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  1. You will have to be tested on site for covid. China begins using ANAL SWABS to test for Covid in Beijing | Daily Mail Online
  2. He does indeed. But we don't get five minutes of "um, this is the box and now, er, I am going to open it and we'll this is the instructions and you have some BBs and a charger and these safety instructions"
  3. A bit of rehearsal and maybe a script might help. Throw in some decent lighting and sound. Khan Seb was a great favourite of mine, and although he is a little irritating, Airsoft Mike isn't bad either.
  4. Apparently he isn't Right Wing enough for some Americans. Or maybe he fancies Ivanka...
  5. I notice the Doorkickers page on FB has gone quiet. They have a fair few rednecks, maybe they breached standards. Looking at some of the members the only door they ever kicked in was their cousins...
  6. Who lives in a Glove Box at the bottom of the sea? Illegal and plastic and Firearm is he... I heard the story from Aitch that it was actually a Browning in the boot, but that doesn't sound as good
  7. Did you ever manage to get anything from the Legendary Special Airsoft Supplies?
  8. Yes. I read the Labour Party 2005 election Manifesto and found a minor piece of legislation buried in it about restricting the sale of replica guns to under 18s. I posted a link to it and got banned for Trolling.
  9. Ooh, did he have a PHD from MIT in Wound Ballistics?
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