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  1. That annoying feeling when your new rifle has been shipped and you have a tracking number but its just sat at some foreign post office for 3 days....GET ON WITH IT!!

  2. EvilMonkee

    Uncompany HK

    kic.tw also have some rare stuff but definitely email them first.
  3. EvilMonkee

    Uncompany HK

    Only Asian websites I have had zero probs with are WGC Shop and ehobby. Buyer beware with the others, I always send an email ahead of making a big order to check stock.
  4. EvilMonkee

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Nah dude - lost it ages ago - sorry
  5. Please please please for the love of all that is good, do not buy anything from JustBBGuns. Follow Lozarts advice. Research a gun you like and then get your UKARA defence to buy it from somewhere else. Buy cheap buy twice. And JustBBGuns is VERY cheap sh*t
  6. EvilMonkee

    The Mall - Floorplan

    It was a joke...
  7. EvilMonkee

    The Mall - Floorplan

    Noooo dont take away the only advantage us old timers have.....
  8. EvilMonkee

    Importing and ukara issues

    The issue here is not Redwolf but UPS not knowing their arses from their elbows. I had exactly the same issue with 2 Sterling mags I imported from the USA. Email saying I had to fill in a RIF declaration form to give my UKARA number. Cue phone call to idiot in call centre trying to explain that their process is bollocks, but more importantly that my UKARA number WAS ON THE f*cking ADDRESS.... Its my SOP when importing to put my UKARA as part of my address block. I hate UPS with a passion, only company i have ever had issues with.
  9. EvilMonkee

    What courier to send RIF?

    Parcelforce or DPD.
  10. EvilMonkee

    How to buy legit BDU?

    let me google that for you......
  11. EvilMonkee

    G&G Kar98?

    Yeh the dboys is awful yet popular as people use the stocks to make vsr10 springerd conversions
  12. EvilMonkee

    G&G Kar98?

    Not really. The PPS Chiang Kai Shek is on Gunfire currently for £300 or airsofttiger111hk for $259 which is where I got mine.
  13. EvilMonkee

    Which gbb do you think is best?

    As much as it pains me - TM between those 2. THe GHK AK is a great rifle externally, great gas efficiency, shocking hop up. I loved mine but it spent more time being fixed and fiddled with than anything else. If you buy one, heed my advice and leave it the f*ck alone, especially the hop up.
  14. EvilMonkee

    Mk6 or mk7

    And yet again its on me to point out that Mk7 are still listed as prohibited items and should not be bought or sold. Issued kit being sold is theft, please do not support it. If you want a Mk6/7 go to a decent surplus store where you know its come through the correct channels. Although, I would be suspicious of anything over a Mk6 being sold.