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  1. Welcome to the Master Race. I turned my AKM into an AIMS just by swapping out the stock. So you can do the reverse if you can get your hands on an AKM stock. The stock hop unnit will go eventually which is why I replaced it. Between mine and my mates stock GHK AIMS I get roughly 5-8m extra range with .3s but my shots are a lot more accurate. If you encounter any issues re replacing the sear or hammer shout me up, I am pretty good at teching these things now.
  2. I find myself name checked into this heresy I want no part of....*backs away slowly then turns and runs*
  3. Nope, plus WE mags are shit and leak prone. GHK mags are built much much differently. Welcome to the GHK Master Race. Some things for you to know: What I would recommend you upgrade immediately from them is the following: Steel Auto Sear https://samoon.com.tw/conversion-kit/c-ak/ak-steel-sear Steel Hammer https://samoon.com.tw/conversion-kit/c-ak/he-ghk-027 What you should buy in the future: Maple Leaf Hop Unit and Barrel. https://samoon.com.tw/conversion-kit/c-ak/maple-ghk-hopbarrel 1J nozzle/Low power nozzle. GHK Top Tips In that order, though I would 100% buy the sear and hammer when you buy the rifle. The auto sear WILL go after around 4k-5k rounds, its a simple enough job to replace. Same with the hammer, though that's a bit longer-lasting. The stock hop unit is actually really good and the hop rubber is excellent, the only reason to change it is because its plastic and might break. You will have people telling you to mod the feed lips on your magazines to make them easier to load - do not do this. It will cause double feeds which then will smash your hop chamber to bits. Which of course then feeds people thinking the hop chamber is rubbish when it's not. Fully stock and doing 370FPS on .2s my GHK AK was hitting 80m measured (Google Maps) with green gas on a July evening. The Maple Leaf should be a straight drop-in replacement, you just need to make sure you assemble it properly and be careful of the c-clip protruding as if not set up properly it will cause a massive air leak, mine did that till I figured it out. Oh and my stock chamber is still going strong....guess I must be wrong half a year later about not modding the feed lips eh? Nozzle for obvious reasons, Samoon will fit a new one in it for you if you ask them. The nozzle wings (you will see when you get it) are prone to snapping off, one way to prevent this is to smooth the channel they sit in and to chamfer them ever so slightly so they aren't as square. If they do snap off, just grind both of them off together, they aren't needed and the rifle functions fine anyway without them. Re mag efficiency, the mags are the same internally and both are excellent in terms of leaks and efficiency. Plastic might be a wee bit more efficient than the metal for obvious reasons. The shells can be bought separately if you want a particular aesthetic. And that's its, that's all you need to do/know. They are addictive, I (and my battle buddy) have hardly used anything since buying mine back nearly 6months ago. Sorry for the essay - anything else you would like to know - yell.
  4. I am reassured by the 'been maintenanced' in the header of the ad.
  5. I think I am at that happy place too re collecting have 7-8 gats that I know and love, really into gas guns, not interested in AEGs which limits my purchases handily. The only only thing I am interested in thats coming up is the Viva Arms SKS.
  6. I don't appear able to fit a Titan in my GHK can someone advise plix?
  7. You replaced the lenses in that S10 cos they arent ballistic. Also, your neck must be the size of a tree trunk after carting that around all day... Me rocking the Blumentarn at the last Cold War game 3 weeks ago GHK Master Race in action
  8. It was fine. However, the trigger contacts are notoriously crap so if you can squeeze a small mosfet in there somewhere to limit the current do it. It shoots fantastically with a new hop rubber, I was hitting over 50m with such a small gun. Also, you dont want an 11.1 as the fire rate will go through the roof and you will not make nay friends with it trust me. Oh and never ever ever take it apart......f*ck me its a pain. Take it back to where you bought it or to a good Tech like Negative Airsoft or Fire Support
  9. I said read the thread not read the title of the thread, subtle difference. Anyway no harm done.
  10. CYMA AKs are excellent - may need a barrel clean and hop rubber change and dependent where you get it from (Taiwangun.com are recommended) a spring change as it will shoot hot. Taiwangun will change the spring for free if you include the service as part of your order. EDIT - just read Cybergun - avoid as Samurai states believe the OEM for them is Jing Gong. Here are some CYMA AKs worth considering that won't break the bank https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-045-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=19 https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-045c-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=19 https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-045a-1-joule-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=19 (1J version so no need for spring change) https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-045a-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=20 And an AK74 and AKM just for variety https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-048-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=20 https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-048m-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=20 CYMA AKs are great for their price point
  11. I sold mine but I was running a Kong Power 7.4 lipo that was basically half the size of a computer mouse - I think I got it from Fire Support but I cant see any on there currently. This looks close enough in size though https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-850mah-30c-continuous-discharge-lipo-battery.html?___SID=U
  12. Or alternatively a quick read of the thread would have revealed its primary purpose to you and you wouldn't have got so bent out of shape for no reason over some minor ribbing.
  13. Does it sit under that small piece of metal they call the hop arm or does it replace it entirely? Part 009 for reference
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