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  1. Came in this morning to check my prints. The outer is great, the base friction fits perfectly to the sleeve and the dimensions are spot on. Internals are a different story one warped when curing and even without the warp they're too tight and cracked the sleeve when I tried to test the fit. Bugger. This is what tests are for though so I'll try again tomorrow with a different technique and slightly looser tolerances
  2. I left the first test print of the short mags for my SCAR on overnight. Cant wait to see how it came out
  3. My dad got around this issue with his 50rps dsg pistol by making it so horrendously inaccurate that you'll only ever hit them with one or two anyway.
  4. That's pretty cool. I'll try to remember that probably not something to try with a company printer though lol We do have flexible resin but it's translucent so I don't know how well it'd mix.
  5. Started a new job working with resin printers and CNC mills and now I want my own. The quality of resin prints are incredible, they almost don't look printed
  6. I've tried it. Didn't get on with it. What I got on a bit better with was running a 2 point through a single shoulder strap. It was more comfortable but limited my ability to hot switch shoulders.
  7. He was probably using the new nuprol heavenly smiter 5000 after someone "upgraded" it.
  8. I like funky compact 1911s so I really liked the pink one when I saw it. This looks awesome
  9. I normally don't like kco2s but this one looks seriously cool
  10. My favourite is people who wear black/MC black. They seem to think it makes them invisible
  11. That's another reason why I almost exclusively buy second hand. The two rifs I have sold on from second hand I lost almost no money on.
  12. I'll grab that as I spotted the selector plate as a weak point on mine. Saves me modelling it up myself. I eliminated the ambi selector as it never worked anyway.
  13. Looks similar to a drum mag adapter I've seen a friend working on Am I right in thinking that looks like a hk417 mag?
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