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  1. Picked up some new hiking boots. I used my old ones until they literally fell apart and used them for Airsoft a lot. can finally get a game booked now I have footwear! go outdoors wanted £112 But found them online for £75 and as they price match and take 10% off they ended up about £67
  2. It’s just a block of black in the woods stands out a mile away. I know camo in Airsoft is generally not that effective (many would argue I’m sure) but a green or camo cap would look more “natural” in the distance than black. With the exception of the belt (but this is my main load carrying, my wearable gear and pouches were all got on the cheap or I wear outdoor clothes that also get used for camping and outdoor activities with work, I just can’t justify expensive gear!
  3. Decided I want a swordfish kit for my mp5k now!! Guns look so awkward to me perched on their mag like this, I can’t be dealing with it
  4. Nothing at all wrong with mixing camo and colours, in your case it works fine except maybe the cap. But good on you for going the el-cheapo route, you don’t ya e to spend a bomb to enjoy a skirmish!!
  5. I can’t help with that but that are some fecking large sausage rolls it’s sitting on!!
  6. I can imagine their reply, lots of WTFs and question marks!! that being said there is an empty toys r us building near me that’s huge and would be perfect for an Airsoft site
  7. I still want him to send that letter to the council
  8. I am no English professor but I wouldn't buy it on his spelling and grammar alone
  9. Thats what I thought too. Just be honest and post an ad in the proper place!!
  10. I think its lovely, depending on price point I would buy it.
  11. Hmm are you from Ultra Patches by any chance?? If not then we tend to use stitch me up for our patches. Ultra patches has a nice website and yeah thats a decent deal if you want quantity, but hardly anyone will order 50 unique patches for personal use. Plus delivery might be free in the US but this is airsoft forum UK <--- I doubt international shipping is included!
  12. Nah it’s his cousin Bill!!
  13. Depending on where and how you play you may not be outgunned not using a full auto Aeg. I love me a well thought out loadout, but just wear outdoor style clothes with whatever load carrying I need. Mostly it’s in my belt but MP7 mags go in a chest rig and I have a rig for vector mags too. You could say it’s a pmc style look but it’s more of a whatever I already own and is cheap look!! I don’t really want to dress up for Airsoft or own clothes that will only get used a dozen times a year (says the guy with 250+ pairs of trainers tho ) I have been seeing lots of movie inspired loadouts online, shield agent, Jurassic world operative, things like that. You don’t always have to be the main character to have a decent look!
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