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  1. sonofsammo

    Geoff's Tracers

    Nope. Just gas mag. I've never had a problem with the regular Geoff's. I've used from .25 up to .45 in all my rifs without a problem. It's just the tra
  2. sonofsammo

    Geoff's Tracers

    After the debacle I had with RZR tracers ad upon realising Geoff's (my fave BBs) made tracers, I got hold of some. I was using these in a CZSP09 Shadow. And it did not go well. Half way through a game, one of my pistols vented. I tried swapping mags, but no joy - couldn't get the mag to stay in. I popped the gun back into the safe zone to ask someone to have a squiz whilst I finished out the game. When I came out, he told me that a BB had shattered and got stuck around the loading nozzle. I didn't get to use it again, but noticed when I was clearing the mags at home that one of them was poorly.... I have no idea how this happened, but I have to say I'm not particularly tempted to buy these again.
  3. sonofsammo


    The run and gun is me- all guns blazing! You make a good point about protection Vs manoeuvrability. I play in shorts+ bare arms- it's just the torso. Pisses me off- especially seems to happen when our be already shot the other player...
  4. sonofsammo


    Generally closer engagement distances = much pain. Seem to be sub 10m where I'm playing at the mo. I play bare armed a lot, so I'm not bothered about that. It's torso shots that hurt like fuck. At the mo I'm just using a gillet or sometimes a hoodie... I don't want to Fry either!! What do peeps peeps wear in CQB to help reduce the sting? TIA P.s. I forgot to say- I'm somewhat rotund, so not sure how much a pc would actually cover...
  5. sonofsammo

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    1l https://swasairsoft.co.uk/airsoft-essentials/nuprol-green-gas-2-0
  6. sonofsammo

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    Still expensive at 12.99.... You can get three from @CES_williamson at SWAS for about £16 iirc...
  7. sonofsammo

    Real or no real?

  8. sonofsammo

    Real or no real?

    A few more pics.... They feel good. Nice and comfy. Time will tell I guess...
  9. sonofsammo

    Real or no real?

    The bag was plain, but with a bar code sticker and PO sticker. They were tagged to an Oakley backing and have Oakley tags in the gloves..... Paid £25 including delivery...
  10. sonofsammo

    Real or no real?

    Well, copies or originals more to the point....? If any more pics would help you decide, ask and I'll post em.
  11. sonofsammo

    Fast pistol mag changes

    Sorry for being dim - which way have you angled yours? I experimented a bit and found that angled forward worked best for me, about 15 degrees off horizontal.
  12. sonofsammo

    Dual pistols for CQB

    You mean you don't use both hands???? 🤣 As I wrote that, I deleted it. Then rewrote it differently. Then again. Then I realised I was fighting a losing battle and that double entendre would win no matter what, so just wrote and posted... 😄
  13. sonofsammo

    Dual pistols for CQB

    Have any of you got a USP AND HK45?If so, what are your thoughts?Which do you prefer and why?I like the Mk23, but it's too big for my left hand (which is a lot weaker than my right) - love the layout etc though.I'm thinking of getting a matching pair, but can't seem to find anywhere near Leeds that has them in stock to go and get hands on with.... I ended up getting another cz - loads of fun, however, not ambidextrous - something which I was too excited to think about...Do either of them have an ambi slide release? Also, any idea how they compare size-wise to the CZ SP01? Any help much appreciated.... 😄
  14. sonofsammo

    WANTED: Gas Blowback Pistols

    Have DM'd you, but looks like you haven't read it yet.......
  15. sonofsammo

    Gun picture thread

    That's because you have them all!