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  1. Sad because true. For the love of God, don't take anything that you read on a forum as legal advice. I'm only vaguely law enforcement adjacent: if you get tugged by the fuzz, give your name and address and then the only words out of your mouth are "Duty solicitor, please and thank you."
  2. Nicely done, building up a whole new hop+barrel unit is definitely the way to go.
  3. Winner. Intent is required. "Any person who, not being a constable, wears any article of police uniform in circumstances where it gives him an appearance so nearly resembling that of a member of a police force as to be calculated to deceive shall be guilty of an offence" https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1996/16/section/90 However, there's a catch all for simple possession: "Any person who, not being a member of a police force or special constable, has in his possession any article of police uniform shall, unless he proves that he obtained possession of that article lawfully and has possession of it for a lawful purpose, be guilty of an offence" The good news is that the case law on that is Cooke vs DPP 2015 which opined that: "For my part, I accept that the lawful purpose or purposes for which articles of police uniform are obtained and possessed must be a positive purpose. I do not, however, accept that that purpose must be narrowly construed. Articles of police uniform can lawfully be possessed for a wide variety of purposes, other than the performance of police duty. The following is a non-exhaustive list: theatrical, film or TV performance by actors (amateur and professional) in the role of a police officer; wearing at fancy dress parties and similar events; collection and display in a museum; private collection for personal enjoyment;" tl;dr version - you're fine to obtain, possess and wear police uniform if there's no intent to deceive, and you're possessing it for a purpose such as an airsoft event. Just be prepared to explain that purpose, don't keep it with you unless travelling to or from an event, and I'd suggest that you don't wear and certainly don't display it while travelling, regardless of the strict legality of that.
  4. There's a 2nd sling point right at the front.
  5. Add 32g of Lighter-S to an AA G17 barrel and see how well the toy cycles (spoiler: ABSOLUTELY FINE).
  6. Fully agree with the rest of the MP5K Master Race post, but you can use a 2 point sling with them. I've been 2-pointing and throwing mine on my back recently while running pistol primary. It's not really how the cool kids use them, but it works OK. Eh, maybe. JG do a range of nearly-Ks with folding or M4-style stocks (absolutely gopping). But you're adding weight both at the front and back. https://gunfire.com/en/menu/electric-powered-submachine-guns-17196.html The thing with a K is that you can use it right in front of your face with your trigger arm tucked hard against your body. It's a nice, stable platform. Then again, if you get the folding stock one, you could just bin the stock if it doesn't work out.
  7. [Shrugs] Dunno, I've only got the Lighter-S. I got it because the 2nd generation ones have a native 14mm CCW thread with an 11mm adapter, rather than the other way around. That makes it more suitable for throwing on an AEG as well, and as the AA G17 has a 12mm thread, and there are no tracers that fit straight in, I need a 12mm-something adapter anyway.
  8. Yup, no problems with a Lighter-S on my AA G17. Great fun too, highly recommended for CQB.
  9. Good call! Even if you end up going GBBR, it's great to have a backup / loaner AEG.
  10. Since you didn't say what voltage your charger is telling you that it's charging it up to, I'd question how you know that to be the case. Motor height is a good shout though, and easy enough to fiddle with.
  11. Yup, that's what I use. I was surprised that the fan does actually run off of a single 1.5v battery. It won't run on a 1.2V nimh rechargeable though. You can run it on a 3.7V 14500 li-on battery which significantly increases the fan speed, just don't keep it running longer than necessary and don't put it in the wrong way round or you can kiss goodbye to the circuitry. OK, they're not EN rated, but the lens is polycarb and about 2m thick, and mine have taken some solid hits at point blank range. I have no concerns about their impact resistance.
  12. https://www.taiwangun.com/en/spring/mb03-black-well?from=listing&campaign-id=14&q=mb03 £51.55, including 3 magazines. +£25 for a scope +£13 delivery = £90 brand new, and no need to remove and throw away the pointless broken bipod.
  13. If it is (for initial registration) then it's a well kept secret. I know this sounds like a broken record, but the whole UKARA system is the clown-shoes of validation. It smacks of a happy-path process that's never been through the crucible of being forensically analysed and robustly challenged.
  14. Buy mid caps and only put 30bbs in them. Until you start asking yourself why you're doing that, and can't come up with a good answer. Sean, bear in mind that you're currently in the honeymoon period and airsoft is the bestest hobby ever and you're going to be playing it for years and years and years and... Then look in the classifieds at the number of "as new / barely used / used once" guns in there. Loads of people drop house-deposit money into this hobby only for the adrenaline rush to wear off and the reality to set in that it's hide and seek with toys in what's generally a fairly limited set of locations and game modes. GBBR (or HPA) is something that you move up to when you're sure that you're going to stick with it. Consider that the mags alone on a GBBR will run you more (and weigh as much) as a basic G&G /JG / Specna AEG. Anecdote: in a milsim last year, I got attached as a sniper to a squad of chums who all had GBBRs. We got into a ball-fight holding an objective. After a couple of minutes, of shouts of "Mag out!" and "Spare mag? Spare mag, mate?" I realised that I was the only one still shooting. I ended up tossing my M5PK AEG to the nearest teammate just to get more rounds going out. Great fun, until the fun stops, then you're just a target.
  15. Something to note is that the requirement to get UKARA is to have played a minimum of three games over a minimum of 8 weeks. But there's no maximum time in which you have to do these three games. Specifically, there's nothing in the UKARA rules about having to do them within the same year. So if you've done three games at one site, even over multiple years, then they could notionally assign you a UKARA number. It's entirely up to them - you'll need to ask the site. Two tones aren't the end of the world though. If you do decide to paint or strip one, well, that's an offence, but the defence is airsoft use. So if you can show that you have played, and - I'd suggest more importantly - that you have a future session booked, then I'd consider that as much of a defence as a UKARA number which only speaks to your past behaviour, not the intended purpose of the modification.
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