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  1. I keep hearing people say wait for the new hi-capa and I intend to buy a GM 5.1 in a few months how do we know a new one is coming?
  2. We were for the last game! If you want it cheap and functional you should listen to Rogerborg he knows his stuff and loves his MP5K more than is natural.
  3. No TM Hi-capas can't run on c02 at least to my knowledge. What he is saying is a TM on greengass will still perform even in the cold so it would negate the need for c02. I belive heroshark is saying is in his experience c02 magazines have failed him and hes advising against them look for a quality pistol and run it on higher pressure gas in the cold to combat cool down.
  4. https://www.weapon762.com/chest-rig/1771-tmc-modular-lightweight-chest-rig-full-set.html#/12-color-ranger_green with the inserts for smgs https://www.weapon762.com/chest-rig/1775-tmc-multi-function-elastic-mag-insert-set.html Your lucky it's an mp5 as more sites list compatibilty with MP5 mags. I've picked up this combo but it was a pain to wait for it to come in stock. The stock alerts are per colour you have selected at the time as well.
  5. From what I'm reading up you can get the best goggles or dye mask money can buy but without a fan your glasses will fog up even if the goggles don't Look in to fan options or go mesh if you can live with the safety concerns it causes and also consider it lets less light in so in dark area your going to have less visibility. I suppose if your wearing glasses under mesh the fragments will be mostly stopped by your glasses so it's not as unsafe.
  6. Waiting on my UKARA now so I'm worried the 14th is too soon for me to get it through and order/test my kit. Will be going for end of April for sure.
  7. Cheers for advice. Think I seen you on Sunday, Silver slide, teeth on your lower face mask with blood on, yellow team?
  8. TM GM 5.1 is on my list just need to decide if I get 2 AEG's then a GBBP or 1 AEG then a GBBP. Never considered the plastic slide would aid in cold weather performance was going to swap it as everyone says they crack.
  9. Welcome, My tip would be to hold off on a gun until you get your ukara sorted. This gives you time to play and see if you enjoy the hobby/sport before buying a two toned gun which you will have trouble selling on should you drop out or want to upgrade. Plenty of kit to buy before a gun as well. Number 1 eye/face protection as this is mandatory to play so if you want to use your own equipment you will need it. Don't use saftey glasses for DIY do your research as this is YOUR protection so you need to decide what risks you are ok with taking. Personally I wear full seal goggles. Number 2 boots especially outdoors as it provides ankle support but in doors the bbs pile up and it's like walking on marbles some times. Number 3 gloves, finger / knuckle shots are some of the most painful. A commonly recommended pair is mechanix m-pact. Number 4 A sling, even on a rental gun it helps when your dead not having to carry the rifle . Number 5. A BFG (Blank firing grenade) not cheap can run you up to £100 but you don't need ukara to get one.
  10. Thanks guys glad to hear it's not just me. Got a bodge to try and I will get the multishot in the future so all good.
  11. That's how I do it. Guy from the military told me they get taught to aim with both eyes open so done the same gets natural after a while. Considering I said I can't afford sights it might sound strange but I've been saving for 3 months and think I want the ASG Scorpion EVO. Got enough for the gun, 3 spare mags, the upgraded ball bearing spring guide and the milspec m95 spring. I know I know just run it stock but to be under the asg warranty it needs to shoot over 1j on an 11.1v and that's the best way to do it. Already acquired a battery charger, batteries and chest rig. That TRMR I picked up really screwed up my budget. Could still pivot to a ARP9 and save myself 150~. That MP7 AEG is too expensive for an untested gun.
  12. Yup got in nice and early and swiped some up. Then dumped them over my table like a frube. Didn't lose one managed to find them all! My friends brand new multishot works just fine with those fiocchi blanks. Guess some modification is required.
  13. my rental days are done! They took my ukara form yesterday I never considered the height thing the lower the weight the less force it takes to hold it up so that would help with my playstyle for sure as I walk about with my gun shouldered sights up. I aim at what I want to hit then shoot. Didn't realise people did anything but. A few have said red dots work better for this than irons so I think I'd benefit from one with my play style. I can see people who walk shots in benefiting from tracers more than sights. I'm worried I would see my bbs hitting people and get too annoyed if they didn't take their hit if I had a tracer. I can't afford any sights for a while so I might try just firing towards people see what I think before I commit to a sight always nice to use a gun stock as well.
  14. Thanks for the info Druid. I'm wondering if a better designed lower face mask is worth the investment and would yield better results than spending the moon on eye pro. I've seen some for 40-50 quid from a UK company plastic from nose to chin side parts are cloth like the one tigiris one. Can't find the product just now will post it later.
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