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  1. Which version? I'd love a 416A5 that's not made by VFC
  2. I don't know what airsoft community you've been in but in my experience if you say something stupid people will waste no time telling you so however they see fit
  3. Well if whineyness anything to go by then he's got Haden Christensen beat
  4. @EvilMonkee your wish has been granted. The status quo has been restored
  5. What about more of a custom job? I'm working on a SCAR H DMR project and internally it's a good base for a DMR. externally it has a lot of potential to be customised out bullpupped
  6. There are aftermarket picatinny rails I think by madbull but they're not cheap and add a lot of weight. I was looking at getting a genuine RS m lok rail for it when I was thinking about getting one but that's $200 before postage and getting fucked by customs. They do look the tits though. As for 3d printed rails if you look on AliExpress there are several sellers that sell 3d printed accessories for gel blasters and I have seen rail systems for the ACR on there. Probably would need some working to fit but by the sounds of it that sounds perfect for you
  7. Ok that makes a lot more sense. My apologies but it was worth a laugh
  8. I really don't care if it's the best airsoft pistol ever that shoots lasers out to 100m I can't imagine anyone paying more than double the price of a REAL Glock on a second hand airsoft gun
  9. Looking at it again I think you're right. I must just be used to Western rifles where everything is in line
  10. Time Left: 3 days and 5 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    I'm selling my G&P WOC SR-15. It comes with 6 gen 2 leak free mags, 1 leaky gen 1 mag (not pictured), FG PTS MAGPUL MOE foregrip, pistol grip, stock, rail covers and AFG (not pictured) and FG Airsoft heavyweight buffer (plus original buffer). It's got some wear around the magwell, the gas block is a little wobbly and the buffer retention pin has broken off but functionally it works flawlessly. Haven't had a chance to test the range or FPS


    Bognor Regis

  11. Kit looks awesome but is it just me or is the end of your barrel/tracer bent?
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