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  1. Oh yeah we still need to do something with them. That project has been a bit forgotten about recently
  2. My dad is the king of customs. So far he's got a bullpup AK, a 45 RPS DSG M4 piatol, a flectarn CO2 L96, a Canadian CA-7 DMR, an Airsoft bow and now he's currently working on a HK 21 PDW plus both mine and his primaries are completely custom built
  3. I use a 1-4x short dot on my AEG. 90% of the time I keep it on 1x but with longer shots it does help to have more. It's been r hopped and has an excellent airseal so I'm getting accurate shots out to 60 to 70m
  4. Flip to side magnifiers. Utterly useless, heavy, floppy pieces of crap with a dark sight picture and no consistency to the reset.
  5. I'm sure if you give it a few months you'll be able to pick one up second hand with mags for 300
  6. I once got run up on by a guy with a pistol while I was hiding in a bush. He caught me of guard and I rolled over and shot him and as far as I could tell hadn't been hit but since he'd dumped half a mag at me I figured at least one of them must have hit so we called it a trade.
  7. I'm in the same boat. Someone has a MK12 Mod 0 receiver set, barrel, rail and front sight and now I need to do another DMR build before I've finished my scar H project
  8. A heavyweight buffer for my G&P WOC GBBR. I wouldn't have bothered but for whatever reason G&P make the world's lightest buffers so in this baby goes. It weighs about 6 times as much as the stock one so should be a noticeable difference.
  9. My new favourite page on Facebook is Shit Antivaxxers Say
  10. Anyone who complains about the younger generation needs reminding a well known Greek philosopher once complained that young people had it too easy because the invention of paper took away the struggle of writing on a slate and would result in then not bothering to remember anything
  11. I have 8 but only 5 in working condition. I can think of at least another 10 I'd want to get but there's definitely more.
  12. I think most of all the base level of quality and performance at an entry level price has massively increased. Think about what you got for £100-150 when you started to what that gets you know. The performance ceiling has kinda been hit in terms of range and accuracy, after all there's only so far you can make a small plastic ball go. The cost and performance of electronic triggers has also become far more reliable, practical and accessable
  13. They're not on your list but Altberg Tabbing boots are the most comfortable things I've ever put on my feet. They're not cheap but they're solid really well fitted. I wear them every day to work in the winter and the soles look basically new. I wore nothing else at Download last year for the full 5 days and didn't get a single blister. While they're not waterproof they're decent leather so are water resistant and can be waterproofed and are still breathable
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