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  1. if your brother isn't a full grown yet then the ARP9 will be great, light but holds its own. Specna Edge is pretty damn good for the money as well. Paying above the cost of these usually net features vs performance/consistency upgrades.
  2. Cost is true but space not really plenty of small gaming PCs out there if that is a real issue. Hassle/ time true PC probably would need more effort than a console. https://business.currys.co.uk/buy-rent/N246003W?cidp=Froogle&gclid=Cj0KCQiAq97uBRCwARIsADTziyaIl9ujXthh_Lq0jfYh6oGhJBF0c2hQ9fyNXO6oaDTBJnDfFg1iG8oaAjwiEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds https://www.ebuyer.com/881435-msi-trident-a-9sc-085eu-i5-2060-gaming-pc-9s6-b92611-085#gallery-modal As for your initial question. It depends how much loading times bother you really as I don't hear of any other reason to use a SSD.
  3. Top up gas magazines with gas, Empty any bbs from all magazines Remove magazines/items from elastic/kydex pouches to prevent them getting stretched out Take down and clean then oil my GBBP Storage charge my lipos Load bearing kit/equipment gets a wipe down if it got dirty but only happens outdoors and even then depends on the site. clean TRMR base Going to start cleaning my AEG barre every game l just need to find somewhere to buy a damn rod from!
  4. Interestingly in the brief they asked if anyone had a problem being on video or photographs. No one objected.
  5. Played at Edinburgh airsoft on sunday and they don't allow recording if people are going to clip their videos to make them look amazing or just put cheaters up. Obviously hard to prove etc but interesting that they try to mandate that at the brief.
  6. ugh having to ask sites what days they run is like pulling teeth sometimes. I ask what days they run the following month get a reply telling me they are playing this weekend.......... that's not what I asked.
  7. fair enough I can see the barrel giving those but not sure how the spring helps with them.
  8. Good pick but curious why you want a stronger spring?
  9. Thread got weird. Amy from gun gamers is really decent for learning about hi-capas for a beginners. Great kit reviews as well both Amy and Eric make some really useful content and from what I can tell don't seem biased or paid to say good things.
  10. I agree on this. I see sites tell people to take enough ammo etc for a few games or like my local take way too long between rounds and lunch. I just want no more than 10 minutes between games but would rather a small break between games to load up magazines but I think if you give people time to go back they will take too long.
  11. Ouch they have usually been really good at not letting that happen recently. I'm heading over to landwarriors site next week to give it a try but looks like the weather is insistent I get wet. Won't be at the depot until next month.
  12. Why don't people in ghillies get tapped around their arms like everyone else? 


    It's just not fair in my opinion.

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    2. Albiscuit


      If unsure, shoot em anyway!!


      I went rogue on my last game as it was night they asked us to take off the arm bands and use colour challenges, the colour challenge didnt work so I stopped answering and started shooting. Worked for me :D  

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      if in doubt just shoot them, if they complain about freindly fire just point out that you couldn't identify their team.


      it's the hubris you should expect for not being identifiable to your team, and freindly fire is very much part of airsoft mainly because how do you know it ain't freindly?

    4. sonofsammo


      They do, depending on the site. I play at six different sites normally.
      There's only one out of those where Ghillies don't get taped/banded.
      At that site, all snipers are shown at the start and made known to all players. There is the understanding that you will probably shoot your own snipers at some point. nowt wrong with that as far as I can see - and all the players are fine with it.
      The team that runs the site are working on the logic - what's the point of a ghillie suit if you're wearing a neon arm band...

      p.s. If the rule is that annoying to you, get yourself a ghillie - there's nothing to say what weapon you have to use with it 😄 

  13. While I see both sides there are plenty of shit players who are only playing to shoot people and don't care about the objective in the games.
  14. what do you mean around these two points? I haven't played a year yet so I can't really contribute to the discussion but it's an interesting read.
  15. https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/ I ordered a U94 style z-tactical kenwoood plug PTT. Orderer put in on Nov 6, 21:32 Postage £3.99 pretty reasonable compared to other sites but certainly not as cheap as it could be for what I ordered. Item showed as in stock. Order delivered by royalmail requiring signature on Nov 8th. Item was as expected clearly brand new and sealed. Would buy from them again. If I was pushed for things they could of done better then: Label their flat postage rate as royalmail signed delivery as I didn't know it needed a signature or even what courier it was shipping with. More communication (well any really there is non after order confirmed) and updates on order shipping status/estimated delivery
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