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  1. MisterG

    Return of old player

    Hi Welcome to the forum. Are you near Coventry? You listed Gunman in Eversley, as a site which is still running, but that's quite a trek from Coventry. Loads in that area, but if you need something near Coventry then hopefully someone in the Midlands can help you out. Cheers G
  2. MisterG

    Hello All

    Hi Welcome to the forum. Cheers G
  3. MisterG

    Hello, total newbie here

    Hi Welome to the forum. Cheers G
  4. MisterG

    Hello everyone

    Hi Welcome to the forum. Cheers G
  5. MisterG

    Sniper Rifle for plinking

    Hi It would depend on the upgrades, e.g. a rifle capable of 500fps is likely to have a harder bucking than you would want. And you might not benefit as much from the other upgrades, as there is only so much performance you can squeeze out of the lower fps, so you are paying extra for things you don't need. I have seen some near stock used ones on the forum from time to time. You'll also need to consider it will probably be illegal to ship a 500fps rifle to you, unless you find someone willing to downgrade their rifle before shipping, or more likely illegal for you to import it, but I'm not sure of the exact laws there. Have you tried sourcing a used one locally? Though I'm guessing most won't bother with a sniper if it's got the same fps limit as an AEG. Cheers G
  6. MisterG

    Larry Airsoft

    Hi Many people start of going on their own, that's how I started. But if you make friends on the forum or on the sites you play at you might start going with a group, which is my experience. As with anything in life, play fair, eg take your hits, be friendly and you will find some mates to regularly play with. Cheers G
  7. This was being discussed as a CQB site earlier in the week. http://ucap.co.uk/ucap-vengeance/ Couldn't find an address on the website, but googled the Police College in Bramwell and came back with Hook RG27 0JW. I'll wait to hear what others think, but it's about an hour's drive for me, but would depend where in London you are.
  8. MisterG

    SWAS Airsoft

    They were in stock earlier, I was tempted to get one as a secondary.
  9. MisterG

    Perfect weather for a game

    I like a dry sunny crisp day, about 5 to 8 degrees. Can see perfectly and I don't overheat. I wouldn't want to play in snow, mainly because I would be obliged to by white gortex gear, any excuse to by more gear 😉
  10. Rifle is free, postage and packing £250 😉
  11. MisterG

    Begginer noob

    Hi Before rushing out to spend, play a few games, get UKARA sorted. The only thing I would say is get your own eyepro, facepro, gloves and boots (unless you already have hiking boots). Lots of recommendations if you search the forum. For the rest, have a look round when you play to see what you like and what others wear/carry. Cheers G
  12. MisterG

    Saying Howdy

    Hi Welcome to the forum. Cheers G
  13. MisterG

    Blackhawk kneepads larvae?

    I'd contact the seller and get him to send you a new pair, but that's probably because my reaction would be to burn it with fire, agent orange and anything else to make sure it was dead 😉 Cheers G
  14. MisterG

    Lower face masks?

    Hi The masks with cloth sides allow a better cheek weld. E.g something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/OneTigris-Tactical-Foldable-Protective-Teenagers/dp/B076C4NN51/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1548099010&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=one+tigris+mask&psc=1 I always were a mask, but I like my teeth 😄 If you have an all metal mask, it can be moulded to better fit your face, that is what I did. Bend the mesh to shape. Cheers G
  15. MisterG

    Sites around London that do Saturday games

    West of London, Skirmish Wycombe do a game at least one Saturday per month. You didn't say which part of London you're from, so it may be do-able for you. Cheers G