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  1. Yeah, should have thought of the search function. Thanks Asomodai , figured it out in the end.
  2. Quick question guys, got a variable wound spring for my AEG. Wondering if there is a right/wrong way to install. One end has tighter coils than the other, does this need to be at the piston or the guide end?
  3. @StayOnTargetNot been able to try it out at range, only in the confines of my double garage with the lights out! It worked surprisingly well, the BB's were easy to make out, and on full auto it was like a Star Wars laser blaster going off. Not sure of the utility of it as it'll most likely make it easier for anyone to backtrack the incoming fire, but it does look the dogs bollocks!
  4. Scope arrived, first time teamed up with the G&T tracer suppressor unit, getting there.
  5. Took my 12 yr old son to our first skirmish last weekend. As we were walking to briefing I told him he would most likely hear some colourful language, and we did. I believe cockwomble is his new favourite, but he'll exercise his own judgement on when to use it, he knows his parents expectations on general behaviour and it's down to him follow them or take the consequences. Mind you, stood in the queue for the cinema we heard far more disgusting language from feral teens messing about in the lobby, it's just how it is these days.
  6. This is exactly why I got it, being able to check voltage of individual cells and also discharge the battery to a storage charge were the high points for me.
  7. Bit of a tech load out for my latest; Imax B6 charger to stop the Lipo burning the house down. Pete of AK2M4 lined me up with some ZCI springs and dean's connectors to convert the battery leads. Soldering gun, my old one needed changing. Prowin hop up and Prommy Purple bucking, roll of Teflon tape. And last but not least a MilTec gun bag won off ebay for minimum bid, bargain. The money pit gets deeper by the day!
  8. Sorry fella, thought you were like me, Just starting out. Pass me the idiot hat, I'm off to stand in the corner!
  9. @clumpyedge Just do it, the important things I found out that you would do well to invest in early were eye protection, knee pads and gloves. You can turn up in any old clothes to start with, sure you'll stand out more but you'll be making so many tactical mistakes camo wouldn't help anyway! You can hire rental guns from the site, not the best but better than blowing a wedge on something inappropriate. I got a relatively cheap starter AEG as I know my lad will have it if I move on. Gloves were essential, buy decent right off the bat. I got some Viper tactical from the site shop and they handled grabbing onto thorn bushes while slipping down banks with no problems at all. Knee pads, it's Murphys Law that the best cover is too short to stand behind and right on the sharpest gravel in the world. You will be kneeling, a lot, get some decent knee pads (trick is to cross the straps behind your knee, top to bottom, bottom to top, stops them moving about). Eye protection, don't skimp on it, you need to see to shoot, the mesh goggles I rented were pants. Swapped them for some safety goggles and they immediately fogged, invest in good quality eye pro, you won't regret it.
  10. @Chrisipatch I've just started myself and pretty much got the same advice for my Specna Arms SA-E04 M4. Just put an order in with AK2M4 for some deans connectors, he's lurking on the forum and has a great rep for good service.
  11. Weeeeelllll......about that.... I picked up a couple of pairs of tactical gloves, Vipers I believe, kept the sting out of finger hits and coped admirably grabbing onto thorn brush branches while slipping down steep slopes. Also picked up some knee pads, those rocky gravel shards are too much for my old knees. Couple of more upgrades needed, proper eyepro, then it'll plateau out until the UKARA comes through.
  12. Ha, tell me about it! We're nearly there with the basics, need some better eyepro for us both urgently, otherwise we'll slum it until the membership is confirmed and UKARA gained and take it from there. Gives me a few months to sell a kidney..... It was, the flatter Northern wooded end was easier going, around the fort were steep 20 to 30 ft grades which were a pain. There's been quite a few posts on Airsoft folk being a friendly bunch and we certainly found that to be the case. It was a bit fearsome driving in and everyone else was camo'd up and laying out all manner of weaponry, but we quickly got brought into the fold. When the smoke and pyros started going off both my son and my eyes bugged out of our heads! Bit of an adrenaline rush to say the least!
  13. The marshals had specified semi only within 20m of the village, one of the guys was just clearing rooms through windows and blind firing on full auto. When the marshals hit him up for it he turned round and shot the marshal! 😳 If that don't get you booted I don't know what will. Yeah, a lot of elevation changes and steep banks, mind you, kept the sight lines a bit shorter so my rental could actually hit back!! There were some very nice RIFS there, a beautiful wood and full steel SLR that the proud owner let me hold, lovely bit of kit.
  14. Will most likely write up something a bit more thoughtful later when I'm not so shagged? My poor legs, my poor neck ridden with welts from the fort assault, but what a bloody fantastic day at Humber Airsoft. From the marshals keeping a beady eye on us, but not getting in our faces, from the guys we parked next to letting my son have a go of his .50 Desert Eagle GBB hand cannon, from the guys calling hits nearly all of the time, from the joy of pulling off a nice flank after bounding cover movement with 2 experienced guys, from the dread of watching a grenade sail through the window.... It was a great day, lots of good people and a couple of guys who didn't make it to the 3rd scenario before being booted off site. We both had a great time, my son and I both.
  15. Just finished cleaning her up after her first days skirmishing. Performed faultlessly, chrono'd at 310 FPS on the day, so a little room for a spring change. Hop up set up was quick and easy. My son ended up running it for most of the day as the rental AK74's were a lot larger. I know it's another 'bloody' M4, and two toned to boot, but it's a great starter AEG and will do well as a back up gun when I get something a little more tasty down the line.
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