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  1. Yep, you're right - i just skim read it and saw V2 parts.
  2. I had a really bad day, today. I dropped my friend's baby in front of everyone. in my defense, I did say i was too short to be a pallbearer.
  3. On paper, these do look like a winner. Reviews are that Lambda externals are great, but that the internals are made of babybel's. So add a V2 gearbox, a semi normal hop and you should be laughing. Shame none come with the rail and heat shield as i really like that look. Not that I'd buy one off pre-order 1st batch.
  4. That's my one gripe about RIFT - other places do free tea/coffee and tap water, but it's all extra there. I normally bring snacks, then wait for them to occasionally do the hot food half price to get rid of it. The long briefs - meh - they're long but they are what they are
  5. I like the red/burgundy ones - that you just used to slap the colonists out of the way with
  6. And picture tax Rep mart is great - cheaper than most and like I said, a really nice shop with plenty of space to look. They even have custom carrier bags that fit the boxes in nicely. also if you’re in Osaka, SFBU had some great gear in, and lots of new goodies like the Carl Gustav launcher, and the new scar compact thing.
  7. So for further reading on this if anyone is interested (long post incoming) Went to Repmart in Akihabara, opposite Echigoya - lovely shop and one thing that is different is that this one has a lot of space, it doesn't feel like a carboot sale. They had an in store special on the SD6 which was too tempting not to at £350ish. Also picked up a decent armourer's wrench whilst I was in there. Then moved to Kyoto, and popped into Gun Shop Gurka in Osaka who deal with 2nd hand stuff. TM MK46 marked as B grade, this thing looked as good as new, bar some light scratches on the stock, and no outer box. Bargain at around £500. Also in another shop down the road, elusive TM MP5 mags at £20 each, so picked up 4 of them, before the wife screamed at me. So this is when it gets interesting. My flights were ITM-HND with JAL, then HND-LHR with BA, all on the same ticket but handled by the respective airlines. I had spoken to BA ahead of time and they said if JAL check it in at ITM, then all gravy. I had this confirmed in an live chat and had the print outs. I also phoned JAL in the UK ahead of time, and was told to email them the fact sheets and my flight details. They got back to me and said all good, they will put a marker on my ticket to have it inspected before being checked in. In preparation, I bought 2 large cardboard boxes and taped them together into one long one (still within airline limits) and bubble wrapped it all inside. Got to itami, checked in the suitcases no problem. Inspected the guns and a police officer walks over, gives it a quick look and a thumbs up. This is going too good... Then JAL bring out 2 huge metal flight cases. They want to ship the rifs in their special weapon cases. Ok not a deal breaker, I can just grab them at LHR. No dice, they are for domestic flights only, meaning I would need to pick it up at HND and re-check it in. Urghhhhhh. So I ask "how do i get these back to London once they are out of the metal cases?" They then check in the empty 6ft cardboard box as well. Get to HND, pick up cases and box, transfer them back to cardboard box an then lug it across to the international terminal to check back it. Approach the desk where it's Japanese BA staff. Explain to them what has transpired and hand over the spec sheets of the 2 which i had printed out in advance. The nice lady nods, then talks to an older gentleman who looks at he spec sheet - says something in Japanese but i pick out the words Marui, and Airsoft. So they take me over to oversized baggage, and run it through an xray, no need to unbox this time. Nervous wait and then a thumbs up. I break out the roll of gaffer tape and seal down all the openings 3 times over. Get to LHR, box pops out, border patrol/HMRC are all on strike and i walk through the green channel with no issues and from touchdown on the tarmac to my driveway in 90 minutes. Overall if I were to do it again, i would by a softcase/hard case and bung them in that if it weren't a mk46.
  8. Managed to grab 4 mp5 mags to go with the sd6. When did mags become so expensive??
  9. Just went on a bit of a spree in Osaka, ended up with an TM SD6 and a MK46. Prices too good not to. Pics to follow when I return next week
  10. I would avoid bungee type slings unless you go for top end RS stuff. The 2 i've had - 1 was so tight and none bungee, it was too short. The other was the opposite end of the spectrum and was so elastic, the barrel could comfortably touch the floor
  11. https://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/44401-all-users-be-advised-do-not-use-airsoft-dynamics/ Memories
  12. https://prefired.co.uk/ads/tokyo-marui-mws-gbbr-3/ £650 for a franken-gun, with aftermarket parts that aren't as good as the original. Oh, and you need a stock too.
  13. every day, i regret not getting the trigger happy version for £450 a few years ago. But £2500 is just silly. Edit: Also, reports that the Lambda mk48 was a massive POS for the price. "Unfortunately, I can't recommend that anyone buy one of these unless you want a really expensive wall-hanger: the internals are absolute hot GARBAGE for the price, basically being bog-standard CA internals smothered with grease. And it comes with that most disappointing of design choices; a proprietary hop unit. I've tried both the Bullgear M249 and PKM hop units, and neither of them quite fit as the standard hop incorporates design elements from both of them, seemingly just to be awkward. And it goes without saying that the hop that comes with the MK48 is the cheapest, nastiest, and shittiest hop I've had the displeasure of trying to use for many, many years. Suffice to say, I'll be looking to sell mine on at a hefty loss."
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