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    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    RDB asleep in his bed:
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    Gun picture thread

    GHK AKM ❣️
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    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Not bought, but excited to get back from Airsoft Engenuity none the less. MEGA ARMS 308 GBBR with custom parts HPA’d WE P90 gbbr
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    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    And a new helmet, been an expensive day !!
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    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    Since I started playing airsoft away last year, I've had a bit of a lust for a Winchester Mare's Leg (as used by the lovely Zoë in Firefly/Serenity). I've found out that there are two versions of this gun available for airsoft. The KTW is a springer, shoots around 220fps and has a ~15 round mag, which you can apparently get more of for quick reloading. This is normally made of wood effect plastic and metal. Although I think you can sometimes buy it with a wood kit. The other is from A&K and is gas powered. all metal and wood. Shoots around 330-360 on green gas apparently. Has an internal mag which holds ~20 bbs. Comes with a "special loading tool" to refill the mag, but I suspect a speed loader will do the job too(?) So, anyone got one? Had a shot of one? Thoughts? I like them both, although would prefer one with real wood. The lack of sights doesn't bother me, I mostly shoot by eye as it is. I'd probably use it indoors most of the time (in buildings at local outdoor site, at The Depot etc) but possibly for short range outside games too, using it as a primary with my mk23 as a back up! To my knowledge I've not shot any KTW or A&K guns, what are peoples thoughts on them as manufacturers? Does one have any better quality control than the other? The A&K is currently in stock in a few places (after being out of stock for months). The KTW I can't see in stock anywhere, but have pinged off a few emails to see about availability. I was trying to hold of buying any more guns this year, as I'm trying to save for a house. But... well... it's only money isn't it?
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    It can work - you just add the correct stuff = helium though be careful or you could join the airborne unit....
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    Testing BBs

    OK so this is the latest BB testing update. Sorry that the BBs tested are all Proball thanks to Lewis from Socom Tactical for the samples. The normal Proballs get darker as they increase in weight and seemingly harder to shatter. The Proball Bio BBs are whiter for the same weight but shatter easier and into slightly smaller pieces but not as many or as small as the Nuprol BBs. The slight out of roundness I am sure is from the sheer marks from the injection process which leaves a pin prick crater I have to use a strong magnifier glass to see. Need other brave manufacturers to send me their BBs for testing or have you been scared off for fear of not doing well... [individual scores = 10 is the best and 1 is the worst]
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    So it was too heavy and you added more stuff!?!? 🤔🤔
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    Pistol problems....

    It might be worth asking @rocketdogbert if he'd mind having a look at them for you. Offer him some money to spend on Vector parts and he'll be like putty in your hands
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    SE Tour Review: EAG Dorking (Surrey)

    My battle buddy and I popped along to EAG Dorking yesterday. We hadn't heard much about the site before, in fact I didn't realise it was still running until recently! From what reviews I had seen, they seemed positive. Very varied medium/large sized woodland site. Varied CQB sections. Short, Medium and Long engagement distances. Some up and downs along with quite a lot of flat sections. Water features include a stream/river and large puddles. Positives: Playing area variety: The site is split into two sections either side of the safe zone, one side is mostly long range with little undergrowth (Though under tall trees) with various barricades and low buildings. There is a decent fort section next to the safe zone which adds good variety with areas to hide and surprise. The second section is more natural woodland, lots of minor elevation, a bridge section, some fantastic pillboxs and Vietnam style village with towers. Probably the best village section I have come across. There is more happening to the site and they are clearing more space for even more buildings for the future. Parking: A fair amount of parking is available. Marshaling: The Marshalling was pretty good, they place responsibility on players for the most part, but they do intervene when things become obviously bogged down. They are encouraging of whatever team they are following. Clientele: The other players were great, even the younger ones were a credit to the site (And probably their parents). There was one small incident with a player mouthing off at a marshal, but other then that everyone else were on point and hit taking was excellent for the most part. (And for me being a bullpup fan I saw 3 SA80's and an AUG along with my FAMAS. Great Bullpup to non bullpup ratio.) Safe Zone: Everything was under cover with plenty of space, it could do with a bit of updating as its sagging in places, but otherwise you felt safe and everyone was pretty friendly. There was a site dog as well. Raffle: Love this. Everybody who pays the walk on fee gets a lunch token with a number. After safety briefing, everyone gets a chance at winning a RIF, this week was a WE M9 pistol. With only 40-50 people there is a good chance of winning and helps justify the cost of the site (£30 walk on). Toilets: Were fairly good, raised cabin style. Real ceramic rather then a hole in the ground. Pistol game: The site offered a pistol/shotgun game in the fort just before lunch which was great fun. I would like to see more sites do this. Negatives: Lack of mandatory chrono: The Marshals have a chrono available for people to use, but is entirely voluntary. the Marshal claims that they would be able to tell if someone is running hot by looking at distances peoples RIFS are shooting. They justify this by saying that people can readjust FPS after chrono. I can see their point but I don't necessarily agree with it. I think we should have a baseline to work from at least. It takes just one BB to blind someone and checking the FPS after is not going to help. To their credit, I did see people get pulled out for chrono who were suspected of being over the limit. Underpowered DMR: DMR's are allowed but not over 350FPS. I think this is partially a consequence of not having a mandatory chrono. Food: The food was a bit underwhelming, it is part of the fee, but there wasn't much to it. Cooked onsite sausage baps. Could do with some extra options not just at lunch but throughout the day. Shop: Was quite small and consequently had little available. Conclusion: A very good site for the most part. Probably the best overall playing area we have been to, definitely on par with Apocalypse in terms of building quality, but this has better natural ground variation to boot. Marshaling was good. Raffle is a fantastic idea and something i'd like to see on sites more often. If they can get the additional bits sorted like the shop and food then this would be a top top site.
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    Fast pistol mag changes

    What's a kydex clip? 2 pistols at the same time is fun. I love it. It's not massively impractical for where I play. More often than not, I don't use more than four mags in a game. And if I do, I can sit em out when I'm dead. I'm right handed, but in tennis used to have two forehands and no back hand. Being able to use both hands to do separate things is useful. Being able to cover two directions at once it's useful. I currently find playing with two pistols more fun than any other way, in CQB. And it's fun..... Did I mention that already? Cos it is. Lots 😄
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    First CQB RIF, need advice

    I've just bought this, VFC Sig Sauer - Full alloy construction, comes with four springs for changing FPS, quick change, just slightly longer than an arp9 and takes stanag mags.
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    THE TM MWS thread

    Such a satisfying and fun gun, with a realistic action which is primarily the reason for playing! And so well made
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    Fast pistol mag changes

    I reckon if you use a pistol lanyard attached to the bottom of the first mags, you can drop them straight out and not lose them, and Kydex clips holding your spare mags to your belt. You could even have more lanyards for every mag, at the risk of looking like a hula dancer by the end of the skirmish 😂😂
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    Fast pistol mag changes

    this gave me a hard time on google 😛
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    THE TM MWS thread

    Joined the fold
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    Gunman Tuddenham Break-In

    Some good news on this http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/crime/guns-explosives-found-brandon-stolen-tuddenham-1-5648443 Most of the stuff was recovered
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    Not sure if this is a standard thing, but log in, put everything you want in your basket and leave it for a few hours (or over night). You'll then get an email for free delivery.
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    What you think of this helm?

    Bit of old school cylon in there too 😀😀
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    Patches are now available(ish)

    I've been told this month will be fine to expect them by, but I don't know specifically which date I'm afraid.
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    Gun picture thread

    My first RIF, Ares M4 RAS short
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    Real Steel Gen2 Vector Stock RS Gen2 Vector stock 😊
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    Getting back into the sport

    Game Cam, to be honest, that’s how we used to do it, one of us would always ensure our UKARA was in order and we’d get stuff delivered to whoever had the most recent application as none of us ever knew who was registered and who wasn’t. I remember buying at Wolf in Camden and the guy wasn’t exactly happy about it, hence why I was wondering why no-one had launched a true membership scheme that’s managed by the player over the site/shops - The BAC seem to have the right idea, but as Rogerborg pointed out, it’s about trust I suppose, although I’m not sure how the £300 shop fee for UKARA outlets inspires trust, so there must be something in the background. I believe they have interests in a few of the larger retailers. Zero1 comes to mind. I’ve shot an email over to UKAPU to see where they are at and if they’d be interested in having a coder develop something a bit more of an open framework. Thanks Keldon - I used to play the odd game at TechBrigade but if there’s something on my doorstep that’s not too commercial, then I’m all in so will take a look.
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    I always wonder about cheaters in airsoft. I mean if you want to run around shooting stuff and not getting shot at yourself that's fine, have at it, its why ipsc exists. But if you want to play in an airsoft game with other players then part of it is you take hits, and its hypocritical to expect others to take hits if you dont take them yourself, its the old christian "do unto others" attitude (other religions are available). I've seen games run on sites at the end of the day where it's a free for all with no need to take hits, basically a way of letting folk empty out mags, but after seeing 2 players drilling each other in the arms point blank and the blood literally streaming down their arms i was like "i'm out".
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