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  1. Rogerborg

    Gun sale removed?

    Oops. I hope you get that cancelled or reversed sharpish. For what it's worth: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ http://www.tradingstandardsecrime.org.uk/report-fraud/
  2. You need to factor in the seller's time in putting together that amazing custom gun. Silencers don't screw themselves on.
  3. Rogerborg

    Posting Airsoft guns

    To save BUMPing your other thread, the tl;dr answer is: Within their terms: ParcelForce 48 Cheapest (probably): MyHermes. As with pretty much every other courier, anything remotely assault-style-toyish is against their T&Cs, but are they bovvered? I've returned a shotgun through them, marked as "sports equipment" (which it is, among other things).
  4. Rogerborg

    My TOP 5 Airsoft Hacks you MUST KNOW!!! ✋

    Do cheaters HATE these hacks? Will I NOT BELIEVE them? Am I going to DESTROY EVERYONE?
  5. Rogerborg

    Hate it with a passion.

    Shit just got real. ... like a milsim.
  6. Rogerborg

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    I admire your optimism.
  7. Rogerborg

    Gunfire (Poland) / gun-fire.co.uk

    Can't we learn from your experience?
  8. Rogerborg

    Airsoft GB rant

    I don't recall asking for permission to point out what someone who's marshalled should have known was the correct course of action. At what site(s) do you marshal?
  9. Rogerborg

    Gunfire (Poland) / gun-fire.co.uk

    In what way have you "been through this with the authorities"?
  10. Rogerborg

    Secondary Ideas

    You rang? It's a fine choice as a secondary for a sniper. It also works as a primary for CQB, or even woodland at a push. As a secondary for an AEG for use when breaching, I'd have to bend to convention and suggest a pistol. You could be kinky and go for an AEP, particularly with winter coming on. The CYMAs work well enough and can be upgraded without too much cost.
  11. Rogerborg

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    Direct link: It's been my experience that Stern Warnings addressed to "ALL" are futile at best, counter-productive at worst. Those who aren't a problem don't need to be lectured, and those who are a problem will just ignore them, and need to be dealt with individually. If it was a windy day and KM was outside his MED, he must have super-hearing to be able to determine with certainty what they were talking about.
  12. Mmm, approach with considerable caution, and for feck's sake don't put in any more time than you can afford to lose. From what I can see, the plan is commercial milsim with model planes and helicopters buzzing around, and maybe a rusty APC or facsimile thereof parked down the end of the field. Sure, that'll take seventy-eight figures to run properly, but I'm not sure where the money is coming from or who the target market is supposed to be. I can't see it being sustainable as a corporate jolly, and it's not like we have a lot of demand for mercenaries in the UK. Conceivably you could pitch it to the army as a recruitment aid, given their inability to get warm bodies in the door. Come and experience fantasy-reality. Honest, being in the real army is just like this, it's all pew-pew-pew larks, and definitely not painting rocks and standing watch in the rain until an IED blows your balls off.
  13. Rogerborg

    Airsoft GB rant

    If you have a problem with a marshal, shouldn't the site owner be your next port of call? If there is an issue with marshalling there, how's he going to know about it unless people tell him?
  14. Rogerborg

    Gunfire (Poland) / gun-fire.co.uk

    Can you expand on what that means in practice? I ask because as far as I can see , there is no intent defence for importing something that isn't an airsoft RIF. I doubt you'd get far arguing intent to deactivate if you tried to import a firearm. If Border Force are turning a blind eye, maybe that's because they've been hit by a 400fps full auto AEG.
  15. Rogerborg

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???