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  1. Lol, if I am using window licker in a sentence, it's never a serious comment
  2. Anyone who doesn't use incognito mode for such activities is probably only slightly higher up in the IQ chain than a window licker and therefore is harmless anyway
  3. Apart from August Copehill game, Britac is stopping their events Edit: Camp Sparta thoughts.. I've only been once which was the Brit Tac event in October 2019 I think...and yes, its a good sized site with lots of fighting inside and out with room clearing, However, I will say the caveat being that maybe its how Brit tac setup the site, but the entrances into buildings were only 2, maximum 3 doors when there were more available but were bolted shut due to trespassers / homeless / vandals wrecking the site. Which is a fine reason, however, it makes the play VERY bottle necked. My suggestion would be to whilst there is an event on, take the bolted barricades over the doors down so that it opens up more entrance ways in and out of buildings. Example below: So the red line is the boundary on the event and blue the safe zone. The front building which is 3 floors including the loft, is very big, lots of rooms yet, they only had 2 entrances into the building (Pink denotes other entrances boarded up). There were a lot more buildings like this which again, just makes the play bottle necked and stagnant at times.
  4. The item incs postage? No idea about fees. I always include it in the cost. Anyway, real Magpul sights with the Magpul markings are around £40. So, if you dont care about markings and just want back up sights, then yes, buy the ones you have linked...but, like ive said, if you care about the 'look' then these are still fine (unless you can find cheaper sights with markings) This isn't a valid scammer post I dont believe, its an opinion. Personally, I don't want to pay RS prices at all, however, I will pay extra for clone stuff with RS markings because I like the look.
  5. Thats an odd thing to say? The whole point of the clone market is to buy 'stuff' that looks legit when it isnt for a lot less money.
  6. But apart from the 'Bid' item, none of those have markings?
  7. At the Gaol, its banded vs non banded. Banded colour = Orange (both arms)
  8. Price is too high due to current detail costs. However, the 'new' element could be as simple as them scrolling to bottom and filling it in and posting. Adverts for some reason default to 'New'. Imo, it should either default to used so it's a conscious choice to change to new OR by default be blank and the form forces a value from the drop down before the advert can be saved. Just my 2p
  9. The countdown to Shotshow has begun. Looking forward to what's on offer!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      More stuff that yanks get that'll be more over here. Great.

    3. clumpyedge


      As long as there is a dedicated midget section I'm game

    4. EvilMonkee


      More M4s noone needs?

  10. I use this for my G&P with a NE dual pressure switch. Works really well
  11. Go on, annoy me. What deal did you get in the Peltors?
  12. Come to the Gaol, 50% of our hire guns are UMPs, the other 50% are M4s, AK, G36c
  13. Sorry, missed the tag. I basically did this however, I bought some 3M velcro and stuck two loop strips to each other so the Velcro on the viper and the velcro on the TMR stuck. Its held it secure great and no modifications to either sleeve or rig.
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