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  1. Nicely done! As a fellow member of EVArmour Squad, I would recommend ostentatiously over-calling hits for a while until the squishes accept you as their rightful superior.
  2. £19 an hour is the litigant-in-person value accepted as reasonable by courts. And remember, lawyers always round up.
  3. Or a re-skin and change the marketing? Who do they think they are, Nuprol?
  4. "Mosfet" covers a wide range of things. Specna Arms EDGE and I think now all the CORE models have a very basic mosfet that just offers trigger protection and better current flow. If you go up to the Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 models, or the Double Eagle M9xx, then you'll get a fire control system with a lot more options like burst modes. If that's what you're after, then those are the two that I'd suggest. They also have decent hop units and quick change springs so you can fine tune the power easily, and both of them have Deans connectors. The Double Eagles are a bit cheaper, although at the moment it's a case of buying whatever's in stock. Or the S65, e.g. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/438918
  5. Have a laugh with it, send them a picture of the mags literally in your hands.
  6. Luke out, they're getting some Negative feedback. https://negativeairsoft.com/epic-arse-pain/
  7. Wait, wait, wait: is their gender being assumed from their genitals? 🤔 Sounds like someone needs to re-do their Diversity, Inclusion and Equity training.
  8. Sounds like GearGrindr. Nope, I pay to go to an airsoft site to play airsoft, not to talk about playing airsoft. I can do that here free and without travelling. Still, I am grateful for their honesty that the actual play (if any breaks out) will be a completely chaotic whangfest.
  9. Tan? Tan? 60 degrees is beige, you degenerates. 😠
  10. This 100% reads like a shill advert. I'm not saying that it is. But it 100% reads like it.
  11. Kegel exercises should help with that.
  12. Specna are OK at the moment. G&G are solid choices, with decent plastic, but are woefully short on features given their current prices. A QC spring is a deal breaker for me now, in any commodity AEG. If it were my money, with polymer as a requirement, I'd go Double Eagle M9xx.
  13. The obvious question would be: what do you want your new girlfriend to do for you that your current one won't?
  14. Seems to be a voluntary participant. Absolute champ, doing more to support our boys than any Defence Minister in living memory.
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