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  1. What batteries are you using? How are you using them? If for instance you are trying to get a full day out of a low capacity battery and you are then spiking them with a Nimh charger to get them back to a state where the charger will accept them - you are doing it wrong, Dangerously wrong. Lipo's regularly set on fire when charged from a voltage bellow the battery safe voltage. If a lipo charger tells you to fuck right off, it's not something you want to circumvent with the NiMh charger. One it kills the battery as you are seeing, secondly your chance of a fire on the charger skyrocke
  2. If you got 6 years out of a plastic Cyma you did good. If I had £300 to spend on a gun at this moment in time I'd drop £250 on an E&L AK. All steel construction so they take an absolute pounding and decent internals. Then spend the rest on a couple of mags and a battery. https://gunfire.com/en/products/elak701-tactical-mod-a-gen-2-assault-rifle-replica-1152209806.html https://www.awesomeairsoft.com/product-page/e-l-ak-120rnd-steel-magazine-pack-5 With a battery as well it'll put you just over budget. For the gear that goes with it, all you need to run an AK is a
  3. What are you using to charge the battery? Because that battery doesn't look to have been balanced charged. With 4.1v in one cell and 3.3v in the other. Both cells should be showing a similar voltage. Either it's a battery with a dead cell or the charger isn't right.
  4. Just keep going one step at a time letting the latch hold. You'll see the piston start to move back, It'll get quite hard to make the next step as you get closer to a full cycle, but it should cycle eventually.
  5. If it's all the way forwards then put the spring and guide back in. It needs to go in with the piston still in the fully forwards position. With the guide back in you can rotate the gearbox by hand using a screwdriver on the bevel "I3" taking it one anti reversal step at a time. It'll take some effort but the gun will fully cycle if you have everything right. If it locks again then there is a problem somewhere.
  6. Is it a quick change spring on that gearbox? If you held the gearbox nozzle up on a spring change - so the piston fell to the back of the gearbox, and if the sector gear was partially engaged at the same time then you can get into a position where the sector is engaging at the front of the piston rather than the back. This will attempt to push the piston back further than it has travel for and lock up like the video. The solution is to remove the gearbox from the gun, then remove the QC spring guide and spring. The motor should already be off the gearbox as it's a V2. You then poke ab
  7. You shouldn't need the instructions. Those kits are pretty basic and self explanatory. The soldiers should be self explanatory so don't worry about the instructions for those. This should help. If he's build a few kits before then the lack of instructions shouldn't really be an issue so don't overthink it.
  8. Actually there is. It's supposed to be a wire stock M4 variant with the buffer mounted over the barrel and upper rather than in the stock. With a wire stock on the Irons need to be forwards. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LR-300
  9. G&G GR300 shorty. Was given to me because it had a few parts missing - Gearbox, pistol grip, iron sights. The rest was in bits. The thing took a fair chunk of pocket change to be right. And I put a solid stock on it because I wanted it rear wired and running on block li-po's. Even with the cost of putting it right I don't think I could replace it, It's got a magnesium body and is an absolute joy to shoot.
  10. Bag it then in a zip lock bag. To keep the water out. Before you bury it. This is only to hold the heat and flame in should it vent, I doubt it will. The water shouldn't be a problem as if it's puffy it's still water/air tight. Some even say drop the battery in a saltwater bath to discharge them. Personally I wouldn't want the risk of adding a process with unknown variables. Lithium loves to react with water.
  11. Nope. Best thing to do with it is to take it to the local tip, all should be offering a battery recycling option. Provided you don't try to charge it, and treat it gentle it should be fine to transport. If it is worrying you then transport it buried in a bucket of dry sand.
  12. Read up on lipo safety. And get a decent charger and you shouldn't have any issues. One thing you will have to consider is where you buy them and what connection those batteries come with. Mini Tamiya, and regular tamiya connections in arsoft are reverse wired. So you can't buy RC batteries and just use them - the motor will try to spin backwards or worse blow the fet. Deans are wired the correct way for both airsoft and RC. Hobbyking sell the Airsoft batteries in the lifestyle section. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/lifestyle/outdoor-recreation/airsoft.html They also don't alway
  13. The Greyhound is bookings only ATM. I went in last week, There is a number on the Facebook page that is up to date. Covid means they have to use social distance on the range so places are reduced, I didn't ask about the coffee/tea as I only went in to charge my air rifle bottles.
  14. Depends on your budget and what you like the look of. The claw mounts are pass through, you can use the iron sights with it on and the scope in place. The G3/Mp5 low profile rail doesn't interfere with the iron sights, It's the scope rings/mounts that have to be high and of a sight through design. There are higher G3/Mp5 rails and I would avoid those. The low profile rails are all slightly different, Make sure you get one that allows the scope to be mounted anywhere on it. Some have areas where the scope can not be fitted. Mine is of a type that will allow a scope to be fitted anywher
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