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  1. I remember seeing you too. Next time I'll say hello 🙂.
  2. Start was a bit slow, but once the Mall like games started it was great fun. I was in the tiger stripes, would have said hello if I knew what you looked like. I also continued my tradition of losing something at a skirmish. Only noticed at lunch time I was missing a knee pad 😁
  3. I'm going to Acid Drop today, hopefully will be good.
  4. As long as they aren't for anything heavy, I don't have any issues looping through the bottom loops on the pouch to make it a relatively snug fit on the belt. I've even put a few mags in like that.
  5. Absolute near Reading has a lot of buildings, but it is a love it or hate it site, some love it, some hate it. I've played there with no major issues, but a lot of brambles and distance mean I haven't been in a while. Terrain is quite flat. Skirmish Wycombe has a good few buildings, some are a bit run down, but they are adding and refurbishing and getting better all the time, depending where in London you are it might be pretty close by. It's smaller than Reforger, so less space between buildings. Terrain is quite varied. I tend to play here the most.
  6. BB bottle seem to have smaller tops now so will be fine. I put some knee pads in my tiger stripe trousers. Stitching is a lot better than my previous attempts. Imight do somethiing similar for a holster for an Amoeba 003, looking to use that as a secondary. Thanks for the inspiration.
  7. They should be left gassed when stored so the seals don't dry out and degrade
  8. I don't know that specific pistol, but Lylax nineball parts are meant to be good for TM pistols. Cheers G
  9. Hi, My Tippman is HPA and set up as a DMR so it's single shot only. So they aren't always about ROF. I find it easier to maintain than an AEG and more consistent. Cheers Gordon
  10. Hi Welcome to the forum. Cheers G
  11. I played a normal skirmish there when it was Ambush and remember Matt, was my very first skirmish and had a lot of fun. So hopefully some good games to be had.
  12. If you play at a site where they also do paintball you can ask if they do refills for HPA as well. When I play at Skirmish Wycombe Airsoft I get free refils, so doesn't hurt to ask. Cheers G
  13. Hi Welcome to the forum. Cheers G
  14. Hi Welcome back and welcome to the forum. Cheers G
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