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  1. Is this the plastic one?
  2. The Army Armament L85 Gas block was surprisingly a good fit with little work required. It was only a few MM out from fitting flush, however I removed a little more than was needed to make the rail easier to slide on and off. Haven't had the time to work out how I'm going to secure the gas block to the barrel yet, probably grub screws to create a biting point but the process is getting closer to completion, thank god.
  3. Webbing, or battle belt/suspenders is my go too as a fellow big guy. However I've found the Osprey mk4 to be good for sizes, if looking for a cheap surplus vest.
  4. Quick update regarding the real steel Daniel Defence rail fitted to a WE L85... The process is a fucker so figured I'd share what I've learned so far: The WE adapter isn't needed, the DD rail slides into the slots however there is nowhere for the angled screw on the DD rail to screw into on the WE L85. MadBull replicas have the hole at the bottom, where you would screw the rail to the adapter. The WE gas block seems to be absolutely useless and will need to be replaced as there's nowhere for the sling screw to go through, although in theory you can have it hanging under the block but I'd prefer to have it going through said gas block. I've 3d printed a temporary gas block that works "well enough" but has no securing points. Could drill a hole through it to pin it to the barrel like the original gas block was, but it's a whole bunch of guess work. Currently have an Army Armament L85 gas block en root from HK as it looks to be the most similar to a real steel gas block. Once it arrives, I'll update this post with if it's any good or if it needs modifying etc. Edit: Just received the AA block, also shout out to tiger111 for a really quick delivery time. The gas tube needs some modifying, as does the rail (Only ever so slightly) to accommodate the new block. Going to have to make an alternative way to attach however, as there's no pin hole on the gas block like the WE one. I'll be setting to work tomorrow getting it modified with the hopes of a rifle ready for Sunday... 😂
  5. Always run my mags at 30 rounds for my AEG M16A1, even at skirmishes because I'm dumb and love to put myself at a disadvantage. That being said though, I usually have 13 magazines on me so it's not a major issue.
  6. Thanks for that, just to be an extra pain in the arse... Would it be possible to get a picture of the later WE gas block. I got my rail today and the two arms on the gas block are the only thing stopping it from going in, but want to make sure what version block I have haha.
  7. Hi mate. Just curious what the difference is between the "modified" one and the "standard", as I'm gonna be modifying my standard one to fit the rail.
  8. JinxDuh

    King Arms GP-30 UGL

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    King Arms GP-30 Grenade Launcher for sale. Unlike the GP-25, the 30 uses 40mm shells which are far easier to get hold of (Cheaper too). Launcher is full metal and adds some weight to your AK. I had it mounted to my ICS AK-74M for a very long time, super sturdy (Excluding the pistol grip part, remedied this by cable tying it to the outer barrel of the AK). Please note it will be sent as I received it, with no shells. Seen people also use it as a battery storage option if that's more your thing, each to their own I suppose. 😂 Will be sent 48 hr ParcelForce, postage is in the fee. Goods and services PayPal only please. Any questions, drop me a message.


  9. Anybody with a WE L85 know how to get the flash hider off? Can't move mine at all

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    2. #blackadder


      Probably threadlocked .


      1. Get a pan of water boiling on hob

      2. Stick end of barrel in for 20 seconds or so

      3. Wrap a dark coloured tea towel around barrel and twist clockwise 

      4. Put everything back and deny all knowledge if she asks

    3. JinxDuh


      @#blackadderLegend, this got the bugger off! 😄

    4. #blackadder


      But did you get a bollocking for messing up the kitchen?

  10. If you decide to split, I’d be interested in the WE L85 rail adapter, DD rail and top rail. Lmk
  11. Thanks @timski, I noticed the adapter when I was looking at the madbull rail as I had one on my old ICS but would like to stick as much real steel onto my WE as possible. My main concern is WE’s scale to the real thing as the top rail section is 1mm out, which on paper isn’t much but it’s enough to make mounts wobble so I’m hoping with the adapter it’ll all line up as real steel rails are kind of expensive now and don’t want to be stuck with a paper weight 🤣
  12. 2 years old, but just found this and figured as I have experience with both (Buying the army A1 to test the rail on the ICS), it does not fit without some major filing and adjustment that overall isn’t worth it compared to getting the Madbull DD and adapter. The AA rail is thinner than what is needed for the ICS rail.
  13. As title suggests; anybody know if a real steel Daniel Defence L85A2 rail will fit a WE L85A2, and if it’s possible how much modification am I looking at, and what’s needed? All I’ve found from a brief google search is people fitting one to the ICS, which is sized differently to the WE.
  14. M16A1 with A2 engraved? 🤔
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