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  1. I'll give you...*rummages in pockets*... £4.77, some fluff, a receipt from pets at home and a unused disposable glove. I'm in the same boat - I got bored, and bought a 2nd hand GHK to scratch an itch, rather than wait for a good deal on a TM. Now that itch is recurring in AK form, either a GHK or the TM Space AK ngrs.
  2. - Same price as RRP - £200 more than what you can find it for new - Photo of it with wires hanging out (i know it can be put back together/assembled, but if you're asking £800 at least get a decent photo) https://prefired.co.uk/ads/m132-microgun/
  3. I still have a problem with that lyric Song was released 2002 - so 998 years apart from the year 3000. Great, great, great grand daughter = 6 generations. Say they all had babies relatively late at 40. 40 x 6 = 240 998 - 240 = 758 year old woman.
  4. Possible silver lining from all of this is that shops who move to a heavier online model might leave a surplus of buildings that landlords can rent out (like the new Zed place)
  5. I would just wait for TM to inevitably release the MWS 416.
  6. Same here. Its about a 45-60 min drive (so same ish as RIFT) but by the time you add £12 parking, lunch, petrol etc it starts to add up. Will prob try the 3rd or 4th game once some kinks are ironed out.
  7. By heck, parking ain't cheap though... Up to six hours £7.20 Up to eight hours £8.70 Over eight hours £12
  8. If there is enough interest, wonder if they could do de-tuned rentals (or rentals with easy change springs) or nerf or gel blasters? Growing the sport and footfall among "outsiders" would only be a good thing if parents can see that it isnt about turning over post offices given half the chance.
  9. Lots of facebook comments being overall positive. And apart from one guy, no "think of the children" types
  10. I'm gonna go with ran through door way with gun across body
  11. Unless you need feed lips it would seem
  12. Cheers. I've used Buyee for other, non airsoft stuff on Yahoo auctions - albeit when the Yen/GBP was around 180.
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