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  1. I'm assuming a private group? Shame, the microwave popcorn just pinged
  2. Isn't that what is rumoured to happen with Schmacher Snr? His gopro mount weakened the helmet which meant it exploded on impact
  3. Anyone who saw Biker Grove shouldn't take eyepro lightly
  4. We all know airsoft upgrades are 20% performance vs 80% aesthetics
  5. Short answer would be a layer of protection thats easily available and accessible. On closer inspection, that protection is minimal, but could prove vital. Would be comparative to wearing shin pads for airsoft - 99.9% of the time would be no use at best and very few people would wear them, but the one time you volley a tree root you would be glad you did wear them.
  6. Mouth guards like you mention are for 1) shock absorption from your jaw/head being rattled and concussion, and then 2) protecting your upper teeth from your lower teeth and preventing any soft tissue damage, and then your teeth and mouth from external damage. For airsoft, lower or full face would be best bet.
  7. It will be another few years of A4's, SD5's, SD6's, K's, PDW's, then a5 in FDE - either from TM or Laylax/Angry gun et al. But could also see a TM greatest hits reunion tour of G3 variants
  8. Not sure if I can cope with the detail of this ad... https://www.usedairsoft.co.uk/rif-s/tm-delta-hk416-recoil_i26293
  9. Shooting video if anyone is interested https://youtu.be/r2KKJsHiIAQ
  10. The bit you've all been waiting for... https://youtu.be/8Ci8Q7s05IM?t=353 I would think laylax are making re-enforced parts as we speak
  11. I tried that excuse with my wife - didn't work for me either
  12. But what if they do a gbb, but is off scale like the mp7?
  13. TM trolling people and its a springer.
  14. I had something similar last summer. Was building some planters for the wife, using a these screws https://www.screwfix.com/p/quicksilver-pz-double-countersunk-woodscrews-trade-case-grab-pack-1000-pcs/32001 Notice how the transparent cover does cross over the handle area? 970 odd screws of various sizes in a heap on the patio, just as the sun was setting.
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