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  1. Lozart

    Battery help

    https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-1300mah-15c-continuous-discharge-lipo-battery-long-stick.html Not sure exactly how much space you have but Component Shop will fit whichever connector you need for you. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/batteries-chargers/batteries/lipo.html#q=&idx=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products&dFR[battery_pack_use][0]=Airsoft&dFR[config][0]=2&dFR[hardware_wireconnector_plug][0]=T-Connector&dFR[warehouses][0]=UK&dFR[warehouses_stock_data][0]=UK|1&dFR[warehouses_stock_data][1]=UK|2&dFR[warehouses_stock_data][2]=UK|3&dFR[warehouses_stock_data][3]=Global|1&dFR[warehouses_stock_data][4]=Global|2&dFR[warehouses_stock_data][5]=Global|3&dFR[warehouses_stock_data][6]=EU|1&dFR[warehouses_stock_data][7]=EU|2&dFR[warehouses_stock_data][8]=EU|3&hFR[categories.level0][0]=Batteries %2F Chargers %2F%2F%2F Batteries %2F%2F%2F Lipo&is_v=1 Hobby King also do some!
  2. No worries! Honestly right now I probably can't afford it anyway
  3. I've been hassling him to sell me this gun for YEEEEEARS!!
  4. Don't buy from Evike as you'll get stung for massive amounts of duty and VAT. Out of the G&G and the Specna I'd say the Specna is probably the better gun out of the box. Neither of them NEED upgrading tobe usable though. So it comes down to what you prefer looks wise really.
  5. Cheapest I can find a Trijicon SRS is £1,175.00. Given that even the shittiest CR2032 should give you at least 100 hours solid use you would need to use your SRS for a little over 80 years for what you could buy in CR2032's for the same money.... I'm not Novritsch...I take my hits.
  6. Famas am bestest gnu! Any fule kno that!
  7. If you're using a red dot properly (both eyes open) then the body of the sight should effectively disappear in your view. I also use an srs clone and have no issues with it obscuring my view at all.
  8. Thing is, @TheFull9 has a LOT of direct experience with a large range of gear. I would also agree with a lot of what he has to say about the quality of gear, Warrior kit IS objectively better made than the likes of Tmc, Emerson and Viper. Whether or not it is worth the extra or any better at serving it's purpose for you in an airsoft environment is up to you to decide and spend your money as you see fit.
  9. WHat I will say though is that if the never ending programmability of the Titan is not entirely necessary for you and you're happy with the slightly more basic features then look at the Gate Warfet.
  10. People like to discuss extremes because it suits their narrative. You always have to keep things in context and remember that if someone wants to pay ten times as much as you want to for a magazine pouch then that is THEIR choice. They may well have different priorities than you not all of which are "will this stop me dropping my mags on the floor?". I have the TMC Spiritus clone as well and while yes it's good enough for the money, the stitch quality is way below what I can see on my WAS Pathfinder let alone comparing it to my buddy's actual Spiritus setup (which is attached to his Crye JPC 2.0). Now, the big difference here is that I have a mortgage and a number of other financial outgoings that he doesn't so my criteria differ vastly already. Additionally I have the same TMC clone rig in three different colours BECAUSE I CAN. He only uses one basic setup and he plays a LOT more than I do so his choice to spend what I've spent on all my rigs put together on one rig that he will use more than I will use all of my gear starts to make sense. At the end of the day we all have different amounts of expendable income and different things we need/want to spend it on. If you can only justify buying TMC or Emerson or Viper then that's fine but if someone else can justify buying Crye or Haley Strategic or Spiritus or Paraclete then that's fine too. What isn't fine is either end of the scale berating the other for their choices. We're all here to play the same game but there's as many different ways to do it as there are people playing so how about we speak from experience and be positive about the things that deserve it and reserve the negative for the things that actually need it.
  11. I see this from time to time when someone mentions that their Crye trousers are falling apart. Someone will shout that for £300 a pair they should last forever but that's missing the point. They're designed and made for people that have a specific requirement, one of which is not always longevity! When you have a quartermaster that will just issue you a new set when you rip the arse out from sliding down a hill you don't tend to be bothered about how much they cost!
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What they all said. Titan am bestest mosfet!
  13. There are folks that will only ever buy the cheapest thing that does the job and there are those that choose to spend a little more to buy better kit. Neither are wrong, neither are 100% correct. Fit your kit to your budget and use what you want to use. Personally I have a range of kit from cheap chinese knock offs that are perfectly functional for the level of use they will get right the way through to gucci AF gear that is WAY better made than I will ever need it to be and most points in between. While yes, the cheap gear does what I want it to it's not so cheap as to be disposable so when I compare my TMC chest rig with my Warrior Assault Systems one I look at them for what they are. One is good enough for airsoft and the other is significantly better (whether or not it's good enough for actual service use I can't say but I have been told by serving members of the armed forces that it's better than their gear so take from that what you will). Not only is it made from better quality materials, it's better put together with better quality stitching and higher strength threads. It's constructed with real world application in mind so it is fully backed with breathable padding, decent plastic fittings and above all an actual workable warranty. The chinese stuff isn't awful but it IS demonstrably lower quality AND there is no comeback if it falls apart the first time you use it! And remember -
  14. I see your M14 and raise you the M14 EBR. All the joy of working on an M14 with the added bonus of trying to get it out of the metal prison of the EBR body!
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