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  1. I use a 1-4X short dot. I mainly use it on 1X but it is useful having the higher magnification when I need it. I would never use 6X for Airsoft though. Using a 4X ACOG was difficult enough
  2. As politely as possible, fuck of with that shit 🤣
  3. Loving the utterly useless red dot.
  4. I tend to not to play the objective but I'll pay with the objective in mind, running interference and taking the fight away from the objective to give the ones actually playing it an easier fight. If we're defending I'll be around the edges picking off smaller groups pulling agro. If we're attacking I'm on the flank taking out defenders from behind. You don't have to play the objective to play objective.
  5. I'm working on converting a few SCAR H high caps into mid caps. The plan is to get some of the ares short midcaps and secure them inside the scar mag sleeve with a 3D printed floor plate.
  6. I always say this but needs a short dot
  7. Don't bother with SRC. Probably the crappiest brand out there for the price.
  8. Out of curiosity how many of you run a heavy weight buffer? I enjoy the felt recoil so run a steel buffer but something has to be said for the snappy response of a lightweight setup. What are your preferences?
  9. Stop giving me the I wants. I'm broke as it is!
  10. Yet another case of someone reading about upgrading, buying all the expensive shiny parts then putting it together like a Lego set and getting frustrated when it doesn't all perfectly first try.
  11. I still hate the 5-7. It looks like they gave up milling the slide half way through. The SP-01 is gorgeous
  12. All my guns are modded so loading the mags the night before is one less thing to worry about when each of them inevitably breaks each in their own interesting and pita way
  13. I'm the same. I've not even ordered one yet and I already know I want to build 2 alternative uppers for different roles
  14. Always loved the SP-01 Shadow. I'm annoying though because I change my mind every other week to the point I'll love the look of a gun one days and can't stand the sight of it the next.
  15. Well congrats guys you've converted another. I already have a GBBR. It's a very nice very rare G&P WOC SR-15 in beautiful condition with 7 50 round mags and now all I can think about is how many mags I'd get with an MWS if I sold them all... You bastards
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