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  1. Albiscuit

    Gun picture thread

    Theres no barrel in that gun!!.. Or am I blind?
  2. Albiscuit

    First Time at the Mall

    I would rather set up on the table with the tea urn, 3 out of my last 4 visits some twat has left the tap on and flooded the gear left on the floor by the toilet. The car park threw me yesterday, saw the usual one was locked and though fuck, maybe its full. Then a car moved and I saw the marshal on the next gate.
  3. Great day at The Mall yesterday, my new guns are amazing!! Met some cool new players and had a good laugh. have a perfect line of shots up my back though, its do damn straight the shooter deserves a high five..

  4. Albiscuit

    Custom setups

    I used to be like that. Also used to swap and change my vest and belts for each game, got really annoying. Now I have a CQB belt set up and an outdoor rig and thats it. Although new guns now mean I have to adapt set ups a little so back to the start with it all haha
  5. Albiscuit

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    @rocketdogbert the Vector resurrector?
  6. Albiscuit

    Switching to Deans Connectors

    This thread has got me thinking I should swap out my new guns and batteries to deans now...
  7. Albiscuit

    Still waiting for my UKARA number

    Mine was done at The Mall online in front of me. Took a few minutes in total. Your guy obviously has a stack or forms somewhere and cant be arsed to put it all on. Sounds like my admin at work, I have so much to file right now its mad (and hidden in drawers lol)
  8. Albiscuit

    Custom setups

    Lucky you, its taken me 6 months and a dozen games to get set up right haha!!
  9. Albiscuit

    Gun picture thread

    its kind of ugly... In the same way a Vector is so ugly they are beautiful. I like it a lot!!!
  10. Albiscuit

    ASG CZ Skorpion Evo owners ?

    from my (limited) knowledge it shouldnt void warranty, but not 100% My cables coming out of the gun into the connector are sooo stiff, theres barely any room for the battery as it is, if those wires were a little more supple it would make battery changes/installations so much easier! Im going to look like a right mong installing the battery at the next game in the safe zone!
  11. Albiscuit

    ASG CZ Skorpion Evo owners ?

    Using mine for the first time in three days why did I read this WHYYYYYYYY!!!! lol.. I feel your pain.. nice job on the upgrade though. Been looking at those myself
  12. Personally wouldnt want to risk it, takes one twat despite briefings and warnings to take a pot shot, get lucky and knock it out of action and into a lake/tree etc....
  13. Albiscuit

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Just bung a couple of hi caps on your belt and go low profile like me
  14. Albiscuit

    Custom setups

    I have read most of the thread, not all so I may be talking nonsense here (surely not you say!!) But it may work.... Yeah people are caught up on the 40% mark up, but thats normal. I know of restaurants that go for a 70% mark up as standard and we are happy enough to eat out rather than make our own food!! IF the poster gets the idea right, and can order in bulk and get enough of a retailers discount then putting a mark up on HIS cost price (NOT the retail we would pay) he may be able to get the pricing right. I like the idea of copying loadouts or film inspired set ups, theres a wicked french site which does this already, Expendables, jurrasic world, plus all the major armies etc its a nifty idea. My main concern is the fact most people already into the hobby wont bother with this idea as we know and want a system set up for us. I have more than enough pouches I was convinced I needed that got one use or didnt even make it onto a rig/vest that are now sitting in a box in the garage. The point of modular systems is to make it our own and as our game play and weapons change, the pouches need changing too. Having a rig made for me even when I was first into airsoft does not appeal, I liked the hunting around for different gear but that may just be me. So while I like the idea and dont think it necessarily warrants the bashing it has got I think its likely not worth pursuing but im glad people are thinking about different airsoft business ideas
  15. Albiscuit

    TM pistols

    Only have a M92 and MK23 TM pistols so all I can comment on reliably, but both work superbly, the M92 'feels' just right in my hand. But to try to answer your questions.... I use 144a but have heard the lower red version is more suited for TM mags and guns but have also heard and read a wide variety of recommendations for which gas in which gun!! (its a minefield) To my knowledge all TMs are pretty much 1:1 so they should. I personally wouldnt upgrade a TM pistol, I did to my MK23 and I dont think its done much (pretty sure I have done something wrong to be fair, but in hindsight I totally didnt need to do it)