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  1. EvilMonkee

    Importation - Charges by HMRC

    Its their handling fee not the customs charge. The actual customs levy on airsoft stuff is around 3-5%, but they usually apply the wrong levy code to it. Sadly, they also charge you on delivery fee so if you buy a $10 part and it costs $50 shipping you get charged on all of it (plus handling).
  2. EvilMonkee

    Airsoft tantrums

    The only thing that calmed him down was the 4 marshalls and two coppers getting him the heck off the site. Biggest cockwomble I have ever seen.
  3. EvilMonkee

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    PTS Centurion Arm C4-10M ERG Pack of 3 mags Had an ERG before I sold it - regretted it - bough this as it has sexy ass rail on it
  4. EvilMonkee

    Airsoft tantrums

    Worst I have ever seen was a rental at Urban Assault. He was walking up the road straight through the middle of the fight, I (and another team member) both ask him if he was hit as we didn't want to shoot an already dead player. He replies by fully auto-ing a dead player from our team in the back from around 2m away. So naturally I shoot him, as does the guy next to me. Needless to say he doesn't take the hit and continues walking off after random members of our team hosing people down. We go get a Marshall, who he then tries to fight, starts offering people out on site. He failed to realise I was a police officer (albeit military) as was another Marshall and another player was a serving civilian officer. Spent 20 minutes trying to fight with Marshalls who just wanted him off site by this stage, randomly offering people out saying he was a boxer and would knock everyone out. I swear he was coked up or on something. Never seen anything like it before or since at airsoft.
  5. EvilMonkee


    I have ordered from them numerous times and never had an issue. As with all Asian suppliers - check stock via email before ordering.
  6. Markuz/ben - need somewhere to play this weekend - any suggestions?
  7. EvilMonkee

    Airsoft Argument

    Personally I would have taken the hit - but thats me. No bang rule (a rule I hate anyway), it was briefed as such - player 2 is right all day long. I think there is a clear consensus for - take the hit if offered the chance but otherwise just shoot them
  8. Have to admit I am NOT an M4 fan but that makes me slightly moist.
  9. Currently my Sterling as the range and ROF is insane, if only it was reliable. Second, my RPD - who cant resist a support gun and the reaction it illicits from people (Usually a swift 'F*ck going anywhere near that thing). Lastly, my L1A1 SLR, which is called my 'cheatgun' by friends as the range is immense.
  10. Better Red Than Dead...I always go Red.....I think a lot of the regular players do too. You missed the 2nd trolley game Markuz and Ben - we got all the way round to the west wing and I think won. The very first game of the day was my highlight - sprinted to the end of the west wing was on my own in there for 3-4 minutes picking blues off trying to get into the building as they were all too slow and lazy to run cos of the heat LOL. Got a beautiful kill from 45+m with the Sterling as well, from top of the berm near the armoury well played to the blue who took the hit. He was like 'WTF!!??' Great to meet you guys
  11. EvilMonkee

    40 Mike Gas Shell - 150 BB's in 0.3sec

    Irony isn't big with him I guess....
  12. Summary: it was fucking hot. Reds kicked ass
  13. I am still coming - had a few people drop on me - will leave the RPD at home given the heat...will be running my Sterling and probably my AS VAL