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  1. Its not the worst we have ever seen by LOOOOONNNNGGG stretch. Speaking of which, any chance we can vote on a Top 3 of Macks from down the years? Be it sheer balls of an asking price or drama after?
  2. Such a shame it doesnt seem to be very good on first look. We Russian enthusiasts badly need a well made decent handgun. TM preferably....
  3. Its called screen printing if you want to look it up.
  4. This was done right at the beginning of the Afghan experience. Lads in Helmand were issued standard Desert DPM only to find that they stuck out like a sore thumb in the green zones that make up the central valleys in Helmand, so they dyed their Desert DPM green. It was the reasoning behind the procurement of MTP.
  5. Dude, there is literally a thread over 20 pages long detailing everyones woes with UPS. Don't create another
  6. TB H I thought it was pretty clear already, but colour me surprised at a Tory Govt changing things again...:/ So when is the new date then?
  7. Its nothing to do with Corona or Brexit. It's everything to do with batch manufacturing and being at the end of a very long supply line for what is relative to SE Asia a very small market. Add into this the nonsense that Nuprol and others get upto and you have our situation. It will always be cheaper to produce another M4 than something more exotic and hence that's what you get.
  8. Wingun do a M44 Mosin in Co2 - its actually quite good but has a fixed hop up - Google for retailers. Costs around £250
  9. Quick straw poll as something occurred to me.... Of those who have had their parcels delivered - how many were Taiwangun deliveries and how many were Gunfire or other retailer? Mine was from Gunfire. Just thinking there may be a correlation thats all probably not but worth looking at
  10. Its a fairly old pistol and design by this stage of the game, the seals in the magazine have probably deteriorated through non lubrication down the years (gas contains silicone lubricant). Hence, unless you are prepared to fix the mag leak by taking it apart it probably is dead now. A thought may be seeing if other manufacturers M92 mags will work? And as Heroshark says its probably a collectors piece now. Maybe contact Negative Airsoft as he has a hard on for all things WA and might be able to assist you? Good luck
  11. As an ex-Copper and current Military Policeman, I loathe all Police shows as I spend most of my time yelling at the screen 'IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT" or 'YOU WOULDNT DO THAT!"....
  12. @alphabear Grammar Nazi here....its INVASIVE not evasive....thank you
  13. I have zero clue what GHK AKs you lot are using or what you have done to them but mine has been superb from the moment I got it. Yes, the auto sear needs replaced cos it will break, but beyond that mine is hitting 60m no problems, it out ranges my stock MWS. You don't need to mod maglips, that just causes jams. Jams are usually the result of bad quality BBs or the guide tabs on the nozzle being damaged, shave them off and all is fine again. In fact, mine hasn't had guide tabs for the majority of time I have ran it and its still chugging along. The Maple Leaf chamber
  14. Its hardly THAT much smaller and at least you wont spend most of your time trying to get it to work
  15. TM over all of them. How anyone can seriously recommend the WE over it is baffling.
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