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  1. sonofsammo

    Silverback SRS Thread

    I had the same problems until my current set up: CJ barrel / super bucking FAST hop chamber with the nub that came with the kit. Lifting .48s on setting 4 (ish) The standard hop unit I couldn't get to lift anything beyond .4's.
  2. sonofsammo

    Could this show airsoft in a bad light?

    Eh? 7th February this year he publicly announced he was leaving airsoft.....
  3. sonofsammo

    Silverback SRS Thread

    This is a pic of the 60m target. Which the SRS was hitting straight and true 95/100. I also had a target set up at 90m, which the SRS was hitting, with a slight uptick and drop over the last 20m 90/100. I asked the team mate I was with to shoot me whilst stood at the 90m target. I wanted to get an idea of how hard the hit was and if it would be hard enough to be felt. The answer is an unequivocal yes - a nice sharp snap sound as it hit my jeans, combined with a little pain from the hit. It gives me confidence that even if I hit someone's PC they'll know they've been hit. Can't believe I don't get to skirmish it til weekend after this....But it'll be worth the wait! 😄
  4. sonofsammo

    Silverback SRS Thread

    Yesterday I cracked on and put the original barrel and bucking back. First shot jammed. Took it to bits and rebuilt it again. First shot jammed. Took it to bits and decided to video taking to bits to send to @rocketdogbert to see if he could tell me what I had done wrong. However, making the video, I realised.... well, you can listen to the penny drop here for yourselves: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OV8e07r5o3jUdpRgKu4yj2QXxw-zKW4- Anyway - after that total cock up, I reinstalled the CJ barrel and Super nub (which is a bit worse for wear and need replacing) and changed the nub back to the original FAST nub. It was firing at a consistent 2.2J on .48s, giving 315fps with a 1-2 fps deviation per shot. Today is the real test though, as I'm taking it for range and accuracy testing. Fingers crossed!
  5. sonofsammo

    Rifle fettling, testing zeroing etc

    Best thing possible has happened - my local (and favourite) site has said I can pop down during the week for as long as I want. Awesome news! And a Massive thanks to Andy Sables at YPC, home of Halo Mill - Proving Grounds 😄 Now I actually get to set up my rifle at the site I use! I'm really looking forward to it 😆
  6. sonofsammo

    Rifle fettling, testing zeroing etc

    I'm going to sound really grumpy when I say this, but it's not meant that way. I appreciate help a great deal. However, when I have tried to set up other rifles at sites, I end up with so much "help" my brain starts to implode.. When all I want is to be left to F about with the gun until I have it doing what I want. Do you know if The Stan lets people use that area for setting up rifs?
  7. sonofsammo

    Rifle fettling, testing zeroing etc

    I'm about 40 miles from Sheffield. Do they let people use it outside game days do you know?
  8. Where do you guys and gals go to test your builds? I need to find somewhere I can go and try a few different set ups on my SRS, preferably with up to 100m range (I can dream!)...
  9. sonofsammo

    Silverback SRS Thread

    So, current set up is: WASP heavy collar and medium air brake with one power up ring CJ 510mm barrel ML Super bucking Prowler rubber nub M150 spring Now with that lot, I'm getting 2.09 on .48s, with the hop set to 1. And yet distance still sucks. It's effective at around 50m. And by effective, I mean, once you've figured out the bizarre trajectory. So I'm thinking of going back to the original barrel and bucking with the rubber prowler nub and see how I get on with that. It's so annoying not having a range to test it on 😞 I would love to be able to take all the bits and the rifle somewhere and just F about with all day til it was sorted.
  10. Can anyone recommend a Yorkshire woodland site that's running tomorrow?
    All my normal places are either shut or full.
    The only place I can find somewhere near is Camp Sparta at the mo...

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    2. 12kbosworth
    3. Lokai


      How was Sparta? Tempted to try it myself. Is it a rolling game ala proving grounds?

    4. sonofsammo


      It was good, although not at its best.
      There were 65 players, so we were playing in restricted areas, so there would be more firefights. One thing they changed from the last time I played there was that they made the regen points closer to the action, so you spent more time playing and less time just walking - bonus!
      The games worked well, although I was only able to stick around for the morning games.
      Every time I've been there I've had fun, even when things haven't gone completely smoothly, so I'll definitely be back 😄 
      Have you been to HQ in Driffield? If you have, it's like a clean version lol.

  11. sonofsammo

    ***New*** TM M&P9L black

    Admit it, it's cos there's no hammer. You need a hammer.
  12. sonofsammo

    How many guns ?

    I have fewer than I want but more than my wife thinks I should have...
  13. He's just posted on FB saying he's leaving airsoft. A shame, cos his videos were quite good and he wasn't annoying.
  14. My apologies - I didn't mean to be critical of the decision - I was disappointed that it got to a place where it had to be deleted, as I thought the discussion was interesting. I mean ten out of ten to him for being a cheeky fecker lol
  15. sonofsammo

    Novritsch ssp1 should i buy it?

    TM HK45 ftw. Used on ultra air in -4 degrees and it performed flawlessly.