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  1. Yes, not a big deal, I've just binned my "bolt". None of what you've highlighted looks anything like a release for it. Sight unseen, I'm guessing that it's just stuck from the paint that they've spunked on it. The good news is that M4/AR based platforms are a doddle to take apart. Just remove this pin and the upper receiver will slide forwards off the lower and give you access to the cover from the inside.
  2. Mmm, I agree. Not to get too Negative Airsoft, but why pay £210 for a TM and then replace all the TM bits?
  3. Those are actually the improved versions, the originals were even worse.
  4. Biohazard have just announced that they're re-opening on Friday the 31st of July. I have no idea how they can be so certain. [UPDATE] And Battlezone Edinburgh reckon they're opening this Sunday the 19th. I think they may be pushing it a bit there, the limit is still 5 households, not 15 people as is being bandied around.
  5. Probably for the best. The small Xcortech XT301 is also reputably fragile, and has an 11mm CW thread as standard with a 14mm CCW adaptor which can look a bit weird. The pistol tracers are great while they work, but they do seem to like not working. I'm not sure why, it could be that they're over-powering the LEDs since there's only 4 of them in there to light up a BB that's travelling at 300fps+. It's amazing that they manage it at all.
  6. I was so sad to not be able to see you wearing that. 😢 Nam impression is a good shout as there's quite a lot of variety available over that period. Heck, black pyjamas and an AK is Nam. Add a coolie hat to really enrage purists.
  7. But he only used it once! Plus all those other times. I'm sure the seals aren't all dried out to buggery now. Still, it's a full £25 less than a new one , comes with a 100% guarantee that it "shoots like a dream", plus it seems to have at least three different colours of rattle can on it rather than just boring black. Bargain!
  8. Yup, that's trigger contacts. The good news is that it looks like it has a standard(ish?) V2 trigger trolley. The bad news is that it might be entirely standard. You'll have to look and see. So it's, er, "just" a case of taking it apart and seeing what's up with the contacts. YouTube disassembly videos will show you how and you won't need anything more than small screwdrivers and Allen keys. It's a bit intimidating the first time you pop your case cherry, but just keep the spring pressed down while you get the case apart and then get the tension off it as soon as possible. Placing magnets on the underside of the case helps to hold everything in place while you re-assemble, but again being a V2 you won't need three hands to hold both the trigger and spring in place.
  9. Are you using BBs heavier than those that you could lift with the stock hop? Good, if so. Just checking, when you say "320fps", do you mean on 0.2g BBs? To get what result? There's no right answer, it entirely depends on the other parts in there and how lucky (or unlucky) you get. I just threw an "M100" spring into my project M4. Notionally that should get about 1J or 328fps, right? What I actually got from a 229mm 6.02mm ZCI barrel, Maple Leaf rubber in a rotary hop unit, o-ring nozzle and a solid air seal on the stock CYMA piston and cylinder was 375fps, or 1.3J. Oof. So I went to an M90 spring which got me down to 340fps. But it depends which M100, which M90 (I can't recollect the brands) and what you actually see at the chrono. So as above: air seal, air seal, air seal. If you want higher FPS, I'd start with a tighter bore barrel before opening the gearbox. ZCIs are cheap and seem to be pretty consistent but stocking might be an issue just now. No need to go longer either - your piston will be ported to your stock barrel length, and as noted I just very nearly accidentally created a Section 5 firearm using a 229mm barrel. If that doesn't get you where you want, only then open the gearbox. I'd fit an o-ring nozzle (get one the same length as your stock one!), and lube the piston and cylinder head o-rings with silicone (spray, liquid, or I use grease). Don't get any grease or lube in the piston head ports though, and if necessary, stretch the piston o-ring to help ensure that you've got a good air seal. Put it all back together, see where that gets you (you'll need a chrono), and then and only only then think about the spring based on the best case air seal. If you're aiming for a UK site limit of about 350fps / 1.13J you shouldn't need to change anything. Maybe knock off the 2nd piston tooth while you're in there, but I can't see the point in replacing functional parts before they're worn out. Just be aware that once you start changing things it might take you a few goes (or in my M4's case a few years ) to get everything working nicely together, so I wouldn't do this on your only gun.
  10. Leaky boots and one square of waxy toilet paper? It'll all come down to the players at your local site, but I can't see anyone being bothered if you turn up in near 40 year old gear. Consider that the Falklands war was closer to WW2 than today. I'd be a bit disappointed to see everyone at a site wearing camo, to be honest.
  11. I'd caution against the pistol sized Acetech Lighter S. I've seen three failed units (mine, and Workmate Eddy got a failure and then a failed replacement). The upside is that Acetech do actually support their products and will replace them if they fail within a year. But the downside is that you've got a failed tracer until you get the replacement, and you specified reliability. This concern doesn't apply to all Acetechs, just the Lighter S. The cheapest option is to DIY a hop up tracer unit with some UV LEDs and a buck regulator or resistors, but that's not for everyone.
  12. Good to be back, thanks. I'm trying to focus on the teching at the moment to fill the gap but I really am having airsoft dreams now. Yes, I was booked for the cancelled day and took the voucher (well, didn't ask for a refund) and am pretty much F5-ing their site, my email and Facebook at the moment to see who's going to re-open first. I wouldn't put money on getting the first day back either if they're running reduced numbers.
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