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  1. PopRocket123

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Wouldn't bother with that style of dump pouch. They're easy to quickly drop a mag into but you need to take it out before you move or it'll bounce straight back out.
  2. PopRocket123

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    No but they're an excellent way to get targeted by everyone on the other team. I've seen a few people around with cameras everywhere and if they're on my team they're spending a lot of time going back and forth from the respawn of if they're on the other team then they're getting shot by me. I'm not a vindictive person but it's just that much more satisfying when you see the go pro
  3. PopRocket123

    Ncstar vism scope

    I'd say go for a 1-4X short dot over a stacked optic. I've tried it and ended up almost exclusively using the red do as I've found 4x too much for most airsoft engagements
  4. PopRocket123

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    New 2-7X scope for the SCAR DMR project. From here the next step is 3D printing an M-LOK rail extension (I know there's one you can buy but I'm a glutton for punishment) and adaptor for a PTS PRS. Also converting the 5 high caps it came with into mid caps, hard wiring the trigger to install a BTC CHIMERA in the stock and then the internal upgrades can start.
  5. PopRocket123

    The I wants

    It's the VFC AEG version. Coming out some to next year
  6. PopRocket123

    The I wants

    I just got a very serious case of the I wants seeing this
  7. PopRocket123

    Gun picture thread

    Bloody hell I just looked at the price. How do you have that much to burn on a rail system?
  8. PopRocket123

    Gun picture thread

    It's good. It's a game with serious gun customisation. Great thanks
  9. PopRocket123

    Gun picture thread

    Very Escape From Tarkov What rail and pressure switch are those? That's exactly what I'm after for my SR-16
  10. PopRocket123

    My favourite eBay ad ATM.... 😂

    A random bloke on Facebook. Somehow doubt he's got any more kicking around lol
  11. PopRocket123

    My favourite eBay ad ATM.... 😂

    I picked up 10 of these second hand for £100 last yeah. This guys is taking the piss
  12. PopRocket123

    Short dot scopes

    I got it from vision king. It was a limited time offer I think as theyre back up to full price now
  13. PopRocket123

    Short dot scopes

    Love my BSA short dot 1-4X. Managed to pick it up for £30 new but theyre more lok £90 now and that's without a mount. Super clear sight picture though and great build quality. I've dropped this and it retained zero really well. I generally run it on 1X like a red dot and up the magnification when I need it
  14. PopRocket123

    One RIF to rule them all...

    Oh bloody hell now you're testing me. Hang on I'll rack my brains
  15. PopRocket123

    One RIF to rule them all...

    Thanks after the amount of time and money that thing has eaten it always feels good to get some validation lol. After getting precocking for that I dont think I could ever go back it's just so snappy. The titan let's you turn precocking on or off so you just pull the trigger on semi then flip it to safe with the trigger pulled and wait for the beep. Then just cycle it a couple of times at it resets itself. I didn't like the length either when I was building it but it's all the barrel you need for airsoft and it's grown on me.