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  1. Can't view the video for some reason, but if the nozzle doesn't get all the way to the left there then it's not actually mating up with the hop rubber so a good chunk of your air is going down the feed tube. I'd take the hop unit out and see if the nozzle stops in the same place or goes out further. That will isolate the cause to inside the gearbox (eg tappet plate not returning properly) or outside the gearbox (eg hop misaligned and jamming the nozzle).
  2. No. That's where you're losing your air pressure.
  3. OK, so the rig is missing the back strap, without which it will be pretty useless. As he mentions in the listing you can buy the strap separately - Tactical kit currently have it for £12.99 plus shipping which comes to a total of £16.74. If you add that on then you'd be paying £191.75 for a second hand chest rig you can in fact buy new (and complete) from Tactical Kit for £195 plus shipping.
  4. Use the classifieds section. That's what it's for.
  5. From the Access Self Storage Ts&Cs: I reckon those in bold would give them just cause to say no to RIFs, HPA kit (if pressurised) and gas guns.
  6. I used to do Pull the Plug back when I was doing the band thing!
  7. Well....properly fallen down the old school death metal rabbit hole. So come join me in bleeding ear joy! yeah, I know it's a cover but it's still the best version for me!
  8. It says it's a rotary hop unit right in the description. The table on the right has a picture of a hop unit and says "YES" as in "yes, it has a hop unit" not, "yes, it has a hop unit and this generic graphic of an old style one is exactly what it has, just like the graphic we put on literally every listing of a gun with a hop unit".
  9. Slight tangent but does anyone know much about vintage/antique watches? I've recently inherited a couple of JW Benson pieces, one pocket watch and a wristwatch and was wondering if there's a way of dating them? Neither are for sale for sentimental reasons but it would be nice to know what they are and how best to look after them. The pocket watch is quite tarnished but is silver from what I can work out, the wristwatch used to be my Dad's daily wear watch so it's well used.
  10. Mostly just vibing with old CoB stuff today.
  11. No, they're not accurate enough. If you could get all the solder off and use solder paste to put the new one on then maybe but I doubt you'd be able to do it without either detaching other components or cooking the PCB.
  12. In case you're not aware - those look like surface mount components so you'll need to make sure you have a very fine point on your soldering iron and that you have temperature control on it!
  13. What brand of lenses are you using? WHile it may be that the optician hasn't got the right fit for you it may just be down to the quality of the lens (I use Acuvue Oasys and have no issues with watery eyes at all) In other words, just these ones: https://www.safetyspecs.co.uk/select-by-impact-resistance/en166b-safety-goggles
  14. That's a U94 style plug. The bit that makes a difference is if it's wired to civilian or NATO standard. Chances are that it'll work with all the Z-Tac PTTs but wouldn't work with an Earmor one for example.
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