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    • Hy everyone,  My name is Demijan,28 years old,about 6 years in airsoft. I live in Croatia which is relatively far from your position,so I doubt i will come to play with you anytime soon,but who knows,I do actualy plan going to Birmingham and London with my 2 airsoft teammates at the end of this year so maybe we will join you for a session. We have a british dpm webbing loadout, becouse its lightweight(not with a full bergen lol),and the dpm works perfectly in most of our enviroment. Anyways, this is the main reason I decided to join here: For years we have used midland g7 radios with inear phones,but in the last year basicaly everyone in our region switched to puxing 888 ,and sometimes it messes our "compatibility",i guess if the person using it doesnt program it to use our allready programed channels. But i am a noob at this so I might sound ridiculous at times... So a guy from my team suggested we switch to puxings too... Being myself,wasteful and feeling ready to spend extra money on gear... yes,i am a gearwhore,not just airsoft,also studio equipment anyways I wanted to get a bowman headset for it,preferably original. Later i thought,why not buy original headset and radio? It is military grade,looks badass,and works for 500/800m flawlesly according to specs.   I thought some of you guys might be into that and have experience with it,so you might give me some insight,becouse i have never used a puxing,or bowman,neither can i find a manual for the bowman.   So i summed my questions in 4 parts id like you to help me with those 4 basic things please: 1. Is there somekind of surplus store in uk where I can buy a new or little used "EZPRR Bowman" radio+better antena+original dpm pouch+original tactical bowman headset,preferably left side?   2. If i do buy the bowman,can I program it on the same frequencies as other guys use on puxing 888,so i can hear/talk to them?   3. If I just buy the puxing,can i connect an original selex bowman headset to it using some kind of adapters or is it a pain?   4. Is the original selex/marconi headset really better than those knockoffs I see in airsoft stores?     I really searched and couldnt find any usefull info so far... We will be looking for answers like we are looking at this picture, salute from Croatia!   P.S. feel free to redirect me to make topic about this somewhere if this is not an apropriate place, and sorry for my English,it can be a bit offbeat at times      
    • ffs, straight off you can see the forward release is rusty, the grip has mud (?) on it, & the paint is worn in places. he'd have to pay me to take it off his hands 😉
    • Bushings are cheap. £4-6 a set. But they do come in various sizes, and each gearbox can be unique. So measure yours. Some would argue bearings are better, but that's only true in certain situations. For a gun you are using and want to run for as long as possible between service intervals go with bushings. For a pistol CO2 - but make sure they don't shoot hot. Lots of CO2 pistols are very hot. KJ works generally have a few in the range that ain't going to break the bank and will be sub 350 on CO2. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/kj-kp-17-g17-co2-blowback-pistol-black The headset changes the sound the gun makes. It doesn't make it silent. But it changes the sharp crack of the piston into a more manageable thud. There are other mods you can do to the AUG as well: Shimming done well. Motor height done well. Silent headset (plastic type -- metal cylinder head). Solid spring guide (solid brass deepfire ones are best but can be expensive £10-25 depending on retailer). Well greased mainspring. Packing the body with foam. A decent suppressor. With all that in place, you can make an AUG sound like a normal gun to the shooter. To the other players outside of about 10 meters, it'll be silent. I can shoot mine done like the above in the house and the wife doesn't know I'm playing with it when she's downstairs.  
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