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  1. PopRocket123

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Well it's bee stripped down and it's not too bad. It's been abused and neglected but most of the problems are easy fixes. The state of the grease in the gearbox is disgusting and the quick change spring fell out at some point and wasn't put back so the spring is bent. Other than that new motor, piston, cylinder and TDC R hop mod on the hop up and it should be good for 25 rps out to 70m. A lot of the details need work though, the cocking handle assembly isn't an assembly anymore, the aluminium bipod mount has been chewed up by the stamped steel bipod, the locking assembly for the top heat shield has been bent out of shape as has the feed ramp. All the steel parts have surface rust so need stripping, cleaning up, in th case of a couple reshaping and repainting. Needs a new rear body pin and a new set of screws and various bits tightening up and it'll rock.
  2. PopRocket123

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Rescued a very beat up old Classic Army M249 Para. Needs a lot of work and a complete rebuild internally.
  3. PopRocket123

    Best airsoft guns for amputee

    The more weight you can remove from the front of the gun the better. If you're not interested in looks you can take the rail of and just leave the barrel nut, take off any fake gas system parts. With a plastic receiver and battery in the stock the only noticeable weight at the front is the magazine and gearbox. An even better idea could be rocketdogbert's remote line mag like in his vector so all the weight of feeding mechanisms and ammo is all on your back.
  4. PopRocket123

    Best airsoft guns for amputee

    If you were to get an M4 with a super short barrel you could run it with an autowinding drum mag or one of those electric double mags and either one of those arm brace stocks that are popular for "pistols" in the states or just a simple 2 point sling that takes most pf the weight of the gun. Like other people have said something with a plastic receiver would be best
  5. I once had a sniper shot come so close to my ear I heard the BB fly past. I obviously flinched and tried to work out where it came from so I could indicate that it had been a really close shot but not a hit. There's no way the guy didn't think I was cheating though.
  6. PopRocket123

    Packs in game?

    I ran a bag on the back of my PC once and took it off as soon as I got home. It was a pain to get to every time I needed anything from it so now I have a couple of pouches around my rig with various things I need in them. Under the right arm I have any tools I may need in the field, I'm generally alright but better to have it and not need it than have to trek a mile or so back to the safe zone any time I need anything. I also keep a mag sized speed loader in there in case I need a top up and a few spare CO2 capsules. On the back of my belt I have a WAS Velcro double mag pouch which I use for any pyro or smokes I might be carrying. That does me for a half day skirmish as I can refill at lunch. I may add a belly pouch to my PC at some point but frankly I don't know what id put in it currently. Spreading it around like this means I always know what's where and it's always to hand and spreads The weight around.
  7. PopRocket123

    do you train?

    In terms of fitness I train but that's not for airsoft, though I find airsoft can be a good way of gauging my fitness level and improvement better than just times and reps. As for shooting practise, I wouldn't really call anything in airsoft marksmanship so it's not really worth practising.
  8. PopRocket123

    do you train?

    If you've seen that many of his posts then you should know bait when you see it by now
  9. PopRocket123

    Gun picture thread

    Good point. I have a thing for guns that are barely longer than the optic as it gives it a really aggressive hunched look. I'm the guy who ran an ARP-9 with a short dot though so maybe I'm just a mong with a crush.
  10. PopRocket123

    Gun picture thread

    Short dot would look sexual on that I'm thinking
  11. PopRocket123

    Airsoft tantrums

    Those are always my favourites, especially in woodland they stick out like a sore thumb so you're basically operator hunting
  12. PopRocket123

    Airsoft tantrums

    I've had someone throw a wobbly after he friendly fired me and I told him to check his fire. I wouldn't have had a problem with it it's a part of the game and lord knows I've done it but you apologise and carry on. What you dont do is start yelling and saying I shouldn't have charged at him from a direction where he couldn't see my coloured band (I was beating a hasty retreat to avoid being overrun and the site we were at puts one coloured band on the rifht and the other on the left so even if you can't see the band you can still id them)
  13. Has to be my custom G&P SR-16 with full SHS and ZCI internals and GATE TITAN. it's had so much work done on it, been through so many iterations, and is still being updated but it outranges pretty much everything I put it up against and the trigger response with precocking makes it sound almost like a HPA gun. Currently waiting on a new acope mount and M-LOK rail to reduce the weight even more.
  14. PopRocket123

    Gun picture thread

    That looks like one of those dogs with the super short tails
  15. PopRocket123

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Apparently I hate having money in my bank account because I just bought a new scope mount and 12" skeletonised M-LOK rail.