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  1. Its dead easy - just remove the front capture pins, slide the upper off the lower and the barrel just slides out. KWA Recoils are a little picky over which hop rubber to use and the recommendations are either a Guarder Clear, Prometheus Purple or G&G Green. The latter 2 may need trimming down at the rear to fit. Just take it slowly and use loads of lube (oh er).
  2. I saw this but wasnt sure on the price. Nevertheless posting it 4 times was enough for me to report it
  3. In grand Fast Show tradition, this week I have mostly been listening to Ska with a touch of Happy Hardcore
  4. Touched a nerve? Good. Next time think about how you behave somewhere you arent a regular. Kids these days....
  5. Buy cheap buy twice. I have an original Odin and its superb not had an issue at all with my AK mags. Also, from a moral standpoint buy the original and support the person who developed it rather than these rip off copies.
  6. Trust me, it really isnt - read my comments on it in the review section. Great physical site very poorly ran
  7. Nah, see that argument doesn't wash here fella. Noone was a dick to you, you just interpreted it like that. It was a healthy blunt holding to account, which is how things are on this forum. We get 'members' like you all the time, create an account, post shite, fuck off never to be seen again, so please don't come into our community acting like you have been wronged and expect anything other than a good slap down. You conduct yourself in a reasonable manner here you will find it to be an extremely helpful forum with lots of people with oodles of knowledge about various different platforms. Good example being the superb TM MWS thread. I know my AKs inside and out, have owned every major brand at one point or another and believe me you wasted your money 'upgrading' a perfectly serviceable CYMA. Doesn't matter if its gold plated and come with free blowjobs its still not worth what you want for it.
  8. Hi and welcome Please don't call it a licence it will just trigger people. Its proof of a defence to allow you to purchase RIFs, nothing else. Re the gun question, I own an CM4 ERG and its lovely, I just don't use it much as I have moved over to Gas Rifles. Only thing needs doing to it is replacement hop rubber. Cheaper than a TM Recoil, better constructed, more recoil, shoots just as far, non proprietary mags. Solid choice
  9. @Philb you can't come into our community as a new member giving it all billy big bollocks and not expect to get shot down this isn't Zero One and such antics are not appreciated. People, including myself, called you out validly on the price of your items. If you look through the past 71 pages of this thread you will see you are not the first. You will also see that said miscreants never win and the people who take the comments on board generally get on better and make sales. That being said, if you spent £500 on and upgrading a CYMA RPK then you seriously need your head looking at. Balance was restored. Does this mean @Philb is the chosen one?
  10. EvilMonkee


    Hardly matters, you can pick these up new in the UK for £100. Stop being an arse, you are new to the forums, this is how things are here, if you don't like it sell your overpriced tat elsewhere. *Edit* Price amended I notice, still expensive but at least not a complete rip off.
  11. EvilMonkee

    WE M16

    Either a feed issue or a cycle speed issue. Doesnt appear to be gas cool down related. Counter intuitive as it seems try it with normal green gas as well. Try better BBs too. Strange that it seems to feed fine in semi - hence why I mention the cycle speed.
  12. You beat me to it. £220 for a repro chinese SVD scope as well... Hmm £320 for an essentially broken CYMA RPK or £200 for a brand new one and do the 'upgrades' needed myself. And lets face it, the only upgrades needed on any CYMA AK is a new hop rubber a downgraded spring and a ruddy good clean.
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