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  1. PopRocket123

    Gun picture thread

    Apart from refinishing and black etching tv's steel parts that's the externals finished. New steel bipod mount and reciever pin and various bent bits straightened back out. Now just to get the internals finished
  2. PopRocket123

    The "What I wasted money on" thread...

    My first AEG, a piece of shit SRC M4. The whole thing was built so badly and the trigger contacts melted before I even got to skirmish it. The internals were so bad it had basically no range and about a half second trigger response. It's since had most of the internals out of an old TM G3 and been R hopped and it actually works but I dont even inflict it on my friends as a loner anymore. More recently I've started turning it into a bullpup
  3. PopRocket123

    More range from CA M249?

    You're going to have trouble getting the most out of it with the full length barrrl as you don't really have enough cylinder volume for it. Before upgrading the spring it'll he worth checking the airseal and plugving any leaks. A decent airseal can get a M100 pushing 370 with a 300mm barrel on .2s. As for the hop, you're going to have to do some work on the hop. The original design is notoriously crap but with a bit of filing, a new rubber and r hopped barrel you should get around 60-70m effective range
  4. PopRocket123

    Fg Airsoft Heavyweight Buffer

    Anyone had any experience with this? Found out about it a while ago but I've not been able to find many user experiences of it. Planning on putting it in my G&P WOC but want to know what people think of them.
  5. PopRocket123

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    5 mags for my G&P SR-15. I must have appeased the Amazon gods though because 6 arrived in the post today
  6. PopRocket123

    SSP1, aka Hi-Capa

    It also helps that the design isn't trademarked which is less of a ball ache and cheaper as no name to license. Just means they can spend more on internals while keeping the RRP competitive
  7. PopRocket123

    Gun picture thread

    Someone in the be team for Cyberpunk saw rocketdogbert's vector...
  8. PopRocket123

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    5 new G&P gas mags, £55 a pop. In total I spent less on my boneyard CA M249 and that came with 2 box mags
  9. PopRocket123

    Gun picture thread

  10. PopRocket123

    Gun picture thread

    Looks awesome. What short dot is that? Looks perfect for my HK417 DMR build
  11. PopRocket123

    WAS RECON compatible panels

    Yeah OD all day. Thanks for the extra eyes as my mobile network blocks any gun or airsoft sights
  12. PopRocket123

    WAS RECON compatible panels

    I've had a look and found a loaded one. Can't find any empty panels. You got a link?
  13. PopRocket123

    WAS RECON compatible panels

    Thanks for the heads up. Shopping spree inbound I think
  14. PopRocket123

    If money was no object what RIF would you buy

    It's a lot lighter than picatinny and I prefer the attachment system to method. Apparently it's a more efficient system according to US military trials or something but I just prefer the look.
  15. PopRocket123

    If money was no object what RIF would you buy

    It'd probably be a full custom CNC retroarms build with G&P externals, real steel 12" M lock rail, 14" barrel, top of the line motor, gears and barrel, either a gate titan or spectre, and RS 1X-4X short dot. Would probably set it up as a DMR. A single stock gun though probably a GBLS DAS since that's the only way I could ever justify spending that much on a toy gun