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  1. Speaking of used airsoft https://www.usedairsoft.co.uk/rif-s/electric-powered/knight-s-sr-16-tokyo-marui_i28811
  2. There was a 2-tone GHK and MWS on here recently.
  3. Just to stir it - was KM banned from F&O sites?
  4. I often see and also myself, leave things against trees or behind cover. Sucks that someone would do that.
  5. Some zci barrels and hop rubber set ups from our good friend @ak2m4👍🏻
  6. There's some Aliexpress ones for £20'ish that are pretty decent. Have a look in the just bought thread
  7. Always had a soft spot for USPc's. The KWA version was the first GBB pistol i bought. I would still be running it if i could find the mags (pre NS2 version). Tempted to buy a TM version now...
  8. It's worth dropping the guys at Impulse a message as they will let you know if there's a production cycle coming up (as is my understanding with TM, they don't produce all the guns, all the time) Alternative is go to the classifieds and grab a 2nd hand one and sell the spare bits you don't need to make some cost back.
  9. Should've clarified, that the 2200kcal was during the game day of roughly 5-6 hours play, on top of BMR
  10. yeah, its not that shop at all - its just the price point for something a bit/ very niche.
  11. Something a bit different, not really sure what to think of it (not the shop, but the product + price) https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/gate-status-matt-black-blu-link
  12. I always just pay the 4% extra for G&S - only do F&F if you're picking up face to face and instead of cash. After all, it's airsoft stuff, it's not a one off, there will always be another one.
  13. I had a google on this before posting - this particular one was priced around £450 / $600. Only change to it was the SS outer barrel. So it's a grand for a stock internal 10/22
  14. I’ve got some magic beans for sale as well
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