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  1. Ha! I know exactly where that screen grab came from. I wonder if anyone else does?
  2. I did. But we have a meme thread now!
  3. *looks for facepalm emoji* You got the wrong thread.....
  4. This is where I have been going wrong all this time.
  5. Trigger is getting victimised here. These two memes are a little less one directional!
  6. Prisce

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Going to suggest a strange one here, have you a sports soccer near you? Go go in and have a look at the Karimoor walking boots. I recently purchased a pair for Airsofting, they are light, weather proof, comfy and cheap! Go and give them a test though, I highly doubt you will not get on with them.
  7. Prisce

    A&k pj25

    It sucks ass getting hit by one, but it soon goes just like a nice .25 at 2ft. I think there is a slight difference in pain, .25s sting, .4s ache... if that makes sense!
  8. Prisce

    A&k pj25

    My local site allows 500fps DMRs, most limit to 450fps though.
  9. Prisce

    Silverback SRS suppressor - for MK23!

    Let us know how you find it, couple people have had issues with them, BBs bouncing off of barrel etc. I personally dont these are worth the money, especially when our very own @Samurai makes a much better, shorter, light and cheaper version!
  10. Prisce

    G&g L85A2- Real Steel Furniture

    Bump. Price drop £300.
  11. Prisce

    Specna Arms warranty

    Do Specna Arms manufacturers actually offer a warranty? I was lead to believe that in Airsoft, the period of and inclusion of warranty is done by the retailer, and not by the manufacturer. I could be wrong, happens a lot, but only going on info I have been told by retailers.
  12. Not a Milsimmer my self, but the idea sounds promising, and I would probably give it a go as it’s local to where I live. However, at £200 you have little to no chance of getting people interested. You can get a game for 8 hours for £22 some places. And most Milsims I have looked into are usually around the £100 mark for 2 days. I wish you all the best, I really mean that, but I do think you’ll have to come down a hell of a lot in price to be competitive and get the people there. 300 people at £200- I can see the appeal, but your more likely to get the 300 people at £100, possibly less while you build a reputation.
  13. Prisce


    Well essentially yes they would work, but in practice it would be a little difficult, the wires(elements) produce heat when electricity is passed through them, to produce the right amount of current you’d probably need a big ass battery. Revision Locusts do have a thermal pane which is essentially exactly the same, the “elements” on these go around the edge of the lense, which usually fogs up first.