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  1. I’m up for it. Just got to find the time again!
  2. Only down side is, your easily recognisable, so when people think someone’s not calling hits, you always get the blame. I dressed as Santa and sewed a beard to my face mask. Never had so many people try blaming me for not taking hits. And had a run of fairy lights wrapped around me as a bandolier. I had a Marshall next to me most of that day and he never once even considered I was getting hit( if you’ve not seen me play, I die a lot, I’m usually first dead, and respawn the most- unlimited lives, best way to beat the objective) I took it off in the afternoon and didn’t have 1 call against me.
  3. TM VSR sniper rifle, it’s a platform, like the M24, or M4.
  4. Why not just have a counter bottom right corner for deaths and kills. And add to it every time you get a change? Make it small enough not to get in the way, but big enough that those who want to see your KD can.
  5. Standard size, see below, this is what I purchased for my ASG40k motor
  6. I like the ASG midcaps, use them in all my RIFs, and they hold 140rounds.
  7. Not necessarily a bargain, but money off none the less. Only for 3 days though.
  8. Airsoft MGs are purely intimidation. The M60 we had was a cheap useable gym workout. But my god when the opposition saw it, they all shat themselves, but not as much as when they heard/felt it. I think people forget, half the battle is in people’s minds. The whole FPS/Range argument sums that up perfectly.
  9. I’d imagine your looking about £50-60 tops(hopefully less). The more you make, the cheaper they get, but some of that looks intrinsic= time=expensive.
  10. 😳😧 He made a grammatical error! Someone quick! Where’s the shotgun?!😉
  11. Y’all Need some Chicken Attack in your life. I’m not posting a link, I want nothing to do with the aftermath.
  12. As a beginners guide to batteries we usually say a 1700Mah battery can be charged at 1.7A, and a 1100Mah battery at 1.1A if that helps. The whole voltage thing got me begin with. Your 7.4V battery is the voltage uncharged, storage charge is around 7.6V and full charge is 8.4V.
  13. SRCs reputation isn’t the best, so you won’t get “rare” value for it. I’d imagine £200 is the most you can hope for, and that’s if someone is desperately after that model. £150 is where I reckon you’ll get a sale.
  14. @rocketdogbert should be able to help, believe he fitted to a Glock once or twice.
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