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  1. Lozart

    Maxx hop up chamber and tru-hop bucking

    That's what I use now.
  2. Lozart

    Suppressor threading help

    If you know how to use a lathe, yes.
  3. Lozart

    Suppressor threading help

    Ah right. I think the flat ended one has a 11-14mm converter in it. The WE Makarov one you have is a bit of an oddball in as much as it's fixed at 11mm, you will struggle to find an adaptor exactly as you're after. Most externally threaded barrels are 14mm threads internal threads on pistols are 11mm. To use your suppressor on pretty much any other pistol you'll be fine as is. To use any other suppressor on your pistol you just need the 11-14mm adapter mentioned above. I've yet to see a 11mm female to 14mm female adaptor that would enable you to use your suppressor on an externally threaded barrel.
  4. Lozart

    Suppressor threading help

    Is it the one with the sloped shoulder on the threaded end or is it flat?
  5. Lozart

    Suppressor threading help

    Pics, or a manufacturer/part ID?
  6. Lozart

    Converting to G-Spec

    I saw the install vid for that the other day. Arm looks good but that adjuster turret is gopping!
  7. Lozart

    Suppressor threading help

    Right, so you have an 11mm outer threaded suppressor. Are you sure it doesn't have an adaptor fitted to it? As above, pics would be great!
  8. Lozart

    40mm green gas shells

    Underbarrel launchers particularly bug me. I really like having them on the gun because they look cool (especially the EGLM I have on the SCAR) but having it loaded with a shell that doesn't leak at exactly the right time balanced against lugging it around the whole time? Nah. It's gone the way of the x3 magnifiers and tracer magazines (in the bottom drawer).
  9. Lozart

    Proper battery disposal

    Make sure you video that one! WEEE regs don't cover batteries but most WEEE certified recyclers will have facilities to dispose of batteries because of the laptops they will inevitably encounter. Most local waste tips have battery boxes too so that would be a good first shout. No need to worry about safety, that's their responsibility once you dump the battery.
  10. Lozart

    Maxx hop up chamber and tru-hop bucking

    I have the Maxx TE (tracer) hop and it's really rather good. It comes with a number of options for hop arms and the tracer unit itself is way better than the Madbull 3-in-1 version. If you're planning on getting the tracer just buy the bundle with it in as it's cheaper. I'm currently running mine with a Maple Leaf rubber and their Omega nub and that's working well. Couple of things to bear in mind - the latch at the bottom of the feed tube stops you dropping BBs when you change mag but you MUST remember to poke you finger into the magwell and clear it properly before you go to the safe zone! The tracer connects to the balance lead of your main battery. If your gun is rear wired then it comes with a longer cable to suit but you do need to find a suitable route where it won't get pinched. Also bear in mind that the battery needs to be a decent capacity as it WILL kill it a lot quicker having the tracer on.
  11. Lozart

    Converting to G-Spec

    Cool, so we're looking at a G-Spec outer and a 300mm barrel, yes? (plus silencer adaptor and something suitably phallic to put on the end) I've also been looking at the Maple Leaf enhanced hop unit and the AirsoftPro zero trigger unit, would you say it's worth going the whole hog and getting the upgrade kit instead?
  12. Lozart

    40mm green gas shells

    I bought a few different ones and then settled on SHS shells. Then I consigned my launcher to bottom of the kit bag as they're about as much use as a one legged an at an arse kicking contest.
  13. Lozart

    Suppressor threading help

    You have a barrel with an 11mm internal thread, to use that with a 14mm threaded suppressor you need the adaptor you linked to from Patrol base (ie 11mm outer thread to mate with the 11mm inner thread of the barrel).
  14. Lozart

    Converting to G-Spec

    I've recently picked up a S/H Cyma 701b. It's already been flat hopped and is running a shade over 500FPS (so it needs work from the off). Looking into the various options (AirsoftPro upgrades etc) I got to wondering if there was any mileage in converting this to a G-Spec length setup? I get the better maneuverability of a shorter barrel and the option of fitting a suppressor so why not? Added to which I do rather like a project!
  15. From the gist of the conversation I think he's already looking. The uplift that his carrier put on recently all but killed his international business so he needs to sort something out!