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  1. Wrong section mate, you want here: https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/category/17-guns-wanted/
  2. Exactly my point, sometimes tinkering with them in the hope to "improve/upgrade" them just opens a bigger can of worms lol.
  3. @kohoniixi What's it's FPS like ? What's it's accuracy like ? If the answer to both questions is positive, IE an FPS of 330+ & your hitting what you point it at, then leave it alone, use your available funds to sort out another primary, maybe a short rifle so you've got a viable alternative for different roles, as well as being a valuable backup. As for the sr25, if it's doing what's expected of it reasonably well, then leave it,if it ain't broke don't fix it, you might do more harm than good & inevitably create a money pit, something no one needs lol.
  4. Time Left: 1 day and 13 hours

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    As the title says, I'm after some P90 mags for my son, ideally 4 midcaps or 3 hicaps. cheers mark


  5. I'm I the only one who thinks it's strange that "Richie Rich" hasn't actually given a basic premise of what wired & wonderful bits he's trying to get commissioned ?, might be something that's not as complex as we're lead to believe, unless of course the OP really is in fact a 15yo dreamer/troll 😏
  6. They're shit, always have been, I remember a case where, pre-ukara, young guy puts his pistol in for upgrades, when he goes back to pick it up they insist "it's not here, you must have collected it already, your problem not ours" & refused to discuss it further 🤬
  7. Lol, it's slightly surreal, I'm thinking 15yo troll🤣
  8. @FierceDucati11 if that's the case (which your probably right), stick it in "Mack's" here: with your reasoning, then everyone can judge lol👍
  9. Tackle

    Aug A1

    @Iceni will probably know 👍
  10. That pisses me off, worse though which happened a couple of times in one game day, changing the rules during gameplay just to benefit the "home" team, not even close to a stalemate, just to give said home team a massive advantage, when it happened the second time I saw people packing up their kit & going home early. I vowed never to use that mobs sites again, they spoiled so many peoples day with their childish antics.
  11. Cheap poor man's "SLR", JG FAL, gotta have solid stock though & maybe different flash hider. Can't comment on how good the s&t sterling is, but I know there's a few on here that have had one, in sure they'll chip in with info ?
  12. Find an old kings arms L1A1, mate had one of the first made & had no issues with it. Failing that look for an S&T Mk5 Sterling, considerably cheaper than an L1A1, used by radio operators etc, not many other options for cold war Brit kit. Jimpy ? Nerf rockets or tags in an 84mm Carl Gustav 🤣 Regards gear, 58 pattern webbing, 68 pattern DPM jacket & green lightweight trousers, black leather boots & maybe puttees if your stitch counting lol
  13. Lol, if he knew that he probably wouldn't have put it in the appraisal section 🤣
  14. I typed that in to Google translate, it came back with: "Clearly the Greedy Cnut tried to squeeze every last penny out of the area of land he'd rented, without considering the the consequences or repercussions of his tightwad actions" Isn't this new fangled technology amazing 🤣
  15. Sorry, but this is one of those pointless threads, destined to never actually reach fruition.
  16. Still confused, the TM shell/body you refer to, is that a springer ?, rather than TM's existing full auto aep series. if this is the case, assuming you can get the springers at a much cheaper price than the aep version, its highly unlikely you'll find cost effective internals you need, assuming it's even possible, which I highly doubt. surely better to have cheap a non firing replicas, & add cgi muzzle flashes post production ?
  17. I thought the half term was last week ?😏
  18. Dude, are you talking about it firing bb's airsoft stylee, or trying to build, for example, blank firing internals to fit inside a tm uzi ?, for filming etc
  19. What a Cnut, so he openly acknowledges that his airsoft regulars have given him a continuous revenue stream when all his other fair weather punters have stayed away, he's also exploited the good nature of self same airsofters by asking for free labour (& probably skill sets) towards the upkeep of HIS property, from which he profits, & then the first opportunity he gets, he stabs his most loyal client base in the back😡. As for whether we should consider if he's on the spectrum & that therefore affects how he deals with questions on his business ethics, what a load of bollocks,
  20. @Druid799, make you right mate, that's a disgusting attitude, gotta question the h&s aspect when they ran live fire clays at the same time as an Airsoft event, definitely dodgy as fuck. As for his not giving a shit attitude, he's lucky someone didn't put him on his arse. Everybody lost money over the last 18 months, doesn't mean you abandon all integrity just to squeeze a few more quid out of a day, prick deserves to go under, then someone else can step up & run it properly. Is this the same site that stitched up your friend, the former head marshal ? Next thing, de
  21. Regrettably I'm unable to do any of the dates, recent surgery hasn't gone well, might have to go all A-Team on an invalid scooter if I want to play any time soon🤬
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