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  1. MisterG

    Painting an IF

    At that age (13), the sites I play at would require you to have an adult present, though not necessarily play. Is someone taking you to play? If they are ALSO playing they could get UKARA in their name and gift you a RIF, e.g. for Xmas. Cheers G
  2. MisterG

    New to airsoft Hampshire

    Hi Welcome to the forum. There are two sites in Eversley, so you'll be spoilt for choice 😉 Our very own @L3wisD is a marshal sometimes at Ambush in Eversley. Cheers G
  3. MisterG

    Skorpion vz61

    Time Left: 1 day and 22 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Looking for a replacement in working order as my old one broke and not worth repairing. Cheers G


  4. MisterG

    FPS Rate

    Hi, if it's semi only you are ok from a legal point of view. I'll let the Kent based players reply, as I've played and various sites and for a DMR it can vary from 400 to 450 depending on where I played. But wouldn't be surprised if there are a few that allow up to 450, so you shouldn't need to change anything. Cheers G
  5. MisterG

    Sat 8th Skirmish wycombe

    I'll be there, but I don't trust the weather reports after the deluge a couple hours ago 🙄 Cheers G
  6. MisterG

    Potentially dumb questions

    Not an expert on thesethings, but I get my bottles filled to 3k a the Dive shop. Will easily drop below 2k during a skirmish and even below 1.5. I might be heavy on the trigger, but it is semi-only. Just something to bear in mind when filling to 2k, as you may find you'll need a second tank. Cheers G
  7. MisterG

    Testing BBs

    Couldn't find the G&Gs in .30 when I needed them. Will probably go back to them now that I have nearly used up the ones I have. Cheers G
  8. MisterG

    Testing BBs

    I've stuck with the Blaster Devils .36s in my Tippman set up as a DMR at ~430 FPS. Not had any issues, didn't see any improvement using Geoffs .40s, I probably need some more work on the hop. For the AEGs, moved to .30 Blasters once I flat hopped them. Again no real issues, though I do find green blasters shatter when fired against a tile wall at 5 to 8m some of the time (especially the .25s), other times just splits in half or does not shatter which could indicate variable quality. Cheers G What are you using them for? I only use .20s for CQB at the Mall and chrono. As the Mall is now closed, not using many 😉 In the Mall I used Green Blasters, Ambush .20s and Blaster Tracers without issue. Cheers G G
  9. MisterG

    Please help me choose a gun

    And then end up on the dreamers thread when you try to sell it for what you paid 😉
  10. MisterG

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just got a Maxx hop up for ICS M4/CXP series with tracer. As the tracer was only about £14 more, I thought might as well, as it is twice that if bought separately. Cheers G
  11. MisterG

    Normal sized tracer units vs minis

    Just got a hop unit tracer, seems to work ok, Will update this once I have used it in anger. Main advantage is it is fed off the gun's lipo, no need for extra batteries and can extend barrel into a mock suppressor. Mine was built for the hop up, so fits fine and was factory fitted (MAxx hop up for ICS). Cheers G
  12. MisterG

    My Bolle x1000 RX goggles

    I attached an old pair of glasses to my goggles with the ties you get on cables when you buy electrical items. Took the arms off, they fit ok, but fogged a lot so went down the contacts route. As the main part of the frame was there, had something to attach the ties to. Cheers G
  13. MisterG

    Umarex/VFC/Elite Force MP7 AEG

    TM and Well make Uzi AEPs, finding one in stock is more of a challenge 😉 Were you after a particular brand? Cheers G
  14. MisterG

    Rough Guide To A U.S Vietnam Era Loadout

    Why cautious with the M16? I've seen photos from the war with them carrying it. Also most were wearing boonies in the few photos I looked at, hence the OD boonie rather than a rice hat. Cheers G
  15. MisterG

    Rough Guide To A U.S Vietnam Era Loadout

    I got all my tiger stripe stuff from Military 1st, so it all matches Cheers G