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  1. Prisce

    AWA site

    One of the young uns we look after is coming along(part of a birthday party), but I have been called out so can’t make it now. Hope you have fun!
  2. Prisce

    Hi all

    Welcome Fella, your local to me. Guess you saw RIFT at the Village and that got you back into the hobby! We are fortunate to have quite a few sites around us. If your looking for company or an honest opinion on any nearby sites, drop me a line;)
  3. Prisce

    Airsoft Argument

    It’s more a What If, and to be fair, mesh/goggles/face mask, I’m not shooting anyone when my barrel is resting on your nose. I did buy him some locusts, but he prefers mesh and is happy with it. Can’t get him to change his mind. Ill always stay on the side of Rather Safe than Sorry when it comes to someone else’s safety, me on the other hand, risk is all part of the fun.
  4. Prisce

    Airsoft Argument

    I can weigh in on this argument a touch, we played a Zombie game at a local site, I didn’t want to defend so I stood in the open trying to get shot and no bugger would shoot me... Marshall threw a load of BBs at me in the end just to let me get back to playing. We got through most of them, got to the end 6-7 left, one was my team mate, the other my brother. I have run in with my Mk23, snuck around the back , put my gun up to 2 rentals, they took the “hit” and walked, shot my team mate in the arse, because that’s what you should do, shot the other 2 next to him, last guy was my brother, I put my gun up to his head(all I could see over the barrier- he’s wearing mesh face and eye pro) I have said “bang?” Resting my barrel on this eye pro, and the fucker still shoots me.(for you pedantic wankers, someone else shot the other 2 I mentioned) Now, the site had no bang rule, but that’s my brother, and I’m not ever going to live with myself if I had shot him and it had gone through the mesh and caused real damage, In my opinion, I did the right thing, but, Marshall’s agreed he was in the right, and I should have shot him. I don’t mind respawning and going back, but surely a little bit of common sense should have ensued and he should have taken it...no?
  5. Prisce

    Gun picture thread

    Still missing my drool emoji! That right there is my perfect weekend.
  6. Prisce

    Cars not guns

    Some nice motors right there. I find it funny that many of us have the same tastes in hobbies. Bikes/Airsoft, Cars/Airsoft, and also the same cars as others. Small world.
  7. You mutha fluqqa!? :D

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    2. Duff


      Especially on simple people...

    3. Prisce


      You said it. Not I.

    4. Duff


      Nothing wrong with being an uncomplicated bloke. Not simple as in stupid, but close enough to cause doubt... :D


  8. Prisce

    Barrel not lined up properly? Need help ASAP!

    That would help.
  9. Prisce

    Barrel not lined up properly? Need help ASAP!

    That fault sounds like the Air Nozzle on the box? But In reverse... Cant hurt to sand back some of that excess paint?
  10. Prisce

    Gun picture thread

    @Duff, your scope looks the wrong way round? Is that just the camera angle?
  11. Prisce

    ares l85a2 with proper susat

    £150-200 depending on condition.
  12. Prisce

    ics mp5

    £160-180 depending on condition. If broken, around £100.
  13. Prisce

    Cars not guns

    Yeah I get to see quite a few nice cars. My ole man has had more cars than I’ll ever own. He had 76 in one year.... no joke either. Loved the cobra, but it just wasn’t the GT500. Definately time for car jokes!