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    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    Approximately zero as not even the seller wants it!
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    In a slightly different way of answering - one thing I think should be in everyone's kit is a small toolkit of sorts/multitool. The amount of people I hear at game days that have an issue arise and aren't equipped to sort the small issues amazes me. If you have something on your kit that needs a tool, pack it. Obviously your not going to want to bring stuff to do a whole strip down of your gun but I'm talking maybe a multihead screwdriver (there's a few decent ones on the market that don't break the bank), Alum keys for whatever size you know your kit needs and maybe a pair of snips. I constantly get asked while working if I have this that and the other and while I always have a kit on me I don't always like lending stuff out as I've had things come back to me in shit condition or not come back at all (maybe slightly my fault for not chasing them for it back) So my favorite non-airsoft stuff is the things that allow me to play and keep playing.
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    If you can't manage your workflow then it's not professional. If you can't keep Customers informed then it's not professional. If you advertise and sell stock you don't have then it's not professional. If you can't say No when you can't meet the demand then it's not professional. Bullshit that we are the cause of the issues. We are the purpose of their business. We are the Paying Customers. If a company blames their customers then they shouldn't be in business. Poor Management & Comms is THE cause of issues. === END OF TRANSMISSION ===
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    @Sitting Duck.

    Last time I heard from him he was ok just real life stuff taking priority. Will send him a text and see how he is.
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    Selling rifs and the VCR Act.

    Ask them what colour’s the boat house in herford ? 🤔 If they don’t know then there not a real airsofter ! 😉
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    Low Cap Only Games

    Meh, real caps are stupid (imo) for the simple reason many of you have already explained: airsoft guns have nowhere near the capabilities of a real gun. All it takes is a leaf or tiny branch to send your bb off to the sky. I can understand them being OK in a hardcore cqb milsim type of game, where your max range is 10 metres and everyone plays naked, but in every other scenario the only thing that comes to my mind is endless hordes of angry players yelling either "yo I hit you, call it" or "MAAAAAARSHAAAAAAAAAALL HE'S NOT CALLING HIS HITS" just because with 30 rounds available you MUST be ultra picky on targets.. midcaps are a nice balance between ammo capacity and not being a living maracas..
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    Toolkit for when something shits itself Lowa z-8N GTX boots. I wear them for about 60 hours a week outside of airsoft. Relatively expensive, but having worn them for maybe 2 years now with no visible wear, I wouldn’t go back to cheap boots ever. Warrior assault systems Yorkie pouch (apparently its for pistol mags..) for that mid game sexist sugar hit.
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    Expectation management for the customer is the fix here. Those who have been into PTWs will know that the only tech really worth his salt is Tackleberry, unfortunately as a result he's extremely busy. When you place an order he'll give you a rough estimate on the amount of time before he starts work on your gun and you'll receive ZERO communication from then until your gun is on his workbench. He's clear about this from the off and so most people are ok with it. People are ok with it sufficiently that he got enough business to buy a ferrari, so it can work for some!
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    The Mall.

    Only the 9th of Jan but already we have a challenger for comment of the year ! 😂😂😂😂😂
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    @Sitting Duck.

    I'm hoping he's still typing his next technical post.
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    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Picked this bad boy up. Manual winding M4 drum mag. Basically the ARP drum but in 5.56 format, holds 2300 rounds oh, and another prommy purple bucking to go in my honey badger
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    Probably my odin speedloader, really takes the edge off running midcaps
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    choice made ill be going tonight to the fortress and then fwg on Sunday. excitement level +1000
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    ???, what we talking about, clothing, footwear, the car, the dog ?, the list could be endless. or do you mean "kit" of a civilian nature, but that has its roots in the military/survival etc etc ? such as taclites, go-bags, that kinda thing.....
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    Good luck, sounds a good idea in theory but I cant ever recall seeing more than 3 or 4 women on a site with 100 odd blokes. So will be interested to hear what ratio split you ended up with. Too far for me to travel for a game, and I play airsoft to get away from the mr's so wouldn't invite her anyway. Although shooting her does sound appealing
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    Immortal , nail , head spot on good sir ! couple of yrs ago I had a busted TM recoil needed a specific part that really are made of rocking horse poop took the tech it was with near 11ths to get it . it ran like this ; lcont act him describe the fault he replies he ‘thinks’ he knows what it could be but also to be aware he is a one man show and repairs can over run . I send gun off. he confirms arrival Few days later he notifies me of the fault and what’s need and it could take mths to get the part , I reply I’m good with that . mth to the day mail from him letting me know no joy in finding the part . Then over the next 7-8ths basically same email every mth letting me know what the score was . As a side note during this period he even try fabricating the part him self . Then he finally found one half way round the world and I had the gun back within 3wks of him letting me know he’d found the part . Even though it took near a yr to get my gun back I wasn’t at all concerned due to his comms . So one man shows can work very well when the comms are good .
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    Yup, I try to avoid chasing people who aren't really interested in selling. If that's what they're like before they have your money, they're hardly likely to improve once your hard-earned is in their pocket.
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    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    How about this chap? Wants £400 for a two tone CA M249. Comes with two batteries, a charger and the bloke is kind enough to chuck an unjamming rod into the mix as well!
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    Exactly this... Took an age for my belt to arrive from FRV tailoring. In all honesty I didnt know at the time it was a one man band and expected items to be available off the shelf, it was only the thread on here that highlighted this to me. If I had got an automated email from the order stating these are made to order and the sale has obviously driven sales and I should expect a delay I would have been happy. Even a banner on the website checkout, "Please be aware etc...." Instead my money was taken as any other online purchase and an email a day or so later saying thanks we will let you know when we dispatch. WEEKS later an email saying its on its way, no tracking or anything!! Was annoying, but I had no games booked and no need for the item, but I would have been MUCH happier with some form of communication, even an auto mail saying, sorry bare with me!! I worked in retail and the trade industry for years, account and regular customers appreciate good communication as much as good pricing, no bullshit just be honest.
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    Adolf Hamster

    Selling rifs and the VCR Act.

    it's simple, just ask them if they own a novritsch gun and if the answer's yes then don't sell to them
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    So after 5 years away from airsoft, it's time for a comeback.
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    Ended up buying a firehawk for CQB and a Ares Octarms Km12 off here. Very happy so far, seem well made and the quick change spring on the ares is smart. Will be putting them through there paces tomorrow. Thanks for the imput 👍
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    Low Cap Only Games

    I’m the same as the hamster I’d like to play lows but unless everyone is then your on a hiding to nowhere, so mids area nice compromise as when you come down to it our toys aren’t the most accurate of things so having to put 2-3 bbs down range to hit your target does sort of equate to the real McCoy.👍
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    Is this what sir is looking for ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tactical-Paintballs-M4-BB-Speed-Loader-Converter-to-Adapt-AK-G36-MP5-Magazine-YK/183618400435?hash=item2ac08270b3:m:mUOAVR9jBXISYe34yvRQDhA
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    Crye RG Field Shirt thanks to @CKinnerley
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