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  1. I’m guessing not I’m game pics, no eye pro?
  2. Not been there also, I’m up for either.
  3. I asked Mike what could be replaced and he said a barrel n spring with give a slight FPS boost and accuracy increase so I went for it. It was still cheaper than the standard gun anywhere else so figured why not. Just need a pulse rifle now
  4. Happy to give this a go in the new year, plenty of room in the car too if you want?
  5. Interesting, might give it a try at some point next year
  6. Tm Hi Cappa DOR with a stronger spring, tighter barrel and spare mag from ESC. Been wanting a hi cappa forever and they were on special so would be rude not too
  7. I ran 2 B&T tracers, both ate through batteries as mentioned, were not too bright and slow (they sound like me), they couldnt always keep up with a high ROF. I now have a Acetech tracer and LOVE IT!! I wouldnt use any other tracer. They are smaller (less chance of banging on door frames etc, I have seen a B&T one snap on the thread when someone went flying into a wall gun first) the battery last for ages and super bright. There are various ones available, I have seen the chrono/ROF version (as mentioned) and didnt think much of it but the standard units are great. They are a little pricey but I Highly recommend!
  8. I cant make it now, Funeral on Tuesday and working Wednesday. I will venture down once they are open properly. Done some looking around and there is lots of talk of Sundays becoming regular again. It really is a Marmite site though, I have absolutely loved some games there and hated others, my group of mates are divided on it too.
  9. It sunk from all accounts. Last I heard they were trying to fix it up or find another, doubt much has happened to be honest. The amount of work needed to get it to a skirmishable standard would cost a bomb I would imagine, as mentioned above with the big Ferry too..
  10. I’m so sending off my evo in the new year!!! I have no no idea what to get done though 😕
  11. Buy what you like the look of, we’ll work out first what you want then ask opinions on brands here... SMGs are my fave. Your spoilt for choice. P90s, scorpion evo, mp7, mp5, mp9 ARP9 are all nice looking and awesome guns if you get the right ones!!!
  12. Its strange, I have a hoarder and collector mentality, always have. I used to collect music, my cd collection of old hiphop was stupidly VAST, plus records and then I had hard drives full of albums and mixes. Went through a phase of comics and memorabilia. I managed to get past all of that though and started buying trainers. 300+ pairs in and I am still buying them. Airsoft though, not so much. I dont get why it has not bit me yet. I mean, yes I have more guns and gear than I need and want and could use but I dont 'collect' anything airsoft. They were all purchased to use and then became defunct or were not right etc...
  13. Hmm yeah boots are a bugbear of mine. They are a pain in the arse to clean and it’s a job I hate. Mine are on the verge of being chucked out to be fair as they have been abused.
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