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  1. Albiscuit

    How are there so many M4s?

    I came home with what looked like measles after 'the box of death' game at The Mall once due to a KSG!! Was fun though.. But it is funny how some weapons have an aura about them.
  2. Albiscuit

    Best ever eBay airsoft related buy?

    It also backfires.. I bought what I thought were M7 gas mags ages ago, ended up with AEP ones But then I didnt READ the listing!!
  3. Albiscuit

    Keep an eye out for shattering ASG Blasters (again).

    Like mini fireworks! This is true, although I wear mesh... Only as I have yet to find a decent pair of goggles which fit nice and dont fog.
  4. Albiscuit

    How are there so many M4s?

    The TM shotguns were like that when they were first became popular, If you turned up at The Mall with a breacher, or then a KSG or AA12 for a few weeks there was an aura about you. But then people clocked on they were not the bringer of doom everyone thought them to be. Can still be devastating in CQB though if used right!
  5. Albiscuit

    Best ever eBay airsoft related buy?

    I search for worn and nearly used trainers on eBay, specifically look for incorrectly listed, spelling mistakes or for shoes that people are selling but don’t know what they are. best blag was some rare dunks for £5 which I sold for £150 as the seller didn’t know what they were and listed them as something else 🤣
  6. Albiscuit

    Best ever eBay airsoft related buy?

    Bought a whole box of stuff for something silly like £50 when I first started years ago, seller used a load of shitty pics and a bit cagey on contents but I could see enough that it was a good starter box for myself. It arrived and i realised it wasnt a great deal for me after all so split it and relisted. most of it sold and I got about 70 quid for it, but the pouches and plate carrier (listed separately) went to the same guy, with a MOD po box or forwarding address or something for almost 200 quid. To go this day I have no idea what brand it was or what it was actually worth!!
  7. Albiscuit

    Is this a ghost gun????

    Gosh that’s awful, what next!!
  8. Albiscuit

    How are there so many M4s?

    I get her point to be honest.. I understand the other points but from an economic point of view it does not ‘seem’ sustainable that each manufacturer has about 89 versions of effectively the same gun in such a niche market. They must be selling, but I can’t see how or where... I suppose the prop/movie markets ammount to a fair percentage but I do invisage warehouses full of the fucking things..
  9. Albiscuit

    What are you driving?

    Ah shuddup! I use the term jeep like I use hoover and biro.. I know they are brands but I don’t care. Go and split hairs with your barber I COULD have meant I want a wrangler with a tent up top but no.. you got me. plus if I were to get a proper 4x4 off road looking beast it would be a defender all day long!! can barely afford my fiesta in all honesty so no chance there!
  10. Its like that gold revolver. I cant possibly see anyone paying the asking price for it. But someone will see it and decide they NEED it and buy it or make an offer!
  11. Albiscuit

    assistance in choosing matching gear.

    The bits on the right of the image are trees, bottom left are jeans, blue if I am not mistaken and the floor looks sand/tan coloured Sorry boring day at work...
  12. Albiscuit

    Be careful emoji

    If it happens it will not be about animal rights it will be about availability and sustainability , and of course animal right are made up by humans, the same way EVERYTHING is... But animals should have better living conditions when it comes to being bred for food, the same way kicking a dog to death should also be illegal!. But damn killing yourself? really, a slight over reaction no?
  13. That would depend on the quality of workmanship and the costs of the other parts its added too. Obviously it would be extremely harder to sell modified or customised guns as the market is considerably less but what you ask for it would depend on what you thought was a realistic return. Bearing in mind the buyer has not commissioned the project, you cannot expect to get a return that would equate to covering your full costs. again I would suggest 2/3rds of the cost to not be unreasonable but expect to haggle.
  14. Albiscuit

    What are you driving?

    @Prisce and the Evo wins!!.. Need me a jeep with a tent on!!
  15. Ah fair enough. Im a big advocate for seeing what I already have that will work before spending money thats all I would have used a big suitcase and some old sheets as a short term solution What I used to do was use an old long sports bag like this: https://www.sportsdirect.com/kookaburra-350-wheelie-bag-92-850026?colcode=85002647 And took out the top thin foam layer than came in the gun boxes and sandwiched my guns in between whilst they were in the garage. Was an easy cheap solution.