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  1. Also true of skinny people. I remember when I first started my plate carrier was about as wide as my chest lol. Then I put on weight and my gut stuck out and got pinched between it and my belt.
  2. I've tried to build my loadout to be as lightweight and versatile as possible so that I can have one loadout to use with my AEG, SMG LMG, DMR and sniper. I like having good quality kit so my belt and PC are higher end (FRV and WAS) however the pouches on them are pretty much all cheap eBay or AliExpress jobbies apart from a couple of WAS pouches and universal holster I picked up cheap. It's all lightweight and slimline and with the WAS velcro Molle placards and Emerson clone pouches everything is easy to swap out between calibres. I am still wanting to pick up a set of Emerson Crye clone M81 c
  3. I guess if you don't mind having a 3-5mm hole in your grip you could drill a hole to get a jewelers screwdriver in there to decock it. Not the most elegant solution but it's not the most elegant gun.
  4. Having played laser tag in the past, both in cqb arenas and in the woods I can safely say I have no interest in going back to that. While yes, technically the lasers are more accurate, the sensors you need to hit are either small and annoying or big and bulky, to the point where it was almost impossible to hit anyone in the woods. On top of this you have no feedback from the guns, beyond some faint sound effects. You can't tell where your shots are going or when you're being shot at so it's generally harder to make hits.
  5. My dad built this thing, capable of 45rps. However because of the stupidly short barrel it's hideously inaccurate and thus is balanced. He accidentally hosed someone once but they took it in good humour as it's more like a wall of BBs than a laser. I've used it basically as a one man volley fire machine, arching the BBs to hose down large areas where an enemy might be hiding.
  6. Not sure if it'll fit with the look you're going for but I've got plans to use one of these for a sci fi/post apocalyptic loadout some day. With a bit of weathering I bet it'd look mint
  7. Don't. I've already got one fully 3d printed gun in the works and that's being a bigger ball ache than expected. This was just to check the proportions.
  8. You got lucky. I wasn't able to stay the 2 days they kept my partner and son in for observation. I only got a bunch done to distract myself from the shitshow that was leaving my previous employer after nearly 5 years of abuse, so that's been fun. I'd love to get to a post apocalyptic game some time but there's not a lot of options on the South coast.
  9. I'll be interested to see what people say here as I'm itching to go to a game but with a 5 month old baby at home in trying to limit my exposure as much as possible. It's not really an option until I get a car as fuck getting on a train for the foreseeable future.
  10. How well do they work? I'm planning on picking one of these up at some point for a lightweight loadout I can just chuck in the car. £43.74 | 2017 MOLLE Light 2 side Bandolier 500D Nylon Molle side Tactical Belt with metal buckle https://a.aliexpress.com/_eKhtsU
  11. Just went back and checked. On an 11.1vyou can use a 22tpa motor and 18:1 gears for a safe rof. He had to replace the gears for SHS 18:1s though as the stock gears were crap.
  12. Not if you use the higher ratio gears. A high torque motor and 13:1 gears running off a 7.4v lipo is good for around 25rps
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