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  1. Once in a while I am allowed to touch the jar. Only when I have been good though.
  2. If I can get the accessories I want at a decent enough price I plan on getting my Mp7 painted finally
  3. Lets face it we all know of sites which are relaxed with the rules or know our shops well enough that even with an expired UKARA we can still buy guns. And I cant speak for everyone but the last thing on my mind when this is over is will I be able to buy RIFs or not, but that might just be me.
  4. Fair point, the safe zone does get very crowded, but at least you don’t really notice it on the field.
  5. Not even if it was £300. Cant afford anything at the moment. Things are only going to get tighter too
  6. They used to have a wicked burger stand, The guy used to take orders and cook up all different types for you, double, bacon bbq etc. Was decent. I havent been in a couple of years though as it got very cliquey with the regulars pretty much running the site and hit taking was a joke but glad to hear that seems to have changed now. I think I would still rather head to AP if I were going in that direction though, but thats just me.
  7. Rightly so. Is a shame there does not seem to be anywhere local for me to have a go though.
  8. Not what im into but that is lovely, I would love one of those, are they expensive?
  9. North London, I looked it up a while ago and its a bit of a drive for me. Plus I work most evenings.
  10. I play in Essex a fair bit, normally Airsoft Plantation. Its likely the best woodland site within a reasonable driving distance from London in my opinion. I would love to do the practical pistol shooting at Hockley but its just a bit too far for me.
  11. We are slowly colonising the world.
  12. Just noticed that they even took his camera, it’s on the table on the left
  13. @Robert James close, got the first two letters right It’s Alan @Hillarbubs I’m glad the safe zone has moved, was A bit iffy sometimes coming and going with the safe zone actually IN the game zone. I actually remember two instances when fighting outside the safe zone made its way through the doorway I can’t wait to get back there and play again though +1 for cable ties, coloured sticker dots work too. I think chrono, especially at the tunnels should be mandatory.
  14. I am more of an Airsofter than a compulsive buyer, dont get me wrong I have my compulsions, but they are not Airsoft related. I enjoy playing and the rush of adrenaline from a game. I enjoy being outside and the team aspect of it (not that it really happens that much, most players are all for themselves). I dont tech or take my guns apart, I dont really collect guns either. Dont get me wrong I have quite a few, but they have led me to the ones I have and am really happy with. I cant see myself buying anymore guns in the near future as my current set ups work for me perfectly, thats not to say things wont change but unlike a lot of you I dont buy/sell get through a lot of guns. I guess I am in my Airsoft happy place right now.
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