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  1. EvilMonkee

    Been fun while it lasted..

    Being Northern Irish I find the IRA particularly loathsome but that being said I can understand Iceni's point of view re MilSim and the conflict is now coming up on being over for over 25 years so I would say its fair game.
  2. EvilMonkee

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    330. Chrono was fine - came with a sheet from factory as well showing chrono values for what it is worth. I think the issue is similar to what I had with my KWA Cm4 - they change the spring for UK powers but not the hop rubber and its probably too hard a rubber for the lower FPS. Its firing nicely anyway so....
  3. EvilMonkee

    Been fun while it lasted..

    We were told at least a year off. Though a good combat indicator was the PT76 tanks being moved to their woodland site earlier in the year so maybe get up again before its too late? There is a thread somewhere in the events section that a few regulars on here post in when they are going to get a group together. I go maybe once a month as I am more involved with historical airsoft.
  4. EvilMonkee

    Been fun while it lasted..

    Don't think it is that imminent.
  5. EvilMonkee

    Been fun while it lasted..

    If you can travel there is Urban Assault near Peterborough thats only an 1hr and half or so away and is an excellent CQB site.
  6. EvilMonkee

    A Farewell To BBs

    I always lose 3-4 from each AK mag. Its deffo from the hop chamber. TBH its not a bad thing cos it should mean you only have 1 in the pipe so if you were a numpty and let one off in the safe zone the damage is going to be minimal rather than a full burst
  7. Ex copper here - can only echo what everyone else has said - no right to stop you or search you. As others have said I agree it was probably some half educated copper looking to cover his own arse that he had adequately covered off the call with control. On a separate subject there appear to be a few of us on the forums here - room for a cop themed affiliated team maybe LOL? .Ex Notts - City Centre - left 2008 to join the RAF as an RAF Police officer.
  8. EvilMonkee

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    Picked my LCT AKM up on Fri for use at the weekend along with 2 extra mid caps. Its lovely. Struggles to lift anything beyond .25s but I think thats due to the hop adjustment bar not putting enough pressure on the nub - tightening it or putting a shim behind the screw to keep it in place should solve the issue, With .2s I was hitting 55-60m easily straight out of the box, nice accuracy too. Well pleased with it.
  9. EvilMonkee

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Finally got a bog standard AKM LCT AKM and 3x 70rd mags. Used it at Cold War game this weekend - its lovely
  10. EvilMonkee

    Battery for TM AK-47

    Dont bother with Nimh, old tech
  11. EvilMonkee

    Battery for TM AK-47

    TMs apparently dont like 11.1s.
  12. EvilMonkee

    Battery for TM AK-47

    Battery goes in the front hand guard if I recall and its pretty small. Normally I would regard such requests for help with derision (this is afterall what Google was invented for) but as you are new around here - try this one it should fit. http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/batteries-bbs-gas-chronographs-c5/batteries-c62/nuprol-power-1300mah-11-1v-20c-peq-micro-lipo-p7226 I would buy a couple of them A link to your gun would be helpful
  13. EvilMonkee

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Damn it I want one of these too
  14. EvilMonkee

    Ares L1A1 SLR

    Yeh and the spring underneath it is tiny. Have lost mine, need to figure out how to fix it
  15. EvilMonkee

    Ares L1A1 SLR

    Ahh. Does the fire selector fall off yours then?