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  1. I remember a guy at Techbrigade used to use a 10v battery in his and rebuild the gearbox after every game.
  2. Possibly a collector who doesn't skirmish and plans to fit genuine K98 wood to it?
  3. That's all we need, militant vegans on our case as well...
  4. Amazingly, still running. Has a Facebook group dedicated to him.
  5. A blonde and a brunette rob a bank. As the Blonde runs out dragging the safe with a rope followed by a guard with his trousers round his ankles, the Brunette screams: "You idiot, I told you to tie up the guard and blow the safe"
  6. You won't get a short bolt travel on a Cyma 702. Upgrade parts are limited, make sure you buy 702 specific and not parts for the Snow Wolf M24. So far I have replaced the hop unit, piston and spring guide, cylinder, cylinder head and put in a bearing trigger unit. Will be replacing barrel at some point. Sniper rifles are a money pit, nothing is "cheap and easy" unfortunately.
  7. Sigh... https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/mum-devastated-after-son-12-23917349 Love some of the quotes "If you are unsure whether your BB gun is legal or not, you should check with your police force's firearms department who will be able to advise you." "According to one police force, BB guns that fire plastic or aluminium balls "may or may not be firearms so may or may not be prohibited". West Yorkshire Police said this was because the pellets are fired by different methods." "Pauline said she was in the process of appealing the decision. She insisted it was not a BB gun Mitchell was found with - because it didn't shoot ball bearings but "small plastic pips". She added it was black and gold in colour, making it clear it did not pose a danger. "It's not a BB gun and this is where my argument lay," she added. "A BB gun obviously shoots high velocity ballbearing [and] this shoots small plastic pips. It's gold and black so it can be identified that it's not a firearm.""
  8. Don't get the AC/DC version. I ended up on a Highway to Hell.
  9. I put a HK45 in mine no problem. You can even squeeze a Mk23 in, so the USP should probably fit.
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