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  1. It's the TMC copy of the spiritus systems micro chest rig.
  2. Rocking God's plaid on Sunday at Red Alert in Newbury!
  3. No there isn't one. Tri shots have three barrels and all current tracer units are for single barrel guns.
  4. What he said. Odin are legit AF. Personally I'd say they're maybe a touch better than WAS.
  5. Be wary of basing your expectations on reviews from the US, especially reviews on Evike. Bear in mind that sites in the US have higher FPS limits so the expectation of US buyers is different than that of UK buyers. Honestly, you would have been way better off buying the gun and using it before you committed to spending money on "upgrades" that you may not even need. Having said that the Maxx hop units are good but you've not mentioned a new bucking so you'll do well to look at that (I'd suggest either a Prometheus purple or a Maple Leaf Macaron 60 with an appropriate nub). The Madbull barrels I would advise against but you've bought it anyway so there you go. The spring will push you way over the limit for an auto AEG so either you're planning on locking it to semi or you need a different spring. The piston is good but get it from @ak2m4 not Evike. As @Iceni mentioned, if you're going to rip it to bits then you may as well fit a mosfet while you're there. If it's a standard V2 box then you should be able to fit a Titan in there but if you're on a budget any of the Gate hardwired mosfets will be fine.
  6. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Happy as a dog with two dicks
  7. It's most of the parts to make a complete gearbox (minus the cylinder and spring that I already have) for the MK12 DMR I'm building. All E&C parts except for the gears which are SLD.
  8. Happy to defer to those with better knowledge! Although if it IS an EFCS model, why would you need a Titan?
  9. Should be, you'll need the V3 one but I see no reason why not.
  10. http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/parts-c8/external-parts-c97/laylax-nitro-vo-m-lok-to-keymod-adapter-short-77mm-p9036 Although I'd suggest it would be easier and possibly cheaper to just buy an M-Lok foregrip!
  11. This comes back to the same question you asked earlier. The muzzle energy stays the same, the muzzle velocity decreases as the BB weight increases. Site limits that state 350 FPS are measured with a 0.2G BB. If you then put a 0.28g BB IN THE SAME GUN you will have the same muzzle energy (1.13J) but your muzzle velocity would drop to 295 FPS.
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