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  1. Well, that's fine, I hate humanity too, so mess them up for me.
  2. Off topic, but I'm playing my Friday night joker. Many years ago, when I was too young and dumb to know what couldn't be done, I cobbled together a T&J Locust Lotus 7 replica kit car. it consisted of a poorly welded ladderframe angle-iron chassis, an aluminium skinned plywood (yes, wood) body tub, and various random Mk II Escort, Cortina and Triumph Sprint and Dolomite parts. I shudder to recall the bodges that I did to get it running, but my God you knew you were driving it. Something like this, although mine never looked that complete. I ended up literally giving it away between breakdowns because my conscience couldn't stomach taking money from someone in return for that absolute death trap (the seatbelts were bolted into the wooden body tub...). I fully expected it to be in a ditch / in pieces / on fire, or some combination of the three within months. Tonight, out of sheer random curiosity, I just bashed the registration into https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk and love a duck... An actual thing that I made with my own two hands a quarter of a century ago is still on the road, MOT'd, taxed and insured, and according to the MOT record is racking up a couple of hundred miles a year, every year. Just... wow. I am in equal[*] parts horrified and delighted. [*] 90% delighted.
  3. I was just about to say that the best way to "win" at airsoft is to go out of bounds, and not take your hits. If you're playing fair and getting monstered, then perhaps that strategy is being used against you to good effect. Otherwise, as above. You can pew from range, or you can go around. Trying to advance in the open against 30 rps ball-slingers with 400 round magazines is suicidal. On covering / suppressing fire, if you're putting your balls close enough to your target that they're even aware of them, then you're not suppressing so much as firing for effect. If you're already in range, then don't worry about advancing, just keep hosing until you hit them.
  4. Rice is for Sundays and company. The point is cromulent though: "best" can mean just the shooty bits, or it can mean an CNC Swiss cheesed unobtanium slide because bling. If you want useful information, you need to define your terms.
  5. What I read: Question: does the BB care about anything except the hop unit and the barrel? Beyond that, what do you mean by "best"?
  6. This one? When did you first start hating humanity?
  7. No, I wasn't. Will you be letting us know about all of your infomercials?
  8. If the roof's still on, they're rateable. Can't speak to the Englandshire situation, but in Scotchland they've sacked off most of the discounted rates for "empty" properties (50% for 3 months then back up to 90%). At the moment you can still get full relief if it cannot be occupied: roof's off / floor's missing / infested by rabid crocodiles or similar. However, they are going to be switching to ground rents so that even if your empty warehouse "accidentally" burns down, they'll still come after the owner. There are some commercial properties up here that folk literally can't give away, as they're such huge liabilities.
  9. Print it, there's no good reason why it has to be hand written. But that doesn't mean that your site won't come up with a bad reason why they want you to hand-scrawl it like an animal, so I'd take a blank one along as well.
  10. Ah, right, that probably is some sort of spamguard to stop all those folk working as marine biologists / ocean cartographers from offering to be sending courier to collect, very trustworthing, is no problem to hand over you item to they. Maybe a "post some content first" response would be a bit friendlier.
  11. In either scenario, I for one will be welcoming our new overlords and defecting to the winning team while the pickings are still good. My local site is running a chaaaridy weekender featuring Phil Campion teaching... urgh... real world SAS tactics. The thought of our Walts dry humping his leg while ejaculating[1] "BREACH! BREACH! BREACH!"[2] fills me with equal parts amusement and pity. [1] noun: an abrupt, exclamatory utterance. [2] It's jolly sporting of them to constantly broadcast their location and intentions to half the site.
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