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  1. Yesterday I mocked up roughly how a want my SCAR H to look. The final version of the rail is currently being printed. I need to print a stock adapter as the one I want is discontinued, a replacement gas plug as that was missing and maybe a new charging handle. Then I'm getting a stock and folding stock adapter, new scope mount, fluted outer barrel, 2 port long muzzle brake (if I can find one in stock anywhere) and CYMA SR-25 P-Mags modified to fit the SCAR and hopefully some 7.62 ranger plates. After that it's on to internals. It's getting a full rebuild including a MAXX hopup and being modified to fit a V2.5 gearbox
  2. I had the house to myself this morning and since I couldn't get to a game today I figured I'd do some pistol shooting and try out my new USP C. Fun fact 3 pizza boxes make a perfect target and backstop. It comes with a bullseye and everything.
  3. ICS are still solid and good choice for getting into teching with the easy to disassemble split gearbox design. VFCs are ok but generally focus on externals over internal quality. Classic Army have been making a comeback recently with some nice quality AEGs on the lower of the price scale. Other options are G&G, Specna Arms, and the recent Cyma guns
  4. ICS split gearbox for a project I've been planning. Also the real reason I got those 9mm mags. It's loosely inspired by the bottom picture
  5. It's unlikely I'll get it this weekend but as soon as I do I'll be running my custom built G&P. It's been evolving for the past 4 years to the point where it's exactly how I want it and is my best performing gun. Admittedly it's currently also my only working gun as all my others are part way through getting rebuilt
  6. I wouldn't bother with SRC. They were probably alright back in the day but technology has moved on and they haven't kept up with the changes. I've owned two SRCs, an M4 and an AK and they were both pretty terrible. The quality of the externals and internals was so bad it made them almost impossible to improve without breaking them. I've not heard much better about their MP5s and G36s either. You can definitely do better for the price
  7. I had this before I moved in with my partner. It was supposed to go on the wall but I never got round to it. Eventually when we move into an actual house I want to get a setup similar to what I saw on a Facebook group of a display that folds down from a wall unit on pneumatic buffers
  8. Can anyone help me track down a specific stock adapter for my SCAR. It needs to take a separate buffer tube as the plan is to have the set up in the second pic with the M4 folding stock
  9. I spent longer than I'm willing to admit staring at this and zooming in everywhere but I managed to find them all lol
  10. Funnily enough I just bought those mags for my own project using an ICS gearbox😂
  11. What's an odd habit you've picked up because of airsoft? This can be on or off the field. For me it's holding my rifle on the bottom of the magazine between games, even though I've used mid caps for years and only occasionally use high caps. That and walking around outside of airsoft which my trigger finger sitting further forward than my other fingers.
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