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  1. sonofsammo

    Gun picture thread

    Just in...... It's got a really nice heft to it and one helluva kick! Looking forward to fielding it this week 😄
  2. If there's an admin that uses FB - can they get in touch with this chap please?

    1. proffrink


      They've already made a thread and I replied to it an hour ago.



    2. sonofsammo


      I'll shut up then.... lol


  3. sonofsammo

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    Top banana! Glad to hear it 😄 What range were you effective at? And what weight BBs were you using? TIA 😄
  4. sonofsammo

    Dye i4 Lenses

    I'm guessing it was aTRMR in the face that did it....
  5. sonofsammo

    Gun picture thread

    New tracer/suppressor - wooohooooo! And a loan sight from @rocketdogbert 😄
  6. sonofsammo

    Dye i4 Lenses

    Wowsers - I hadn't realised just how fucked my old lens was!!! The new ones are absolutely amazing! I might actually be able to hit stuff now 😄
  7. Hurrah! New mask and lens are here. Looks like the old one was properly buggered. Glad I got a new one - I may be able to see what I'm doing now!

  8. sonofsammo

    Dye i4 Lenses

    Any idea how that happens? I haven't had it that long (May 28th). Have played in it once/twice a week since then....
  9. sonofsammo

    Dye i4 Lenses

    It was indoors in CQB. I've since removed the lens and the internal pane seems a little warped. I've ordered another mask ( I need a spare!) and a clear lens. Fingers crossed it's better.
  10. A wonderful day of jumping every time there's a noise outside.
    What's that? 
    Could it possibly be?
    Yes, that's right.
    It's delivery day!!!!!!

  11. Life would just be so much better. Made an order with BZ Paintball at 13:35. 15:16 - Order confirmed and message saying it'll be delivered today 15:48 - Packing note received 16:22 - Invoice received £4 for next day delivery - with a one hour time slot..... I'm impressed - I don't remember ever getting service like that from an airsoft retailer. Now, to be fair, it could still all go horribly wrong.........
  12. sonofsammo

    Tracer unit recommendation

    Thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully it will be arriving today 😄
  13. sonofsammo

    Secondary Ideas

    Vector with pistol conversion. You know it makes sense 😁
  14. sonofsammo

    Dye i4 Lenses

    Hi all, I've got a dye i4 Woody and for the first time the other day it fogged up - to the point I could see virtually nothing. Until I got out of the arena, I was basically just using the force. thankfully endex wasn't too far away. It got me thinking about a couple of things. 1) Should I get a fan kit and if so what - and what's easy to fit for someone that can break nearly anything? 2) The lens isn't great for CQB, as it's a little dark and yet not very good at cutting out the spot lights - it's like the worst of both worlds. Can anyone recommend a good i4 lens for dark CQB, crossed with spotlights? TIA 😄
  15. sonofsammo

    Tracer unit recommendation

    It's thinking like that that makes me break stuff! 🤣