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  1. If they shoot like the MK23, it might be worth it...
  2. Had a look on Twitter and this tweet has been taken down and replaced with one captioned "real or fake". They must have got roasted...
  3. Chuck Norris has been in contact with Corona Virus. The Virus has been put in to quarantine for 14 days and is expected to make a full recovery.
  4. Looks like the Death Star that one....
  5. They tried that in 2007. As Boris has been on record criticising the Handgun Ban post Dunblane, I think we are safe for the moment. We do need to be careful about legal definitions though. The GCN ran an advert "toys that kill" claiming that Airsoft and other replicas could be "easily converted" to fire live ammunition. The Toys (Safety) Act specifically excludes replica guns from the definition and states that the Legal definition of a toy is "designed for play by persons under 14". While we all describe out guns as "toys" (my wife once describe a circular saw as "his new toy") we need to be aware of the circumstances. When talking in a legal context, use the proper legal terms or risk being labelled as "not knowing the law" and therefore unsafe or unsuitable. In 2007, the Antis would latch on to anything they could to ban RIFs. They haven't gone away, so let's not give them any excuses to hammer us again.
  6. I have a CYMA AKM, totally bombproof and lasted for years. Cannot fault the brand. The Specna Arms look interesting though given the praise their ARs have received. Presume there will be high end versions with Mosfets at some point.
  7. I can confirm that M14 and FAL/SLR mags fit in the same pouches, having used the same rig for both.
  8. Don't open it while it's still under warranty. Charging Handle lock? Just be careful and you won't lose it. Turn the top coil of the spring 90 degrees and put the pin through it. Stock trigger is fine. I have fired accidentally, it is fairly light. Hop. I have no problems adjusting it with an Allen key or by hand. I would recommend the stock stabilliser, wobble is anoying. Yeti Wurks extended mag release is a good add on. And invest in the bearing spring guide, will give you an extra 10 fps or so.
  9. I once threw a handful of BBs at someone over a barricade and they called the hit...
  10. I have always had excellent service from them. Like others have said though, it is disappointing how many items are Out of Stock.
  11. John_W

    Rubber Machete

    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/student-filmmakers-handcuffed-by-armed-police-while-making-movie-on-streets-of-london-a4282551.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1573227235 Some nice shots of the ARU gear too.
  12. John_W

    Rubber Machete

    Bit late to the party, but back to the original subject, article from my local paper. https://www.borehamwoodtimes.co.uk/news/17829311.armed-police-helicopter-called-borehamwood/ While it turns out this was a genuine incident, it started with someone reporting "a guy with a machette" on the local Facebook pages.
  13. Watched episode 1, and then watched the whole series back to back over the next two days. Brilliant.
  14. John_W


    Are you sure? I think someone did a FOI request and got told there had been 18 prosecutions since the act came in.
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