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  1. Last time I had anything delivered by DPD they "lost" a £60 motor. At my old job more often than not if something arrived from them it was damaged.
  2. James O'Brien makes the helmets and then threw a strop when Jacob called him out on his shit
  3. Well, somewhat unsurprisingly, the guy's a cretin who really doesn't like getting called out
  4. I want to do a modernized M4 GBBR build with folding stock, ambi controls including a PDQ lever and multiple uppers, a short cqb upper, a .300 BLK style suppressed upper and an spr upper with the longer colt Canada rail
  5. I saw this, thought it looked people thought out but didn't think any more of it. Definitely report it. That's not just flogging crap that's putting people's eyes at risk
  6. If I get it to work I'll post it on the What have you made thread.
  7. Thanks. I'm designing a trigger guard holster for my MP5 so hopefully that'll mean I could run around with one of these on my hip
  8. What make is that one? I got a hankering for an mp5k last night
  9. Thanks, not a bad idea. I could dress it up as a peq box or range finder it something
  10. Fair enough, thanks guys. I'll have a look at the mancraft kit for it but I want to try doing an msr kit for it which wouldn't leave any space in the stock
  11. Has anyone tried the co2 bolt? It seems to me to be a much more cost effective option than upgrading everything else
  12. Pretty sure you can still find the blood spatters of you look. In fact you can work out exactly how my duvet was by lining up the splatter
  13. I've injured myself more messing around with my guns than actually in a game. My worst two are when I was carving out a rail cover with a scalpel to fit a pressure switch and I slipped and stabbed myself in the end of my thumb. On instinct I shook my hand and splattered blood across my room from corner to corner. The other one was when I was using a flat head screwdriver to tighten a barrel nut and it snapped and went into my ring finger. It actually severed a nerve which I had to push back into the hole. I still have a strip of numbness in that finger.
  14. I think with the loading gate if there was a two part feed system that could work. If you had a midcap that came up to the loading gate to load into, then the loading gate could be a block with a feed tube up to the feed lips. Either that or I'm overcomplicating it and it'd be better just to load it by opening the bolt and loading them straight into the feed lips.
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