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  1. Darkmikey22

    G&P M733 Receiver


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    Looking for a G&P M733 receiver. Must be in reasonable condition, not bothered if sprayed. Also can just be the upper. But must be the M733 upper that has the A1 style sight and the A2 brass deflector. Cheers


  2. Darkmikey22

    L85A2 ACOG advice please ?

    This is similar to the one I have on mine. All you will need to do is buy the wing mount from Warlord tactical. As for the scope riser rail, not sure if you have one or not. but if not, no one stocks them anymore. I sold one a few months back on FB, and was pm'd by about 20+ people. They are that sort after. Here's the scope; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JJ-AIRSOFT-ACOG-4x32-TA31-Red-Fiber-Illuminated-RMR-Red-Dot-Combo-FREE-killflash/142282457259?hash=item2120b200ab:g:VyYAAOSw4CFYp6Si
  3. Darkmikey22

    Advice for a big guy!

    I'm 6,3 and a large guy. I currently use a 'Bulle' molle CIRAS vest. It fits really nice and still has room to go larger. I've had it for a few years now and has never failed me. You can get them from www.flecktarn.co.uk.
  4. Darkmikey22

    Gun picture thread

    Cheers bud. Yeah the UK started using the L1A1 SLR around the mid 50's, I believe. The L1A1 is a derivative of the FN FAL, and was built under licence from FN. Even though both the SLR and FAL look the same, the L1A1 has a few different features compared to the FAL. The UK version of the FAL then went on to be used by other countries like; Australia, Brunei, Canada, India, Jamaica, Kuwait, Malaysia, etc. As for the watermark, it was added for two reasons. Firstly to emphasise the 'British' part, and secondly to try stopping it from being used without my consent. As I have had a lot of trouble with a few of my images being used on various websites without my knowledge. And one of those websites are the ones that charge you to download the image. took me nearly a year and legal action before they eventually removed it. Never did see any royalties from it either! Which is why I always try to advise to people that post either high quality or artistic shots of their kit/rifles, to either water mark them with a logo or add 'such and such photography' somewhere in the shot where it can't be cropped out.
  5. Darkmikey22

    Gun picture thread

    Just a few of my British collection so far. Most of them are still a work in progress.
  6. Darkmikey22

    UCAP sandpit

    Andy did release a statement earlier today on a UCAP page. He states that the prices and amount of kit taken was massively exaggerated, and only around 10% of what was reported was even close to the truth. Now I for one never believe what the papers say anyway! Over the years how many articles have they exaggerated involving airsoft guns! Now no doubt the real truth will eventually come out in the wash. And until then I am happy to give him the benefit of the doubt until proven genuinely guilty.
  7. Darkmikey22

    G&P M249 Box mag issues!

    I'm not so sure. No matter how many times I try it, the only battery that works is the old buggered one. I did possibly think about wrong polarity, but have no way to test that and all the wires are where they should be.
  8. Darkmikey22

    G&P M249 Box mag issues!

    Hi guys, I'm having some funny issues with my G&P M249 auto winding box mag. Normally, every time you pull the trigger the box mag would kick in and would carry on winding for a 5-6 seconds longer once you release the trigger. Yet all of a sudden it stopped winding after you release the trigger. It still turns when you pull the trigger, just not as quick. I have also found that the pressure switch isn't working either. I tried all 4 of my batteries (9.9V 1600mah 25c Li-Fe), 3 of them did the above yet to my disbelief one of them run the box mag like nothing was wrong! So thinking it was the batteries that were duff I bought 3 new ones. But even the new 3 didn't work. Tried the wiring in another box mag to which it worked ok. So it only leaves the circuit board!, but how does it explain the odd battery? For once I'm kinda confused any one got some idea as to what could be wrong? Many thanks Mike
  9. Darkmikey22

    Gun picture thread

    He may be better of just using a gripod, less cumbersome. But as you say it's up to him. So I made good use of the nice weather this morning and got spraying! My G&P MK46 MOD1 with RS improved bipod. Nothing special wise on the body, but did spray up the barrel to look like a real fired barrel. It's not 100% but it will do for now. Other than that, just a few little bits left to do, looking at customising a 'nutsack' to fit and she should be done.
  10. Darkmikey22

    Is using a red dead rag a good idea?

    Sounds like building 8 or 9. I was in building 6 stopping a fair chunk of Nato from being able moving from the other side of the bank by the train. Later there was a group trying to make their way down the main street from the helicopter, but I think they gave up, as I was laying down so much suppressing fire, that I got semi nicknamed Gandalf (you shall not pass). I do believe it was caught on another teams go pro. Yeah, you guys weren't the only ones that it went a bit to the wind. Our team kept getting comm issues, had a few task issues, then to top it we were returning from a secret task to all be killed by blue on blue. But the worst of all was when my gpmg ammo tin decided to have a firework show!. My Li-Po shorted somehow and exploded. Completely gutting my custom made box mag and all the feed system. Had to drop down to my Mk46. was not in a good mood after that!
  11. Darkmikey22

    Is using a red dead rag a good idea?

    I was also at this event. It was a new thing that they thought they would try, and it worked extremely well. Was definitely more visible at distance and through a hedge. There was no way I would of seen a hand up, but the dead rag saved him from getting lit up by my gpmg. As for buying dead rags, don't buy pre made ones as they are generally a rip off. As already suggested, I just used a red hand towel, which cost me 1.89p at wilko. Cut it in half and got two rags out of it. @jedi_master, which team were you? I was one of the London ghosts that played on vendetta.
  12. Sorry for the history lesson, But If we are talking real world, most LSW's were designed before the purpose built SAW (the minimi). The early LSW's couldn't take the rate of fire and the barrels would heat up too quick and melt. Later models like the Colt automatic rifle (C.A.R.) did have heavier barrels. But apart from being able to go full auto, it never actually brought anything new and useful to the party so to speak. It still had the same range as lighter rifles, still had the same stopping power and would need to stop more for regular cleaning/maintenance than its normal counterparts. Other LSW's like the L86 or the Galil did have longer barrels and better range, but ended up better as DMR's than LSW's. Yet with belt feds, say the Minimi. Same calibre as the Colt automatic rifle, but has; A better rate of fire Can touch out to around 800-1000m (C.A.R. is 600m) The Minimi only slightly heavier than a C.A.R. with a full C-mag. (C.A.R (with C-Mag) = 7.88kg, Minimi (with 100 rounds) = 8.5kg More reliable bolt system The barrel is specifically designed for sustained fire. Quick change barrel (where LSW's would have to allow for cool down) The para version is more compact than the C.A.R when folded. I know I've just stated about range. But if you put a C.A.R. up against a GPMG for range, the GPMG would piss all over it, as the GPMG has a range out to 1800m when on a tripod. That's why GPMGs are used with tripod as perimeter defence. So you can reach out and touch them before they can get you. Same as reloading, its easier to reload a belt fed by clipping on more link so it has a continuous flow of rounds. A LSW would have to stop and reload. Plus the space a C-mag takes up, I could easily fit 150-200 rounds of link into that pouch. Now as for airsoft. LSW's of a sort isn't that frowned on. But M4's with box mags are!!! You will find that all support weapons and genuine LSW's will have bipods (Like galils, RPD's, L86 etc). So when used, you tend to have to deploy and use it as it should. Yet a box mag on a M4 is just an excuse to spray and pray.
  13. Darkmikey22


    It hasn't been removed! The group has been DISABLED. I had this on a group I was admin on. The mods still have access to the group, and once the issue has been removed ( in this case RIF sales), they can then ask facebook to review it and reactivate the page. Give it a week or so, it will probably be back.
  14. Darkmikey22

    Cheap tac experience.

    I got caught out a year ago on Ebay. I already had a pair of Oakley SI assault gloves, yet were starting to smell quite bad. So I thought it may be wise to invest in a second pair. Found a seller claiming they were official Oakley's, payed what I would expect for the genuine item. Yet once they arrived, and upon closer inspection, they were nothing alike. Obviously started a paypal claim. But if you buy with places like Ebay or alike, then always be careful as what's advertised is not always what you receive. So those of you that have mechanix gloves that didn't last long, if you bought off ebay I would be very wary on if they are genuine. As there are a lot of fakes out there. But as for cheap gear, I would have to agree with Dentonboy. Some time it works out cheaper buying good stuff that lasts a long time than buying cheap and replacing it a few months later. But also as CK says, there are plenty of decent kit out there that doesn't cost the earth, yet is reliable too.
  15. Darkmikey22

    Little Things That Annoy You In Airsoft

    People that feel the need to touch and play with your rifle without asking in the safe zone!. I see it quite a lot where someone will turn up with something different or custom made. Then people seem to feel the need to crowd round it and fiddle with out asking or when the persons not there. Now, I don't have an issue if someone wants to pick it up for a look. But at least ask or wait for the person to return first.