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  1. Not really, the seller is in the wrong here not the buyer. I have no interest in the military and wouldn't know the difference between that helmet and a mk1, so if I was in the market and liked the look of it I wouldn't have a problem buying it.
  2. Xbox player, need to find my headset, think my son has it Add me up and invite me next time you want to carry another player. DarklordHobnob is my tag
  3. I can’t be bothered to link but someone on one of the Airsoft discord’s was trying to flog used FNX mags for £45 each 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. My advise is this: Find what works for you, unfortunately this could take a while and after you have spend a lot of money. Start slowly and only buy things which solve a problem, ie need something to carry mags, get a rig of some kind, found yourself needing extra storage, add pouches etc. Speak to other players about kit and what they use and why. Use the combined knowledge of this forum, we all play different styles, have different budgets and limits and will give you multiple answers based on varying experiences, but at least one of the replies will be the correct one for you. Good luck working out which Airsoft is extremely personal, there are hundreds of choices for everything from boots and gloves to eye protection and guns. plus everyone has an opinion and Airsofters like most niche hobbies have people with strong opinions. Dont put too much sway in what you read or are told as gospel as you will need to make up your own mind. Gear, is a hard subject as all you need to play is eye pro and ideally a gun of some kind (but you could get into a game and on the field with JUST eye pro). Everything else is either useful or to show off. Plenty of people are happy with jeans and a hoodie and others Are happy spending 2k on what they wear to look a certain way. Boots are always a good idea, and you can get surplus army boots or hiking boots from almost anywhere. likewise with guns, a kill from an £80 entry lever gun is just as effective as a 2k upgraded machine of death. Find your limits especially when starting off, go slowly with it. Sites vary greatly too, from woodland, scrubland, urban and cqb and sites which try to have a mixture, be careful as rules can vary from site to site too. Find one you enjoy playing at, with rules your happy with and with/against a typical clientele you don’t mind mixing in. I won’t name and shame but a group of regulars at a site near me has put me off returning.
  5. You see all ages, shapes and types at Airsoft. No one will blink an eye at you turning up to a game. the best thing you could do is put the doubts out of your mind and get playing, I’m sure you will enjoy it
  6. And find the missing nut 😂
  7. Plenty of essex sites, check out the SE Reviews on here for a few. Billericay, Airsoft Plantation, Dragons Lair, Mayhem Paintball, Splatoon, Hockley to name a few. Not sure how close they are to you or your ability to travel but Essex has quite a few decent sites. Has a browse through the link about and a look online. You will need to try sites out for yourself though to be honest. People prefer and like different things in a site, you will need to find what you like and works for you. Airsoft Plantation is a great site, well run and has a great variety of scenery to suit playstyles.
  8. Yeah I get that and in the single room ones I would understand one of the buildings was just an empty shell, I would not have argued about kill radius if they had said in this building your all dead, but I was mostly behind a wall in a doorway talking to my team and the marshal who were in the room in front of me and a grenade went off in the room past that and the marshals made us all clear out. I was prepared to duck into the dark room and wait for the enemy to attempt to clear the building and try to get a few kills. I was even ready to chuck my grenade into the room outside the dark one. Which would have killed myself (although I didnt know this at the time ) With lack of cqb and decent urban areas to play it wouldnt put me off. The distance does though. But I did really enjoy the 'village' area welts and all
  9. But it DOES come with 30p as per the picture
  10. We have been to a few sites together now. happy to give you a shout when/where we go somewhere if you want to tag along?
  11. Out of interest where are you based?
  12. I got loads of kills while hiding in ferns almost as tall as me. Was great fun. I could hear the all of the enemy’s plans, then up I pop and pew pew admittedly 30% of what I was caught in and crawling through turned out to be brambles or nettles though
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