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  1. The site you play at definitely affects the type of players you meet. I have occasionally seen speedsofters at woodland or outdoor CQB games but they tend to play a lot more like regular players when the games are longer and there's less chance to catch your breath and rearm between games
  2. It's crazy what 3D printers can do these days. Check this video out by gun Jesus. The first prototypes of the Hudson HI were actually 3D printed and machine finished
  3. Tbf you definitely feel suppressed when you're hiding behind a corrugated steel barricade that it making noises like it's trying to make an all percussion version of ride of the Valkyries
  4. Nice. What about a torch on an offset mount attached at the from under the carry handle?
  5. Your normie is showing. Clearly he's going for the low effort heresy look 🤣
  6. Oh I'm sure. We're lucky to not have a blanket 1J limit
  7. It's frustrating being this limited by the law. In the States where pretty much the only laws around them are the orange to you get much more diversity in FPS and roles of different guns. For a good example check out the FPS rules of Ballahack Airsoft field. There you actually get different rules for sub guns and rifles and even distinguishes between SAWs and LMGs
  8. If you don't mind the CO2 mags KWC do a 1911A1. It's gorgeous and has serious kick
  9. I don't know if they do a side zip boot but in terms of quality and comfort Altberg tanner's boots are the comfiest things I've ever put on my feet.
  10. Any SRC. Nothing in particular in terms of design just utterly shite materials. Take the gearbox apart more than a couple of times and you start stripping threads. That has caused much swearing and required a quiet sit down before continuing. Easiest by far was my CA M249. One pin out the back open up the top and take a few screws out that the gearbox is out. To get to the barrel and hop just take off the barrel with one lever. Plus no bloody anti reversal latch or trigger contacts.
  11. I'd have said an RMR would look best on that
  12. People always overlook this one, right up until you pull the trigger and let out a stream of plastic at 50rps
  13. Thanks that's some really comprehensive info. I'm probably not going to use it more than I will but the price difference between the models is less than you'd pay for a separate unit so I thought why not. What's the difference in battery performance like?
  14. I'm planning on getting the MAXX hop up at some point but I was wondering about the tracer version. What are people's experiences of it and is it worth getting?
  15. I fit everything I need for a game day in this setup. That includes 2 rifles, 1 pistol, PC, lid and belt, batteries, spare CO2, speedloader, gloves and knee pads
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