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  1. if thats what you want you will need one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tactical-Airsoft-Scope-Mount-Low-Profile-Claw-Rail-Weaver-20mm-Accessories/402584500471?hash=item5dbbe7f8f7:g:W8YAAOSwMmVfxTTB
  2. i have my one mounted the way you had it 3rd pic works fine
  3. i went with this in my loft
  4. here are a few from the last time i played with my new set up for the xm177
  5. so had abit of time on my hand so boxed out my loft and made it in to my gun room.
  6. if you start droping mags all over the place how can you refill them with the extra rounds you have it wont take to long to get through your 8 mags of 30 that you only put 28 in so the spring works better so you have less stopages.
  7. i stand corected i have the tm m92f that don`t do that
  8. please show me a decocker on a m9
  9. it has not got a decocker but has got a double stage trigger. if you pull back the slide slowley is it catching on the hammer ? what gas are you using ?
  10. is the hammer forward at the start of the video ?
  11. from the pic you have posted your anti reversal latch is in the wrong position it should point down to were the motor comes in to the gearbox
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