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  1. Thank you I already had the wipes on my amazon wish list but it was 3 for 12.99! You've saved me a small fortune as a disposable item possible a large fortune. I was going to get some and leave them in my kit bag and only use them if I had issues as I hear a lot of people say let the standard coating wear off first.
  2. Musica


    Should be noted the TRMR is an impact grenade if you play outdoors often the ground is too soft for it to "impact" and they won't go off. If you want to use a bfg outdoors try a timed BFG like https://www.airsoftworld.net/dynatex-9mm-38-timer-blank-firing-grenade-bfg.html because it's timed it will still detonate on soft ground. Don't take this to mean the TRMR isn't a good BFG it's excellent.
  3. can people elaborate more on the foam they remove from their goggles i.e is it removed from the top, bottom or both? I have pyramex i force dual pane ones haven't used them yet but would like to know some tricks if I start to get issues.
  4. Musica

    Battery Charger help

    Thanks for the post it has been a big help. I don't intend to run NiCd or Nimh so I think I should be safe charging wise via the balance lead. Will try to keep to airsoft batteries to prevent putting them in the wrong way. Will spring for the built in PSU. Appreciate the advice.
  5. Musica

    Battery Charger help

    Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong sub forum seemed most suitable because only applicable to electric guns. I am new to the sport and will need to pick up a charger to hopefully prevent me burning down my house. I don't have my AEG yet but I have settled on the mantra get 1 or 2 AEGs before anything else. I might need to charge a LIFE battery as I am looking as a scoprion evo which need to run LIFE battery's if under 1j. I see a lot of recommendations for the IMAX b6 but everyone seems to say "get it of ebay" and "make sure its genuine" but those 2 things don't go hand in to hand to me. I also get confused over the model with a power supply and without and people saying to use a laptop charger etc. I'm not looking to save some money when it comes to this I just want the safe option that I can plug in and use. Can anyone provide some links to reputable chargers doesn't have to be the IMAX b6 as long as it's a safe charger. I'd appreciate a few different sites so I can maybe bundle in some batteries or extra gear when I order. Thanks.
  6. Musica

    Looking for some sage advice

    Thanks for the responses. Gave me a lot to think about and didn't consider playing anywhere but the cqb site I had attended. With the mag limits and the semi only I think I wouldn't fair well outdoors so I have decided to get it after an AEG. I've done the math again and budgeting in for a speed loader as a friend pointed out I'd need and likey also need to carry it on the field with me as I'd only have 1 spare mag would tip my budget in to the red. Funny that I missed such a crucial item but I think it's for the best as I'm not sure how well I would do on a outdoor field with just a pistol against the full auto aegs. I have most of the pre gun items purchased already. Combat boots Pyramex I-Force OneTigris 6" lower face mask I'm trying to put a budget together for a scorpion evo but I am not sure what battery's to get I am reading some horror stories of 11.1v chewing up the gear box on sub 1 joul guns and needing some LIFE battery instead. Another hitch I am hitting is I would need a rig of some sort to hold the mags and need to buy a set of spare mid caps for it. Looking at https://www.weapon762.com/chest-rig/1771-tmc-modular-lightweight-chest-rig-full-set.html#/5-color-khaki but I would need some inserts for the mags. I am open to other options for a rig or belt system. So I need battery recommendations for the evo read up that if you put in a 105 spring you can run 11.1v 3s lipos but not sure if that's just people pretending they know things. Need a battery charger and if I end up needing life battery's I will need to make sure it supports those. TL DR: Need rig for evo mags, battery recommendations, battery charger recommendations.
  7. Hello all, Been to a site once and enjoyed myself was a good time will be going again. For xmas Santa got me eye protection Pyramex I-Force and a £20 amazon gift card I was going to use on a facemask probably the one tigiris. I already have combat boots so I think my next purchase will be a gun. I ran my budget currently and I can afford a TM 5.1 hi capa gold match with two tone and 1 spare 30 round magazine and 1 can of gas (was looking at predator ultra gas happy to get some opinions on this). The two tone costs 9.99 so I would be only saving 30 quid of rental fees if I pick this up. as my site only costs about 20 quid extra for a rental. Which would be another magazine for the hi capa which isn't too bad but I don't object to paying the site rental fee at all they rent out g36c which I had no problem with I just an eager to get started on my arsenal I suppose. A few concerns I have with the hi-capa is how much gas I will go through (not so much a cost problem but more a how much gas do I need) and if it will even perform at this time of year as I read a lot about gbb being a bit pants in the cold. Unless anyone can dissuade me I will eventually pick this pistol even if it's after an aeg for my secondary as all my research shows that out of the box the TM hi capas and most of their GBBP work very well and the hi capas specifically have great part support if you need it. Now I read people should get an AEG as their first gun and I have no problem with this advice at all and I had my eye on a few AEGs but unwilling to get them in two tone my thought process with the pistol is everyone swaps out the slide anyway to metal so it won't look hideous forever. A few of the AEGs I have on my short list are: Umarex Heckler & Koch HK416 A5 AEG PTS Centurion Arms CM4 C4-10 ERG ASG SCORPION EVO 2018 revision VFC mp7 aeg ( not out yet) G&G ARP 556 (no stop on empty feature ) So you might have noticed a pattern I like the bolt catch feature. One thing that infuriated me on my rental gun was not knowing if I was dry firing or not. Mid caps would help as I was using a high cap but it seems a feature that is becoming more common on aegs now. I also would like it to have a mosfet and angle of engagement corrected OOB which is why TM isn't on my list. Edit: thought I should add where I played. It was in Glasgow at The Depot. Can't say I have anything to compare it to but it seemed a great place no complaints very active marshals.
  8. Think you are understating it. He said it has stop on empty. That's a really niche feature on few guns I've seen.