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  1. Simple rule for buying stuff from HK if its not WGC Shop - dont bother. Plus all of what the others have said already. Only exception is if you absolutely cant get it in teh UK. HK prices are silly cheap though compared to here, noticed that when I was there last year.
  2. My skirm buddy and I are heading there this weekend in you are around
  3. Probably is. What gas are you using in it? I was using that Ultrair shite as its all I had
  4. WIsh I had never sold my TM GBB MP7. Says it all really
  5. I have had issues with mine not feeding the BBs. Any ideas? Though it was cold so might be something to do with that. Also, the hop unit needs a little PTFE tape to keep it in place or it wanders off again.
  6. Sorry disagree, he clearly hadn't thought through how they escaped properly. Why fly all the way? Why not just drop off over the border and take vehicles like he did with the girl and her brother? Because the story demanded it thats why which just undermines the character.
  7. The point I was trying (and seemingly failing) to make is that you don't need to 'pimp' it. It is fine. Leave it be. You will also keep your friends.
  8. Not real rifles zero point zeroing them. Only point to red dots is quick target acquisition and only then really if you are a competent weapons handler which the majority of us are not. Scopes are for seeing fall of shot, anything more is guesswork/experience.
  9. M180? Are you nuts? There is literally no site in the UK (assuming you are UK based) that will allow you to run that even as a DMR (Edit: and would actually make it illegal under the new UK FPS limits) . That would put it at over 500FPS in all likelihood. In addition, the gearbox probably wouldn't be able to handle it and would fold faster than the French Army in 1940. There is simply no need for that high an FPS. You are making the classic beginner mistake of equating FPS with range, when in fact its all about hop unit and rubber. CYMA AKs are generally very very good just stock out of the box. Save yourself some time and money and leave it alone. Spend the money on something more important like good eyepro or footwear.
  10. Not bothered by it so far. *SPOILERS* Kinda got annoyed at the Ben Affleck character who is meant to be this military planning genius and hadn't taken into account weight of the money they were stealing or really how they were going to get out of the country in any great depth. You know, the single most important bit - how the hell am I going to escape? Turned it off after that.
  11. Strange, I had one previously and it was doing 320FPS stock. Nice rifle though good luck with the sale.
  12. Thank you for proving my point for me
  13. That's not spreading hate, that's stating a simple well-recognized oft-expressed fact
  14. Its Apoc Airsoft where that twunt Licking Mustard plays? Happy to be wrong.
  15. Look up the Gunman 'Deltas of the Suhud' game. Basically same thing. I went to a Blackhawk down themed game years ago at Rype FIBUA village - that was epic. RWA organised it but dont think they have done anything similar recently. Gunman is your best bet.
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