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  1. @GAMBLE ignore them because nothing you post is offensive and you are not talking bullshit just being a happy person, which is refreshing. Carry on doing you and fuck others and their opinions as the only opinions that matter are opinions of people who matter.
  2. There is a reason indoor airsoft sites in the south are derelict buildings. A good high bay warehouse is £12+ a sqft and that site is 17000 sqft or so I was told. That estimate of cost is the very low end as well. The lease on anything near London is going to be very high and way out of the reach of airsoft financial returns.
  3. Nah just chasing info for guns people want building. Don't trust the internet so always go to source.
  4. Think there might be other differences in the box but have never tried it personally. I do have a v3 chimera to remove from a box so will look into it. I spoke to Gate a while back and they said they were looking at doing one.
  5. Chimera isn't for ngrs. There isn't a good drop in module for the ngrs v3 style boxes yet but I believe gate are meant to be doing a Titan
  6. Krytac with 5 mags a cheap T1 clone is worth about £290 on a good day. Even for a gun as popular as the lvoa there are not many good days. Your £250 was about what you should realistically hope for so advertise for a bit more and hope your lucky. Never seen having the box make any real difference as we are not talking 1980s Star Wars toys.
  7. Will that titan fit in the G36 ngrs gearbox?
  8. 350fps is no real problem for the gears, yes they will wear quicker as TM gears are a bit soft but it won't just implode because you have changed the spring. The gearbox internals are not as weak as people/shops claim. There was a few lemons years ago and they started the myth but there are loads of TMs that have had uprated springs and nothing else that have ran for years. Don't think Gate make a Titan compatible with that gearbox but haven't really looked. Not really that common as most people buy m4/416 or scar. Change spring, bushings and reshim and it will be good to go.
  9. No they are not and anybody who forks out £680 to get that level of performance is a mug.
  10. I have never understood why people get stroppy at airsoft. If you get arsey then what is the point as surely the goal is to have fun? I enjoy meeting new players and seeing what they are like and having a bit of banter but everything should always be tongue in cheek. But some people take everything to heart so much you have to wonder how they function in day to day. The bit that always gets me is how people online can be so different. I have met loads who I thought would be great but in person are very meh. The opposite can also be very true take @jcheeseright total opposite to me in regards of airsoft and we have spat dummies at each before but after meeting him different story. First class player who I was more than happy to play alongside and would have a beer with. Things like that is what actually keeps me in it I think. Going to look at a meet up game again and really hope you and other regulars on here all sign up as putting faces to names really does help with the camaraderie and does put a bit of joy back into it.
  11. Same I am on the edge of jacking completely. I find the community a really odd place as airsoft brings out the best in some people and I have met some of the best people I know but in others it brings out the worst. I think part of the problem which you will understand is when you marshal you really start to see things differently. I think I would struggle to go back to just playing but at the same time while I enjoy the side of marshalling that helps to give players a good day (shockingly that is something that is important to me) I am tired of dealing with stroppy people.
  12. Your ok freak pheromones get his motor running.
  13. Best gun you will ever use will also be the worst gun you ever use. Shooting people with a top end gun is nothing compared to the joy of getting a hit with an absolute nail.
  14. Fucking vulture post of the year right there 🤣 Well played
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