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  1. Well I was booked for Saturday but they have now closed thanks to covid so you were VERY lucky to get a game. And I’m still unhappy you didn’t get my name on the list for the first game
  2. Probably a red light camera, as long as you didn’t jump the light you should be fine
  3. Time Left: 4 days and 6 hours

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    From top left: WAS elasticated double m4 pouch black £17 nuprol double grenade pouch £8 MC double bungee m4 pouch £10 2 x black Velcro flapped double m4 pouch £10 each Green short MP5 triple pouch £10 All prices all in in postage. Pm for multiples 👍



  4. We all need to make our own choices and make sure what we do is sensible and have others in mind. personally I would limit my exposure to other people in this situation too.
  5. Will have to wait until payday but I will have a look, cheers
  6. I played a fair bit in a short period over July/August including one game that was probably not quite legit. I think something like 4/5 new sites. Almost all had Covid related systems in place. One was clearly not fussed and barely mentioned it, even went so far as to say in the brief knife kills are allowed etc. Others were quite strict and clearly had thought things though very well, I’m not shaming so I’m going to say Dogtag were VERY on the ball with their brief and Covid precautions. I felt very safe and felt they took it The most seriously. Personally I feel
  7. A friend of mine done a thing, not a bad thing but a good thing. This thing was done for me too so it’s a bloody good thing!! We both have Scorpion Evos and the carry case and love the bags for their versatility and pouches on the front so I bought one for my TM MP7. I was talking about how cool it would be to be able to attach them together so he took both my bags and added straps on the side so I can clip them together to make it easier to carry. he also added a shoulder strap, a stronger carry handle to be able to carry both as once and even a velcro panel over the sco
  8. I am tempted, and I think I will stick one on preorder once I have a little more money but wheres the best place to see all of the modular/extra bits available?
  9. I would like to think they do know what they are doing. The mall was used often for many things and I hope this place becomes viable. its also why I’m planning on heading to as many game days as possible there whilst I have the chance
  10. I’m not sure so not going to comment on the charger to be on the safe side. but BBs are a separate item. Sometimes you get a little bag of some in the box but these are almost always of terrible quality and it’s agreed not worth using. So unless you specifically bought bbs, you wasn’t supposed to get any.
  11. I think you should buy the mp7 and use still use a pistol as mentioned mp7s are stupidly cool. and I used pistols only plenty of times at the mall and had so much fun. No major disadvantage over using a pistol vs a gbb really. If anything it’s lighter and easier. plus the multiglam squads get well pissed off if you take a few out with only a pistol that’s worth the entry right there
  12. Time Left: 4 days and 6 hours

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    Bolle cobra PC smoked eye pro in unopened packaging price inc postage


    London - GB

  13. Time Left: 4 days and 6 hours

    • For sale
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    Condor rapid assault chest rig (takes 6 m4 mags, with molle for extra pouches) £38 posted Condor hydro harness with 2.5l bladder (will fit the rig) £48 posted. Great bit of kit with loads of adjustability and only used a couple of times as I don’t use an M4 anymore. Will take - £80 for all Olive Green


    London - GB

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