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  1. airsoft cam man did one of those it looked pretty cool.
  2. I only recently started recording my game day and I have no intention of trying to become a youtube super star. I recorded my footage to show my family what I get up to and why I have tiny little circles over my body. I also like to watch it to see who shot who first or to see if I actually did shoot people. I had to learn video editing to do this so it was a learning curve but by the time I got to this video I had learned enough to make a semi serviceable video. For the video it helps that I have a tracer as you see my hits clearly as long as you actually see my target. Sometimes you just see red flying in to the darkness and you hear a "HIT". Any criticism is welcome I was torn on if I shout cut out cheaters from my videos entirely but I went with just not highlighting them or ranting about them. Sometimes you don't feel the hit and I think it shows the hobby how it is. You might get some calls that don't go your way just move on and keep playing. I seen Silverfox leave him getting told off by a marshal in his video for over killing which he could of cut out and played it cool like hes above the law (he might be) but he left it in so people have a realistic expectation that lighting someone up with 5 shots is a bit much.
  3. Ultimately no mater what people say on here the kills are the meat and potatoes of the videos. No one wants to watch me hold a stairwell for 10 minutes not firing a shot. Although if I'm honest no one wants to watch me kill 5 guys or hold a stairwell for 10 minutes heh. Not a fan of the hit markers myself and when they shoot 5 times and 5 markers pop up on the same guy I am very sceptical. I don't know if it matters all that much how you edit it so just do what you prefer. I keep my deaths in so to not give people the wrong idea and to set peoples expectations on what airsoft actually is. No kill screen or hit markers for me hell I don't even put music over the top because if people wanted to listen to music while they watch they would put some on IMO. Occasionally I freeze frame and highlight something happening or about to happen if it's not obvious. I also keep my team kills in I got 2 last game day and both of them were so salty they went back to safe zone instead of respawn 😤
  4. Just make sure your not having fun. It's serious business only.
  5. Biggest problem I see is not the speedsofters but that you had game modes designed to end by a game method that could be accomplished by a few individuals. My local CQB site runs better game modes that just can't end quickly like this. Fastest game I ever seen was 6 minutes long and it was an attack defend game mode with no respawns for defenders and the attackers only killed about half of the defenders and rushed in to the objective in a crouch run and claimed it. This is a warm up game as well and they flip sides after awards so you get at least double the time playing assuming you don't get killed first as a defender.
  6. Necro my own thread as my site have turned a game mode up a notch. Domination with smart points calculated by an app. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fthedepotglasgow%2Fvideos%2F2325608587749896%2F&show_text=1&width=560
  7. too bad it's sold out on every site ever. If anyone sees this in stock for UK give me a tag please my friend wants one. Pretty interesting that TM bring out a new hi-capa for the same price as this and no one cares or bashes it because it's a new design and not compatible with old 3rd party hi-capa upgrades but release a John Wick hi-capa cloned off the old TM 5.1 design and it sells out. It might just be TM made 10000 units and AA only made 3000 units to be fair or everyone really does hate plastic slides.
  8. Just got my spell checker working in Firefox finally after swapping from chrome a few months ago. Hopefully my content improves. Sorry for all the poor English used.

  9. fuck sake I got a lot to reply here. Uh I kinda put the o ring on the wrong side of my adapter.......... guess I need another 14mm o ring to put on the right side now......... Thanks! That is not even its final form I add a torch on the lower rail. I am using theairsoft gateway piece below with some gorilla epoxy to hold it in. The inner D.O.R barrel has some indents and the adapter fits perfectly so it won't spin around even without epoxy but you need epoxy to keep it attached to the barrel. You pay a lot for it as customs is a bitch but they only did a short run of adapters or at least that is what they claim so I'd grab one quickly or start talking to a tech about alternative options but I'll tell you know you need a new outer barrel a new hopup and probably need to get in there with a dremel on the slide to make those new parts fit is the answers I was getting. The barrel and hop will run you roughly the same anyway. https://airsoftgateway.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/scs-pistol-outer-barrel-adapter-tokyo-marui-d-o-r-broach-to-negative-14mm Tracer is the acetech lighter BT. Supposedly the brightest red bb tracer in the world (also works with green) @Rogerborg has seen it shooting reds so he can attest it's pretty good brightness wise. Slides don't fit, grips do and mag wells do, triggers etc should be all fine just the slide/internals to the slide that are difference i.e the slide, hopup, outer barrel and bbu. I think you can change the guide plug but not 100% sure I'm not a tech.
  10. My dor with the adapter fitted
  11. I noticed this immediately thought it was intentional it was so off.
  12. Last game of the night starts of pretty bad for me but I get the best kill streak of the night afterwards so well worth it.
  13. 3rd game bit of a disagreement with someone telling me they hit me. Think I will just ignore them next time as it got me killed.
  14. Second game, Much more action in this one we lost this match by a large marjin.
  15. Put the footage I had from the first game of the night of things actually happening in to a video but I forgot to record my first life and my next ones weren't too exciting either. It was a short game as it was only TDM but me and my friends still tried to play tactically to deny the enemy ground and flanking opportunities on our team. ( writing this I realise it was better than my actual video description so I added it)
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