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  1. It certainly all adds up when you start getting in to airsoft. That's how NIMH batteries creep in but do it right or do it twice. To get more for your money than from the Specna Arms Edge series you need to spend over double I'd say so if people are happy with an M4 then it's hard to argue against. FPS is a bit lower than the CM16 but they have spring change but I don't think it's true quick change might need to take gear box out.
  2. The SPECNA ARMS Specna Arms offerings under £200 that come with a quick change spring, mosfet and wired to deans already are great for a beginner not needing tinkered with electrically or mechanically.
  3. Thier official website lists the inseam at 81.3cm for regular which is 32 inches
  4. it's the 700 pound guns "never used" aye so why dont you send it back for a refund..........
  5. just rent for 3 games.
  6. Please keep roasting so I am equally burned.
  7. How much FPS can you lose from hopup being applied? 40? 10? 5?
  8. That is pretty genius thinking. I want a bit more support for my dodgy knee but if I just wanted protection that is perfect. I assume you double it up so the pad sits between a layer instead of touching directly on your skin?
  9. Cotton wool is cheap and while it takes longer you can be more sure you got the whole cavity stuffed. Bonus extra flammable if that lipo goes up.
  10. Just like how sites sell limited rental slots you could book a sniper slot/green fee combo. Again why would they want to but it could be done. Hell I'd be the ass just like in BF who takes the slot a then runs a red dot on a DMR and gets in on the objective instead of providing "supporting fire".
  11. I like the UTP stitching but not the stitching on the one I linked with the ar mag butt pocket. Too scared to look at adaptive-x ones and 5.11 don't seem to have jeans with reinforced knees portions.
  12. That's because that's taken from the YouTube video I do too much research when I look at something.
  13. No I mean they have an AR pocket in the ass just like the 5.11. @Rogerborg Ah the workwear ones I was looking at came in short arse 30inch inseam for me, one of the reasons I like the idea of them proper fit and hard wearing. I could be persuaded in a nice pair of "tactical" jeans since I could wear them outside of airsoft too but I kinda want something I can not worry about wearing out or getting dirty.
  14. Just like how in BF I played on sniper limit servers a site COULD implement limits to teams on roles but your standard skirmish day it's unlikely as they just want to give a sandpit for use to use our toys in and them to make money for providing the pit.
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