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  1. It's why I stopped using cheap shit holsters.
  2. Better pic here, looks like Police from the guy on the right but can't work out the sleeve emblem. Update, downloaded the pic and zoomed in and the sleeve emblem looks to be Secret Service Uniformed Division. Which would certainly make sense!
  3. Yeah, saw this in an article on the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/gallery/2021/jan/20/washington-on-edge-before-biden-inauguration-in-pictures#img-4 Not sure who they are, could be Capitol Police but so many people have been drafted in from other forces! Might even be DHS or CBP.
  4. Yeah the taper is pretty obvious Seems it's just down to the size then. Bit odd that the cheap one goes in a bit but then stops.
  5. Is the barrel painted or polished on the receiver end? The polished ones are tapered so a normal "TM spec" one won't fit. There's a fair amount of aftermarket barrels out there for G&P taper though.
  6. Anyone else spot the little kid weaning a "FUCK TRUMP" t-shirt?
  7. Yeah, just tried that myself and got the same result. Seems they're just not accepting UK orders at the minute.
  8. Of course you can. As long as you meet their minimum order limit which to the UK is currently £135.
  9. Not really. The percentage duty and VAT is still the same. It's purely down to where the VAT is paid - at point of purchase or point of import. If it's paid at point of purchase Royal Mail would have no reason to charge you their extra handling fee so it might save you £8.
  10. It's OEM'd by A&K so it's their gearbox. As you say though there are no internal mosfets but you can get external ones that are programmable to give semi on initial trigger pull then auto after a short dwell. I used to use a Burst Wizard on mine for that very reason. Thing is though that apart from the (frankly rubbish) "lightweight" models an M249 (even the para version) is hugely impractical for a CQB setting purely down to the size and weight of it.
  11. There's a few "names" in the firearms world that have come out in support of airsoft as a training tool recently, Lucas (T-Rex) and Travis Haley of particular note. In fact Lucas has actually said that the real steel world needs to embrace the milsim/airsoft world https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ7OVKehSzN/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  12. Depends when you bought it, the first batch were shite but new ones have been sorted out much better.
  13. In that case, you've bought the wrong kind of rail. A lot of airsoft retailers sell them as MP5/G3 rails. They work on the G3 as the recoil stop is right at the back of the upper, just in front of the rear sight (well clear of the charging handle). The rail you've posted here is very much not the same as the rail you've bought!
  14. If your purchase is £135 or less (and the seller has registered for UK VAT) the VAT is paid at point of purchase and there will be no duty and Royal Mail won't charge. If it's over £135 it'll be the same as it always was; cost of goods plus shipping and insurance for duty calculation, VAT calculated on that total, handling charge on top. https://www.simplyduty.com/import-calculator/
  15. The bit sticking up on the top of the receiver is a recoil stop block. It's purpose is to stop the sight mount slipping under recoil so yes it is (more or less) to help you align your scope mount. I think the problem here is with what you think is the front of the mount is actually the back. The extension part is the front.
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