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  1. Rogerborg

    Paint job removal

    Sure, and no offence intended. I just wanted to highlight that "paint thinners" could contain just about anything. Personally I had good results from isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) on a couple of fairly fresh paint jobs. It did slightly dessicate the cheap plastic stock on my CYMA though, so go carefully.
  2. Rogerborg

    Hate it with a passion.

    I know, right? I won't lie, I'm pretty aroused too. Fully adjustable hop up: on and off. Since it's after hours on a Saturday night and the womenfolk will be safely abed, I think we can all watch Sweaty Dom's 'review' of the gorgeous D3809, with its seven, I mean, EIGHT tactical rails where he fully satisfies himself with it. Without even fingering the forward assist. All airsoft M4s are exactly the same.
  3. Rogerborg

    SWAS Airsoft

    I mean, maybe he's a bit too keen... Someone who totally isn't me was just asking about the Secutor Velites G-II Breacher that's out of stock ev. er. ey. where.
  4. Rogerborg

    Hate it with a passion.

    Whoa there, don't go all Gucci on us. If they're all exactly the same, then you'll be just as happy with a £60 Well D3809, right? You're going to stand by your argument and say that you'd be happy with one of those, are you? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?
  5. Rogerborg

    Are Kent police buying airsoft gear??

    The Walt is strong with them.
  6. Rogerborg

    Paint job removal

    QFT. OK, so white spirit, acetone, turpentine, naphtha, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, dimethylformamide, 2-butoxyethanol, ethylbenzene, xylene, n-butyl acetate, butanol?
  7. Rogerborg

    Professional Upgrades

    Can you show us on the RIF where the Bad Touch happened?
  8. Rogerborg

    Old but new

    They're very handy for drawing fire and letting you know when you're in contact.
  9. Rogerborg

    Gun Purchase in Europe

    Not as such. The offence is possession. Display is neither here nor there, it's just more likely to get you collared. It's a very, very dim idea to carry a RIF openly now that we've totally not let The Terrorists change our way of life, but with a reasonable excuse, you CAN walk away. Not something that I'd want to put to the test myself, especially up in Scotchland with our rabidly anti-gun Fiscal.
  10. Rogerborg

    SWAS Airsoft

    I haven't bought yet, but the chap running it is indeed super responsive and keen to communicate and help to source stuff. I'm actually holding off on ordering elsewhere to see if SWAS get some stock in.
  11. Rogerborg


    That style of body armour does work well, and won't over-heat you as much as thick textiles. I wore it on my first day until I discovered that getting (very briefly) hurt was actually a big part of the experience, and I've seen a few folk wear it since. Not to stir up this hornet's nest again, but you are going to ignore some hits while wearing it, or a plate carrier, or even a stiff tacticool vest. Yes, you are. You can't feel everything that hits, and you can't hear everything that you don't feel, and anyone who asserts that you absolutely can is definitely for sure a Sith.
  12. Rogerborg

    Patrol Base

    Now eventually resolved and refunded by PayPal. To their credit, PatrolBase have corrected the listing. I'd only ever use PayPal to purchase airsoft gear now.
  13. Rogerborg

    Professional Upgrades

    With the proviso that you can get less than you pay for, and that there are talented amateurs and enthusiasts out there under-valuing themselves, I would consider £30 an hour as the entry point for professional work. That's what Kingdom of Airsoft charge, and they've got a 6 to 12 week wait time, so I'd suggest that they're still under-valuing themselves.
  14. Rogerborg

    Old but new

    Get off my lawn and turn your darn music down. Folk do much weirder things on a weekend, like stabbing hooks into worms and fish, or screaming hysterically at 22 blokes kicking a piece of dead pig around. You're not on a rehearsal, and there's no do-over on life, so why waste precious moments in regrets, or caring about what folk think?
  15. Rogerborg

    Footwear for cqb.

    I fully agree, but only you, me, and Lozart have mentioned that. I'd rate it as the primary consideration for BBs-on-concrete boots.