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  1. I know its Nam Sim Light, but please please don't wear a rice hat. The NLF (VC) very rarely wore them, they were mainly an item of peasant farmers dress and are a bit of a Holywood-ism. A tan or green or black boonie is more correct.
  2. And its a G&G AK not even like its a decent brand renowned for their AKs like LCT or E&L.
  3. Was on the range yesterday.  23mm @100m grouping prone with the old L85A2, quite pleased with that considering I can't shoot for toffee if standing or kneeling.

  4. Usual fee for me posting anything with Parcelforce has been in the £15 range.
  5. EvilMonkee


    GHK Master Race for AK variants. Adore mine and its completely stock.
  6. And I know where they are at as I used to work at RAF Wyton
  7. Now that Urban Assault has closed, I am at a loss for a venue in the East Midlands/Peterborough area that plays on a Saturday. I know of Phoenix Airsoft at Mansfield but can anyone recommend any others?
  8. @Bada Bing what is the clone like quality wise? Was thinking of grabbing one. Also, any opinions on the Well AK74 GBBR?
  9. This is all you need to know. The last three games I have been to I have taken 3 AKMs. An E&L, an LCT and my GHK. How many mags did the E&L and LCT get through? None. How many for the GHK? Well, I went through 1000rds of .3 and 1000rds of .36 = roughly 50 mag refills. And I loved every single one.
  10. My ruddy back still hurting nearly a year later despite physio and osteopath treatment.
  11. Yes, but there is nothing inside the receivers in comparison. As I tend to outrange most people I don't find that only having 40rd mags is that much of an issue.
  12. Not true at least in the case of my GHK AK. The rifle itself is a lot lighter than my equivalent LCT AKM and its a good comparison since LCT make the externals for GHK. Where they are heavier is in the magazines.
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