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  1. Honesty is the best policy, they will find out.....they always find out!
  2. Yeah, it was a D1 destination, it was like a fricking iceberg, what you could see on the surface was only about 10% of the the map!
  3. Moon was one of my favourite destinations before. Liking how it is familiar yet new at the same time.
  4. Just got word from the Krytac distributor Shield that my replacement lower hand guard had arrived in country so paid for that. Also bought a few kg’s of .2’s and .25’s and a deans wired triple stick 11.1v Lopo as I seem to have messed up the one I re-wired to deans. Cheapo camo poncho in case it’s chucking down on game day and last but not least ordered 3 mid cap S mags for the Specna and a single point sling for the LMG.
  5. I’ve got three sights, 1st was a 4x ACOG clone, thought it was the dogs bollocks when I got it. 2nd was a 1x red dot I got thrown in a parts purchase, It immediately replaced the ACOG. Why? At Airsoft engagement ranges I can see where the target is and where the bbs are going. A 1x sight works better as I can keep both eyes open, increasing awareness and peripheral vision when using the sight. 3rd Sight I got was a holographic, same principle, ACOG is still in the garage.
  6. Right, first off kudos to the techs that tear gearboxes down day in and day out, it’s harder than it looks! Got my new bits today, cylinder head, nozzle, grease and o-rings. Got the cylinder together, night and day difference, great air seal even with nozzle in extended position. Put it back together, test fire, 1 shot and lockup! Tore it down, forgot to put the anti reversal lever behind the 1st gear, d’oh, fixed that, back together, test fire, one shot then lockup! WTF! This time the cut out was binding up, sorted that, reassembled, semi working fine, auto working fine, oh the relief! Got the mag on it and test fired, picking up bb’s just fine. Onto the chrono, what a difference! 338 to 345 FPS, 22 RPS, full auto feeding well, semi also. Put about a thousand rounds through it, cut a few paper targets in half. Chuffed to bits with the result. @ak2m4 Spot on with the nozzle and cylinder head recommendation, worked like a charm. Now I just need a poncho so I can play in the rain!
  7. Cheers for the replies, original it is. @AK47frizzle funny you should mention that, got some viton orings arriving today courtesy of ak2m4, I wasn’t aware they were a thing but he recommended them straight off the bat.
  8. While I’ve got my gearbox open to sort out a compression issue I remembered I had a Systema piston laying about that I got in a box of parts. Theres nothing wrong with the original piston, both have the same teeth count (though I would have to cut out the second tooth on the Systema. Original is plastic, other is metal. Undecided which to put in, have heard it’s not a bad idea to have some plastic teeth as it acts as a kind of fuse if anything jams up. The lighter plastic will also reduce stresses due to the higher ROF. What do you guys think?
  9. It was the first thing that came to mind when I thought about it. Got 5m rolls of sticky backed hook and loop tape for a few quid from Amazon. Whatever glue they used is spot on, very sticky stuff so I’m not too worried about it coming loose and getting sucked down into the feed hopper. Was a bit off a faff cutting all the panels to size but a simple enough job. Thinking about wiring in a pressure switch to activate the motor from the fore grip as well as the button mounted on the bottom of the mag. Will make winding easier when prone.
  10. As anyone who has run a hi-cap knows the drawback of those extra bb’s is a teeth grinding eye watering rattle whenever you move. An LMG box mag is exponentially worse. In an effort to curb the noise I have modified my Krytac LMG-E box mag with sticky back Velcro padding, using the loop roll, not the hooks. It hasn’t turned it into a super silent ninja assassin box, but it has cut out near 90% of the rattling.
  11. Got an order in with our resident parts guru ak2m4, Super Lube SHS nozzle SHS cylinder head O-rings Hopefully will sort the compression problems in the Krytac LMG-E.
  12. Finally got home and got my mitts on the Krytac LMG-E. Like it, like it a lot, compact but solid looking. Charged up the 11.1 1300 mAh Li-po that came with it, all good according to the B6, figured out how the box mag works (by taking it apart and poking about), filled it up with 0.2’s and gave it a go. High ROF, way higher than my Specna, feeding just fine from the mag, electric wind keeping up with the deluge of bb’s spitting out the pointy end. Time for the chrono, ah, high of 295 FPS, low of 255 FPS. Hmmmm ROF at 23 per sec. Obviously some air seal issues going on, so out with the tools, broke the Krytac seal and got stuck in. All came apart as expected, gears were well greased, no sign of wear. Return spring for the trigger switch was loose so fixed that. Nozzle was dry as a bone and piston head o-ring looks like it’s too tight and also pretty dry. Got some silicone grease ordered, as well as some lithium grease for the rails. Question is while I’m in here should I get a better nozzle, maybe one with an o-ring seal? Don’t want to go mad, figure some grease in the right spot and a new o-ring will do the trick. Also what size are those piston head o-rings and where do you get them from? It’s going to stay in bits till the lube arrives so I’ve time to figure it out. Will convert it to Deans while it’s on the bench, other than that can’t wait to get it on a skirmish day.
  13. That's what they call 'Right on the Money'!
  14. I have a Specna SA-E04 and did the same to an M100 spring I re-fitted, was shooting around 370 fps and I cut 1 1/2 turns off it and it's right around 335-340 now. You should be well under the limit, being that close you might have tried fully compressing the spring to take the edge off it but it's been cut already. I would guess it'll be 320 ish if you're on the same chrono you checked with last time.
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