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  1. You might want to see if you can set it up as a chaaaridy, perhaps through a shell organisation. This sounds dodgy, but it's how the Depot CQB site was run, as a local "sports and physical activity" charity. Given that the building rates would have been £180K a year (!) it's the only way they stayed open as long as they did.
  2. Today I learned that:


    1) When making an s-hop, the silicone cannot extrude into the barrel even fractionally, or you'll sky every BB even with no hop on, or no hop arm fitted at all.


    2) DMR naysays can say nay all they like, but I like DMR gameplay - with a working hop.  Luckily I had spares to hand and sorted it at lunch, then it was all fun and games from there.

    1. Impulse


      As a DMR naysay, I shall say nay!


      In seriousness though, glad you're enjoying it, and that's what's important. You do you, and all that jazz.

    2. Rogerborg


      It helps that my secondary is my snappy little 1.05J MP5K rather than a pistol.  I reckon I split the afternoon about 50-50 between them, I didn't miss out on any full auto larks.

    3. Impulse


      I do the same with my VSR these days and I love it, as it lets me push and play aggressively when I need to, and if someone attacks my hide they get a very rude awakening in the form of full auto .28s. Carrying an mp5k alongside a VSR and mk23 is pretty easy.

  3. <this-isnt-facebook.png> >>> https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/category/17-guns-wanted/ <<<
  4. I hope you complied with their demands, otherwise they might send a Tactical Reclamation Squad to smash in your back door at 3am, retrieve their goods from your possession, and ship them back to the sender. 😆
  5. Is it in the back of your windowless white van, on top of a tear-stained mattress?
  6. It's an intrinsic characteristic of Scotchman, don't oppress me.
  7. Oh, I've already got my refund from eBay, even though the item is still notionally in transit. No messing around, just fire in with the dispute at the earliest opportunity.
  8. 20% VAT + 3.5% duty + £11 + £15 (or whatever UPS stiff you with for billing you for the VAT and duty) If they would send it to the UK, which they won't. Once you get over £300 (and the rest) plus a sometime-to-never delivery date, it makes UK stock of TMs a bit more appealing.
  9. Sadly, that's what sites tend to use, and I can't see any point (beyond a moral victory) in being more accurate than them. It's not like you can win the chrono lottery with "Yeahbut, my Skan says..."
  10. Under half the price of an AA-12 would upset the apple cart a bit. I wouldn't make any assumptions on the actual price to our doors though, this could be a volatile 6 months.
  11. Well, expensive carrier. I'd be amazed if it turns out to be more than a regular man in a regular van, but with better insurance.
  12. I used to, but not any more. In the extant case, it's a late dispatch. In any case, if they've given an indicated delivery date then that's a contractual term. They're perfectly welcome to increase their estimates, and I can make an informed decision on that basis. I'd rather wait two weeks for an honest seller than be bilked by one who promises 3 day delivery than takes over a week to even dispatch.
  13. Looks like, just a minimum £40 order and free delivery over £100. But you need to go to the £250+ range before you start seeing decent bulk discounts and even then they're more than buying individual smokes at my local site - I don't know how that works, unless EG's prices have just shot up. https://store.enolagaye.com/c/smoke-grenades/
  14. Incompetent arrogant crooked thieving filth, I'm saddened that you've resolved their mistake at your cost. This, right here, is why I now file a "goods not received" dispute the moment any order from a business seller is later than the indicated date, or if it contains the slightest deviation from what was promised without prior agreement. No waiting, no excuses, no nuance. It's either complete and on time, or the contract was breached, and not by me. I've got an eBay one to file at a minute after midnight tonight, even though the goods are now ostensibly on the way.
  15. (That's my only contribution, sorry)
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