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  1. Yeh a TM SCAR H would be cool. If they do a GBBR AK it will inevitably be an AK47 like their recoil when the AKM is in much wider use and has been historically.
  2. I can undestand that. As an AK fanatic I just wish TM would do an AKM GBBR...
  3. Agree bar TM M4>GHK and I own an TM MWS. I think its more TM M4=GHK M4. Agree 100% with the rest though To the OP - the TM Mp7 really is nice. You don't notice the diminished size at all. I don't get how this can be such a big issue really.
  4. I think its a TM Beretta....and thats about it.
  5. Utter heresy they are lovely, even for a bullpup. My worst gun - easily the VFC VP9 pistol I was foolish enough to buy recently. No tolerance to cooldown at all and don't even think about taking it outside unless is 22C and a light breeze.
  6. M4 - TM OR GHK AK - GHK MP7 - TM /Thread
  7. G&G are teh best I have come across or Geoffs. Nuprol=shit everything really
  8. Airsoft World I believe are stocking them. Though judging by the shooting test neo365 did on YT (French WW2 dude) they look pretty meh.
  9. Guys N Guns is still going they just dont have a website or export anymore. Which is a shame as they had some lovely pieces when I was in HK back in 2017
  10. Stung 6 times by a horde of wasps from a nest in the forest a fellow player had knocked down
  11. Those double barrelled shotguns are OP as fuck
  12. Oh no doubt but its worth it. If you want any GHK AK related knowledge shout me, I know my way around them pretty well by now.
  13. As a GHK devotee I can help with these. @Sawyer 1. Its will either be the spring in the mag follower that pushes up into the gun not being strong enough or the disconnector in the gun itself, its usually the mag. In either case its not a big issue and replacement springs are readily available from Samoon. 2. I use a 1J nozzle in mine but beware it can still go hotter even with a 1J nozzle. I have 3 nozzles - the high power for winter, the 1J and a low power nozzle that apprently does 0.8J but I havent tried it. Oh and this is a good deal. The ML hop unit is excellent and 5 mags is around £300 on its own...... The Crazy Jet barrel is a bit odd and not what I would put in there, but it will be fine.
  14. Always dubious of sites that don't list their stock levels so beware extremeairsoft......
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