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    Mostly SMGs but use Scorpion EVO or TM MP7 the most
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  1. Can you type bigger, it’s hard to read with only one eye
  2. I have cleaned my barrel plenty of times at a site and had a peek down the end 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Can’t answer your question but I really want one of these, they are as quiet as anything I have heard on site
  4. Are you sure hes on the left? 🤔
  5. I never got back after the test game which is a shame as more of the site is opened up, will certainly try to get there before the closure.
  6. No no no, save your finest ones. Sent him your worst turds!
  7. @MLN416 have a read of the SE reviews from Asomodai in the site section. he has been too almost all of the sites nearest to London, I have been to a lot with him too, I can’t list them all but there’s a hell of a lot of decent places under 90mins from north London listed in his reviews
  8. Plenty of sites I have been to have mentioned its not ok and people will be removed. A few years back a whole team were kicked out of Battle lakes when Zed were running it because of of their guys had a joint in the carpark between games. In fairness it was mentioned in the brief so tough shit really. Most people are idiots anyway, drink and drugs heighten that so I would prefer it not on site.
  9. I get it, I usually use hi caps or drum mags where possible as I cant be arsed to carry loads of mags, it just looks wrong in a dmr, I use smgs so kinda get away with it. Appreciate the effort and engineering though, decent thread. And that stock... beautiful
  10. Its beautiful, great build. I appreciate but dont like the drum mag though but thats just my opinion.
  11. Agreed, I know of more poeple stung by bank transfer than paypal. The only people I have heard of having payapl issues were those not being 100% legit. Shame as its a decent price and I was almost tempted.
  12. Like I said elsewhere most sites cant organise a decent days skirmish with 100 players why would we expect a bunch of magazine editors to be able to run a decent game for 400 people in a site they dont run?
  13. Why not? If your going to have 400 players you NEED a decent marshal to player ratio. The more the better, you cant cut corners on safety to cut costs, well clearly you can but its not acceptable. 6 would be needed in the safe zone to keep order and things working whilst people are playing, 6 wouldnt cover the parking if there were 200 odd cars.
  14. I have a blue nomex suit and a vest that would possibly do the job, but I dont think I will be able to dig them out of the garage until next week though.
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