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  1. Where can I get a female mini tamiya to female deans lead?
    That's not going to take 10 years or cost eleventy billion pounds to get to me?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. sonofsammo


      LMAO - I didn't mean the plastic connectors - I meant the actual metal contacts - the male has the metal with the holes for the female's metal contacts to go inside.
      It's so confusing. Male on the outside, female on the inside......

    3. Georgeturner2001


      I see what your saying! Just wanted to get that joke in that’s all:lol:

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      If you can solder - just convert to deans and be done with it

      On rare occasions you might need dean/tamiya converter

      Just knock one or two up yourself from old lopped off ends


      Though converters are fine to use different bits together

      You will still suffer the resistance as you still using tamiya

      throughout the wiring loom, these joints is where resistance

      and/or warmth/heat may occur (like all joints in loom)


      If you can't solder, ask a m8 who can

      just cut-solder one lead at a time on batteries - especially lipo's

      they pack one heck of a wallop if you short or cut both wires at same time

      (clean underwear will likely be required after experiencing a lipo short)


      Replacing small tamiya with deans outright is best

      Even Mr T agrees.....



  2. Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    I suppose. And I can understand wanting peace of mind - mine comes from buying decent eye pro, rated for the military bods, from a reputable source. My thinking is that if it's good enough for shrapnel, its good enough for BBs!
  3. Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    Please forgive the stupid question - it's directed to anyone who can answer it: Why on Earth would you shoot your own eye pro at close range to 'test' it? Because surely, even if it didn't shatter, it would be weakened. And therefore you're no longer as well protected as you were?
  4. Gun picture thread

    What's the stock on that? It's gorgeous!
  5. Goggles!

    There's probably also the issue of those working by heat - so you'd have a heat source right next to your face. Which might not help
  6. That moment when you're all excited to go pewpew for the first time in a month.
    And then you find out you haven't got the right connectors to charge the new lipos for your new pew.
    Or any gas for your old pews now the temperature has risen.

    1. CarloBear


      No pews :(  Haven't played in awhile good 5 months or so sad times mate

    2. sonofsammo


      5 months????? :-( That makes my month sound pitiful.

    3. MisterG


      4 weeks for me, real life took over.  Going next weekend.




  7. US/UK price difference and importing

    Oh. That doesn't sound good!! Thanks for the advice Thanks for the tip - any online retailers you can recommend over that way?
  8. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I feel dirty......
  9. US/UK price difference and importing

    I just found where some of the money went for the UK version:
  10. For G28 AEG - £428 for rif £68 post £103 duty and vat Total: £599 So nearly a third cheaper!!!! It's bonkers. However, I assume there are risks with it getting past border force? Have any of you done it? What happened?
  11. Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    My son has stolen a bit off my drop leg holster - so I currently can't use it as a drop leg, which means it won't attach to my battlebelt. It's a Blackhawk! I got from our very own @Davegolf (and it was an awesome deal!). Does anybody know where I can get a replacement strap and buckle to attach to the belt please? TIA
  12. Shooting range

    We have a farmer's field at the back of our house, so I think I'll have a few words - thanks for the suggestion!
  13. Yup, you read that right: https://www.skirmshop.co.uk/srs-mk23-suppressor.html Looks cool, shorter than original and apparently quieter. I didn't think quieter was possible! So, in childish glee, I sit and await the silent loveliness......
  14. 7.62mm RIFs

    That explains it. It's very pretty!! So here's another question - Why is it that non AK 7.62 airsoft rifs seem to be out of stock all the time? Is it because they're so popular they sell out very quickly, or is it because they're so unpopular that shops don't bother getting them in?
  15. 7.62mm RIFs

    Is that a SCAR H? Without its standard issue Ugg? What's the scope on it?