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  1. You're a family man so its difficult, however, this is why I only play private days (throw in the odd charity event cus im not a monster) now and instead go to 'filmsims' or 'milsims' as its much much better than a skirmish. Yes you do get dickheads but you get dickheads everywhere. Anyway, you would be accepted with open arms with your kit
  2. Trains, Planes, Ships - cool, yes, however, unless you're wanting to get your daily regen steps in, in practice its a bit of a shit cluster I'm surprised hes not sticking to selling NODs...oh wait.
  3. Yes, I had one when I first started out. However, they are gash in general. You either have to attach them up near shoulders in the hope they dont touch the ground OR you attach them to your vest/belt and they still hit the floor, you just do not lose the pistol. My advice would just buy a retention holster, much much better. I've had 4 different retention holsters, never lost / had a pistol fall out.
  4. People dont like Youtube people
  5. Cracking mark up on a £6.99 grenade in stock at PB
  6. It is this - Its this - https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/product/viper-tactical-vx-buckle-up-plate-carrier/ Not sure if he wants MORE if he includes the front pouches but yes, its expensive for 2nd hand - but he is open to offers.
  7. For me it would be the natural position for dumping mags. Mines pretty much in the same position
  8. The Gaol in Oakham does Saturday games (Old Prison) its not South East but its worth the trip
  9. These fit my TM scar great - https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-1300mah-25c-continuous-discharge-lipo-battery-101mm-long.html
  10. Unfortunately not I'm afraid. I was going to suggest Scott's county but their pricing seems to of shot up unless I'm mistaken?
  11. What a weird passive aggressive type thing to post lol
  12. Technically probably should be around 2-3 inches higher. However, as lozart said, if it works for you and you can get to everything quickly, why change it
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