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  1. Albiscuit

    FRV Tailoring not responding to messages

    Nothing from me either. An email in response to the order saying theres a backlog, terribly sorry etc would have been nice as I was hoping for mine before xmas. Pretty poor service and easily avoidable.
  2. Albiscuit

    My favourite eBay ad ATM.... 😂

    Yeah pretty sure its the 6.. Stupid seller needs to change the title and description to make it clearer, would also make sense to have the pic of the 6 as the first one too.. These will be up on the bay for a while I think!
  3. Albiscuit

    CQB Help

    And team mates. Why do they always stand near me full autoing every one after I spent 20 mins sneaking up?
  4. Albiscuit

    G&G MP5a5 vs ASG Scorpion Evo

    Bane of my fecking life!! I normally knock it onto safe as I jump out on someone and wonder why they are not calling hits, get laughed t for not shooting, then get shot!
  5. Albiscuit

    Eotech setup

    Just adjust the hop accordingly
  6. Albiscuit

    CQB Help

    I suppose it stems from preferring to play quite sneaky. Firehawks do LOOK nice though...
  7. Albiscuit

    CQB Help

    +1 for the jarring sound of one going off near me!! Never understood why they are so loud, or why anyone would want a sound amplifier either.
  8. Anyone heading on 22nd? I MIGHT be allowed out
  9. Albiscuit

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    @L3wisD How pissed off would Luke from The Mall be if we all rocked up shooting guns with blaster sounds
  10. Airsoft World had them on their 'Advent Calender' the other day. I was HUGELY tempted!!
  11. Albiscuit

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Am I the only person who is slightly irked by your 'mysterious airsoft druid' type personality you project? Im not out to wind up or insult anyone, but you do post rather vague statements like this that edge towards the fact you can see the future, have been to the future or are some sort of secret airsoft insider who knows all but wont actually tell anything... No totally get your points and glad to have a conversation online with someone that doesnt see eye to eye without them swearing, calling me a prick or my mum a troll, although both of those tend to be true In answer to your questions, I simply dont know.. I was typing without really thinking and it just opened up out of me haha. I get your point about it killing the sport. Maybe I would prefer a more controlled type of scenario like a realsim where weapons have to conform to certain standards? That being said playing with/against people with bonkers guns can sometimes be fun. and I have been outplayed by plenty of people with shite guns or just running a pistol etc and yeah cheaters will cheat. Again my typing was quicker than my brain as usual.
  12. Albiscuit

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    I think theres too much choice... There are literally hundreds of guns across all manufacturers and price points. And in some cases the quality varies widely. Its pretty much the same in any industry though to be fair and mostly avoidable but thats more of a bash on capitalism rather then airsoft Not saying they should all be made the same, a choice between steel and plastic should still be there, but does there really need to be 200 different variants of a £180 M4 when ultimately they all do the same thing? **And in all honesty I went a little off topic, what I posted is not what I am looking for in Airsoft, more of an ideal situation...** I play for fun, as long as I have a good day and enjoy myself Its all good. I suppose the realism of the guns and the adrenaline rush when playing is what appeals to me. As long as I have guns they look good and sites with games that engage me I will keep playing.
  13. Albiscuit

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    @StayOnTarget @Immortal Was mainly thinking out loud in the above post but my bit about ROF and FPS being a little more universal was from a site point of view. Of course there will be people who want to mod their stuff to be faster, more powerful, more colourful etc and that’s great. There’s loads of industries build off this. But more from a Sunday skirmish point of view if sites had a more universal approach to site limits and manufacturers also took a more similar approach it would stop a lot of issues. Less overkill, fewer hot guns, no more getting rinsed and out played by teams with super HPA rigs and a more fairer day for all. do we need arp9s with drum mags being basically the same as a support weapon? Or a MK23 with a scope and body kit as good as a sniper rifle? one of the reasons (not all but quite a few) people get into airsift is the realism of the kit. So why should a pistol be as effective as a sniper or a smg a cheaper version of a support gun? Im not saying this SHOULD be the standard, just putting it out there for discussion. I personally can see how it may benefit. Yeah choice is great, and there should be room for that too.
  14. Albiscuit

    Gun picture thread

    Same thing I tell every one, sell it and get an EVO Just kidding, only do what you NEED to do to it. On my first RIF I stuck so much pointless crap on it it became silly!! Slowly took it all off and even played a few games with nothing on it at all, including iron sights and the stock, I taped the battery to the stock tube for a day Got as many kills as I normally would and had as much fun as before. Just have a sight, grip and tracer (play indoors a lot) on guns now. If you feel you want a torch, tracer or need a new this that or the other then try it. But only you are using it and know what needs to be done, if anything. £400 of gun bling will not make you a better player or make you enjoy your day any more than leaving it as it is, unless you play in a dark CQB environment, in which case by a bloody torch
  15. Albiscuit

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    It wont happen but in an ideal world there would be more consistency in Airsoft in the UK. By that I mean, guns with similar FPS and ROF, they all basically do the same anyway so why can they not be more universal. Obviously I am not saying a pistol and a sniper rifle be the same, but among classes of weapons there could be less variance which would help massively to reduce issues, cheats and ultimately make the game safer. Same goes for site rules and regulations. A standardised rule system including FPS and safety brief, a lot of unique sites will need their own brief but do sensible, reasonable adults need to be told EVERY week at the same site by the same person about the same rules? no, so maybe a standardised way of delivering briefs would help. If every site finally realised the bang rule is shit the better too! Also the same MED and grenade radius would be useful across all sites. I know a lot of sites use similar rules, but some are very different and if you play across multiple sites like I do its actually annoying that some sites have three great rules but then had some silly complicated medic rule or allow bang kills etc. As as mentioned even consistency in gun materials and costs would be nice.