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  1. I own both a vector and scorpion, bought them at the same time. The Vector was a silly buy, I wanted one as they looked the nuts, so ugly they are beautiful. It feels "right" when I hold it, but a few guys on here do not like the ergonomics of it and say its hard to hold/use but for me it feels easy to use. I looks better than the Evo for sure and most other things to be honest. Mags are ok but a pain to find pouches (I ended up with a purpose built rig as at the time not a lot of options) this may be sorted now but you seem to think its still an issue. SMG Mag inserts may solve this but you would need to do some digging into this. Shoots straight and pretty far from the box, I wouldnt open it up and mess around until something went wrong or needed adjusting. Your talking about an M4 stock on it though and think this would look awful. Overall a very good performing gun, head turning looks (always get compliments and people wanting to hold it) but expensive for what it is. In hindsight I should have put the money towards something else... The Evo, now this is my fave gun. I cant really say why though. Its a smallish size which I love, looks different to MP5s and M4s which seem to be everywhere and has enough rails to customise it. M4 stock again I wouldnt bother, however if you want to bare in mind the adaptor you need to make this work is £60 plus the cost of the stock. Personally I think this is a rip off but yet to find an alternative. Performance is up there with everything I own, straight and far with decent groupings, I do not feel outgunned and only out ranged by DMRs and Snipers. The one thing which is a pain in the arse is the selector switch. Being on both sides its TOO easy to flick it to safe. Bettery is also an issue, is a little snug and a pain to change, but once its in it lasts me a day normally. Mags do indeed fit in M4 pouches and hi cap is a godsend (I hate mids and loads of mags) although I do need another for longer games in woodland. Get the Evo bag for it too as its such a cheap option for carrying and storage and plenty of space for other things in it too. Carbine vs short is down to looks, personally the carbine looks awful in my opinion. If I had the choice again over each one I would pick the Evo again no questions asked, its a nice compact gun, shoots great, had no issues (yet) feels good and has lots of options for extras and attachments or upgrades. A lot cheaper too overall Totally agree, got one for CQB and LOVE the little beast, have to carry a lot of heavy ass mags though which is a pain for me as I like travelling light but other than that GREAT thing. Havent used it outdoors yet so do not know how it compares to the Evo yet though.
  2. Good point Im going with my brother, but I run off and play like a lone wolf anyway so not that bothered about having people there i know, just would like someone else to talk to during the breaks
  3. Are you telling me.... No, it can't be?... I will have to be sociable? haha..
  4. I think I am being silly here, but Raw War is the other side of the country!! ok just found a bad facebook page for one in Colchester Cant seem to find any website or game info though...
  5. We all know who will get the job!!
  6. Should be there on April 27th!! Anyone else going to be around?
  7. Thanks, let me think this over, a really helpful reply and better than most reviews I have read... In all honesty I have picked it up as a new little hobby. Just painting for myself, not building an army or anything and do not really want to spend proper money on it just yet as I am only really getting to sit down once or twice a week to pick up a brush. The £100 I dropped on paints and a couple of brushes and a few models was painful enough!!
  8. Laughed my ass off at the squad in desert camo at The Mall one time!!
  9. I wouldn’t bother.. paid a tech £80 for higher ROF in my raider, it’s hardly noticeable and was a waste of time as I tend to use semi auto pretty much all of the time! Save me the money and put it towards a better gun! Wish I did..
  10. To be honest this is your answer right here... What to buy, from where, and for around a tenner! sorted. By the time you mess around looking and finding a deal, for a tenner you cant go wrong.
  11. I have the FRV Belt too and was super dubious about it due to the costs and never seeing one in the flesh so to speak but LOVE it.. I hang sooo much stuff on it and it holds up well. Cant recommend it enough.
  12. Albiscuit

    KWA TK .45

    I get you completely... I dont have 'Recoil' guns, and probably will not buy into them. But the kick from my gas Mp7 does feel pretty special, and waaay more interesting than any AEG I own.
  13. @L3wisD @Jedi_Master Shouldnt this be in the Appraisals section?
  14. Imagine getting that order wrong with him in a vest with a machine gun!! I would be scared to ask how many shots he wants of coffee!
  15. Been revisiting my old artistic passion and doing a lot of drawing lately but also started painting again. Been chucking brushes onto some 40K Orks as they were always fun to paint and want to up my game a little. Have read this thread and seen some mentions of airbush work and wondered if anyone uses them regularly and can answer the following: What are the difference between the bottom (jar fed) and top fed (Cup) style airbrushes. I ask as I found an old bottom fed one which states it would work for miniatures but all the tutorials on YT for example use the cup versions and I want to save some money Is there anything to consider with airbrushes, are cheap ones just as effective for BASIC hobby work? As above I dont want to spend lots of money and these things vary so much... Are airbrushes better than brushes, I am thinking of doing some vehicles soon and think the time saved would be helpful but with practice will it improve my painting standard overall? Am I ok using one at a covered table? Will I need one of the booths I have seen, or is using one in a well ventilated room ok, I dont think they do but do these things create a lot of over spray? Will I find spots on the curtains is my main question as the mrs would kill me
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