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  1. MisterG

    Balance Charging

    Probably, it looks like the primary, the spare is an ASG 3 cell with all taped together Though it did seem to work fine when I used it in the gun before I knew one cell was dead. Cheers G
  2. MisterG

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    That's why I try to stay away from there, a Tippman M4 was tempting me 😉. Good thing you didn't need two tone parts, at these prices it would be more than you paid for the gun 😉 https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/222398249879?chn=ps&adgroupid=54831769347&rlsatarget=pla-412711540731&abcId=1133916&adtype=pla&merchantid=9610334&poi=&googleloc=9046084&device=c&campaignid=1057744940&crdt=0
  3. MisterG

    Balance Charging

    Been charging the Lipos for my Evo with a normal charger, and then the main battery on the new IMAX. But haven't really used the spare Lipo, but this morning decided to try out the Imax on my spare Lipo. It only recognised 2 cells, one seemed to have died, so managed to resurect it using dubious means which I won't repeat here, lest I fall foul of the H&S police 😁. Managed to get it back to 3.25 V after a few minutes, at which point the new charger could recognise it, the others were at 4.22, so I thought I would try the balance charge funtion as the battery was appearing as fully charged. After about 8 hours of balance charging I managed to get it up to 3.86V. I'll try again tomorrow, didn't want to leave it unattended overnight, and family time calls. Hoping it will balance completely tomorrow. Cheers G
  4. MisterG


    Hi Welcome to the forum. Don't over think it, just have a great time tomorrow. Cheers G
  5. MisterG

    Airsoft in Summer

    I've got an MTP hydation backpack, and just got a new black cover for one, so should be good. I can get the spout under my paintball mask, so should be good to go. Cheers G
  6. MisterG

    Airsoft in Summer

    My kind of weather I don't like it when it goes over 20.
  7. MisterG

    Airsoft in Summer

    Now I'm thinking less running, more lying prone 😉. I'm playing next weekend, will probably be low twenties.
  8. MisterG

    Airsoft in Summer

    Having started airsoft when it was 5 degrees and wet, was thinking I'll probably fry in the summer with the gear I have. What do you use in the warmer months outside? Was thinking DPM UBACS + DPM Assault vest or PLCE or MTP UBACS + Osprey MK4. Any thoughts? Will I still fry? Cheers G
  9. MisterG

    Switching to Deans Connectors

    Just did my spare battery, but not had to swap batteries mid skirmish yet. I've done it really short so now it's a lot easier to fit the battery in my G36C. Cheers G
  10. MisterG

    Flash Mag Repair

    in my case I think the cable itself was fine, it didn't break. It seems to be plastic coated wire. It was knotted at the end to hold the plastic pull knob, and it just came undone.
  11. MisterG

    Wrong kind of Pouch

    Gotta protect the family jewels, so I think I'll stick with my mtp pevic protector 😁. Though recently I have just been just taping the insert to the inside of my trousers makes it a lot less bulky, and is hidden so I don't have to worry about mismatched camo. Cheers G
  12. MisterG

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    It was much easier after I shortened the wires. Cheers G
  13. MisterG

    Wrong kind of Pouch

    So I searched eBay for "Black grenade pouch", looking for something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Viper-Tactical-Smoke-Flash-Grenade-Pouch-Army-Combat-Airsoft-MOLLE-Cordura-Black/272869067759?epid=1358853745&hash=item3f88438bef:g:yRwAAOSw3pVZ0By2 But the first hit on eBay was this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sexy-Mens-Underwear-Thongs-Briefs-Bulge-Pouch-G-String-Underpants-Grenad-plas/323083289590?var=512196598633&hash=item4b3943c3f6:m:m_4zyPQopv2iD1Gcj-lTEbA 😄 Cheers G
  14. MisterG

    Airsoft Imports - A Bad Experience, Sadly

    Maybe you could use that as evidence to back up your case with eBay? Hope you get your money back. Cheers G
  15. MisterG

    Airsoft Direct- Hull

    Must be a member on here, and saw you already gave them a bash-ing 😉