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  1. Iceni

    Bucking recommendation

    You can always enlarge the window with a file. I've never picked up an EG barrel, favouring the ZCI in budget builds, and ML bucking drop into those without an issue. Prommy purples are great buckings for the UK. Absolutely perfect in the colder winter months. I make custom arms for my hop units and keep them handy. That way I can take a stock bucking and run it like normal. Once it wears out I'll pull and shave it, then run the unit with a flat hop arm. Provided the lips remain good it's generally not a problem.
  2. Barrel is too long for a short stroke gearbox. Your looking at about a 40mm piston travel with a 4 tooth short stroke. That puts your ratio at about 1.7:1 way too low IMO for consistent at range shooting. For CQB it's not going to be a problem, but it woodland I'd want it to be dropped to about 250mm to get the ratio up into the 2.5:1 area. The rest of it looks fairly standard. 22TPA motor £35, Gears £15, Barrel £20, Spring £5, Nozzle £5, Piston £10. Nothing out of the ordinary there and there parts that we pick and advise on a regular basis. The hop unit is suspect. I like the ZCI plastic rotary ones. You can pick them up cheap £10. And they don't have the wandering issues of the stock M4 design. The shimming would need to be very good if you are running bearings, And I would use a bushing on the spur gear. 400fps at that ROF is going to stress the spur gear bearing to destruction. I'd also want a full steel rack piston, with no weight reduction, and full side rails. Again your stressing the piston so reducing the chance of the piston been crushed by the sector gear becomes important. Other than that it looks to be a decent build. A little OTT for my tastes. I'd rather have a 25rps build using 7.4v over a 30rps 11.1 build. Just to increase the service period, and reduce the chances of getting a crushed piston.
  3. Iceni

    Reflex sight or 1x Optic recommendations

    I use a walthers Ps22. https://www.solware.co.uk/walther-ps22-red-dot-sight-weaver-rail Basically it's a IR 1x30mm. There are loads of cheaper versions of it. I like mine a lot, It's very clear, and because it's a larger tube and comes with the cantilever riser mount I find it fits on a lot of guns and works well with a huge range of eye pro. It's also comfortable because it sits higher. As for the tunnel vision, If you are getting that the scope is mounted too far back on the gun. A 1x red dot tube should be forward mounted giving you a good 3 inches of eye relief. You use them with both eyes open, and the red dot just blends with your vision if it's mounted right. And you keep the peripheral vision. https://www.airsoftworld.net/valken-v-tactical-red-dot-1x30-r-g-b-with-cantileaver.html If you want zoom then there is a whole range of larger 1.5-4x30 scopes that work well for airsoft. And I recommended a 2-7x32 hawke recently to @AK47frizzle Perhaps he can chime in with how he's finding that. https://www.uttings.co.uk/p121296-hawke-vantage-2-7x32-ao-rifle-scope/#.W-648jGYRoh
  4. Iceni

    Been fun while it lasted..

    Not at all but you need to get the Marshals on side. If it's done right you can use hostages to influence a game. Ask the Marshals if they can run the game with token hostages. If you can get a surrender call then you gain a token. It'll stop the assaulters been able to use grenades, and spray tactics. And you might be able to exchange a hostage for ammo ect.
  5. Iceni

    Been fun while it lasted..

    We had a group of us do it a few years ago. Once the other team got over the shock reveal we had a very good day. There were a couple that wern't so happy with it, no one actually walked off, a couple were close when we started to set up check points, and got the music playing. There were a couple of ex-services that did a NI tour and even they eventually got over it. I was expecting that reaction... It's why I didn't fully explain the first post. It needs to be attacked before you can show the logic in it. The guy in our group who suggested it in the first place got a similar reaction from all of us until he explained what he was wanting, and once we had the plan it worked very well. It certainly spices up playing the AK army and actually gives you far more to do in game than just look pretty. We took hostages as well, They were given coffee and cake, Asked to pose for a on the knees hands on the head surrender then let go to re-spawn.
  6. Iceni

    Been fun while it lasted..

    I never said I don't like games with realistic ammo counts, And well kitted players. But If I'm going to play on a team that is so geared towards been the stereotypical bad guys, then that is exactly what I'll be playing. And I'll do it well. It can't be ruining it for everyone else... They went to a mil sim game... Do they not expect a simulated AK army, based on Terrorists and Dictators, I believe the rules probably tell you to be as realistic as possible, Where possible. If someone playing any terrorist organisation bothers you then perhaps mil sim should be avoided. And therein resides my whole argument. You can't expect to go to a mil sim game and play a sim level kit load-out on the "good guys" or "Police" teams and not expect the guys playing on the "bad guys" team to do a correct load-out for themselves. If it upsets you and you expect the "bad guys" team are going to play generic bad guys then you have lost one of the most entertaining aspects of mil sim. The "bad guys" should be playing load-outs that make your skin crawl. Because you can shoot at those evil buggers. And If you can't work that out and need to walk off it's you that is at fault.
  7. Iceni

    Been fun while it lasted..

    How can something in history not be part of the simulation. Milsim splits in a odd way. NATO - USA, UK, EU camo. Spec Forces - Black, police AK army - Everything else, And that's not just Russian, You have Dictators and Terrorists. If you want to play NATO forces, and go into great kit detail and specify unit, Rank, Insignia ect ect, Then the other player has the same rights to play the lowest of the low and do it well. Black yourself up, Pick the terrorists, Play the IRA, Be a Chechen war lord. Lord it up, Play the music, Wave the flags. And when they ask you to stop... You point out that milsim is bollocks.
  8. Iceni

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    What did it chrono at? LCT tend to cut the mainspring rather than replace it. It might be you have a couple of coils too many off or an airleak if it chrono'd low as well.
  9. Iceni

    Been fun while it lasted..

    The same can be said for any load-out you pick. There are 2 sides in any battle, and people die on both sides. You can't be offended, It's milsim.
  10. Iceni

    Been fun while it lasted..

    Break the milsim games. Pick a load-out designed to infuriate and upset as many of the mil-simmers as possible. Personal favourite is blue jeans, DMP smok, balaclava. And go as the IRA. If you have any ex service men on the field they won't like it... They like it even less if you play IRA songs through your phone whilst playing. And if you can get a group of you to do it you might even cause a few walk outs.
  11. Iceni

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    @AK47frizzle I don't like to say I told you so... but There good scopes, Absolutely excellent for the money. You made a good choice. And with it been 2-7 rather than 3-9 you should find the range on it suits a lot more rifles than just the sniper.
  12. Iceni

    This NUT is STUCK

    Nah I've misinterpreted the fitting. I just had a look on a video for it. If it's steel into aluminium like it looks on the video there is a good chance of a bit of galvanic corrosion in the threads if it was put together dry. All my methods for undoing that are rough and have a chance of doing damage. I'd be looking to drop a drift into the hole, and hold the drift in a vice. Then get a rag and chain spanner and use the outer barrel to turn the fitting. It's not a job you can advise someone to have a go at because one wrong move and you'll do some very serious damage. So I do not recommend this.
  13. Iceni

    This NUT is STUCK

    Make sure those keys are bottoming out in the grub screw and not binding on the hole. I like a screwdriver bit adapter ran in a 1/4inch socket for problem screws. If that doesn't shift it the next step is destructive. There is a good chance the grub screw has mushroomed. If that is the case it doesn't matter what you do with regular tools. If you get the screw turning it'll eat up the threads on the way out. If you can't get it turning you'll end up with a rounded or split grub screw. So you end up in a situation where it's better to sacrifice the grub screw. Left hand thread screw extracting drill bits. You use them in reverse (the direction the screw undoes). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10pcs-Cobalt-Left-Hand-Drill-Bit-Broken-Bolt-Damaged-Screw-Extractor-Case-M3E3-/153000583623 If you can't get it to move with the drill and the extractor, you then go up a size in drill bit, Kill the grub screw completely. Then re drill and re-tap the hole to the next size up. Just don't drill too deep and go through the inner barrel/hop unit.
  14. Iceni

    Item in limbo?

    There's always Ant supplies if you are after rail parts and you can't find them cheap on ebay. https://www.ant-supplies.uk/ They tend to have a good selection of well priced parts. I think the 10 inch, 25 slot rail is about £9. Or 2 for £15. https://www.ant-supplies.uk/rails-and-adapters/flat-base-weaver-rails.html
  15. Iceni

    Item in limbo?

    Every order I've ever put in with Evike has hit customs. And every order has always had the extra customs charges. It lands and instantly gets shipped to the customs department. Depending on what is in the package things get ropey. The closer the parts look to gun parts the longer they take. Basic parts - sights pistol grips ect seem to get signed off, Priced and continue to ship in a few days. Anything gun shaped, Mechanical looking, magazines ect they open it all up, Inspect it, repackage (badly) then make a decision, It'll either be destroyed, sent back, or priced up and sent on. They seem to pick on USA shipments more than China ones. Perhaps it's because they can read the shipping information. Either way it adds significant time at our end to the shipping and there is bugger all you can do about it other than wait... The best bit will be the card. They won't try and deliver the package, you'll get a summons to the local distribution centre to pay there ransom fees for release.