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  1. I would also suggest making sure that you have the building for a long term lease, don't want developers ripping it out from under you
  2. What side? I play East German I was on the British side, the squad I was with had a guy with the mortar, Got to say I’m very impressed with the East German uniforms and equipment you guys use. Are you at the next one in August ? Sure will be. Yeh, it looks nice but the webbing falls apart the second you try to go prone. East German is easy to do as its so easily available and cheap. You guys had a mortar? We had an RPG....
  3. Well, unless he wants to skirmish in such kit, then Gunman are the ONLY providers of a Cold War game currently within the UK. As I have been speaking the OP he has indicated he prefers themed games so it was not a bad assumption in the end.
  4. What side? I play East German Um, I don't actually think that is part of the Gunman Airsoft stable of sites, happy to be wrong but I think its a different company but similar name. I would refrain from actually giving an opinion/pointers on kit about a game series until I have actually been to one but hey, call me old fashioned. Also, manufacturing a RIF I believe is illegal under the VCRA, but again happy to be wrong.
  5. Yeh thats my shooting buddy Lee. It took a little fettling to get it working right but we get about 70m out of it now, it fires TAG rounds. Put together a purchase list and then send it to me - I am very good at hunting down kit by now. Include your height/waist size
  6. Have you ever been to a Gunman Cold War game? If you haven't I can assure you that most Soviets don't just turn up with a terrorist themed loadout. Just look at the photos I posted for instance. Gunman has pretty strict rules about what is acceptable. I have to disagree with you re the L42A1, there are currently no SMLE Lee Enfields available. Again I disagree re the Sterling - it can be found if you look as well as the L1A1 - it can be found if you look. You are correct re the G3 though and this would be the best option if you didn't want to go Brit/US but wanted to stay NATO.
  7. I am not too up on Soviet stuff TBH, East German is my area. Its a great scene and you would be made more than welcome. Like I said next game is end of August down in Fleet, Hampshire. All details at Gunman Airsoft webpage. What size are you? I have an M88 Afghanka (which is the Soviet khaki uniform) you could loan as well as some webbing. A mate of mine has a repro armour vest as well, will ask him where he got it.
  8. Yeh being military its a pet hate of mine seeing civvies wearing badly put together webbing, with bits of strapping flapping everywhere.
  9. No problem, always welcome to pick brains. The last game was only a couple of weeks ago and was pretty much a 50/50 split with around 40 players per side, so decent turnout for such a niche market. NATO usually have a very slight edge in numbers sometimes but not always. If you are interested in kit standards etc this link is the newly released photos from the weekend. I am the chap in the Blumentarn and was Squad Leader for a DDR squad all weekend. https://gallery.oliverfacey.co.uk/redmist32 Good mix of excellent impressions to not so good (the guy in the choc chip boonie who was a pain
  10. Your webbing belt shouldnt sit around your belly button, it needs to be adjusted down so that the ammo pouches sit more on your hips/pelvis.
  11. The key thing is to avoid gas pressure bearing part, like gas blocks or bolts etc. Anything external wise should be good to go.
  12. Any update on this saga? Have the Solicitors letters appeared yet? Is he still trading (hope not)?
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