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  1. I spent three years on Citalopram. Sometimes the side effects were worse than the depression.
  2. I gave up on AI after a few issues. The reviews were awful and their "Wanabe" articles were written by someone with no idea about the real units they were imitating. And I am aware of their reviewers cheating at game sites they were reviewing, and an incident involving home made illegal pyros damaging another players gun.
  3. Someone will HPA it and put in a speed trigger and a drum mag.
  4. In which case, the story would have been on the BBC evening news and in the National Newspapers, his family would have been calling for an enquiry and some MP looking for publicity would have been ranting on about how dangerous "BB guns" were and Airsoft would be the nail that was sticking up when the Home Office needed a scapegoat and got their hammer out. Be careful what you wish for. The VCRA started with a statement "the public would like some controls on the sale of replica weapons, particularly to under 18s"...
  5. The ABA was the interim governing body during the VCRA, but faded away afterwards. At the time there was a lot of internal politics. No-one on Arnies wanted anything to do with a body that had representatives from ASCUK involved, and vice versa. Some site owners (Nutz from SWAT being a prime example) were opposed to anyone telling them how to play with their train set. Too many people want a "light touch" body, but governments tend to want something more organised and in control.
  6. My first site nearly 20 years ago. Shame to see it go. Mat Dean was legendary with his Infinities and a real ninja. There were lots of stories about Rob shooting people's teeth out. It was realy just the same story told lots of times. It wasn't deliberate,he fired his APS from the hip and got a lucky (or unlucky) hit. Pistols in the ferns was always a favourite.
  7. You will have to be tested on site for covid. China begins using ANAL SWABS to test for Covid in Beijing | Daily Mail Online
  8. He does indeed. But we don't get five minutes of "um, this is the box and now, er, I am going to open it and we'll this is the instructions and you have some BBs and a charger and these safety instructions"
  9. A bit of rehearsal and maybe a script might help. Throw in some decent lighting and sound. Khan Seb was a great favourite of mine, and although he is a little irritating, Airsoft Mike isn't bad either.
  10. Apparently he isn't Right Wing enough for some Americans. Or maybe he fancies Ivanka...
  11. I notice the Doorkickers page on FB has gone quiet. They have a fair few rednecks, maybe they breached standards. Looking at some of the members the only door they ever kicked in was their cousins...
  12. Who lives in a Glove Box at the bottom of the sea? Illegal and plastic and Firearm is he... I heard the story from Aitch that it was actually a Browning in the boot, but that doesn't sound as good
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