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    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    All of the above can be summed up in 1 word. People. The same thing that is wrong with absolutely everything.
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    Lord Elpus

    Gun picture thread

    Not sure how to post pic's on here yet, but I'll give it a go,
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    The amount of not playing airsoft that goes on while playing airsoft. Late starts. Rambling briefings, interrupted by repeated shouts to shut up and listen. "10 minute" breaks that run for 20 minutes or more. Folk who only start bombing up when they get the call to leave the safe zone. Unnecessarily long slogs to the objectives, or back to respawn. Spawn clocks that leave you sitting around for another 5 minutes after your long slog to respawn. Folk who are mostly there for the dress up or the gossip or the shouting rather than just playing the game. Actually playing airsoft with and against people who want to actually play airsoft is ace. I think we should do a lot more of that when we're playing airsoft.
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    i think for me it's people who don't have the basic principles of sportsmanship, particularly: non hit takers- seriously if you wanna shoot stuff but not get shot back then there's ipsc and the like, just get out of our hobby, get out and don't come back, we don't want you, you're not welcome, i'd continue pointing out how unwelcome godmode is in airsoft but i'd get banned for excessive use of english vernacular. also just because it's friendly fire doesn't mean you don't call it. overshooters- now there's a line here, we've all fired a burst or follow up shot that's been in the air and connected after the fact, and that's fine. likewise a single close up shot from a pistol does not being a dick make (especially given the general controversy over the bang rule), but i've seen some real poor shows of overshooting in my time and it's not cool, you shoot until you get the hit call and that's that, likewise if you haven't made a decent show of sticking your hand up and shouting hit then expect to get shot at and don't get salty when you get fired at because people thought you were in play. hot guns- now we can debate all we like what site limits should be, how they should be measured, and what's acceptable, but i have a particular dislike for people who push the limits that are there. what you're doing is making sure you have an unfair advantage. generally i've found that the people running hot guns aren't the ones who stay back and try to conceal it by being sneaky at their unfair extended range but the ones that pop out of a hedge and hose down their opponents at 6 feet. expecting rules to be in play just because that's what you're used to, this follows into my list of bugbears for a site, but i dislike when players start complaining about a rule that's not in play (the most common one being no headshots) at the site. this is a failure both of the site to explain what rules are in play and the players not bothering to pay attention to the site when they mention it. i'll not comment on walts, been fortunate to not have to deal with them, although the concept of stolen honour disgusts me. now for sites, ooh boy i've a few bones to pick. 1. publish the rules, on paper, so everybody is clear. i don't care wether bang rules are enforced, voluntary or banned, i don't care if full auto is allowed indoors or not, i don't care what the fps limit is specifically, but i do care about knowing where i stand so i can at least conduct myself properly. 2. marshall, as in actually do it, have enough staff to walk around the site, look for cheaters, take a pistol and do honesty shots make sure people are calling it and if people are blatantly cheating then get them off the field and if it's persisting then PERMANENTLY BAN THEM, if your marshals are: a. checking facebook in-game b. standing in a quiet corner having a natter with their mates c. responding to accusations of foul play by replying "oh that is bad isn't it" or "nature of the beast mate" then you need to either pay them more, or find other marshals 3. chrono properly, read up on joule creep and how to detect it, use the site's ammo don't just trust the word of the player, publish your limits in joules and have all the marshals carrying a chrono, if you get complaints on the field then get them chrono'd right there without giving them a chance to switch mags/twiddle regulators/swap springs or whatever method they've used to cheat the original chrono. i've noted too many sites chrono people just at the start, with 1 gun, and don't seem to care if that same person is spotted later on with a different gun, hell i once went through 3 rifles in 1 match due to mechanical difficulties and nobody challenged me to chrono the second 2. also chrono pistols and not just the co2 ones, i have 4 pistols and my co2 one is the weakest hitting of the lot and i know enough about this game that a tiny pistol can be made to fire as hot as you like. 4. sort out your spawn points, specifically in terms of spawn protection or at least not having games where it's possible to respawn straight into combat, personally i'm an advocate of having non-spawn games (generally zone based) as it naturally eliminates this, but it's as annoying to be spawn camped as it is to try and take an objective with people in the spawn shooting at you. 5. don't have things that "count as hard cover" but actually let bb's through, it really screws with even honest players hit taking trying to figure out what's a legit hit and what just passed through the camo netting that's totally a concrete wall. if the bb hits you it hits you, end of story. 6. no favouritism, if there's one thing that'll get me to never return to a site it's when the regular players are allowed to get away with any of the above just because they're regulars, in particular i've noticed it with hot guns and it ain't fun. you wanna have a game with select people with different rules be my guest but the moment you open things up to the public i expect a level playing field when it comes to application of the rules.
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    I saw this on FB. And was heartened by a number of the comments chastising him for that sort of behaviour. However, I was also worried at the number of people who seemed to think it was perfectly fine - to be applauded even. I play airsoft to have fun. I don't actually think that causing people pain on purpose is fun, at all. So the idea that I may be playing people whose sole objective is to cause me pain disturbs me. I know it's a contact sport. I know taking hits can hurt. BUT there's really no need to take the piss. Playing CQB last night, I shot the same guy 5 times. Double tap killed him and he put his hand up and went round some tyres - then put three into the next guy who came round the tyres. Which turned out to be the same guy - but he didn't have his hand up and wasn't calling dead man walking. So what did I do? I apologised. To me, there is no other option - you fuck up, you apologise. You act like a dick, you apologise. WTF happened to the first rule of airsoft????
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    Nick G

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Very little that isn't covered by this ! We are all playing dress up and running around shooting each other with our toy guns ! I did get taken out by a tree the other week when it dropped an acorn on me, hand up shouting 'hit' before I realised ! Could have been a tactical squirrel I guess
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    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    Agree with all of the above, but if you actually meet him, and speak to him, he’s a pussy. Shy, reserved, polite. He gets on the field and he’s a raging ass hole. Played with him a few times, as I know a few others here have, and while I haven’t seen him cheat, I know he does in more ways than are mentioned above. My team and I will obliterate him if he’s at the same field as us, he knows this, and has never turned up to a site he knows we play at(he has a team mate of mine on FB). The best way to beat this type of player is to out play him. And we have that down to a tee.
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    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Lunch hour. I mean, seriously, wtf? How long does it take to get some scran down yer gullet and get back to the pewpew? One sixth of the game day lost to lunch is ridickerous. Taking my hits from raindrops. People not taking hits from my rif and saying it's raindrops. Non hit taking anyone (not just rentals) Airsoft meters Bad toilets Losing kit on the field (although, this allows a positive of airsoft - other players finding your kit and handing it in)
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    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Nothing I want being in stock anywhere on earth. having to listen to the same 20min safety brief every week for 2 years. people turning up to events that don’t suit their play style and then moan they don’t like it. 2nd hand sales threads written by the delusional.. the best positive would be most of the airsoft community are like the motorcycle community. Nice, friendly bunch of people who will happily talk to a stranger for 2 hours about their shared hobby
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    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Had a few rentals in God mode over the weekend, but the marshals sorted it. I hate brambles with a passion. Every skirmish I lose or break something, but that's more operator error than airsoft 😉
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    Pets at games

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    You REALLY need to post a pic of the gun bud........ Joined six hours ago, wants £1000 for some bubble wrap 😂😂😂
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    No surprises with any of whats happened here:- Attended an SEO "Milsim" back in April & was hands down by far the worst ever Airsoft event I've ever attended, this was a real shame as well as I bought a friend along who wanted to dip his toe into the Milsim world, so we thought we'd try a lightened version with us attending a Battle-Sim" However the event in April was a poorly planned Skirmish at best & a real case of the guys running the show just wanting an event where the other team are cannon fodder. Briefing was an embarrassment with the owner referring to himself as an operator on more than one occasion! Massively unbalanced sides where owner, friends & YouTube celebrities running riot against an Opfor side who were mostly toe dippers in the Milsim World with no leadership & guidance, as such with no organisation to the event / arguments ensued mid-game with alas, people leaving mid way (including myself). What equally stands out is the owners lack of humility to put his hands up & say he got things wrong, never took this on board what didn't work so well in April & now appears the same again in October. Within the debrief he lay the negative press solely at the feet of the players, which to a degree will accept but when a team is just being pummeled by a well drilled side with high end kit & equally not playing by the rules by the looks of it then what do they expect?! Anyway whilst always disappointing to read so much press about a poor experience for people that's put their hands in their pockets, it does reassure me that there are some very good events which go on out in our Community - Majority are invite only without the need for YouTube endorsements or their endorsees! I think here SEO has stapled itself as definitely one to avoid within the South East of England,
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    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    My first custom nameplate!
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    Hadn't realised half term’s early this year ? 🤦‍♂️ 😂😂
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    Not enough manufacturers of rifs and accessories/gear having decent Web domains, I like looking through glossy well presented sites as it's basically a shop window, but half the companies out here either don't bother at all or just leave all their advertising to YouTube experts. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU CLAIM YOUR PRODUCT CAN DO NOT WHAT SOME WEB CAM HERO THINKS
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    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Team Killers (that don't appologise) Dead men talking (giving away positions, pointing, etc) Frozen Rabbits (blocking the path into the action) And a personal favourite; everything works perfectly at home and nothing works on the day.
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    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    a little too unprofessional marshals, I get we're all here for some airsoft and laughs but I don't want a comedy show during briefings cutting into my game time
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    In honour of this thread I unveil the new 'Careful Now' reaction for all your slightly-sarcastic-reaction-to-overpriced-listings needs. It's a 'neutral' reaction so gives the bestowed no reputation points, just in case some of you were worried that the 'funny's I've been seeing about on classifieds listings were giving people an undeserved reputation boost.
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    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Waking up at stupid o'clock...
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    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    What a bunch of bastards
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    I dislike when people get annoyed when I try and have a bit of fun and do a little roleplay when I get shot. I dunno about you guys but I always love it when I shoot someone and they actually pretend to be shot (preferably in a comedic way) but some people get really annoyed cause they think I'm not taking it seriously enough.
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    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    IKR. when you have 20+ players standing around for 25 mins twiddling their thumbs you're doing something wrong
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    To be fair mate it’s not the sites fault your a crap player ? 😉 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yea do get your point though , most skirmish games are some variation on attack and defend BUT playing devils advocate is there really any point in trying to put more effort on the sites behalf in to gameplay scenarios ? as we all know you have the game brief , you move to your start points , someone suggests a strategy for it , most agree it’s a good idea , marshal shouts game on ! And what happens next ? It’s like when the senior pilot in the red arrows say “break ! break !” And the planes split . Everyone runs off in totally different directions completely ignoring the ‘plan’!🤦‍♂️ Who ever invented the phrase ‘herding cats’ was obviously an airsofter ! 😳 My my biggest bugbear ? Shit retailer web sites ! “Ooh I like that ! I shall order that !” Several hrs later an email arrives “high (insert name) I’m sorry the xyz you ordered is out of stock but it’s due in the next delivery (yea right !) so we’ll send it off to you then .” 🤬
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    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Hit and miss customer service from Airsoft retailers
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