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  1. TMC make them and invader from a quick google https://www.weapon762.com/combat-shirts/1499-tmc-tactical-plaid-combat-shirt.html https://www.weapon762.com/combat-shirts/1567-tmc-tactical-plaid-combat-shirt.html https://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/invader-gear-flannel-ubacs-combat-shirt-blue-grey-37520-p.asp
  2. I've not used them personally so can only go off 2nd hand information but I've heard these are good https://www.airsoftanonymous.co.uk/products/mask-solutions-anti-fog-full-face-mask also just the fan goggles can be found here - https://masksolutions.nl/product/anti-fog-goggle-never-any-fog/
  3. The 'real' rifle is a H&K 416, lots of companies make a copy of it, less so with the geissele style rail. TM, VFC, CYMA, WE, EA, UMAREX (which I think is a VFC Rebrand) and G&G I would stay away from anything Nuprol. Not seen much EA stuff so cannot comment on it. I've owned the G&G 416 and it was good (to my standard anyway). I currently own the TM 416 (with the geissele rail) and like it.
  4. https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/ares-honey-badger-am-013-aeg-rifle-black
  5. I once posted on Reddit - see below....I still dont think I was in the wrong but either way, people (rightly or wrongly) will still have an opinion
  6. I've had no real experience with the 'spit' style, however, I did use a friends on Saturday night and it was very cool (was attached to a Gas M4) looked good and worked well for the 10mins I was using it. No idea which is the 'best'. His was the 5KU version.
  7. This thread does seem odd. Tbh as long as what other people do does not affect my weekend / game day then fill your boots. All I ask is you adhere to the rules and take your hits and im happy. Outside of that, if you wanna collect guns, patches, wear a hoody, run high caps, run low caps or whatever, its your hobby, if you're happy then who am I or anyone else to judge Edit - And in regards to the thread title (not that the comment was aimed at me but its currently a slow work day...) Why do we need to understand? If it makes the person happy doing X, Y or Z...then it shouldn't matter really
  8. You will hate my patch wall then ! A lot of these I got for free, some from shot show and then yes, some specifically I purchased (Seal Team TV show ones etc..)
  9. tbh it wasnt too bad - it was quite overcast most of the weekend until Sunday where it did get rather warm
  10. Couple of pics of myself from the Stirling game this weekend at Catterick
  11. For me its both, I like the build quality, the recoil, the out the box performance. Ive had, AK102, CQBR, SCAR L, SCAR H, DELTA, AK47, MP7, really enjoyed them all. I've had plenty of other non TM brands which were great but I do like TM
  12. I have a TMR and you can fit 2 x scar in the 'chest' pocket. the M4 sleeve is removable and I put in my own sleeves dependant on the rifle I'm using. Ive used AK, M4, MP7 and SCAR mag sleeves in mine
  13. Please post under the classified section if you have things to sell
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