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  1. How much training does it take to be able to turn your face into featureless black mask?
  2. Oh, that's disappointing. They used to offer a paint service, but I can't see them doing so now. GunFire will paint for a penny: https://gunfire.com/en/products/painting-service-servico-de-pintura-make-the-airsoft-gun-meet-your-local-law-requirements-1152211293.html As well as downgrading: https://gunfire.com/en/products/aeg-replica-downgrade-1152197807.html And yes, the G36 is great for lefties, being ambi for both fire selection and magazine release.
  3. That is pretty distinctive. However if you want an AK with a slidey-stock and rails, I'd note that this'un is EBB, has a 6.03mm stainless barrel, and a quick change spring: https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/ask209-tactical-ebb-full-metal-aps I see you've already got a Nuprol, so I'm guessing you're happy enough with the brand. I have an ideological issue with their strategy of rebranding other people's stuff and marking up the price.
  4. I know, right? It does feel weird, and I have a dislike for destruction and discarding rather than repair, but it wasn't for being fixed.
  5. Hello and welcome. It's pretty daunting to tip your toe into the airsoft retail market, given the huge choice available. The wall-of-text below is the short version. If your son likes the G36C, then it's a perfectly reasonable choice. I really rate the built in sights, and while the classic stock isn't length adjustable, it does fold and the ergonomics work well for most people and situations. The downside to the V3 gearbox (used in all airsoft G36 AEGs that I'm aware of) is that the trigger has a long pull, and they can be somewhat prone to locking up, especially if you try and shoot too quickly on semi. Not a huge issue, just something to bear in mind. However, there's no need to spend that much on one for occasional use, and yes, any shop with "BB" in the title is best avoided unless you know what you're doing. PatrolBase is a pretty reliable UK retailer, and the basic Jing Gong G36C does everything you'll need it to do: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/jing-gong-g608-g36c-railed-handle-w-folding-stock?pv=5357 Or with a length adjustable stock: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/jing-gong-jg-0538-sub-carbine-replica?pv=9780 They will paint it up for an extra £10, still well under the price of the SRC. It doesn't have the side rails, but you can add those later if you want to fling bling at it. It has a decent rotary hop unit, and comes with a usable battery - although if he sticks with airsoft and you buy more batteries, I'd urge switching to LiPo and an iMax B6 charger rather than sinking another penny into NiMh technology. It's easy enough to upgrade later, but that's another topic. The CYMA G36C is also a reasonable choice, and other retailers are available. The two big Polish ones can work out cheaper, especially if you start throwing extras into your cart. But be aware of postage costs, stealth surcharges on PayPal, the delivery time, and you'll want to ask them to downgrade the power to under 350fps for UK use (they'll generally dial it down to about 330fps / 1J): https://www.taiwangun.com/ https://gunfire.com/ And of course many other guns are available. Any M4, AK or MP5 by by CYMA, Jing Gong, G&G or Specna Arms is likely to be cheap and usable. Not that I'm recommending them, the G36C is a decent enough choice.
  6. Mrs Borg had some issues with blowtorching the table. Destroy like squash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi5E_1jNhpo Email sent, let's see if they actually make with a replacement.
  7. Ah, sorry, I was unclear. With a pistol, I believe, but it's why they're careful about what they let out there. Oh, no silencers on Mk23s there now either, after someone chronoed with a bare Mk23, then put a barrel lengthener on it and pushed it up to 400fps. I have no problem with being shot with a moscart. However, if they let grenade launchers out there, someone will manage to put a 40-mike, TAG round, or under-loaded / over-gassed shell in them. Again, this is a very busy, very-CQB site with loads of cover where engagement ranges are typically a few metres now. Just chucking it out there to emphasise that you should check with your local site before spunking money on anything interesting.
  8. https://www.amazon.co.uk/HEEPDD-Portable-Operated-Aquarium-Accessories/dp/B07PQWBVY6 But pretty much all the reviews dislike the noise. Direct mounted fans are fairly quiet. It might be workable with 1 x AA and the other side bridged, or even a single 14500 lithium cell and a resistor.
  9. We had someone shot point blank in the back of the head at the start of the month [clarification: with a pistol, not a moscart]. Like, gun to head, pew. Player error, being a dick, sure. But the essence of risk management is to accept the reality that humans are dicks / will make errors, and to take practical steps to reduce the opportunities for that to harm anyone. Anything that gets out of the safe zone can, and eventually will, be held to someone's head.
  10. And of course, if you wrap a green bandana over the stock and a line of electrical tape along the RIS, you can claim it's a 'Nam era M16A1. <chap-tapping-head.gif>
  11. Is that in theory, or in practice? The ones I'm seeing are bulky units taking 2 x D cells.
  12. That for airsoft purposes if you cover the magwell and scribble "Toy 416" on the side then the only person who will know or care that it's a toy M4 is you.
  13. <Screams in Negative Airsoft> If you've been lubing the cylinder, have you given it a blast to blow any gloop out (barrel off), and thoroughly cleaned the hop rubber and barrel?
  14. CO2? Should get chronoed alone with everything else. The only thing I've heard them say is keep selectable gas shotties to 3 rather than 6 round bursts.
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