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  1. I am confused. whatdafuq u talkin bout Willis?
  2. If you've been a good boy/girl this year, what are you hoping for from Father Christmas this year? (And yes, I'm fishing for ideas, because at the moment it's going to be coffee and beer if I'm not careful!)
  3. sonofsammo

    Silverback SRS Sport

  4. sonofsammo

    Silverback SRS Sport

    TL;DR . BUY ONE NOW! When I started airsoft and found out this existed, because I'm a huge John Wick fan, I wanted one. However, I listened to the general advice against sniping from the off. And it's a huge chunk of cash if you don't know if you'll like playing. However - I wish I'd bought it at the start. I would have had fewer frustrations and although the initial purchase is high, I would have spent less money on fewer rifs. I bought it without ever having even touched one, let alone shot one. And yet, it's like it was built just for me. It's ergonomics are spot on and unlike nearly all my other rifs there is nothing I would change. I'm actually thinking of selling (nearly) all my other rifs to get another one 😄
  5. sonofsammo

    Silverback SRS Sport

    The SRS has "ruined" airsoft for me. In a very strange way. After every game day, I would look back at everything that had gone wrong, or everything that could be improved - and then I'd think about how to fix it. Or how to overcome it. After the game on Sunday, there's nothing. I have no desire for more kit. I don't want to upgrade the rifle. The FAST hop and Prowler nub were delivered yesterday. I've got a new 510mm CJ barrel I could fit when the hotshot SRS bucking gets delivered. But the delivery's still in its box. Because I don't see the point. It hit everything I aimed at - so why would I upgrade it? At the moment, it can't hop anything over .4 - but why would I want it to? I think I ended caught up in mustupgrade-itis. So I suppose after my ramble the question is this: When I have a rifle which can reliably hit out to 80/85m, why would I want to add upgrades for an unknown benefit? Cos at the moment, I don't know what the benefit will be, other than the ammo costing me a lot more...
  6. sonofsammo

    Silverback SRS Sport

    As far as I know they're seriously over volumed any way, so there's plenty available...
  7. sonofsammo

    Silverback SRS Sport

    I can't answer that question tbh. Because I never shot it as standard. It came with a chrono certificate that said it was shooting at 399 fps on .2s. However, I had ordered it with an m150 spring, so put that in - and the Joules were about 2.6, so I cut a few coils off to get it down. Mine can't hop anything over .4 as standard, so I've got hold of the FAST hope unit - but I'm tempted to leave it as is for the moment.
  8. sonofsammo

    Silverback SRS Sport

    The Sport is 20" - he was probably meaning the 22, which is an extra £160. The 16 is an extra £130. Either way it was a nope from me. lol.
  9. sonofsammo

    Brought my first Airsoft gun! Opinions?

    I got a nuprol defender pioneer in a lovely blue as mine and my son's first gun. I actually only bought it for plinking in the back garden with him. However, after an afternoon of my and him obliterating cans in the back garden, shooting real people began to appeal, so I booked my first skirmish. It's a nice light gun with a decent rate of fire and good range. I got mine for about £110 iirc - and for that money, you can't go far wrong. It's still working well and my son loves when we shoot with it (He knows it's his, ready for his first skirmish in, oh, I don't know, about 4 years!) 😄
  10. sonofsammo

    Silverback SRS Sport

    Since I started airsoft at the start of the year, I have wanted an SRS (John Wick's fault entirely). However, with all of the "don't get a sniper as your first rifle" advice, I was deterred. I ended up getting an M24, to see if I liked the role, but I couldn't get the buggering thing to work, so never got to play sniper. I bought quite a few rifles, always looking for my dream gun and although some of my rifs are good, they never did what I wanted them to, how I wanted them to, when I wanted them to. I nearly always felt outranged, rather than outplayed. Until yesterday. Yesterday I played with my slightly upgraded third gen SRS Sport. I got the Sport, as I honestly couldn't see where the extra £100 or so quid went, so decided to spend it on upgrades instead. Last week I got hold of a variable mass piston kit, a new m150 spring and a piston head air brake for my SRS (and a suppressor!). I spent all week farting around with it, trying to get it as close to 2.32J as possible. And Saturday night, I got there - 2.29J BINGO! I slapped the Diamondback 3.5-10x50 on it and I was good to go. My plan was to run light, so I had: SRS on two point sling (+ loaded magazine) Speedloader MK23 in a drop leg with spare mag And that was it. The game site was The Proving Grounds at YPC - I've played there 6 or so times this ear, so I'm getting to know the site well and so far it's my favourite. I'm used to constantly being shot by people I can see, but not hit. But not this time! This rifle is, quite simply, amazing. I was outranged twice all day. Twice. Any other time I got hit, I was outplayed. And that made a massive difference to my enjoyment of the day, knowing that I was finally on a level playing field. As a result, my kill count soared. I scored more kills in the first hour of the day, than in the whole of my last day's skirmish. Prior to lunch, one sniper and I halted the enemy's advance for just short of 24 minutes, until we were over run. The afternoon continued in a similar vain, along with some epic sniper battles. Some I won, some I lost, but every one I enjoyed. I had a few problems with the rifle jamming - but aside from that, it was flawless. I even managed to hit a couple of moving targets, which I was very chuffed with. It wasn't all the rifle though - the scope is quite amazing. The sight picture was wonderfully bright, with a huge field of view. So, in short - Some of the best shots of my year, the most kills in a day of the year and the most fun I've had all year. I think I like this sniping lark 😆
  11. sonofsammo

    Good Hi capa pistols under £200

    I bought this a couple of months ago: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/armorer-works-hi-capa-custom-split-slide-gas-blowback-pistol Now run it as my CQB primary, with an extended mag. Really good on gas, cos of the split slide and the rate of fire is mental - again, thanks to the split slide. Shooting it makes me happy 😄
  12. sonofsammo

    First gun purchase?

    For CQB - it depends how CQ your B is. Indoors, I always use pistols. Sometimes one, sometimes two, but always pistols. I hate the extra size indoors for going round corners etc. You can't really go wrong with a Hi-capa (of whichever make you like - everyone will generally say TM, but my fave at the mo is a split slide AW) and an extended mag. Excellent range, awesome rate of fire, light, manoeuvrable and you can switch to your off hand easily for corners / obstacles etc. If it's an indoor range with MUCH longer site lines, a case could be made for pistols, but for me, I just don't like em inside.
  13. sonofsammo

    Piston weight and it's effect

    I've just got hold of an SRS sport, which is a lovely piece of kit. I was planning on running it stock, and just changing the spring to m150, which I did. But I got 2.88J on .4's - so I cut the spring down, just so I could take it out last weekend. In the meantime, I ordered the variable mass piston, airbrake piston head, a new m150 spring and a supressor. Because I'm new to all this, I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to start with the variable mass piston. I'm aiming for a build running as close to 2.3J as possible. So - where's a good guess to start with the piston? Should I go heavier or lighter? Cos basically, I have no clue what I'm doing at all... 😂
  14. sonofsammo

    UK/Euro Sig Sauer Optics Retailer?

    Not found it in Europe anywhere for less than £900... (and yes, I'm that sad I keep looking!)
  15. sonofsammo

    TAG Grenades; Shells or Launcher?

    Sorry to threadjack a little. If I wanted to use a cyma pistol grenade launcher, Which tag stuff would I need? Cos I'm confused... TIA