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  1. Lozart

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Watch the video here: https://www.abbeysupply.com/airsoft-products/Abbey_Predator_Maintenance_Gas_144a.html It's not for skirmishing, has a higher amount of lubricant so it's best not to put too much of it through the hop rubber. It's really only required if you have stored your mags with no gas in or used a very dry gas or propane all of which can contribute to your seals drying out.
  2. Lozart

    EARMOR M32 arc rail adapters.

    I got mine here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/FMA-FARA-OTH-Headset-Support-TB1292-BK-DE/32880866866.html
  3. Lozart

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    UKTactical are selling off the remainder of their ATACS-AU gear as WAS has stopped making it. Massive discounts too!
  4. Lozart

    DPM (I think) and ........?

    Pretty sure we had this convo before but here's a picture of some MARSOC Raiders in US WOodland (which is pretty close to DPM) running CT gear If you don't like it that's absolutely fine, you do you but as @CKinnerley said above don't get too hung up on having everything matching. Unless you're trying to build an actual impression kit it really doesn't matter.
  5. Lozart

    M203 Rail mount Adaptor

    Time Left: 2 days and 21 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Looking for the rail mount adaptor for an M203 (see pic). Price is negotiable on condition.


  6. Lozart

    Airsoft Questionnaire

    Data mining is never just from a single source. Once you get enough sources of data it's far easier to steal someone's identity. An age from here, a location from there....it all adds up.
  7. Lozart

    The "What I wasted money on" thread...

    x3 flip to side magnifiers almost everything I've ever bought that says "Viper" on it speedloaders that don't say Tokyo Marui on them
  8. Lozart

    Slow selling recently?

    Summer holidays, nobody has any money left?
  9. Lozart

    Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Pouches

    I have a couple of .338 pouches that should work if you're OK with Coyote Tan? Brand new, never used. BUilt a sniper belt and never used it so took the pouches back off. https://www.uktactical.com/p-6048-warrior-338-single-mag-pouch-coyote-tan.aspx
  10. Lozart

    TM Sopmod Sling plate/Sling alternative

    Couple of things - first off, 3 point slings are the work of the devil but...if that's what you really want. Secondly, you've bought a £500 gun but you don't want to spend £30 on the bit that will stop it crashing to the ground? Sorry, never understood that. If you want the cheapest option then get yourself some paracord and make sling loops out of it. Personally I would be looking at using a decent 2 point sling like the Ferro Concepts Slingster and running PTS QD sling mounts. But that's me.
  11. Lozart

    COD Black Ops 2 Woods

    Every day's a school day!
  12. Lozart

    COD Black Ops 2 Woods

    The waistcoat is probably meant to be a Koti (Afghan waistcoat) which you can get for cheap here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AFGHAN-WAISTCOAT-WOOL-Woolen-Shalwar-Kameez-Koti-Coat-Gilet-Mens-Waskat-Vaskat-/271680713900 As for the chicom of many pouches....artistic licence innit.
  13. Lozart

    EARMOR M32 arc rail adapters.

    No, I bought the helmet version to start with (M32H Mod1)
  14. Lozart

    EARMOR M32 arc rail adapters.

    The standard Earmor ones are utter shite, the normal FMA ones are also - shite. The FMA Unity Tactical knock offs however are awesome, fit the M32 clips perfectly well and actually stay in place on the rail AND let you swivel the earcups out of the way. Exhibit A:
  15. Lozart

    Has Tokyo Marui solved the 1911 problem?

    Was wondering this exact same thing myself as I used to have an MEU but it was shocking on gas!