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    • Asomodai

      Ebay currently has 10% off deal for the day and it applies to the real steel FAMAS top rail. It's still £145 that I don't have, but I have been eyeing it for almost a year now. It will need some fettling to get it on either of my FAMAS but I have the kit needed to do it. Got til midnight to decide! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rail-p-g-m-famas-professionnel-militaire-armée/141934353042?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
      · 0 replies
    • Dino

      So I order some stuff from China (wireless ptt) and some name tags from a company in the UK, both on Monday.  I was expecting the ptt to arrive next week, but has come now and no name tags.  We have such a crappy postal system....grrr....
      · 3 replies
    • L3wisD

      I love the smell of spammers in the morning!
      · 5 replies
    • Asomodai

      I am after a reliable tech in or around East London/Essex who can work on a couple of G36 based RIFs and has access to a long distance range to test them.
      As I am restricted to public transport they would need to be fairly close to a train station or well served bus!
      · 5 replies
    • AK47frizzle

      There is an SR-2 Veresk going to be released! But, it's NPO:(
      · 0 replies
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    • As Roger said, the Dye i4 will nicely hit the nail on the head for both airsoft and paintball. I know a number of guys who run them for CQB and swear by them.   When it comes to choice of gun a bit more information would be handy to be honest. I'd suggest asking yourself a few questions to begin with;   What is my budget for a gun? Remember you'll need battery(ies), charger, possibly magazines (depends if you want hi-cap's, mid-cap's or lo-cap's). Consider which models you do and don't like the look of. What features are you looking for in your gun(s)? For example; a folding or collapsing stock? Rail systems out of the box?   When it comes to equipment to support your choice there are a few factors. If you opt to go with hi-cap magazines then depending on what you're running and how heavy you are on the trigger you might/should be able to get away with just the one magazine. If you're going to mid or low cap's then you're going to need enough mag's to see you through a game or two and the pouches/rig to carry them. As a general rule you want to try and go with "less is more". A good chest rig or well thought out battle belt will allow you to carry your equipment and stay light on your feet, thus reducing fatigue and allowing for more free movement.   One very overlooked piece of kit which I'd be inclined to suggest would be a sling, especially given you mention you're running a hi-capa at present.   Finally it's worth remembering that what works for one person won't necessarily work for you. The Dye i4 is a great piece of kit and adopted/used by many players for good reason but when it comes to recommending chest rigs, battle belts, slings, holsters etc. won't necessarily suit your needs.   edit: as a quick after thought. Have you had the opportunity to rent or try out any guns at your local sites? If you spot anyone at your local site with a gun which is of interest it might be worth talking to them about their experiences with it (time/situation allowing) and many players will happily let you handle (some may event let you shoot) their guns to get a feel for them.
    • I have been to the Mill several times and, though it takes up a full floor of an old building, the set up is full of fairly confined areas - rooms, corridors, lots of doors and little corners etc. The best sort of primary would be a very short AEG/smg or even a pistol.   I have not yet been to Level 2, and only have photos and a couple of video clips on Faceache to go on, but there seem to be more open spaces there. It looks like you can shoot out to 30 yards and beyond in many places.   Of course photos can lie, and so I thought I would ask anybody who has been to both: are these two sites set up for slightly different styles of play?
    • Don't like the feel of it     Anyway.. This is getting ridiculous!!!   Mk23 stti, silverback mk23 suppressor, TM mk23 mag, 2x ares striker short mag, AAC hop up adjusting wheel, AAC suppressor adaptor (23mm CW - 14mm CCW) all this stuff for €173.20 shipped (shipping is €19.90) from airsoft entrepot.   The mk23 alone is €90 from the only Italian shop that has one. 40 for a mk23 mag. Not counting €10 shipping.
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