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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 19 minutes

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    Lowa Zephyr GTX TF Coyote size UK 10.5 Used but very good condition! Worn once around the house to break them in and once to an indoor skirmish day where I discovered they are NOT right for me! Fantastically light boots though, shame they just don't fit me right. Ignore the Merrell box, it's the only one I could find for them! Price includes postage etc, if you want to collect them then I can drop the price a bit.


    Basingstoke, Hampshire - GB

  2. Well you should know... I honestly thought they'd dropped E&C completely.
  3. Looking at Lonex outer barrels, they appear to be CCW.
  4. Sounds about right! Lovely chaps but not always spot on.
  5. Specna don't even OEM their own guns! The Arthurians are made by E&C who USED to OEM the Specna's. I had one of the original SA-A03 rifles made by E&C and it's been absolutely stellar.
  6. Personally, I'd go for PTS EPM mags.
  7. Playable area is outlined on their FB post https://www.facebook.com/Ai500-148728415210679/
  8. Check with your airline, some are fine with it.
  9. Cylinder shouldn't cause poor feeding unless you've done it REALLY wrong! As @Piman said though a hop rubber could cause an issue. If your nozzle is too long as well then absolutely!
  10. Couple of questions - did you change anything else and when you say "misfire" I assume you mean no BB rather than more than one BB at a time? If the nozzle is too long then yes, you would have feeding issues.
  11. Hi! I'd say that 70deg might be a bit hard, maybe go with the 60deg. Also you will need the Omega tensioner nub as it's designed to work with the design of the Maple Leaf rubber. Other than that it's a pretty standard V2/M4 style hop unit.
  12. I always found that if it was loose enough to not hit the release it was flopping about like a dick in a shirtsleeve! Hence I moved to hard retention/kydex holsters. If you're running the holster loose it would be worth getting a lanyard for the pistol.
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