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  1. Prisce

    CQB Pain

    https://dtwairsoft.co.uk/contact-us Just a warning, it’s extreme CQB, I’m talking fart in one corner and you’ll smell it in the furthest in a second..
  2. Prisce

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Please do! I was going to get something similar but time frame hasn’t been kind and isnt looking like it’ll get better before game day. Damn work.
  3. Money laundering at its finest.
  4. Prisce

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Amateur. That’s not even 1 load.
  5. Prisce

    Where to get good LIPO chargers

    Hobby king all day long.
  6. Prisce

    The last AFUK Mall event

    I may have 1 or 2 if needed. Lemme know and I’ll bring a few along. Most of mine fire under 340. Got a Raider, TM MP5(one for sale-shoots perfect in semi, auto is the biatch- and it only decides to mess up when someone comes around to test and buy it... typical), my battered TM Scar recoil, possibly a couple of other short RIFs if I ask my brother who’s coming along too.
  7. Prisce

    JG BAR-10

    To be honest, don’t think I saw it the first time. Second hand sniper sales seem to be dropping at the moment. I’d suggest your best bet would be selling at a site where someone can test it before they buy. Rough price guide? Around £300. Havent seen any VSR/clones go for anymore than this in about 8 months, unfortunately I think it would probably be nearer the £250 If you actually want to sell it!
  8. Prisce

    Night Game

    I tend to disagree with you lot here. The night game we did was awesome! Only stopped going because the site closed and it was during midweek so work was a problem. I found the game become a lot more tactical. In fact I managed to walk around the edge of the map, through the enemy spawn, sit at the forward base(was a flag that they had to bring objectives too) wait until the last 5 seconds and drop the flag so they lost everything they gained. Its all about tactics and the way you play. You can’t play like I usually do. Running around like an idiot firing in a general direction, it’s slow quiet movement and then a shot if you think you can hear a target. I forgot to mention, there was no night vision gear, which made the event that much more fun!
  9. Prisce

    Good Electric AK-47

    I know nothing about AKs, but people on here whos opinions I trust recommend Cyma for budget, and E&L and LCT for high end. Wouldn’t be able to help on the exact models etc.
  10. Prisce

    Hi folks

    I challenge you to the springer game we did. 5 friends, purchase 5 springer pistols for under £30 the lot, you have to get a kill with this before you can use another gun. The most powerful we had was 117 FPS and it could reach 3 metres and even then you couldn’t feel it. 2 of us managed it, the rest gave up. I will say this was one of the best game days we have been too. It’s even better to do it at a totally shite site where you don’t actually care what people think!
  11. Prisce

    TM HK416D (Modded 340FPS and Lipo) + Mags

    Yeah, list at £500, be prepared to negotiate to around the £450 mark.
  12. Prisce

    TM HK416D (Modded 340FPS and Lipo) + Mags

    £400-£450 most likely, depending on the tech.
  13. Prisce

    G&G M4 gearbox mod advice please!

    No hate from me mate, learnt a lot from ya.
  14. Prisce

    WE Makarov PMM Manual

    Look on FireSupports website.
  15. Prisce

    G&G M4 gearbox mod advice please!

    Ever thought about becoming the first Airsoft Professor @Sitting Duck? That was definitely equivalent to a uni lecture... to much info to digest in one reading. I’ll come back later once my head stops hurting..