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  1. Noticed you just joined - hi and welcome! You'll find you get more interest for a thousand pound gun if you put some more pics up. GLWTS
  2. Now that is an absolute bargain! I've already got one, but could be tempted to another at that price, despite what firesupport say (which made me laugh a lot):
  3. I've just had a thought. It hurt, but bear with me. When there are guns which are over priced, is part of the reason because they are being sold to peeps who don't necessarily have UKARA or other defence? That would explain why people would actually buy the stuff, even though it's expensive.
  4. This was advertised on a messenger chat group... No idea what's in it - but if it's not diamonds soaked in unicorn tears, I'm out.
  5. They've got a Kriss defiance and a couple of others- but I only had eyes for the vector! The are air gun stations you can pay to play at as well... Just take all the money. 😄
  6. I can only go by what he said - and yup, he said that Chiappa were making them...
  7. Costs £10 for 20 rounds at their range, which is tucked away in a corner, next to the Phil Campion tactical thingy. It's well worth it and if I'd had more cash, I would have shot more! A note - take lots of cash, as the cash machines there charge £2.50 for a withdrawal. On the day tickets are cash only at £20 each. I've always loved the Rhino (or Mateba), but never got my hands on one. They had the real .357 Rhino there and the Co2 - and tbh, they felt identical. Chiappa hasn't used an airsoft manufacturer - they've made it themselves. So it's pretty much identical - even down to the working round left indicator. It has a wonderful heft to it, it's a pleasure to cock. It's just an absolute gem of a pistol. No idea if I'd even skirmish it. I just really, really want one... 😄 In terms of overall discounts I didn't see anything to write home about. But in terms of cool stuff to drool over, it was everywhere! Couldn't tell you about any Vortex discounts as they were all in glass cases and the staff were pretty much hiding arms length away from customers. The booth was shit and nowhere near as good as the one they had at the show in Harrogate last year.
  8. Annoyed with Vortex - shit stand - closed off, with everything in glass cases. Got to shoot the new Kriss Vector .22LR, which was fun. Loads of cool stuff to look at, but my favourite was getting hands on with the Chiappa Rhino co2 pistol. Am very excited about it and will be bagging one as soon as they're available.
  9. I feel your pain. I want the 417, for exactly the same reason...
  10. Vortex are releasing a new (to the UK) scope at the show - I think it was about $2500 when they debuted it at shot show.... I really want to look at it. And also don't. Lol.
  11. Banned at all the sites I go to.. I tried using the greys - there was literally no point as I had no idea where they were going!
  12. Found out why my MWS did (has since been resurrected!).
    Getting .36s and .43s mixed up will do that to a rif...
    I accidentally chucked 1000 .43s through it.

    Damned bottles all look the same!

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