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    Need funds for my Harley so selling some of my favourite toys. He we have one of the original Magpul PTS Scout Mid Length Carbines. It is however transformed into more of a DMR or 3 Gun kind of build. It feature a 15" RS M Lok Forend machined to fit along with a longer outer barrel and surefire flashider. Attached to this rail is a clone Scoutlight, a PTS Vertical Grip and a forward sling mount, complete with sling. Obviously there is no room for a battery inside this forend so the gun has been rear. wired using the KWA rear wired stock pipe and stock. On top is the red/blue/green illuminated LPVOA. Pic shows a regular AEG E MAg but this will not come with teh gun. it will come with the proper ERG P Mag which will enable the stop on empty feature.


    - GB

  2. Have you asked on the KWA ERG Users Group on Faceberk?
  3. Hi mate I have a frame and grip. Pm me to discuss.
  4. I have a mint one in tan, full. Kit except box. Pm to discuss.
  5. I'll take it pm me.
  6. TM Compatible so WE should work.
  7. Your asking in the wrong country.
  8. Have to agree with Adolf. Wow there's a sentence I never expected to type. Lol However if your brother isn't an experienced player and doesn't have a defence yet then these two guns are probably a bit to advanced anyway. Talk to him then come back for more advice if needed.
  9. You haven't stated a price? Read sales section rules.
  10. As new is still secondhand ie no guarantee or dealer back up. After two years sat in box even if perfect when put away it will need a service and probably new batteries. Have to agree with Druid mate, at best your looking at £200 - £250, you may get a better price if you sell separately. We are not saying this to be nasty but to give you realistic advice which will help you sell your gear. Good luck with your sale.
  11. Was told the G&G PCC45 was compatible with there ump mags. Guess I was told wrong, shame I've got a few G&G UMP Mags so where.
  12. Hi mate I have G28 and the long version of the 417D. Pm me to discuss.
  13. Used to use an electric one myself, get the Odin it far better.
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