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  1. Goggles!

    Thanks for the shout on the Z87+, I'll take a look for those. At a quick glance, Bolle Trackers have B rated lenses too. Or there's STANAG 4296 or 2920 and again... Bolle. I'm starting to see a pattern here... All that said, any F rated polycarb lenses will probably be OK (because they generally are OK), but that scenario of a high mass sniper BB at point blank has got me wondering whether that's by luck more than design.
  2. Goggles!

    The worst case scenario is 500 fps point blank, if you walk in front of a sniper rifle. Or rather, ~350 fps from a 0.4g BB, as it'll be denser. And actually, a bit more than 350 fps x 0.4g given the Joule creep issue with gas guns. Thinking about it, once you get up towards 0.5g bb, you're beginning to approach the density of the 0.86g steel BB used in the EN166 F test, and knocking on 3 times the energy. That is an eye opener, so to speak.
  3. Specna Arms warranty

    Oh, wow, it's got that quick change spring system. Huh, I wouldn't even bother the retailer, just throw in a new spring for a few £££. If it's still sputtering then it's time to get the retailer involved, throwing whatever spring it was sold with back into it again first and not mentioning it.
  4. Best Place To Buy A Dynatex BFG Online?

    "Why, no, dear, that latest delivery isn't for me, it's for my workmate. Recall that I said I'd got him into this sporting activity. Now I will pass on that new item of sporting equipment to him, and not keep it for myself, in my collection of sporting equipment that you said, and I remind you, you didn't want to see or know about." The perfect crime. On topic, AIrsoftWorld is generally a good shout and they also sell .209 primers. But that Dynatex is the 9mm / .38, it doesn't seem to come with the .209 adaptor.
  5. metal shotty or plastic shotty...

    Yellow and green seem like a rather fruity choice of colours.
  6. Goggles!

    Check my working, but F rating is a 0.86g BB at 45m/s. I make that 0.5 * 0.00086 * (45 * 45) or 0.87075J. We should be expecting impacts of over 1J, so I'm not sure why an F rated frame would be considered as good enough for that purpose. I admire their good intent, but there's a problem with sites doing that. If they get into the business of saying "X is OK, but Y is not", then they've created a duty of care where one might not have existed. And if X fails, they may have created liability. You should be very careful about setting yourself up an arbiter of what PPE is sufficient for a task, unless you're prepared to be a test case. The tl;dr version is that we really should be using at least EN166 B rated eye protection. I wonder how many of us do?
  7. Goggles!

    Probably a topic for another thread, but whose liability are you thinking of? If you're thinking of a claim against the retailer, maybe, but what would you use as a yardstick of protection? I guess 2.5J is the most we should expect from any legal airsoft gun in the UK, with about 1.2J being a common impact. EN166-F is notionally only rated to 0.87J but as noted, that's with steel BB rather than plastic. However, it is technically inadequate for those energies, and while I haven't heard of penetrations, I have seen video of a lens being shot out. What got me wondering is if there's any duty of care owed by sites, or even other players. I've never seen any site specify what sort of eye protection is required, and while it might sound like a big stretch, you wouldn't shoot at a target who wasn't wearing eye protection, and we've seen evidence of mesh eye pro in particular being inadequate. Knowing that, should we really be happy about going out against people wearing cheap mesh? Hopefully it'll never be an issue, but if it ever is, some ambulance chaser is going to have a field day with it.
  8. Semi-auto over-spinning and occasionally burst fires

    Semi only. On auto it seems to stop reliably with the piston and nozzle both forwards. I agree and I likely will the next time I need anything else from ak2M4, but to my inexperienced eye, it looks unworn, undamaged and straight based on online images. What does look slightly scuffed (again, no basis for comparison) is the corner on the back of the trigger trolley where the cutoff lever sits. So for the sake of £3.26 (on top of my G36 order from TaiwanGun) I'm going to replace the trigger unit to see if that makes a difference (and to give me a 2nd unit for comparison). Bearing in mind that this problem occurred suddenly when throwing in a daft lipo, I'd be more inclined to believe that it's down to instant damage to the trolley plastic than gradual wear on the cutoff lever. However, I'd be happy to be wrong about that. As above, I'll learn more by NOT fixing it and ruling things out than by throwing the right part in first time - I really am enjoying the process of figuring this out, at a couple of £££ a try.
  9. Specna Arms warranty

    Swapped by you, or by the retailer? Your contract is with the retailer. I'd get in touch with them and ask, constructive like, whether they'd like to take a look at it themselves, or whether they'd agree to maintain the warranty if you replace the spring yourself (to a sensible level like an M100 or 105). I'd be cheaper and quicker to DIY it than send it back.
  10. metal shotty or plastic shotty...

    This one time, at Airsoft Camp, I managed to get onto my 2nd shell before being lit up like a Christmas tree. They are great fun, and to be fair, for the extra price of the metal one you may as well go for it. I look forward to hearing about your many, many heroic deaths. Oh, one thing for real, try not to half-cock it. All the way back, every time. I banjoed my cheap ASG by half cocking then fully cocking - something went "sproing" inside, and not in a good way.
  11. how to carry two primary weapons

    I'm going a bit peculiar and trying a milsim-light next month. It's more of a lark though, Federals (camo gear) vs Cartel (as hideous as you like). Unsurprisingly, the Cartel side filled up much faster. There's ammo limits, and no box mags on AEGs, but nothing about one primary. Anyway, at the risk of veering back on topic, what OP probably wants is a hacksaw plus something to re-crown the barrel (a drill, dome nut and toothpaste). Lop 1/3rd off the barrel of the bolt action. The Well MB-02 shows that a short barrel can work fine (for cheap definitions of fine). I'm just about needing to do that on my MB-03, it's dangling near my ankles, but want to see if I can get it shooting usefully first before I ruin it. Take the stock and buffer tube off the back of the M4 and run the wiring forwards to a dummy laser box (aka PEQ box). Just done that, loving it. For extra handiness, lop off the barrel just in front of the handguard. That's on my agenda for this week . Given the surprising FPS and accuracy that I'm getting from the tiny barrel on my M5PK, I'm a lot more confident about shortening my M4 now.
  12. Best Place To Buy A Dynatex BFG Online?

    God dammit, both PatrolBase and ZeroOne are out of stock.
  13. Semi-auto over-spinning and occasionally burst fires

    Mmm, and it's beige, therefore the best.
  14. Semi-auto over-spinning and occasionally burst fires

    Well, it was a corker of a question, because having filed down the 21.5mm nozzle enough so that it feeds reliably, it's now not air-sealing properly and the fps is down. Oh, and the box then started consistently stopping half way though a semi-auto cycle, with the nozzle retracted. Flipping weird. Then I took it apart and put it back together and it cycled fine. For now. The cut off lever seems OK, but I'm not convinced that it's reliably pulling the trigger trolley back - that seems like it might be a little worn. To try and resolve my problems, I've ordered: A V2 new trigger switch (£3.26). A 21.4mm nozzle (CYMA specific, £2.45) A Jing Gong G36. (don't tell the missus )
  15. how to carry two primary weapons

    Only in their milsims. I can only assume that they don't think it's a proper simulation of the military, despite it being what some militaries do.