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  1. Fire Support are doing LCT AKMs for £250 which is an absolute bargain. A CYMA AKM will cost you £180 ish and whilst good isn't as good as the LCT.
  2. EvilMonkee

    Airsoft Guns you'd like to see made

    AEG or GBB SKS - one is coming from Viva Arms but no idea which flavour it will be GBB SLR GBB Sterling GBB AS VAL GBB RPD Seeing a theme here? Swear i have seen at AT4 on Evike
  3. Yeh GBB cool down is a thing. My TM MP7 GBB worked really well even when it was cold. TBH if money is no object, buy a TM Recoil (even though I am not a fan) from Fire Support and get them to upgrade it. Done.
  4. Dude, can you help with my Makarov hop issue?  Where precisely did you put your shim on the hop?

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    2. EvilMonkee


      Thanks.  What rubber do you use in yours?


    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      One of the maple leaf ones, dunno the specific name but it's the same rhop style of shape as the stock we one but a longer contact patch and slightly better rubber.


      Tbh the stock one is pretty good, just not quite long enough of a contact patch to lift .4's but will easily send .3's far enough to shame some rifles once tweaked, this time of year its too cold to get enough velocity on .4's for even the maple leaf.

    4. EvilMonkee


      Yeh its deffo a warm weather pistol

  5. TM Recoils are usually the bench mark for recoil M4 based shenanigans. I personally think they are overpriced for what they deliver and am a strong advocate for the KWA ERG series which were designed by the same person and recoil harder, are easier to work on and about £150 cheaper. Can firmly recommend the TM GBB MP7 though. All in all, despite what people say, there really isn't much difference in stock guns. Buy a decent brand at the price point good for you and in an aesthetic you like. Vector or EVO are both good choices for an SMG.
  6. EvilMonkee

    Waterproof Jacket

    I do use a Buffalo - I just added softie in case people weren't aware of what a Buffalo is. Also, as I am serving I kinda know what works for me already thanks.
  7. EvilMonkee

    Waterproof Jacket

    Make sure you get something breathable. I would steer away from MOD Issue Goretex tbh - it will make you sweat like a paedo in a playground. I am yet to see anyone use it as well. I usually just chuck my smock on over a Buffalo/Softie over my normal combat shirt. If I get wet, I get wet but stay warm thanks to the Buffalo/Softie.
  8. Old Chap with the pipe is called Trevor and is a well known cheating sod.
  9. EvilMonkee

    WE Makarov - proper PM version

    Yep its a brown grip, basically a screw in replacement for the PMM one. You have to remember the PMM grips on the Makarov aren't real steel dimensions to start with, and nether is the magazine. Its fatter, hence the brown grips are a straight drop in but they are airsoft specific - real grips don't fit on it.
  10. EvilMonkee

    WE Makarov - proper PM version

    Interesting find re the ICS. Its them thats doing the Stechkin.
  11. Officially, it hasn't been a thing since the L85A1 but we still do it as muscle memory. Re the OP - TBH I wouldn't bother as some of the IA drills require being able to see internal state of hammer, magazine etc and you get enough weapon training anyway during basic that it will become muscle memory very very quickly.
  12. EvilMonkee

    Does anyone train?

    Primarily because it was internally ran and we had none of the usual complaints about cheating as the training team were the enemy the next day not Joe Random
  13. EvilMonkee

    What do people think of the PTS Centurian ?

    I think its just as good as the TM. Recoil is certainly stronger, range is equivalent, TM has the edge on accuracy. Mine needed a new hop rubber but thats it. Does a very consistent 320FPS. Quick change spring if you want to up it a little. Only complaint I have is that if your battery isn't very new then it has a tendency to lock up on semi so it could benefit from a MOSFET. Good gun and better value for money than the TM which are overpriced. Oh and because its all metal and the rail - its heavy.
  14. No teams as such but quite a few decent sites. Best of which is probably Urban Assault near Peterborough.
  15. EvilMonkee

    Does anyone train?

    When I was in the Bolsheviks (Modern Russian group) we used to hire sites and have a meet up two or three times a year for members only. The first day of which would involve some kind of training serial laid on by us serving or ex HM Forces members present. Subjects covered basic fire and manoeuvre, patrolling, vehicle debussing, room entry and CQB etc etc. The only difficulty is that of change in personel with people leaving and entering the team and having to redo the training. Skill fade also came into it. The second of the days would then be a 'game' where the instructing staff inevitably played the enemy. Sometimes we would get outside teams in to help play the enemy as well. I left because my focus was on historical rather than modern loadouts but it remains some of the best airsoft I have done.