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  1. No pics as yet as the damn thing arrived the day after I left the UK to go to work for 4 weeks! Bought a Krytac Trident LMG-E off a forum member, really looking forward to seeing how it performs. By all accounts it's a decent package, good price and weight wise it's one of the lightest out there so hopefully won't knacker my knees or back toting it around the skirmish fields next month....to be updated.
  2. Name of site? Googling it just took me to small/medium forests for sale! Nvm, Matlock, d’oh!
  3. As I’m under 18 do I need to have a all in one full face mask or can I have a mesh lower face then goggles to cover all my face ?

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    2. Mad Rag

      Mad Rag

      @Deez nutz @Rogerborg plays at the Depot Glasgow mostly im sure. you will be better of speaking to your site to see what they allow as some sites will only have full face for under 18s for insurance reasons and some may allow anything 




    3. Stevo4345


      Best way to be sure is to check directly with the site you want to play on regarding eye pro requirements for under 18’s. 


    4. Deez nutz
  4. Recently qualified for Ukara with Humber Airsoft. Filled out thier membership form, showed ID and they did everything else, recieved Ukara notification a day and a half later. Didn't need the Ukara form at all.
  5. Well, short of spending the hard earned holiday money on a TM AEG, risking the wrath of wife, I picked a safer route and bought my first RIF from a fellow forum member, will be gettingy hands on a Krytac LMG-E shortly. In my defense i could argue a good deal, and can safely say my health and wellbeing survived the purchase confession! I am however interested in kidney values right now, though after 10 days on hols in sunny Mallorca I think mine will fall in the 'used and abused' catagory and not be worth so much!
  6. I'm the same, just started but enjoying the tinkering. Have already cut down a 110 variable spring to get 340 from 375 uncut. I did get a chrono early on though and it was vital as i trimmed off a turn, checked, trimmed a little more. Well surprised at your teflon gains though, i should have done that first!
  7. Was it chrono'd at the same site or a different one? They don't all read the same unfortunately. You may want to try compressing your spring first to take the edge off it, have you got your own chrono so you can check the outcome of your efforts?
  8. As a new'ish airsofter I still have a lot to learn, but a couple of things i have figured out; I'm too damned middle aged to be sprinting about CQB style doing commando rolls through doorways etc. etc. Slow and steady, use of cover, flanking, engaging from an unexpected direction, that's what gets my heart thumping, and for that i need some range and accuracy. I am also enjoying the tech. part of it, understanding what has to happen to send that plastic bb down range accurately and within site and legal limits. If it goes wrong on the day I only have myself to blame, not some tech that took hundreds off me for upgrades that work when they feel like it. Its difficult to scientifically measure the feeling of running an airsoft rifle youve fettled yourself when its running right in the sweet spot. There always will be faster, better, more expensive, whatever, its the enjoyment I get out of it wirhout burying .5's in people at short range just coz faster is better innit!
  9. Cheers Luke, am sorely tempted by the TM aura, though am well aware for the same money i could get an LMG for loadsa pewpew and s couple of cheap 'ratters'. Not rushing it though? will see how it pans out. But those NGRS, the sound of them, the functionality, its very tempting. What kind of bb throw weight can you expect with a stock NGRS? 0.3's, 0.28's? If i went down the TM route it would be staying stock bar a lipo mod.
  10. NASA’s vehicle assembly building and launch complex, sniper in the tower!
  11. Cool off period over, Ukara e-mail received, must resist changing the holiday euros into airsoft tokens!
  12. There’s no ‘What have you just got for ‘nowt’ thread so I will stick it here. Friend of mine is ex chinook crew, was chatting to him about our Airsoft experience and he says he has some old kit that would fit my son if I wanted it. Got a flight suit, goretex DPM jacket and trousers, DPM summer shirt and trousers, aircrew issue DPM jacket, desert cam shirt and trousers and a desert smemagh (the only damn thing that fits me). If he can find it there’s some webbing on the way too, my boy’s a lucky lad.
  13. Ha, I have seen that method, too scared to try it for the short range ricochets scarring my handsome mush!
  14. Yeah, no problem fella, will let you know. There’s a good mix of guys with all the proper kit and some with just regular clothing. Do invest in good eye pro from the off, can’t stress that enough.
  15. Welcome to the forum Shaun, you just missed me yesterday, would have been happy to show you the ropes. Unfortunately I can’t go again for the next several weeks due to holiday and work commitments. The Marshall team is a good lot, and don’t worry too much about kit to start with, jeans and shirt are fine. You will need boots with ankle support, and you will need gloves, there’s a big patch of prickly bush that you will be going through on a regular basis on some games. They have a bring & buy sale on the 25th, the last one had a small selection of bits n bobs but I did see some decent eye pro for sale, several masks, couple of i4’s at a good price. Otherwise just get yourself down there and enjoy it! Add to the kit as you go and get an idea what you like.
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