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  1. Prisce

    WE MP5 / Apache semi issue

    Oh I had figured, I just want a D’oh emoji for this exact scenario.
  2. Prisce

    Tanaka M700 takedown sniper

    I know very little about them so unfortuantely no.
  3. Prisce

    WE MP5 / Apache semi issue

    Please @proffrink can I have a D’oh emoji.... pleaseeee....
  4. Prisce

    Krytac SPR MK2 low FPS

    Then can I suggest you send it to a tech to service it. You can talk to them about what you’d like etc. Then I’d suggest you buy a dirt cheap gun/gearbox and take it apart and put it back together so you understand what makes your gun tick.
  5. Was going to attempt to get to the Zoo for this date. But life seems to be telling me no.
  6. @L3wisD What you doing in my neck of the woods?!😂
  7. Prisce

    How many of you prefer tan/fde rifles?

    Not really fussed on colour. As long as it’s done well. Most of mine are black, will get one painted soon though.
  8. Prisce

    G&G M4 Carbine Top Tech DMR Project

    Search the forum for “the holy grail of DMR building” or just Holy Grail. And you will find the links that has all the info you require in.
  9. Prisce

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    There is. Sound.
  10. Prisce

    Throat protection

    Got to ask. How many times have you been shot in the throat? I play lay fast and up front, and get shot all the time, and I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I have been shot in the neck, and they really didn’t hurt as much as say a pinky shot, or the ear lobe, or worse still; the nipple 😱. If you can honestly say you have been hit in the neck multiple times, look at getting a Shnood. Not airsofty, but nothing is gonna get you through one of them.
  11. Prisce

    Krytac SPR MK2 low FPS

    Look up Air seal mods, and spring upgrade. I wouldn’t change the spring till you have checked the air seal. The reason yours shoots well is the hop and how it’s set up. I had a 210fps gun that could get to 50M accurate as anything,it just took a week to get there.
  12. No clue on HPA in Airsoft, but I work with HPA in the real world. A regulator drops pressure, so you have 300 bar going in, you set the regulator to 232 bar and it will only allow 232 bar into the shot tank. Regulators have different thread shapes/sizes/screw patterns so you need to get one for the type of system your using, I think this is an A clamp system. Depending on the machine used to fill your scuba tank will depend on how it should be done. If your using a high pressure high flow machine it should be done under water, if using a high pressure low flow system it will be fine out in the open but it will take literal hours to fill. Many scuba shops dont do any of this, but it is for safety.
  13. Prisce

    Is the GR15 with metal rail..?

    To be honest, I have never been one for looks or metal over decent polymer. I wouldn’t spend an extra £30 just for a metal rail when the CM16 works perfectly.
  14. Prisce

    WE PX4 original version with full trades

    I was looking at it and thought, no idea. I wouldn’t even consider buying one, it’s just looks.., so.. small. Think my hands would probably get in the way of the barrel! I think your £100 is about right, never been too good at rarity values as it is all down to if someone is looking for one. You could sell for £90 tomorrow, and 6 months down the line sell it for £150 because someone is after that exact model with everything included.
  15. Short barrels need higher springs. My 300mm used an Modify M100 spring and came out at 370fps, my Random M90 is at 343 currently. I haven’t looked it up but my brain is telling me that cylinder isn’t correct. I think with that size barrel you need a type 1/2( half way down hole). Edit:https://socomtactical.net/airsoftblog/airsoft-how-to-guides/what-cylinder-to-use-with-different-length-airsoft-barrels/ Should help you.