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  1. Cheers for the help, the only thing I am sure about is the tappet plate, it’s a factory part that I purchased as the original was broken when I first opened the gearbox. Will have a look.
  2. Yeah, checked the feed lips, all good, everything looks straight. Did notice the nozzle rest position changing a bit, sometimes extended, sometimes with a mm or two in the feed path. The lock ring for the hop up adjustment wheel actually slots into the front of the gearbox, the front of the hop up locks into a slot on the outer barrel, no spring, so it should all line up. Will keep fettling and see if I can dig up some nozzle info to compare.
  3. Well I won't be giving up the day job anytime soon I think, can't seem to find the issue with the bb's feeding. Mags are feeding fine, dropping bb'sinto the hop up with the rifle upside down works fine, fit a mag, dry fire. I'm getting 3 to 4 loose bb every mag disconnect so they are getting in the hop up feed tube. Begining to wonder if it's even got the right nozzle in it, anyone know off the top of thier head what length it's meant to be? Either that or its cycling too fast to get the BB in? At a loss here...
  4. Well, the new 16awg silicon wire is a bit too thick to lay along the gearbox, will have to save that for Mosfet install as the signal wires are much thinner, so repaired the original wiring and tested it. Cut off lever working well now, but have major feed problems, both the HiCap and midcap mags were failing to feed 95% of the time. Will have to look into that. Tried it on 7.4 25c and 30c, also 11.1 25c and 30c briefly. Bit sluggish on the 7.4's but very snappy on the 11.1's. Gearbox sounds good so fingers crossed the reshim went ok. Will check for rubbing patterns once it comes apart again. At least it's keeping me occupied!
  5. What size is the DPM vest?
  6. Stevo4345

    THE TM MWS thread

    It’s a TM, bought in Tokyo and used in Tokyo..... the magic TM dust is at FULL POWAAAA!!! i would sure like to see it in action, wouldn’t like to get hit by it though.
  7. Thanks for all the advice so far. I just got my 16awg wire delivered today so I think I'll get that installed, wire it a to deans, and see what happens with the cut off lever mod I've done already. TBC
  8. With the way G&G designed the trigger set up on this thing you’re lucky to feel anything, there’s a fair few non solid connections and all the slop adds up. Just checked gearing, it’s right around 16.7 to 1 by my maths.
  9. Actually I didn't know that Davegolf but I do now! Gears are stamped 16-1 but I'll do a physical turn count and check. The M14 trigger bar system G&G has has obviously gone through some design changes. Some exploded parts views I have pored over show an additional spring in the system attached to the trigger to trolley lever. Mine does not have either the mounting points or a spring. I'll see if I can add one with the goal of firming up and giving me a more positive trigger pull as currently there's only the trigger compression spring trying to return everything back to reset the cycle.
  10. The gear set is 16:1, motor is a G&G Hi Torque, not sure of the spring rating. It was converted to a DMR before I got it as a bone-yard non working gun. It's a pretty hefty, spring,I have an M120 in the spares box and it's stiffer that that. I have already made some adjustments to the cut off lever/trigger trolley, there was a fair amount of slack in the system which I have minimised so that should help. Thinking of locking up scenario I know the G&G gearbox has a de-cocking mechanism built into the selector switch which lifts the lever off the pawl, I'm assuming that could free it up?
  11. Exactly why I asked, you'd have thought active brake for a dmr would be a good thing. Thanks for the input, I'll keep investigating.
  12. Slowly working through the G&G M14 faults and making progress, but on a test fit I managed to jam one of the motor wires between the stock and gearbox and stripped the insulation off. Decided to rewire as it was a bit of a shonky job to start with but while stripping out the wiring thought this may be a good time to add a Mosfet. It's Primarily to protect the contacts, have already refinished them as the trigger trolley was sticking, found some pretty bad arcing damage on one contact causing a lot of friction. I don't need a fancy warfet or titan, no point in a dmr, have been looking at a Nano AAB, should be just the ticket but as I'm new to all this wanted to check first. Plan to convert everything to deans anyway and run it on a 7.4 LiPo. Any thoughts?
  13. Welcome to the forum, my last day out I met a 72 yr old chap who, while not exactly at the sharp end breaching doors, had a good eye and provided excellent longer range support. There's a role for everyone in Airsoft. I have a Specna edge series, good bit of kit for the price, have not experienced the poly framed core specnas though. At the entryevel you won't go far wrong with a G&G combat machine or the specna, just remember to also budget for battery and a decent charger if going down the LiPo route.
  14. Update on progress, the tiger stripe paint job came out ok for a first try, then onto the gearbox. Put some new bushings in from @ak2m4, just the job. Re-shimmed the gears, had to modify my new tappet plate as it had a tab on one side that didn't fit, no worries. Got it back together and it works, kind of! Won't fire in semi, which is a bit of a head scratcher as the fire selector cam isn't fitted (came as a dmr) so it should only shoot in semi. Thing is I put the stock spring in just to test it but it's a hi-torque motor, might it be running too fast for the selector to action, 16-1 gears installed? Will also need to check the cut off lever and trigger trolley as seeing the wear and tear on the rest of it one or the other, or both, may be past it. So it still needs fettling but making progress.
  15. Specna midcap and HiCap polymer S-Mags fit just fine in my Krytac.
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