2 halfs are nearly fully closed
  15. johnnyj

    WE or HK3P

    Gen 3 and 4 are 100% the same gun inside and only difference being the lower frames looking like the real glocks , HK3 was just a way for WE to get fully traded gun's on the market , Still got 2 XDM's with full trades 1 was an early WE and the other was HK3 both the same pistol
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