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  1. Sorry to hear that, Hopefully you can get your money back and continue to trade without any issues or disruptions to your catalogue.
  2. The wide grip is actually more comfortable. The front of the magwell/Reciever has a big old weld. That weld can rub and nip at your fingers if you are a magwell holder or wedge your little finger onto the magwell for stability. The bigger fore grip covers this whole welded area. The slim grip leaves it all exposed and while it's not sharp it will rub. A good pair of shooting gloves stops it all. And you can flatten the welds a little with a small file if you have to, without upsetting the look or durability of the gun at all.
  3. Yeah they change without any problems. You can even go for a real steel forgrip if you want and it'll just drop in without a problem. Zib militaria sell real ones starting at about £5. olive http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61431412/Products/90583 Black http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61431412/Products/100060 The real stocks are a different story, The metal part of the stock is slightly different on the real steel one and will not fit. So you have to modify the real stock and put on the LCT metal parts. It can be done with a dremel and some tools in about an hour. Not worth it for the plastic stocks since the LCT one is good anyway. The Wood stocks it was worth it, but those are not available any more. this is my LCT G3 with the real hardware on it.
  4. The jefftron beats it. You can set binary trigger with pre-cocking and AB. Watch this at 11:30
  5. Not owned one yet, my shooting partner picked one up and got it installed on his 416. It's really nice. He has it set up with a little travel on the trigger, then the microswitch just gives a little resistance before the shot. Not sure how hard they are to set up, My shooting partner is an ex-Armex/Umarex tech so he makes everything look effortless.
  6. LMFAO. Actually a titan isn't needed for any of those things, And a titan certainly doesn't add those things, the build of the gearbox does. It's not a magic box - It's more a wetware redundancy.
  7. Only £500 lol. I think my G3 rinsed me for far more than that! I mean there's a £450 scope on it And yes it does get skirmished with the scope. I think the titan is kind of a melting pot of ideas. It does a lot of things well, but it also doesn't. It's kind of making excuses for a badly built gun. You ROF is too high, Titan will fix that, You need a trigger delay, Titan can fix that ect ect. The trouble is all of the problems it fixes are not problems if you know how to tech a gun. So asking a gun tech to fit one is kind of insulting. You want the highest RPS - HPA engine. You want the best trigger - GBB or Jefftron leviathan You want a durable gearbox - Build the fecking thing right in the first place. You want to protect the contacts - Dumbfet You want battery protection - Buy a second battery and swap it at lunch. Every problem it fixes has already been fixed.
  8. Rings are easy, Measure twice order once. You can get a tool to measure them but it's not worth the effort for small rings. Bigger ones the tool is useful and by bigger I mean 50mm+ especially for thin rings because it's quite hard to get an easy measurement when the ring is big and floppy.
  9. Whilst I haven't purchased either of those yet, Everything I've had off them that has been listed as genuine or demobil has been exactly as described. I have no reason to suspect any foul play from them. The only issue is the postage, If you just wanted the goggles it wouldn't be worth it, but spending like £100 and getting a few good deals and it works out very good on price. German flecktarn webbing sets for just over £5. With pouches. and G3 pouches for £2 each. The site is crazy once you start to dig. https://armyworld.pl/product-eng-24-Tactical-Instrumentation-Bundeswehr-4-pieces-Flecktarn-Original-Demobil-SecondHand.html
  10. https://armyworld.pl/ Some really cheap gear on there. And some oddballs as well. The site can be a little frustrating, and the postage can be high but offset if you pick up the good deals. German army https://armyworld.pl/firm-eng-1142347122-Kontrakt-dla-Bundeswehr.html Polish army https://armyworld.pl/firm-eng-1349772581-Kontrakt-dla-Wojska-Polskiego.html UK Army https://armyworld.pl/firm-eng-1352724922-Kontrakt-dla-Wielkiej-Brytanii.html Dutch Army https://armyworld.pl/firm-eng-1317665563-Armia-Holenderska.html USA Army https://armyworld.pl/firm-eng-1226327545-Kontrakt-dla-US-Army.html Items like revision desert locust goggles with 3 lenses for under £20. Those things are almost £100 new. https://armyworld.pl/product-eng-14518-Gogle-Balistyczne-Revision-Holenderskie-3-Szybki-Oryginal-Demobil.html And Smith Optics OTW's for £30. https://armyworld.pl/product-eng-17233-Ballistic-Goggles-US-Army-Smith-Optics-Elite-Division-Genuine-Military-Surplus-New.html
  11. O-rings are not specialist parts. Once you get one out, measure it, and you can then order them from a bearing supplier. You'll pay a lot less especially if you buy the bigger packs. Rings are sold by 2 dimensions, Thickness of the ring (cross section), Inner Diameter (ID). You can measure them with a steel rule that does 1/2mm's. Ring material is more important, Propane dissolves Rubber and EPDM. So buy Nitrile or Buna-N rings. Always check the price of 50 and 100 rings as very often it's not a lot more than 2 or 10 rings. I'd be surprised if 100 rings in the correct dimension were more than £6. The mark up for people that haven't worked out they can measure the rings is incredible. https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/Seals-O-Ring-Seals-NITRILE-O-Rings/c19_4501_4705/index.html The correct valve tool is normally about £10. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Key-Element-Airsoft-Magazine-Charging-Removal/dp/B07TV5DVLC/ref=cts_sp_3_vtp
  12. I don't think you have many options for the TAR-21. The 14"" disruptor or the Angry gun hand guard replacement is about it. The disruptor has the advantage of replacing the handguard, and having the extended barrel included. https://www.evike.com/products/58349/ https://www.evike.com/products/55027/
  13. Or in a pickle you could use some M5 or M6 cot bed bolts or sex bolts. You will have to gamble with these as the 5/6mm might be the OD of the bolt or the threaded bit! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M6-Furniture-Joint-Connector-Bolt-Cap-Nut-M4-Allen-Key-Head-Cot-Bed-Bolts/161508601119?hash=item259aa9ad1f:m:mnkfj01WIQaKAS1D-cppaKA https://www.orbitalfasteners.co.uk/categories/button-head-6-lobe-pin-barrel-nuts-stainless-steel https://www.orbitalfasteners.co.uk/categories/button-head-machine-screw-stainless-steel?page=1
  14. Contact Landwarrior, I believe they have the Umarex import contract now. Umarex are generally pretty good for spares and have an active Tar21 on the products list. Failing that contact Umarex directly as they might be more able to help. S&T also has a Tar21 active and will ship spares. The pins are not listed but they might be able to get spares. http://www.smartteamhk.com/en/aeg/t21
  15. Iceni


    It might help keep some heat off the magnets. It's the only thing I can think would be an advantage to it. Other than that they look cool. I'd be more interested in the twist/helical armatures. I've not seen those before. @ak2m4 are the CNC motors done from just one factory. They look identical to the ASG/Star wei/Magicbox ones. If you can output those for £40ish then I know exactly what my upgrade motors will be in the future!
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