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  1. I have a completely stock MWS with 7 mags I might be interested in trading....
  2. Got that Soviet uniform waiting for you for November dude
  3. TBH, acknowledging the fact you are US based. I would cancel, get a refund and go to a few normal skirmishes first THEN decide if its for you or not.
  4. Not suggesting that all overseas retailers are bad just that as ever, caveat emptor (buyer beware), and to maybe lean toward better known stores? I would say I am pretty clued in on airsoft retailers and I had never heard of this lot. Sure, we have the same issue with stores in the UK.
  5. I would love to see some pics of your collection
  6. Moral of the story - don't buy from foreign websites that very few people have heard of - stick to more proven retailers. Glad you got your money back.
  7. The point has gone whizzing over your head. This fella wasn't 'deployed' as military looking at his Instagram. #everythinglookatme is virtue signalling of the highest degree that is distasteful. Who is Obi Wan Nairobi? Sorry not active on Instagram or Twitter *Edit ahh SAS bloke...ok well I don't think you can apply the same argument to someone who was out doing their job and was photographed doing so, to some knob on Instagram who posts photos of themselves* You won't find ANY photos taken of me whilst in service (mainly cos you get crated). I guess its a generatio
  8. I echo what Tackle says. Anyone with a constant need to seek the verification of others via posts on Instagram with #lookatmebeingallheroic is a bellend. Some of us deploy and say fuck all and expect fuck all. This modern need to display your whole life on social media is sad. Thats why hes a bellend. Being military, I don't like walting showoffs. But hey, opinions etc.
  9. To add my service experience to the above (all of which is correct) its also part of the skills and drills for the L85 series that the mag comes off and goes back in the pouch before reloading. Also, there was part of the weapon handling test where you were timed reloading mags. Think it may have gone now but again it shows British doctrine that mags are not disposable. Can also attest to shoving empty mags down the front of smocks etc when on Ex.
  10. Aluminium To paraphrase Jimmy Carr 'Its our fucking language, its not our fault you Americans fucked it up.'
  11. G&Gs only pretty much as they are much harder I find and as a GBBR player its really important. ASG are too soft and fuck up the insides and I won't touch anything Nuprol on principle. Geoffs are good but I think G&G are better.
  12. Realsteel or not hes a bellend.
  13. The only hashtag hes missing is #completecunt
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