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  1. [Much typing deleted, I just do this] I'd stress being careful to heat only the last coil, and just enough squish it, as the heating will de-springify it. If you only want to lose a small bit of energy, you can just heat and squish a coil without cutting it at all. [EDIT] Right, basically what @Pseudotectonic said.
  2. Perhaps we might prepare young people for the society that we'd prefer to live in.
  3. Well, I've read the law. It's not secret. Yarp. Excellent news! As above, retailers want to sell, and are really just checking a box in their records.
  4. Huh, then that's surprisingly high power for a stock VSR-10. I'm guessing that it Joule-crept up to there on the 0.28g and might have come out under 1.14J on 0.25g. If your son is enjoying using it, I'd be minded to leave it as stock, other than dropping the power very slightly so that it's just under 1.14J with the heaviest BBs that it can lift (I'd hope 0.32g wouldn't be an issue). You'll keep the light pull, not stress the components, and lose the MED. Just dropping in 0.25g might bring it under the MED limit.
  5. There's no offence committed by purchasing[*], or attempting to purchase, within the UK. If you can persuade someone to sell you one, then it's legal for you to buy it. It's entirely up to sellers what they accept as a defence, as they're the one committing the offence of selling. Sportsman Association / Shooter's Rights / JustCost are all bogus non-defences, but that's their problem, not yours. Or some sellers accept Military Vehicle Trust membership to adduce the re-enactment defence. The other thing you can do is contact a retailer directly and provide some evidence that you have a history of playing airsoft. It's entirely up to each seller what they accept. [*] Somewhat bizarrely, it is an offence to modify a non-realistic imitation firearm into a realistic imitation firearm, but not to buy it. But you'll never find anyone who cares.
  6. There is an argument to be made that if you're not going to do anything to a stock boltie then you might be unable to fully hop a heavier BB, or you have to apply so much hop pressure that you drop the muzzle energy to the point where a lighter BB would end up going further. Which is why I was careful to say "starting with the same energy at the muzzle, and assuming that the hop can impart enough spin". The thing is, a stock Tokyo Marui VSR is likely to be shooting at something comically low like 0.72J (280fps with a 0.2g). I'm not sure if OP is rocking a VSR10 clone, or if it's pre-meddled, or if it Joule crept upwards rapidly with heavier BBs. Either way, there's only really two sensible ways to go with it: tune it down to under 1.4J, or up to 2.3J shooting the heaviest BBs that it will hop at that muzzle energy.
  7. Yes, I recall both laughing and being horrified about it then too.
  8. Haunted by the spirit of the original magic dust?
  9. I like that it lists the price of the original TM Hi-Capa, then every single part that's been replaced, which appears to be... every single part. Trigger's Hi-Capa? 🤷‍♂️
  10. Raven is a sub-brand of re-brander Nuprol. You're at least two re-sellers away from anyone who cares about their reputation. WE is the better choice out of those two. If you want a pistol as a primary, I'd push the budget to a Toyko Marui. If you want something as a casual use secondary (although I've used mine a fair bit in CQB), the Army Armament R17 can be had for less than the Raven, and works well enough.
  11. The i4 is fairly minimalist for a full face mask. But the i5 doesn't appear to be substantially larger, and I'm not at all clear on what justifies the huge price increase over (for example) a Dye SE or Valken MI-7, both of which have good coverage and dual pane lenses.
  12. There are legitimate concerns with not being able to hear or convey safety-critical information. These can be overcome, but it's hardly patronising to consider and enumerate what adjustment need to be made, and the reasonableness of them (and I think they are reasonable, and it is doable). Perhaps it might be an idea to ask the chap what information he needs, and how he'd prefer to receive it. As you say, he's been dealing with this all his life.
  13. And people outside the Church of HPA will decry it as heresy. (Because it is).
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