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  1. Ahh... To me a sniper rifle IS a primary 😄
  3. If that's not locked to single, it's not legal to own anyway is it? Cos it's classed as a firearm, not a RIF...
  4. Holy moly! This must be the ultra rare Australian release!
  5. They're quoted as running at 390fps on .2's and green gas... Not sure how much 1.0 would lower it to. The co2 version's even hotter at 412... It's a shame cos they're cool looking pistols.
  6. I like those, but aren't they too hot as standard for the UK to run as a sidearm?
  7. sonofsammo

    Tm ksg

    Hiya - Is that price posted inc. PP fees? What make are the shells? Cheers 😄
  8. Check this out. Loads of useful information: https://www.onmymk.com/
  9. HeroShark gigs have just arrived. Looking forward to playing wearing them tomorrow!

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    2. sonofsammo


      Oh just fuck off, you cuntweasling fuckbadger

      Edit: This was in reply to a viagra touting fucknugget. Not HeroShark!

    3. heroshark


      You are most welcome. 

    4. sonofsammo


      Oh ffs - was swearing at a spammer. And it looks like his post has now been deleted.

      So, now it looks like I'm swearing at a respected forum member.
      Sorry dude.
      I see spammers and develop a severe potty mouth!

  10. So, what's been getting your pennies recently? Here are a few that I've seen in the last few weeks... Rambo Last Blood - I had only seen the first one, so wasn't sure what to expect. Devoid of character development, plot development or pretty much anything requiring a brain. Unbelievably violent in places. And utterly absent of violence where there really should have been a lot. At 1h30(ish) just the right length of time. If you don't expect much, it's a thoroughly enjoyable revenge romp. But Liam Neeson did it better. Hereditary - What a load of total utter shite. American Hangman - Enjoyable thriller. Cold Pursuit - Really very strange, but enjoyable. Now I want to see the original. Glass - Awesome film with a disappointing climax. Inside Man Most Wanted - Excellent. Even my wife sat still, which is saying something. The Nun - Pure unadulterated shite. The Poison Rose - Disappointing, despite an excellent cast. The Predator - Loved it. Because, you know, The Predator. Us - Wank. Didn't bother finishing it. Night Hunter - Very good, even if predictable. Fate of the Furious - Ridiculous. But loved it anyway. Anna - La Femme Nikita lite.
  11. What do you guys wear under your ghillies when it's going to piss it down all day? I wear a Northern Mountain 3d leaf suit, which is grand - except it's full of holes. I found out on Sunday my current kit just ain't up to the job - I used a combat 95 smock, which was puddled very quickly. And a crappy highland waterproof which was less use than a bin bag, as I soaked within minutes from the inside out. As a result, I'm looking to get hold of something better. I definitely want to stay warm, and if I could stay dry too, that would be a bonus! I'm not a great fan of gore-tex, as I have never got on with it whilst hillwalking etc... I soak from the inside out! I tend to use a paramo jacket for that sort of thing. Any suggestions that won't break the bank would be most welcome. I'm currently looking at something like: Paramo cascada ii trousers with either Paramo cascada jacket Or a Buffalo special 6 shirt But if there are any better ideas, that would be most helpful! TIA 😄
  12. It's a Northern Mountain 3d leaf suit. Basically a kind of mesh, hence my need for something decent underneath...
  13. Has anyone got one / used one? What do/did you think? I'm thinking of getting one to go under my ghillie for cold and/or wet weather and would like some advice...
  14. Shouldn't do, as it's within the EU...
  15. Pissed it down all day today.
    Despite waterproofs, was absolutely sodden.
    Was one of the best days of airsoft I've had in a long time.
    Good times 😄


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    2. sonofsammo


      Aw, bugger. That's a shame.

      I'm gonna go there at some point too.

      You going to PG next weekend?

    3. Lokai


      Unfortunately not, other half is working shift that weekend, next pg for me will be that charity event mid November. Am tempted by that new YTA kingdom site though.

    4. sonofsammo


      Cool, I'll probably be there too.

      I'm tempted by the kingdom. Just depends when the game days fall, after the first one.

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