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    CYMA M4, A&K M249, TM M92, G3 SBS, G3 SAS ,Glock 18c, MP5SD6, MP5A3, Deadpool 1911,AKS74U, A&K M60E4
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  1. still sticking with the lightweight load outs so much less hassle
  2. It uses v2 gears and cut of leaver also v2 tapet plate and a standard m4 nozzle thay are very easy to work on.
  3. its the TM one spent ages trying to get one.
  4. check the wiring were the stock is conected to the body there are two conectors that can come apart
  5. this is my m4 in a nuprol large hard case
  6. must say i am going for the mags in the pocket option
  7. It is a CYMA CM042S shoots spot on too
  8. Me on a very wet sunday could have done with a wet suit and fins
  9. he is one of the best snipers at warminster he dont need the camo
  10. i always put my ones down the front of my smock if not back in a ammo pouch the right way up.
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