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  1. Nope it's not, I wanted a mask this year. @EvilMonkee It's from here https://www.facebook.com/DMFacePro/
  2. Blame the forum, pressing post seemingly didnt do anything the first time
  3. Shit, you feeling ok? you said gun and not toy. Clearly the hot weather has gotten to you
  4. Love you. Pin this fucking post everywhere. I have a mix of RS and Clone and it does my head in when either side try to argue why paying less or more is better. Basically, dont be a dick and take your hits. Whether you have a JG or TM or wear skinny jeans or a $600 wildthings jacket, its your choice. end of. Oh, same goes for play style. Wanna full on milsim it up? fine. Wanna speed soft your way to victory? also fine. Just don't be a dick in doing so and take your hit
  5. Having owned the ARES/ASG M60 - it was brilliant, never gave me trouble and was a lot of fun. I only sold it because I'm more an urban player so it was normally left at home. However, should I buy another support gun, I'd probably opt for the Stoner. Why? Its lovely looking, full auto AND single which means most sites play the rule 'full auto outside and single inside' which means I can use it inside and out. I used a friends G&P ris version and albeit, was only half day use, it didnt misfeed once. range was good. weight was well balanced across the length of the rifle etc...
  6. What is reasonable to you? This is a good cheap thermal - https://www.scottcountry.co.uk/thermal-imaging/riflescopes/tp-logic-t20-thermal-imager-riflescope/ Comes with Airsoft warranty also so if shot or whatever, they will replace it
  7. 5.11 Tactical CAMS 2.0 - its pricey but to me, its worth it as I very rarely need another bag to carry (even when attending Milsims) Clicky this linky I got mine for £214 in the sale The rifle compartment is solid plastic (or whatever gun cases are made out of) so they are protected. There is a 3.0 out now, however, talking to the guys at TacTree the only difference is the 'rifle' compartment is deeper so you can fit more stuff. The length and the storage above hasn't changed. Oh, and it now comes in Green.
  8. More a holster photo than the pistol....but new home for my FNX
  9. It would probably be cheaper to go Kydex for both and mount to a qls safariland (or clone variant). I would say with mounting, you are looking at around £130 all in
  10. This is what I use, fits all my stuff and more
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