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  1. BigAl

    KWA TK .45

    Not odd, stupid and lazy. In redesigning the gearbox to take a mosfet they threw the baby out with the bath water.
  2. BigAl

    KWA TK .45

    Er sadly no the idiots dropped the stop on empty / working Bolt Release to enable them to fit a mosfet! SO basically they have taken a small compact gun with next gen features and fitted a stupid large stock because there to lazy to redesign the KFSl, long front end and ditched half the features that make it special in the first place. Way to go Yih Kai / KWA! Hopefully they'll pull there finger out and sort it for the QRF's.
  3. BigAl

    Umarex UMP

    Also interested cash waiting.
  4. The best actual camo is called standing still.
  5. Look for a secondhand TM 1911, don't worry about it being plastic, it will out perform any of the others. When it does fail ( all airsoft guns fail ) there are plenty of upgrade parts out there for it.
  6. http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p26631/KWC-40-rounds-CO2-Long-Magazine-for-SW40F-CO2-Pistol/product_info.html
  7. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kydexcustomsUK.com%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0vgUL2JNRkXjnBfnuqvQTP6IARmIcS-TVFGnayHsVXkfiuKN0cdoFIh5Q&h=AT2IBSine4shCaC0OH5TkBZ31E32x2K22OkRlMeO8NOS5P-Qct23eWkEfk0jyzFxs1CMDJf1IQCElaX-QZqrOAuNkUiREm8rVwi2R08IVxD3rBZBuqOZRGtVK8DyZV19dpyB90Kf
  8. Looks like an ACM Copy to me, the cheap plastic case supports this too.
  9. Well if they know airsoft they will know G&G. Krytac are ok but overpriced and old fashioned for what they cost.
  10. No, just a solid skirmishable UZI AEG or GBB would be even better.
  11. BigAl

    SRC M416

    Avoid Pmags, Emags and EPM should work great.
  12. MIght as well try, probably get something. Might as well list my most recent Purchases: Crime Scene Tape - Toilet Roll. lol Camo'd HK USP Tactical VFC G28 AEG
  13. AEG Uzi! That wishfull thinking or have they said there making one?
  14. If you purchased it from an add that says hard case contact them, your entitled to it. They should send you one or a partial refund or mybe offer something else if they haven't got one.
  15. Got any pics or link to the "Specna 416 long rail prototype".
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