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  1. It is indeed our mutual friend! What happened? Was it bad?
  2. Friend of mine has an AAF and loves it. If you want to speak to him via FB, PM me and I'll put you in touch.
  3. I think the day that I spend as much on an airsoft rifle as I did on my last car will be the day I get divorced!
  4. Lozart

    Airsoft tantrums

    Funnily enough almost all my moments of "sense of humour failure" have happened at the Mall. Generally if it gets to the point that I feel like I might let rip at someone I just go find a quiet corner and chill for a bit, maybe even leave the game and sit in the safe zone (doing exactly that afforded me the opportunity to see someone doing the precise opposite last trip there - losing your shit at the marshals is a quick route to being banned from site, who knew?). Last trip to the Mall was probably one of the worst to date for people annoying the crap out of me to be honest but equally there were some games that featured some of the best play I've seen. ROugh with the smooth and all that.
  5. Lozart

    Carrier for D3cr rig

    Yeah. The PC comes with a load of extra clips to attach the front panel to a leg rig so I just used a couple of them. To be fair the velcro on the back of the chest rig holds it pretty securely. I just used a couple of extra clips to stop the end pouches flapping about too much when I run.
  6. Lozart

    Gun picture thread

    Nope, wasn't me!
  7. I'm torn - I have a meeting in Poole on Friday and it's literally right opposite Zero One.

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      a little "souvenir" from Poole can't hurt either

      (if the price is right)

      they do have the odd offer on now & then


      heck even JBBG had some 9mm blanks at a good price

      (before I switched to the 6mm 209 cheditte thingy's)


      So on that basis - have a butcher's, grab a bargain if you see one

      I would, tell yourself you are helping UK businesses

      (that excuse doesn't quite excuse buying from JambWow though - my bad)


      have a good meeting & a looksie 

    3. Druid799


      Only take cash with you ? Can’t melt the plastic that way 😉

    4. L3wisD




      Loz is going to Z1!


      Who needs anything? Save the postage costs! 😂

  8. Lozart

    IKEA pegboards for airsoft guns

    On the wall bud.
  9. Lozart

    Carrier for D3cr rig

    I have the TMC clone of the D3CR heavy and it's mounted on my OPS/UR Tactical Advanced Modular Plate Carrier. I'll post a pic in a bit./ It's about the size of a JPC but not the same sort of style.
  10. Lozart

    Airsoft Argument

    Hmmm... As "no bang rule" was stated, I'd say if you were that close to him either one shot in his backside or a knife kill would have been the right thing to do. You had no need to "rinse him" either way and he would be left in no doubt that he'd been hit. Personally, with no bang rule as per the brief I'd be tempted to do the exact same as Player 2.
  11. Lozart

    AK47 Stock Adapter

    Good question. In theory it could be made to fit but the 74 appears to have a hinge for folding stocks so probably not.
  12. Lozart

    IKEA pegboards for airsoft guns

    I worry about you. I really do.