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  1. 1 word. Cashflow. They get to make it look to the bank that there is money coming into the business. Personally, I would start looking for another job if I worked there, the signs aren't good.
  2. On a serious note, check out the Cold War British page on Facebook. The next game we are having is on 22 Jan
  3. Its on their scrollable banner right at the top of their page, lists all the countries they are delivering to currently.
  4. Get a haircut, shave off that tache, 3 fingers width on the sleeve roll, and must be ironed flat you scruffy soldier. Oh and that PCLE is far far far too new looking. Other than that good job
  5. It does have the added benefit of not giving that scalper DCA any money though....
  6. Would only be controversial if you wear badges and berets on it you haven't earned. Doesn't bother me overly being currently serving but it does some people. If you wanna walt as the RAF Regiment then that's your (slightly weird) lifestyle choices chum, as far as I am concerned! What does annoy me is airsofters buying gear that is on the restricted list currently, so things like the latest model of body armour etc that should really still be with HM Forces. Essentially, its theft.
  7. Samoon will need your UKARA, they are pretty good at shipping stuff quickly and I have ordered loads of GHK parts and mags from them previously. But you have a small problem, as currently I don't believe they are shipping RIFs to the UK due to COVID reasons or some such bollocks. Unless that has changed in the last 24hrs since I last visited their site. If that is still the case I can firmly recommend WGCShop, they order via Samoon anyway and are currently shipping to the UK. Everything Rogerborg mentions is true by the way. You need a UKARA to stand a chance of getting your RIF through customs. I wouldn't risk them destroying your package (giggity) for the lack of one. @RogerborgSamoon are basically the web outlet for GHK, and currently pretty much the only place you can get one.
  8. Typical Daves Custom Airsoft behaviour. Wait till they hit Taiwangun or Gunfire.
  9. I take it you haven't read the reviews on LCT AK EBB range? They are less than complimentary, basically shaking itself to pieces. Oh well, caveat emptor.
  10. Why did you buy a new gun just for a torn bucking?
  11. Something to do with licensing reasons
  12. The old Mall didnt allow CO2 as far as I remember either. Its because during summer its too hard to regulate. FFZ is my local site and is well ran so never really had an issue with it
  13. Try calling Fire Support, they usually have them but they don't show on their website for ummmm *reasons*
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