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  1. Depends how much you use it. I used mine a lot. Sometimes as a primary. Inside and out. Every weekend for two years, thousands upon thousands of rounds. So all told, I'm not too bothered it finally died. The thing that finally died was one of the loading arms snapped. I swapped to an ASG for a day - and it died. Same thing happened. So bit the bullet and bought another TM. If I get two years out of the new one, I'll be a happy boy. Dooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! They're cheaper than ever at Fire Support. £129. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-mk23-socom-gas-nbb-pistol I'd rather leave my kids a nice new mk23 than an extra £129 in the bank if I kark it 😂
  2. If you're in the USA, why on Earth would you send the gun to be upgraded in Dundee? I mean, I know he has a good reputation, but surely there are techs closer to home for you?
  3. My Vector is poorly. I need to get a new hop unit, cos the old one broke. And previously it was flat hopped, but I don't fancy paying another £40 for that, so I'm looking for nub / rubber recommendations that work with everything else that's stock. Any help much appreciated. TIA 😄
  4. The TM MK23 is such an awesome gun. I love it to pieces. I bought one when I started, two years ago and it has played pretty much every single game with me. But I had to accept its demise. I replaced it with an ASG. But they really are shit. It lasted a day. So I figured I'd bite the bullet and go back to TM. It'll have all the usual upgrades and I may even treat myself to a couple of extra mags. Or maybe just finally get round to repairing some of the ones I have already... Anyway - I'm glad I've got a fully working one again. I'm not going to rush to upgrade it - gives me something to look forward to, seeing as we can't play!
  5. I'll kick off with this little gem... Shoots himself in the foot figuratively, prior to shooting himself in the foot literally... 🤣
  6. https://www.airsoft-hub.com/item/2226-mp9-bt Couldn't find one for 900, but found one for 550... 550???? wtf is it made from? Dodo bones soaked in Unicorn tears wrapped in Phoenix feathers???
  7. Can anyone point me in the right direction for decent (and active!), preferably UK based forums for FAC firearms? My google fu is failing me. The only one I have found that seems sort of active is full bore... TIA 😄
  8. Show em the mag! Show em the mag! Looks awesome with the new one you built 😄
  9. Oh Macks. How I love you. It's only ever gonna go one of two ways... Why? Because either people read this thread first, or they don't. And I can guess what happened here 🤣
  10. Noticed you just joined - hi and welcome! You'll find you get more interest for a thousand pound gun if you put some more pics up. GLWTS
  11. Now that is an absolute bargain! I've already got one, but could be tempted to another at that price, despite what firesupport say (which made me laugh a lot):
  12. I've just had a thought. It hurt, but bear with me. When there are guns which are over priced, is part of the reason because they are being sold to peeps who don't necessarily have UKARA or other defence? That would explain why people would actually buy the stuff, even though it's expensive.
  13. This was advertised on a messenger chat group... No idea what's in it - but if it's not diamonds soaked in unicorn tears, I'm out.
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