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  1. See, cuz it ent unlegal unless there are signs saying it's not inversely anti-legal.
  2. Hi, Stoker. If you make it over to the Depot, sing out and we can arrange a bromance. Do you have anything in mind to blow your bank balance on when you get your UKARA?
  3. Awesome! About time that PayPal started enforcing their own T&Cs.
  4. Wow, it pays to read past Section 19. /thread, conclusively.
  5. Plus, they're so much more fun. My AEP is now a backup to the backup to the ...
  6. And for all the use that communication is in a typical airsoft skirmish, you might as well buy a toy from from Poundland and shout "Charlie Uniform November Tango!" into it to let the other side know where you are.
  7. Ahoy and welcome. Eh, it's only as tricky or as expensive as you want to make it. I went with tan workwear for a while (Screwfix and Primark, only the best), but am currently rocking about £30 of plastic helmet and real pretend space soldier armour made from foam matting. It's all good, as long as you're having a laugh. [Laughs in 1970s] Our local sign-in sheet has dates of birth on it, and I do occasionally have a look through to see just how much I'm not acting my age. Biggest mistake was giving money to S.W.A.T. airsoft in return for a promise to make a BFG at some future point that suited them. Lesson learned, only buy from retailers, and in stock. You'll likely spunk a lot on odds and sods that you end up not using more than once, but then have you looked at your missus' shoe and handbag collection?
  8. Aside, the case law I'd highlight there is Vowles vs Evans and the WRU: https://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2003/318.html tl;dr version: a volunteer, unpaid rugby referee was held liable for an injury suffered by a player in an amateur game. You run the game, you take the rap, regardless of whether money is changing hands. Fortunately for Evans, the Welsh Rugby Union covered his liability. OP here would have no such protection.
  9. Nothing wrong with Wells if you do a bit of fettling, or BIlly No-Mating it. Airsofters are easy enough to talk to. Where are you thinking of playing? We might be able to hook you up with a date. BLOCKED AND REPORTED.
  10. Which is exactly what you can't do if you're all sneaking into someone else's premises and playing as peers, on the hush-hush.
  11. On a pure point of order, OP is correct (but for the wrong reasons) that it's pretty hard to escalate trespass to a criminal level, at least initially. It's far more likely to be a civil tort, for which damage or loss needs to be shown. However, I really don't want to be at a venue where the police are likely to get called out to a "firearms" incident. Bear in mind that the UKARA defence (and also the reenactment defence for purchasing prohibited weapons like curved swords) requires the venue to have liability insurance. I'd expect that test to be persuasive to any court considering the lawful authority / reasonable excuse defence of the Firearms Act section 19 offence of simple possession of an IF. tl;dr version - gonnae no dae that.
  12. Yes, they've been fine. Or, at least, my specific set - QC is always the concern with off brands. But 2mm+ of polycarb is 2mm+ of polycarb and should do the same job of protecting your eyes. Mine have taken plenty of 0.25g / 1.1J hits from a few feet away without any concern: being hit in the eyepro is actually my favourite spot as it's impossible to not notice it, but has zero discomfort. The face seal is comfortable enough. Having one side fan is quite peculiar, and they do noticeably clear from that side. Also, the side fan version takes 1 x AA battery, which doesn't give you a lot of oomph - I've actually switched to using a 3.7V lithium cell on short bursts. The centre fan version has a 2 x AA box, which seems like a much better idea.
  13. The only thing that premature announcements generates is cynicism.
  14. I'll round your 2p up to a whole 5p. Very well noted.
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