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  1. Iceni

    Gun picture thread

    There were 2 options on the stocks. A basic wire one that rotates the wrong way so you can still use the gun with it folded. https://www.evike.com/products/28966/ And a more advanced one that collapses the same way, and has multiple positions. https://www.evike.com/products/29370/ I have the basic one as an original part of the GR300. I wanted it rear wired with the AR stock because the front handguard is really limited in terms of space, especially if you want to run a fet as well. It is possible, I just didn't want the hassle. The front handguard on mine is also pretty loose with age. So it needs the screws in it to stop it sliding about. Originally they just used friction with a couple of the holes been for swivel sling mounts. I use those sling mounts for screws and have the ring at the front so that whole area can be locked down. So If I wanted to use the front I'd need tools to swap batteries. I quite like the AR stock as well.
  2. Iceni

    Gun picture thread

    Mostly working on this this week. It's due a decent paintjob and a few parts. I have the wire stock, but prefer the solid one. It's just a straight swap so no big deal.
  3. Iceni

    GR300 parts ordered!

    Just been out and taken the pictures. I'm going to run them through the editor in a few minutes. Total weight of the gun with no battery (inc mag) 2.56Kg on a full metal M4 lol! I'll not be long with the pictures.
  4. Iceni

    S&T Vss vintorez AEG Not firing

    It's no problem, Gearboxes are funny bastards. Simple to look at but very easy to get wrong. Even more so when it's your first time tinkering with them. Once you've played with them a couple of times you will wonder why you ever struggled. Because you look at the parts differently, and understand how the fitting works.
  5. Finally got round to ordering the last few bits for the G&G Gr300 (short barrel)! Front sight, rear sight, and the correct motor grip! The parts had to come from evike and are the wrong make (A&K) but I'm confident of the fit. http://www.evike.com/products/62970/ http://www.evike.com/products/62965/ http://www.evike.com/products/62964/ All it needs to finally be finished is a dusting down with some spray paint as it was a bit beaten up when I got it. And a mock bolt lock that I'm not too fussed about. It's been in bits for years, but over the past few months I've been doing a little here and there. Getting it ready. It's had a new gearbox, King arms shells, SHS bore up, ZCI gears, bushings shimming, ICS turbo motor. It's been rewired with a solid rear stock (I still have the wire stock if I want to go back). And it's been rebuilt, body shimmed, Given a light tan dusting! I'll get a picture up when I get chance, but I'm really happy with how it's coming together! Once it's done it'll be time for a wood kit on the G3!! I'm using that project to motivate this one!
  6. Iceni

    S&T Vss vintorez AEG Not firing

    yeah that is the reason the gearbox sounds the way it does. You need a grub screw. If you can't find it then you can order a box of them cheap enough from ebay that come with all common small sizes. I think the common size is M3x6 mm. Using a 1.5mm allen key. but I might be wrong as I've never needed to buy one! A kit like this should cover all bases. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200PCS-Allen-Head-Socket-Hex-Grub-Screw-Assortment-Cup-Point-Set-Stainless-Steel/323204657748?epid=14018917442&hash=item4b407fb254 Abbey spray would be perfect. It's one of the better quality silicone sprays, so if you have a tin just try a shot in that hole and see if it sorts it.
  7. Iceni

    S&T Vss vintorez AEG Not firing

    The screw should push that plate and the motor with it. It'll be a very small grub screw. That is turned with an equally small allen key. It'll have a hex head in a small hole that looks directly up at where that plate is. I'd grab some silicone spray with a fine straw nozzle. and just give it a blast in the hole on the back side of the gearbox where you can see the trigger pushing the dolly. Most auto parts stores sell a cheap silicone if you don't want to get the more expensive stuff. Halfords for example should have it. It won't be the best quality spray, but then again your not lubing up a real gun so it's not going to make any difference. If your lucky it'll solve the issue without needing to open the gearbox again. http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductMobileDisplay?catalogId=10151&storeId=10001&productId=219033&categoryId=165705&langId=-1 If the spring is crushed you may need to find another. It might not have the required force, or orientation to pull the dolly back to a well reset position if it's kinked. Grub screws look like this. You should be able to spot the hexagon internal head part.
  8. Iceni

    S&T Vss vintorez AEG Not firing

    I watched the video, The scratchiness is because of your motor height. There is a grub screw at the bottom of the motor, Screwing it in and out will change how the gearbox meshes and make it sound better or worse. You've changed the gears so the Motor height will need adjusting to match the new gears. The selector plate is in correctly. The misfires are the trigger dolly. It's getting caught in the fall back stage. So have a look at the spring and see if you have anything blocking the dolly. The cut off is resetting, the dolly isn't getting caught in the contacts. So it has to be with the dolly falling back and resetting. Perhaps the spring is weak, or the ways have a burr or tight spot. I'd be tempted to give it a blast of silicone spray to see if it solves it.
  9. @Jez_Armstrong In serious need of wood. Good strong German wood I sent you a PM about it. Wouldn't part with this bad boy. Love it.
  10. I saw one on the classifieds here. He wants £100 for a gun that can be had for £95 new. https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152215954-SW-020B-Carbine-Replica-Black.html It's got some funky plastic problem, looks like mould has eaten the stock a little. And it's got a big split on the front end where the upper meets the lower. And I'd be worried that has snapped the airseal nozzle or magwell plate. For a blind buy he'd be lucky if I offered £40. And even then it would be for the spares.
  11. Iceni

    G36C Trigger Problem

    It could be the pinion is slipping, but I would still expect the AR latch to hold the piston if that was the case. That full reset of the piston is throwing me as it shouldn't be happening. Assuming 18:1 gears. 1 turn if the sector = 18 on the pinion. 10 teeth on the pinion. So 180 teeth on the pinion for a cycle. 30ish teeth on a bevel gear. So 6 turns per sector revolution. (24 AR latch notches) Your seeing about 50% of the piston travel back, so 1/4 turn on the sector. That should be 6/4 = 1.5 bevel gear turns. 1.5 bevel gear turns should give 5-6 opportunities for the AR latch to engage assuming it's got 4 locks per turn on the bevel gear. It should work out that you have 15 degrees on the sector gear for each AR notch. Something somewhere is wrong. I noticed you put a new piston in (blue v/s the JG) it might be bad engagement on the piston, and the AR latch is working, but the piston itself is giving you the problem. Or the piston head isn't well fixed and it's allowing the front edge of the piston body to ride up off the sector.
  12. Iceni

    How long will my batteries last?

    I can get through 1500bb's in a single 30 minute engagement if I'm feeling it. That said some days I might only use 500bb's. It depends where I place myself, and how abusive to the other team I'm feeling. 1500bb's with 22-25rps is still only about 60 1 second bursts. Doesn't make you many friends tho Point been it's better to have more capacity and not use it, than it is to have to go scrounge a battery from the safe zone.
  13. Iceni

    G36C Trigger Problem

    The AR latch is in correctly then. It's getting to the stage where I would send it out, as it seems there is a problem that isn't visible on the pictures. If It were my Gearbox I would strip and rebuild it fully. But I know the V3 box pretty well and would be able to see and feel any problems. Via pictures that isn't going to happen. So your only option is to go find someone who knows V3 boxes and have them take a look. If you lived closer I would take a look for you. Chances are there will be guy at the mall that @Duff can recommend, he seems to be a little social beaver in this regard.
  14. Iceni

    How long will my batteries last?

    It's all about the cut off point for motor voltages. Once you hit the voltage where the motor can no longer spin the motor to speed the battery is dead. You get less out of a Nimh over a lipo because of the discharge curves and operating voltages of the batteries. Lipo holds a higher voltage for longer, so you get more shots out of one before the gearbox starts to slow. Nimh on the other hand has a lower operating voltage and is safe to discharge to a much lower voltage than a lipo, so while you may have 1500mAh a portion of that will be at a voltage under the cut off for the motor And there is a long tail off where the battery will keep trying but working very slowly. If the application was lighter and voltage wasn't an issue then Nimh and lipo of the same capacity would last about the same time. For airsoft however the batteries appear to have less capacity. In addition to this Lipo is capable of delivering higher C ratings. So you get more amps out of one instantly, so the trigger performance and motor spin up times are faster. In real terms this means you see about 60% of the capacity of a Nimh before you start thinking about a battery change. With Lipo that is closer to 90%. Those 8.4v nimh stock cells are pretty poor in terms of capacity because of this. Seeing 60% of the discharge means they operate like a 900mah battery rather than a 1500mah. And the opperating voltage will average to about 6v. A 7.4v 1500mah lipo on the other hand will give you 1350mah capacity, and average about 7v for the bulk of the discharge. For a decent day where you are not worried about battery life I try to take about 2000mah of capacity usable. So in this instance it would be 3 of those Nimh, or 2 of the lipo. A 7.4v 2200mah battery should see 1980mah of usable discharge and I would class them as an all day battery with perhaps 30 minutes on charge at lunch just to be on the safe side.
  15. http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p24705/Army-Force-Outer-Barrel-Set-for-M4-AEG/WA-M4-GBB-(Black)/product_info.html Would that do it? Stubs look to be 2.5 inches. Would give, 2.5, 5.5 (3), 7.5 (5), 9.5 (7),10.5 (3+5), 12.5 (3+7),14.5 (5+7),17.5 (3+5+7) Oh it's on amazon as well.... With free postage for under £37 It's also got a proper dimension for the stub lengths. AEG 3.125 Gbb 2.25. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Airsoft-Segments-Barrel-Version-Purpose/dp/B01NAVNY4K So the real dimensions are. AEG -- 3.125, 6.125, 8.125, 11.125, 13.125, 15.125, 18.125. Gbb-- 2.25, 5.25, 7.25, 9.25, 10.25, 12.25, 14.25, 17.25