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  1. Sadly have to do 'family' stuff this weekend in order to atone for going to a two day VIetnam game the week after....
  2. EvilMonkee

    Tanaka Kar 98

    I am afraid the biggest factor you will have re value of these is not the rifle itself but the PPS K98K. Copy of the same rifle, taking the same mags that has an internal in built NPAS and is literally a third of the price. Anyone who wanted a K98K would have bought one of these already (know I did). The other alternative in the G&G is also less expensive. I am afraid I dont think it will be a quick sell at this price point.
  3. For what reason? Cos they think it makes them better than everyone else.
  4. EvilMonkee

    Question regarding camo

    Doh missed that
  5. EvilMonkee

    Question regarding camo

    Your face is shiny. A gun can be shiny. The sun can shine off your hands etc etc
  6. EvilMonkee

    DIY Lightweight Plates Tip:

    I used a cheap old British Army rollmat, cut to shape of my 6094 front and back. Lightweight, rigid, curved and waterproof.
  7. EvilMonkee

    Question regarding camo

    I go back to my usual stance on airsofters and camo IE it doesn't matter. You (probably) not a trained soldier, you will give your position away via one of the 7S (Shape, Shine, Silhouette, Sound, Shine etc etc) than you will because you are wearing a certain type of camo. Just buy what you like the look of and forget about effectiveness.
  8. And this is why I hate Crye precision geardos......
  9. Been searching for one where did you find it?

    1. AK47frizzle


      Skirmshop, they may have one left.

    2. EvilMonkee
  10. EvilMonkee

    TM MP7 - DEVGRU custom paint job

    Never mind spotted answer.
  11. EvilMonkee

    Criminal Contact / LARP airsoft

    Gunman Airsoft do a very simlar event called Flying Lead I believe.....been going for some time.
  12. EvilMonkee

    Hate it with a passion.

    Dude, its a joke..... No they aren't I would rather have and L85A2 or A3 than an M4. More reliable and certainly more accurate. Less ergonomic certainly. BTW people it was a joke post...... God dear, you people never heard of sarcasm Love how everyone picks up on the L85 thing but noone comments on the hating Jesus, the Tories and your Mum bit that's all perfectly reasonable LOL
  13. EvilMonkee

    Customs delay?

    Re stuff from Parcelforce - once you have the tracking number - give them a call, ask for the Customs Number from them - most of the time they will give it sometimes they wont - tell them you want it so you can pay fee online - saves some time waiting for the letter.
  14. EvilMonkee

    How to tell when you've been shot with a hot gun?

    Check out Code Red Airsoft FPS Calculator - shows Joules values etc for different weights and FPS
  15. EvilMonkee

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    Evike 23% off code - Airsoftusa - doesn't apply to all items though..