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  1. Done the mental maths on this, and unless its all Crye/Gucci clothing, coming up about £600 short on this one
  2. “Yes officer, this is my Ferrari, I just lost the paperwork. Honest”
  3. You could probably get close with an archwick MWS build without going OTT MWS doner - £450 L119 kit - £1,200 (shipped from HK) 5 mags - £250 RS stock - £55 G33 3x - £700 XPS3 - £800 That like £3,500 and perfectly usable
  4. Everyone knows right facing gun are always worth more money
  5. - 60-70m range. - Increases penis size - predicts lottery numbers
  6. So moving on from DMR-gate (despite the fact that the 2 rifles look nothing like each other apart from being the same colour) - GI joe paint job - check - Broken but easy fix, but currently untestable - check - no details of upgrades - check - Photos taken on a potato - check - Price close to RRP - we have Mack's bingo https://www.usedairsoft.co.uk/rif-s/electric-powered/tokyo-marui-tm416-delta-custom-next-gen-recoil_i27931
  7. Is it stupid? Yes Is it practical? No Do I want it? Of course
  8. Without going too off topic, most digital NV uses added on IR illumination, which point you might as well go B&Q and get some christmas lights and wrap them around you (unless your hunting/stalking animals which is a different conversation) For airsoft, you can get early Gen2 devices with a tube on it's way out for about £1000. Decent stuff is starting at around £2k with the high end going up to £7k for binos and the odd chinese made quads for £10k ish
  9. I think you left a digit off of that...
  10. The VSR-ONE was announced this week, so hopefully towards the end of April
  11. Don’t suppose anyone knows of a good place in Manhattan to poke around for surplus gear?

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