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  1. They should be left gassed when stored so the seals don't dry out and degrade
  2. I don't know that specific pistol, but Lylax nineball parts are meant to be good for TM pistols. Cheers G
  3. Hi, My Tippman is HPA and set up as a DMR so it's single shot only. So they aren't always about ROF. I find it easier to maintain than an AEG and more consistent. Cheers Gordon
  4. Hi Welcome to the forum. Cheers G
  5. I played a normal skirmish there when it was Ambush and remember Matt, was my very first skirmish and had a lot of fun. So hopefully some good games to be had.
  6. If you play at a site where they also do paintball you can ask if they do refills for HPA as well. When I play at Skirmish Wycombe Airsoft I get free refils, so doesn't hurt to ask. Cheers G
  7. Hi Welcome to the forum. Cheers G
  8. PFTE tape is your friend.
  9. Hi Welcome back and welcome to the forum. Cheers G
  10. I had a look at the advert, and agree with Roger. Split it up and revise the pricing. As a rule of thumb, 60-70% of current retail price for a gun and about 50% for the other bits and pieces. But would depend on rarity and desireablility. You will struggle to find someone who wants exactly what you wanted when you bought that gear.
  11. Hi As I managed to solve the problems, I have a fully working gun so I won't be selling the trigger separately. Cheers G
  12. If you play at a site that also does paintball they may be able to refill for you. I can get free refills at Skirmish Wycombe as they also do paintball.
  13. Hi Welcome to the forum. You could try Reforger. Just north of Watford or Skirmish in High Wycombe. Both would be about 1h 40 depending where in Ealing you are, using a combination of Tube, train and bus. Cheers G
  14. I find scopes and even ironsights of little use, unless using a DMR at the limit of its range. By the time I have lined it all up, I have already been hit if I am spotted. So I tend just to aim like Prisce does when on semi, and as Samurai said when on full auto. Cheers G
  15. Ditto to the above. Welcome to the forum. Not played a Skirmish at Gunman, only a Filmsim. SIte itlsef was ok, but can't comment on how the skirmishes work. Cheers G
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