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  1. If you are into historical airsoft, especially Vietnam and Cold War, check out the Gunman Airsoft events on Facebook. As serving military I can only echo what others have said, don't wear patches or berets you haven't earned. Other than that knock yourself out. I would invest in good boots and good eye protection first though.......
  2. Being mere RAF and never likely to see Virtus I wasn't sure of the difference so thanks for the confirmation Shout me if you want any pointers - main of which - is leave it alone till something breaks and DO NOT FILE YOUR MAG LIPS
  3. 6 x40rd GBBR mags do not lend itself to spraying bushes. The .36s I run do tend to elicit hit calls though...
  4. Whats he on? Looking to swap for an MWS or TM MP7 GBBR??? Jog on fella
  5. Benefit of COVID is not having to see any of his cockwomble antics filling my YT feed.
  6. Can you heat that? Shh you can hear it.......listen........yep definitely Mikhael Kalashnikov rolling over in his grave......
  7. The only parts which are illegal to import from real steel guns are the gas pressure bearing parts, anything else is fair game.
  8. Please don't buy stuff off ebay like this - AFAIK Mk7 helmets haven't been released for public sale yet and even if they have certainly shouldn't be on eBay. They remain the property of the MOD and shouldn't be sold by private individuals - its theft. If you need to buy ex-military gear please go via a shop that will have got it via the correct disposal methods.
  9. Playing Gaelic football again after a year and I am fooked....really need to get my fitness up

    1. Rogerborg


      I had a good first month of work-at-home lockdown, cycling everywhere.  Recently though... urgh... first game back is going to be walking pace, I suspect.

  10. Anyone know what the rail is on these bad boys are or is it proprietary? Want one for my GHK
  11. It would make sense if it was Hong Kong dollars which would put it at around £85. Beyond that - you have been ripped off fella.
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