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  1. Sorry to hear that mate I really thought you were getting in some "OK" pew pew. We will be back to not hearing each other on the radios soon enough. I got my RTX 3080 on Friday so my virtual pew pews have intensified!
  2. It's to show you how it "could" look. Like how they put clothes on a manequin to show them off. Argueably a gun with no attachments is NSFW because it's naked.
  3. seems a bit much 3 mags for £50 brand new
  4. but his great great great granddaughter won't be.
  5. where are you I can't find you?! Join the dark side we might as well get you fitted for a plate carrier now.
  6. I just see too many people "upgrade" their TMs to want one. Edited to put "" around upgrade as they usually fuck it up.
  7. Yea I know what you mean I just think it unlikely the Depot marshalls would actually do something in a game that doesn't give them prime shooting time vs doing some math being bored. Always botheres me they get to run around and do what they want instead of actually watching for hit taking etc. Similar to the hostile VIP just taking out 5 of you guarding him because he's bored and fancys shooting his gun for a bit. Or walking at a snails pace constantly asking where to go VS running at felt pelt back to the enemy team so he can be with his mates. I think medic / spawn systems nee
  8. Some thing off about what you said don't you mean a 3rd marshal team who get to respawn when and where they want and rain down hell on the other 2 teams who paid to play airsoft? Wouldn't be much fun for a marshal to marshal a spawn now would it. Only thing I wish my local did was use bandages/tourniquet to measure lives as it's far too easy for people to keep get revived endlessly which isn't necessary a bad thing but if others are taking their medic then respawning and others aren't it makes it very unfair to gain ground. Honestly they should just make the waiting 2 min
  9. no issues I know about. The 2020 version has a new mosfet and Dave is right it can be put in to the older evos as well. Gears are the hot issue with evos.
  10. Scorpion evo 2018 smg. I wanted out of the box performance and aside from the gears being awful I would do it again and again. Reason I haven't got another AEG is I just can't justify them as I struggle to find anything that would work as well as the Evo.
  11. I want all multiglam plate carrier players banned. They are wearing protection to intentionally not feel hits. Plate carriers are for serious operators only not for airsoft use. Nobody needs more than a springer and a dream. Arse holes exist in all airsoft groups and singling people out for not using specific equipment is also a dick move.
  12. Showed this to boss man at Depot one day I was there sweeping bbs for a free game day. He said he wouldn't allow it on site based on the binary trigger. Also FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU didn't remember this thread thought this was some new gun I hadn't seen before.
  13. no one needs convincing to buy an evo they need convinced to buy something else. Evo would fit the bill nicely I must agree. I will offer an alternative as if you really want to break it down this gun is for you.
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