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  1. Mate, where are ya ? 😵

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    2. Tackle


      I stopped buying MCN etc for the same reason, too much new shiny kit, one borderline obsessive hobby at a time is my mantra lol

    3. PT247


      can never have too many motorbikes! :D

    4. Shamal


      Nasty,noisy,smelly dangerous things.work of the devil and should be banned!

      Other than that niiice.



  2. Well, that's most of Scotland by population going straight into tier 3, which means no indoor adults sports. I was booked in for woodland today, but last night the site put up a new set of rules. Single household cars, which means more traffic than usual. Temperature checks, sign in and BB purchase on the access road. The single track access road with no passing places or turning points and strictly entry-only from 8am until 10am. Think that one through. What exactly happens if one person in your car is too hot according to their Fisher Price Mr No Entry Tempy Checky?
  3. Except you can knock 4% / £6.60 off that if you leave it in your basket for 24 hours so it's £158.40, delivered. But his comes with 6,000 rounds of "Bad Ass"... aaaahahahah, 0.2g BBs. I'd hope for the sake of my sanity that the postage cost has an extra digit in it. I'm not sure I'd pay £60 for the whole thing delivered.
  4. True, that. Looks like we're not getting indoor airsoft back up here until the MicroVaccine Chips are ready, and our outdoors site are... meh. I'm actually quite minded now to put in for an air rifle cert to do some plinking and pest control on my brother's land.
  5. That's a feature, each one gets a spanner ceremonially dropped into the crankcase as they leave the factory. The dodgy fuelling is done with a special RNG chip in the brainbox these days though, rather than pre-clogged idle jets.
  6. I would agree with this. I use an MP5K as a second-primary, but as it's a bit poorly at the moment, I reckon I might take my chopped down M4 out tomorrow.
  7. That one is weird. How much of the semi mechanism is missing, i.e. how much would you need to change in order to get semi?
  8. Mmm, it's entirely subjective. I mean, some people don't get the dry heaves from bullpups. And that said, I still fancy a Well R4 AEP at some point, even if only just to tinker with.
  9. [Teeth grinding sounds] Indeed, the seller is going to take them off before posting, so why not take them off before photographing? Laziness, or deceit.
  10. Sorry to hear that. From what we've heard here, Specna pulled a bait-and-switch on the Edge range and the quality plummeted. Poor bloody show, no better than Nuprol or Novritsch. This is going to sound churlish, but I was disappointed by my £35 CYMA CM.351 plastic tri-shot. First, it had a weird multi-feed problem, then after copious squirts of silicone it settled down, but the hop is all over the place. Two of the barrels seem to have no hop, and the top one has a fixed hop that over-lifts 0.25g but under-lifts 0.28g. So at anywhere but point blank range, you have to decide wh
  11. Do nothing to it. I'd try sample bags of Geoff's BBs. Then use the highest weight that it will reliably hop. Maybe use binoculars or a monocle to spot targets, then pew at them. Find a simp with an AEG who is willing to spot for you. I would. Whatever your results, be proud of them. Bring a rusty chain to thrash at the spergs who will swarm you in the safe zone to tell you about how they almost bought a WA2000, but didn't because [blah blah blah].
  12. Blurred photos means a lazy seller, which generally means that you'll get some "lol m8 thnx 4 interust but i dunno wut paypal n postage wil b ill get back 2 u" message. The amount of stuff that I've not bought 2nd hand would keep Steve Glennie in hookers and blackjack money for life.
  13. I have always been disappointed by the lack of in-game chronoing at every site I've played at, CQB or woodland, ever. Nothing else matters. Words are meaningless. Gobbing off on Facebook or at the safety brief is pointless. Only actions count.
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