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  1. Opinions are amazing really arent they. For instance, you posted what you have just bought/won and all the comments are about why you shouldn't wear them, why the fuck you carrying weight, stupid blah blah. I'd happily run training plates in my PC, I just haven't got around the buying them yet. I like to 'dress' up as soldiers only because it looks cool, try to get my rifles looking realistic etc.. However, I'd never dream of asking someone why they aren't wearing training plates, or wearing a plate carrier or running something more realistic than a ARP9 with drum mag. As long as they take their hits and play by the rules I couldn't give a shit whos stood next to me or shooting against me. It's their game to play, their money to spend and if they would rather wear tracksuit bottoms and run a high cap, then fair game. My point is, on the forums / groups etc.. that I look at, its normally the bog standard skirmisher type player (cant think of a better phrase) who questions others rather than other way around. Just find it strange.
  2. Sounds like a perfect confessional post
  3. TM Delta NGRS - Black XPS3-2 Sight 3L Source Hydration M600c M600c off-set mount PEQ15 X300v Dual Pressure Switch Triple Stanag Kydex Insert for CPC MC Padded Sling FMA Caiman Helmet FARA Headset mounting system RVG Foregrip Ranger Plates x 6 Replacement Zipper Pulls for Rucksack Flatpack in Ranger Green
  4. Can't afford food when you're buying Peltor and Arc'teryx
  5. My FNX feels very solid but then so does my Glock 17 and my 226. It's got a better internal system (same as HK45 and the G19) but I wouldn't say the externals are better/worse. Just standard good quality TM.
  6. Tokyo Marui FNX 45 with TM Pro Sight
  7. That isn't what I'd class as a little problem
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    TM Sig P226 Laylax Inner Barrel Laylax Hop Rubber Externally stock apart from Guarder14mm CCW threaded outer barrel 4 x TM gas tight magazines 2 x WE gas tight magazines with Laylax Gas Routers 20mm ris rail for torches, lasers etc.. Kydex Holster £130 inc PP Delivery is extra (£12) Collection can be done from around the Peterborough area of The Gaol Events. Notes: The WE magazines work 100% in WE 226 but don't in my TM 226. Not sure why. I'm including them in case you can get them to work + I also don't need them. No Box but will be packaged with a lot of bubble wrap + 3rd party box Nothing wrong at all with the pistol or magazines. Just cutting down my collection


  9. As long as its not 'The Trees' most Stirling events you can sleep in a building so camp bed, roll matt, sleeping bag and you are good to go.
  10. I was being humorous hence referencing that sub Reddit. Maybe we need to start putting /s tags after everything
  11. I was guessing anyway. Based on the fact you said 'New' and the top one had a Chrono tag i assumed that was your AEG
  12. Easy, the top one (or the right one)
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