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  1. It's nuprol, it probably won't stay together long enough to find out, but yes speculation. On account of not really wanting to spoon feed someone not willing to at least look on the same site they're getting the pistol from.
  2. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/nuprol-m92-pistol-retention-paddle-holster will probably fit.
  3. Does there? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!
  4. Ah but some companies like Umarex negotiate licences and produce airsoft and airgun designs. TM have had to remove H&K trades thanks to legal action from ze Germans, Cybergun had a C&D on the MCX from Sig (who now make an airsoft one directly). Likewise Kriss set up Krytac for the sole purpose of stopping KWA from producing any of their designs!
  5. Just as an add on to the above - lots of people recommend the Visionking Short Dot scope, right? How many of them realise that's a Chinese knock off of a Schmitt & Bender optic that weighs in at around £1800?
  6. They're made by the same company as E&L (MOS Manufacture) so in theory they should be good but there seems to be a lot of feedback that they really aren't that great. The Specna is still a good shout.
  7. I think the difference with tactical gear is that airsoft isn't CP, SS or Ferro's primary market. Most of the "gear guys" online from the US will make a point of promoting legit gear over Chinese copies purely because that build quality is more relevant to real firearms owners, Mil/LE markets, etc than it is to the average toy gun weekend warrior. All the while their primary market isn't under direct threat I can understand why it's just not worth their time. When it comes to big mass-market players like Nike and Disney for example, they need an army of lawyers with C&D letters ready to go because knock offs directly impact their market share. The other issue for many companies is that commercially viable manufacturing is still more often than not, based in China. In China, copyright is something that happens to other people so they have absolutely no shame about knocking something off and flogging it as their own product. You only have to have a quick google for "Chinese CG125" and see the sheer volume of knock-off copies of the world's most prolific motorcycles! So in some ways, I have more sympathy for people like Odin that are making a product purely for our market that is then faced with all the copies flooding in most likely from the factory that made it for him in the first place. That said, I seem to recall that when they first came out they were more in the region of £65-70 and to be quite honest, that is WAY overpriced for the market. Yes, it probably reflects the amount of development cost involved and it is a relatively complex lump of plastic (what with the clutch system and whatnot) but that really ought to come off the bottom line not get lumped onto the consumer. I also think that Unity Tactical has the right idea; in partnering with PTS to make licenced airsoft replicas of their (really rather trick) hardware they will neatly sidestep a lot of people that don't want to pay real steel prices but want the kit on their toy guns. Look at the Fusion mounts, yes there are FMA copies to be had but they're not actually that much cheaper than the PTS licenced ones which have the proper trades on and the support of the original company. Maybe SS and Ferro et al ought to acknowledge that they have a secondary market that doesn't need the same level of stitch counting obsessiveness and look to licence their designs (albeit not necessarily the latest versions) to a production partner with a few morals (or at least a decent NDA in place).
  8. @Sitting Duck will probably be better equipped to answer this but I think you may have too weak a spring for the gear ratio you're using.
  9. Lozart

    Cyma M14 SOC

    Are you sure that's a G&G? They're not the right shaped mags for a kick-off.
  10. If you know exactly what parts it needs and can source them then yes, any decent tech would be happy to fit them as long as you're prepared to take responsibility if it's still a bag of shit afterwards. On the other hand a good tech that won't take the piss on parts would be a better bet. Someone like @Armourpiercing at Negative Airsoft for example. Lovely chap, likes wine, hates pineapple.
  11. Despite having been told that a ML rubber had been fitted by the shop that put the aa hop in it is still running the original rubber and barrel. He's getting around 460-470 fps currently.
  12. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
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