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  1. Already done, I'm going to convert it to deans and am thinking of getting a MOSFET in there too. There's another issue going on though, out of the stock it fires fine, install everything in the stock and it fires one shot and locks up, bit of a head scratcher.
  2. Jesus wept, how that G&G GR14 Socom gearbox went back together I do not know! Should be warning on the box '3 people needed for assembly's Anyway, got the replacement tappet plate from Fire Support yesterday, piston o-rings and shims from AK2M4 and got them installed. Waiting on the battery to charge to see if it will fire and cycle. Previous owner re-painted the stock Krylon drab olive, I'm thinking of re-doing it with an old skool Tiger Stripe camo pattern, thoughts anyone?
  3. Just picked up a used G&G Socom M14 that needs some attention. Great bundle though, got a soft bag, charger, battery, bipod and picatinny scope mounts that weren't mentioned in the ad thrown in. Looks and feels like a proper rifle, the charging handle action, lock and release sounds incredible.
  4. Cheers Stevocee, picking it up Monday so will make some calls once it’s in bits and I know what I need.
  5. Wondering if anyone had suggestions for getting hold of G&G parts? Taken on a bit of a project, an M14 Socom with a cracked receiver. Been trawling the web and can’t pin down anything available off the bat. If anyone can pass on an Airsoft store that can order in or the UK importer details it’d be much appreciated.
  6. TM 5.1 Hicapa, totally stock, first gas gun, can see what all the hype is about after taking it for a skirmish yesterday. Admittedly my son and I put more rounds down the chrono range than we did in game but it is a lovely bit of kit right out of the box.
  7. Tried to buy a nice looking TM Hicapa 5.1 in the classifieds, missed it. Bought a JW3 Taran tactical Yadda Yadda longest named pistol on the planet, sent it back for being shite. Tried to buy a TM Gold Match Hicapa in the classifieds, missed out again Bought a TM Hicapa 5.1, finally! Going to run it bog standard on green gas till one of us breaks.
  8. My experience with UKARA; Humber Airsoft club membership has the same requirements as UKARA, so on my final qualifying day I filled out the club membership form and they registered me for my UKARA. Only paperwork I filled out was for the club. Got my Club member card the same day including my assigned UKARA number, UKARA confirmation email arrived a couple of days later. The site assigns your number, but you need to wait a day or two for it to get into the system the retailers check. All very painless really.
  9. Hmm...chap has a gold match in the classifieds, message sent!
  10. Appreciate the heads up, I'll get in touch with them and return it, looks like I will be getting a TM 5.1 HiCapa after all!
  11. Did he get it from Wolf Armories? i got one but am out of the country at work so can’t check. Will have to ask the wife to do it and then she’ll know what I bought!!! Disaster...😂
  12. +1 for the Specna S-Mags, very tough bits of kit. Better if you can find the 5 pack in stock anywhere but they seem to sell like hot cakes.
  13. Honesty is the best policy, they will find out.....they always find out!
  14. Yeah, it was a D1 destination, it was like a fricking iceberg, what you could see on the surface was only about 10% of the the map!
  15. Moon was one of my favourite destinations before. Liking how it is familiar yet new at the same time.
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