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  1. If you can do the work yourself all you need to pay for is parts. Typically gears are £13-15 and a budget motor should be about £30. A titan would not provide the same effect. There is little point IMO putting a titan in anything that isn't pushing 20+ rps. Under that, the mechanical parts and a basic mosfet are more than enough to keep a gun running for a long time. The advantage the titan offers IMO is the ability to tame a build that would otherwise kill itself. 25+ rps on a single sector gear. Or to make a gun perform more in line with a real gun, with a trigger delay. Putting one in a stock gun isn't an effective use of your money. The ability to tweak settings isn't useful when your gun is limited.
  2. If you want an AK and you don't already have one get an LCT. £245 Full steel and they make the AMD 65. Gearbox wise all AK's run a pretty standard V3 gearbox. All wires are external, Parts are plentiful. There are a few v3 motor designs, some run cages but the AK's run a pistol grip style motor mount. Most of the internal parts are standard but pay attention to the air nozzle and cylinder head as there are a few V3 variants. You can add a fet without opening the gearbox. All you need to do is cut the wires and solder in the new configuration. If you go for the LCT you must buy LCT magazines as well as they have a different catch system. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/lct-amd-65-airsoft-gun-aeg-
  3. I've gone through several builds looking for trigger response. The best upgrade without a doubt is 13:1 gears. It's an instant improvement. When paired with a decent high torque motor as well you can get a very crisp trigger response on 7.4v, and also have a decent RPS 20+ High speed motors are a little odd on standard gears. You do gain trigger response, but you also push into double shooting much sooner. As the gears are spinning so much faster, and have so much more energy with that speed. High-speed gearsets, on the other hand, spin slower and put more strain on the motor. The difference in the 2 setups is night and day.
  4. Might be the case @Adolf Hamster It's why he needs to talk to an electrician about it. He might be safe to run 10 chargers without special provision, but I would never advise that. And certainly not for a business. It's always better in these instances to over exaggerate a lot, and make the poster think about doing this properly rather than just trying stuff out and potentially causing a fire. It's easy to wire in a few sockets, but to do it without consulting an electrician where the public are concerned is a big no-no. How would you feel leaving your kit next to a charging station of 10+ chargers all done on extensions because someone on the internet said it was safe?
  5. If it's for rentals: Sky RC Quattro, Runs at about £120-150 will do 4 batteries without much fuckery, Will do more with balance boards. Trouble is if it goes kaput then you have £150 replacement costs. The knock off Imax B6AC, on the other hand, runs at £15. 4 of them is £60. You can almost afford 10 for the price of a single Quattro. The difference between the 2 is the end-user. For me, the Quattro is the better charger as I charge many batteries that are all dissimilar. And space is a premium in my house. If you have space to set up a charging station and have those 10 chargers running then the B6AC takes over as the better charger. You don't have the same cost for replacements. And replacements can be held on the shelf for sale and for spare. Added into that you get more than double the charging ability and no drawbacks from capping out ampages over balance boards. The only drawback is you are really going to be wanting to run the charging station on it's own ring-main and RCD. With perhaps beefed up cable as well to cover all bases. 10 chargers charging at 4 amps is a 40 amp load on a ring-main, Most domestic socket ring mains are not rated for that. Most domestic ring-mains are 32amps. The number of sockets also becomes a factor to consider. There is a hard cap on the number of sockets allowed on a 32amp ring main. So you may want to speak to a qualified electrician and have them design a station that is both safe and capable of delivering what you need. That is hardwired into the fabric of your building. It would also be prudent to do this on a steel desk so if any batteries do set on fire you have a surface that can cope with the heat and is not flammable. As for batteries, I would look at giant power or turnigy. They have a range of 11.1's that charge at up to 5C. https://www.componentshop.co.uk/11-1v-1300mah-15c-continuous-discharge-lipo-airsoft-battery-185mm-long.html The advantage to those is charge time. You say you want 100 batteries. Well that's 100 hours at 1C. With 10 chargers thats 10 hours and 10 charge cycles. The giant power ones even at 2C will halve that to 5 hours. At 5C they will reduce it 2 hours with a 12 minute charge per battery. The disadvantage of 5C charging is the Amp load. Each charger is going to be charging at 6.5 amps. That's 65 amps not including power loss over the chargers. So getting the charging station right becomes very important. The Imax B6AC will cap out at 6.0amps so in real terms it'll be closer to a 60 amp total drawn on the mains, And the total charge time will be closer to about 15 minutes so 2.5 hours to get them all charged. A 63 amp garage breaker box running 2 Ring mains for charging sockets might provide enough overheads to make this work. You would have to speak to an electrician about the legalities of this and how it works in practice.
  6. APS do a complete v3 drop in box for £65. Including the QC spring system. https://www.targetszone.co.uk/aps-v3-8mm-silver-edge-qd-bearing-gear-box-set-rear-wire-2425-p.asp
  7. I don't know where to get the B&T rail. There are server adapter rails available for the L85 that are not hard to get hold of. Ant--supplies do a basic medium length one for £20. That adapts to the standard weaver. https://www.ant-supplies.uk/rails-and-adapters/sa80-sight-rail-adapter.html It should take the pressure off finding a real one for the time been.
  8. V2 gearboxes can be funny when you rewire them depending on the style of gearbox shells. The more open designs are easier to work with, The ones with the large blocked-out cast areas are much more of a pain to get right. In all cases, the most problematic part of the rewire is the motor and more specifically the pinion as it will hook and cut wires when you remove the motor if those wires are not reasonably tight the shell walls. Firstly you need to inspect the shells and decide if you are having a mosfet or not. A mosfet adds extra wires and you have to account for that. If you have an open style casting and are not bothering with a mosfet you only have 1 wire to worry about, And can go reasonably thick. 16awg. If you want a fet in that open casting then you have to balance the trigger wires and motor wire to the space, You can stack these up the shell wall and tie them in with wire if you drill some very small holes. 16-18awg + 2x 24awg signal wires. If you have a tight space casting things can get frustrating quickly, It's easier to do a non-mosfet rewire, but even so on some castings, you might find the wire channels themselves are limiting to wire thickness. Sometimes it's easier to buy new castings if there problematic. 18awg. My last V2 got 16awg silver plated wire and 2x 24awg wires for the mosfet. Tied with 30awg stainless wire in a stack to the shell wall. The casting was very open for the wires but even so, I had to remove the pins that push the wires down on the upper shell and drill holes for the stainless tie wire. So it wasn't a drop in solution. Now it's done those wires are safe and I can remove the motor without any problems. If space were tight I would have used 18awg and not bothered with a mosfet at all. Colours are not a problem in airsoft. You can visually trace the wires. I cut some small bands of heat-shrink and mark the + wire all the way through the system most of the time. It takes seconds to do and saves having to buy 2 lots of wire. Heat shrink is a key component to getting the loom right. You use it to bind your wires together in neat pairs down the open lengths of wire to the battery, as well as using it to protect exposed contacts ect. For the fuse you can go electronic. There are loads of solder in mosfet units that have an electric fuse inbuilt. Not all are budget breaking. https://www.gatee.eu/products/product-comparison Most of the gate range have an electronic fuse. It's just the 2 most basic that don't. The nanohard at £30 and nanoASR at £20 both are fused. http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/parts-c8/internal-parts-c98/gate-nanoasr-3rd-generation-mosfet-p7513
  9. Iceni

    New motor .

    There is something you can try... And I repeat try. There is no guarantee this will work for you, and I don't recommend it (but it does work if done right). Take the motors out and make a test loom. Flick switch, Wire, Connectors. Then run those motors in a glass of deionised water till the water goes black, Dump the water and do it all over again till the water starts to come out reasonably clear. Re-lube the bearings top and bottom, Put on some new brushes if needed. This will clear the crud out of them, All the carbon and brush deposits that get into the bearings, magnets and caps. Afterwards, you'll either have dead motors, or ones that run like new. Just be sure to allow the motors to fully dry before you install them back in the guns, and lube again before they go back in. Most of the supermarkets sell the water you need for about 60p a litre. https://groceries.asda.com/product/car-maintenance/carplan-deionised-water/479358
  10. Parts - Foregrips. Filter by brand LCT. Firesupport doesn't add extras to the product descriptions. So a manual search by the brand is often better on there. A lot of companies will just use an abbreviated code as the product description, and the search only seems to look at the title. If they don't have a part call them. Chances are they can order it, it's just not worth stocking due to low demand. They do have some of the non-Railed handguards in stock. And converting one of those with a pistol grip wouldn't be a lot of effort. However, if I were doing conversion work I'd be very tempted by the AMD65 grip on ZIB and one of the wood lowers, Then find someone with a router and countersink the grip into the guard before screwing it together. http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61431412/Products/90978 http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61431412/Products/90668
  11. I'm not sure about Cyma wood compatibility for the AK. I know for the G3 line the LCT is closer to the real steel dimensions than the other airsoft brands. And because of that you are better served with real steel grips and woodwork. LCT do make grips and RIS sections that will replace what you have. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/lct-pk-58-aims-wooden-lower-handguard https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/lct-pk299-ak9-tactical-lower-handguard It might be worth asking on the LCT UK facebook page about compatibility. https://www.facebook.com/LCTAIRSOFT/ Zib militaria over in Germany have a lot of real steel AK parts. Including a decent selection of woodwork/plastic work. It might be worth picking up a real steel lower and converting that for the handguard you want. http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.sf/en_GB/?ViewAction=View&ObjectID=52443613&PageSize=60
  12. If you want cheap in the UK DPM is normally the go to for a loadout. You can pick up a boiler suit for £20 ish. PLCE webbing set for about the same. https://www.surplusandoutdoors.com/shop/army-surplus-uk/plce-army-webbing/plce-army-woodland-dpm-webbing-529627.html https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Camo-Army-DPM-Coveralls-Overalls-Boiler-Suit-Workwear-Boilersuit-Military-/291415653724 Add a good pair of boots, and some eye pro and it's the most basic loadout you can buy. The PLCE webbing is army grade. It's been tried and tested. It'll outlast any brand. The boiler suit should be good for a couple of years of skirmishes, There designed for engineers and farmers, and are far more durable than a lot of the budget brands. When you get a bit more available cash you can pick up the correct trouser, shirt and parka. There is no rush to do this. MTP camo is almost always more expensive. And if you start looking at modern plate carriers ect they can sell for a significant amount on there own.
  13. The only time I've ever seen a gun shoot on its own without a mosfet is with compromised insulation. Chances are you have a bare wire on the + lead between the battery and the trigger, that is also contacting either the gun body or gearbox. When the exposed wire touches the body/gearbox it bypasses the trigger and shoots full auto. Your only solution from this situation is a re-wire, or patch repair on the problem wire. It is also possible for a mosfet to die with an open circuit. In this instance, the gun would always shoot full auto as soon as you connected the battery. If the problem only happens with a trigger pull then it's the contacts or COL. It could be tight contacts, Faulty dolly, or pitting/corrosion. In all instances, it is normally far easier to replace the full contact system. Sometimes if it's pitting/corrosion you can clean up the contacts, but you are not correcting the problem. Pitting is caused by arcing of the contacts and requires a mosfet or weaker battery be used. Since you have to open the gearbox to correct it, Adding a mosfet even if it's a cheap Xcoretech Xet304u or acemos is recommended to stop the problem happening in the near future again. If it's the Dolly then new contacts are advisable so you get a good mate between the dolly and the carriage. If it's tight contact points you can sometimes spread them out a little, This normally only happens after a rebuild. From wear, it's generally noticed that the contact points spread and fail to make a circuit. It could also be a cut off lever issue. They can wear and fail to kick the dolly off the contacts. If this is the issue you normally need a new COL and matched contact set. This is a rarer problem but it does happen. Your motor adjustments probably haven't corrected anything. Its rare motor height can affect the gearbox in regard to locking on auto, Unless in changing the height you have moved a wire that was holding the COL down, or moved the failed insulation so it is no longer contacting metal. The best advice is to send it to a tech. Electrical problems can be difficult with airsoft guns if you don't know what to look for. Often an open gearbox will not show you the issues, and it requires someone who knows what to look for on the parts to see the problem at its root cause.
  14. @heroshark He's your man. He makes custom face protection. There's normally a few weeks wait for the finished product to arrive. http://www.heroshark.co.uk/#!/c/0/offset=0&sort=priceAsc
  15. Poland. https://armyworld.pl/ I paid more in shipping than for the gear, They don't ship tracked, but all my stuff arrived perfectly. Parka €11 https://armyworld.pl/product-eng-3-Military-Jacket-Parka-Bundeswehr-Flecktarn-Original-Demobil-SecondHand.html Trousers €10.50 https://armyworld.pl/product-eng-1-Trousers-Flecktarn-Milirtary-Bundeswehr-Cargo-Pants-Original-Demobil-SecondHand.html Shirt €4.50 https://armyworld.pl/product-eng-2-Military-Shirt-Flecktarn-Bundeswehr-BW-ASG-Paintball-Original-Demobil-SecondHand.html Cap €2 https://armyworld.pl/product-eng-12-Field-Cap-Flecktarn-Military-Bundeswehr-Original-Demobil-SecondHand.html Winter hat €2 https://armyworld.pl/product-eng-10-Military-Ushanka-Cap-Bundeswehr-Flecktarn-Demobil-SecondHand.html Gloves €15 https://armyworld.pl/product-eng-92-Military-Winter-Gloves-Gore-tex-Flecktarn-Bundeswehr-Warmed-Demobil.html Gortex upper and lower €28 https://armyworld.pl/product-eng-320-Military-Rainproof-Set-Gore-tex-Bundeswehr-Flecktarn-Original-Demobil.html PLCE webbing with pouches belt and yoke....€9 https://armyworld.pl/product-eng-24-Tactical-Instrumentation-Bundeswehr-5-pieces-Flecktarn-Original-Demobil-SecondHand.html €52 without the gortex set. Postage is high about £20. There were a lot more sizes available when I got mine so you might not get the sizes you need now. There's more than what I posted on the site, they have new and demobil gear so you may have to go searching the site for other items. They also have all of the Polish camo sets, and a good range of sizes for those as well.
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