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  1. @hobbo2483 - I think the comparison being made is between the delivered asking price from this listing, which is £129, including delivery and PP fees (charging extra for PP fees overtly is directly contravening the PP T&Cs while we're at it) and the listed item at firesupport which is £129.99. Next day delivery is £8.50. So for an extra £8.50, you can have a brand new, fully warranted MK23. And yes, it comes with trades - I got one from them in March, which said the same thing in their listing - but the trades are still there. They're just not allowed to openly say there are trades.
  2. There was a lovely pic in his ad.... of an air pistol... So @Tezza As I said in the ad, which sadly seems to have been deleted (can't imagine why!) - Why don't you just admit you made a typo and the rif you have isn't a Tokyo Marui Gen 4? You're not a tester for Tokyo Marui. Admit your error and move on. A few questions. 1) If you are a tester for Tokyo Marui, why are you not aware of the official UK release date? 2) If you are a tester for Tokyo Marui, why do you think anyone else would have a TM Gen 4 available for you to buy second hand, when you're the only person in the country with one, due to your special relationship with the manufacturer? 3) If you are a tester for TM, why don't you know the correct name for the part you're having problems with? 4) Why is Tokyo Marui using you as a tester, when they do not export their product to our country and therefore have no interest in advice from someone not in their target market? 5) If you're so into TM, why have you asked to buy a brand new release pistol second hand for £85, and asking for extra mags as well?
  3. Screenshot for when it gets taken down. Cos after all, looks like he's actually asking for an air pistol. Note to everyone - watch out for your sliders, they can become worn with use... On a side note, I was really excited to find out that a company that doesn't even sell their products to markets outside Japan is actively using people from markets they don't sell to for testing of the products not intended for sale in the markets where they reside! I'd love to be part of that programme and can't wait to find out more about it!
  4. Hey dude - is that price delivered inc. fees? TIA 😄
  5. Hey @Jason Ke, where abouts do you have these? In the UK?
  6. Time Left: 4 days and 20 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Armourer Works hi-capa with extended magazine (mag it came with has vanished into the ether) Excellent condition. Extremely snappy, with a high ROF. Sips gas, because of the split slide. If you want any more pics, give me a shout. Price includes fees and delivery. (FPS is a guess, as I don't have access to a chrono at present)


    - GB

  7. From bolt to muzzle, in order. Reversed for removal. (P7 of manual). I've done it that many times it's second nature, but checked the manual to be sure!
  8. Ignore both - get the HX 1001/2/3/4 or 5 The split slide means the cycle rate is epic and they sip gas, even though the slide is metal.
  9. It's mk23 week! £70 used with no mag! Has hadron tdc plate Or New, with a mag for £55, tdc for a tenner and you'll have a right you can actually shoot for £65...
  10. If any of it's in stock 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. But he writes original content! Only about VPNs though. Ban the witch!
  12. I think you should probably stop it now @Lucifer656 . Could you write an original post not shilling for a VPN?
  13. Hiya - there's someone on the comrades discord server selling this - no idea if you're the same person obviously - if you are, then your ads don't match, as the other one is £150 and says the mag is leaking. If it's not you, then some fucker has stolen your pic and is selling a non existent rif...
  14. I don't know if it's the same chap who's just forgotten to update the ad here, but someone on the comrades discord has this up for sale (same pic), but for £150 and states the mag is leaky.
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