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  1. A&K M60Vn LMG -streamlined

  2. G&g L85A2- Real Steel Furniture

    Bump. Price drop £300.
  3. Specna Arms warranty

    Do Specna Arms manufacturers actually offer a warranty? I was lead to believe that in Airsoft, the period of and inclusion of warranty is done by the retailer, and not by the manufacturer. I could be wrong, happens a lot, but only going on info I have been told by retailers.
  4. Not a Milsimmer my self, but the idea sounds promising, and I would probably give it a go as it’s local to where I live. However, at £200 you have little to no chance of getting people interested. You can get a game for 8 hours for £22 some places. And most Milsims I have looked into are usually around the £100 mark for 2 days. I wish you all the best, I really mean that, but I do think you’ll have to come down a hell of a lot in price to be competitive and get the people there. 300 people at £200- I can see the appeal, but your more likely to get the 300 people at £100, possibly less while you build a reputation.
  5. Goggles!

    Well essentially yes they would work, but in practice it would be a little difficult, the wires(elements) produce heat when electricity is passed through them, to produce the right amount of current you’d probably need a big ass battery. Revision Locusts do have a thermal pane which is essentially exactly the same, the “elements” on these go around the edge of the lense, which usually fogs up first.
  6. Engineering at its finest. What I do at work, the difference between a machine working and not can be 0.00025”. Never really comprehended until I started working with this sorta thing.
  7. The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    I went out in just my top and trousers in the snow.... I am that younger running around player. Even when I’m sniping.
  8. DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    There is a “different” present you can send him. I has the details if you require them. More messy, and less fun I’ll admit, but will get the message across
  9. The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    Christ. If I wore that I’d end a skirmish like a baked potato! I only wear a Multicam long sleeved shirt and trousers, and I still come out hot and sweaty.
  10. metal shotty or plastic shotty...

    I have a cheap cyma shotty (m870 replica-can’t remember the numbers) Cost me £40 inc postage, proper bank breaking. It works exactly as you’d expect, possibly 20-30m range, and as @Duff said, with .28s suprisingly accurate. Its one of those guns that would be great to do a springer only game, or shotguns and pistol only games, but on your average outdoor skirmish, it’s almost unusable. We purchased it just for a laugh, and to have fun at a couple of small CQB sites. And it does just that.
  11. Still two weeks away from owning my first rif

    Look for a decent second hand gun;) You can get some very good deals if your willing to barter.
  12. Syria

    I second this.
  13. 7.62mm RIFs

    Any chance someone with a scar got the drop on you? Maybe multiple times... lot of hostility there Jedi! My Scar is lovely.
  14. What gas do you use in your TM Mk23?

    Did you see any improvements in range/FPS?
  15. how to carry two primary weapons

    As a sniper you need a secondary weapon. A pistol would be best. But you can get away with an Mp5k or something small. If I was in your shoes, stick with the M4 till your sure you want to get involved in Airsoft, then buy yourself a pistol and go out with the sniper and pistol.