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  1. Mine looked like that on Sunday (diff silencer and a drum mag though) before it blew itself apart and my god it was fun to use. I LOVE smgs and was stupidly impressed with it like that until it went pop so yeah I DIG!!
  2. Hi caps for me all the way where possible, I tend to only use semi and two hi caps can last me all day. Also means I don’t have to had 8 mags strapped to me. But then I’m all for lightweight stripped back loadouts rather than having everything including the kitchen sink strapped to me. And as mentioned the noice is only an issue when running and then stealth goes out the window so it’s a moot point. Grab some of each and work out what you prefer though. Shame my gas mp9 and mp7 mags don’t come with a hi cap version though
  3. So my hammer melted today and smashed itself apart using full auto and drum mag. Whilst I have it open and am replacing it what else shall I put in? I am also keen on a metal threaded outter barrel, do they exist? cheers
  4. Finally got my box of mk5s ready to chuck around over the coming weeks. Despite a couple of shops point blank refusing to post I received them via a DPD delivery within 2 days so chuffed. Picked up an extended glock mag for the AAP and a rubber knife to replace the one I lost about 3 years ago
  5. Good stuff. The Airsoft map was great for the short time it seemed to be running. I toyed with the idea of setting up a new one but couldn’t be arsed
  6. The gun up thing makes sense. At The Mall I have lost count of the amount of times someone has come into a room with me in it maybe shot a mate and I had no chance so called myself hit before I got shot. likewise I managed to clear a small room or two without having to take an actual shot. But then that was all down to player choice, we agreed to surrender/call hit before getting a stinger in the knackers. It wasn’t an actual site rule but made sense for all involved and caused no issues for the players involved or the game as a whole. And regarding my dummy grena
  7. I personally like the Americans idea of a hand on the shoulder is a ‘knife kill’ and your out. Or similar to when someone suggest a barrel tap in the shoulder, works in the same way as far as I can see. If your close enough to do that then the opposition should be out imo. I amsaying this as I wouldn’t want to be shot from such a close range and would be happy to call myself out of someone was sneaky enough to get close to me but didn’t have a rubber knife for whatever reason. Im also keen on the other American thing I have seen with a dummy grenade (trmr which doesn’t go
  8. Fair points, I didnt realise it was such a PITA. I considered driving up to Airsoft Zone, but its a 2 hour round trip and I wont be anywhere near there in the forseeable future for me to plan a trip in. The annoying thing is I am pretty close to the shop next week on a work trip but as I will have 15 kids with me and using trains and public transport its not going to be easy to swing by the store whilst up that way I have found somewhere for doing 100 for £233 and they are in stock and able to post so worth doing that as fuel and my time are worth more to me. T
  9. thanks for the recommendation, they are not as cheap as I have found them though. I find it annoying that the store I want to but from are just blanket banning posting pyro when other places are able to post and lets face it they are delivered to the shop somehow. I wouldnt mind paying a more for delivery. Also weird they are turning down a £200+ order also with whats been going on and the state of the economy but hey ho. Oh well.
  10. Your right, they wont deliver
  11. A range in the woods out the back of my mansion on my private island
  12. I agree with your site lottery, as someone who like to try loads of different sites I have experienced such a range of professionalism and and lack of at different sites. Some have great rules and games but are disorganised and feel dangerous and others seem to have got it spot on whilst most are a mix of the two with good points and bad when it comes to organisation. It is a personal Airsoft gripe of mine . In all honesty though I have. It thought too much about it and it seems like a potential ball ache to even work out where to start. I feel it’s likely going to take som
  13. Plus two well used discord servers already. Not sure why we need a third
  14. I have the Tm and it’s my fave gun. Brings a smile to my face each time. I don’t care it’s not 1:1 and once your holding it it’s not an issue, doesn’t feel small to me. I couldn’t recommend it enough
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