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  1. E&L are making their own GBBR AKs
  2. We are cunts too Jez. Difference is we KNOW we are cunts.
  3. Don't buy any of Avenger63 over priced shite on the classifieds. Be careful of buyers near Dundonald, Northern Ireland, they are probably Stephen Glennie trying to scam you *AGAIN*. Always use Paypal and send an Invoice or request an Invoice. NEVER use Friends and Family.
  4. Well if you fancy a trip down to Peterborough I can look at it for you. Otherwise, there are a load of pinned threads on the Heavy Recoil GBBR GHK AK Tech Tips page giving examples of the QC issues you need to look out for. Noone knows why but GHK QC has gone to rats the last 2 years.
  5. Time Left: 3 days and 18 hours

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    1x VFC MP9, light wear and tear from trying to get the fucking thing to work properly. 2x Mags, hardly worn at all as the fucking thing doesn't work properly and they spend most of their time venting gas. This thing is gorgeous, but useless. Stated by Negative Airsoft to be the worst pistol he's ever seen. Finally fed up of it lying around my cupboard, so its for sale if anyone is nuts enough. It fires, the mags even hold gas for around 8 shots, then shit themselves unless its 28 degrees and no wind and vent gas everywhere.....hence the knockdown price - no returns you have been warned! Paypal Only. Incl P&P via PF or collection


    - GB

  6. Try Gunman Airsoft for FilmSim, or more casual MilSim events. Very well ran and a good bunch generally
  7. Where do you live? I am decent at teching them and could help if you are close to me Is it a new rifle? Newer GHK AKs sadly have some QC issues which means that you might have a misaligned barrel, in which case sadly you are fucked
  8. From the Discord: There is a sequence on how you should adjust the outer barrel, but there's several approaches to this. Prep: Before you go about adjusting the outer barrel for the handguard or hopup unit, adjust the outer barrel such that the dust cover will seat correctly. The positions of which your dust cover would seat into the rear trunnion is the range of positions that you could set your outer barrel at. For the AKS-74U/MSU, the dust cover is secured using a set screw at the bottom of the dust cover hinge. You want to adjust the outer barrel as per the below process and then secure the dust cover hinge last. But in a nutshell, any of these faults is a failure criteria: * Dust cover is too tight * Hopup dial is jammed / pinched bucking * Handguard retainer won't lock / lock-pin does not reach the groove Process: If you are trying to fit a handguard that requires several extra turns such that the retainer tensions correctly, get as many turns in without jamming your hopup. Scenario a) If the handguard is tight but your hop is running loose shim the hop unit itself Scenario b) Hopup is jammed but handguard is still running loose shim the handguard (edited) [8:47 AM] Reserved (edited) comradebear — 01/03/2023 9:05 AM Note: Shimming the hopup is highly dependent on which hopup unit you're using that isnt TDC. Nominally I have to add o-rings to the BM and Maple units but have to remove the provided o-ring on the TNT unit as it is usually redundant Additional note: This has to be done from scratch if you're swapping outer barrels / upgrading to steel outer barrels Installing the Maple leaf hop unit 1.1) NEVER file the alignment winglets. If your unit's alignment wings appear to be slightly offset towards the bottom of the unit, this is normal. The two winglets are not coaxial to the bore. The way to know if you have lost the GHK lottery is if you have to take a mallet to the unit to go in and the top of the unit is getting sheared off (See attached image). Otherwise, it's probably just your c-clip not seated correctly But seriously, it's most likely the c-clip because you can check by seating the hop unit in place without installing the inner barrel 1.2) The ML unit is very sharp so if it's shaving material off your nylon feed ramp, you probably have a minor misalignment. As long as you can install the feed ramp without forcing it in however, it should still feed. 2) NEVER file the c-clip. If you have issues getting the clip to seat flush, you've probably deformed it by failing to seat it into the groove correctly in your previous attempts. Crimp/bend the c-clip inwards and try again 3) The ML dial is more prone to getting jammed than the other hop units by design due to the way it interfaces with the trunnion. If you're getting a jammed dial but an otherwise perfectly good alignment you may want to consider the TDC mod to circumvent this issue 4) If your BBs are rolling out you probably haven't applied sufficient hop. You need at least on average 30% dial to get any grip on just 0.2g, higher for heavier weights and bucking hardness
  9. It could be one of 2 things: 1. You need to unscrew the barrel, fit it then tighten the barrel again into the trunnion. Its tricky and takes a bit of time. 2. You have used the C-Clip/Barrel clip on the barrel, I had issues with fitment of mine for some reason with it on, just take it off and try again. That doesn't look like a ML unit either. The colour is wrong. Where did you get it? If all else fails, just order the original hop unit and a few spares. I run the ML and its decent but I am tempted to try the TNT one. Also, check the Heavy Recoil Club Discord for GHK tech tips In fact, that looks suspiciously like a Bowmaster metal hop unit. Where are you based?
  10. Why hasnt he been banned? Its pretty obvious he does this 'professionally'. Let him fuck off and setup his own web store instead of spamming our pages with over priced shite
  11. You pay that, I have a bridge I think you would be interested in....
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