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    Madbull DD Lite rail,m27 stockCondition: So this was bought at the Midlands fair a couple of years ago, off someone who said he was a tech for either a shop or site, but can't remember. So i would take it as stock internals, and anything extra is a bonus. I think it has a fet/ASCU and TBB.This is the LMT defender pro line, not the sportsline so solid metal body.Solid as a rock - if it breaks you can always use it as club!If you're starting out or want some accessories let me know and I'll look into my box of spares.



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    G&P KAC front rail system, Magpul stock, Madbull rail riser, integrated suppressor, m27 style grip 99% sure this has internal upgrades, but I'm not 100% sure so would sell as stock and anything you get is a bonus. Think it including a fet as i can see some wiring in the stock tube. TBB and the hop set up shoot for miles Great fun with good ROF, split gear box for easy access. Selling as thinning out collection and I've now moved over to recoils so no need for this as a back up gun. If you're a starter or need accessories, lemme know and I'll see what I have spare


  3. I'm local to the area and play at blue streak. I enjoy it, good mix of cqb and woodland (30/70 split) Lunch included on the Sunday's- never gone home hungry! Other locals are Xsite in Wycombe, the mall in reading, and one in Maidenhead I can't remember the name of, and I think there's one in Kings Langley area.
  4. The 8fields is rated L/XL which according to the box is upto 62cm. Which should be fine, but i have a feeling thats the radius of the inner helmet, not the mounting/plastic structure inside.
  5. What's the largest FAST helmet out there? I got the 8fields version, and even without all padding it barely fits (yes, i have a giant head...)
  6. Where i play, i see all marshals have a small 1st aid kit on their belt. Also in the briefing, they make a note of any epi pen people (not that anyone ever has one) and that all medication is put in the top left pocket in case of emergency.
  7. Saw on Gunfire a GFC M249 MK46 for under £250. Now all i know about GFC is that they are Polish, are solely distributed by Gunfire (maybe an inhouse team?) and their M4 received a generally favorable review. Anyone know any real info about them? Are they just rebranded A&K/JG?
  8. To anyone who went to the one in Reading last year- what sort of prices/discounts were there?
  9. Thread necro time! Just thinking out loud - if you do get a lock up from semi auto only; normal course of action is a quick burst of full auto. If this does happen to a mechanical semi auto mod, could you strip the top receiver off, and push the selector plate rearwards manually to fire it off on full auto?
  10. Just to update: With what happened in Paris recently, i knocked the idea on the head (plus I've already bought too much crap), but i popped into Echigoya. Quite busy with locals, and lots of toys. 3- 4 cabinets of pistols with about 150 models in each, and lots of boxed stock for AEGS and rifles. A few wall hangers, but most of the run-of-the-mill stuff was boxed ready to be sold. Prices were good, to very good. A few i remembered doing man maths: TM SCAR CQC- £220 TM Desert warrior - £55 G&P m249 Marine- Just under £300 VFC Mk12 GBB - £220-250 ish Good thing is you know where you stand with prices in Japan. In HK, i remember buying a camcorder years ago, and they mark up prices to reduce them down to mkae it look like you're getting a better saving (albeit still cheaper in the end than the UK), where as here- what you see is what you pay, no haggleing, no going about loads of other shops comparing etc
  11. Im staying just the other side of Ueno park, so i'm planning to trot down to First-JP and Echigoya in Akihabara. This is all ifs and buts at the moment, as i imagine my suitcase will be full of Studio Ghibli, Pocci sticks and saki. I went to HK years and years ago (before i was into airsoft, and about 9 so didn't really get it) and distinctly remember driving past Guns n Guys and just wanting to by everything. I'm sure i saw more shops but have no idea. I'm planning to go back for a nice romatic holiday next year.... that just happens to coincide with the Hong Kong sevens and my mate's bar opening (don't tell the missus)
  12. Does that only apply if i buy over my personal threshold of £390? SO if i buy less than that, it will be no duty? I imagine there will be a giant sticker on my suitcase so it will be pretty hard to sneak past surely? And if i DO have to pay VAT and duty, it would still be cheaper than the UK. A TM L96 is about £110. That's a good point - the UK Border force website doesn't mention anything about RIFs or antiques, replica's etc.
  13. Hi All, So I'm popping off to Tokyo for a couple weeks in the end of November. I have my eye on some silly cheap TM gear over there and if i have the space and weight allowence in my case was going to pick one (or 2...or 3..) things. Obviously they will be in the suitcase, but is it as simple as 1) Check with the airline it can be carried (Turkish airlines state that it's ok on the website, but will email them as well) 2) Write UKARA number on outside of sealed box 3) Declare it when checking in the bags upon depature 4) Go through the something to declare aisle at Gatwick with UKARA number and ID to hand - pay any customs that may be required. Has anyone done this from JP/HK? Thanks Rich
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