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  1. I literally pay money to pirate movies and tv shows because it's more convenient not because I am against paying for them. I stopped pirating games when it was easy to click buy and it installs in minutes. My other main hobby is PC games and for PC components a key thing for me has always been price per performance i.e how many more FPS will that more expensive item get me or what feature does this have that makes it worth 40% more than another. Same rings true for airsoft for me
  2. fair play hes lowered the price of the TRMR and removed the fees/postage extra. Just listed a torch for £15 cheaper than retail price as well. credit where credit is due.
  3. Personally I'd still buy an odin over a copy because the addon (which now comes as standard on the tipman odin) to silence it is worth more to me but it's lot of ask for a bit of rubber and I've been waiting for a year now for the M12 transformer If someone comes out with something similar I will be done waiting.
  4. The bigger company can always do it cheaper than the little company. If you don't have a business head don't try to start a business just be a inventory/creator. Keep it as a side hobby not a main source of income. I doubt the airsoft market will see anything like the Baked Beans War of the 90s. http://www.factfiend.com/time-store-paid-people-take-stuff/
  5. If I was going to drop £700 on a pistol I would be speaking to Mike from elite shooting I doubt he would tell me It needs tuned when I got it. Also would come with a 12 month guarantee and his excellent support.
  6. If they can clone it and spit out a copy for less than half the price (and still make a profit) they were asking for too much margin in the first place. It's easy to open up a lemonade stand and make 20% profit next to the Lemonade stand making 40% profit. I'm sure the stand who was making all the money in the first place isn't happy they aren't making all the money anymore but competition is healthy for consumers and if business' can't be competitive they won't sell.
  7. same guy whos wants £700 for his pistol which he has never skirmished. £150 he wants a stake home money + fees+ postage. Absolute joke as for "Used for a few games" my TRMR which I got second hand and have used for a year is less beat up. We have valued multi shots at £100~ add the primers and postage anything more than £115 is a bit of joke regardless of these being "rare".
  8. given how expensive standard radio cables/PTTs are I imagine anything like this would be pricey if it exists. I feel your pain but the only way to make it a bit easier to get custom length cables to suit your body/gear which costs a lot unless you learn the pin outs and do it yourself.
  9. spunk it on a dye and be done with fog. I've not used a revision wipe it about a year I've been handing them out to folk who are fogging since I don't need em.
  10. I wear a under armour heatgear long sleeve t shirt to wick sweat away and to prevent BB spin sheering my skin. I wear 1 layer on top of that to avoid showing off my muscular body 😏. When I started it was a hoody but I started in the Winter. In summer I transitioned to a normal t-shirt but now I just use https://www.militaryops.co.uk/british-army-issue-ubacs-mtp-grade-1/ if it was really cold you would need something else on top of that or back to a hoody. Avoid baggy clothes IMO if they get hit it's hard to feel and they are a bigger target as well. I swapped to surplus kit because I had ran my old clothes in to the ground and play enough to have a airsoft set of clothes to destroy. One thing I noticed was people who started to know who I was at my local site no longer recognised me after I put the camo on, looking at you @Rogerborg 😝 I see a lot of sponges wearing down jackets probably prefer to overheat than take their hit.
  11. Chronological order is better and makes it flow but took 3 years to be able to watch like like as it goes 216, 116,Movie (animated), 301, 302 then 101. Resistance never got 3 years and in Rebels they introduce Thrawn in season 3 who is amazing.
  12. worst of them all but none of them started of particularly strongly and it didn't get to grow like other did.
  13. I will be watching it. Seen all of Clone wars, rebels and resistance. There is supposedly a sequel to Rebels coming next as well.
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