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  1. Iceni

    Best airsoft guns for amputee

    Hardest part will be reloads with any gun. I've had a little think about this problem and I think I have a solution that might work. Plate carrier with a pair of hooks at the front running across the chest. Picatinny loop mounts on the rail. I reckon you would need 4. 2 pointing one side, and 2 pointing the other. Spaced perfectly both sides to fit the chest hooks. With that you can lock the gun rail to your chest so you can do the mag change without needing to put the gun on the floor. The pistol grip and magwell should be pointing directly out of the chest giving you 100% access to the buttons. It might even let you do battery changes with some practice. And you have the option to flip the gun over and use the other 2 loops for hop adjustment. The only issue I can see with it is you would be limited on scopes. Basically you wouldn't be able to use one. A high MP5 rail mount would still let you use the iron sights. and the hooks would need long tails down towards your belly through the molle to stop the hooks twisting out. For the gun MP5 might be a good base gun. It's compact, lightweight, Has drum mags available and is a 1 hand reload using the paddle release. And a lot also have ambi selectors.
  2. Iceni

    G&G firehawk stopping firing/cutting out

    Those fireproof bags are for charging as well. Good idea. Voltage tester - your better off with a cheap multimeter. You can pick them up for about £10. And for that you get a whole load of useful functions. For the money it's better than anything designed specifically for airsoft. Voltage testing with them is as easy as selecting the correct function and touching the probes to the battery terminals. They also come in really handy for looking for electrical faults if you know how to use one. You can use them in the home and car as well. I have a couple because it's the first tool I grab when I have any electrical problem. https://www.screwfix.com/p/lap-mas830b-digital-multimeter-600v/75337
  3. Iceni

    G&G firehawk stopping firing/cutting out

    Yeah looks to be you. Just keep an eye on it.
  4. Iceni

    G&G firehawk stopping firing/cutting out

    For storage you want them on about 3.8v per cell. So 7.4-7.8v. It wants to be on the flat part of the discharge curve, not fully charged, not depleted. Won't know until I see a video with a controlled semi shoot. If you can make it happen under controlled fire you have a problem, if you can't then it's you shooting style. Normally when it's a trigger lockup due to spamming the trigger runs free and fails to engage, Yours isn't it's been locked back by the safety latch at the front of the gearbox. So I suspect you can still make it happen with a controlled rate of fire.
  5. Iceni

    G&G firehawk stopping firing/cutting out

    Not if you read up on lipo saftey. A lipo when it discharges does it in a very predictable way. It starts off with a steep voltage drop from 8.4v to about 7.5v, but then levels out for most of the capacity of the battery 7.5v-7v. Then falls off again very quickly when it's almost done and give an shot by shot slowdown (you should pull the battery and swap it out as soon as this starts to happen). You shouldn't see much variation in gearbox cycle times once it gets past that initial drop off. It should be a stable fire rate. Once it hits the final part of the discharge again you will notice it as significant slowing of the gearbox, but it won't stop shooting it'll just cycle slower. 1300mah is pretty low capacity, so if you were shooting it a lot after the first charge before the skirmish you might have gone out with a battery at only half charge. And if you have taken the battery to the bottom of the capacity into the range where it can no longer cycle the gun and was going very slowly then you might of done significant damage to the lipo. You have to watch them and swap them at the start of the final drop off. If that is the case you need to measure the voltage of the lipo. If it is showing less than 5.8v it might be unsafe to charge . And it needs charging on a proper charging station that can refuse to charge a depleted/unsafe lipo. Rather than a cheap charger. Your skirmish site will have one of these if you don't. This sounds like the saftey lever is jamming in the safe position, it probably getting caught on a wire and not falling off properly. It'll need the gearbox opening to check. You have a warranty use it. The video looks to back that up. The battery in the video looks to be fine BTW, But it's worth leaving that statement up there^^ to remind you how dangerous lipos can be. If you only have the 1x 1300mAh battery get another so you can swap it out when it starts to fall off. Send that video to Patrol base. It's good evidence and shows the fault as a fault. They will have to act on it. But you also need to do another video without spamming semi. To prove it's not you spamming causing the issue.
  6. Iceni

    G&G firehawk stopping firing/cutting out

    Call patrol base. Take a video of the problems, and have them replace the gun at their cost since the issues have shown on the first shoot. I have an idea what the problems could be but with the warranty still intact you don't want to go poking about in the gearbox.
  7. Iceni

    G&G firehawk stopping firing/cutting out

    Describe that in more detail. Is it like the gun is in safe and the trigger wont move. Or has the trigger got stuck in the fully pulled position? Or is the trigger moving like normal and the gun just isn't shooting. Is that in semi, so a single shot is double shooting, Or is the gun letting multiple BB's out at a time. Cut out, or the trigger would jam? I would start by having a look at the motor contacts and fuse. Shoot the gun with the fuse exposed and see if it's glowing. If it is the fuse needs uprating and you are suffering from a bit of increased resistance when the fuse is hot. Have you changed the motor? or removed the motor recently? Have you done any recent soldering? How old is the gun? When was it last serviced, and has it been skirmished without fault since?
  8. Iceni

    Gun picture thread

    I don't like the scope at all, but it's functional until I can get the correct one. I want the claw mount with the z-24 but there pretty hard to get cheap so It'll be a purchase for next year. http://www.augustine-waffenteile.de/shop/MP5-HK94-MP5SD-T94/Optics-and-sights/Hensoldt-Z24-Scope-Optik-Claw-Mount-9mm-Nato-9-x-19::315.html?language=en
  9. Finally got pictures of the G3 in wood done! More pictures in the Guns picture thread.


    1. L3wisD


      I should ban you for posting porn!

      Good lord man! Gorgeous!

    2. Iceni


      It's not looking too bad :D
      I won't be happy till I get a nice scope for it, but that'll be a next year purchase as it'll cost more then the gun has!


    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      that is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.....

  10. Iceni

    Gun picture thread

    @Duff @Trojax88 LCT G3 with wood, Realsteel rear sight drum, Realsteel sling. Cheap 1.5-4x30 scope. Wood foregrip is on the second coat of oil as it was in poor condition on arival, Stock hasn't been touched.
  11. Iceni

    G&G GR14

    Specna arms have 2 models that have a very similar look. https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152212384-SA-V35-Assault-Rifle-Replica.html https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152211476-SA-V21-Assault-Rifle-Replica.html At the price they sell for you should have spare funds for a fancy pistol grip clone, Magwell grip clone, and a mosfet. Getting GFC to do the installation of the fet is actually pretty cheap. https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152210581-MOSFET-Module-Installation.html https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152216014-XET304u-Mosfet.html That works out to be an additional €28. Get the free downgrade to 1.1 joules. https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152197807-Free-electric-replica-downgrade.html With the gun and fet it works out €50 cheaper than the G&G (shipping will be free via UPS if it's over €225).
  12. Iceni


    Another don't buy it! If you need help just ask, people will help. All you need to do is introduce yourself, tell us your age, budget and if you skirmish or want to skirmish, and people will chime in with suggestions.
  13. Iceni

    G&G GR14

    They don't put the ETU into the top end guns any more. The latest generation of top end models are all ETU free. I don't agree with that, The Information that was sold with the ETU was all over the place. Sellers voiding warranty with 11.1v but the things only run on 11.1v, Then high C batteries blowing out the circuitry. It's a great idea and with some modification could be amazing, G&G just got it wrong. V2 seems to be better, there are fewer threads on those, But it's still far from perfect. GR14 doesn't need much development, It's a good platform. A new style top cover in nicer plastic or an after market wood one would be nice. Other than that the gearbox is funky but works as does the rest of the gun. I'd happily add one to my collection.
  14. Iceni

    G&G GR14

    I think he means the hatred for the bastard ETU's!
  15. Iceni

    G&G GR14

    Any 7.4v lipo that will fit should be safe. Since it's a standard stock on the GR14 a decent sized block lipo with a high C rating and high mAh rating would be the best overall choice. Measure the opening at the door and use those measurements as a guide. Then have a look on component shop as they have all the dimensions in the descriptions. What you want is 30c/60c at about 2000mAh if you can find one that fits. I'm very fond of these ones. https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-2200mah-30c-continuous-discharge-airsoft-lipo-battery.html https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-2200mah-35c-continuous-discharge-lipo-battery.html They have enough capacity to last all day if your not spamming full auto, And will chuck out more than enough amps to make the gun feel snappy. 103.6 x 34 x 15.5mm VP 101.1 x 35.5 x 16.1mm Giant power. The extra size is due to some hard protection on these batteries under the shrink wrap. If in doubt build a box up to imitate the size and see if you can get it in the hole without a problem. Also If you have a high speed motor, 35K, 40K get the 30c/60c vapex ones as you might get double shots on semi with a fully charged battery.