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  1. Holy fucking shitballs!!! If anyone wants to look up the definition of taking the piss, then this is it! £150 for a fifty five quid gun and a barrel? They've not even done the hadron plate and I key??? Nope. Forty quid and he might get a taker...
  2. That's a really bizarre thing to say about a rif, when you're trying to sell it to airsofters...
  3. sonofsammo


    I hated the M&P9 with a passion. And I loved the HK45 so much I bought two, one for each hand 😉 But that's cos I prefer larger pistols, generally. As @rocketdogbert says, pop down if you're local and get hands on.
  4. I presume it's similar to the original Shadow. You need to twat it with some reasonable force. The video starts at the point he's disassembled and has the hammer ready 😄
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^What he said^^^^^^^^^^ Even if they're not showing stock on their website, give em a call. I did and they found some for me 😄
  6. Have you tried playing with your normal RIF in a sniper style? This will give you an idea if it's for you, to start with. Loads of people told me to get a cheap sniper to see if sniping was for me. For me, that was really bad advice and I wish I hadn't listened. The whole point of a sniper rifle is to be able to hit targets at a distance beyond that of a normal AEG. Otherwise you're just cannon fodder, due to the fact you get one shot every 2-3s and they can let off 50 or so in the same time frame... Being shot to shit, when you can't return fire effectively can put you off sniping for life. If you can, borrow a decent sniper rifle for a game, or at the very least just to shoot. There is a world of difference between an out of the box, cheap sniper rifle and a decent sniper rifle that's been well tuned. As with all things, ymmv. Just my two pence...
  7. I'm sorry you couldn't understand my meaning. That is an utter failure of my ability to use language accurately to convey meaning. By aiming for brevity, I lost the opportunity to elucidate. However, context is provided in the entirety of what was written in that post. You chose to focus on one of four elements. To fit in is an idiomatic expression, not just an expression of physical reality. I apologise profusely and have now wound my neck in so far I now resemble a tortoise.
  8. I'm not sure why people are having such a problem with this. The statement is not BS. A computer DOES NOT FIT INTO MY LIFE. I'm not sure why that's so confusing to everyone. And someone saying I'm talking bullshit about my life and what fits in it? Seriously? So to help clarify, I will rewrite the post to avoid any confusion. And as far as I know the PS4 Pro has a SATA 3 bus...
  9. Cost. Time. Effort. Space. A console fits in a computer won't. If my life was different, then my answer would be different. But my life is what it is. And it won't fit. Edit: This seems to have caused some confusion, so here's a new version... Cost. Time. Effort. A console fits into my life, whereas a computer does not.
  10. True, but it's unlikely I'll get it as soon as it comes out. And a proper PC set up? Hell no. lol
  11. I'm thinking of getting a SSD for my PS4 pro. I'm just wondering if any of you have done it with yours, if you thought it was worth it and which one you picked? TIA . 😄
  12. I'm sure I read that Sneaky Leaves are out of production now. So if shops don't have stock the only thing I could suggest is ebay (internationally might be your best bet).
  13. Forgive the ramble, but I hope at least some of it is useful. Also, a lot of it's just my opinion, so ymmv. Firstly the model you get depends on how much money you have available. If you have unlimited funds, buy whichever you like the look of most. If your funds are more limited, buy the 20" sport (the barrels are interchangeable so you can change the length if you want later). The differences between the Sport and the rest of the range are: No monopod No adjustable trigger Uses barrel spacers as opposed to fitted barrel. If these are worth the extra £130 minimum to you, then get one of the other models. If you'd rather save it so that you can put some extra goodies into your SRS, then get the Sport. One advantage of the Sport is that the DTSS Suppressor screws straight on to the outer barrel, unlike with all the other models. The SRS is one of the best built rifles I have had the pleasure to use. It feels just like the real thing (which I had the opportunity to get my mitts on last year). It makes me smile every time I open the case. I can't say that about every rifle I own. I couldn't get on with the standard hop unit at all. Others prefer it. So it very much depends on you. I prefer the simple set up of the FAST hop - one rotary dial from 0-10. I've been through quite a few different iterations internally, but have settled on this as my final set up: ML Crazy Jet barrel. FAST hop chamber Autobot bucking FOW nub WASP piston m150 spring This set up reliably hits a torso at 90m. I tested this with a team mate and laser range finder. I was the target and he shot me in the arse. First time I've ever been happy getting shot in the arse. 😂 Bad things (and I'm really having to reach, as I love this rifle way too much for reason): It's heavy compared to a VSR It's a bullpup (not everyone likes them, so make sure you get hands on and that you get on with the ergonomics) 32 round mags the 3d printed mag cases, whilst making things lighter fit like shit Pursuit of upgrades will make you poor But that's pretty much it. If you have any specific questions, give me a shout and I'd be happy to answer as well as I'm able.
  14. That's awesome news! Made up for you dude 😁
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