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  1. I saw but couldn't be arsed. Even working it is not worth much more than a standard second hand combat machine. People really need to learn the difference between upgrading and just swapping parts.
  2. Because like most people that are new he assumes fps is a big thing and doesn't realise that there is no real difference between 320 and 350. Common trap that 99% of new players fall into.
  3. Both right and it is why the 416d is the better option
  4. Fitting a Gate Titan to an arp 9 is not something I would recommend. The gun itself is pretty snappy stock so you would be paying £130 plus fitting for only a small realworld gain. Titans are best used in mid to high end guns where you have a really good quality base that needs a little performance boost. As for longer guns I would leave the Krytac as the mk1 were great but now they are established things have started to slide.
  5. What do you mean a decent reply? You have had lots of decent replies, just can't help some people 🤷‍♂️
  6. Well you attach a battery and then pull the trigger. This causes the motor to spin which then turns these little gears. The gears turn and catch the piston which is snatched back which compresses the spring. The piston is then released at the end of the cycle and shoots forward. This makes a little plastic ball shoot out the end with a woosh of air and if lucky hit someone. Hope this helps.
  7. Ahh bollocks I was hoping you would bite at the half a brain dig...... you're no fun 😶
  8. I can buy whole boneyard guns that need a £15 part with a mag/mags for less than £40. If you were to buy it and build it up it would cost a fortune as most of the cost on a gbb pistol is in the slide. £15 if some one feels like taking a chance, you don't even say what part is missing. The complete 226s are worth about £70 in todays market. That is if in good condition which you cant tell from your pictures. To say tightbore barrel means nothing as can buy a pistol barrel for £15 which is less than the standard TM so for all anybody knows you might have just devalued it by a tenner. Guarder frame adds nothing really as can buy a slide frame kit out of HK for £80/90 so frame breaks down to £45 which is only a tenner more than a stock frame. Guns which sell well like the g17 go for £80 ish with a mag and in perfect condition Dodgy might be leaking mags £5 each. Can't comment on gear as not my thing. The SRC as you just claim upgraded gearbox with no real indication of what the upgrades are is worth about half your asking price if you get lucky. SRC is not a well thought of brand so doesn't hold value. The paint job makes it worth even less as people would have to want it like that. I have bought guns with new values of £350+ plus for well under 200. The second hand market is a buyers market so values have plummeted. As for elitist and why comment have a look what the thread is.
  9. Nah usually within a couple of weeks. I have had stuff within 4 days, lots of UK airsoft stores cant even manage that. 90% of what I buy comes from Taiwan or HK.
  10. Anyone with half a brain just buys ghks from Samoon. They are the main seller in the world and although not UK based the service is first class. Don't be scared of foreign stores they are an airsofters best friend.
  11. Hmmm not sure where to start on this one. Not the worst prices I have seen but £40 for not even half a gun? https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/item/4409-src-416-full-metal-upgraded/
  12. https://samoon.com.tw/gbb-airsoft-gun/ak
  13. Why? I find if you just treat airsofters with disdain they soon just leave you alone to concentrate on playing. Sociable is so overrated
  14. Fucking hell I thought we had eradicated leprosy in this country 🤢
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