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  1. MisterG

    New here

    Hello and welcome.
  2. MisterG


    Tracers make it much more fun, at least I found that to be the case at the Mall. Cheers G
  3. MisterG

    Forcecore armament (S&T rebrand) Vss vintorez (needs repair)

    If you still have it, Snuff was looking for one.
  4. MisterG


    Did you report him to a marshall? Not played with any nobbers as bad as that. Cheers g
  5. MisterG

    Glock 17/19

    I don't like the look of the 50 round mags, but with double the capacity they are more practical. Cheers G
  6. MisterG

    Gun picture thread

    Been doing some work on the CXP-16. More on the internals than externals, since I last posted a pic. - Stripped down the upper gearbox, cleaned and re-greased with Silocon Grease, looks like gun grease was used before. - Added more PTTE tape to the cylider head. - Upgraded the spring as it was still only getting around 315 FPS, now a nice 345. - new longer tightbore barrel, 455mm ZCI barrel extended into the suppressor - flathopped it using prometheus flat hop nub and Tippman Bucking with the usual flat hopping by grinding off the raised bits on the inside. - took the BUIS off - Fitted a short picatinny rail so I can have a vertical grip at the front
  7. MisterG

    Inokatsu M4A1 Service

    Depending whereabouts you are in London, Luke at the Mall in Reading might be able to help you, if you go in person. I don't know if he does stuff by post. @ImTriggerHappy may be able to advise, as he knows Luke very well. Cheers G
  8. MisterG

    How many of you store guns with empty mag in?

    I don't leave them in the gun. I empty mid caps completely, for high caps I just empty the the ones causing tension on the spring. Cheers G
  9. MisterG

    SWAS Airsoft

    I'm looking for a 12.5 to 13.5 " M-Lok handguard to fit a Tippman M4, let me know if any are likely to come in. Ideally with an angled front. Cheap as chips on eBay from China, but would rather buy from a reputable seller as long as the price was reasonable. Cheers G
  10. MisterG

    Old But New Too.

    Hi Welcome to the forum. Cheers G
  11. MisterG

    Gun Purchase in Europe

    For bringing it into the UK it counts as importing, so you would need a defence. UKARA is probably the safest/easiest in the case of an importation. For moving it around in country you need a valid reason to be doing so, e.g. taking it for repair, skirmishing etc. A confirmation email of a booking on a smartphone would be an easily demonstrable defence for example. Also cannot be visible, so in a box /gunbag between house and boot of car, in the boot you are ok 😉 , then same again at your destination. Cheers G
  12. MisterG


    There you go. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STERN-MOTOCROSS-ENDURO-BODY-ARMOUR-JACKET-SUIT-ORANGE-XXXL/230624109549?epid=858677611&hash=item35b244a3ed:g:lJgAAOxy7RBRXqCr Two toned for those who don't have UKARA 😉
  13. MisterG

    Battle belt, plate carrier or both?

    Normally, your hips should be taking the weight, so your belt may need adjusting. If your shoulders are doing the work, you will get tired faster and get back ache. I was doiing the same until my ex-army mate fixed it for me. Though after a hip op, the above may not apply. Hope it mends quickly. Cheers G
  14. MisterG

    Battle belt, plate carrier or both?

    What's that sticking out of the backpack? Cheers G
  15. MisterG

    Old but new

    Hello and welcome. Many regulars on this forum are older than you, myself included. Oldest is 70 AFAIK. Cheers G