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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-MK23-Desert-Eagle-Tactical-Dropleg-Waist-Pistol-Holster-OD-Green-Airsoft/173875892456?hash=item287bcf90e8:g:Zo4AAOSw5P1ctzEI Seller's logic must go like this: £23.50 + £5 postage + £1.14 (ish) = £29.64 Then round up to sale price of £30. Seems perfectly reasonable to me... 🤔 (Or you could just buy direct, get a new one and save £6.50...)
  2. TM MWS FTW - and if money's no barrier, get a @rocketdogbert custom (in the truest sense!) drum magazine for it. One of the best guns ever, with 350 rounds in one mag, on the gun, (instead of 10 mags weighing 7Kg with only 320 rounds). Whatever you do, buy a gun you love, because you love it. DO NOT buy a gun just because everyone says it's awesome. And try not to buy a gun you've never held - and by this I mean the actual model of rif you're planning on buying - not just "I've held an MP7, I know I like them" Because not all rifs are the same size, even when modelled on the same gun (as I found out recently).
  3. It's relative really. And it depends what you're trying to achieve and within what constraints. For a sniper with a 500fps limit on .2's - meaning a 2.32J limit, you don't have to be at the max to get great distance - it depends on your hop unit, nub, bucking, barrel, spring, piston, piston head and weight of BBs... There are so many different factors. I have a sniper build which is running at 2.02J - so 13% under the max limit - and yet I can hit targets at up to 90m, because of what I have done with the internals.The sacrifice for this I have to make is I accept an MED of 30m. To put that in perspective, 13% lower than 350 for an AEG would be 304.5fps on .2's. Again, it's entirely possible to get a gun at this fps outranging a gun running at 350fps. It's all down to the internals. It's why Tokyo Marui are so well thought of - their stock hop up unit is the nuts - and they generally run sub 300fps due to Japanese law. However, despite this, they can outrange many AEG's running at 350. Sorry for the ramble, I need more coffee 😄
  4. The ARP9 mags mid and hicap are shit show. The hicaps are shite and the midcaps are 50/50 shite. The only reliable option is the drum, which is flawless...
  5. I have a vector. I love it. I had the same conundrum - Evo or Vector. Until I shot them. The evo has no soul. It's good, but does not put a smile on my face. Whereas, most of the time when I'm using the Vector, I'm grinning like en eejit. It's like it was built for me, its ergonomics are that perfect for me. (Unlike the TM MP7 recommended by @Davegolf, which is only for people with small hands!) It's perfect for CQB - effortless to transition between left and right handed use. Awesome for woodland too- I currently run mine as a pistol, with a drum mag and it's soooooo much fun! 😄 But here's a question - why are you after the extraordinarily expensive Ltd edition? - It makes the comparison from a financial point of view even less even - which would automatically lend most people to lean toward the evo anyway, irrespective of most other factors. At the end of the day, buy the one that's gonna give you the biggest lulz 😉
  6. Hi! - I'm a nice SRS owner - I say nothing if I don't hear hit and just shoot again until I do. The SRS owners down your way must be a bit dim, cos shouting at people you're trying to shoot just gives away your position - but we're not all bad 😄
  7. Is that with any changes internally, or just stock?
  8. Sorry to semi thread-jack - what batteries do you guys and gals with the LCT AKM use?
  9. sonofsammo

    KWA TK .45

    That's mental, cos the TK45C is the cheaper gun??? This is from KWA's website:
  10. sonofsammo

    KWA TK .45

    That was £400 for the pricier one I was quoting. Somewhere else is selling them for even more????? https://www.bztactical.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=Tk45
  11. sonofsammo

    KWA TK .45

    I've just seen the price on these and I'm gutted. £400? Nope, nope and thrice nope 😞
  12. sonofsammo

    Best gas

    Hey dude - someone started a discussion on this yesterday:
  13. So far, I have: WE G18C with maple leaf/crazy jet internals - used occasionally, but rarely as I don't like Glocks ASG MK23 upgraded with hadron tdc, fangplate and crazy jet barrel TM HK45 Tactical - I use this and the above MK23 with tracers for dual wield CQB fun ASG CZSP01 (x2) - used as dual wield with tracer for CQB Armourer Works Hi Capa Split slide w/extended mag for CQB TM MK23 upgraded with same as ASG - used as side arm for Woodland ASG CZP09 Krytac Vector pistol - used as side arm for woodland I think that's it, although I'm probably forgetting something...
  14. They spot check with whatever the player is playing with - so tbf, if someone's going to be a proper sneaky bastard, then they could get away with it. But, it's generally a decent site with decent players, so I've never known it be an issue. Using a chart with equivalent FPS is worked out using Joules. Joule creep occurs when using heavier ammo and so this is accounted for using the chart. So for example, for a sniper at my regular site, the FPS is 500 on .2's - which is 2.32J When using .48s, the FPS is 323, whilst the Joules remains at 2.32J I set my rifle up to run at 2.32J with .48 ammo. and it's under the 2.32J. However, if I set my rifle up to run at 2.32J with .2 ammo, when I switched to .48s, it would be significantly over the limit. Conversely, with my rifle set up for .48s and 2.32J, if I swapped to .2's, it would be significantly under the 500fps/2.32J limit...
  15. If you're doing that, you're already doing chrono to Joules limits - because that's how the conversion charts work, isn't it? I play mainly at Proving Grounds - they chrono on Joules and the weight you're playing with. Sometimes there are 2-300 players in Summer and Chrono, whilst busy, has never been a problem in the time I've been going. At the safety briefing the head marshal clearly states - we chrono on Joules - if anybody doesn't understand that or has problems with it, please come and talk to us so we can help educate you about Joule creep. Some marshals have chrono's so they can spot check in game - and if you're hot, you're going home. A stark contrast to when I went to somewhere else the other week. If you were a regular, you didn't have to chrono, as you'd already been done once. If you were new, then you had to chrono. I'm 99% sure some of the guns were hot. I'm not going to whinge about it though, I just won't go back.
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