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  1. I wouldn't paint it. The style of it suits the clean look much better. Nothing wrong with adding some more tan though like with grips, rail covers or even the scope mount
  2. I'm wanting to convert my rear wired G&P SR-16 to a side folding stock to save space in the gun case. I've seen a couple of people have mounted these to their AEGs and the airsoft ones I've seen say they can be mounted to them but I've not found any info on what that entails. I have a very nice and rather expensive buffer tube on my gun currently that I really don't want to have to replace or cut up to make this work. Is there anyone here who has done this before that could give some advice before I go buying something I may not be able to use. Thanks
  3. You're right about the foregrips but way off base with why. Have you heard of the term squad bicycle? 😂
  4. Thanks for the tips. Yours looks awesome. It'll be a case of experimenting when I get it
  5. They turn up on eBay every so often https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F282669745140
  6. A well set up printer with say .25mm layer height printing PETG will give a beautifully smooth matte finish. Search for James Tongue on some of the 3D printing groups for an idea of the quality you can get out of a relatively inexpensive printer
  7. I'm currently working on a 3D printed stock that has a lot more battery space and uses the existing fittings. That plan is a similar style to the Magpul DRS stock that can still fold. Should have plenty of space for bigger batteries
  8. I'm planning on doing a similar look with one of these. It's going to need some modifications to make it safe though. I'm swapping the crap lense for mesh and wear my bolle Tracker 2s underneath and install a stiffer spring and a cover for the catch
  9. If you want some that are designed to be mounted on the back there are these. You can probably get cheaper ones if you shop around. £108.82 20%OFF | Tactical TMC Functional Version RAC HeadSet for Fast Maritime SF Highcut Sentry Helmet ARC Guide Rail BK/DE/RG https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cWn4Ro0o
  10. As long as it's a standard AEG inner barrel so I can still r hop it is all I care about
  11. The great thing about the SCAR stock is that there's this utterly useless screw you can take out. Dremmel out the hole a bit more and with some careful dremmelling and rewiring hardwire the loom through the hinge instead of the awful articulated contacts. I'll have pictures when I get it done on mine
  12. Apparently it's an aluminium inner barrel which on a premium gun is absurd so that's going to want changing out as well
  13. It should have been such an easy success. Here's a gun people have been asking for for ages so guaranteed sales, it's a CQB gun so only needs to be capable of 350 FPS maximum, honestly they could have gotten away with it being 1J, proprietary magazines anyway so take the opportunity to include last round cut off. Instead we get an overpriced gun if you can actually find one in stock, shooting hot for no reason and about as many magazines available as there are guns
  14. Keep it simple to start with. Get the hop and motor and see how it goes
  15. To swap out the nozzle you have to split the gearbox so if you're doing that there are other things you can do whilst you're in there. The ZCI is just as good so don't worry about that. The great thing about that hop up is it's really easy to r hop or flat hop. There are plenty of premade patches available if you want to do this to run heavier ammo and get an extra 5-10m
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