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  1. You can get PTFE impregnated silicone grease on ebay dirt cheap. Been using it for years. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391399159157?hash=item5b21353575:g:fDUAAOSw6fBclQTY My favourite gear grease is moly. This is a nice cheap one that works well. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391721324225?epid=1548017327&hash=item5b34690ec1:g:bj4AAOSwsnpe6QpA
  2. You can't search the database by name, I believe - But I may be wrong. I think the only search you can make is by number that leads to the information to confirm the Ukara status. I know when I've called to check my own status in the past I needed to provide my number, name alone wasn't enough, and my name is very unique with only a couple of hits worldwide. The general public also don't have access to the database, hence we need to contact a retailer to confirm status. As such an employer would need your Ukara number to actually make the search. Air rifles under 12ft/lb no licence is needed in the UK and no information needs to be exchanged for a sale for any party other than confirmation of age. Scotland is different and the laws that Wee Jimmy Krankie put in place are frankly insane. I feel for you guys on that one.
  3. The details been kept by Ukara are literally, Name, Address, Skirmish site, Ukara Status, Email. Given that this is a transaction where postage is needed you have already provided, Name, Address, Valid Ukara, potentially Email. So exactly the same information is passed on regardless. As you can only have a RIF shipped to your Ukara address. If it's shipped to another address, or name then it's outside of the scope of Ukara defence and should be flagged. Providing a Ukara number in order to make a sale, Is giving permission for that Ukara number to be checked. And the conversation should be wholly one sided if you need to contact a retailer to make that check. The conversation needs to go like I have X number to check, Mr X, of X address. And the answer only needs to be a confirmation of information. Ukara and the retailer do not provide information about the buyer, That information has already been provided by the buyer to the seller.
  4. There's actually a proper folding stock M4 variant. The LR300. It's been made by G&G as the GR300 some with magnesium bodies. (mines one of these). A&K made one as the LR300. And now Evolution have made one with full trades as the LR300. https://www.evolutioninternational.it/our-products/air-soft-guns/evolution-hard-core/evolution-hard-core-z-m-weapons/ Dboys have done the folding stocks in both wire and 5 position. But I'd be tempted to contact Evolution and see if stock spares are available and at what price.
  5. Sounds like the Guys a cock. All he had to do was provide a Ukara number, name and postage address. If he can't manage to do that and is generating excuses then there's something wrong. Actually checking a Ukara number isn't a breach of privacy. All you are doing is checking information that has been provided, and none of that information is sensitive. It doesn't tell you his bank details ect. And if he is/has been a police officer, and you sell it to him without Ukara then you have just provided them with your own court case. It's time to walk away from the sale.
  6. I think you are over complicating it. Just make a block that screws into the trigger guard.
  7. You've snapped the back of the hop unit off. New unit is pretty cheap for an AUG. The bit that has snapped holds a spacer in place. https://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/jg-works-airsoft-hop-up-unit-chamber-for-aug-series-aegs-softair-6mm-bbs-42281-p.asp I'd probably get a hop rubber as well since you will have it all open. To get the hop off you need to unscrew those tiny screws on the side of the plastic barrel, and the hop and inner barrel will slide out of the plastic outer barrel.
  8. Good spot, I'd linked to the wrong set. Should of been the 97 21 215 B set, not the 97 21 215 set! Different ends on the pliers! https://www.amazon.co.uk/97-21-215-burnished-multi-component/dp/B001127PXQ
  9. Facom is now owned by stanley black and decker, along with dewalt, irwin, marples and a few others. Dewalt and Irwin are still generally good buys. Bahco is owned by snap on (SNA group). A lot of the Bahco production is now in Spain and China not Sweden so while still very good, it's not quite what it used to be 30 years ago. Draper are mostly an import rebrander, like clarke. The Expert range is similar to clarke pro in most cases, the Power tools are TTI. Laser are pretty good for specialist tools and they make or specify most of them. Makita is still Makita. Milwakee is owned by TTI, and mega China company that make most of the budget tools like Ryobi and off brands, but the Milwakee brand is mostly very good.
  10. Draper stuff can be hit and miss at times, I've got a love affair with Clarke pro (machine mart), It has to be the pro version tho as it comes with a lifetime guarantee, Identical to the halfords pro of a few years ago in most cases. If you have a local MM then you can just walk in and exchange any broken clarke pro stuff. I think the only thing they don't cover is ratchets, but all the sockets ect are covered. Bahco are also very decent, but the prices can vary massively. They do a little 1/4" ratchet set called the SL25 that is superb. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bahco-SL25-Socket-Piece-Drive/dp/B000Y8XCA8
  11. The best Crimpers I've used are the Knipex ones. It really depends on the Style of crimp you want to use tho. If it's for ferules then the Self Adjusting ferule crimp is a fantastic tool. It's not cheap, but we use them at work for rebuilding machine cabinets. There are cheaper variants of this on the market, but you want something that crimps from all angles for ferules. Amazon should have a selection of off brands with ferules for under £30, but I can't guarantee the quality. https://ffx.co.uk/product/Get/Knipex-97-53-04Sbe-4003773030270-Self-Adjusting-Ferrule-Crimping-Pliers https://www.amazon.co.uk/0-25-10mm²-AWG23-10-Self-Adjustable-Connectors-terminals/dp/B08ZDN5WNQ/ref=sr_1_12?crid=1IIW3KETH2JLC&keywords=Self+Adjusting+Ferrule+Crimping+Pliers&qid=1655161907&s=diy&sprefix=self+adjusting+ferrule+crimping+pliers%2Cdiy%2C116&sr=1-12 If all you are thinking is bullet and spade connectors then the standard Knipex crimping pliers are a tad cheaper. Again there are cheaper versions on the market, but we tend to see a lot of Knipex pliers in industry because there generally about the best you can get easily. £20-25 is about average across the decent brands, Cheaper might be better for you if it's only for a couple of connectors a year. So check screwfix and amazon. https://ffx.co.uk/product/Get/Knipex-Kpx9721215-4003773034131-Crimping-Pliers
  12. Iceni

    Jg aug a3

    Plastic hop has no issues. I picked up one of the fancy CNC ones and used it for a while and it didn't do anything better than the plastic one was doing. So no stick to the original one.
  13. Iceni

    Jg aug a3

    Aug's are funny guns to work on. You have to love them a little bit to want to do upgrades as the base guns are so cheap that upgrading can very easily overrun the cost of the gun itself. And you will see no return in second hand price based on upgrades. A £130 base gun second hand is like £90. Even upgraded and singing you'd be only looking at £130ish and that could be with £100+ in upgrades. So don't for one minute think you are adding value to the gun. I'd keep it at 350fps, and concentrate on making it accurate and consistent. With that in mind you should be able to get above average range without needing to limit yourself to single shot only. Barrel wise the ZCI are a decent brand to look at. AK2M4 have them for a good price. Typically an AUG is a 509mm barrel, but since yours is second hand I would advise measuring it. I like the Prometheus purple, and G&G green hop rubbers. I've not had any issues with them in AUGS. You can normally find them for under £10. The gun will also need a chrono doing. If it is under power then a new spring is needed. And with that comes a whole heap of costs. Upgrading the gearbox. That depends on you. At the most basic level, If the gun needs a new spring the gearbox will need to be opened in 90% of augs (you may be very lucky and have a quick change spring guide and gearbox). If you do need to open the gearbox to do this a basic service should also be done - Grease, Shims, Spring, and O-ring. All cheap parts... But since you already have it open the temptation to add upgrades can be hard to ignore. Personally I have tried high speed motors on 18:1 gears, High torque motors on 13:1 gears, and the SHS bore up kits. From that I would say the 13:1 high torque build is best. It's quieter with less trigger delay. And works very well with a 7.4v lipo setup. Gears £18, Motor £50, Bushings £5, Heads £15, Spring guide £10, spring £5 - So defiantly not the cheap option as you can almost buy another AUG for the money! If you are cheap just put a high speed motor in. Again I would advise 7.4v. £40 for a Short high speed motor, it's a drop in part and easy to do. Bore up kits are almost worthless. The old element silent V3 cylinder head and piston head set on a non ported thick walled brass cylinder is more than enough, the set is about £15. Match it with a solid spring guide and some bushings and that's most of the gearbox parts sorted. If the gearbox is working fine I wouldn't even bother to do this until it breaks. Air seal nozzles can be an absolute pain in the ass as well. I've used the ASG ultimate aug one without any problems, but others can and do have issues with length, that can cause air seal issues. A mosfet may also be wanted, If running 7.4v you can sort of get away without one, but if you are running 11.1 I would want one to protect the contacts. So back to a basic gun setup- ZCI barrel , Hop rubber, - Chrono. If under power - Spring and service. Upgrades if you want to go mental but not essential. For batteries I use 7.4v 2200mah block type batteries. You can find cheaper in other places, but I have always had these 2 brands. These will fit, You may have to slightly modify the gearbox plate to remove the plastic nub at the bottom of it. These only charge at 1C (2.2amps) so a charge will always take 1 hour. https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-2200mah-30c-continuous-discharge-airsoft-lipo-battery.html These will also fit and are slightly more expensive but can take a much faster charge if you have a decent enough charger to deal with them. https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-2200mah-35c-70c-lipo-battery-giant-power.html Both batteries need a decent charger.
  14. Aug safety is a mechanical trigger lockout. If it's defective it means the bar either in wrong, or it's been modified. New bar is less than £10, and can be had from a few sites, Fire support have them for £9. Provided the gun is shooting in semi and full auto on the correct trigger position then it should be a drop in replacement, If the Trigger linkage has been modified for a shorter trigger pull then the safety will be compromised and there can be no guarantees it'll ever be right again without converting back. Not something that's easy as the linkages can not be bought. The flat spring is commonly lost resulting is a safe bar that drop out, again you need the full replacement as I have never seen the springs sold separately. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/asg-15909-au-17-steyr-aug-aeg-fire-selector The model isn't an AUG 16, It's an AUG 1G. Can be had for about £130 new.
  15. I made the move to bib and braces for my workwear. Loads of advantages over trousers, the main one been you never have to pull them up and can load the pockets however you want. The other huge advantage is they stop draughts down your back. https://workwearnation.com/collections/bib-brace/products/snickers-0312-craftsmen-one-piece-trousers-duratwill-olive-green
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