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  1. My problem with turnigy is everything is just a rebrand and while some things are ok others really aren't and when it comes to chargers I am always cautious. I use the skyrc t200 as need to charge 6s but did have the t100 for awhile and it is a brilliant dual charger for under £45.
  2. Best charger without spending silly money is probably one of these. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/skyrc-t100-battery-charger-444856
  3. Partly generational as I am a bit older at 45 but I would say in my case it is more based on societal. As I said I grew in Bham surrounded by all cultures so my friend group was always very varied and that meant racial jokes were the norm and still are. There was never any real racism though it was just banter and no one got offended, my mates dad who was from Trinidad was an encyclopedia of white boy jokes and gave me hell for years and it was hilarious. So I suppose I am more thick skinned about it all, especially growing up on a council estate where giving each other shit was like a tradition. Also I see stuff from my friends points of view and quite a few black friends have said that their blackness feels like it is more of an issue now than ever with all the constant talk. I actually had a friend walk out of a job because he said the diversity there felt like stealth racism and he needs nothing handing to him because of some racial pandering. Racism comes in many forms and the only way to beat it is just treat people as people and lets stop looking for issues as that just keeps things alive.
  4. No it is a bit stupid but not racism, mocking accents and appearances is just part of the usual man banter bullshit. I class racism as anything that is about dragging others down and treating them like they are less than you. While we can all do that to individuals who irk us doing it to a race based on some bullshit like skin colour or cultural differences that people probably don't even understand is just pathetic. As for someone telling you to go kill yourself I didn't see it and if I had my response would have been harsher than yours as that is crossing a line.
  5. Never seen any real racism on here so don't know where you are going with that statement. Druids joke is about as bad as I have ever seen and while I don't think it is really necessary or funny I wouldn't scream racism. I do agree that what goes on between friends is different to how you deal with general public but at the same time people have taken the sjw bit to an absurd level lately. Seems like the only one who is really making generalisations and attacking anybody is you.
  6. Bloody hell the I'm offended mob are everywhere. Funny thing is the ones who always seem most offended are those that live insular lives where they barely know anyone of different race. I grew up Birmingham during the 80s/90s and saw some real racism but funnily enough all the older people who actually experienced it just laugh it off and find all the shit going on now as farcial. The younger generation who have never had it as bad seem to be the ones who shout loudest, especially the white self righteous ones. While racism is bad people need to realise that what ever race experiences it is quite capable of standing up for themselves and don’t need someone who has never lived it trying to fight their battles for them.
  7. The one thing you need to think about is your play style as while everyone here just shouts get a TM that might not be what is best. The correct ergonomics and weight can make the biggest difference to your day and to my mind trump everything as I can still do well with a gun that shoots like shit but is comfortable in the hand but not the other way. From arm length to hand to speed and agility of player all are things to consider. Take the glock mentioned above they are great performing pistols but for my hands they are not a good fit and that drops my accuracy especially at speed by half at least. Look at everything and imagine holding it all day, is the grip good does the trigger and guard suit your fingers, safety switch and mag release are they right. All that effects your day as comfort trumps everything.
  8. Might want to revise the price a bit as you can get a new one for £375 if you shop around and the average is only £420.
  9. That reminds me of a time at the mall I was creeping round the basement and heard two players plotting how they were going to tell the marshalls I was blindfiring and not taking hits to try and get me kicked because they were sick of me shooting them. It was a happy day 😁
  10. Would be impossible to pick a single moment but best days would be easier. The forum games where some of us went for a meal like the one where @Jedi_Master ended up wearing a milkshake and we all got to put faces to names and then shoot each other. The last few games at the Mall, all sad but some great camaraderie especially the last day.
  11. Mate you missed all the best bits because @Jedi_Master the miserable fucker deleted it😜
  12. Yep it would go from small news story to major headline and do gooders marching with placards if there was a fatal incident, cops did good.
  13. Erm wasn't you going by the name Sboardley yesterday when you were trying to ruin his swaps post and l pointed out you were acting like a twat? Now you are using a misspelt version of my forum name🤔 what sort of weird shit is that?
  14. Or get one with a good body because you will still say in bed but get plenty of exercise.
  15. I reckon this will be a common situation for a lot of people as the covid situation calms down. After over a year of less rushing around to do stuff and just concentrating on the core part of life I think lots of us have become apathetic to all the stuff we surrounded ourselves with before. I was an anti social bastard before but I have even less will to go out and put up with life's bullshit now. Kind of realised all the rushing blurred the rest of life too much and I am enjoying concentrating on the important bits again like family and sleep. I would guess for most the laziness will wear off but some will stick with the comfy insular slower pace as they will have learnt to enjoy actually stopping for 5 minutes.
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