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  1. I'm hopeful that a lot of sites will come back once [we've defeated the virus | sanity is restored]. The demand will be there. It's just a damn shame to see sites close that have had a lot of work done to them. But they can be rebuilt, and we will come.
  2. Outdoors looks OK, for now, although I'd brace for some "circuit break" full lockdowns again. I've... urgh I've just ordered up some camo gear for woodland rambles. DPM 95, stick to the classics. Mrs Borg said she'd divorce me if I ever bought camo, but the joke's on her: now she's not allowed to take the huff and go and stay with her mother.
  3. I think that's pushing the interpretation of "a gathering" to breaking point. You could make an argument that (for example) each lane of a bowling green is a separate gathering, and indeed their sports body has made that argument. But the people in that lane can actually play without engaging with anybody elses at the venue, and while staying inside a delineated area. For airsoft it's hard to make that stick. Everyone is free to roam anywhere they want and they are all playing in the same game and engaging with each other. I can't see how you co
  4. Yup, that looks like all indoor sports banned except for disabled sports - it's very nice of the WuFlu to not infect disabled people. Well, bugger. I can't see any loopholes, it's a blanket ban. Still waiting on the Scotch version, but I reckon indoor sports were already re-criminalised on the 14th and nobody noticed. We're all bush-wookies now, chaps.
  5. Oh, bugger, very sorry to hear that. Note that the rates holiday is just deferring bills, not writing them off. I very much fear that a lot of businesses are going to simply wrap up rather than pay up.
  6. Why? Did a pot of white lithium grease kill your father? It's not my first choice, I'd go with the generic lithium / lithium-moly bearing grease rather than white, but mostly because I prefer the smell. Airsoft logic. For metal to metal? Can't see why you'd use it over something actually intended for that purpose. I've seen that recommended by a tech channel. But at that price I'd want it to shim the gun for me, and fetch a beer from the fridge while it's at it.
  7. England: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do "organised outdoor sport or licensed outdoor physical activity, and supervised sporting activity (indoors or outdoors) for under-18s. Organised indoor sport or exercise classes can take place in larger numbers, provided groups of more than 6 do not mix. " Your guess is as good as mine what mixing means in the context of airsoft, or any other team sport. Or if that's going to change since Johnson said indoor sports wer
  8. For gears, I've used white lithium grease, bearing grease or chainsaw oil (it's thick and anti-fling and I also use it on motorbike chains). Just a little, and wipe most of it off. To be honest, I just grab whatever's nearest to hand and fairly slippery. Plastic or rubber parts only get silicone oil though. Although I do have some red rubber grease for caliper seals... hmm.
  9. It's a 2008 meme: troll face https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/trollface I'm bringing it back again, gradually.
  10. Just buy anything from Novritsch and you'll be fine.
  11. That looks absolutely awful. So, well done.
  12. I got my toiler paper, flour and baked beans re-stocked on Saturday morning. My Strategic Pasta Reserve from lockdown 1.0 is still replete though.
  13. Indeed, it's a tough call for site owners to make. They have to trust that none of the Police, Council, HSE or newly fledged Covid Blockwarts will cry foul. Having a permission slip from one of them won't protect you from the others. Mmm. That's certainly an interpretation that's being encouraged, for various definitions of this, avoided, minorities, and rules. My personal opinion - and many others are available - is that a pre-winter crackdown was always coming at this point, irrespective of how naughty or nice we'd been. Observation:
  14. I can't find it mentioned in the Scotch announcements today. Has anything been added/clarified? But then having actually read last weeks regulations, I reckon indoor has already been criminalised up here. The question is who knows, and who cares, about that. I personally am still willing to play, indoors or out, for reasons overly detailed elsewhere. However, I fully respect the choice of anyone who wants to give it a break for now though
  15. The Ferguson model used in ICL's "Report 9" which informed SAGE and the UK Government and much of the Western world back in March can be found here. https://github.com/mrc-ide/covid-sim I've had a look and shared it round some colleagues. "Appalled" is quite a popular reaction, especially when you discover that ICL's definition of "stochastic" means "produces different output from the same input and psuedo-random number seed when run multi-threaded". I'd encourage you to have a look yourself if you have any interest in coding. The "unit_tests" directory is
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