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  1. A few from the weekend trying out the new MP5
  2. Try this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airsoft-Vltor-style-front-folding-sight-with-Quick-Release-sling-base-UK-stock/302500214811?hash=item466e6af81b:g:yZoAAOSwLvldTdZb
  3. Thanks makes a change from the run of the mill stuff
  4. Well that was hard https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-g-combat-machine-cm16-raider-2-0
  5. I have just got the CYMA MP5SD6 https://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/cyma-cm041-sd6-blue-limited-edition-airsoft-rifle-mp5-35253-p.asp Its full metal and runs perfect.
  6. it runs good in the back garden but wont be able to test it untill the 14th as stuck at work
  7. there is nothing wrong with it my Tm one and my KJ works m9 are the same also my grandsons src m92 all do the same the nozzle will stop sticking after you have used it also use silicone oil as i have found that they tend to like lots of lubrication.
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