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  1. True, there is another on that site “upgraded” Asking £230 for it. I just don’t understand people.
  2. Not as bad as this plonker. http://www.usedairsoft.co.uk/rif-s/gas-powered_1/tm-mk23-mod-0-socom-with-lam-unit-and-hard-case_i14095
  3. Dude, don’t take this the wrong way. But prepare to be trolled... You’d be better off going to the field and playing and letting a team happen naturally, and then doing the bits and bobs above.
  4. AP is literally up the road from Skirmish. Skirmish isn’t terrible, just I find other places better. And when most charge the same amount or similar, you get better value for money elsewhere.
  5. Look at Kaizen tool foam, I purchased mine from a website called rutlands. Picture included of how my pistol case looks.
  6. I can recommend a good company, but price will depend on what you want. And if you have the CAD drawing done by them or yourself.
  7. Swiss Arms 4x40 on Amazon, like £40, crisp and very good quality.
  8. I have a good way for Seth to fundraise to make his ambitions a reality. Firstly buy 10000 sponges, and 1 brick(biological or not), volunteer yourself to be put in the stocks, and then see the many many many people rush to have a chance at throwing a brick at you, luck of the draw if you get the brick or a sponge! If your not willing to put yourself in that position, your obviously not serious enough about your passion and plans! (one of those days.....)
  9. I purchased the RIF and accessories as a project, it all came included in the package. It had the correct clamps to clamp to the top of the Reciever.
  10. Best description of a Hi-Capa ever.
  11. With the correct mounting bracket.
  12. Paging Dr @rocketdogbert.
  13. Yes you can.
  14. Don’t have one, but why don’t you radius the gearbox and reduce the stress on it?
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