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  1. Looks totally different, you wouldnt tell its a brand new gun!! Great job..
  2. Yeah multicam is quite visible in most forests, even more so when people wear it in CQB As mentioned though, it does all depend on the forest and type of year, but +1 for flecktarn and DPM being pretty good most of the time in the UK
  3. Black forest gateaux, salt and pepper!! Sorry...
  4. Not sure I can squeeze a game in this month, happy to plan something for october, let me know when you fancy going! No probs, happy to help.
  5. From North London (Islington or Hendon way, depends who im picking up out of my mates) looking at a map, it will either be the M25 or A406 , either way Theydon Bois is not too far out of the way at all..
  6. If we can work our diary's I may have space in the car, happy to pick you up and drop you back if your close to the site?
  7. Cant make this wknd but will try to get there soon!! Also waiting for the review
  8. Cant make the 14th, camping with work again but would love to play a sat night game!!
  9. Yeah I want a tricked out gold/red/green/fucking awful looking thing from Mike too, I love the blinged out ugly things, to me they are so ugly they are beautiful. Cant justify rifle money on a pistol though, not yet anyway?! I would love to start practical pistol but the nearest place is not that near *edit, spelling was atrocious
  10. I hate you... I dont want or need one , and have never played a night game so doubt I would use it but now you have me calculating repayments 😝
  11. Always thought to try it at least once, but the low limits, tiny size and distance has always stopped me... Doubt I would go, would prefer a whole day game somewhere nearer!
  12. Will this be every sat eve after 31st?
  13. Was a Tippman, I asked him what it was. Wondering if they were that silent or if he did a lot of work to it
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