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  1. Good to hear, but actually giving them licences is in the clammy hands of the civil servants.
  2. How do you store laptops, tablets and phones? I charge in an Explosion Containment Pie Dish, then tend to throw them in a plastic box, but that's mostly so that I can find them rather than to protect them.
  3. PLA/bio BBs do degrade a bit over time, I had some Geoffs 0.43g that started crazing and cracking several years after being opened. However, at that mass, they can't be made primarily of PLA, and the Mystery Mass might end up being unfriendlier to Mother Gaia than ABS.
  4. The sad truth. Especially those that require car travel. I used to be big into historical reenactment, but knocked it on the head when the costs of driving around the country became prohibitive for a leisure activity. Now that I'm looking at 70 mile round trips to the nearest airsoft sites, that's starting to become a consideration too, even absent the current "responsible stockpiling" of fuel going on.
  5. Classifieds -> never keen skirmished -> shoots like a laser.
  6. The B6 works fine, but is old tech now. The SkyRC S65 is a newer generation (it will handle Li-ion and even LiHV) and is pretty good value for money, e.g. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/438918 You'll want an XT60-to-whatever-your-battery-has connector for it.
  7. Ahoy and welcome. You may have picked a good time to get into it: as the weather turns, stocking situations should improve and you might find folk selling stuff on.
  8. It seems bleedin' obvious with hindsight that said incel-mong shouldn't have had his cert back. Although taking a cert away doesn't take collectively licensed shotguns away, it just makes them illegally held. Whether it was obvious with foresight is another question, but you can't fix mong with some farcical psychobabble about hugging your inner unicorn. Fortunately, the response seems to have been fairly measured: tell Farces to apply the current system better, rather than imposing more prohibitions that will only really punish the non-mongs. Surprising, but welcome.
  9. And another thing, if you do turn up with your Captain Sergeant-Admiral stripes on, don't expect anyone to even know what you're pretending to be, let alone care. The only rank insignia I can recognise are from Star Trek, and nothing beyond Voyager.
  10. The most recent incident that springs to mind was that incel mong going postal with a shotgun, I infer a 3-shot pump or semi-auto on a shotgun cert. It's surprising that shotgun certificates are still "shall issue", and not much harder to get than a RIF, er, "licence". Application, monies, secure storage, "not a mong" declaration (even if you are a mong), and you can collect as many as you like.
  11. Wow, that's some talent you've got there, being able to judge the muzzle energy of an airsoft gun by sound, or feel, or using the Force. And no, you can't tell from comparing ranges either, given the difference that BB weights and having the hop spot on make. You're not special, and if you aren't interested in playing by the same rules as everybody else, please find a different hobby.
  12. I dithered over whether to buy another one before mentioning they were available again. Looks to be out of stock though. It's quite a lot of magazines more, and I believe it's fair bit heavier. Claimed weights are all over the place, but worst case is 3kg loaded. The joy of a plastic fantastic is that you can just strap it on (fnar fnar) and forget about it. Still, any MP5K is a good MP5K, and at the moment we have to take whatever we can get.
  13. Just between us lot, I'm not really from the 40th century or using a laser gun. Anyone who's at a site to play with toy guns should have their expectations set firmly to silly and frivolous. If you're offended by what you see, you can have a quiet, friendly word about it, and explain your fee-fees. If the response is a shrug or hostility, then either suck it up, leave, or take it to the site if you think it crosses a line. First person to rage loses, and should find a different hobby.
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