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  1. Rogerborg

    SWAS Airsoft

    The only thing saving me from dumping the kids' inheritance into SWAS is that the Secutor Velites G-II is still out of stock.
  2. Rogerborg

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    That's a deep, deep rabbithole to go down. If you consider playing without paying as payment in kind, can marshals claim statutory sick pay, maternity leave and pay, or compensation for unfair dismissal?
  3. Rogerborg

    CQB Help

    Not just that, the beak is designed to act as an amplifier. As noted in a "wut secondary?" thread, if you just want a short M4, don't want it to be shouty (and especially you're going to gut the internals anyway), then you might as well start with any cheap M4 and take a hacksaw to it.
  4. Rogerborg

    Tippmann Theft Alert

    To not deter it.
  5. Rogerborg

    CQB Help

    In your dreams, and mine. AFAICT, there aren't any AEG style MP7s out there at the moment; they're all AEP based. MP5K is about as close as we can get at the moment for leccy guns. It's a peach of a platform, but I do sometimes tuck it in at night and sneak downstairs to watch the Elite Force AEG teaser vids with the volume turned down real low.
  6. Rogerborg

    Painting an IF

    I could have been terser, but I like to put some art into it.
  7. Rogerborg

    Bit of a problem here....

    I'd be looking at doing a chargeback on the credit or debit card that was used for the payment.
  8. Rogerborg

    CQB Help

    I should disclose that I've put a loudener on my MP5K. It was already quite snappy putting out 320fps from a 110mm barrel, and with the amplifier on, now produces some genuine jumps when I take people roughly from behind. All part of the giggles.
  9. Rogerborg

    SAS lead the way

    My take-away from this incident is that if we're putting 100 boots through every door, then assigning dozens of lawyers to both prosecute, defend, and make hurty-feels oomin-rites compo claims, then the numbers aren't in our favour given that there are 23,000+ on the watch list, of which some 3,000 are considered high risk.
  10. Rogerborg

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Ranted about earlier, will rant again. I've got the option of doing a "half-day" on Sunday. 11am doors open, noon start, until 4pm. I reckon I'll give it a miss because I suspect it'll go more like: Doors open at 11:30 11:30 -> 12:30 sign in, smoke breaks, chrono, smoke breaks, briefing. 12:30 -> 1:10 game on 1:10 - > 1:30 "10 minute break" 1:30 -> 2:15 game on 2:15 -> 2:45 "Quick 5 minute break" 2:45 -> 3:30 game on Ah, that's us for the day, lads. Could be wrong, but I don't want to bet good money on getting half-of-a-half-day of play.
  11. Rogerborg

    Tippmann Theft Alert

    Sure, it's fun to kick ideas around, and we all want the same thing. However, RIFs are not cars - that's an apples-to-hovercraft comparison. There are no standards for marking, and even if there were, the number of crimes deterred by them would be negligible - I'd argue non-existent. On the subject of hovercraft cars, there used to be a Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) scheme whereby written off and repaired cars wouldn't be issued with a new V5C until they'd been inspected to check the vehicle identity hadn't been transferred to a stolen vehicle. After 12 years of costs and hassle to law abiding motorists, the scheme was finally scrapped, having identified a sum total of 40 dodgy vehicles out of the 916,000+ that were inspected at £41 a go. That's why I'd suggest being careful, now, before putting an obligation on airsoft players to constantly prove our innocence. Criminals don't give a stuff what the law-abiding are doing, and stolen goods tend to circulate around rapscallions and ne'er-do-wells without questions being asked.
  12. Rogerborg

    CQB Help

    Don't you like it when your victims are giving away our positions with shouty-guns?
  13. Rogerborg

    Tippmann Theft Alert

    Which is likely to be in response to RIFs being used in the commission of crimes that attract press attention, not being sold quietly to airsofters and turning up at sites. I'm sure that we all agree that we don't want RIFs being stolen, single or en masse. However, it's important to understand that most property theft is opportunistic. Geezers will nick anything. Easy access is more important than the value of the goods. Airsoft RIFs, particularly AEGs, are already a poor haul for a thief. They're relatively bulky, prone to attract all the wrong sorts of attention, and there isn't a big market for them compared to consumer electronics, or even tools. However, once Pikey McGeezer has broken into a site or a van, he's going to blag whatever's there, just because it's there. He's not going to stop and think "Oh, if these happen to have unique serials numbers, then three transactions down the line, some buyer might be slightly inconvenienced. Nah, best not bother then." No, the whole lot is going in their van, thence to Freddy the Fence or Daryyyl Dealer, who will do them a favour and give them fifty sovs or a couple of bumps for the lot, take it or leave it. That's if they don't just dump them the canal or a hedgerow once they realise what they've got. I do not believe that punishing a scant handful of good-faith purchasers well removed from the actual thieves will prevent any theft of airsoft RIFs.
  14. Rogerborg

    CQB Help

    Embiggening the essential silliness of playing with toy guns.
  15. Rogerborg

    Newbie tech question - ARP556 battery

    You should run it on 11.1V lipos - there are multiple reports of those G&G ETUs acting up on anything less.