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  1. I like everything about that except it being plastic.
  2. EvilMonkee


    To quote Captain Darling "bugger".
  3. Anything labelled Kenwood compatible is the short answer. Personally I think those helmets make you look like a tit but each to their own. The Z Tac PTT should be fine but they arent great quality. Try Code Red
  4. EvilMonkee


    @1st commandojust had an ARES L1A1 flashhider delivered, but I cannot figure out how to remove the flash hider. Any ideas other than a wrench and a vice? I got the barrel off (gingerly considering its material) but could not get the flash hider to budge. Also, did those L1A1 stock slide on straight away? I thought the stock wasnt compatible with FAL?
  5. And I grew up in the occupied 6 Counties of 'Northern Ireland' where gun ownership is an entirely different topic!!
  6. If you like FilmSim with no attitude and no stitch counters try the Cold War and Vietnam scenes as done by Gunman Airsoft. Think the site is FilmSim.co.uk for a list of upcoming events. A cheap way into Cold War filmsim is an AK and a KLMK oversuit. Cheap Soviet belt and ammo pouch and done. Probably get this for under £50
  7. https://letmegooglethat.com/
  8. Every year, yet people still go....
  9. Top tip - if you do import, include your UKARA as part of the address so its printed on the box for Customs. Also, wherever possible, and I stress this often, do not use UPS if you can avoid it, even for just parts or gear. They are a royal pain in the arse. Strangely, I have had zero issues with Customs using EMS and then Parcelforce, might take a little longer but you get your stuff pretty reliably in my experience.
  10. Fella, there are no cliques here. Only those who think KM is a cunt, and you. I couldn't tell you who half these people are let alone what they think, so take your KM love and your weird conspiracies elsewhere.
  11. Unlike most on here I have played with him on my team (thankfully) twice now, and I can very firmly attest that he is indeed guilty as sin of all the accusations against him. Moreover, he absolutely definitely edits his videos to splice footage together from various times in the day, so not only is he a nasty piece of work (check out his racist rants) he is a fraud and a crap player as well. Plus he has a face only a mother can love....
  12. Or by Johnny Come Lately with 35 posts to their name and it's spelt clique
  13. EvilMonkee


  14. EvilMonkee


    Finally here!! Its frigging LOUD, that video wasn't exaggerating. Everything is super super stiff, the mags are really hard to load at the moment but will no doubt bed in. Interestingly, mine did not come with the plastic spring buffer. Popped it open to take it out and there is a massive vacuum where it should be. Not sure if WGC did this or if it was missing from the factory.
  15. WGC Shop are very good as well. JKArmy are good. Just try to avoid anyone who uses UPS to ship as they are fucking awful. I usually go with EMS as its Parcelforce that handles them this end and to date not had any issues with them other than taking a while recently to charge me for my FAL.
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