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  1. I dropped lucky on ebay , I have looked everywhere with no luck for the mount , a couple of shops on ali do arms replica mounts but not this model. The upper ring is a genuine #22 left over from a mk12 build . They pop up on ebay.com in the US
  2. Time Left: 3 days and 13 hours

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    Hi all , my Google hunt has failed me I'm looking for a specna arms ho4 rail (416c) if you have a broken gun with this front set let me know Or if you know a site that has this type of rail in 7" let me Thanks for looking john


  3. I'm a fan of cheeky cheap items especially if they are G&P . Grabbed this on ebay not long ago for £34 shipped!! Could not pass that up , fully working with a charger.. lower handguard has been repaired in the past and good chance I'm not going to use it at my woodland site 🤣
  4. A.R.M.S #16 clone ( I think ) mount , I had a spare upper ring with the trades so added that. Mounted on my spare upper
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Asg cz75 shadow , nice pistol some marks etc and is a gas mag not c02


  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Having a sort out as I have boxs overflowing with parts etc 1, Specna arms rock river arms . Great body and does include body pins and mag catch etc sold 2, g&p marine body . This is very poor paint wise but great for a painted build , it has a rear body pin and high grade dust cover but nothing else. Sold 3, nuprol body, missing rear pin and mag catch and charge handle and does include the sights . £35 4, unknown make marine body , has selector , charge handle , dust cover sold All prices are posted


  7. johnnyj

    WE Xdm ipsc


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    A very clean little used we xdm ipsc. Is missing the mag well but I find it better in the hand.


  8. I would personally remove 1 of the bearing sets from the gun ( piston to make it lighter )
  9. Does it have bearings on the piston also? When you clipped the spring did you clean it up correctly? ( spring is what I would be looking at tbh)
  10. Wow it's been 7 years since these came out.. How far did you tare the gun down? Areas I would be have been looking at are Piston cup - lose,damaged, dry Hammer spring- broken Broken valve knocker But with you describing it jamming is the bottom of hop broken?
  11. I have just looked at a asg shadow and had a play , the left hand control needs a little pressure but it will come out , I used a thin tool to push from the inside and down the side of the control to get some movement, watch part 14 as it has a tiny spring. Once its starts to move out the right hand control just goes vertical and comes out.
  12. Wanted to ask your opinions on this mount. Is it real ? Was sold as real but I notice most photos now have a nsn number.( guy who sold said it was rs and I had some real boxed scope mounts and a very old rare gb-tech spr kit) If it's a clone who made them ? To help with google it's a arms #32 throw lever bipod mount.
  13. I would never personally glue the nozzle but up to the user. Only reason I'm commenting is the gap on your shell.. the cylinder head looks to be pushing it apart?
  14. Been a back burner project but with a chance to get out this sunday built this in a bit of a rush today with the help of my 5 year old 🤯. Its bit of a mix. G&P upper I had spare , new m16 lower G&P a1 stock GB-TECH mk12 mod0 front set Arms #38 scope rings with arms #22 trc Gearbox is a systema mishmash still running a spectre btc. Sorry for the crap photo
  15. Came off a night shift and ordered what I thought was a m16a1.. ordered a m16vn set instead 😭 but I might have lucked out as the lower is a half fence unit.
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