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  1. Albiscuit

    TM MP7... New user!

    Any idea on uk stockists for the sling? Also what should I be doing to gas mags after games?
  2. Albiscuit

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Sent again
  3. Albiscuit

    The last AFUK Mall event

    I should be down for me plus 2 ? I did PM @Robert James hopefully still spaces?
  4. Albiscuit

    TM MP7... New user!

    I LOVE that wire sling!! Need me one of those for sure too... stupidly tempted to send it to geartech too for a nice paint jobby once I have the bling I want
  5. Albiscuit

    TM MP7... New user!

    Good point actually (new GBB user here) not something I had thought of!! To be fair its my CQB weapon so plenty of opportunity to put it back once dead etc.
  6. Albiscuit

    The end of The Mall, Reading :(

    Apologies misread your post, skim reading at work I used to take my go pro but I spend most of the time in the dark corridors or downstairs so footage is rubbish
  7. Albiscuit

    TM MP7... New user!

    Looks like what im after, Not too fussed about putting the mags in quickly. I have 3 at the mo and will set up in the safe zone and empties go in the dump pouch or can fiddle about when dead etc. But Tacos would work to. Food for thought cheers guys! AOR2, no thanks, black only for me. Keeping all my loadouts simple from now on!! Good point about the sling plate. My local store has the sling adapters so when I grab another mag next week I will pick one up. Have a torch now that would work and need a smallish decent holo sight as play mostly at The Mall!.. Thanks for the replies so far!
  8. Albiscuit

    The end of The Mall, Reading :(

    Loads of vids on you tube, worth a look on there. Defo one of the countries most unique venues, will be a HUGE loss to arisoft when doors close for good
  9. Albiscuit

    TM MP7... New user!

    Used my new MP7 at the weekend and loved it, can see this being my new fave gun for sure. However not sure on Mag pouch options. I dont like vests or rigs too much so ideally after something to attach onto my belt with an open top for easy draw but I run around a lot so must be nice n snug too!! Any suggestions? Also wanting some gun bling, nice little sight and new sing, maybe a decent torch.. What have you done or would do to yours? Cheers
  10. Albiscuit

    The end of The Mall, Reading :(

    I am up for any private, silly or one off games that pop up. Will also try to make any sunday I can now.. Seriously considering selling a lot of guns and potentially winding down with Airsoft (unless this new unbelievable venue crops up and is CQB!!) as woodland does not do it for me
  11. Albiscuit

    Criminal Contact / LARP airsoft

    Does interest me a little, but distance is an issue
  12. Albiscuit

    The last AFUK Mall event

  13. Albiscuit

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Fuck yeah count me in!!! Sorry been offline for a while as life has been hectic. Since hearing about Barry Chuckle and the Mall closing in a day of each other I have not been coping well!! Will circulate with my bods, likely to me me plus 3!! Also Happy with whatever dates to be fair. I wont use the poll as I will be there either way (unless something drastic happens) Hoping to get as much time in at the mall as possible now. Will have to consider my Airsoft future too as CQB is my preferred game type and woodland just doesn't have the same appeal to me and I know I wont find a site as good as the mall
  14. Albiscuit

    What do you consider 2nd hand

    HA.. Had the same chat with another trainer collector the other day. So many acronyms and versions of quality/hand definitions its bloody hard to work out how 'new' something is!! We couldnt get our heads around the trainer world either so Airsoft is going to be the same...
  15. Albiscuit

    ASG CZ Skorpion Evo owners ?

    Have seen images of a modern square looking evo, not sure if this is the 'new' model being spoken about but saw posters somewhere..