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    • Closest to you is thunder park airsoft at Winnards perch, it's literally a couple miles from you. There's also cornwall elite airsoft in tresilian woods which is where I go, should be a game there week Sunday.   There is tank trax in scorrier, but I don't know much about that site.   And finally big momma's airsoft in Saltash. Come down kitted out as there's bugger all shops, though cea does sell bits like pyro and blitz bb's which seem decent.   https://m.facebook.com/cornwallseliteairsoft/
    • *This is a Place holder*
      *It's going to take me some time to construct this review with several edits over several days*
      *The pictures part of the review will also take time*
      *Until these starter comments are removed the review is not complete*

      Stock review:
        Gun Name and maker: LCT G3 - LC3A3 Slim Olive Drab   FPS:                                         300 Hop up:                                  Rotary G36 style Mag Capacity:                     Supplied Mid Cap 140rnd, High cap (optional) 500rnd Battery: Whatever fits.    No lipo protection stock, and a good sized stock compartment. Plastic/Metal/Both:         Steel, Glass re-enforced plastic.   My opinion and overall comments:

      Out of the box the LCT G3 is something to behold. It's weight, and build quality are exceptional. The feel of the body is at a level that is normally only reserved for the very best AK's, Been made out of mostly a very generous thickness stamped steel. The gun feels real, Frighteningly so. It is the single best example of a G3 currently been sold on any airsoft market. 

      The gun is finished in a professional gun blue, that has good scratch resistance, and is a nice deep matt black.

      The plastic parts are made out of a very high quality glass re-enforced plastic. The moulds are good with some raised die seams, but no flash on my example. The stock is fixed to a steel end cap and has brass inserts for the steel bolts to hold into. It has a generous thickness of plastic, and is built to last. The foregrip is made from even thicker plastic, it is solid with minimal movement. The plastic parts do not feel like regular airsoft plastic. These are thick solid chunks, made to last and feel real. The plastic parts are almost identical dimensions to the real steel wood counter parts.

      The attention to detail is not perfect, the gearbox through body pin is not present on the real gun, The selector is single side only, and the blanking cap does not move with the selector. The mid cap magazines need some work to feed correctly. And there are a few gearbox niggles, The tappet plate on mine was warped and slightly too short, The cylinder head had a poor airseal, and the rubber washer had come loose. Easy to fix but those problems should not happen on a  gun at this price.

      To  further elaborate on those gearbox problems out of the box mine shot at 280fps. With a new tappet plate, and the Cylinder head sorting it went up to 355fps. No upgrades were done, That was an out of the box drop of 75fps due to poor QC on my gun.

      I took my G3 out on the day or purchase, before I sorted these issues, and even at a leaky 280fps, it shot straight and had very good range. The gun felt snappy on a 7.4v 30c battery, and all of the controls worked perfectly.

      That been said the gearbox component selection bar the tappet plate is very good. Steel gears, Nice alu piston head, Good piston, O-ring airseal nozzle.

      As such the LCT G3 is not an out of the box package, That you can not unbox and start to play with, and expect 100% performance. The issues it does have are all correctable with a little time. And the second part of this review after the basic review is going to cover that.

      The finish on the steel parts is also sharp, Some  effort has been  made to deburr the steelwork, but it is in no way complete, and I would not recommend handling a new LCT G3 without gloves. Removing the burrs will take you about an hour with either a deburr tool, a fine file, or some very fine wet and dry paper. And you will still find the odd burr that needs knocking back for the first few days of handling the gun.
          Overall rating: Out of the box.
      10/10 - looks and build quality external.

      7/10 - function, midcaps have a feed issue (correctable).

      6/10 - internals. Correctable errors by LCT.

      In function the LCT G3 is the only top end solution for people wanting a steel G3. It has a few issues, but these are correctable. At it's price point these errors should have been picked up in QC and dealt with at the factory.  
      The second part of this review is going to deal with the minor issues of the LCT G3 and how to go about making one of these guns into a beast without breaking the bank.

      *Review not complete*
      *Review not edited* *Place holder*

    • ouch! 15 minutes for me.. He's worth it though. Anyone who designs shit for the Eurofighter is welcome to work on my guns!
    • Errr, no. Five hour drive there, 4 hours back 🙈
    • you live local to me then? He really is a great guy. He's currently got hold of my 308 GBBR and gas P90.
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