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  1. Looks like you'll be ordering from China! https://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p19146/CYMA-Adjustable-Tactical-Stock-For-MP5-Black/product_info.html
  2. Absolute bare minimum? Glue the rail back down and get a proper receiver pin for the back end. Then power it up and see if it still functions Hop unit is buggered, to replace it with something half decent will need a new lower receiver as well as an upper (they usually come as a set anyway) or if you just want to resurrect it "as is" I probably have one of the old plastic ones kicking about somewhere. I may even still have a plastic receiver set.
  3. I'll have to dig it out but it's one of these:
  4. Unfortunately this is literally a Maxx hop unit in a pretty frock with a prefitted R-hop. The ad isn't really Macks worthy to me though, because it IS an expensive product. It's just that the product itself is a bit of a rip off to start with.
  5. You'll want to post them in the Classifieds section, but you will most likely need to meet a minimum post count before you'll be allowed to.
  6. If you're on that there Facebook, come join the Airsoft M14 group. I have a Cyma railed sight mount going spare if it's any good for you, as far as low profile mounts go, about the only easy(ish) to get hold of ones are the G&P copies of the ARMS #18 mount, but even then you'll be buying from China if you can find stock. You'll no doubt be totally unsurprised that this question has been asked before! I have this one on my Cyma M14, Seal Airsoft are pretty reliable and they seem to have them in stock too. http://sealairsoft.com/pro_details.php?product_id=861&fbclid=IwAR2IZfWygMy8FYPdkTSRDcy0ULh0HV_NxkGobiNBz41pYlVhZMWEns9o1ng
  7. You absolutely can, but that specific "special edition" of the Maxx hop unit and a barrel, from Umbrella really does cost 220EUR new (which is an absolute piss take, granted, but it is what it is).
  8. They manufacture air-guns, they import airsoft guns. All the Umarex products for airsoft are licenced replicas made by others (VFC and Cyma for example).
  9. That's what she said! Also - the safety should block the trigger.
  10. Of course they would. Are you new here or something?
  11. *First of all; brands to buy and brands to avoid, for both batteries and charger? Turnigy are good for both, Nuprol are shit for both (well...pretty much everything in fact) *I see that some come with Deans connectors and some with Mini Tamiya - are the Tamiya ones ok to use or do I have to rewire all of my AEGs? Or use Deans to Tamiya adaptors? Mini Tamiya are perfectly serviceable, Deans are in theory better but it does depend on the quality of the ones you buy and someone will be along in a minute to tell us all that XT60 are in fact God Tier and everyone should have them. *Is the risk of fire and/or catastrophic failure exaggerated under normal/sensible use? Do I really have to keep them in an asbestos bin at the bottom of the garden? Be sensible, use a decent charger and keep them in a LiPo bag. Catastrophic failure is almost always a result of neglect or abuse. Puffing batteries is something to watch out for but if you follow the earlier points then you should be fine. If you notice any getting physically damaged or puffing up then just get rid and replace them, they're really not expensive. *Most of the impetus behind this is that I'd like to be able to get a full day out of one set of batteries (at the moment I'm only getting a bit more than half a day out of stock NiMhs), is this realistic? Entirely depends on how much battery space you have and your playing style. That said, the stock NiMhs that come with guns are almost entirely dogshit. *So far all internals for my AEGs are stock, so I was going to go with 7.4v, perhaps upgrading to 11.1v if I upgrade gun internals later on - is this sensible? Most modern AEGs are fine with 11.1v but lifespan may suffer a bit if you're particularly ham fisted. Older guns would be better on 7.4 until you can beef them up *Any reason not to get the biggest/highest mAh I can fit into the gun? Not really. *Anything else I should know getting into this? Always check the sizes of where you plan to put your battery in your gun BEFORE buying the battery. Just because the website says it'll fit in an M4 stock tube, doesn't mean it'll always fit YOUR M4 stock tube.
  12. Fair do's. Septics seem to be more than happy to pay nasally for HK stuff just so they can "flex on the poors".
  13. Shame they're not relaunching the old Hensoldt type mounts. HKParts have them in stock, I'm assuming you may have ways around ITAR? https://hkparts.net/product/hk-mp5-a2-fixed-stock-german-p169.htm/
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