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  1. I am just missing the MP5SD and the Delta
  2. Oh, I don't doubt and fill your boots. Just don't like them. However, I like the collection as a whole weirdly. If I was to get one, it would be the SVD or type56
  3. Now, I hate bullpups, horrible fucking things but this photo. Well, it makes my willy tingle...in a good way.
  4. I wouldn't ever worry about you and an axe at a game...you and your hands however.....
  5. It would be nice if there was a filter to remove these from search / viewing.
  6. Why? always thought of it as a good luck symbol. It's why I have a Swastika air freshener. I want to spread the positive message
  7. Glad I got mine when I did then - seems odd they are now a very similar cost to the Recoil EPMs Yeah, I only really like Magpuls on the tradition STANAG mags. I have ranger plates on mine
  8. Oh really? I thought these were only £17-18 each. Have they gone up since I bought mine?
  9. Buy one with 3.5mm in then so you can wear headphones
  10. Ah stand corrected - thats an old model though (still as good) but all new stuff has tippmann on and comes with the built in silencer Iwholesales do sell fake odins though
  11. If its tan its fake as per above. To my knowledge, only legit colours are Black, Red, Blue and Smokey
  12. https://www.safariland.com/products/holsters-and-gear/holsters/concealable-holsters/paddle/model-579-gls-pro-fit-holster-with-belt-clip-57900.html
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