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  1. Lozart

    Imax b6 mini power supply

    Looks fine to me. Any laptop supply with enough current output and the right connector will work.
  2. Lozart

    G&G M4 Carbine Top Tech DMR Project

    Although the original thread has lost many of the pictures thanks to Photobuckets new hosting rules. https://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/43-longrange-aegs/892-holy-grail-building-your-dmr-aeg.html
  3. Lozart

    How big are Nuprol helmets?

    My quick two penn'orth: I have what I previously considered a big head (61cm). FMA L/XL sized FAST/PJ/BJ helmets fit but the Maritime is a bit smaller. Their EXF Bump and UTP Bump (both based on Team Wendy designs) fit quite well though because they are a) a different shape and b) have a different suspension and padding system.
  4. Lozart

    A Farewell To BBs

    It pretty much does! It's got a long (and delicate) extended follower. You can see it about 1:40 in
  5. Lozart

    How many of you prefer tan/fde rifles?

    Most of my stuff is black but I do have a tan SCAR. It just looks...right in that colour (and everyone can just fuck right off with the Ugg boot comments 😠)
  6. Lozart

    A Farewell To BBs

    You could fit a MAXX hop unit. That has a little spring loaded lever that holds the BBS in the feed tube during mag changes. When you go back to the safe zone you just poke a finger up into the magwell and release the lever to empty the hop.
  7. Lozart

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    Why thank you kind sir. Didn't see that.
  8. Lozart

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    @CES_williamson what are your FPS limits?
  9. Lozart

    Been fun while it lasted..

    Some of my wife's family live down that way. Are you sure they're actual hipsters not just lost French tourists?
  10. Lozart

    Been fun while it lasted..

    Well, if you want it on your doorstep I'm afraid you're going to be SoL living in the arse end of the country as you do.
  11. Lozart

    Been fun while it lasted..

    There's plenty of other decent sites in Kent, where exactly are you based and what are your travel arrangements?
  12. Lozart

    Replacing CM16 Raider Short rail

    But surely you would have had to end up on an actual firearms suppliers website to find that?
  13. Lozart

    Replacing CM16 Raider Short rail

    There's LOADS of airsoft specific gas blocks available without needing to look beyond airsoft suppliers. Let's not get too scaremongery now, eh?
  14. Lozart

    From Gamer to Airsofter

    First off, hello and welcome to the wonderful world of wondering where the fuck all your money has gone airsoft! There's plenty of trousers with no hard knee armour such as Helikon SFU https://www.military1st.co.uk/clothing/trousers/sfu which can also take a soft knee pad insert (I have some of these myself and they're great) Best way for carrying a rifle and sidearm is a sling and a holster. Depending on your preference slings can come in single, two or three point flavours (I'd suggest a single point for CQB and a two point for running around the woods). As for holsters I'd suggest you stay away from "drop leg" styles as most people seem incapable of actually putting them on correctly. Try a mid ride belt holster. As far as the "full head" protection goes, either a FAST style helmet with goggles and a half face mask or something like the WarQ mask would work.
  15. Lozart

    QD tracer for delta custom?

    There's plenty of cans out there for surefire flash hiders (most of which come with their own flash hider). Pick one that will fit an Acetech unit internally and you're golden!