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  1. Sigh... https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/mum-devastated-after-son-12-23917349 Love some of the quotes "If you are unsure whether your BB gun is legal or not, you should check with your police force's firearms department who will be able to advise you." "According to one police force, BB guns that fire plastic or aluminium balls "may or may not be firearms so may or may not be prohibited". West Yorkshire Police said this was because the pellets are fired by different methods." "Pauline said she was in the process of appealing the decision. She insisted it was not a BB gun Mitchell was found with - because it didn't shoot ball bearings but "small plastic pips". She added it was black and gold in colour, making it clear it did not pose a danger. "It's not a BB gun and this is where my argument lay," she added. "A BB gun obviously shoots high velocity ballbearing [and] this shoots small plastic pips. It's gold and black so it can be identified that it's not a firearm.""
  2. Don't get the AC/DC version. I ended up on a Highway to Hell.
  3. I put a HK45 in mine no problem. You can even squeeze a Mk23 in, so the USP should probably fit.
  4. Everybody knows FAMAS am bestest gnu.
  5. Chuck Norris is hosting the Oscars next year. When he tells jokes about their wives, husbands will slap themselves.
  6. The Glock is a KSC/KWA. They were the only manufacturer who did those nice sliding mag plates that covered the gas valve. As above, AK is standard Marui.
  7. One is Gucci, the other is poundland with a Kicking Mustang label and costs twice as much...
  8. I hear a badly charged LiPo can cause more damage than an RPG.
  9. Miss Ukraine has posted on Instagram that she has taken up arms against the Invaders.
  10. I followed that link you posted and my Malware/antivirus software warned me off. There are similar available from Magpull
  11. Some time ago we had an officer from the Gun Crime Unit come in to the school I worked in to talk to the students. Caught the last part of her presentation where she spoke.about the law and replica weapons. Totaly clueless...
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