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  1. Nope I stick by my point as most so called techs have no real engineering background. Seems all it takes for someone to claim to be a tech is watching a few youtube vids and fixing/fucking there mate Jeffs gun in their moms spare room. Titan is an absolute piece of piss to install and set up, takes about 45mins on bad day. Seen far more sick guns caused by being badly set up and poor soldering than decent quality ecu/etu failures. The main thing about a titan is you can take any bog standard gun and get instant trigger response just by fitting a titan.
  2. Because most techs are not really techs so fuck up the install and then try and claim that the Titans are at fault when something doesn't work properly. Fitted plenty and never had one fail. A few do just prefer the basic mechanical way of doing things which is fair enough, but most are just stupid.
  3. Nowhere near the same level of kit snobs in paintball when I used to play as airsoft attracts. Different mindset amongst players in general, paintballers were always more about the game.
  4. Oh yeah I forgot the other difference between airsoft and paintball is airsofters are more likely to think there is some elite kudos to be earned in spending silly money on their toys and dress up outfits. Thanks for reminding me........
  5. OVERVIEW Airsoft is a hobby where you can play hide and seek but when you find them you have the added bonus of shooting them with a bb gun. WHO CAN PLAY Literally anybody from young kids for who dressing up and playing soldiers is a normal part of childhood to fat sweaty guys called Geoff who have strange little daydreams about if they were a real super special forces commando elite death dealing uber soldier. You also get some generally more normal and balanced individuals who just play to have a laugh (mainly at Geoff) IS AIRSOFT LIKE PAINTBALL Airsoft is paintballs younger brother (yes I assumed gender) so is very much like paintball just less messy and way more pretentious. The weapons both fire spherical highly inaccurate projectiles but paintballers use the terms markers and airsofters use the term rif. This makes airsofters feel superior and claim realism as if real guns only shoot 50mtrs and have whinly little gearboxes and motors powered by batteries. DOES IT HURT That depends on how you play. If you play it like a game and don't feel the need to wear several layers of your finest camo larp outfit then sometimes it can sting a bit. If that is a problem though you can become a geardo but then you have to practice standing there looking bemused saying "I didn't feel it mate and I always call it" Or you can become a crye wearing geardo where it never hurts because they never get hit.......apparently.
  6. Safe enough, I have set off a trmr in my hand on purpose loads of times. Always funny to play suicide bomber.
  7. Spring sniper rifle is a very different to animal to an aeg so while some people reckon it is great for a spring rifle on an aeg it won't work as well. Air breaking an aeg piston especially on a high rof build will most likely lead to pre-engament issues. Most aegs vary a little bit on rof from day to day so to balance timing would be a pain. People get issues with timed ab mosfets and this will be worse. Also an aeg on full auto varies on fps to semi so single shot might work but full auto will lead to results going everywhere. As for silent piston heads it is snake oil as gearbox whine is most peoples problem.
  8. Nothing about that design makes sense. Sticking that pin on the piston head will do nothing as all you want is the head to push air down the cylinder nozzle and sticking anything in the way especially a pin with an o-ring to create a pointless seal will add nothing and could potentially could cause issues. Can't see the reasoning at all.
  9. Going through some kit and found a few mall mementos that got me reminiscing about the site. So after remembering some of the great times and good players I wondered what stuff got stuck in others peoples head. So what are peoples favourite unique sites (woodland doesn't count as a tree is a bloody tree) Any high points that you had or witnessed. Or just something hilarious. Favourite/best players who you played alongside or against.
  10. Racals are cheap enough on their own it is the dual band ptt fitted with a lemo where all the money goes
  11. Make/brand: Various Any accessories included: Baofeng UV 82 dual band radio, racal acoustic frontiers, surefire earbuds, JCI COMMS dual channel ptt with lemo and 3.5mm jack connectors for headset. Thinking of selling one of my radio set ups. The PTT has dual send buttons for use with a dual band radio, this is a custom built ptt designed to work with the racals but you can use any headset that has a 3.5mm jack as both plugs are present. The racals have been modified so the internal mic doesn't cause the distortion with the ptt that has plagued others. There is a brand new set of surefire earbuds for the racals. The ptt is an expensive thing to have made but I am really unsure on it's second hand value. Pictures:
  12. Ignore the bullshit on the internet. Most airsofters measure their range same as they measure their dicks. Especially distrust those who say they use a range finder. As range finders from wish and ebay are not actually worth the cost of postage. 60mtrs plus is fine and you could step up to 0.4s and maybe gain a tiny bit more.
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