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  1. @Northeast Airsoft POD - If you're looking for a tech near you, are you anywhere near TS179LT ? That's where BZ Tactical are based and most of our team use their tech. Costs nothing to ask em 😉
  2. Holy shit! Now THAT is what you call good battery life!
  3. £125, and the sight is in the Netherlands. Plus postage and PP fees. £125 + £18 (that's what he says postage would be.)= £143 Plus another fiver for fees. So £148. OR https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/vortex-crossfire-red-dot £146, plus £6 post. So an extra £4 to have a guaranteed genuine Vortex sight, shipped in the UK from a retailer. Or save £4 to have one shipped from a private individual in Holland... Vortex seem to occupy a strange place in the second hand world, as they hold their value due to the guarantee. But the guarantee only stands if they're genuine - and there are some pretty freakishly good copies coming from China (look at @rocketdogbert ' s UH-1 as an example). Asking what is effectively the same as RRP for a sight seems daft to me, no matter what the guarantee.
  4. I totally agree on the look. But it weighs more than twice the SRS. Which in play is a serious disadvantage for a day out. So in practical terms, using the rifle actually disadvantages you. Now if your team got cool points, as well as kill / objective points, that would be something different. Or if there were higher power limits available, with higher MED. But as things stand, cool factor notwithstanding, I still can't see the point...
  5. https://www.longbowbb.co.uk/product-page/silverback-hti-50-bmg-rifle-fde-black?utm_campaign=0301b2c7-fd20-40ec-9807-a4dea66836f3&utm_source=so What am I missing? It's a ridiculously long and heavy gun. But in the mag, you do get an extra 8 BBS. And because of the power limit rules, I can't see how it will shoot any further / more accurately than a standard SRS. So, aside from being a ridiculously wealthy masochist with money to burn, why on Earth would you buy one?
  6. You don't even need to buy more mags - the one from TG already comes with three. So basically, £80 for the same thing. But brand new. And not a two tone covered up with camo tape. And yet, someone will still buy it...
  7. If you don't want to fiddle with it at all, then the ssg24 is a good bet now that they are shipping from Austria. I have a team mate who has one and it can stand its ground with my SRS. Part of what it comes down to is ergonomics. When it comes to choosing a sniper rifle - 1) Accept it's going to cost a reasonable wedge to have a gun that performs well and consistently 2) On that basis, pick a platform you like and that you are comfortable with 3) Buy the rifle and see what you think of the stock performance 4) On the basis of your opinion in 3, start upgrading bits and bobs 5) Enjoy the journey 😄
  8. So, what do you guys think? https://store.google.com/gb/product/stadia_founders_edition?hl=en-GB&srp=/gb/magazine/stadia
  9. That's nothing. I completely replaced his front appendage. After drilling holes.
  10. Stuck at home really bored, so finally got round to doing this. Fully upgraded ASG MK23 base 220mm CJ barrel, Fangplate Hadron TDC plate Autobot Carbine kit. SRS MK23 supressor No idea on FPS at the mo (child has stolen and hidden chrono), but it's easily lifting .4's for miles. Only reason I'm not going heavier is cos I'm tight. Looking forward to playing out with it tomorrow. Just need to decide what scope to put on it. Edit: I hate the stock. It's feckin' awful - any suggestions for something more in keeping would be welcome...
  11. Airsoftdb have a new site, just for finding BBs: https://www.airsoftdb.com/products/airsoft-bbs/ Also, as @Prisce said - worth giving 6mm a look, cos they're definitely good value. If you can find them, BLS are supposed to be very good - and nearly half the price of geoff's/longbow.
  12. I had TM's in the very early 90s when I was a teenager and loved them dearly. But then moved on to alcohol and girls. Years passed. Then one day, I went to get an airsoft gun to teach my Son how to shoot in the garden. Whilst in the shop I was a little gobsmacked at the sheer scale of what was now available. I was even more gobsmacked when I found out you could pay to shoot other people with them! So I went to a CQB venue and loved it. Then went to Woodland and loved it even more. That was 18 months and several thousand pounds ago... So what drew me to it? I've always shot stuff - anything and everything I could get my hands on. But targets ended up boring me - so the idea that you could shoot actual people?? And they wouldn't die?? Fuck yeah!!! I was in like Flint! 😄
  13. Jesus! If you're gonna drop £600 on a rif, surely you can wait a couple of months??? Sheer madness Imho. But hey ho. Some people have money to burn.
  14. Yup - I noticed that about the seller - and wasn't blaming him for the heresy of two toning it! It's just a rif that confused me. Can't be bought anywhere new as it's discontinued afaik.
  15. Now I was in two minds about putting this here - but I wanted to see what others thought. It's a TM Sentinel Nine Ltd Edition. New they were somewhere between £235 and £270, if you could find one. And used they look like, if unsullied, they can still sell for over £200. However, this one has been two toned - who on Earth two tones a LTD edition??? Surely if you're that desperate for a LTD edition and you haven't got UKARA or another valid defence, you pay for it and ask em to hold onto it until you do? And then - 2nd hand - is it actually worth anything? I can't imagine anyone that wants the sentinel wanting a red one. Or maybe I'm wrong, I don't know. Is he dreaming at £160, because it's been ruined by two tone? Or is it reasonable, because despite the paint job, it's still a LTD edition?
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