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  1. Oh yeah I'd forgotten about that. Are they still going with the tappetless air nozzle?
  2. Amen to that. I'm so fed up with getting excited when I see a gun announcement and then instantly losing interest when I see it's made by Ares.
  3. So now that they've made a civilian version, hopefully they'll do an airsoft version next. After the Steyr scout and Keltec RDB I'm hopeful for more niche and unusual guns to come out in future. https://www.springfield-armory.com/hellion-series/hellion-rifles/
  4. Yeah that should work. It's worth getting a rs buffer tube for it though as the threads are different from airsoft spec.
  5. It's a law tactical copy off of AliExpress. I had to print an adapter to make it fit right though.
  6. My two custom builds are coming along nicely
  7. I use contacted but after a had an incident of nearly needing to leave a game early due to almost losing a contact I'm looking at getting a pair of prescription inserts for my Bolle tracker IIs. They're low profile but still have a built up frame around the lense to create a good seal.
  8. That looks really cool. I've got the files for a set of M-LOK rails for the SSR somewhere if you want a more modern look.
  9. From a purely economic view I'd sell the LMG. People tend to trust stock guns more second hand than upgraded ones. Plus it's that bit more unique and could net you more. Maybe wait a bit though
  10. PopRocket123


    If this hasn't sold by the time the second mag comes back will it be included?
  11. The first step to having a working holster for my USP compact so I can use it with the suppressor mount I'm making for it
  12. Well if they're getting a cheap one then they've already put themselves on the back foot
  13. Your ability to keep finding new stuff to strap to your poor SCAR never ceases to amaze me
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