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  1. I have a 901 myself and yes, it's a hot sweaty thing! You could get a Haley Flatpack (or similar styled knock off) and use that. The chest rig attaches to the backpack straps and the pack has a pocket for a bladder.
  2. Honestly, that's still not enough, If I'm at a skirmish I usually take around 3 litres of water and drink between every game, for longer games I have a Pentagon hydration carrier with a 2 litre bladder. There's plenty of hydration carriers that would work with a chest rig, what rig do you have?
  3. I hope that's not all you drink! Obviously the amount of water you need will depend on age, weight, gender, fitness and the weather but if you're running about in gear then 1litre in a day is way too little!
  4. Ferro Concepts Slingster. https://www.tactical-kit.co.uk/ferro-concepts-slingster-19772-p.asp
  5. Allegedly NOT the S&T rebranded as it is a proper LMG box. Quite tempted by the MK46 on account of being old and knackered and my A&K M249 Para is heavy.
  6. I had a CM045A pre-blue internals and it was great. If they've improved it in any way then it will be awesome.
  7. S'funny, I always wanted an MP7 because they just look so....well, you know. Had an opportunity to get my hands an a real one and I dunno...that steep grip angle just felt so off. Almost as if it was actually tilted forward at the bottom. Leaning more towards an MP9 now.
  8. Also @AlphaBear - please tell me you've got a decent sling for it?
  9. Social media is probably the best bet - https://www.facebook.com/ClassicArmyOfficialPage/
  10. Yeah, yeah, that's what they all say!
  11. Any motor that can run on an M90 should be able to pull an M110, but we're talking VFC here so anything's possible. Sounds to me like the problem lies elsewhere though, does it work OK if you put the old spring in?
  12. Interesting. So if you're planning on replacing the FET itself then it's just a switch so it has no programming (that's done elsewhere on the PCB). What I would say though is that I really hope you have a good temperature controlled soldering iron with an incredibly fine point, low melt solder and good eyesight. That's a surface mount component that would normally be wave soldered onto the PCB so repairing it by hand is going to be tricky at best. I assume you know for certain that it's only the FET that's blown and not other/more components? Good luck with it and let us know how you get on.
  13. Yes, it's illegal BUT being an airsofter is a defence against getting prosecuted so you won't be done for it. It's kind of arse backwards but there you go. As @Rogerborg said though, don't be a dick and it won't be a problem.
  14. Push a QD sling loop into it and see if the bottom of it protrudes as far as the insert in the rail. If it does then it's sticking in because it's been pushed in too far so it needs sending back . If the sling loop stays clear of the body of the rail (ie not all the way into the insert) then you can either send it back because it's shit and wrong OR file the insert down flush with the rail. Personally I'd be wanting it replaced.
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