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  1. I was guessing anyway. Based on the fact you said 'New' and the top one had a Chrono tag i assumed that was your AEG
  2. Easy, the top one (or the right one)
  3. Just from my site, they are only £5 for 100
  4. I've got both. Dynatex impact being my first BFG and then my second being TRMR. I really rate my Dynatex, when I purchased it, it was £55. I could be wrong...BUT I don't think its never not gone off (I'm not a woodland player). TRMR is equally as good however, I would say owning both. The Dynatex wins on value for money. The only thing I like more about my TRMR is the multi base (which is another £25 quid) but its nice have 3 primers before having to 'reload'.
  5. Firstly, its a discussion not an argument and I dont particularly care about the outcome. However, knowledge about a product and upgrades etc... doesn't mean you can do it yourself. I could reel off all the perceived best upgrades for a VSR upgrade along with tweaks for air seal etc... but that doesn't mean I have the skill to do it myself. My main point is/was that why pick holes in the pistol just because its £550 when no one takes a second glance at a fully upgraded TM for £800 in the second hand section. You're still buying from an 'unknown buyer' hence why I said the price is irrelevant in regards to the pistol. My point for including the TM/Systemas in the discussion is again...people spend more than the pistol price from unknown sellers but as I said above, no1 seems to point that on on this thread. Also you can buy TMs for less than £550 new - there are only 5 rifles over £550 on the E6 website) All payments are made through PP so if its shit when it arrives or doesnt have quoted parts etc.. file a claim. Ther is enough threads also about buying from retailers to scare you away from dropping £10 with them. Again...I agree that this wont sell (or I'd be very surprised) I just don't think its quite right for this thread
  6. Yes but now you're changing your stance. originally it was the cost (not the sellers technical ability) and would be better off splitting. The cost is irrelevant really as people spend more than £550 on upgraded TMs and Systemas, DAS systems etc... Personally, this example is a grey area for this thread.
  7. Well, it would still accomplish two things 1) Link things that may not have been snapped up 2) if it has sold, it can also highlight (Like @clumpyedge mentioned) what things CAN sell for
  8. lol thanks Lol yes I did say that in my original post - we have a share a bargain thread but its for retailers. My idea is to have a similar thread for 2nd hand sales. So to confirm: if you see a bargain and don't want it personally or to buy and sell on...then post it in this thread for others to take advantage
  9. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose? We dont retrospectively post overpriced sales? For instance, if I saw an E&L AK with 6 mags for £100 and I didn't want it - I'd post it in this thread etc.. Just thought It's a good idea
  10. Fair enough. I tend to only buy things I want rather than see a bargain and buy to resell.
  11. I know we have the share a bargain thread which to me is more retailers. However, as a parallel to the 'macks dreamers' thread, it would be quite nice to have a '2nd hand sales bargain thread' where we can post good deals spotted amongst the 2nd hand sales from various places. Sometimes it feels we are all very good at jumping on sellers for selling overpriced stuff in the guise of looking out for potential buyers. SOOOOO why not be as active with good deals we see about the internet? Thoughts?
  12. I agree with you that I don't think it will sell. However, I've said this before. There is a lot more people in Airsoft with money than there is technical skill. You only have to look at the amount of LVL10 builds (£1,200) that Eagle6 throws out on a regular basis. People happily will throw money at a solution that will work rather than save some money and do it themselves. So back to the topic - if someone is looking for that level of pistol and they dont want to or know how to build it - then maybe it will go. I'd be surprised though ONLY because it would be better off in a a specialised selling place
  13. His posts at first, really annoyed the shit out of me. However, as times gone on, it's turned more into feeling sorry for him. Genuinely think he just wants people to talk to or whatever so makes up crap to engage. That or there's something wrong with him (nicest way without falling into the PC minefield). If however, he is legit. Then well, something's failed somewhere with him.
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