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  1. If the cosplay crowd are anything to go by, every fucker in Starfleet is an Admiral!
  2. It's a set of Nomex overalls, not shirt and trousers. https://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/160651-iranian-embassy-siege80s-sas-loadout/ There's plenty of black overalls on Military 1st https://www.military1st.co.uk/11730002-mil-tec-swat-overall-black.html https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221958464312?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338364431&customid=221958464312_1&toolid=11000 Genuine issue vest https://www.fieldtextiles.co.uk/shop/clothing/jackets/sbs-sas-assault-vest-1123539.html (probably a bit steep but there's repros out there)
  3. It's your gun so you do you but why so many red dots?
  4. This is the thing for me. There's a huge difference between trying to complete a loadout and walting and it seems that most of the people getting all hot and bothered about "stolen valour" aren't actually servicemen at all but wannabe try hards. I mean yes, there's the whole "don't wear something if it has to be earned" like a commando insignia or whatever but if ANYONE tells me that they think a 14 year old kid or some overweight, middle aged weekend warrior is honestly trying to make out that they served by wearing an SAS badge to a Sunday skirmish then they're being bell ends. The old boys covered in gongs at remembrance services or people trying to pass themselves off for a discount or special treatment are the problem, not a few airsofters looking to replicate a 90's Delta operator!
  5. Personally, I'd fit a Gate Titan or Aster but Perun V2 Hybrid would also work. Basically anything that senses the gear rotation to be able to stop it in the same place each time. That being said, it doesn't actually matter all that much unless you're getting feeding issues or you're trying to get accurate pre-cocking. Inconsistent hop is unlikely to be adversely affected by the piston not stopping in the same place. I'd also get rid of all that bloody PTFE tape. There doesn't look to be much in the way of lubrication either (although that may just be the picture).
  6. That'll be your problem then.
  7. I have a similar one (old Ferro Concepts jobber) and it's good but it does have its limitations. It's not great for transitioning from right to left shoulders, it doesn't control your gun AT ALL when you swap to your sidearm and it's a faff to change setup (from PC to chest rig for example).
  8. Are you running a cycle completion mosfet or precocking based on time?
  9. If the wiring is getting hot, it's because there's too much current for the size/makeup of the wiring. Changing the connector from Tamiya to Deans isn't the solution, if anything it would make it worse. If the connector was acting as a bottleneck then IT would get hot, not the wiring (if it's getting hotter than the wiring then you really do have a problem). Basically it sounds like the motor is pulling more current than the wiring can handle on account of the combination of that motor and that gearing.
  10. I have plenty of lightweight guns like M4s and stuff that are about the weight of that. I also have an M249 Para that weighs even more. For perspective, 3kgs really isn't heavy.
  11. Not surprised, my hop units would struggle to lift a 3g BB!
  12. Hi, what are you trying to do? Post limits were put in place to try and combat spammers and scammers so they're there for everyone's benefit.
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