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  1. Do you mind, we're trying to have a decent internets spat here. 😠
  2. I don't know either, but I just like when we're being catty.
  3. Rogerborg

    Patrol Base

    What a nasty, petty thing to do, on a purely human level let alone a professional one. If that's their attitude towards their customers, no wonder their support is random. Far too many people try to monetise their hobby into a job that they don't really want to do.
  4. <Technically Correct> Smoothbore </Technically Correct>
  5. If you're prioritising your finances, remember that food just comes out the other end, so essentially it's a waste of money.
  6. Bear in mind that the definition was only nailed down in 2017. Retailers should know this by now though. If they're selling Section 5 firearms, I want them out of business.
  7. How do these things ever work?


    Trying to restore the air-seal on my MP5K, we're talking tiny fractions of a mm in barrel alignment between "won't feed" and ""dribbles out".


    Never, ever replace the stock parts in your gnu. Ever.

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    2. Rogerborg


      Ironically from going too hot it's now weak tea. Those MP5K hop units are cray cray, they don't seem to want to match the profile of any hop rubber that I've tried, and I'm not even sure where the original has gone.


      Well, after hours of fiddling it's working fine in the garage now.  What could possibly go wrong on the way to chrono. ;)


    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Hope you brought a backup....

    4. EvilMonkee


      I feel your pain.  I lost the c-clip on my GHK AK last night and now the barrel won't go all the way in so the airseal is shite and BBs just dribble out.  New c-clip on the way.......

  8. It might be, but Golden Eagle clones cost less and (notionally) come with a warranty. But, but, TMs are more reliable. But, but, that's a broken one.
  9. Prohibited weapons if they have a curved blade over 50cm long. Most tat sellers just switched to straight bladed "ninja" swords overnight. Staffordshire Trading Standards can be left a message on 01785 330356
  10. More likely just sloppiness on their part. I wouldn't be saying yes to that question though.
  11. If you're very lucky you'll get chrono and shooting. On that, I do enjoy Bad Influence Airsoft reviews. No nonsense, just bangs straight in to the stuff that you'll care about. Often amusing along the way, but never as an aim in itself.
  12. Sellers are going to have to start listing everything as "for toy gnu only", aren't they?
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