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  1. Might have a clone somewhere if you want it?
  2. Upper part of the boot is ok but when I took a fall the sole split easily which allowed my foot to fold up. Mangled my foot nicely.
  3. Don't trust 5.11 boots. Most of their gear is good but the boots I would never wear again.
  4. This is for all those who played there on the test day and the 17th. On the 14th there is going to some real marshalling occurring and we would like feedback from those who played. What games worked what didn't and any games you would like to try? Feedback from the players is important as players make a site and if the players don't enjoy then it never works. Not interested in the layout and cover side of things as those will be looked at properly on the 14th and anybody playing that day will be asked for input then.
  5. Buddy I am always putting stupid responses to the spambot posts. Now play nice
  6. Rattled? Think you have been bamboozled by sarcasm.
  7. Fucking amazing you have changed my life with your totally irrelevant post 🙄
  8. Yet to see any of the cheap clones where the solar cell is real.
  9. This is the answer that should have ended this thread. No one can tell you or even advise as no one else is you and no one even knows you.
  10. I get that I hate working on the EVO, not because it is difficult just something about it irritates me.
  11. Best on the market is the Titan, simple to install and set up and if there is an issue Gate are easy to get hold of and deal with.
  12. ^^^^This^^^^ An aeg is an amazingly simple thing and unless someone is a complete ham fisted idiot most things are pretty easy.
  13. The way he is in those vids isn't an act either, that's how he is all the time. Top guy and always interesting company to have around.
  14. Looks like it was made for an alsatian, it's got a muzzle. All you can do is just drill holes and see.
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