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  1. Roughly 20% of firearms offences are committed with imitations https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-7654/#:~:text=In the year ending 31,since 7%2C040 in 2010%2F11. As far as the Police and the general public are concerned that's one less potential source of problems off the street. It's irrelevant if it's obvious to those in the know that it's just a toy, after all that was the whole point of the VCRA covering IF/RIFs in the first place.
  2. Consider getting it through AliExpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32256029238.html?spm=a2g0o.store_home.productList_555764957.pic_18 WAY cheaper!
  3. That's what I have. Decent for the money!
  4. "these lads" are most likely scrotes trying to look hard. Looking at the area crime stats it's figures for August are roughly double what it was in the same period for where I used to live in a rough arse council estate in Basingstoke.
  5. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/FOCUHUNTER-Aluminum-Tactical-Profile-Picatinny/dp/B07QRW41X4/ref=sr_1_8?ascsubtag=1ba00-01000-org00-win10-other-smile-uk000-pcomp-feature-scomp-wm-5&dchild=1&keywords=airsoft%2Bg3%2Bclaw%2Bmount&qid=1603118764&sr=8-8&tag=amz-mkt-chr-uk-21&th=1 That one's 12cm. The Wilcox style holo/mag combo mounts have about 13cm of usable rail space so you should be able to make that work. The LPVO really isn't too much hassle as long as you get one with a true x1. As far as fixed optics go, x3 is plenty for a DMR.
  6. The red dot/mag combo - absolutely. Airsoft optics are generally gash in that respect but decent ones are out there. If you're using a dot or an LPVO at low magnification then you should be using both eyes which renders the eyebox fairly moot. Again, airsoft optics etc but even so. You're right, most magnified optics are pointless at the ranges we use but then when you aim at a 300m target on a firearm you have a much better chance that it's going to hit without needing to track the projectile (not that you could with the naked eye of course). Like you say it's more abo
  7. That's because most people get the VisionKing which is x1.25 at minimum. There's plenty out there that are proper x1 at minimum (like the Vector Optics ones I usually recommend). Bear in mind that a DMR isn't going to get used at ranges inside 15-20m depending on your MED. My MK12 has a Leupold MK4 knock off that only goes down to 3x and that's where it stays most of the time unless I'm spotting with it. There's longer claw mounts about that should fit a red dot/mag combo but again - how often will you need or be able to use it at red dot distances?
  8. Glad you're sorted @WhiteRyder. As long as the FPS is under your site limit but you're getting better range and grouping, don't sweat the actual FPS too much.
  9. The peak in 2017/18 was not that unusual al though granted, higher than it's been for a while. Nevertheless it was still a strain of influenza coupled with the particularly cold weather so a known quantity. The current situation is down to a novel virus with no effective vaccine as yet. We are in uncharted territory and as such life has to step away from normality to deal with it. Like it or not, the most effective way of stopping viral spread is isolation. Huge chunks of the population have demonstrated their unwillingness to comply with even the most simple of guidance so we find
  10. Just like they have over the last few weeks you mean?
  11. Maple leaf rubbers are a lot more effective so heavier ammo could well be your next move (I run at least 0.28 in all my guns now). As for the trigger, looks like your selector gears aren't quite meshing up right since you've taken it apart. Possibly the selector plate isn't making contact properly as a result. I say that because the fire selector doesn't seem to line up with the fire modes properly.
  12. Fair enough, they're pretty well known as the main European TMC dealer but if that's not your bag you'd be unlikely to hear of them I guess.
  13. Thing is, as with all tales of woe, there are plenty of people with perfectly good experiences. Doesn't diminish the OP's issues (glad to see it's been resolved) but equally it doesn't mean they or indeed all overseas vendors are bad overall.
  14. I bought a TMC AVS from them that never arrived (thanks to Hermes). I contacted them, they checked with Hermes who told them it was lost and I got a replacement sent to me which arrived inside a week. I've had several orders from them with no problem whatsoever so it sounds like you've been unlucky. I do very much agree that if the item isn't fit for purpose then you should get a refund.
  15. The biggest issue with converting from a two piece hop to a single piece hop is the shape of the front of the lower receiver. Yours is flat (for want of a better word) along the front lip where the body pin goes through. If you change to a single piece hop getting the upper receiver off means you need to be able to slide the whole thing off forwards and the lower part of the hop will get stuck on the receiver. It's easily addressed - just cut a slot at the front of the receiver to make it the same as later style bodies.
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