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  1. I would happily send him my guns, he has done some tinkering on pistols and mags for me back in the days of the Mall when I was a regular player and he was upfront and honest
  2. Super cool 100%.but agreed with the above statement. I have gone through loads of ‘cool’ load outs/load carrying and tried a couple of impressions but they don’t give you the flexibility needed for airsoft. I would certainly love to see someone looking like a bank robber with one at a game and would appreciate it, but I couldn’t get on with it myself. Certainly not at that price and I want those hand grenades. Have no need or use for them but man I want them lol
  3. Meh, poor form from them. Totally get your frustrations
  4. Not a massive amount to be proud off with this current government so I will take roasting a prostitute on camera
  5. Albiscuit


    Very rarely. I would be cautious of buying an ‘upgraded’ gun for one. I don’t know who upgraded it, if the bits work well together, how well it was put together and if they actually improve things etc unless it’s an upgrade with a receipt or traceable (like a negative airsoft video for example) then generally upgraded won’t add much as you also need to find someone who wants a gun with those upgrades installed.
  6. He needs arresting, stupid twat. The woman needs a talking too also, absolutely no need for that many headshots at close range. it was all avoidable and utterly pointless
  7. Regular players are fully aware it’s all a bit silly and easily circumvented. I have been playing for quite a few years now and have 15 odd guns and to my knowledge haven’t been asked once for a UKARA. In fact I have only had 1 ukara and that was more for the site membership rather than to be able to actually buy something that m4 water gun did make me chuckle though
  8. Seems all my initial worries about these sorts of places have been thought about. I have always been quite sceptical about going due to some of the early pics/vids and reviews but I think I would happily give it a go now based on your review so thank you for taking the time to make it and we know who I can blame if I have a crap day hahaha
  9. You using a RIF will cause no issues. if someone wants to gift you a Rif then that’s perfectly acceptable. It’s only at point of sale that it becomes tricky. you cannot legally buy a RIF yourself until you are 18 and have a ‘defence’
  10. I have been putting off going due to some concerns about how close it is and have heard it’s mostly corridor shooting. Whilst I love my cqb room clearing and some wider spaces are genuinely appreciated. how does the site stack up to others, you mentioned the Mall, is it like being in the basement corridors the whole time or are there some more open spaces? oh and great review. Don’t feel ashamed about ripping off a template that works. I am part of some Discord servers and sometimes the review section literally looks like this “went to skirmish woodland yesterday, had fun, would go again” *shakes head*
  11. Sorry to hear about your fiancée, I am not 100% sure on current prices but mine was £150 retail. min decent condition like that I would ask for say £110+ Or 120 and haggle.
  12. I have had so many different opinions on Evo batteries. Even had three different recommendations from 3 different ’techs’. I used to go with a 7.4 lipo but now it’s either a 11.1 Lipo and/or a 9.9 liFe and have had no issues with either
  13. I personally would not recommend bunker 51 for a new player or even an experienced one. it’s small, very small and I have not had the best of times there. if you drive there are plenty of sites near London where you will have a much better day, check out the SE TOUR reviews in the site review section and you will see a lot of the work has been done for you. also I would pick up a rifle or rent if I were you, even at a cqb site. Playing with a pistol only is fine and great fun, but I think you would need a bit of experience before you try that
  14. The best FREE upgrades have been mentioned. clean your barrel (I’m a sucker for NOT doing this) up your bb weight. The heaviest your gun can sling will make a difference over standard .2s and as mentioned I would think long and hard about if it’s worth it. I spend a fair amount on ‘upgrades’ in my first gun and they were totally pointless and cost too much for what I ended up with and I soon after bought a better gun and all of my previous issues were sorted with the new purchase. In your instance I would buy the ARP, and run both for a little while. I have an ARP9 I found stupidly cheap brand new (£120ish) and it has the same range as any of my £300+ guns and I do not feel outgunned using it. I tend to use semi as I prefer to play that way so the ROF is moot for me but range and accuracy are up there with most guns out of the box after you have bought and used that then maybe see if you still want to sink money into your other RIF
  15. I’m not really sure guides are needed. I think half of the fun is building load outs and researching what you need (for those who do it, personally I don’t care about matching kit etc) plus there’s info on here if you can navigate the search function and loads of YouTube vids I would imagine
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