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  1. Bit difficult to read and bf4 has as much to do with airsoft as airsoft does with actual warfare. A power gamer is someone who enters a room/area and just fires everywhere without even trying to pick a target in the hope they get someone. It is a stupid skilless way to play. Someone who does this and gets hit but ignores it until everyone else is dead is not a power gamer just a cunt. Although there are similarities between the two they are actually seperate species.
  2. Or you just buy an xcortech x3300w Nah it's just sods law.
  3. Caught the joint on the side and just went. I always wear fingerless gloves and have regularly ended a day with a couple of swollen fingers.
  4. Doesn't mean anything the one that broke mine was a trishot springer all of 260fps.
  5. You are missing the point. You get to spend all day shooting him 🥳
  6. Not far just outside Reading. So I do not warrant an invite to your exclusive CQB event then?
  7. Post up when and if free I will come show you how CQB should be played 😎😜
  8. FFS even as a piss take that makes me want to go out and slap a chav to get my balance back.
  9. No the Facebook says hopefully there will be news in the next few weeks. They are just sorting stuff and will make a firm announcement when everything is set in stone.
  10. The barrel is the nuprol is as good as a zci. Probably the best part of the whole gun. @ShaqMan simplest thing is chuck a Maple leaf macaron hop rubber with an Omega nub and run the heaviest ammo your gun can lift. Changing the barrel is the last upgrade you look at regarding range and accuracy.
  11. Ffs your question has already been answered.
  12. Half of the people talk shit the other half paid someone to do it and 90% of those will have their gun fail very quickly as most techs are frankly shite. You can build a high rof, fast response, super accurate and very reliable AEG but it costs and if you want it to be really special it really costs. Most builds I do for people are £1000+ and even that only buys very good not special. If you want special I might be selling my SIG 552, you might even get change if your kidney is in real good condition.
  13. As Loz said with the Titan you will get instant trigger response. Rof you will get a really small increase but barely noticeable.
  14. As long as the motor is not running hot just use the stock one with the titan
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