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  1. Very unlucky. Had my Tm Scar L for 18months now. Still running solid as ever. Never had an issue with it.
  2. Because someone (really was accidental) arrived on site with an ASG Mk23 firing 435fps with the barrel extension on....he like the rest of us didn’t think it would be possible for a pistol to shoot that! I can confirm a buddy with a SRS can creep 0.85J going from .2s to .48s.... we take a chrono with us to every game to make sure we measure in joules, no one wants to be that guy who actually hurts someone.
  3. Again, this is where I see AP(Airsoft Plantation) as a step ahead. They operate a trust system. It’s your responsibility to get your gun chronoed. No tags, no Marshall to check. But what they do do is have a marshal with a chrono out every single game spot checking people, if your caught .01J over(yea they measure In joules), or can’t name the weight BB your using, your off to the safe zone. Then your not allowed back in game until the Marshall comes back and chronos your gun on a bb weight they know, if it’s safe(this is usually a different gun) they will allow you 1 more chance, if it’s not, good luck getting back into a game. I was caught once with a dodgy mag(literally 1 mag same bbs was producing , I think, a 20fps difference on .25s(was a brand new recoil mag)- the thread with the facts is on this forum somewhere. I proved this to them, they thought it was strange too, and let me straight back out, as long as I kept that mag in the safe zone. I feel safer at this site than others because I know they are vigilant.
  4. Yeah, I agree with what your getting out. Just hadn’t heard of it before so was more a question of is it possible. The titans are highly advanced, I would like to find out more about what they have incorporated Into the chip set. Just nosey like that. 😁
  5. I did the same. Took some advise from a couple of techs on here, put it all together, sorted all the shimming and the like and it worked perfectly. Have had no issues, just need to work on getting the hop perfect now, as I haven’t got it where I want it. So your saying that the sensors being covered were causing double and triple feeds.
  6. Prisce


    Should be the same. Can’t see why not, fortunately Radio waves are the same world over so you shouldn’t have any issues.
  7. Why did you use a M130 and short stroke the gears? That set up is similar to mine. I’m using: Titan 225mm(ish) 6.03 Prommy barrel Modify M100 spring 13:1 gears ASG 40k motor 11.1v Lipo. This set up I have no issues with double feeds or anything. 345fps +-2. I would suggest the Titan needs setting up correctly. Is this a gun you’ve built from scratch? Or modified an existing one?
  8. Ergh! One of those people huh. Well i suppose no one can be perfect.😉
  9. No worries, was aimed at you to mate. Battlezone do us quite a nice discount when we buy Mk5s and smokes, think we got 100 of each for about £280 all in.
  10. Do you mind me asking where you purchased from and prices paid? Did you get a discount from going bulk?
  11. The difference is one has been reviewed and has 5 stars. Which in JBBG is a first and they are now charging a premium for the privilege! (Realistically it’s likely that the other colours are more expensive because they don’t order as many as they do with the blacks)
  12. It is mate. Guys I use print stuff for McLaren F1, so as you can probably imagine, the work is superb.
  13. The....grammar.....the......too...many....words.... My eyes!
  14. I’d be worried she said “they”. Either you have an extra appendage, or an extra person in that situation.
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