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  1. No new toys for me, just fettled old ones. What have you been spending pennies on? The only other pure CQB places I've been are: Halo Mill. which I thoroughly went off due to the seeming over representation of speedsofters. The Foundry. Only been once. It was good, but expensive compared to Killhouse. Aside from those, I've not done any other CQB venues. Unless you count HQ at Driffield and Camp Sparta at Kirton in Lindsey. You've probably been, but if you haven't, they're both ex RAF bases. Both have seemingly hundreds of rooms across numerous buildings to go at, alongside open
  2. You going too? I'm not sure how many there are going to be. The email I got was sent to 62 other people.... So that'll be a lot different day to usual. Maybe peeps will actually PTFO lol
  3. I started three years ago going on my own. I tend to keep to myself, as I'm a miserable twat. Despite this, airsofters are an incorrigible bunch who relish a challenge, so I've made friends, know loads of people at the sites I play with and even ended up a member of a team. I still go on my own. But when I'm there, I have plenty of people to chat and play with 😄
  4. SAS: Red Notice What an utter bunch of wank. Surely the SAS can afford helmets that fit? When they were assaulting the house, I actually thought any half conscious group of airsofters could do a better job. I mean wtf were they doing? And that sniper was an utter joke - he literally couldn't see where he was shooting cos his headgear kept falling over his eyes. Hostage movie on a train? Under Siege 2, every time. And that show's just how unbelievably shite SAS: Red notice is. I understand that Andy McNab was the technical advisor - I think, perhaps, he was having a giggle with them
  5. Fair point.... Now I have another excuse not to sell stuff 🤣
  6. Managed to get a ticket for Proving Grounds on the 4th (not realising it was Easter Sunday.... 😞 ) and The Pines on the 11th. Am very much looking forward to it, but gutted I can't range test my pews beforehand. I think PG will be more of a test day than a playing day and the 11th will be a proper Pewsday.
  7. I didn't know asking to use whatsapp was a bad thing? I normally do, because it's easier to send pics and I'm generally quicker at communicating using it. So, should I not?
  8. I started out with Viper slings. I cannot overstate just how utterly fucking shit Viper slings are. If they look at a RIF, they break. General life expectancy was 3 or 4 games and yet I still bought them. What a numpty. I bought a new one for my bro to use at a game - it lasted half a fucking day. These slings aren't wank. Wank would be a step up. There are only two advantages to Viper slings: 1. They're cheap 2. They're so shit, you will not give a single fuck if you lose it. aaaaaaaaaand breathe. Then I started using Magpul and TAB gear and haven't looked back - have we
  9. Depends. (As always). If I'm playing CQB, I'll generally use either one or two pistols. Not necessarily because they're "better" but because I enjoy usinhg them more. I've also used my vector and arp9 - both of which are perfect for CQB (and also work well outdoors, should the need arise). If you think you might play outdoors, then go for an AEG - as RDB says, there are plenty of good cheap ones available. But, if you really want a pistol, get a pistol - and then if you decide to play outside, get an AEG for that and run your pistol as well. At the end of the day, with airsoft cho
  10. If you don't take him up on his offer, I suggest a quick visit to the local shrink might be in order! He's awesome. Do it. Doooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
  11. I might be able to get permission to shoot in a field near my house - so I've got something at a decent distance for testing my sniper rifles. My question is - When I'm shooting, can I be in sight of the public? The BBs won't leave the boundary of the field, so that's not an issue, but I'm wondering if being seen is? I seem to recall that you can shoot in your garden, but not if you can be seen from a public right of way. I've come to realise this is a bit bonkers, because there's peeps round here in fields using shotguns, hunting rabbits etc. And that's ok, even though they can be
  12. It would struggle to cycle to shoot a single BB. Flipped back to automatic and shot perfectly well again. I am dim with such things, but why does it take MORE juice to sling a single BB than to sling multiple BBs? better battery - Although I've been playing for three years, I still know next to nothing about batteries - the battery I used is the same one I run in my Vector. How do I know what's good / better etc? it is a bit of a mess (no offence) - none taken 😄 - lol - It was the first gun I bought, before I played, for back yard plinking with my son. Then added tape to
  13. I currently have a nuprol pioneer defender, and I've lost the stock. What I'm left with is in the pic. I ran it at the last skirmish I was at - even got a few kills. I taped a lipo to the side and sallied forth. The only problem I had was the bugger would barely shoot on single shot - which I only found out when I really needed single shot! What might the culprit be and how could I fix it? Also, I'm thinking of using this as a secondary to my sniper/dmr, as it's light and can run hicaps. It's got reasonable range and accuracy, but more is always better - what are some decent
  14. Hey dude - Given you're looking for at least £200 worth of kit and given there's around a tenner post plus PP fees, you'll never find what you want for £100. Best you can hope for for something decent is around £130. Good luck with the search.
  15. If you haven't already, you need to get hands on with the TM MP7. It's not a 1:1 replica, it's smaller (couldn't tell you by how much though). I bought one, grabbed it excitedly when it was delivered, went Ewwwwwwwwwww! And put it straight back in the box and returned it for a refund. Might be perfect for you, but I would heartily suggest getting hands on before parting with any cash.
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