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  1. I once threw a handful of BBs at someone over a barricade and they called the hit...
  2. I have always had excellent service from them. Like others have said though, it is disappointing how many items are Out of Stock.
  3. John_W

    Rubber Machete

    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/student-filmmakers-handcuffed-by-armed-police-while-making-movie-on-streets-of-london-a4282551.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1573227235 Some nice shots of the ARU gear too.
  4. John_W

    Rubber Machete

    Bit late to the party, but back to the original subject, article from my local paper. https://www.borehamwoodtimes.co.uk/news/17829311.armed-police-helicopter-called-borehamwood/ While it turns out this was a genuine incident, it started with someone reporting "a guy with a machette" on the local Facebook pages.
  5. Watched episode 1, and then watched the whole series back to back over the next two days. Brilliant.
  6. John_W


    Are you sure? I think someone did a FOI request and got told there had been 18 prosecutions since the act came in.
  7. I came across the BB solution about 16 years ago when Matt Dean (Mobius strip/Dr Infinity) helped me out with a light striking Western Arms. You can use rings cut from an old inner barrel as well to fine tune the strike.
  8. The buffer is unique to the WE gas system. I put a PDW stock on my K, and it required surgery to the end cap as, like mentioned, AEG stocks are not compatible and I had to combine parts to get it to work.
  9. At the end of the day, you would think that with all the fuss made when the VCRA came in about getting the "lethal replicas off the streets" that measures would have been put in place to curtail illegal importing. Instead, Customs is just expecting us to metaphorically call our hits...
  10. You don't do irony and never owned a 1980s calculator then?
  11. So it seems if I put "UKARA Number 5319008" it would get through customs unless it was singled out for special attention...
  12. I was lucky about two years ago. Due to UKARA no longer sending out expiry notices, my site didnt renew a bunch of us, and we weren't aware of this. While out of date, I purchased a UMP from Gunfire in Poland, gave them UKARA. Parcel arrived with number very clearly on the address label, no problems. I can only assume that Customs isn't checking every single number on every single package and I was lucky not to have my RIF siezed.
  13. Had two experiences with them. Ordered a WE TT33. After a couple of days, no shipping notification. Rang them, got told "yeah, it's shipped". No notification, rang next day "yeah, shipped yesterday, we already told you". Then shipping confirmation from courier pops up, shipped after second phone call. Orders a JG MAC 10. On sale, last in stock. Paid PayPal, payment through, order update received. Waiting for shipping notification (expecting delay after last time) up pops an "order completed" email, then a refund email from PayPal. No explanation from Mercia, check website and item now out of stock. A "sorry mate, issues with the stock system" email would have been nice instead of a refund and no comms.
  14. 3D printed blanks available from a French retailer. https://www.shop.elementsfrance.fr/accueil/58-kit-selecteur-scorpion-evo-droit-et-gauche.html
  15. If I want serious accuracy, I go for my tuned Mk23 or my Marui 1911. I wish WE would do a Beretta 1934 so I could complete my Bond collection. The weathering was done with very fine grade micromesh, were it didn't take the finish off, it gave it a shine. Too often people weather with heavy grade sandpaper in inappropriate places and it looks awful and overdone.
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