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  1. The day my boy even so much as mentions warhammer I will drag him off for a DNA test. Already looking at getting something as will be good father and son time.
  2. Don't mind spending a few quid on the transmitter if he likes it as that will still get used when he upgrades to a different car. Went for the Typhon as all the reviews reckon it is a great starter and a lot of buggy for £270
  3. Already picked the car, getting him an Arrma Typhon 3s. Just going to take him bashing but if he enjoys it and decides he wants to race then will discuss options with him and look around for something suitable. Trying to find decent suppliers of hard shell 3s lipos in the UK is a pain as there is not much clear info on what is best. Also will be replacing the transmitter and receiver as soon as possible so looking for ideas on those. Maybe but who really cares 😁
  4. Decided to get my son his first RC car for xmas and found out it is an even murkier world than airsoft. Anybody on here into it as go on Facebook there are 50 different answers to every question.
  5. That is not an ICS issue that is a bad techs issue.
  6. Can be done but like everything with a 97 it can be a dick. The marui looks good on one of those, mini tracers on either type 97 model look stupid. 97b with a suppressor style unit looks great.
  7. If robust is the most important qualification then the marui. If brightness then either the actech AT1000 or Xcortech xt501 but glue the end caps. If on a pistol then the normal lighter.
  8. So much misinformation B&T tracer is really old tech and basically crap Marui tracer is generally good and fairly robust but a bit dated tech wise. Only issues is the threads can be weak and some have a power issue that kills the batteries. Xcortech xt301 is a fragile thing. The threaded section snaps easily if dropped and the way it is packed in to that tiny housing is very iffy. Lots have failed where they won't charge. The X3300w combined unit works really well but again has problems with being fragile. The tracer end caps get shot off easily so you need to glue them in place. The control unit on newer models has really brittle plastic that doesn't stand up well to bb strikes. The xt501 is a normal sized tracer that works well but needs the end gluing same as the x3300w. Acetech lighter is ok. Can have issues with quality like all the mini tracers but not the worst of them. The lighter S is basically a rip off of the xcortech xt301. Acetech predator ( the VFC shrouded one) is laughable. While performance is fine the power led is inside the tube and you can see it quite easily blinking away from the front. No hiding in the dark with that one. The acetech AT1000 is again another clone of the xcortech xt501 but the build quality is slightly better.
  9. From what I know the company that lease it need a big income to keep the site open. Airsoft is nowhere near close to the right figures and would never have been a viable option. Seth did his normal trick and fed them a line about the potential of what the income was and what he could do, once they realised the truth of the situation the rest was inevitable. The couple of guys who helped organise the two actual game days have backed off. Seth was talking about investors and options but whether there is any truth or just more pipe dreams who knows. He kind of had the right intentions I think but went about everything wrong. That was the last I heard and if there has been any further movement it has been kept quiet. But it didn't look good.
  10. Stretch can get fucked he is just a pretender. 🐖🔪+🐓=🍗
  11. @GAMBLE ignore them because nothing you post is offensive and you are not talking bullshit just being a happy person, which is refreshing. Carry on doing you and fuck others and their opinions as the only opinions that matter are opinions of people who matter.
  12. There is a reason indoor airsoft sites in the south are derelict buildings. A good high bay warehouse is £12+ a sqft and that site is 17000 sqft or so I was told. That estimate of cost is the very low end as well. The lease on anything near London is going to be very high and way out of the reach of airsoft financial returns.
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