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  1. Sorry for being dim, but is your rif locked to single shot? Cos it's well over the 1.3J limit for an automatic...
  2. Can Airsoft translate to real firearm skill? noun 1. the ability to do something well; In that case, I would say yes - although mainly applying to use of GBB rifles and pistols. When I first shot with real guns, my sole experience of any kind of weapons was airsoft. Poland being the wonderfully laid back country it is, the safety briefing was minimal, we were given glocks, magazines and rounds and left to get on with things. Instructor came back a while later and asked how long I'd been shooting - he was very surprised to find out it was my first time. The only way, I suppose to find out if the question is true would be to take a number of non airsofters with no RS experience and the same number of airsofters without RS experience. Then put them through a basic course and see who performs better at the end...
  3. Wtf is the point of a metal slide on a nbb? And co2 mags, when the thing sips gas as it is? The mk23 is the simplest gun on the planet to upgrade. You can't get it wrong, unless you try really, really hard. And if you build your own, then when it breaks, you can fix it easily and if necessary in the field. Or you can rely on Nov's customer service... I quite like his SSG, as a team mate has one - sniper rifles are difficult to fettle for a lot of people. But a barrel, rubber, nub and tdc? They're a doddle. The only advantage I can see of this over doing it yourself is that you don't need to source the upgrade parts - and as there's high demand normally, there can be a wait for them. But, you pay a hefty premium for it. I wouldn't have one, I'll stick with my TM and ASG.
  4. I just looked that section up and I'm really confused by something. It specifically states you're not allowed a loaded shotgun. But the implication then is that an unloaded shottie is fine??
  5. Hiya - I was wondering if you had some more pics of the rifle please? Also, have you a pic of the outside of the box, showing model number etc? TIA 😄
  6. There are a few problems with certification that I can see - Multiple platforms - would that require multiple certificates - one for each power source? Would it increase prices for customers? Would it actually increase quality of output, given that at any given time some of the tech team would inevitably be out doing college / course work etc? Certification doesn't always assure good quality work. Isn't the best way to let the market decide? Good quality tech work will get round my word of mouth - and that will generate business. Bad work will get round too - and their business should (hopefully) decrease... and now I'm rambling....
  7. 15% off at Military 1st with code PAYDAY7 until 1st August - good times 😄 


  8. As has been mentioned, it could have been seized - but if it has, that's down to the sender for how they sent it, not you. Hopefully you paid by PP goods and services - If you did, as others have said, open a dispute.
  9. @rocketdogbert doesn't use airsoft meters - He only uses PP meters 😄
  10. You're much better off selling privately than trying to do it through a shop - through a shop, they have to consider making a profit on resale so you'll get much less than you could with a private sale.
  11. I was just following your lead with the KSG, as that wasn't his either 😉
  12. As you probably know (as I'm guessing you're a fan?), in JW1 he uses a P30L with a custom compensator - I think you'd have to put a lot of work into an HK45 to make it come close to the movie gun. Whereas, your other JW related choice is available as a direct copy - complete with TTI licensing. Keep an eye on BZTactical, as they've got a deal with Evike to import their stuff now and I know they have some on the way soon 😉 P.s. - If you go for JW1, then you have to get the SRS as well 😄
  13. He plays CQB and wants to play some woodland? What he needs is an ARP9 (or a 556, as has been said, but they cost more). For your budget, you can get the gun, lipos, charger, spare mags (X9 mids for cqb, drum for woodland) and a sight. Already comes with an ETU and mosfet. It's small, so perfect for use in CQB - but it has a very respectable range, so is excellent for woodland too. Build quality is excellent, especially considering the low price point. Don't bother with the hi caps, they're shit. And then if he gives up, you've not lost a load - and if he doesn't, he's got an excellent, light, high quality secondary 😄 So much win!
  14. If you buy a full auto capable RIF from a UK retailer and when you chrono it, it comes up at 430fps on .2 (1.7J) - have they broken the law selling it to you? If they have, which one? And if not, how come? Are you currently breaking the law having it in your possession? Next question: What should you do about it?
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